The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 7, 1966 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1966
Page 5
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Monday, March 7, 1966 Application For Conditional Voter Registration Certificate CAs prescribed by Voter Registrar In aceccd*BC* with Ejection Code) TO: Cari S. Smifls, Aateasar and Collector of Taxes, Hairis County, HcKKtoc, Texas: I, (print or ,type name), hereby- app!y for a CoodiiMal Voter ftpgrstrattep Certificate under the provisions of Seccoo 34b of the Texas Ejection Code, and by this instrument furnish you the information necessary to enable you to prepare my certificate. I have not been issued a poB tax receipt or an exemption certificate entitling me to vote in either state and focal ejections or in federal elections lor the vottag year 1966. Age ...... years Sex ...... Occupation ....................... I have resided in Texas ........ years. I have resided In Harris County ........ years. I have resided in ........................ (same of city or town) ........ years. I was bora in .................... = ............. (name of state if native-born; name of country if foreign-born). I am a .............................. (fin in native-born, or, nati.irali7.pd) citizeo. My home address in Harris County is .................... ........................... (Street »rMre« jf resident of incorporated city or town; otherwise, route and box number.) Mail my registration certificate to me at the following address: I understand that the giving of false information to procure the registration of a voter is a felony. (Signed) ........................................ *By (see below) ............................... THIS APPUCATION MUST REACH THE OFFICE OF THE ASSESSOR AND COLLECTOR OF TAXES NOT LATER THAN MIDNIGHT. MARCH 17, 1966. _ DO NOT APPLY FOR A REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN ISSUED A POLL TAX RECEIPT OR AN EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE FOR THIS YEAR. Persons holding paid receipts, ncnpaid receipts for voting in federal elections, or exemption certificates do aot aced to reregister under the provisions of the Emergency Registration Law. •NOTE: Husband, wile, father, mother, son or daughter may sign for each other. (Brother and sister caaoot fign for each other.) Voters Who Didn't Get Exemptions Can Register AUSTIN — Atty. Gen. Waggoner Carr said Friday that voters over 60, living in cities over 10.000 population, who did not get their exemption certificates before the Feb. 1 deadline will be allowed to register for voting in the 15 - day registration period. now underway. This is a reversal of a pre- WORLD'S WEEKEND IN REVIEW By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS stuck. No one was injured. The crash of a jetliner in Ja-j Th * blizzard raged in ifinne- (v*n and the worst blizzard in recorded grief to Otber weekend news high- U.S. history brought scores of American; vious interpretation of the new registration law, when it was held that over-60 voters who had not obtained their exemption certificates could not now register. The new ruling was sent out from the attorney general's office to all tax collectors in the state as a part of the instructions for registering voters. "We are now advising tax collectors to allow t h e m to register." Carr said. "We feel it was- the legislative intent in passing) the new voter registration bill- not to discriminate against peo-1 pie ever 60. We concluded thatj our first interpretation was too; strict." The letter of instructions from the attorney general also urged tax collectors to appoint a sufficient number of deputies so that everybody who wishes can register in the 15-day period j from March 3 through 17. It advised registrars to supply full information on registration procedures to newspapers, radio and television stations. Atty. Gen. Carr also asked | that county tax collectors report to his office at the end of the first week on how registration was progressing, and submit another report at the end of the 15-day period. It has been estimated that two million Texans are eligible to register, but Carr said he did not expect nearly that many to do so. He added, however, that he thought the figure would be somewhat higher than the 50,000 to 100,000 estimate homes over the weekend. A British Overseas Airways! Corp. Boeing 707 with 124 per-; sons aboard broke apart in the^ freakish air. over Mi. Fuji Saturday and crashed. BOAC officials said 90 of those aboard were Americans. Of these. 75 were on an Asian tour sponsored by the Thermo King Corp., of Minneapolis. Minn., a refrigeration equipment company- It was Japan's second major air crash within 13 hours and the third in a month. The three crashes killed 321. At Miami, Fla., an Eastern Air Lines Boeing 727 jet with 101 aboard belly landed safely Sat- sota and the Dakotas. claiming a* least 16 lives in storm-related incidents. The storm abated Saturday. Cities and towns were isolated in heavy snow whipped by winds up to 100 miles per hour. Ths record snow inclined 35 inches at Mobridge, S.D. Weekend Viet Nam developments included: Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, a top adviser to President Johnson and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says the key North Vietnamese supply harbor of Haiphong should be closed by U.S. mines. la Honolulu, Adm. U.S. Grant Sharp. U.S. Pacific military commander, said mining the harbor would be "a good idea." | son, who commanded the 173rd Otbe Airborne Brigade in Viet NarrtJlights: told President Johnson the ene- fc, Miami, Fla., blonde Can- my looks like a fighter groggy dac« Mossier and her nephew. in the fifth round of a ID-round bout The commander of U.S. forces Melvin Lane Powers, were found innocent of trie 13S4 slaying of her husband, financier in Viet Nam, Gen. William C.| Jacques Mossier. After first an- Westmoreland, praised U.S. I nouncing a deadlock, the jury troops and said they had "de-J reached the verdict after more stroyed more than four regular Viet Cong battalions in the past few days." Sen. J. W. Fulbright. D-Arfc.. than 15 hours of deliberation. Mrs. Mossier, who says she is 40, and Powers, 29, said later at a news conference they had no chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said there is present danger of war with to wed. President Johnson directed Vice President Hubert H. Hum- Red China. Fulbright, a critic of phrey to combat summertime U.S. policy on Viet Nam. also unrest among young people by urday after its landing gear had! Brig. Gen. Ellis W. William-China. said he was skeptical of reports that the war is turning in favor of the United States. He announced that his committee will hold Snate hearings on Red helping them find 1,750,000 jobs. Violence flared again in the Dominican Republic as a U.S. paratrooper was wounded with six others in downtown Santo Domingo. I said, "Show me a filter cigarette that really delivers taste and I'll eat my hat!" PUBLIC IS URGED TO HELP SOLVE POLLUTION PROBLEM HOUSTON — All segments of society have created the air an-i water pollution problem in this>- — and all segments will have to be parties to the solu- Meredith noted that the petro- j dustry; and tailor regulations ' ; eum industry is benefiting from ! accordingly. Government is go- its increasing effort to work with ing to have to avoid measures communities to formulate effec- ; and methods which penalize the tive controls. This, he said, helps industries who have voluntarily lion, H. H. Meredith Jr., air andiprevent the adoption of codes assumed their obligation to act water conservation coordinator, which are not needed in a parti-!responsibly." Hurr.b!;? Oi! said here. and Refining Co., cular area. "At all levels." he said. 'we Meredith commended the American Petroleum Institute I Speaking at the district meet-j are going to have to develop ec-jfor efforts since 1929 to develop onomical solutions to pollution j and enact solutions to air and 1 problems, apply them promptly, | water pollution problems. He ing of the American Petroleum Institute's Production Division. . .... . _ . Meredith called on the oil indus-jand keep government better in- j pointed out that individual ouj tr--- to continue its efforts to formed of our progress. j companies spent S28 million on! share iully The responsibility c: I "If gross inequities are to be j air pollution research during the | preventing air and water conser- j avoided, government is going toi decade and ._,.;, .-.roblerns from b»eomine ! have to learn to differentiate i r ibet«-een concerned, responsible j spend & ™®«>» . : industry and irresponsible in- pollution research in 1966. fmure "Human health i s the most im portant justification for main - clean air and water," he said, "and wherever pollution of air or water has been shown to constitute a human health haz-j ;ird. it should be eliminated j immediately and at all costs."! Meredith acknowledged that! society has too long ignored the! prob!i'"-s associated with air and] water conservation. To effectively solve these problems will, he explained, take the best efforts of individuals, industry, and local, state, and federal governments. He cautioned against the attitude of waiting "until the other fellow does his part before I do mine." Additional regulation is going to be necessary, Meredith said. "However, it is to be hoped that additional regulation will not outstrip technology concerning pollution control." munch, munch ... lot of nibbling bills? Find LOANS fast in the YELLOW PAGES. Where your fingers do the walking. Crosby Adopts New Band Uniforms, Buys School Cor By IDEIX ANDERSON ! sound effects. Crosby Correspondent j Those receiving badges or The Crosbv School Board met ;?«« were Gary Michalsky in special session and voted to i^r Badge, two arrow points adopt a band uniform design P« h 's wolf badge, and two- similiar to the Sam Rayburn ane-year pm; Robert \ork — High School Band or Pasadena, ane-year pin and wolf badge; only in red and white. Crosby ^em Benton - one-year pm School colors. | "^ k 6 ™ 6 ^ ^al^L The Board accepted Dr. Les-1 ' ' * DEPUTY BAND lie Hintoa's offer to give thej ^^ and D Fleming, school district his 19a< Chevro- Q{ Mr and Mrs IjMua . let station wagon. Fleming, participated recently John Bennett, Crosby Band| vv j t h ^he Harris Countv Junior r director, stated that bids would | Deputy Band in the Madi Grasj be taken on the following uni-1 festivities in New Orleans .Their j form. The marching _ uniform j bus was j n an acc jdent enroute has an Aztec overlay in silver ]- out no one was seriously in- material on the front. It will j ure( j 'AROUND CROSBY Mr. and Mrs. Russell Donneilj and Mrs. Madeline Ramsey play | [hav e a four-inch diagonal strip [with Crosby on it over a red [field. The "back will have the Aztec in a similated cross belt, bridge with Mrs. Arlene Campy i 11 • _ i^ < nr*. -*«*$ will be shako style. For concert bell in Baytown Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Dusek of Pasadena! season, the overlay ______ comes off and the coat under-| were Crosby visitors . - - Word! neath is tuxedo style. | comes from" Billy Murray Wald- M r s . Robert Cunningham I ing f TOTn Diving School in Cali-1 hosted a special call meeting f orn j a that school is very in- of the Crosby Sorosis Club at her new home on Hurta Street. They planned their skit for the Firemen's Benefit-Variety Show. SCOUTS ON VISIT Den I Crosby Cub Scout Pack 284 visited the Forest Fanger Lookout Tower at New Caney and the General Telephone Co. in Highlands, under the leadership of their Den Mother, Mrs. Bobby Michalsky. They gav e the February Pack meeting program at the Scout House at the Crosby Fair Association Grounds. They also gave a shadow film — "The Open Heart Operation." Those taking part were Clem Benton, doctor; Gary Michalsky, patient; Robert York, nurse; Matthew Travis and Richard Michalsky, formative The Rev. and Mrs. Dan Bynum and children were guests" of Mrs. Lucille j Hare . . . Gwen Anderson ofi Galveston was a recent visitor in Crosby . . . Bobby Jester of Houston visited the Crosby High School Campus. Scholarships Due FORT WORTH (AP)— Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will award three 5500 scholarships to graduates of Bishop College, a largely Negro institution in Dallas. The late Mr. and Mrs. Elmer L. Martin of Dallas left §25.000 specifically to provide seminary training for Negro ministerial students. Volkswagen Little Known Facts About A Wefi Known Little Car! | DID YOU KNOW? 1 |! That Volkswagen owners are above average people—The average VW owner B earns $9500.00 a year, 64% have a college education, 63% own two cars. He is |f 35 years of age and has two children and 70% are buying their home. TEXAS MOTOR IMPORT 606 East Texas Av«. AUTHORIZED DEALER Phone 582-8113 Double Big Bonus Stamps EVERY TUESDAY QUALITY DRUGS HOSE BATH FOOD DEODORANT STORE 221 E. NO. 1 FAYLE STORE NO. 3 710 W. MAIN ASPIRIN FRESH TENDER YOUNG YEARLING L1Y Good Beef Sq. Cut SHOULDER STEAK - 59c f ROSEDALE Fresh Ground HAMBURGER ^ 39c Good Beef Rib or Brisket STEW .Lb 39c AJcS Kraft Jet Puffed MARSHMALLOWS HEINZ Decker's All Meat BOLOGNA _ Lb. 59C • v ,^ rnt . ^f^ Nesley io.tePkg.19c QUICK Hathaway's Liquid DETERGENT Chiffon Soft MARGARINE Sugary Sam YAMS _, . . _, - Hillsdale Blackburn Made •»•• • JM«*«»** 59c SYRUP . 5 - S5* PEACHES CATSUP .16-Or. Can 24 Oz. Btl. 43c 4 Reynolds Heavy Duty FOIL is . Jar Adolphus Long Grain RICE Imperial Powdered SUGAR LfBBY'S Uncle William's Miracle Whip BLACKEYEPEAS 2 ^ 29c 2 £ 37c SALAD DRESSING <*. 59c ^^ » , Lb », ST. » t ,r,, „ „„ 6 R EEN LIMA BEANS 4 ^ 2B»xt33c GRAPE JELLY I8 . te ^ 39o Mo rt o n Ho US6 PORK AND BEANS 2c^ VIENNIA SAUSAGE Cans LOUISIANA KILN DRYED ^^ • TEXAS jm A Yams 2, Z5 C Grapefruit 5^ 43 FRESH GREEN U.S. NO. 1 YELLOW ONIONS 2

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