The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 6, 1974 · Page 28
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 28

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1974
Page 28
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»•»• TlIK PACT* What replaces trash barrel? wtwl M many ye»m a UtUe mow than a tion, when meet families had i their hack yards the "trash urreL" tt wa* aa oU dram with dM punched tn the lower rtm. You led papers la drat, then garbage. MB aet OKI papers aflt*. Household aste was so reduced in buBt that it MMd on months before the rod had to be emptied. •Soda) problems developed Oil moke and ash hotting up out oC that •rr«J did aaaiy things to the »ew»rd neighbor's wash, and {coded others Cor a block or two. earty everybody did this, but each ejected to others doit* it About two decades ago Frceport egan damping down on the last of MM. Other cities wens dotes the amc, across the count; and the late, a HUte earlier or later. Cities, however, were doing xactljr what they didn't allow itizcm to do, but on a larger scale ad farther away. Trash and irbag* were burned together in a it This reduced volume to a point shere not much land was required Qty governments were outraged a rw years ago when the state did to Sties just what they'd done to Citizens — banoed waste burning, •easons were about the same, but $>e words were different-the state tas preserving environmental djuality, rather than banning a i uisance. The state didn't say how wastes to be disposed of. only that it <$ouMn'l be by burning. So the 'fsanitary landfill" isn't something Ipe state requires. It's just the only t#ternati«v that cities know much ajbooL Incineration stiB presents Jtoine unsolved problems, and somehow can't command a high priority for technoiogicat attention. •So we're stuck with the sanitary landfill for the immediate future, and it, too, has some severe problems, ; All landfill amounts to is burying the wastes, daily. A trench is cut The day's waste is spread in a layer THE WORRY CLINIC on the bottom, and this is covered with a layer of earth, followed by another layer of waste. Bacteria decomposes most watte, metals corrode. In about 10 years, the land has about returned to Its original condition. Bui not glass bottles and plastics. They are forever. There are other deterrents. You can't put one Just anywhere, for not aQ land is suitable. It takes a W of land A cferp pit i* needed, and rains do distressing things to garbage pits. Perhaps the thorniest problem is aesthetic Nobody wants one ol the things within miles. West Columbia ard Bnuoria, for example, have an operation which, with some improvements to access road and drainage, would be considered a model by the state agencies Yet the two cities have had many a day in court because of militant objections from those nearby. Most cities are rtinxikaUy on the verge of desperation (or lack at suitable land nearby. The land a expensive, the operation is costly, and this is a major reason (or increasing city costs, Long ago it scetned that tht beat bet (or keeping these owia down wa* in having a number of ctl*e» joio together, a* Brajoria and We»t Columbia have Economic* to operation coukt olbet the added expense oi having collector vehicfe* haul the stuff farther away, into the boondock*. Years p**», however, with no progress toward somethiflf; better than a chronic emergency operation The county government seems apathetic, although th» nerd seems made to order for count; leadership. By whatever means, ho*»«*rr, lrt» should get thr highest priority for An effort toward owpentttoo between cities. If we can find a practical mean* of getting together oo lh», *T can free a to< of administrative time for other things that are attention. 8 Ky , M IIMMI* » At h»«kf*s»* •* Cm*?*** a* ttw ftMUrter fr*M OH Tfe* *ew*l* *ad Mwvyfe tfwcMtt fetwrv » UN* **f MM* tar tt* fat*.. m ****, to* «M«| it* )Kt *» * « fewtte 4ft* ft* *St*ttti ttit Comment and Opinion Ashland Oil Co. cozy with senator ** »* *«* «* <w DON OAKtfV * ' Management takes an oriental slant **»• *«* «***«> **«« ** d 1 *"*** » Ho *t »»« W»tl TV UbteU iftitvf in toe/ t'itt(««f StM** a/* out &, in BJ# : »* l'tw»'» *•«»»>» 't*'*S lwf "» «•»« Maraf. TKc k«rj. si •«!» i« (tut is, *'•> Knr i y» ,\«wcrtirtttt woriurt- fu* «t» aa an jjtwrwbfj t««r cthciit Jt to S ffcrj «» ftutl* M«*ra to «« tfit tt '•> !* afiue ,.V< Ifae f!*o»»r httf 4<t«<ti,t wtttunnw tlljf liitt Dfttv awt M -jfti-m»» *ff. B** fW»' 4 f»'t '-Hfftt tt « nit*, ** iJuaifftMjn in t»ie am rt<tm What M Uv )*fan**« tt>k* « m -** *ife«t «i)t lt« ttasrtioa wtr lr»**t vq> *B»I b* Uw Ifcw nl wrft*m«»»*»»» oywiifil il twnt'v ft*t'*y ufl^jf VWMMOlt «< tSae ijWi Vi> fer«t !l*tfl V ttt . Medical 'fad 1 to zoom bill? M«nt J*f*»fww iM> «9*fr-4kwv pultrr «• lluf ft** I J» I' jnit al&Kf sfjni£*r'»ji at ;|t SS« H*»£ » «4 »( fc^tirtu'*/ m KlK ill 'M>n *«•> fttit Is (IM» Bj OKURGK W. CRANK ¥-0. former CASE B-«0 Arnold G . aged 21. b a ; -Dr. Crane." he asked, "during uo djergraduale years aicoOege.! look a lot 4f courses w lope and phiiojophy I "So I am worried about the way nuiry problems are (hbiy answered tftthout adequate proof "For example, in a recent cofama I let vteMtm igaurnl rdr iratbtr And v« .So* «r (t>vc teunwd •hofeiwle tiwxHikciiani* Kor Uv (uettJ* *d *» (br ftnl liw ol drfrnwr a|(aimt (rrmi (Aut enter »u UK r*ft tr , jctru frnre rtjhr <M to **»< <w B« ! M tlw fctwcr tfeat if *w» W At I t* f til fib* » Sk'J Mtw ?»-».»!» ,« -t »'- ^i*n> f; "Ul -it .m. 11! t*Binc>o •Mi So people »ho iunir »»d Ihrtr tamOi Uik«rt out, are mere (wWc in t&tvmata*. the overwhelming majority of medical idl»eiiiM agree that cuxotncuMn « for hygienic reajora' Then she tcare* wuroeo by adding, • UMt it is a fart that the wive* of cir < iBactoed men are far k« likrf> to have dVneer of the cervix than the *m» of en who have not been circumcised ' "Well, my profejtwr* deoy that Ihe <jv*rwfaeliniag najority of medical agree that circumcision M regardhw of whether for reuoe* or othenrae 'Aad they say that oecaunr a fumy of a digbl mcrcate in •cai cancer among tho*e wboM were art circumctted. » far down (few intrtliiul tract Oh, «<r »«tU rvtRavr repeated thrmt iniUmwjiKO threaten* the ran. but l«t»»ikvtt*n»e» »rr no« performed c« a v*r> whrrlxr inn* A 10 bath* TUB HittTHj* «i»- Mrri.K WluS (and »t<t jftit- bllrruxK tisfn* si prupir *« » IIKaft Uir| if^? to ' Or »< thr ft" *«* •(«t;?*it lot MI k' Ute 40*1 .11! PAUl HARVEY N5WS TOM TJEDE Where civiliie4 pe«pir fuve «wp and water., «o thry can regutorfy. thai "hygieiar retarding ciftumc»«jn a nutorky "Bwf. Or Cr»ne." Mtfftr may protnl. "doesn't l*rt Uct of nrcwmctiten lew! W mJrrtton and p*uron«» t lt|Menini|» of lit* Rarefy, for ifau aitempi to ; parrot* into wfaoteMte u/ntmnwom a a* lUogtral <u to intMt every (trl bubjr UiMiU have her breaals (mmedialefy removed u> ptrvrnt paMifete future tfe«n cancer' (ir lo uttfr iflutint- rilracfiion af afl » ctuld » teeth l# prevent p<*MWe future (rane> 'decayed teeth*' A* a reitgwu* ru»to«n, Jewt may be rnlitled hi circumcoe ihew 019 hnhie»- &x it t* a *»dw>c net in botpitah. for tMbic* aren't even anevtheitted u they are operated on wh»k terra mmg to pain. a» UMT «kin it cut and Mtfured Yet H offer* inter™ a hltte mar* pracuce at child wrgcry. M boifilah> *liil try to »ump«de parent* accerdlBgly, a* they do f*r a tot of Mhrr OHNtttM ttirgcfy Iff toom your medical bill*! Kamau* Or Waiter AJvwn thut «how«d 5« per «ol r» «> «f ho*pW»l ap- i mtn not' llenry t)»i*) The*ewu twst* M«| Hut h» wmdd run (or hw Me tf he M* MmManv approKlMMtj him »ith '*»• ipi»r,« e4 dbind nifD ^£KM Tote tt Ihe way many in the nation and Ihe world nuwl begin la feet ahwrt Iht advent of Jerry ford and ntt »w«v to re*it«re harmony to the Ikte The other day, *• rtaropt* the uoeiccied t^enMent told * proof' for many other variable* enier pfcturr! So »H»l u your * BMKlc and a practical MKUtCAL KAIMi llc», M well ai «vca coifeg* education doean't "itreaiuag" and weirdo hair dor a lot of wwOew medkvl too, ttp«r OH* of afl Uw mate Amrica haft NOT haw drcumeuad (ha flgwrf II «v«» h^ter (or the rest w« flgurtag tt was good Berrys Wbrld •I^^^S' wBPR ?r^^^^ Out of Watergate and into the fire? Consumers paying for corporate dole Ml* J .pM»«l*Mi|- »*» II w»iit*ii» H nol war ?)u) bcliei for t* ilM to >vlk b*M«fy itwtrf t« IM* la tfc»l » not *tt do *U U cwdd to Mht the fuel ema. then added *h»t «•* vidtiy read w a hunt Ihtt ffiight twknte *M NaturaBy avoiduig fptcifm, Kord warned oU predanng Ante lo lower the prir* of lh*ir rsporu became "Throughout history, o»ut«* ha»e gone to war <«er o«turat advtalagM weh *» water or fond" or- hwl -p«hap» oil The toauuttA «a» Mra^hl out U the I«W Cokt War Wwlar Back then they railed it «ahrr rattiiog in re«nt y**r*. *uqb talk by <re*t HIMJO* hM hecn Thi» aver**** no* l» «ft«wl J* V * h«xnfcn far each J»«w» (illy «< pnfiuUttoft or more Md It KtmMn botnlM for ea«h AmerttMi til? of mmparatfc demtty U Western armtw tamted u» S«u* Arabia Uxnorrww m o*her »e«d«. * doif* oMtte4f b«*ivt» cmtd, at hnui M»U*l«caUy tend on Am«r»U«, Tf*., lomorro* Ami in <**« >*u v» not been p«ytnf •itXtliW. the bam** the»c d»y» »« wrty BtwaUy beyond (wnuui cwnprdMntign The atom* v*ri»*d that kitltd laws* (•mi* and *«WMM <«.«« man ftl IHM M«4 I* «ftp**j»*« to !*»<»» •< for * ywtr a »»* i*ji «k»l««*f la p»y (** altar and high »*U»i»<l, I* forUl ««IMM tf Aad lw«*vwr ntntrtNtt the curpMrtriim LM of tk» UMebiKti T» m* IM «ther iMdwtlry M«n» you* MUM to tl» clwck In the days «t»» ciwnhk* bated afU? Mtf Snwfl wonder tM» ewjUon Th* a|i*ll» but it » ri««y taaugh an* wtthwi UH af addiiionai titaxst* of worry, fifof that U* prwpert of Wtsitra wiluary iattrvtwUoB Inert to all that f«nlM0a hu tooUogewry piaw tar • war to w* Aralu oDflttm and Ihf Aral* have nMUMMvy pita* to tpecul pusc hex «* Th* Mtatieat U th» proKftt te ihrw Iten thai aad MMW rv UJH» ttnw ** mt«J«y T» put u *T?» «ww bJuntiy, Ihe Ci»M» fur Utfent* IftforoMlton report* th«t • U & Tiuui roaaiW can dtllvw Iht the tore* # »U twfftto dreppid WoiW War II OM » M bottbw megaton ban** caa pr«Hu»iag that Uw tit w «Uck My», *n4 «g church rxpomttoltly ww UK* Uadrtinoal . Now it to tht «srpor»uow». heuwM a* bcug (MttrUtw, wifefe a«l grtidy, vhich an often* huthmwwy t« the Halph N«d*»» by ««nttitwititg to wottto «i«a»», «**» far U Uw **W'» J.7 oOlioB human . —« r ^ ^tfMMM* IA mn ._ ™ WW^Wr HI •«« *«*»a»i 4 UfaiM^B grafe tor Arafe °JI ***|W tmiuftt u4ih ^ law iUHyy floafiBttity at flatt lajm. MCta) pWi" THE BRA20SPORT PACTS

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