Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1971 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1971
Page 11
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Stop killing yonixvlf Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, Jan. 4, 1971 A-lt What cures arthritic pains? By Dr. Peter J. Steincrohn DEAR DR. STEINCROHN: What is the best medicine for the pain in arthritis? Do you believe in simple, self treatment with aspirin? Or, d o you advise special medicines like cortisone? I've had arthritis in one knee for many years. Sometimes the pain and stiffness disappear for weeks — even though I take nothing for it. Incidentally, I have a friend who says lemon juice taken every morning cured her rheumatism. Can this be possible? — MRS. A. COMMENT: I wish I had the space to answer all of your quest, jns. I think you should know that in many diseases the word "cure" is a misnomer. For example, we think of pneumonia as curable. But how about emphysema? It may be helped, but not actually cured. And so it is with many forms of arthritis. Patients may be made more comfortable, deformity may be prevented — but actual cure is unattainable. Ideas from Polly DEAR POLLY AND MRS. O. S. — We found a good Multi-Level PRINTED PATTERN 4904 SIZES 8-16 VA^V&W Fashion's MOST "IN" OUT-' FIT is this sleekly, invisibly zipped, back - pleated dress atop lean pants. Spark it with chain demi-belt. Send! Printed Pattern 4904: NEW Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. Size 12 (bust 34) dress 3% yards 35-inch; pants 2%. SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS for each pattern — add 25 cents for each pattern for Air Mail and Special Handling. Send to Anne Adams, Care of Alton Evening Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept. 243 West 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Dynamic, fashion changes in new Fall-Winter Pattern C at a 1 o g . Free Pattern Coupon. 50c way to protect both the finish on the end of our grandson's crib and him at the same time. My husband took a piece of old rubber garden hose which I had washed and disinfected well, split it down one side with his pocket knife and slipped this over the end of the bed. It did not slip off and was easy to wash. We also put one of these over the old - fashioned sharp metal foot scraper in the back yard so the kiddies would not fall and get hurt on it. My husband has died but how happy he would be to know that someone had used his good idea.—LILA Today's Problem DEAR POLLY — We would like to give a Jack and Jill party for our soon-to-be- married daughter and her fiance. I would appreciate knowing how one goes about this. If any readers have ever given such a party I would appreciate hearing about it— DORIS DEAR POLLY — My Pointer'is for those who wear different-colored headbands with wiglets or when the hair is fixed to look like a wiglet. I rad only two scarves and could not afford more so hal to find a substitute. Looking through my husband's old ties from years back I found lots and lots of beautiful ones to wear as headbands or also as belts with pants suits. If the ties are too long, cut out the narrow center and sew the ends back together again.—LILY DEAR POLLY - My 21- month - old daughter has very long hair. It was always getting in her food when she was feeding herself until I started to snap her bib OVER her hair in the back and now it stays out of the way and in place. This would also work for older little girls who still wear bibs.—BARBARA For instance, here is a housewife who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Aspirin may help; so may cortisone or gold therapy. Butwhatever is used doesn't guarantee "cure"; all it does is hold out promise for improvement. Here is a businessman with arthritis of one knee. At last the true diagnosis is made: gouty arthritis. Specific medicines lessen the number and intensity of flareups. Result: not cure, but improvement. And here is another patient, suffering the generalized joint aches and pains of osteoar- thritis. Heat and aspirin help —but do not "cure." The best medicine for arthritis? It depends on your own doctor's judgment. Sometimes aspirin is as effective as all the rest. (Incidentally, it is not "simple treatment.) Lemon juice every morning? Many patients have said it has helped them. I've told such patients to keep on with it. Others haven't been helped at all. They've said that a glass of hot water before breakfast worked just as well for'them. So I hope you understand, Mrs. A., that there are no "sure cures" for certain types of arthritis. What is important, hough, is no to procrastinate when you have rheumatic pains. Too many suffer too long, needlessly, because they rely on self diagnosis and self - treatment. For a more complete discussion I think you will get some help from my booklet, "How To Live WIOi Arthritis." Write to Dr. Peter Steincrohn, care of the Alton Evening Telegraph, enclosing 25 cents in coin and a stamped, self - addressed envelope. The booklet information has set the correct course of action for many frustrated rheumatic patients. MEDICALETTES DEAR DR. STEINCROHN: Perhaps you can help because I'm confused and worried. A month ago I had a routine physical. The doctor found a small lump on my breast but he did not seem concerned nor explain it to me. > Now for the past month I have read articles in various magazines which stress the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer. Some of the examples cited were small lumps later found to be cancerous. I know you can't make the diagnosis from where you are, but what would you suggest I do? — MRS. C. COMMENT: If in any doubt whatever; don't hesitate to get the opinion, in consultation, of a good gynecologist or surgeon. Not only for peace of mind, but to double - check on it. FINE RUG and DRAPERY CLEANING St. Louis Area's Largest Plant WOODARD RUG AND DRAPERY CLEANERS Call- Charles "Bud" Erb, Agent Alton 465-7377 NOW ENROLLING! JAN. 18TH 1971 CLASS DIAL 462-6851 for Information Kitzmiller BEAUTY COLLEGE Alton Plaza Shopping Center CLOSED TUESDAYS Treasure Trove Book Store Hours—9 a.m. to 5 P.m. All Types of Books Mirny Collector .,, Items. ] , Used Books — _^__^_. •-• premium Prices Mrs. Alice Paid For Miller, owner Good Books mot E. Broadway, Alton Dial 462-5812 SAVE UP TO 25% "GOSSARD" ANNUAL BRA & GIRDLE SALE! Style 3380-BRA $O99 32A thru 38C ... ReR. $5.50 *-* Style 3490-BRA 34B thru 40D ... Keg. $6.00 Style 2720-BRA 32A thru 38C ... Keg. 4.50 Panty Girdle-Long Stride Style 1891 S-M-L-X Lg. Iteg. 13.50 .. Panty Girdle-Long Stride Style 1591 S-M-L-X Lg. Reg, $15 .... $049 10" 12 49 A Princess talks about grooming Keep with time up From Sheffield's Etruscan collection (loft) lapis, jade or tigereye colored enamel dial is surrounded by sparkling rhinostones on a goldenstone strap. The Moroccan influence, (center) is shown in a 17 jexvel pendant watch. Dial is silverlone. Kings and jacks are wild with Nixon and Agnew calling the hand that tells the time. Fashion in the news A watch for any occasion £• HAMILTON WATCHES • SPECIAL ORDERS I REPAIRS ;• WATCH* JEWELRY * ;• DIAMOND* ^ 1628 E. Broadway j 5 Phone 465-8521 * By HELEN HENNESSY NBA Women's Editor NEW YORK - (NEA) How does a banker get to be a watchmaker? Henry Federman, president of the Sheffield Corp., doesn't tell how, but he does say why. Federman, a banker in his native Germany, came to the United States in 1940. "It was looking around for a field to enter," he said, "and I saw there was a need for popular-priced watches. So I started my own company." That's a banker's acumen. And it paid off. What makes Sheffield d i f f e r e nt from other moderate priced watches is that the company created the first "fashion watch." Done in colored enamel or non- tarnishable aluminum bases, these designs were the first to take watches out cf the utilitarian category and make them fashion accessories. "The price was right." Federman said, "so women bought them the way they bought costume jewelry — whenever they saw one they liked." And from this idea the concept of a wardrobe of watches was launched with great success. New York's Best & Co. was Federman's first customer. And within a week that store had sold 4,500. Best continued to be .Sheffield's largest account until the recent demise of that store. ' ' I never dreamed." Named as outstanding Dale C. Bregenxer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lavernc Bregenzer of 1223 State St.. Alton, was named to "Outstanding Young Men of America." He is presently employed as a bank examiner in Memphis, Tenn. Cooking cues Old-fashioned fun and goodness come with taffy flavor achieved naturally with genuine, old-fashioned molasses, and don't forget it's a good source of iron in the diet. Here's a quickie Taffy Topped Cake. Prepare and bake 1 package white or yellow cake mix according to package directions using a 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan. Combine 1-3 cup molasses and 14 cup butter or margarine in saucepan. Heat until butter is melted. Stir in 1 cup flaked coconut. Spread over warm cake. Place under broiler for 2 to 3 minutes or until coconut is browned. Federman said sadly, "that Best would go out of business and 1 would still be successfully in the thick of it." In the Sheffield spring collection for 1971 watches are grouped under "time for work." "leisure time," "lime for sports," and "time for pleasure." There arc Nixon- Agnow watches, pendant watches to wear with the midi look, sports watches for men and women have wide denim bands and are designed to wear with jeans, dog collar watch necklaces, bracelet watches, ring watches — just name it and it's in the spring collection. And to show I heir business heads are on straight, the company has put silver and silvertone watches high on their 1971 fashion list simply because 25 years ago about 2'/2 million couple.s were wed and '71 will be their silver anniversary. Good thinking. Hy VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatiircs Writer What happened to the romantic custom of sending flowers to a favorite girl or to one a shy admirer would like to know. If it is any comfort to girls who dream about such overtures, oven princesses t'on't got long-stemmed roses any more. "Only in Austria and f',:r- many is that custom still followed. 1 ' says beautiful P i i n c o s s Barbara vi.n Liechtenstein, 28. "and then tho flowers aren't usually from someone you do not know—more often (hoy are a 'thank you,' ;\ duty hostess dinner thin.u or something..." It was agreed that young men do not reali/c what an impact flowers can make. The princess was explaining that she didn't expect to get flowers from secret admirers who might see her behind cosmetics counters on her beauty lour of the United States. She is a beauty consultant for Kve of Roma. For one thing, men are a bit awed by titles and that makes it even more difficult for a princess to meet them. American girls, Princess von Liechtenstein continued, are ready for romantic gestures such as flower- giving. They are in an age of romantic grooming —as evidenced by their long flowing tresses, healthy, clean skin and sparkling eyes. In America, she said, only older women are making the mistake of overdoing makeup, of wearing heavy false eyelashes and heavy eyeliner for daywcar. Younger women wear more casual makeup to go with daytime dress. When she was growing up, the princess added, she .could only be casual in dress and makeup when she was away at schools in Paris, Rome and Vienna. "My life had to be different. My parents were strict and always reminded • me that people would look more at me than at other people. It is true. In the United States, T am asked incredible questions, such as how it feels to be a princess. 1 always answer that I am so used to it that 1 don't think about it." In some ways, princess rituals are good, she explains. You develop habits that I h r o u g. h life. Removing makeup at night is done as routinely as brushing one's teeth. In her opinion, clean skin is the basis for a good makeup. In her new job, she is doing what comes naturally, she says. The delicate shadowing of her own blue eyes was achieved after many, many hours of practice. "This is what T am going to tell girls: You cannot smear makeup on your face and expect to look pretty. One must experiment, sitting before a mirror with the c n s m o t i c s and makeup remover. They sho ikl put nn faces until I hoy got the look that flatters them. Makeup should never glare, tt should bo subtle. Girls may not know Ibis if they make up their faces only for special occasions. "Foundation creams, lip- slick, eye shadows may bo used to improve shortcomings of features as well as to enhance good features. And this should be the aim in grooming. For example, hair styles can do a lot toward giving tho face a good frame. "My head is sort of flat in tho back, so I wear this hairdo slightly teased on top and at the back to give my head a more rounded look." She draws the hair straight back slightly puffed all the way to the nape of her neck. At the interview, she was dressed casually in an elegant beige pant suit. In Licchen- slein, one can dress more WE ARE AN —AUTHORIZED- FOOD STAMP STORE MUST HAVE ID CARD!! Cottage Hills, III. SERVING YOU 24 YEARS "1 1 | SB TEMPLE CLEANERS I VACUUM CLEANERS WASHING MACHINES MIDDLECOFF'S PARTS & SERVICE 828 1C. 7th 402-4423 Hear BETTER Again— Be YOURSELF Again SKK SONOTONE - FOR THE BEST IN HEARING AIDS SONOTONE OF ALTON -• Jean Robinson, Mgr. 651 E. Broadway 462-6720 FLEISHER YARN SALE! ONK WKKK ONLY — STARTING MON., .IAN. 4TII REG, SALE KNITTING WORSTED * 1.69*1" WIN-KNIT 1,89 s I 59 WINSOM 1,10 89 C WOOL & SHETLAND '1.10 89° WINFANT .69 5$c GO-GO 1.10 89 C AFGHAN and PANCHO KITS ON SALE, * COME ON IN ... WE'LL KEEP YOU IN "STITCHES" "Where Busy Fingers Meet" 215 Plata St. Downtown-Alton Ph. 465-6727 Y.W.C.A. WINTER PROGRAM I REGISTRATION—WED., JAN. 6 j PRE-SCHOOL Nursery 5' days a wook *3-4-5 year olds Pre-Gym . Pre-Ballot Water Babies any age Tiny Tots Swim Lessons YOUTH PROGRAMS Swim Lessons after school & Sat. Diving *HorsebaC'k Riding Monticollo Stable Acrobatics Life Saving I I years & up *Saturday Fun Crafts, gym & swim 6lh Grade Girls Club Baton Lessons Drill Team Puppet CU.3S After School Drop-ins Dips *Danco Lessons Tap & Ballet COUPLES "Your World" Music, Talk, Fun Volley Ball Badminton *Yoga Dips Family Swim Lessons TEENS •MMMM Swimming Classes Divinq Life Saving Acrobatics Class Jr. Hi. Rec. Club Girls only Candlcmaking Class Off-Campus Newspaper Coffeehouse Drop-Ins *Horseback Riding Dance Classes, Tap, Toe, Ballot, Jazz WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES Swim Lessons *Exercise Classes Slim-Trim Aqua Trim Jazzorsiio Yoga Weight Control Clubs T.O.P.S. "Countdown" *Horseb<ick Riding Handcraft Classes Creative Stitchoiy Knitting & Crocheting Water Color Oil Painting Sowing Beginners & Inter. Tailoring Drapery & Slip Covers Bridge Lessons Beginners Cake Decorating Fix-lt-Yourself Home Repairs Class Beginners Bowling League REGISTER AT: Y.W.C.A. BUILDING — JANUARY 6 CALL 465-7774 FOR DETAILS casually than was possible before. The country is a romantic one, and girls have an Opportunity to be coquettish for a long time. Men marry later in Leichtenstein than they do in the United States—when they have finished their studies and have established themselves. The princess, who is unmarried, thinks it is sad lo marry young and to miss the fun of the early years "and to have a lot of problems before you are mature enough to cope." She is a world traveler that gives her the opportunity of enjoying her pet hobby, photography. She has photographed Tanganyika and Kenya and has taken a great many pictures at Aspen, Colorado, where she enjoys skiing because "it is such a breathtaking place." Cooking cues Combine drained canned minced clams, diced stuffed olives and crunchy roasted diced almonds. Add enough mayonnaise to bind together and spoon onto saltines. Ham is tops for outdoor cooking. Prepare a whole ham on a spit, slices on a grill or chunks for kabobs. Use a favorite sauce for ba::-:s. Announce engagement MISS STOTLKR Mr. and Mrs. William Stotler of llockbridge arc announcing the engagement of their youngest daughter, Carla Sue, lo David Eugene Woods. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Woods of Greenfield. Miss Stotler is a 1970 graduate of Greenfield High School and is presently at- lending Illinois Slate University at Normal. Her fiance, a 1969 graduate of the same school, is also attending ISU. Better than a baby sitter 29 A spacious playground (40" square). It folds 4Vi" ilat, including the built-in pad. White nylon netting. Cloth-backod vinyl-covered top rail. Chrome frame. New Cosco 'Go Seat . . The car sent that's • booster sent that's u play sent. As a car rest, It teams up with the regular uulo soul belt lo keep the child sdf'e, comfortable, mid lii(,'h enough .so lie enn sec out the windows. As a boostrr sent, it. fits on nny Jsliiiiilnrd chair to bring the child U|> ID table height. 8 95 Buy On Convenient Budget Payments FURNITURE Est.1883 Park Free At The Rear Entrance 627 E. Broadway Alton Phone 465<4451

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