The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 2, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1859
Page 3
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^^iAOADS & TRAJSISPOR RAtLROAJs , AHD FAVOEITB the following List of ButlBeM Monies and fesrtaf KstabitanmenU are among the beat and D;A vis, o o j, W CROSSMAN MILWAUKEE R, R OJow opened to Lake Michigan.) ' ' ARCHITECT -&^SirPERIIiT«i|ri>E . OFP01X-NO. JO tOBNG-S NE W BLOCK. Rutu'ana 8p6dflc»tlon.ror furnished at short noticeand on the most liberal terms.' JeM •-":!- ." '.;.• .. • •- AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAPT. ALEX. SCOTT, LEADER. IB MOW READY TO FOENIBH ANY Lnutnber of Instruments, from one lot ? twenty-two, for Balls, Parti es,ParadesJ Excursions, *OH Ac., at reasonable ' Apply or address Oapt. Aunt. Soon or at Bemnted'a Music Store, 178, East Water rt. ,-, abgtl --.[. . . ntci. ISAAC KINOSL.EY, «AS & STEAM PIPE FITTER, ' NO. 291-XA8T WATER 8TKKKT, . WHOLI8A.I.I AID SSTAIL P1ALI* I* fl« AND STEAM PIPES, GAB, 8TBAM AND WATER COOKS, GLOBE AHD CHECK VALVE8, ' GUAGE DOCKS, *c., Alwayi on hand, a Urge assortment of OA8 FlJt,T B BE 8 Work done la a workmanlike manner, at ibort notice' and lowest prices. jeMly N. 1* GrKIBWOLD & CO., . ... LADIES', GENM.EMlOra ANO CHILDREN'S ' BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, , MASON S T RE E T , - " <->t>i>,onlte the Walker House. 1 my21 i'. WE1N BHKNNKK, : VABIIFAOrroiB AID DIALn II BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Opposite American Hoove INSUJttANCE COMPANV, -orNwsTorkOity,; • From facts narrated by himself.•- Jnt "maylO ; . T * Ofc'S Re rdf H»rtfohl,«ona«otlcnv O^Capital andflorplBi,;.l.;-,;..v..v.»41» 1 OM 60 L AM All FIRE INSURANCE ' ' Boot & Shoe Store, NO. -4B EAST WATER STREET, •TOHLN PHELAN, KEEPS always on hand good custom made Boots and Shoe*. "• ; ; -' --,..•::,•;. ' : , : r All kinds of Ladles* and Gentlemen** Boots and Shoes madeta order In the latest style and warranted to gi ve satisfaction, apris B have.jajt reedTed a fall aapplir.otUieie Oelel br»1efl PencllB' from' the' «nan«f«ctcry of J. J. , and each.gradeUjlljtingaUheZ I /a popular brand. Particular attention' 4s ^"on PenclJ,» : <rpn»o-J)lack. slltj).and- to tin "Peopled •Pencil," (rorod-reirKllK) aWtdTKr^Enfefceer 1 . Peni «11," Xdeidgon RUt.) Allot »nlch will bo Toand soperl. or to any other penc'l In the market. •' ^AlB&j*bnTi&bd a complete anortment' of biack and colored lead pencil! of. all Ihe de»lrable gradeir A dl»- connt allowed to Uit Trifle' proportioned to erteut of 'Cadi Cajjltal and Bu^uV..,i.,.£..Yf. CITV FinElNSUKANCBcbaPANV, Or Hartford, Connecticut,Cash Oapjtaland Surplaa ) .,,..........,..«3og 1 s3i 4 g I «oUclt tmslnesi for the above named Companies, en- Urelyupon their'own merits and, responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. -policies is toed .without delay. ' ' " '• ' W. HENRY HOtKAND, Agent. JOB» BOLLAXD, Aas't. Northwest cor. Main and 0.1'. MABOTAii, Surveyor. Wisconsin rts., Milwaukee. septs Ditited Siau» .:«. ^ i 1 . 1m. Co. JOHN KIOE, WHOLESALE DRUGGIST, NO. 8S EAST WATER STREET, Has just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Oleveland, New York. Transported entirely by 'vessel, It cornea In perfect order, and enables me to iell at low rates. I hare permanent arrangements to tell thte brand of Glan hereafter. mySS JOHN OIOB. Harper Brother*, (Established in 1S48,) UOUSK SIGN, SHIP, CAJEtRlAQg AND ORNAMENTAL Pn-iuters, Glaziers A Pa.|>cr-.IIangcri>. IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 ONEIDA STBEET, A FEW POORS EA&TOF TBK JLABKfl HOUSE. JONES & WtUTKMKAD General Land and Insurance Agents NOTAKIF.N I'l'BI.IC, A-C., OFFICi*, corner of Reed and 'Oregon streets, Meyrose 1 ! Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the buying and Belling or Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildings In responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making 4ot of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Least*. Ac. All Collections made on accounts placed In our hand will be promptly paid over. a. O. JOSE3 .......... ]y22 ....... BOBKBT A Critical Dictionary if StitHttn Literature and British and American Avt/»fi, living and de- •to^-JHaKtKi-.Bt&iajli^Htt'toUe Midale of Ou vineteentn Cmturf. Containing 'Thirty Thousand Blopraphtet . an&ZUerary JfoKcet; vitAfvrttr ' '~ Priee »5. 'Scientific «nd Literary Mec, Merchants and Farmenl Manufacturer! and Sttechaalcs.'' - : •'.•-•• ^ IT IS A HOUSEHOLD i^MPANION. L.»I09,00000 8DRPL08 ........................ M.668 00 Office, andtr MltcheH'l Bank, corner of Bait Water and Michigan MreeU, I SCHIVCECKEI, A- BRUNOTFO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Seal EstaU and Money Brokert, NOTAEIES PDBLIC, MILWADKEE, WI8OONSIN. Ornct— No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Office. mart? D. COKSON, ATTORNEY AT I, AW HAS removed to Office, No. 6, State Bank Building, corner of Km&t Water and Michigan ctrent, fl marSO-dSm ankee. JBO. L DOaiJT SIlfOB LBVT. OOKAN & .LEVY, Attorney and Counsellor! t Law, Offict—Empire Blodt, 221 East Water a.., MILWAUKEE, [may22] WISCONSIN <fc CO., BOOK A: jiTAXIONERV JOBBERS, 135 Scat Water itreet, MILWAUKEE, , WfSCOA'&Uf. [Prom Theophlns Parjens, L. L. D., Profes-or of Law tn Harvard University.! CAKBBTDGE, Jan. B, 1869. DKAR 8ia ^—I have had the first volume of your Dictionary for some days, and have sat s8ed myself that your Is excellent, and that you have carried it out with very great industry and with good judgment — The fuUnes, and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and ihelr works, are Indeed remarkable. To an r one who desire the knowledge your b>ok purports to give-rand what educated man does not ?— It must be or great Interest and value. Respectfully, Ac , THEOPH1LUS PARKEB. S. Austin AUibune, Esq. [From 8. Irentenn Prime, D. D., Editor N. T. Observer.} S«w Voai, Feb. 3, ISM. UKITLUICS :—The Brat volume of your greal Dictionary of Authors, I hsve perused with astonishment »• d delight. It is Just what I have long desired to have, and havr sought for In vain. Thousands of clergymen students, and all liierary and IntellU eat men, most wish to have just tMi work; and ther will hsveM, when they learn ti at It Is In tht world. It deserves the most cordial reception, and I trust ihat Ihe author and the publishers will have Ihe largest reward for their enterprise and labor. Toun truly, _ „ „ 8. IREN^EfJg PRIME. Child! A Pel, rson. ••••.if •'""-* i-^ ''Dtanroic J. A. Belfensteln, I. Sandenon, Uosei Kueeland, 8. 8. Doggett, Siroucl Bale, Q. D. Dootman, H . L. Palmer, ' Kdwln Tovruend, Solomon Adlcr. i. A. HKUKUSTBIN, Prertdent. G. D. DOD8MAN, VloePreHdenU W. T. PALMER, Genera! Agent. 8. 0. ffaar, Secretary. 8. 6. DADQITT, Treanurr. H. L. P^una, Attorney. marlO MILWAUKEE ' CITY INStTRAIVCE CO., In Rlllebcll Building, Itllcblrnn. »i. MlLVlDIII, WlBOOSCIX. » CAPITAL, • - $200,1(00 Cask Paid in, $IOO,OOO. DIRECTORS: U. L. PALnaa, O. D. DAVW, W. A. Pamsmw;, E. Towxano, B. 8. Ooaoria, H. EHUBaAoar, J. It. KIU.OGO, J. HcnsTBrnar, losm W. Unj. J. 8. HABSIB J. H. Ooansa, jAt-Uoaasi, CBAB. GsutBno, 0. OOKBTOOS, Uca. Dvn. E. TOWNBEND, President. A. I.. WALRATH, gerreUrj . H. L. Vaunta, Attorney. S3f Plre antl Marine Risks taken at current rates. CAPITALISTS 117 ILL find at my office a Register, open to their in- TT spectiao of bonds and other coritlefi offered for eate. Persons wiahiDjj to obtain Loans or baring Bonds, Mortgages or other Becnrlcte* for sale, may find It to their Interest to file with me their applications or statement*. C. SOHLET, >'15 Opposite Walker Boose. t B. B8TLKB ........................... D. T. POST. Livery & Boarding Stable, Foot (if Mason 'Stsert, (on the River.) T HE subscribe!! have rem«ved their stock from the •table formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and Huron streets, to the old establishment foot of Maaon street, thus consolidating the two establishments, making the largest and best appointed Livery establishment In the West. We shall be glad to see our old friends and customers, and feel confident that we can furnish them with as good and stylish a turnout as any similar establishment In the city. Thankful for past patronage, we bope to meet a continuance of tfaeaaroe. ff Particular attention (riven to furnishing carriages and hearses for funerals. myl8 BDTL.BB A POST. GOOD OMAN OK. HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE CHEAP. 3^&.£ undersigned wQl sell bis Bouse and Lot, now B occupied as a Taven by him, situated on Main su, Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the H. A M. R. B- Depot.. The bouse Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of busl- • nws, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is Already DOW projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN BAETH. Racine, January 25,1859. )anS7-d6m Lnfenber Vessels Tor Sale. Sehaoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. NewhaU,190 tons. Scow Schooner Bugby, 163 tuns. < The abore vessels will be sold at very low prices for •atlafactory security. Good title. TATLOE A JBWETT, Buffalo, New Tork. "Enquire of B. B. Jons, Mil ankee, Wisconsin. lebZS MY DEAa Sl» : —With better knowledge of your fcook from repeated feasts "upon It, 1 am asham 4 to hs»e written you so common|4sce an acknowledgment of Its first rec Ipt. Of all the storehouse of interesting and readable matterthe "Dictionary of Author." see T s tn me the most captivating. The good laste. Industry, aad skill of arrangement therein manlleai<d coold n ot be su-passed, »ad It wll make ;or you a reputation very enviable. 1 shall try to make amends In print for mr apparently inappreclatlve first acknowledgment of the acquisition. s» ith many sincere thanks for the prize I have in tbe took, I remain, my dear sir, Tt.urs, fa thfully, N. P. WILLIS. 8. Austin Allibone, Esq. majl* NEW J ~~ AHD riBE T HE undersigned U prepared to take Marine Risks and Fire Klaki on rroduce tn (tore, In the North Western Insurance Co., of Ossrego, New York, at M low rates as by other reliable Oompanles. The repgtatlon of this well-known, long established Company entitles I rto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, novS . at cfflo of H- A 1. t. mil. In«iirancr ,:<>., OF PHILADELPHIA. ADreoaizED CAPITAL, PAID OP CAPITAL AND ASSETTa. 2TT.SS5. Office, Franklin Bui'diny, No. 40S Walnut ttreet, PhUadtlphia. Flint subscriber hai -been ap|.olot«<l acect for. this JL Company for Milwaukee arid TiclLlty. Rlsk< ukken on as favorable lernu as other responsible Oompanles JAHM6. tCHI-U, Ageat. Office, corner of Bast Water and Iluroa streets, up stslrs. over the Marine Dank. mar29 Butty jLoie-fretmr* firtt-Ctau Stebmtr*, . 'City olv Cleveland," & "Cleveland, mbronghly refitted for ttU routed) ! O N ANptArtlE MONDAY, April Il,!l8o», seng«r Trains will ran at follows: 1: | 1 OQIlSCr WEST: Pas Hall. Bap. Bridget! d- p. •Detroit, depart.. Pentonvltle, arrive •Oswego" arf ive.. ; j St. Johns,; arrive. I i Errand Rapids, arr. *<iraad Bavin, arr. Milwaukee, arrive. •Refreshments. 9SO a. •. TKW 8:80 lfl:fpO r. •. 12:10 8.-OB 4:40 Mixed. r. w. 4.-SO A.M. • 7:40 MB- a. «. ftfiO r.m. Aceom. ...\J Ii«S' 1:80 f Night JBipress '• a. • r.u 8.-00 2.-SS r 12:16 iOOINCi KAMT A ceo. Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haven, dtp: Grand Rspljs, arr. It. Johns, arrive... Owouo, arr)Ve. ... Pentonvllle, arrive Detroit, arrive... Bus. Bridge, strive Mall txpHj P. M. 8:00 a. H. 4.-00 6:20 8:86 .J. Ml .5:80 fefift 1:00 j r. m. 1115 r. H. 6:CO( a. nj Kipr's. M. 11:00 p. u. 8:45 10:30 A. • 1:00 «:00 «KK) 4:50 •Refreshments— Motet In Depot at Grand Haven. Boat wllljleave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 p. u. or Saturday Night's Kxpress passenger* west, but 4 a. M. train wUf s)o» leave on Banaays. ' I Trains leave termini dally, Bnodais THE TELEGRAPH LINK Is now open for Posuo Bn- ; CONNECTIONS. : AT DETROIT—GREAT WRSTERN RAILWAY or all points East—MICHIGAN OENTjiUL and MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, and GLKVE- .AND Line o( Steamers. AT (BRAND HAVEI*—With " BORON " learner for CHICAGO, Ac., Ac. AT lYIILAVAUKKK—With the MISSISSIPPI, ». CROS8E, CHIOAOO, WAVERTOWN a».i HORIZON BA1LBOAD8, for all Important polnta West and Northwest, and on tlisslssippl River, and with Steamers or Ports on Lake Michigan. ] Passengers for Great Western Railway go on tie Rail•ay Fuav Statsin, at D. * M. R. Does, lurioi; >ock at 8:14 A • , 1:00 r »., au4 7:80 p. ». ; NIGHT TRAIN'S on the G. W. tt. hs've B^EPINS ARB attached. PAKOELfl left at any of the TICKET OrTIOE? an- orwarded by PiMisosa Tsius 4V V«st Mnnsi- TI RAVES. The (kimpanr'i Tlme-T»bles can be had at any of U., Stations. W. K. milt. G.n'l SupY WHIVIIAX t FORBM,Ticket Agent, 280 KastiWttrr tt WM GmM»«, Freisht Agent »t Oomt>.iny's Docs. U. 0 W'IL8<«, General Western Agetot. P. A V. K. Offices, April, 1SS9' ' Kpr23 Baraboo Valiry 1858, 1:M A. M 'MONDAY, Iralos will run ail follows, Tht: UOIN9 WJB»T. 'Leatre Uaelnc for Davis—freight A Aoo., LeAve Baclne for Betolt—Passenger, ! GOIHOEAHT. Leav.e Bdolt for Racine—Passenger, Leave Datls for Saclne— freight A Ace., Passengers by 'taking tbv f A. ». train on the Lak Shorp Eallroad at Milwaukee, connect at Kacli.e «ll. train to Davis ; arriving at Davis at 3:30 P. u. Suit leayei Davis lor Frteport on arrival of train. 3:5u A V. train from Mails connects st Racine with afternoon trains on the Lake Moore Railroad North and South. «3T" freight foxsrarded with uupatcfl. decS HOUKKT U AUR1S, 8uperinUn.lenl. Pittstmrgh, fort Wayne &. Chicago KAIL, KOAD. T HIS new and direct Route now open to New Vork Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, UalUmore an Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagar tails, and all eastern cities, Uuiclnaati, Cotumous, Uiy tonjiSprlugfleld, Orbana, tannvtllt, stcnhenvillr, New ark aud Wheeking > and all Interior towas of oiiio sylvama, Virginia, Maryland, iS.-w Imej, tc. Alakiug une IVrautl 1'ubrukca Ii. H. BRTVBJUI QSlOAGu AJiD THK RAUT. FAKE A3 LOW AS AJfT OTHKH t3tF~ 'fhose desiring to go by this Ittmu? wvil be ticnl&r una e»|u;re for Tickets VIA Port W.yi.c, Ujr avoiding the aauof ance of recLecking Uitir liaitxaK TKA1XS LSA YB DXPUT Off VAX Bl'llKtl in 2JAJL r, AX IULLO Wfi: b:UO r. *.— (!lgb4 Ixpn-sj, dally, Ctaturilays excelled. 4:00 A. M.— Morning Mall anJ Express, dally, Sunday eicefteu. With but one change of cars to Pittsburgh. onCkno B«OQAOS THEOCOB To Pituburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Mew York connecting! directly wlUi trains UD Urt great Pennsjfvs nla Central Railruad, to sjl eastern cities. Also, with Cleveland A Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Uuultirt Buffalo, Niagara falls via New York Central an<! Nen Fork A Krt* Railrvadsto Mew fork sud Buston. Persufis goln^ east will find this route by tar iue mosi desirable, both from th* a«lvantaga in point of instance Variety and b«ante of the country through wblch the nads pass, as wtll as the less frequent changes o/ car* and the acnoyance of rr-checkiug t>ngkTatre required b; for the trajuportatloD tit Vr«t£ht and la*« s ro4it« are unsorpsaslHl. Rates as low si any other route, and irith equal dispatch. Tickets for sale It altb he pnnclpAl ticket offices in thr err k , &D<| st Conipsjiy'ii Olhue, Ha. M Oearburn strr«c opponlte Tretnout House, Chicago, snil KI I'.- i.ttH-c •• the Lake .shore Ksj|rni>4, Mllvaakee, by A . n Uun.l JNO. J. HOUKTOS, Uenertl trr\ft,t A^rqt. I'.ltsburjh, P». D. V ^to^s, Ucoerui u estrru Agent, Chicago. Chicago, SUra, o\ lb£9. mam Tlilwaukee <3k ('hica^o K. K. 1859. 1859. SUMMfeK AKHAN(*KMKN'i. Great [Suited Slalcs Mail and Expreti Rtnttt, r UC only reliable and ALL Roun TO THE RAST. SOOTS fcud NOkTH-Wisr, ami the .ecttons. omts. Oa and only Line i through t kiug aure principal Ai'KII. .'.lib, IS.",!), aini lesve Dep<.t, corner of HoriJa AU<| Bar Uf «t .4. .Tl. — Elpmsss I'.asasiisa— urnrlni: «l Chicago at i. 10 r. M . — tirRiria Ct.^sBnGSjt — arriving .ti On '16 P 1JAILROAD- Aunt Jndy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In tbe Sun Beam. Panny, the Flower Girl. Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. Por sale by TERRT A CLEAVER, y'5 167 East Water st. NEW BOOKS —AT— A tLKAVi;ie*. TI'RKV 167 EAST WATKB STBEET. E ARTH'S Travels in Central Africa, 1 voL,abridged. Livingston's Travtls In Southern Africa, 1 vol Speergeous Sermons, 6th series. Higher Christian Life. SHIPPERS OF PKOOUCK C AN supply themselves with Bills of Lading at _ TEKRr40LEAVEE'», 1GT Esst Water street. B O O K 9 . O CR stock Is the largest In the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any boot which exists, elthef In the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. 8TRIOKALND * OO. BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSiJLN QENEHAJ. INSURANCE AGENCY CHARTEIi OAK FIRE IWS. r i., Hartford, Conn. OABH ASSETS »841,6M *> NORTH AHIERItJAN FIRE INK. <«., Bartford, Conn. CASH AB8ET8 »8o4^60 OS WESTERN ITfass. FIRE IW*. CO., Of Ptttsfield, Mass. OAIH AaSETTS »20&,699 41 CONWAY FIRE INMITRA»«:E CO., Of Couway, Mass. OABH ASSETS .'»!«S,461 47 J N aud afti* Monday, April 4lh, and until further Bo- ticea Partwiger Tlain \rlll Ivave Milwaukee from depot,footDf Second street, for Pewaukee, Bartlaod r'ine Lake, Ocfioooiovoc, Watertown, Ix)well;and Col umboi al4.2Dp. m .irriring in MUwaak*eal '1.811 ra i^sscniferli atrivmg at Milwaukee bs tlie Milwaukee * Chicago R. R., La Crosse A Mil.R. R., and Mil. A HIM K. R., or by BoaJ, ran proceed lo the above places Connections are made at Watertown with klagei fi.r Lake Mills, Jeff«(son, Waterloo, Hanchctville, &QI fru- ne, C'mta^e druve and Uoduon. Al»o a.1 ColonOui for Lodl, Meritosc, Atsefro, Fall Rive-, Ixsi-d'. Comers, Uamden, LowTllle, Dckora,Tork, Arlinjl/ic ltfi,: t .| »n.i lor all points t£ tke West sad Jlonti Wut. Passenger! arrivtag at the Junntlao (rom U)t aho»p place! make connections I Ihe Mll«»ukee A Missis sippl U. R,, l»r JannTlUe, Madison and Pr»lrie do Chien and >l MUwsukre, wktli rr,»,Jj u. Hie HaUth, Wot and North. . aprH 8. B. MKRKIIX, Muper1nten<lMt. AliKANOKMKN 1 c^-n -VIA — MICHIGAN CKNTHAL and m connecttcns with Evening Trains a'a^t and Soutli We»i, and »uh llj« Uacine an.l MIMIS, llailroK. HI Karln luoctlon, tot B«lon and nlh^r uat: .at on that Line Freight Train leaves al *») >. u . srrlTn 5 iifl r K Freight forwarded vilh dr^patrh, and at lo* i %t^. Passenger Traipi lesve Onrago r r Mnw*t.kre ao.l tUe Narth West at 9-1NJ i. a , an.l H l^ r * i.-nvir..- hereal 12:5U p u. »nd i'.!.la i » apr24 JNg. T MOODY, SU«t*r Tr.r.jport«i.,,ti NOBTHCAJI O»FII;E or THE SlilTaukee, April )G.l>feJ | Rates of Freight Reduced Again by [\'ew York A: Krio — AND— Northern Transportation P: x p R I:K s U NTIL fl.rU.trt.^iK, u. r prit .,. iruo. N. Mll«aulter, r.fl t/^ a. ,', I T L R E OTJT NOTES, B VHQ about to dissolve reierve. The best md S A L fc] S . -A.T OOS17. FLERZHEIM & CO, Co-Partnership : itock of FURNITURE EVER 07TJSED IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NKXT SIXTY 1 >AY^ TIIF STOCK IS IIF.VY, % * l> Mivi Hi; Mil, East Water Street 218 and »pr8-d2mo 220 1 11 \V \ t MISCBLLAUEOUS. II. IV. lt»a>lli 1 DRY UOODS ^ i. O , respectfully the culztrns of Uil iTiif locatetl ii i pi, hi* fact inn wirranfrj. rn ncctlou vriih IH.H ( .ri. u, will PrU-it ami Dork T;I the most approval »t y .-, to *ain the condilcuc* . public, he referi to iht* fo SPRING ANO SUMMER DRY GOODS! Ume« profesitlo naily In the courif of W« feel jD8tlflt*<] 1*1 i»Tiog ri rior u> ih« jt-neft? run o* Vrtrrmary MtLW AtJKKK. John C. Bro.lh*ad, Wn.. J im Murray, Pryci 4 C«> Hnllnrn.l ej. « I r r i r » Judge Bljhop, K.llj, And- cw*. vuorn, J«mt-s Kflly. N. A Bro.r., J e»ms. , Whltr « New-l, J. K. Curtis, s Merchant, y Ofli<v Klrl> H A Ac, l<.y M I.. Wr.,h' M L. H.-WM. Jno Klrklan The Latest Noveltae* BKKDMtiN . I'nit, DETROIT St. MILWAUKEE Railway Meauboat I'HK I. v <• 'I » I I I -\n an.) aft^r 'it\ May nt- it, par Hi Uapula an aftV»rn>il in Hap -Is, w ill -i ^1 R.t \t--nt v e *r«a ^ iDclml OK rooms o dve— to (if and Un\ -u nr of Uv t« »>r foiir% of I 1\1 » i n * H ii .111.1 fA. v- (ir»Di| i «rav»- (jrmnd rnv c &i Muw CLOTH UEPAKTMKN: use. I J slriKH, . pet l.i i.'.r. 4.i«'. i|.l<eii i.y tu.s n.uie t>« i*l.a<rr<l ai t*.e>, * |>. I • I J II CKAHr. •>»w V ,,, , T r .1-11 • ill lit W S Mil 11. ;nid xi FIRE INSURANCE «•«., Springfield, Mass. CASH ASSETS 1226.000 CIRARD FIRE INS. CO.nPA.W, Of Philadelphia. OASB ABflFTS -1284.788 78 School Books. Vlf K have erery Bchool Book In demand, and TT them at wholesale or retail. retail. BTRIOKLAMD A CO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES " Bindjry to Bind Magaalnes, Periodicals or anything CUM In the fomofa Book, In neat and durable styles, at low rates. STRICKLAND A OO \. a. I/OKD MARBLE WO R ,K S , Comer Spring and Third street*, MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN. CTTHB snbscriuem c»^- •'" all kinds of Marble Work M. for Building*, Tiling l»r Floors and every description of ORNAimEWTAa, IdABBLK WORK. We have In our wareroomi, MAKBLE MANTL.K8 OI every description constantly on band, at prices ranging from $16 and upwards. MONUMENTS AND STATCABT of all kinds executed at the Shortest notice. 00. f e b6-dly A. H. I/O HP A WOOD AND 0\V YAKI*. Q. HL LAMBKRTON H AS lust opened, for the benefit of all who maybe- come his; Customer?, a Market for WOOD and HAT,at the N. E. Corner of 'West Water and Clybaurn Streets, -. (Office with Messrs. Mabbett * Breed.) His Stock of Wood l» large, Dry and Uard, (Cot and Split or uncut.) His ftock of Bay Is of the BEST QUALITY, and BALED IN GOOD ORDER. Each will be delivered to any part of the Oity on tbe SHOETJSST NOTICE and the LOWEST TEBM8. N.B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p large qualities of Hay will always Bnd it to their advantage to buy of us. We irljl eell to that dealers may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. ' mayU O. H. LAMBERTON. Stereoscopic View*. W E have reclved a fine lot of Sterescoplc Views embracing views of Interesting localities ID RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, ORKKffS, ITUBRXY, IBKLAJfD, I AC., *C Also a large variety of new American Viewi. New and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND * CO., Booksellers and Stationers, «P rf 184 Bast Water street. SIXTH VOUJlttE WISCONSIN KEPORTS •oraaleat BTETOKLAHD * 00, 1« East Water street. mar29 KO. S, MARTIN BLOCK, 0P STAIRS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION in Dry THAI IMMENSE 8TOOB Of I-AT-J Wo. 187 Ks hi Water Mreei, MOST BE CLOSED OUT O 3>J O E3 ! BY THE G. Western (Canada) Railway. ra.kAlNS leave tbe (ire»l Central Depot, foolofLare J. itrrcl Chleago, as N-lluvr, : 4:OO A. Itl.—BBBTOIT lOOOJlMODATION.liun- d»y- nc<-pie<l), arrlse AI i eiroa 6 uu ' ». TtOO A. HlJf-ULNUIItSATl AilPHIBB. (gaodsys exempted.) Arrive at ln.ll.n«p.>n, « : u> r «., Olcclncati 6:80 r. M. §:OO A. .1I.-I.IBHTN1.S4, KXPUE;B, ,8undsys es. celled,) irrlrea AI TDU r u., Hunpcn.u.o Brldfe of Buff,l.i 4:0 ' A. • , Albmj l-OO p. «., N r « >oik Vuu r. «.; Buston^1 P. M. «:«»« P. HI.-N1LE> AUcOMMUDATION, eXe«pt fiandsy. : 8:«O P. n.— NKW I'OOK AND BOSTON fXPRK?.", ^exceplfialurdaor.) Arrive At Detroit »:iu i. r ; Suspension 3n«1ge or Buffslo 4J3i r. «., Albany fcOO A. B.. Krc V,,,> 10K10 A. •, bociun 2-o-j r K BH>« P. HI.--CINCINNATI AMILOULSTILLKEX- CKK.SS. (Kicrptli.lorJs, ) Arrive >i Cincinnati !>:><<> t m.; Lou ivllle 4^«i . r. •. <! . ' One train on Sunday at 8:00 r. v. The 8:00 a. ». and S:00 r. •. trains connect at Part, with Utt Buffalo A Lake Hurou Ra^way, for r B«tf«au and all points; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Ba,j- vay, to sUn^StCj, Ogdensburg, Montreal, (Jueb-< sn.l all points IB Canada East, N<,r>hrro Vrmonl, -V»» Hampibirt and, Maine. flT Baggage chec»»-J through. Through tickets fat sale at the principal Rallroa.i offices In tbe West, anJ at ths general ufflce, earner Lake t Dearborn streets, opposite the Treraont Hon« f , Chicago, aad at UM Depot, fo«t of Lake street.' a. N. RICK, Bap'i. H. J. 8rAUUM,Q«B. Pass. Ajrt. »pri¥ Detroit & Mil. Railway. .THE Steamer Cleveland will take her place In line of the Detroit A Milwaukee Hallway, on Monday, the Uth March. Pass-ngers wishing through tickets can be supplied on add after Monday neit> at Mo East Water street, or at tn> office on the dock of the Detroit A Mllwauke- Railway Uo.- Due ootict of the time of departure will be given. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route to all poluts Kast. biarii A flil. UARNKS BUOTHEKS W R, Il,r UL Inr Hi.- company, beif OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT Ji, OI...Q a i*fr.rm • Al M V N . April. »here or4ct;i c»ii t»r leu, »,. I skt.enUoD. uor autiiorat i coi 'Ci.'r r. I < >< URY A N D Y A S K t E r .UN Icatloo M it. r office of Mr. A , M*rcti Su, 1 ^ f >.» if , .A . -i. ii > Mih. I »• lit -KJ> UV rllie NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD f|ll»l<. t'ai,- l.»-l»».«i. l.ur.klr* in 1 *.-•* V k , , .| JL New Yi.r. * Kr .• Kvln.a.l. • I !•- |. u.. „ • • .!,, ther iinur* aprlu J H. CRAWFuKli. Vrnl NOTICI:. SADDLERY HARDWARE: ( .\ 111; i A ( < I i I . \ 1 \\ II. 0 N til-eat Bargain* maj be apr!7-dtf JOSEPH CAUV, Assignee. STATES irfARSHAl,^ • A I.F The Parmen Loan* Trust Com 1 pa«y, | vs. TheMlrwantee A Superior BUI- rtad Compaoy, Olty«fMllw»ukee, PIKE'S PEAK. A NBW MAP, showing tte Boote to the Gold Regions In Kansas, JnK received by STRICKLAND * 00., 124 East Wafatr ttreet GENTLEMEN'S FUUNISH'G. NEXTIM>OUTO A. B. VAN COTX»S. & 4 t4tu o e* OS Ed M. 1 USSELL. o p o NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF FHH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the Oity of .£&. Milwaukee, in pnrtnanceof An Act of tbe Legists* tare, approved Msrch 17, 1869, hereby gives notice th« he Is now furnished with the proper weight* and brands for f he due performance of the duties of bit office. , By the said "Act" It Is made the duty of all persons . deaUng In Fish to give notice to the Inspector to haTa" the tame duly Inspected and branded before packing Mr. Smith will be found at the New Warehouse of Messrs. John Furlong A Bon, South Water «., Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to be left. Mllwa-kee, May7,IS5». maylO _ JOHW SMITH, Intpector. , Johann 0. A. Allerdlng, Christian flahm and Gottfried WooUch. In Ihe P. $. Dls- trlot Court for tbe District of Wisconsin. In Equity *.«.BTAJI.., ...... . Eyan * Jenkins, OOUNSKtLORS AT LAW, BANK BtriL,DiNC, .? Corner Easl Walter. and iOehigan ttt. t XUuiavZtti mayS. - f , v . ...... • . ' " James - A JSwain, " • '" " . ; .. .. . WOi remain it Jtte old «Unj where he win be pleas£ ' OHARLE3 QUENTIN & CO. I J * B<I fc y Tlrtue ef • decree made by the Court of the United States, for the District of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 1S5», m theabtrw enuilea eaose, I shall »ell at Public Auction onTueiday.aiiddayof August, I86»,at 8 o'clock In the mrtenreon, from the »tep% ofthe dnitom B«Se, n tb* CUy of Mllwaakee, all and ilo^v, the mortgaged ptenUser- mentioned In the biff of eomplalnt to said fcause, anfl described as : "All tbe followtnr, present and hrfatore tobe acquired, real and personal proper- .tv.andre§l caute \ot the laid defendant,^ Mnnnkee •and-Saperior Ballroad Company, t,at Istotay. all of the Brit division of the Railroad of laid RailrpadCom t f V *'£ eaatat ' " tro ' n '«» Ol'y of WfiisnkeeTto the Oity of Green Bay In tald State of Wlsoonslrv; M distance of one hundred and twenty miles; Including the right of way, and iaud occupied by ssJd first division of tSFrb»o',(:«nt!j«ot'tb-lhe right, uue or claim, >hlch the said defendants Stewart, AflerdtDgi "BaOwr and Woptieh,T)r*ttheroTthejn, miyhave haS' at the time of maklngsald decree, to land -upon.jrbfci tald Railroad Oompany oii. located Itf way, anJ for which bo compensation fait been made to taem,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, and all rails and other material! used thereon, bridges, viaducts, cnl- 7f«*«fle4ee»,«inlpnient|, pejeesttryaepatifrdBnai and biddings thereon, belonging to tbe laid Bbilroad Oom- SUMMEJR ARKANGEME^TT. Milwaukee <St KAIL KOA13. TH1: SHOKTEST AND mOHT EXPEDITIorn ROITEl UfTICi UK Bl!>(IOP i CU, MdKli \(,I.-R.< 1> l'o«.BKU,i>-,,rVfii » . mrA*. ^ K . Htlwau«r», April », K.9 sod afUr AprU 9th, I'iSS. and untl 'urtlipr ice, nn person la autt.ur zeil iu mat. purcha or c- nlrsct for mal^ri«Wa Tor the Uilvauirr autl CN go Kmiroa.l wtthout a wr.tlcn nrjer from Hie unjrr? r4. Hlltawill be paid monthly and stc.'Un a •,!! n » rontinue.1 wltli any icncerii tttat negln-ti lo rn monthvy 14)^. U. B HALL, Oeo'l Agt Mortgagees. aprt6 J.T. MOOPT, Slasler of Transportation QOO in I .fl-rt-.l at i , 'Ml 'I \ i 1859. THE IVORTHEKi\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, daring the present 8e»*on, run their well known anJ popular Line of AND La trosse, Winona, Head's Landing, Eed Wing, PRE8COTJ, ST, PAUL AHD ST. ANTHONY. Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chanpeof Time, Monday, April 4, Js59. 1ST TRAIN LEAVEH 9III.WAEKEE 11:00 A. M., Arriving at Janesvll'e 2.30 P.M.; Madison 3:Si P. M., Prairie do Chlen 8.-OCIP. M. Oonncctlng with the Prairie dn Chl*n jnd SU Paul Packet*, which leave Prairie dm. Ohleh oa tbe arrival of the SAO P. M. Italn. 8D TBAinj LEAVES iTIILWAMKEE KM P. M., Arrivtef at Janvesrtlle 8^S P. M.; Madison 10JOO.P.M. ~ 9* Fan to all points on tbe Mississippi stiver'.a> low ai any other ; K°ute. ; j I WIUIAHJKRV1S,: aplt I I Qen'I Buperlptendtrif. a H Sf TBETTHIN3 required for a full and aatorted stock tor a first clan Whoteaale and Betall Drag Btore It and of the^Tery best quality .— ' 1 - iBtEaatWatarjtnet, ' tbeAnettomCaoBofthe •in»iip»rcps. nuuuui«ioi« in every ward on n Oity. of all iliM ana prices, for bnilneji or retldeno " and on =«a»y-t«n»i.. Alto, tiBall fWrms'-of from B lo: SO of tjoe aame date exewtad t» s I4a acres, near tbe Otty, for (rardenlng purposes. Also,' several thousands of «oret of the bestfarmtog lands In Wlsoon«lniaQuanat(e» to taK any demand, \'-'- feb98 3HAstLta qPgWTIN A Pol all M I mn.o 'Ali«fr»«i«r»«akee to JaaetrUle, Madison; Watertown and Prairie da Chlen. Btatlons 4tallUn*< --W? 1 - ' LA 1859. AND MILWAUKEE ROAIX UREAT NORTH-WESTERN UNITED STATES WAI t & EXPRESS AND OJVlt^ ALL RAIL JtO TO, |LA CBOSSE On the UPPER MISS188IPJPI BrfJBB, On and after Monday, April 25fi f i • Two THron^i Bxptew Traini Daily, FROM P£P03( FOOT OI 1 CHBBTHDT BTBMT, .-.. .: -!-• -i f -arauawt: -•!-'• - • ; Aj, IT1. and ta:40 TraWiarrlTdM'Mlljifanikieat lofiale.- '<' t • Uont are-made at LaCrotte.,; i JJplendiA butted Staten Mqii tit. ofSteaideratoVttrrtnnilf.PnaL -.-:.>-?"'- and Ibteniiediate points. ' uSlndlttane.) - *$*. ; Milwaukee, A^ Regularly, between &OSWKC.O Till I Pt>F.H I.AKKS 1 forming a Semi-Weekly Hne between Og.lenjlmreh aji' Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukee anil Intertnr liat P orts, connecting at Ogdeosburgh «ilh Ihe OQIIEN.SBCEU3U A VKHUONT CENTRAL BAILROi ROUTE, Between Ogdenstaurgh, Burlington, Concord, Uat> Chester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell. Worcnter s Boston, and al Oswegn with th« New O«»» K o Line Thirty Pint Class Canal Boats oo the Enlarged Csna between OaWCKo^'l roy, (Albaar A Nc\v York v Connecting sJso at Dunkirk with NEW YORK AND ERIE 'RAII.ROA! And forming a Trl.Weekly Railroad Line between Chicago iv Property forwarded by this Line will be sunjec to bat One Transhipment. f9~ MerchandU' marked "M. T. CO. EX PRESS," will be forwarded from New Tork hy an Xbprem FreigU Train over the Una I'art f Sri Uailroad, AniJ promptly forwarded from OunklrkJ APPL^ TO t. Mvzaa, Agent H. T Co., in Broadway, New Tork J. L. Waaaaa, Agent N. T. Co., 8 Cannes Slip, New Tork. QBAB. 8. TASTAI, comer 6th aad Oheinnt st., Phlla UOTIT A C«AW»O«D, Oswego N. r. S. O. OALOWILL, Agent, Dunkirk, N. T. C'Hsnaaaua, Oaawpoan * Co , Cleveland, O. • Jon Hocano, Agent N. T. Co., K State tt.', Boston • A. Cra»»i», Agent V. O. Line, 108 Stalest., Bostnn j. t. CHOCS, Agent, Rouse's Point, N. T. 6»o. PAJHIB, Agent, Ogdensburgh, N. T. L. I. UIOBt, Milwaukee, Wis., office LaCrotse A M K. K. Depot. J. H. CRAWFORD,* „„ . _ <• O. t* HALE, ( *W»»nkee, Wisconsin « » . Office oear M. * M. B. R. Depot. M. B.— flhippers art requested to tee one of the abovv. AgenttbefDremaklngeoniraets, as they are prepared to offe* very low rate*, and their connections with the Ogdepiburgh and Oswego notes, and especially with the New Tork A Erie RaUroad give them unsurpassed facilities Cor ch«ap and speedy transportatloo. marM-d«m-la*twlaw- ^ A I Oh lM. r )H. <V 4 41. si t< W .IK.. W OULI> rtip^-tfuhj itonouuc el a, th»l they *Ull coottD *&.! b«^t •electeU Stock of Uuu« f«mnj in the 8t»l«;, tn<i *ill CoD. htrrtofore, with the lnu-m.i.>n •,! To AJ many new customers u oi a« a call, we »oaU t»y ODD uf Vorli, «od we h*vv fs^tlttieB for afscturr- of #oo<J» th»t can not nr tirm resnt--* .u >. *n«l b*-en to re«lu.- «? •'mil -. W .• are eonsLantly recei *od wU! Keep it iu oump.c t.i fill onier* fnr »ay kin4l ' , C.irr*«(fe JO BOOT9. OKN'UIN£! ARTIOJ.K MAHDPAOTtmKD B1 HN PHAL rpHE only one authorized to i named Boots, at E N , manufacture the abvoei -^J Ume,jfrom—^ Oroaae or St, PauJ, of er any othtr . GOODBIOHf .April 4th, tralni on the t-rw ' 72 EAST WATBB STREET. TheiPbalsn Bpot It ope of the most unique and e'e- gapl ooTcrlngt for the feel tbat has ever been invested. They are made of the belt of >tock and matt flnlshe I wortimanshlp, and are warranted to cure Corns, Bunions, Swelled .Feet, Swtlled Uea4, Hhutnatlsm. Oout Eemember that tbe Solttgeut. tar these hut Invented : Bo6Uai,Uilj 01^, U to be foand at 1? Bait Water st., wherei also, may .be found a, jjnerat assortment of • \B«OTS'ik SUOEStGAlTCRia, AC., )Mf 0entl«in»A .tnd Udlea thjU-ihere'U in, \U» market 1 aU:manafactujre4 aqdeBtbe upervtslan of thesubscrl- .t*ix:rf . imajas] ' JoaNgHAi.tN. Pie Nie & Pleasure Excursions, OMNIBIIHSES Aisf D HACKS. TJtz&tlKB wishing to engag* Hackror Omnibuses for •Tl- tSe purpose of vbutlng tbe 6ird«ns or for Pie Hie Partlei,can U supplied with, first ^ class vehicles on tba thorteW nou««,sa»d most mtonabltt ' urms, A line of Omibutaiett wfll commence ronnlngpn-tntiUlotJiiM for tomtit Home, leaving VIM Cotl's corner at » A. M. aad The Omntbut f or !Taoirat««si Have* -Tan-Oott't atlX>i._aiur6r.ii.| T^BOCKWAT, 'r^.-: toot of Mason ' ' ' ' ...^.•CUoo ID rt^pect Ui <|ti»iiiy »n e ftJso keep an assorimcnl of b«-nt Siutl, Pu.c «-l,ae«, ,-(«jt,e«, Hah«, 4c., 4c , wt h.%v- .Mtist .nd.orwiU m**e toortlvr, %ay RIH-I ii C«.- lfcge, Wtgua or Team Uarnen*. OaiJ and »e* for yj<ir«f{Tf«. Ali K H < ]., W K E M O V A . F B 7 L \ 1 I, F NO. | Has rcmove I 80 KAST W.4TI.K T K t t. I And h*rlDt( made vnch »ti(iuion* to hi* f*i->hiif« ' I-* I N K IP O H 1 K A 1 1 S : A.i to enab e him tn say to the pah Mo *ufi •nnH>lcn<"> ihfit lie \» DOtr prepared to farniah them wurt ev»ry .1^ strable ctyle of Picture known to the community, «n i at such Aitoontliny L»* Prices i* to iefy jomp-i t t > n for exajnpie, Dagnerrotypefl tor Os. f« I.I. SIZK PIIO FO4.K 4PI1S for unly 91^30 the Qrst one, and 50c for the Duplic 1,1 •TIKLAI.NEOTVPES, APH* Aid In fact every other ^style of Picture, at corrci- ipoudlng low prices. liTIPRHIAI. PHOXO«Il J PUS,. Oolored In either Oil or Water Colors, and Unishetl in Ihe highest styla of the Aru| THE .STEKLOTYPE. A new and popular style of Picture, Colored In Ot). which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness ami Beauty .,! Inlah, any other Picture ever offered to the Public — These Pictures have only to be seen to be admired. All who are desirous of saving money ar0 respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the OIJ Stand, No. 186 Scut Water ttrnt, MUicnujtrt, ntu-mum. W. r. BAT LET. Aitisuf^ Steam to the Pr acipai '1 O\VB« in 11=133 Ij j^. 1ST X> . Elf GLAND AND SCOTLAND FOE $30. The powerful Iron Steamships OP BALTIMORE, CITY Of WASHINGTON. KANSABOO, Vlll tall from Nev. York for' Cork direct sad theoce . to Liverpool, tgf-trXS Y^ALTKRlfA TS SA TUSDA T The CITY Of MASCHI8TCB ana VIOO will sail from BELrAST and CO UK to New York once s Month. RaM of Passage from New York To Cork, Liverpool and the principal towns In IRBLAND, ENGLAND AM SCOTLAND : Cabla,....»75 ,, ..Third Class... ISO. Paaiengen forwarded, to Havre, Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for I:B In Cabin, |35 Third Class. TO PARIS (In 44hoars from Liverpool,; Cabin |S5 ; ThlrJ Class, |38. Persona wishing to seod for thalr friends can obtain ertlflcatea of passage from OuBK or BBJ.FIST t., -«W YORK for «», from UVKWO01140. for paasaga apply to R. J. Oortla * Co., 177 Broad- ay, K. Y^ Jobn a. Dale.lS Brosjdway, w. Y., or to TIHOTBY rABSJTT, , Milwaukee, WScunsln. R. B.—Passengers by thl* Una avoid tbe risk and delay of eaUlng at Halifax and St. John*. may28 9>H i T? El and K r IVo. h. A ^ 1 \\ MI1.W.4CKKK, V I I loa K i i : t- ATLANTA ( AHLl- FA LI, C 'NCLK HKN Hau I 11' ••r I.H6.H, ,, n L I ; K 1) A Y A I ( , I a tugU JNT • i \V it l 1 • r Q O «» i r «• > i »tt. It. .'OS W .V t «... Mh i;t U A.N .AT Kit anil al) kin.ts publi Klt'S J' A i r-.N I L ril A. _• ia now fftvcirt.-.! tviih the tt ECONOMIL.U, Liiilir iap«*rior u. (h- ttrtt i.' > U»:ST. H \ITKST il | etjUA) it n | PriTafe Uwellmiis, rtaUroa.l'-.'ari, Jc j,. | prove Its tupcrturily t>v*r \t\ P'.r ( :fhle 1 I use. U in unlike 111 Uhrr LjUDpil, t I brilliant, economical, :r<->> rr»n, f what is mure, foiir-iy 0^1^ from j «lon. Appiy *t JOUN r ,n« .. ,„,„„„ 'lander <• < Ii a H 4' r«» ii <• » spring St., Opposite Ausurta-an HOISM- KEIP8 CQffBTANTLlf oo ti«D,l » ian,v issonm.o jf Mahogan*. Blaek Walnut aad utlurr w u ,,u i:,,iBn« together with risk's Jfetallo Burial Cases. The office nr th« Vorest ttomu Cunet«vy Oompany is •t tny place, where I have the |>!au af the grounds. I u always ready to accompany patron* to the Oem»- ireyto selei'l Iota or placn lor turlal, onj cm l)r founij tmmy place of buaioeM ,lay or atghL Collln rrlm- anmof all kinds Tor tale. i e uB T il Ii plai-e to buy (JroOrles !• at ^ . _____ M ieS POiUt, an«lS good aruolc. In store, for sal*. LAYTON A PUANKIHTO1I.

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