Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1977 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1977
Page 2
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Wet, slightly warmer Thursday. f)pr*»mhpr J97; TW A«N*iite* Prwt ^tbfr rrrtcrm will l*J«y to bring ck»ds h*Mly warmer t«r^ to ArkjtoSM. A iwtn front which fomwd T«UB and Louisiana Hope Star Dw«nbfT » sun- Jaaear? J», Editorial — Dorothy Wtnchel City Editor Mrs Annette ROE en Woman's Sews Editor Food. Fashions. Society Billy Burton Photo-Features Editor Mrs. Esther Hicks Black Community Mrs. Sibyl Pare cos Advertising Director Virginia Hiscott Assort&Je Mrs. Wanda Hays Ass cc ate Mrs. Sonya O'Rourke Classified Manager OrrttUU«»~ CM Rogers. Jr. Qrculattcw Director Mrs. Alict Kate Baker. Bookkeeper Mrs. Penny Hicks Associate OaeraJ BwAkerper — Mrs. Elizabeth Botoo Mrs. Mary Ann Fai^ht Mwoaaka! Department — • D.E Allen, Mechanical SqperintendenJ and Head Pressman WendeD House PIT ss man Danny Pressman Jady Gray, Fonrmjkn Mrs. Lois Rivers. Mrs Helen Edwards. Mrs. Chn$ Plumiey. and Mrs. Mickev Sims Member d the Audit Bureau Member of the Associated Press, The Associated Press is entitled exrfcsively to the use for repobHicaUoR of ail the local news pnnsed in this newsposper. as well a ail AP news dispatches. Member of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Ass'r, . National Newspaper Ass'n., and Arkansas Press Ass'n. .Vatisna! advertising representatives; Arkansas Dsihes, inc.. $357 Ave., Memphis. Twin MUJ; 9*0 Hartford BIdg Texas 7$»1 ; *fc> \ n Av«.. CJuc*go Dl S : « E. 42nd S3 . S>« York. . W17; ir* PttHfeccc Bl<%,. Dwrvat. .VUch. 11235; Classen I>rr*c* B»d$., HI! Classen B»vd.. Okiahotna Citv Copy j$c &Bb«Ttptiea Rate* Payable sn advances B> Corner is Kxipt sad evening »t The Star Busiding W Third and Grady Sis.. Hop*. Ark 7S601 Publication is noxywfKkHj f«t? three holidays a year- Fourth of July. Thanks- nj;. and Chnatma* Address maul to P.O Bat S4i. Hop*. Ark 7JSDI 'Pbow Area Cod* SOI ..... 777- W4S S*voed-rUM pmtafr p»fcl at Hop* 1 . Art. B* 5TAR PUBLISHING Co. Altr. H, Wttfebsra. PmkJrat aod Editor (tnmemonam Pad H Jooes. Editor. J92*-!?77!. S.V 5 ' t r Csl e-ndar M Msth $2 .6? J\ r \fjj Office orij Si « B> mail io Hempttead. Ke-k&iia.. Lalax-ette, Hew»nl Pile, MUS« sad CUri C«IB- II 4. t . iV II _ OT.-C- M.'TC-i Tfirvey.iffiS Sii M.vn*As U ««bef Mali ti Or.* M-a Three SlV WcffiEii y**r AO Thre-t Ctec Vear College Qtitt Kk* Mostfes Bargaic $s..5S coasts will push sjmriv rwrth- dtrtng tht day. prwtdin* ruin, drinl* and f<* To the west, the ilow-tnovtnfi apper level disiturbano* thai h«s proSuced ratn in the west- em states aJ.«e j.§ ht«4«d for ArttansBi Qoud* overspread the state during the nfcfc? and rain started before dawn in southeast Arkansas The precipitation «r*n}d end from the w«t Friday Precipt- taticn probabilities today ranged M high a* 90 percent in many area* Hi«hs today wiU be tn the low *5s to the !as Ki snd Fridsv's highs will b* just * few degsres warmer Lows tonight will be in the rnkd Xei and mid 4fis The extended ortlock Satis-day through Monday calls fee dry Saturday and Siaiday with a chanft d showers by Monday. Lows in the 30s and hlgha mid SOs to low 60s Overnight 1^3 included 24 degrees at Ijttlf Rodt. r al Fort Smith. 21 at Fafetteviil*, 28 at Harrison. 25 ai Jooesboro and Memphis. 34 at EJ tkrado and 38 at Texarkana. PtTcipStation in th« 24-hcur period ending at 6:30 «.rn lr»- cJudfd .02 rf an inch at E1 Dorado. .59 at Teiarkana and a trace at Fort Smith. The Experiment Station we*ih*r report for 24 hour pencd ending 7 a.m, Thursday: high i2. lew Jj. rainfall .24. The Fjcpenment Station will be ckwed for the New Year holiday Friday and Monday. Are Your Children X/accinated? CMftO«f »rs IMMUNIZATION CHCCKUST POtIO By Tbe AiKK-tatrd Pre*i TbonMlay HlLOPRCOtlk Albany Albu'que AmartUo Anchcange AshcvUle Atlanta Baltimore Btrminghani Bis-marck Boute Boston Brownsville Buffalo Charlstn SC Owrijtn \V\ Chicago Cincinnati Qeveland Dal Ft. Wth Denver Des M oines Dct?T05i Did ash Fairbsnka !isrtf<wd Hekna HoftoJalu Hcuston IndTapolis Jacics'v-ille JiTieaa Kan's Otv L&s Vcgu Little Roci 24 06 45 M « 33 25 16 36 12 39 21 26 13 *u 21 22 07 42 29 30 18 82 63 16 15 45 31 25 K 25 37 S 14 14 15 « 45 M 20 K 20 25 IS 17 07 • 19 CO 2g 07 20 C<3 S2 SS 54 44 31 20 SJ 27 34 S3 42 28 52 « 4* SO ctr .12 cdy .W cdv crfy rn TO ra rn cdy . m cdy cdy .08 cdy rn cdy m S -25 m cdy cdy .02 cdy cdy cdy cdy S .02 ck -35 cdv s cdy cdy .S7 m ra LasA&geies S3 » 1.21 c&s Lciasvilie Memphis Miami Milwaute-e Mpli-St P New Ortegas New York C*5*, City Otnafci Orissdo Philsd'ps'ua F^oenix Psttsbsargh P*"tiand. Me P'tland,Ore. Rapid City Richmond S5. Louis St. P. Tamp* Salt Lace Ssrs Dsego Ssa FTM Seattle Spoikane 53 » 41 S SS S3 21 !4 2S If *5 43 25 17 53 » 4^ 20 si r S 13 S3 52 21 IS 39 1C 40 S3 r is 31 14 rt -vi »* *X 60 » J " *i i JQ s: ss & 56 « 4rt TC»* ao is rn rn cdy -01 cdy cdy -IS ra cdy .OS cdv . cdv cdy cdy -IS cdv -01 S cir .14 m cdv ro cdy cdy .43 cdy .CS cdv .» ro .as s HJ—Prei>v%iJ. day's hjgh. Ij>_-PTif\>oiiS day's Jaw. Ptc—•Precapitasjw; for j< bxsrs endaxg t pnx. EDT i> djy. Otlk—Sky ccndittons N'iciiiu identified BLYTOEVILLE, Ait. cAPj — Tfee thffd pcrei^ kxlied in as ftatem&tk arcKkae &! Arasarel si ncnfcftisi Arkfiasis oo Mio- day hii 6wMs idea£2J5*»d &s Jias* ffiy SAtrr, 2s, of BI>?lieii*Jie. Alsa fclk*4 in 'Jje c ntifc were r»-o ns-'jsln'fts ii UjyrfcaSH 1 <f Tex«s f&DfiSji Akieat. Tfee catch's far^aar, Cari Ak»a. 36, aosi fe.a ssepisew, l*aaeie Akets -lr,21,l»&af MSJT^ 8JBZM be^d pea£&g &ec ol ksi. TtTAHUS .nd DtPHTHEWA booster *v*^ tO ye« thereafter ..,,,. -"" &e aam.mstered betaeen U and 16 and « P - nealm d «C* r ' m «"ts - wh.ch *i» ~ '*"' ""^ °" *°* '° Se( ch ' !dren Wealthy widow becomes victim of Georgia straiigler COLUMBUS. Ga. <AP) - A wealthy widow whose family warned her against living alone has become the fifth woman found strangled in 3'* months in a quiet, residential neighborhood of this west Georgia city. Unlike the four other victims, all of whom were strangled with stockings, authorities speculate Kathleen Woodruff, 74, was killed with her own scarf. Mrs. Woodruff, widow of former University of Georgia football coach George "Kid" Woodruff ST. and a member of one c4 Columbus's most prominent families, was discovered desd in her'bed'lite Wednesday morning by her maid. As they have in the previous murders, police refused to discuss she Woodruff case in detail, but officers at the scene said Mrs. Woodruff apparenUy had been beaten and strangled by an intruder who entered her brick home through an unlocked rear window. After the first two murders, many of the residents in the neighborhood armed themselves with pistols, burglar bars, dogs and dead-bolt locks, but Mrs. Woodruff apparently did not fear for her safety. Tonimie Stevens, the Woodruff family maid for 53 years, said the widow repeatedly was urged to take on a live-in companion. "She just wouldn't listen. She felt nobody would bother her." Mrs Stevens saM. The other four victims, aged between 59 and 89. also were found strangled a; their homes in the same Wynnton Road district of Columbus. All lived within about in miles of the Obituaries Singer's aunt dies funeral services for Mrs. Christine Campbell Christian. SS. of Delight, srere held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the libertv Hill Baptist Church near I>Ught with Wallace Alexander officiating. Burial was in Pssgah ceroeJerj under the direction of Latitner Fuaera} H«7^e of Nashville. Mrs. Christian died Tuesdaj- in a Dallas hospjlai. She w&s an aunt of sirvfer Glean Campbell. Sf» was a native of Pike County. sr.d a retired r*£i*.t£zied nurse. Survivx---s Delude five trx-thors. Buck C^np6e-.il c-f IVUght. Ray Campbell c-! Hc.bbtt. N..M . Wesiey Csr.pbeO of BtHstoKn. Ark., Ueyd Campbell of DaHis. Ea.g«ic He was a former resident of Hempslead County. Survivors are his wife, Qara Moses al S3ire\'eport; one sen, ChesJey N. Moses of Shreveport; and two grandchfldren. Ftneral services wiD be at 4 p,m, Friday in the Osbora Funeral Home chapel in Shreveport with burial in THOMAS GOODWIN Thomas B. Gcwdsin, SO. died Wednesday nighi at she Nerada Couny,- hospita] in Prescon. He was a loag^nse readen: of the Bodcaw area, and & member cif the 'A'hue ChspeJ Baptist Church of Bodcsw. j v\-,rs inc-ud* four C^mpbdl of Kc-us-.v-: two s.sters, \!r$. Clark Quer- iftrtr.'.vjs c,f Eiit S;^ U-uu,. 111... and Mr-i. JMV R-abertsar. e-l RA LPHL. RaSph Lesr-fi Bry^-n c>f Pre««i died Wednesday a £ Nevada He Cx_",tj . tse sss of tbe Iste ,V^f. Ruby Marv Ark., rd Gc«c«dwsr.. Garland r. Aubrey Gcodwsa. and in Jr.. all of a: three diiiehters.. Mrs. Fircher of Hope. Mrs.. e Evans c«f Willis-vill.e. Mrs. 1.*^ Spencer of n; cce sister. Mrs.. LLirJe jvd of Bu B*ar Lake. a.r>d 25 es will be t: * Fr:di>' a: tie White i CS-v^-d 1 . »- ; th the Rev. will be in O}d Ura.rc ry inier the dir*«jc>s o: Srr.:th F^seral Horse cf . . Bt was a rear*d fArtner, and a Sv_-iT,Vig is s sister. Mr* Jiiirea Lane af Prescc-s.. F"ur.>e,-«J; Sier^"ic*< were heM it pjr. Thur«ia> a', the MoscK'S Je-»*i;ca: Ch.irci; aiUs tbt- Rev. Woodruff home. The first four victims also were sexually assaulted, but Muscogee County Coroner J. Donald Kilgore said it would not be known whether Mrs. Woodruff was sexually assaulted until after an autopsy. Although the investigation is incomplete, it appeared her killer ransacked a bedroom close; but passed up expensive items in the house, police sources told The Columbus Enquirer. Fern Jackson, 59, was the first victim. Her body was dis- ^K>vered Sept. 16. Nine days lat- '' er, Jean Dimensten, 71. was found about half a mile from the first victim. On Oct. 21. the body of SSUyear-old Florence ScheibJe was discovered and four days later p&Iice found the body of Martha Thurmond, S9. W.E. Tvler » promoted William E. Tyier, district maintenance engineer for District 3 at Hope is being promoted to assistant state maintenance engineer at the Little Rock central headquarters. Highway and Transportation director Henry Gray announced Wednesday. Tyier began his career 11 yeas ago as a junior instrument man at District 3 and has served as instrumentmaa, construction inspector, maintenance supervisor, and district maintenance engineer. He is E registered professional engineer. U.S.center in Tehran is bombed TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A bomb exploded at a VS. cclttr- ^ center is Tehran Wednesday tight, injsring a doarmsi and causing heavy damage to parts of the bu&ilag. A telephone caller j^id The Associated Press the fcorab was the first of serend promised by M&rxisB to protest the visa of Presides! Carter starting Sat onlay. Tbe boidiEg hit by the blast is the iraa-Americas Acadesac Ceaeer, owned by the VS. Embassy and ased by stadeKs to prepare for rarreaity ti*rnzsg is the States, -dirtc'.aar. cf the EGBERT E-MOSES E. Masei, It, dace ia Sia-ereport, be j&sa* tea irai mere ffceaks ce« ever Ssssssssssss Artkot fHckeas Fa««fy vtsfces r« fkeai yw for ttmpttky. 1o*r ffe*fJirfi*i*e« sppreciefed rfwa «tjr wefrfj «f Lost four clays in Sierras, skier makes way to safety SAN FRANCISCO *AP) For f<wr days, cross-country *i«r Eric Schine wandered tost hwgry and cold, often hallucinating, in th« trackless siwws of the High Sierra before making his way to safety. "I made the skier's first error." he said in a hospital bedside interview in San Frandsco on Wednesday. "I went skiing alone." He toW a harrowing story of existing on leaves and acorns, tostoR his ski poles, breaking his ski bindings and digging out snow caves to sleep in. The San Francisco bank employee, a former member of the University of Denver's Alpine Club, said be went ski touring the day before Christmas. His plan was to make it from the crest of Squaw Valley to Picayme ValJey 10 miles west, aboot 200 mfles north of San Francisco. "I went down what I thought was a small run and ended up going down the backside of a mountain," said Schine, 26. "The streams and sun became distorted I had no map and there were no landmarks." Schine tried to follow streams in the belief that they would lead bin to safety. Instead, his senses scrambling in the snow and fog, he became more and more lost. Schine said it occurred to him that he might freeze to Farm rally «> is planned BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — A large, two-day tractor rally in Memphis reportedly is being planned for next month by the American Agriculture Movement. A Memphis newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, o^joted sources within the movement today as saying the farmers hope to bring at least 1,200 tractors into Memphis from Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri. No firm date has yet been set for the rally. death. He had no matches to start a fire. Bone-weary and disoriented, he scooped out a snow cave and went to steep. He awoke Christmas Day and headed west His heart leaped when he heard voices — thought he heard voices. He said he was hallucinating. That evening he saw a helicopter, but it swooped behind some trees and vanished. "If it had come over 30 feet more it would have seen me," he said. "I yelled, but I couldn't make myself heard over the rotor." On Monday morning the Placer County Search and Rescue Team began scouring the mountains near Nevada for him. But night came again, and Schine was still lost, and fear- ing for his life. He dug out another cave and slept. He said he awcke Tuesday determined to get a grip on himself. "I got the direction right this time, and began foDowing the sun. I didn't see an animal or a person for three days." At a stream, Schine found his first signs of civilization — discarded beer cans. He climbed a hill; in the distance, voices. "I thought I was hearine things again," he said, but it was true this time. He was hearing, and finally saw, the rescue team. He ran toward them yelling and yelling. That night, at Auburn Faith Community Hospital, he was found to be in good condition despite the ordeal. all around town .. .by the Star staff All city offices will be closed Monday in observance of New Year's Day. Monday's garbage will be picked up on Tuesday; Tuesday's garbage will be picked up on Wednesday: and the regular run on Thursday and Friday. A special meeting of the commissioners of the housing authority of the city of Hope will be held at 12 noon December 30 in the First National Bank, Hope. Purpose of the meeting is to reset the fair market value on urban renewal parcel No. 8-1QB due to less square footage being conveyed. HOW LONG HAVE YOU HAD A HEARING LOSS! tcoustfcorr CAN MAKE YOU AWARf OF SOUND AGAIN. 3ee A. L. Burns. Jr. » . •.*•! t .. . .... . ' January 3-lto3p.m. village Rexall Drug ^*j -Mffr^j " 5-V?** i^*J*l_ Twnnp A/Q vOiltrTQj — TI4/' -^.'^i-L DRUG in Hope, Arkansas ACOUSTKON HEARING AIDS Texarkana, Texas 214" W*rt 3rd 5fr»ef Here's the Mammoth Sports Chronicle of 1977 Sure, mammoth is the word for the latest edhioti of THE ASSOCIATED PRESS' OFFICIAL SPORTS ALMANAC. It is 928 pages of fascinating focts on 100 sports phis profiles of today's outstanding sports stars and more than 150 exerting photos. No doubt about it, ttits is the biggest and best book of rts kind - packed fufl of rite world's sports records. HighRghted ore the major sports such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey, golf and tennis in addition to those lesser known — bang gBd'mg, table tennis, judo.roBer skating, handball and atony others. The book took more than sii months to compile by Tbe AP's gtobal statf of sports writers, statisticians and photographers. It is a big, b»g bargain, too. You con get it for only S2.95. Order your copy now! AP 1577 Spans Almanac Or. sale now at office of Bcpe Star. W. Third i Grady Sts a S1S5 per ccey. In placing maii orders for p: .stage-Ceid copies a: J2.S5 tx-easc use this c\vj.pci.~; AP ISTT SjKns Almanac H«pe Ss.ar P.O. Bex t4S Hape. Ark. 71j»l '« ^ The AP 19;: Sp^rss Ainunao at State .AfU

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