Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1941
Page 11
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Industry Is E aced With Problem Throughout Nation Page Eleven the r-wir in hisrh piMic ofTIr** out of all proportion the ad', anrrs rrmdr> in foodstuff; thf.««? to th" inci'ii'ry. Nn: only in thh rommumty, hut :;; rvrry jwrt of th*> country thf food lr-.<-i\r t rv '.s V.aRinR n. rarr.pnigrx of r ri-iration. Til? en:::. TV form of eo-,':r. prices, if '•"' a of ptnrha"^ .:; of this ?!':; >.'.'' : nation. I: and Rork I son to mnk Work, an n There !;:>. rt for c :J' Newspapers Play Big Part in Observance of National Grocers Week :.?. l";r crnf-Tf. of Amrrica rralize ..-•':'• \a'i'ir of iif ^-<;[x«pf r udM'rtis- -'ii.-j. afcoi'iii.c to Mrs. Ro«;e Marie !?<:'•;<-; >pc.-T;ary- manaKrr of t!ic ;>. National A.vsouaiion of Retail M»n- SCHLOUGH'S SELF SE/IVK'E— CASH AND CARRY— Small charge for 30 West 3rd St. Phone 807 SPRY SHORTENING 3 ib. COc can && WELCH'S Crap« Julc« Welch Way" QT 46e KRETSCHMER'S—RICH IN VITAMINS TUSTED WHEAT GERM . riLLSBURY'S PANCAKE 34 i*. • n s GOLDEN' STALEY'S SYRUP . . . .10 £, 49c 'RICH IN VITAMIN "B-l" gRAPE-NOTS WHEAT-MEAL . '£M5c * 1SS SAYLOR'S t'NLSCAL Assorted l-Ib. f_J lA CHOCOLATES Box tplsHI CREAMS. l-!t. * I 4C FRUITS. NUTS Bos W » etPW GOLD MEDAL "ENRICHED" 1 FLOW ... l|£4fc J ^^^^^^sg^^^^^^::^2_^^^ JOHNSTON'S COOKIES SPECIAL THIS LB. GOOD POOD I First In Food Sales.., He Independent Grocer . the Independent Grocer furnishes the greater part el the feed supplies) that g« into Anfterica's weekly feed basket. Ne smattcc whether it Is fruits and vegetables from Michigan, Florida, California or Texas, or feed products Irons a dooen other states, or spice* and canned feeds from every corner «f the globe, yitu'll find » world of foods just around the cor- MV frees your bente. at your INDEPENDENT GROCER. Careful planning and close cooperation has nude this pec- •tbJe. for it U a tat* of great smagnitude. The feed industry fa) justly proud of this achlevesaent and joins the public In celebration of National Grocer's Week. Yaw local grocer plays a vital part in the fast, ^efficient distribution of food products, and we are yroud tee. ef our port which »iiJ»U your grocer in serving you s« well. Visit your favorite grocer this week and don't forget the treat feed values of this national grocer's w*ek cestbraUeu. * "SERVING THE INDEPENDENT GROCER" Whiffen's Wholesale Grocer PHONE let So many cornmunitips ha coopTsukm from their that this year wp find it nrrfMRry to rirvo!' 1 o.;r time to providing ma:,<: and 5'nn<-' Tor ;;•? of nil paivr?." Mrs. Kiffrr Hs?rr:^ To this end. UIP m'-.^Tgc of th* food idir-tn- l«. Ro:nz into pvprv nfw- in thp Isnd Trad'- jo-.irna!-! nd national •fna?«7inp<. rriitoriftliy nd In thrir aiti.'ir'; BIK! fraturr--. rp Ilkpwi5» fa\!ne liomoep to t v ;f ttlp corner «*orp -lia' is ':'" fonn- ation of tl-.e food industry" From the ra reful OLD ORIGINAL CATSUP SPECIAL PRICES FOR FRIDAY AM) SATURDAY Hill* Bron. Coffee 2 Ih*. Me (itmdennugh Rutler Ib. ,18e Dromedary (ringer Bread Mix 1J ] r oz. pkg, 21 c A'fflf/r's Semi-Sweet Chocolate ... 2 pkfi*. 2Sc \one-Such Pumpkin A'o. 2 ( 2 ran J2c Pilltburu Paneake Flour ,?' 2 /&. «ar A: 2.?c A'onf-.Sf/f/i Apple Butter 7.9-or. /or 7.5c Xone-Sueh Tomalo Catsup //-or. btl. 7Jc Libbu'K Deep-firou-n Heart* .... 7/-oz. can 7f7c .\one-Sueh Whole Beet* A'o. 2' 2 can 12c Libby's Sauer Kraut A'o. 2' 2 can 12c Chipso Ige. pkg. 23c LAIDIGS GROCERY Free Delivery 70S 5th Ave. Phone 22$ Visit yonr In4epen4ent Grocer thia week . and every week. He deterves yonr rapport. RcUU Grocen Week is a. Justly served tribute to a group that has done m«ch for •w country ... the. Independent Grocer. The •errices they perform are helpinf build a strong nation. Their contributions to you and to omr eomaaunlty cannot be measured. The Twin City.Produce Co. is happy U parti* cipat* in this special week. Our partners, the Independent Grocers of Sterling-Rock Falls, are •taking a special effort to pleKse you and your Gold. Buckle ORANGES •Cafifania's FiMtl* Art availibU OilTAIYoir Twin Gty Produce Co. DISTRIBUTORS ONLY Drink ASS MILK in^% iCiWU ft** S«S tot THE WAY TO HEALTH Milk builds healthy, husky bedim, and trend white teeth. For Adults Milk supplies the resist, ance ae Important to y»«- „ For Everyone Milk is a satisfying delicious drink wekouse THereTa radiant health waiting for you in every glass of A&S milk you drink. It's the one drink that does a double duty—that's why it's fast becoming America's favorite beverage. Milk satisfies your thirst and at the same time gives you all the extra energy and stamina you need. It builds up your resistance—it makes you feel better. Why not get in the milk habit today? Have more milk delivered to your home stalling now. Wt Pasteuru* For Your Protection A p C TMiTDV oco IJ/ilni 421 RETAIL *COOO BUILDS A SfK«NC MATIOM Hals Off T0 Yow DO YOU KNOW! YOU CAN BUY AFRICA'S HOST POPULAR DRINK At You Grocers Every Day Everywhere ThU h National Retail Gw*m' We*k an* roar Grocer 1* featuring Coca-Cola In the 6- bottlf carton Jas pictured here.) The clean fre<h taste of Coca-Cola i* known hi millions of household*—PK» natarally rv*ry sTocer carries It M part of hi* r*rnlar «t«rk. Why not include a carton or two for home u*e thla weekend. r/ic S-Bottle Carton plu * Bottle TRULY "3/ie ^Paase 3 hat "Refreshes" Bottled Under Authority of the Coca-Cola Co. by Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Sterling 205 Third Ave. Phone 675 BUTTER Pure Creamery 1 tb. 36i c iMDtPgMDtlllTLY UWHEP l^OYAL TOASTED WHEAT GERM (Formerly VIcor-Tex) . PKG. JU.WAYS Eating and Canning Purs . 10 tbs. 25c Salouse—To Eat or Cert Applts . 8 Ibs. 25e New Florida ghw Muscatine Cranberries. Green and Wax Beans, Broccoli. Brussels Sprouts. Cauliflower. Celery Hearts, Green Onions. Radishes, Cucumbers, Hubbard Seuash, Endive, Peas, Rutabagas, Spinach. Acorn Seuaah, Tomatoes, Carrots. Parsnips. Turnips. Celery Cabbage. •*«. GOOD FOOD ROYAL BLUE GEL IVTeuTPug*, DESSERT 6 pkas. 25c ROYAL BLUE or CARNATION . 14!» ox. Cane MILK 2 cans 17c SU-Z-Q FANCY PINK SALMON Ib. can 19c ROYAL BLUE SW. CIDER qt. bot. 13c Vac Paeaael ROYAL BLUE GUEST QUALITY COFFEE Ib. con 29c -ROYAL BLUE TASTY- 9 M. P««. WHIPPED SALAD DRESSING ROYAL BLUE GRAPE 26e i SpagMfi l^lfc hot. ROYAL BLIK PREPARED CR/ICKFR8 1 tb. lit BLUE FRONT WHOLE I**-. ROYAL BLUE PINEAPPLE ROYAL BLUE REAL BAKED U OB. lit Try Betty Crocker Midnight Cake! EMIGHED FLOUR "Kitchen- tested" $IJI WnflTES lie HX lit IHFTISIU CAKE FLOUR 27c PART¥ «TCHER only Me and Box Top SEMI-BfnEET or MOBSRUI PERFECT JCAKE FLOUR •veeFM 'X" lit BOYALBCUE MOIST 4 os. BOTAi. H.PR FLUFTT REG. -XGE, PKG. 21c •aid la* Milieu rinur • SOAP * SL'-Z-Q PURE NATURAL GRAPE- FruitJuice Ige. can19c ROYAL BLUE HOME STYLE Dill Pickles qt. jar lie ROYAL BLIrE GOLDEN CORN WHOLE KERNELS can 13c ROYAL BLUE PURE FRUIT PRESERVES TUMBLER 21c BLUE FBONT DICED FRUIT 1« en. CuaT ft en. CM COCKTAIL 17c 27c CENTER CUT H.39C AT UTRirS tmY ALL MEAT •ILIIHA o. itsiirrH TAMVIOO We Give «*• Gi*a» EARL THOMAS •TEBUMO OLTMAN*B W* G|te Sdul Ml* tat *•*,

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