Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on December 19, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1935
Page 7
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, They put J d on It-* 4 ck of cards. t r£«efl by B*r. *rt in ' he inustrated SB OUe Unposted * ' J ~ Letter *s*Y Oocile Webb Pearson. in like* tt imany.docton f what a doctor knows, le liquid form, be taken in o/ <mg real or about this. Ask your very popular Uqtud become. They give the elp, and right amount d laxative generally dwell's Syrup Pepsin. ama and cascara — coin fos that can form no iichildren. So, try Syrup d tot take regulated restores regularity. | No Changs ' le, happy married, U Irate. T HE gray day was settling Into a grayer night. A white mist obscured the pine covered hills and spread Itself over the valley like a vast curtain shutting out familiar objects. The shriek of a locomotive sounded ghostly and unreal, as Its glaring headlight penciled the darkness for a moment and disappeared. The doorway of the little railway station was outlined In a blaze of light as the attendant entered swinging his lantern, then thick gray darkness again. Despite the chilling blanket of m lst a campfire a few hundred 'yards down the track crackled and glowed cheerily, bringing Into sharp relief the figures of a man and boy. The latter seated on a log gazed moodily Into the fire as the pine boughs rapidly consumed. His beardless face had the healthy tan of the open road, his clothing showed Its neglect. "Sit up, Jimmy 1 Ye must be starved after the day's tramp. Walk- In 1 the rails Is hard work, but we're It has about everything a fellow needs there, and the best grid team In the county. Gee, Tim you ought to see them huskies go after that ball and smash the line—and the crowd roaring like mad, rooting for their teams." The eager look faded —he rose abruptly. "Guess I'll be turning in. See you later." "Sure, lad." Tim Ignored the break In the conversation. "Better bank them pine boughs under that shed over there. This drizzle will likely be snow by mornln'." I've an errand of me own to do, but I'll be back In no time. Git yer rest whilst ye kin." An hour later the boy was awakened by a hand on his shoulder, and Tim's voice calling: "Wake up, Jimmy, I wants to talk to ye." Jimmy sat up, rubbing his eyes. "Okay, Tim what's on your mind? I SUNDAY Uniform II International \\ SCHOOL • ; -LESSON-:- By REV. P. B. FITZWATER, D. D.. Member of Faculty, Moody Emit Institute of Chicago. © "Western Newspaper Union. Inexpensive, Easy Patchwork Quilts By GRANDMOTHER CLARK Lesson for December 22 MALACHI FORETELLS NEW DAY LESSON TEXT—Malachl 3:1-12. GOLDEN TEXT—Behold, I wll send my messenger, and he prepare the way before me. achi 3:1. PRIMARY TOPIC—God's Promise Comes True. shal Mai Bes JUNIOR TOPIC—How God K«p His Best Promise. (j, . „ I INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR & n OOt. TOPIC—Bringing In a Better Day. Tim fumbled in his pocket and YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADUL produced a bit Of paper. First, I TOPIC—Preparing the Way of th want to say: "Merry Christmas Lor<3 ' from Timothy Ryan to Mr. James (The lesgon comra jttee has provli Madden of Mobray, lowny. Here ed ag an alternative a Christnia OF INTO TO 1 HOUSEWIFE It is—a ticket to ye're old home i egson> uslng tlle text Matthew 2: Bent ninny days of tedious work, town. An' the fast train will pick \.\z). This work and cost can be cut down ye up In exactly forty minutes. We The su ,bj ect O f today's lesson Is to a minimum as shown In the lllus- got to get Eoln*. lad. ' ' ' ....-_.. Patchwork quilts as a rule ar elaborate, cost quite a bit and repre- Cakes and pies will not burn while aklng If a sheet of asbestos la cut nd fitted Into gas stove oven. * * * If skins peeled from apples when making pies are boiled until soft, hen strained Into pie shell before Kitting In apples, the flavor of pie s improved. • * * To remove iodine that has been spilled on linen or cotton, make a paste of starch and cold water and spread over stain. Let stand until 3ry, then brush off. * * * When roasting beef have oven very hot at first to seal In juices, then reduce heat, cooking more slowly. • * » In arranging the table for your' bridge luncheon you can get the most stlnctive effect by choosing n ] uncheon set of that sheer cathedral Beware Cougto from common coldt That Hang On 1 I No matter bow many *"^-;s~3; you have tried for your cough, che* SoldorbrtSchialjjritation,yon cm >et relief now ^^ Cr^oMmjj Serious trouble may be b«"to*«J*; vou cannot afford to take a chancf) with anything less £m WeomuV Son, which goes right to theseafc of the trouble to Rid nature 11 L O * C1 . *w. .— ibroa'der than the printed text In tratlon. Any of these designs can be "But Tim," Jimmy blinked the or( j cr effectively to teach this lesson, used on eighteen nine-inch blocks last bit of sleep from his eyes. He the entire Book of jialachi should and so arranged to make n full size turned the paper over and over un- U, e surveyed. The prophet pointed quilt. About three ounces or one til he was convinced it was gen- out the g ing of the cor rupt priest- yard of prints ie all that is required uine. "I—I don't understand, Tim. ) 100( ] i m i xe d mhrriages, and failure for the patchwork. Folder No. 5SG How did you get tills and where? U 0 plly tithes, with the portrayal "Tim laughed merrily. "One at a L f the com i ng judgment and glorl- me, lad. First: I got it over yon L,, s new ( j ny W j t h Christ reigning BKIN I quIcUy relieve <! and roughnesaAl r soothing, ) Mentholatum. THOLATUM COMFORT Daily line you tried flie INENTHOUTUM LIQUID Iforkeadcnldt? |Hailholatum olnhnent « MQlhing comfort LAUJb, Jtiut A'A»wfc* •» O " • *> I U HO Ilt7n> U<1 J IT 1 111 \Jlil 1*2 at the little railway station where U n his glorious kingdom. they sell tickets. Second, I paid fer , The Base lngratitude of i,. It with money, earned money I laid I, (1:1 . r)) by when work was good." Gofl ' nn pp 0n chcd them with the "That's fine of you Tim, but I ton<]cr affirmation, "I have loved can't take your money. You need tnee » lt wns tlie bur'den 0 £ the it for yourself." ( prophet to declare this fact unto "Sure ye kin, lad, an' there's t]lem (v 1)t So wor )dly were the enough left fer me—an' yer wel- people tlmt they fnl]e( i t o discern come to it. Ye see, Jimmy I sort Ood , g goo(] ]uim! upon tliem . i srafi ]'s of tuk to ye the day ye walked inter L (tltude toward God is shown in the the loggln camp jest as they were L keptlcill question. "Wherein hast closin' down fer the winter an' we j thou ]ovpd us , tuk the trail togither. An' when (v. 2). Malachl an- iu.. ...... --u -- I swers this question by showing ye talked of Christmas, an sich, ye GO(VS c!loice O j .-| nc0 b and his pass ' II. God's Severe Indictment (1:6- 1. 'Against the priests (1:0-2:0). . faulty consisted in <lcsplsing the maculatcly — ., an .c of God. To fall to honor God polity In all the Islands. Roofs are s to be profane. To use his name painted In various colors., stieets nre ' ards I IM from the itching, burn- iUlion of eczema, pimples, , tough skin, itching, burn- difings, chnppings, cuts, diifiguring Matches, may By tnointing with itjcura NTMENT rW'slree. Address: I. Dept. 25S, Maiden, Mas.. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM ~"n Dudraff-Stopa Hair Falling Impart! Color and l - Ideal for use In nHairBalsam.M»keath« i im nts by mail or »t dmar- ' i, Patchogue.N.Y. LOST! \A bad case of Constipation! I Fiel (III Feel like working ' 01 Uliylng. Enloy Illel K ffomi)t»ure, pleanntwsy "j. relieve the slowlnn-up tnecti o1 constipation It to -* OAftFIElOTEA.cup war. urlnk i cup tonloht En|o> tomorrow I (At drug-itore«) FREE SAMPLEI _ Wrltf to i Pent SO. Bn»hh«. ILY. IFIELDTEA A Campfire Brought Into Sharp Relief the Figures of a Man and a Boy. not ones for stealing rides, we pay like glntleman or walk, eh, lad?" • The boy started from his reverie. "Hitch hiking beats walking for .rapid transit if you're In a hurry, Tim," Jimmy grinned. "Gee, that bacon smells great. I'm as hungry |as a camp robber." They ate In silence, each busy with his own thoughts. When the meal was finished, the man produced a short-stemmed pipe from an inner pocket of his heavy woodsman coat, filled it, crowding the tobacco In with his thumb; then stooping be scooped u live coal from the hre and puffed a moment in quiet satisfaction; watching the boy from under his shaggy eyebrows as he added fresh fagots to the blaze. The boy, with hands thrust deep In his pockets continued to move estlessly about. "Gee, Tim, this veather Is getting on my nerves. We've had days of tt. I'm begm- nlng to want to see the sun again. The old man laid aside his pipe. 'Now, lud, suppose ye tell Tim all about It. What's botherin' ye— I ve missed that whistle of yourn. What's on yer mind?" Jimmy resumed his seat on the log. "Oh, nothing much, Tim i guess I'm sort of cuckoo tonight just thinking-oh shucks! it's nothing, anyway." "Go on, lad, I'm HstenlnV A slow color mounted to the boy s face. "It's thinking of Christmas Tim It's only three days off, and -and I've never been away before It doesn't matter, forget it. «*= hastily threw a pine bough Into the fire. "Three days, ye say, lad? an me forgettin' It. Now where'd ye say ye come from?" "'Now' dTtell. I been In low., meself,'lad, but It's a Jong; time ago-a long time. le're from a farm, mebbe?" „ , . "No, dad's no farmer. He a a carpenter, and got along fine tW hard times struck-you know how They are guilty of a. Profanity (1:0). Their pro- set me thinkin'. The gift is not ]nf , by of EsaU| llis Destruction of fer you alone, but fer yer folks who Eflom nnd Ws snV )iig of Israel. misses ye more than ye know. Old Tim's made many a mistake, I says to myself, but this 'alnt one, an mebbe It will help square some of the others." He laid a gnarled hand on the boy s shoulder. "There's only one thing I'm askin', lad, an that is: ye'll stay off the road. It's not fer the likes of ye. Go home an finish yer scboolin'." "You're right, Tim." Jimmy replied soberly. "I've come to rente that. You've helped me to see things differently, Tim. I've got a dandy idea." His face glowed with eager ness. "Go home with me. Mom ant dad would make you welcome; and vou say you have money." But the old man shook his head. "No, no lad I bin on the road too long. I know yer folks wud be grand to n colors Illustrates four ways to as semble these different designs, also cut out diagrams for six different patches like the picture. Information about yardage required for back, border and blocks Is also given. The folder No. 536 and folder No. < with other quilting Information wil be mailed upon receipt of 10 cents or send us 10 cents and we will sen folder and sufficient beautiful patche to make up the patchwork on one o thtse simple quilts. Address Home Craft Co., Dept. I Nineteenth and St. Urals Ave., S Louis. Inclosx; a stamped addresse envelope for reply when writing to nny information. nen done In pustel-tinted embrold ry. They are n change from the sual type of Italian linens. • * * Silver and gold embroidered scarfs vill not tarnish when packed away If vrnpped in black paper. * * * A space should be left between walls of refrigerator and dishes con tnining foods to allow free clrculn tion of air. This preserves the foods. ffl Associated Newsonpers.—WNU Servlc*. failed, don't , druggk la authorized to guaranty creomulslon and to refund ywr money If you are »°^S*9?h2iS: results from the very first J»ttw. Gtet Creomulsion right now. (Adf* To Divide an Estate] 15,000 acre stock ranch S.E. Montana, $3 per acre. Will take clear Iowa farm as part payment. ARTHUR T. MclNTOSH ft CO. , 160N.laS.IUSt. . CMCW.HJ.J YOU'LL LIKE THE ROOMS -FOOD / LASALLE HOTEL l.le Ranks High in Cleanlinest Lanal was a cattle ranch 1!0 years ago, but today is noted for pheasants and pineapples. Sixth island In size in the Hawilan group, its Lanai City is called the most 1m- kept American mutiicl- unreal way is to be thus shaded by Norfolk pines and yards K lo W with hibiscus blooms and How ering trees. gullty. b. Sacrilege (1:7, 8). Their sac •^•••••••^•••^^^••q — The Choice of Millions KG BAKING POWDER Double Tested — Doable Action Manufactured by baking powder Specialist* who make nothing but Baking P°wd« ' — under supervision of expert chemists. Same Price Today as 45 Years Ago 25 ounces for Z5o You can also buy A p 11 XO ounce can fop »Oo lUll « ounce can for 150 Highest Quality—Always Dependable BY OUR GOVERNMENT . rilegious net wns In offering polluted bread and blemished sacri no me; much obleeged to ye fer think in- of | t _i'n | )C settin 1 along where ther's housln' quarters, an mebbe a bit of work." , * The eastbound train came to a stop. As the slender youth was climbing aboard, with a last hand clasp old Tim pressed a crumpled ,111 Into his hand. "Ye must eat nd, an' don't lose .ver ticket. Don t fer-'it ye're rid In 1 like n glntleman. fhe old man mushed, but there was an undertone of wlstfulm-ss. Jimmy took the money. "I hadn tnoi , E ht of eating, Tim It is us that I'm going home. Home, aim fices. c. Green (1:10). They were not willing even to open the doors of God's house without pay. Service to God should he out of a heart of love for him, d. Weariness (1:12,13). Because of the absence of love, the routine of priestly 'duties became irksome. e Not teaching the law to the people (2:1-0). Those set apart to each God's law to the people have a great responsibility nnd God will most assuredly demand an account- ng. 3:7-15). 50-88 Kidneys/ ' Tim supplemented. An 1 there wasn't much work. "That's right, Tim, and 1 wasn t keen on school I wrote a note telling Morn and Dad not to worry ab^uf me-they have three more to look out for-and I hi the trail for the great Northwest." Tim gave him a reassuring pat »I see , fad. An ye're fed up an' sort of dlsaplnted an homesick? "I guess that's right, Tim. But ™-JSSia.M!-'«i" - and I owe It to you. some day—I'll ' el wimt a cood pal y 3 write. I'll •i Against the people (2:10-17; For ungodly marriages (2:11. God's purpose, in the prohibition of mixed marriages was that be might raise up a holy seed (v. 15) Marriage with the heathen would frustrate this purpose. Marriage of the believer with the unbeliever today brings confusion into the fold of Grid and turns askle his T°Divorce ( 2 :1 M «>. ™«rc. in Israel was the source of great sor row. Even the tears of the wronRCt women covered the altar (v. . ). The offerings of the man who had thus treated his wife would be an abomination to God. _ c, Public wrongs (3:a, <D. (1) Sorcery or magical arts. This includes the practice of occult sciences, "«>«<» as spiritualism, necro- mimey, fortune telling. (•>) Adultery. This Is a sin of wider extent than the direct parties nod It is a canker which in the very lu'iirt of eiy Unfaithfulness to the rj ., Ke relation should be n« r as a public sin. Sudi sinners should be ostrncize'd from society. (V\ False swearing. m of the hireling, the d. tfl puy tithes ta " erry chrutm • „. „ a .. „. . s^« r S.SST emptied the few The time of (3:2-4:1). It 1 second coming of PS PILLS a. an- mebbe , M be gladder to see them, than they me Now this town, "Podunk," did you -No. »ra wpuruy, and the dandiest towo-not BO hot tor ."fce, »"»t VOU'RE ALWAV& P6STERW6 AROlMD WITH SOMETrilMG rr WAS OMLV ftMlCK£L... AND VOW WER£ I JUST LIKE A MR. HAVW£S.' WWT ft LEDGER tHIS POUT WAMT L£D6£R ALWAYS A 6000 UTTl-6 FELLOW! 06HTJ-60 W6AO AND 6ET SOME WOULDN'T BE AW wiNeentteR. HEADACHES AND JUST LEAVE ME- 5AID WAS CAUSW& ALL VOUR TRCOBL£ 300AVSIAT6R EEMS funny that cof- ^ feewa* harming me I 1 thought it wa» bad only for children!" M Oh,no...thocaffein in coffee disagree* with many grown-up», too. It c»n upiet their nerve*, cau*e indigestion, or lo«* of *leepl" If you suspect that coffee disagrees with you . . . try Postum for 30 days. It contain* no caffein. It U .imply whole wheat and bran, roasted and "lightly sweetened. It's easy to make ... costs lew than half a cent a cup. It'a delicious, too ... and may prove a real help. A product of General Foods. FREEI Let u* »end you your fir*t week 1 * »upp5y of Pottum free I Simply mail coupon. Stat*. salvation; for day of buro-

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