The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 4, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
Page 6
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CHILLIOOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION SATURDAY, NOV. 4, 1916. · i tiding the Chillicotho Constitution, ·« Mail and Star and ChiUicothe as a pin niocrat. Owned and published by| C ast your vote \ M E S E . W A T K I N S. I Woodrow Wilson you can't can. He stood by us through thick thin, And our country today is as clean for Woodrow Wilson | Britten and composed by Mrs. Alice S. Harr, Excelsior Springs, M A COUfjATERAlj EFFECT OF THIC ADAMSOX LAW. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. ·ILT by Carrier In the City of ChUUcothe, per year 9A.OO Per -week lOc "ATL.Y by Mall, Postage paid In Livingston County, per year 13.00 'ATLT by Mall, Postage paid utside of Livingston County, per year J5.00 TEEKLY. postage paid, per year 91.OO CIRCULATION. A detailed sworn statement of clrcu- itlon -will be furnished at .any time vhen requested by an advertiser. JT ETB OFFICIAL NEWSPAPEB OF LJYIA'GSTON COUNTY iFPICIAJL NEWSPAPER OF THE CITY OP CHBLLICOTHE That the Adamson eight-hour law will result in a speeding up of f r e i g h t schedules 25 per cent, with the effect that freight will-move that much faster to' market, with great benefit tc the shippers and saving to the railroads, was an. excellent point made in a speech in Chicag-o by Vf. G. Le-3. National President ot the Brother- 'hood of Trainmen. That the slowness and dilotoriness freight traffic is universally complained of by the shippers and is a source of constant loss to the railroads is a fact that only needs to he mentioned to be recognized. It results not only in the farmers often getting- their products to their destination too late to take advantage of a favorable mar. Icet, but often, in case of fruits, dairy products and other perishable articles it causes a dead loss. Not only will these evils be avoided ."by faster freight schedules, but the car shortage will be relieved in the same proportion, since the existing number of cars will be able to do one- fourth more business than under the present schedules. The more the eight-hour law is'dis- cussed and analyzed, the more beneficial its principles appear and the weaker the objections raised against it. It is, as Mr. Lee and other speakers and writers have clearly shown, an "efficiency measure" -- the very thing that the shippers are calling for and that great business of every sort DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL TICKET. ^or President -WOODROW WILSON Tor Vice- President -THOMAS R. MARSHALL DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET For Senator -JAMES A. REED For Governor -FREDERICK D. GARDNER For Lieutenant Governor -"WALLACE CBOSSLEY For Secretarv of Stcite -JOHN "L. SULLIVAN For State Auditor -JOHN P. GORDON For State Treasurer -GEORGE H. MID'DLEKAMP Tor Attornev Genera'l -FRANK TV. McAJLEISTER J'or Judge Supreme Court. Division are adopting, even the railroads, tho A. M. TVOODSON Tor Judge Supreme Court, Division In. 2 -FRED L. WILLIAMS Tor Judge Kansas City Court of Appeal EW-ING C. BLAND ^or Congressman -W. W. RTICKER. ·^or Judge of 3lHh Judicial Circuit -.TOT-IN G LEOPARD DEMOCRATIC COi/NTV TICKET. ·or Representative -H. W. KISSICK. · .1- Sheriff -JAMES J. BROWN "*ir Treasurer -- · G. A. McBRIDE -*'»· P r o s P C U t f r - - A t t o r n e y -FRANK W. ASHBY TAKE YOUR Optical Question --TO-M A C D O N A L D FOE OVER 20 YEARS A KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DE FECTIVE VISION and Eye Strain. Modern methods. Reliable S e r v i c e . Reasonable Price. A.B.MacdonaW EAST SIDE SQUARE FARMER THE VICTIM OF SIOJOO SWINDLE BOOXB FANOrtE'R WAS TC.-VSY POi: COiVFIDKNCK SIJ5X. j aW g m®M m ^ a rip i Ulfl Holt County Agriculturist Hud Kuiti in Xow Acquaintance and 'l-ieedeil Not the Advice of Bankers. . ··' r Judsc* 1 County Court. Eastern Dlst.- JOHN W. ALEXANDER · T Judge County Court. Western Dip' WILLIAM MCCARTHY ·· - Public Administrator -JAMES G. LITTRBLL ·*· Coroner -DR. W. M. OIRDNEB 'T Surveyor -JO BROADOTJS. this particular efficiency measure may be said to have been forced upon i them. ! It is a logical conclusion, it is- ce- tain that this law is going to result in greater efficiency in the shipping service of railroads, much more car- tain than that H is going t o cause an increase in freight rates^ The exper. jence of every business shows thai 1 increase in efficiency does not mean an increase in cost or rates but means . increased returns. THE PRESIDENT. There's a man who is running for President, And you soon will hear the good news, That the present one will be reelected And we won't have no use for friend Hughes. There is no mother wants her dear boy in war, For she never has taught him to fight She would much rather have him near to her side When the glorious sun sets at night, There is surely no man on land or sea Who can vote but what will say There never was a better man To rule this TJ. S. A. He truly has kept us out of war, So don't vote the other fello-w in, | For if you do, you surely -will find That the firing squad will begin/ To shoot down our boys that -we dearly love And then how sorry you'll feel To think you voted the wrong man in Bnt when it's too late you cannot ^ squeal. So when we look at Old Glory Waving beneath the blue sky, Let ns say to ourselves sincerely That means a vote for you and I. So on November the seventh Vote for Woodrow Wilson to a man, And let the space between him and Hughes Be Just as -wide as it can. He does not 'hrag about what he has done, ^' But keeps on doing and travels for miles To tell the good people the condition that exists And they meet him with hand-shake? and smiles t We need a man that is a friend To the high and lowly station, So give him your vote and for four years more He will be at the head of our nation. Now every man on the railroad, And see that none are selected. But man for man if he -would hold his job Have Wilson re-elected. TV'e know that the millionaires in New York Have plenty of money to spend. But why don't the men get out out and fig-ht it themselves They know they'll get beat in the end. But they'll send out their women to scare up some votes In the sunshine and the rain, Ent all the money that they will spend Will be a boost for Wilson's campaign. So the G. O. P. might as well quit, For the very best men -will enroll Their names on the states all over the states I vTben they carry their vote to the | polls. Wilson, is a grood man, let us keep him We kno-w he has done us no wrong. So go to the polls and give him your vote And then -we can sing this song: Woodrow Wilson is the man, To summarize, it may reasonably be expected that the eight-hour law for railroads wHl mean that freight will be handled more efficiently and more expeditious!}- ; that a large~r volume of business will be done with the same number of cars and men, -with a resultant gain to the railroads; that freight will reach its destination more Rexall Stores Straw Vote Who Is going to be elected-Hughes or Wilson? That is the question. The Eexall Straw Vote will tell you. How, because it is National in scope. No straw vote ever taken before was national in character. NO one ever had the organization to do it before. How 2can the Rexall Company do it? Because vv'e have over 8 0 0 0 stores located in every state in the Union, in little towns and in cities o£ 6 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 . See our windows for results. Bu! letlns coming daily. This vote is' .taken in all walks of l i f e . The popular vote in first bulletin is I S O , 0 0 0 votes and- indicates thai it is going to be some race. IT you want to be posted, study the b u l l e t i n s on the Rexall windows. Clark's Pharmacy "The Rexall Store'' ChiUicothe, Mo. quickly, with all the advantages accruing from that to the shippers; and be a net gain to t h e ' QUICK REPAIRS fiyr iiftiiD "Why wtiit three days, ^hen UnC nUUll i can make it in DUG l.Th-ir? ^AVC t ^ Why pay two-profits,-when you CATC $ $ can. buy from the factory? railroads, to the users -of railroads I EXA QJ DUPLICATE f ^aSmoo 0 '"" ?TMi that there rid to those who -work for railroads,! j u o ncate w i t h o u t ' "your prescription. Frames repaired also. ONE MILLION KINDS l r ?$ o^PSnfmn- lion kinds of lenses from the rouyh glass. Come and see. U A I I ftfifiFH^ Pack nil tHe broken pnrts IflAIL UnULna j n a strons box. 1 return glasses same tiny by parcel post G. O. D. Lowest possible charges. C. W. PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMETRY and that, all in all, there -will 'be a , · si-eat gain to the general public. THE rKRETTJTABT,E LOGIC OF THTVGS. The Republicans are predicting the , Bread Line" in cities if Wilson is re-elected; they prophesy calamity to the country _ Yet stock values in all industrial lines advance as the odds on Wilson's election go up; the two advane together. Every factory, every mine, every mill, every bank, every business and every industry (except those grossly mismanaged) is an absolutely incontrovertible refutation of the arguments of the calamity howlers. Ag-ainst the irrefutable logis of actualities--rising values, tremendous industrial -activity, prosperity for the farmer, the laborer, the banker and business man--words, whether spoken or written, even when printed in paid-for advertiments in "great daily papers, are of no avail. The inteligence of the people will decide. £18 Webster St., ChilUcothe, Mo. Phones: O«^. 90S. Residence. 1450N Closed livery Tuesday ATKINSON TO PRACTICE! 1AW. John M. Atkinson announces that, have resigned from the office of chairman o£ the Public Service Commission ot Missouri, he -will engage in the general practice of law, with offices at suite 1203 Boatmen's Bank Building, St. Louis. General Atkinson will specialize in rate, valuation and reorganization cases and all other matters affecting public utilities, before State Public Service Commissioners and the Interstate Comnierc)3 Oommis'json and all classes of antitrust suits in State and Federal courts. DR. J. M. McKIM DENTIST CHILUCOTHE, MISSOURI r V O I V I U l B A -V S P E C I A L T Y «O-J 1-^ ~W»Nhln£: Oftlce SOU - PHONES -- St. -Nlilence fllce Phone 283 NOVEMBER WEATHER. Bariy cold snaps, storms and sleet. snow and slush, cause coughs and colds. Foley's Honey and Tar acts auickly, cuts the phlegm-, opens air passages, allays irritation, heals iu- flamation and enables the sufferer to breathe easily and naturally so that sleep is not disturbed by hacking cough. Sold everywhere- C ASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Years Always-bears the Stenatwe of upland wood, $4.00 per cord, ph"'494 or 18F1E : · Read the Constitution Want ads Residence Phone 1539-J Or J. E. Ctlt azvay "SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO TREATMENT OF DISEASES Of NERVOUS SYSTEM, DIGESTIVE ORGANS ALL CHRONIC AILMENTS and Diseases of EYE, EAR NOSE AND THROAT Office Hours--8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5:30 p. m. Office: .2nd Flnor Peoples Tnist Co. BuiMina. Dr. W, R. Simpson Practice Devoted to General Medicine 25 Tears Experience in Disease of the EYE, EAR and GLASS FITTING Calls Answered Day and Xijrht TELEPHONE 35 Office Residence--415 E. Webster CH1LLICOTHB. MO. Ur. T. G. Phelps Tim OSTEOPATH OFFICE IX GUXJSY BLDG. 2nd Stairway north of Leeper House CHILLfCOTHE, SIO. PHOXES: Residence, 2OS; Office, 141 Calls answered promptly day or night A ?10,000 swindle was pulled oft in St. Joseph this week, the victim being Boon Fancher, a rich f a r m e j who lives near Oregon, Holt c o u n t y Mo., says the St. Joseph News-Press Fancher came to St. Joseph yester. day and appealed to C h i e f oE Deter, tires Johnson at Central Police Station to assist in a p p r e h e n d i n g the men who swindled h i m , and last n i g h t on the description furnished by Fan. cher, Nicholas J. Glover ol St. Joseph said to be a ganvhler, was arrested n t Princeton, Mo., and accused ol: b e i n g j one oC three Fancher swindlers A St. Joseph officer went to P r i n c e t o n to return Glover today. The swinciie practiced on Fanehei is the old "sure thing horse iwce" racket. To ChieC Johnson the f a r m e i said three m.en took a hand in it Fancher had offered his f a r m foi sale, and he says two well-dressed juen came to him one day last wcclr and told him t h e i r iincle in the West might buy the place. A verbal agreement was entered into by Fanchei and the visitors whereby he w o u l d pay them a commission oE $500 ii they effected the sale. They left him and said they would return this weelc to close the sale. Mondon one of the men. appeared at Fancher's home and told him that i h e money had been leceivecl, but h a d been lost on a hors'e race. He said it was placed in St. Joseph o ii a race in the East. "They asked me to stalvc them for another bet," Fancher said, "tellins l i n e that they had .a sure t h i n g . 1 I saw no harm in it, as they appeared to be honest." i i Fancher same to St. Joseph Ty_es- ' day. That a f t e r n o o n he went to th-German-American National B a n k v.-il.f a d r a f t for $ 5 , 0 0 0 f r o m the Bank n f Forbes. Mo,, on the G e r m a n - N a t i o n a ' Bank here. The p a y i n g teller snnf Fancher to officers of the b a n k , who urged him not to draw such a largr a m o u n t in cnrsh, and suggested t h a t hr take cashier's checks or a - d r a f t Francher had been told by the confidence men that cash only w o u l d be .accepted and, insisting that the d r a f t ] be honored, he i-cceived $ 5 . 0 0 0 in 1 $10 and $20 bills. Then Fancher met the men a n d turned over the money. Tuesday nighf i they told Fancher they had lost again · b u t had a sure thing- if they couM ·! make another bet. Fancher and t\vo o f ' t h e men drove to Oregon in a mo tor car early "Wednesday morniusr i where he procured another d r a f t for $5.000 on the German-American Bank_ The men r e t u r n e d to St. Joseph 'and at the suggestion ot his n e ' v made friends Fancher took this d r a f f to the Bank of Buchanan County to be cashed. T There also efforts t o keep him from drawing so much cash ai one time -were made. The officer; telephoned Oregon, learned that the d r a f t was good, and it was paid agaio in $10 and $20 bills. To the second d r a f t the names, G. Williams and N. J. Glover, were indorsed. "Williams, the police say, i? Xhe leader of the gang. A f t e r g o l U n s the second $ 5 , 0 0 0 the crooks l e f t Fancher, and only yesterday did i dawn upon him that he liad been victimized. Fancher was staying at the^ Idoux with Williams, and yesterday morning Williams suddenly l e f t t h e 'hotel. Then Fancher 'became suspicious and went;to the police. Officials o f ' t h e Carman-American National Bank and Bank of B u c h a n a n county say" they did not k n o w the man wh o gave the name of Williams Fancher was alone when he went to tne G'erman-American National, and at both banks he refused to tell what he was going'to do with the money. The bankers didn't know o£ the swin. die until a News-Press reporter told them today Chief Johnson said that 'the confidence men, he believed are o gang that lias been working in Chicago. Fancher is-sixty-five years old. He formerly liveB. at Savannah, Mo. On 'A'ug 14, 191 : 4, his young wife was f o u n d dead in the yard at t h e i r home in Savannah, following- ri joyride with another woman an'd two men, not including her husband. R. B. Coffee, a merchant of Savannah and a member of the party, was accused of murdering Mrs. Fanclier. but -was acquitted. Soon afterward, Fancier, twice a widower, moved back to the Hoi I county farm,'where' he had lived before he located at Savannah, and where be first met the men who got his $10,000. : Fancher -was worth between $ 7 5 , 000 and $S5,-0"00, it was brought o u t at the time o£ the murder of his w i f e . He has no children, and lived a recluse. He seemed to take the loss of his money lightly, but indicated that he -would pjve a reward for the capture of the men wh o swindled him. For Infants and Children, LCOUOL 3 PER CENT! AVegelablePrcparalioiirDrAs- siinilaiiiigihcFbodanURogiiti- tiiig l.'ie Siomadis audBowlsol Promotes DigestiuruCiteerfiil-' ness audRest.ContalnsueilUcr Opiuiii.MurpJunenGrMiDCtal NOT NARCOTIC. fer.r Remedy f oi .,,,.., Sour Stmnacii, .. Woms.CmTvnlsions.revctisli aniLossorSiJJEP Hxact Copy of Wrappei w. ant Ails .Ait, H A I . i l - -IZHT -·""·FIONA.".. LH CUAlifclE . AKU 1'W fiSK JL.INB LOST. LOST -- Saturday p. na. in business district, large Cameo brooch. Find. fr please telephone No. 750. Reward 1 J 1G STRAYED -- Pig strayed f r o m S23 Woodward St. Finder please Phone 1522-.1. 2-6'- THE QUSSTION THAT IS AGITATING TEE PUB= LIC'MIND is, "TO BE" os NOT TO BE." ~\Y*e know t h a i H i e ftinnor.-; uiu,~t be prepared in order to raise ;i erop. \\'e l i n v c lioi'n iiropurini; t l i o n i for the last 23 yoar.s iiiul jii'o si ill at tho old stand Avaitins for juoro. O l ' K rMMOl'W. ( j H T A U T V OF ( i O O I ) S raid COUirrKSV Olr T R R A T . M E X T S P E A K FOR Tli ' · G A S I I / 1 is our slogan. A\'c t a l k it and believe in it. The merchant t h a t sells on tinu; to Tom, Dick and .] Tarry is compelled (o add to the price in order to take care of the losses. Our Lines of SEEDS, BUGGIES a-d FASI MACHINERY ARE THE BEST THE MARKET GAIT PRODUCE and OUR PRICES-- WELL COME IN AND. SEE. LOST OR MISLAID -- The Leeper- Williaras old hotel cash register of 1910-1311. Return to this office and receive a suitable reward. . 30-6t FOST -- Friendship link bracelet, between Christian church and Barney building. Finder please leave ai this office. 30-4 WANTED -=S WANTED TO FEED FOR WINTER -- Plenty of grass, good wind-mill water and good stalk pasture. Phone ?-OF12 or see Jas. Barnes or Mrs. Blue. 26_tf WANTED -- A girl for general house work. Apply to 'Mrs. W. W. Edgerton, cor. Locust and Polk Sts., or phone 303. . 24-tt WANTED STRAW -- Will pay $4.50 a 'iou, stack r u n , in car. Will receive it at Wheeling, Cream Ridge, Sampsel, Lock Springs, Bedford Fountain Grove, Utica and Chilli- colhe_ Will also buy your hay. Q l d C w l _ T. S. Bishop. JTUK KEJJT-f i'OR RENT -- A suite of three furnished rooms; first floor; fully mod^ 42g Elm street _ 30.3 FOR RENT -- Strictly modern front room,, 2 blocks from square, in small f a m i l y with no o_lher roomers Gentlemen preferred. Phone No. 4 9 4 . 2-tf FOR RENT -- As soon as vacated, the building occupied by the postof- fice See F E. Riley. 26.G FOE HENT -- Store room with f a l l sized basement at corner of .Elm and Webs'ter, fine location, for grocer. ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. FOR RBNT--7 room residence, 3 lots and barn on north side of Jackson street and west of Dickenson St. 30-tC J. E. Watkins. FOR RENT---S room modern house. Bath; f u l l basement, furnace, paved street, 8 lots, garage. Rent by year. Address Marlow Bros., Chula, Mo. 25_tf - T f I M l DEPUTY STATE VETERINARIAN Private Calls Promptly Answered PHONES: Office, 841; Residence 736 Better Quality -Larger Quant To a greater degree than you have ever before experienced will the daily brushing of your teeth become a a pleasure if you use this truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic cientifricc. It will give you a new meaning of the word "quality" as applied to tooth paste Doth -as regards its cleansing and whiten- inpr properties and the delightfully refreshed condition which it im- ,rts to the mouth. tvive- your mouth a , say so. ;s decay, makes the jrums firm eutralizes acidity and keeps the 1 beautiful. of better tooth paste today and iirprise. Your money back U yen FOR RENT--Storage space. Hecder. - son Son. ' 10-tf SAI.E. FOR SALE--Overland Touring car; good as new, only 4 months *ld. Phone 21. ' 2 _ t f FOR SALE OR RENT--5 room bungalow, new, cheap if taken at OEce. Inquire 4?3 E. Jackson, or telephone 732. 28-tf SALE OR RENT--Modern su burban proparty, 10 room bouM with 5 acres of ground. For partlcu. lars phone 1454-T.- 10-tf i big core, or ary wood delivered ' ,n short notice at S4.00 per cord ...ii f s « ri-tt FOR SALE--1 hard coal stove, No. 300 Art Garland, 1 soft coal stove. Phone 1443-M. S I S P o l k S t . 14tf FOR SALE--At bargain, one Stude-- bakcr roadster. first-claps condition; fully equipped. See Dr. Black. FOR" SALE ::: -2~houses~an"d~lots, five blocks from square. Call at this office for f u r t h e r information. 3-tf FOR S-ALB--Encyclopedia Brittanica, 25 volumes, fine binding, good as new, $20; 1 set McCauley's History of England, 5 volumes, $3; 1 vacuum sweeper, Argyle, almost new, $5; 1 green velvet Davenport-bed, $20; 1 leather covered office or library chair. Telephone 2 4 C . Proprietors "The San-Tox Drug Store" Phone 552 70S Washington St WILL EB IN CniLLIG'OTHS ALL TH7S WEEK. NEST WEEK AND EVERY WEEZ IN T1IS Y3AB, TO TAKE YOUR EEABUSE JOB A TAIL J3-LIADE SUIT. Not an ordered, suit, made in a fastory the same as ready-made, and called Tailor-made, but a Tailor- Made One that is made in Ghilliaoths. Fit, clofa and everything about it guaranteed to give satisfaction. It will cost you no more to have your suit made in ChiUicothe than it will to send to some Chicago house and g-et a factory-made suit. REE H. B. HOG AH AND G3T EI3 PBICE3. BEFORE YOU BUY COAL CAJAj UP THE STANDARD COAL and JUNK CO. TELEPHONE 7L8 vi'13 SEU-i IT FOB IjESS. WE PAY. MORE FOB .JUNK i n s Second .St.,. Chillicothe. Mo. HICHESTER S PILLS J j I V K STOCK AUCTIONEER Office Rooms 19.20 WiilJbnmn JJuiWing TKJIMS BEASO-VABLE Ortice Hours: 9:OO a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ChiUicothe, Mo. TToland Bulbs. Wave arrivert at the Tsherwoocl Greenhouse. Send us your orders. 1-3 NEWSPAPER! TM, NEWSPAPER!

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