Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 2, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1888
Page 4
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EVENING GAZETTE: THURSDAY, Krora K«-!«w». .Jan. P.O.—DelighUul nights for sleigh riding and our boys and girls enjoy it. • W. S. Brierton and family, who have bfon sick for some time, are improving slowly. Mrs. A.H. Keister Is some better at this writing. Parties in this vicinity owning Innd adjoining Rock river that the building of tho new dam at Sterling effects have about all settled and seem-jto be -very well satlsQed. All those who have ice houses to fill here took advantage of the present Ice crop and have got through handling the hard water. Our school, although not large, is progressing nicely under the management of our lady school teacher, Miss Laura Forsyth. Christ Rickert, who has lived here for some three years, Is moving to Sterling this week, which place he Intends making bis future home. Will Philips had his fast stepper out for exercise Saturday evening and our lady school marm says the sleighing was splendid. Miss Delia Dolly, who has been atlas returned anyway; it Is true we have some bad men among us and women too I mean that they can be found here in the south; I don't think there are auy in this neighborhood. I will «iult for this time. 1'ou see I am very easily led-out, in other word* (pumped). I will answer any question you wish to ask if I.can. Hoping to hear from you soon. I am sir yours. O. W. Sanders." The preponderance of points produced in debate last Friday night satisfied the judges that "Keason controls men more than piiflaion," and at the neifWas it right to confirm Lamar." home. 1 Frank John, of Kile, Ohio, la visiting here for a couple of weeks. Mrs. L. Briggs, of Harmon, who •went to Elgin to see her son last week, •topped on her return trip to visit Mrs. A. Thome. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Scott and Mrs. Chas. Vandrew, of Como, and Mrs. Allle Pearsons were visiting D. A. Don- Ichy and wife Saturday Our gentlemanly night operator, B. Hastrawser and Miss Blanch Stitzel took a little pleasure trip to DeKalb Saturday. They left on the 2 o'clock train, returning on the 8 p. m. train. They visited Prof. Smith, of that place and report having a very pleasant time. . Mr. and Mrs. John Btttzel were visiting friends in Dlion Friday last. Some young folks trom Rock Falls and Nelson gave M'SS Grade Long a •nrprise Saturday evening and had a very pleasant time. I hear the young folks say that Mrs. A. Philips gave them a splendid dinner Iwt Babbath. John Dolly Is laying off for repairs this week. This being leap year, we expect to hear wedding bells ring often. UNO. From Call. Mrs. Carrie Stossinger, of Round Grove has rented the house of Mrs. Yandenbnrgb that Mrs: Baird lived iri, and has moved into it. We extend te her a hearty welcome. J- M. Sowles was laid up a day or two for repairs having caught a severe cold. The exercises and oyster supper at Empire Friday night was a grand affair,—hardly standing room for the immerse crowd that was there. All went home well .satisfied and the Sunday •chool Is 845 better off. Pardon Ougell haa closed out all his horses, stock, etc., and has gone to Chicago to go into business. Nettie Olda gave a party for the benefit of Minnie Olds, who will go west soon. They had a very nice time. Wedding bells again in the near future^. Leap-year makes the bachelors begin to "quake; go for them girls gn for them, don't you give up till the last one has kneeled to you for mercy. , On Tuesday a. m. at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Wilkinson, occured the marriage of their daughter Eliza to Mr. Geo.P. Hal), of'Kansas; by the Rev, Joss of the Episcopal church. The • affair was a quiet one; and the happy couple start out in life under very favorable circumstances. They left the sam» day for Kansas their future home. Tha,best wishes of a host of friends go with them. . . Chas. Wllkjns^n has; gone to Kansas where his brother Robt. lives, and If he llk'ps it out there he will stay. • • •Jjupt. Hendricks was here seeing to our school. We are always glad to see Frank. .- • ETEP. The arrangements for a joint politicnl discussion, "the old parties vs. the new, for party reforms" is left In hands of a committee and will be agreed at a special meeting. The Y.iF. R. C. with full ranks met at your correspondent's last Saturday evening and will meet at Esq. Foster's next. Leander tiensch believes in Electric belts and baa an agency to sell the same,- Mr. MenHcK__wears_twp^;(one^ won't reach around) and says they work well. Edwin John in Palmyra generally takes a nap each evening before he goes to sleep, and behind the stove is his spot to snooze and thaw out; the new pants from the knee down covers the last thaw. • Jacob Tillman's horse got balky about a mile froth home and would'nt movet After a few words of advice to the animal, he walked on home leaving the critter stand which was a lesson more useful than a licking. Henry Melllnger or Wm. Mensch (we forget which) had a hog last summer that was determined to root, and he kept on ringing her nose daily until he old houses and eo votpil to" sell the fid school house in his District. At the election the other nich' to vote on the disposition of the old school house there was only one of tli*" Directors present, not a very large majority of the board. Huy is being hauled north every day from south of the river asd It is nothing new to see an upset load and a mnd driver. Mrs. '/.. E. Hess has a large bay window in the south .Bide of her sitting room, and has it well filled with house plants the finest and largest we think in the town of Jordan. Bob Coons got on his ear or Charlie Hay did we don't know which. Bob if not doing chores there any more, • at least, neither is he driving around Charlie's match team and nice cutter. John B. rfughes is not willing that the new organ in the new school house should be returned, but will try to pay for it by entertainments and oyster suppers, the first to be to-night, Tburs- "day.._I Samuel C. Landis feeds bis cattle himself as he thinks feed is too scarce to trust it to his boys to do and Joseph Allabaugh says he will have to weigh out his feed, to his stock, for the same reason. CONDENSED NEWS. How th« Air Brake Work". Fnirl ft r.iilrn;i<l irmn to me tolay: "I'll bft not one in a hundred of the people •who travel or. train* tiiulcrstand how the presMiro of air is n?e<l to apply the hrnkes to n train. When the air brake wns first invented the nlr wn.-t turned into the cylinder Tinder ench-cnr when the \vns to bo sU>ppp<l, nnd the pressure was exerted to force the brakes rip against the wheels. But at the, present day the hrnkes are held agninst the Tvheela by springs, and the air is turned into the cylinders to pn.ih the brakes away from the wheels as loni; as the train is in motion. When it is desl red to stop the train the air la let out, and then the springs apply the brakes and Btop the train. This last method ot using air pressure haa great advantages over the old way on the score of safety. "Whenever an accident happens toft train one of the first effects it Is apt to have Is to rupture the air pipes loading from the engine to the cylinders under the cnrs; and that of itself stops the train in- stnntly. It Is very important for everybody to understand this matter, because a child 5 ycnra old can stop a train in thirty seconds froTfl any ear in the train, if he nlmply understands how. Yon will see, if yon look for It, that there Is a sort of rope projecting from the toilet room of every car, Thnt connects with the air pipes under the train.. If you catch hold of it and "give"It~a7little-jerk it will stop the train before it has gone 200 yards."— Chicago Journal. As a remedy for accidents common to every day life, such as cuts," bruises, sprains, bums, scalds, frostbites and bites of poisonous insects. Salvation Oil has MO equal in the market It literally annihilates pain. Price 25 cents a bottle. <*! id«« W<*nrt«T)» «"5l»{ In thwaml of form*, but are *iirr>r\* a -<'<i hy t >n of Invr-nM'w. Tho^e who ?\!T> In profHablo work that can berton? whlln Ihlnp fil (in'me should st nnro «»ni1 their iinrfrp?» tn Jl:il Iftt ftfVi.. rorUnnd. Main-, anrt r«cf>l*fl free. Jut! inffirrnntinn hnw etth'-r su'X. o( fUl ntj^s. rnn e^rn from ** to S'-'-i P<r day nnrt upward* whTrvrr theyllve YIMI an> Ktartrd free. C'npltal not required. Some IIHVP nmdc ovi>r ?V) in » .»luj!le nay at tills work. All ^trrcfid. dwtf S. M. BEECHER, FLUiBEB, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER. Iron, Liea-d, Culvert and Sewer lr*ipe. A Fall Line of Brut* deeds. Engine • Trimming*. *' Pnmps and Pump Repairs, Gas aid Oil Fix tares. SHOf r ~OPI i Oi»I*lS O7V FOCHTH STREET had five In the snoot, determined to atop it and never say "(all," with only one left he buttoned her tail. A very low degrading organization or society almost got a foot -hold In Jordan, which Is called a "Boxing School" W« are very glad to learn however that twjse in authority say emphatically that our town hall shall not be used for such a purpose. "The Recording of criine"is perhaps a necessity, but we would prefer filling our column with a record of virtue. GKO PenrOBe and Hubnrb». Bressler Bros, have fillled their ice From Jordan. I. few weeks^go strangely 'we received a letter'from a stranger down bCMlssliiaTppl:' the writer want- lag faranhMMls," My answer with a few questions Included brings back the following reply: , -- r "Madden; -Leake Co, Miss., Jan. 24 1888. Mr. Geo. D. John: Dear Sir: Youri of the 18th Inst. to hand, and contents noted. 1st. Why wages are so low is because we have no improved forming tools. 2nd. Because we have SO many lazy negroesr they are a great draw back to our country, for the rea- Bon that they are very thriftless the meat of them. Though I think 812 per month which Includes washing, ironing, starching and sleep 'em and eat 'em a perty good wages. Do yon board your men at 820 per month V I mean to say does that include board? Our land produces corn.'cotton, oats, wheat, rye, barley and all the different, sorg- hams, green peas, cow peas, and all the cereala do well except wheat, though with good treatment it will make from 10 to SO bushels per acre. I was born In Taledago county Alabama, been living In Mississippi 27 years; was born in 1863. Our.achool facilities tee very good now, but have not been BO long; we have four months of free school, and four months subscription School- As to temperance, of course it haa Its Advocates here as elsewhere. Those\>f ; u» who are not in favor of prohibition - bare but very little to §ay on the subject; certainly we are In favor of temperance, .-AM te the opinions of the. peo- pla about the Pnaident, lean hardly »y, lor a great swn^of u» do not know hi* jtt*me. And aver? reasonable man w*ists tbo tariff MdaMMi feo * revenue •$BMi«> tba$ls oot- engaged la mauufagt- wt^UlwmlMMlwt onjlxtamjir; house, getting their ice f rom Brpsaler's dam, where they got some of the very best that grows. They are Industrious boys, good neighbors and are making money. Calvin Madison, who has been under the care of Dr. Paul for some time, is getting better. •• At a meeting Monday evening in the Fairvlew school district it was voted to sell the old school house at public sale witu only one dissenting vote.- ^ Charles Bennett has returned to Penrose on a vUlt and to 'settle up his ac counts. He Is thinking of settling in Nebraska, where he has lately been on a visit, tie was out in the blizzard that passed through Nebraska a short time ago and says he never wants to seetanother one. He did not bring bis wife with him for few of the rattle of cow bells, etc. 4 i ' The boys of Penrose have organized a boxing club, with Jim Sylvester as boxing master. Mose Deyo, Willie Btouffer, Jim Sylvester and others had the claret freely drawn from their nasal organs and Joei Wilger had the briney moisture madd to flow from his left eye &s freely as rain falls from the clouds. E. K. Jenkins scienced his son Alfred in the manly art and stiffened his upper lip to such an extent that it swelled up like a pudding.. PC Paul would guard off the blows from his face aud take the belts on his manly breast; While Benj.Dunmore sat back and enjoyed the sport. He thought there was more fun In It than In the lyceum of Prohibition meetings put together. Let her roll; but our word for it, after awhile some fellow will strike too hard and then look a leetle out. •-••..•' We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Chas. Hey is not Improving. She took worse and they sent for the doctor on Wednesday, "v.! ,,: " ; F. J Jacobs has bought another car load of hogs and shipped to Chicago. He says luck seems to be against him; when he buys anything the market comes right down. . Nick Wilger, our lively tax collector, reports that the taxes for the town of Jordan are almost 810,000; about 8800 more than last year, Bob Seals' road drawl heavily on the Jordan cash. Ad. Jacobs Bayrtt ia muse to worry, because it does no good, and he never does only when he has his lingers clipped In the com-flheller, and then a fel- low'should be excused, even If he doea worry a little. During that bad storm| we had, the day It drifted 'so; James Talbott and family were'comlng home from town In the blinding and drifting snow and Vbea just nor^h of Nelson Jacobs. got 'stuck, in the drifts and eonki • get his team neither forward nor backward.but he did not propose to stay there and freeze; but covered -hi* wife and child in the blankets and went and got a shovel, scooped, open the road and drove home all 0.1C, i , ; It la reported tbafc the ci,ty Council of ,r Th« Somalia in southern Arabia have murdered: an English officer and twenty-three natives. The Halifax, N. 8., synod ot the ohnroh of England has nnanimously elected Kev. Dr. Courtney, of Boston, bishop of Nova Bcotia, and h« has accepted. John Traudt, a retired merchant of Milwaukee, has closed a dry goods store run by his two sons, George and Albert The debts aggregate $14,000. It is rumored in Paris that Miss Isabella Blanche Singer, a daughter of Isaac Blnger, Is soon to become the Duchess de Canss. Sbe Is worth about $2,000,000. The women of St Joseph, Ma, are try ing to work up a mob to lynch a wife-murderer, whose trial i» proceeding too slowly, to suit their ideas of justice. . Arrangements have been mada to celebrate the centennial of Marietta, Ohio, on April 7. Senator Hoar and J. Randolph Tucker Will deliver addreswv The joint committee ot the Reading colliery strikersjhas issued an order permitting all individual collieries to start np with union men, provided the advance is paid. The sugar trust is getting in Ita work. Thousands of tons of sugar are being shipped from N'e w York to London because the trust has stopped the purchase, and no bids can hi got for.the product A duel with swords was fought In Paris Wednesday between M. Vignon, formerly secretary of M. Rouvier, and M. Bauer, editor of Gil Bias. Vignon's left arm wns pierced by M. Bauer's sword. The production of anthracite coal for the week ended Jaa 28 was only 441,464 tons, against 608,114 tons last year. This tailing off is due to the fact that, owing to the storms, three days' work was lost Mrs. Minnie Franklin, of Walhalla, a 0., got permission to visit her husband In jail, and the result was that the husband and several other prisoners were missing noit morning. She bad convoyed the prisoner a brace and bit concealed in her bustle. The Rea Ung company had ton colliories at work Wednnslay, most of tho hands being Knights of liibor, who have quit the order. lh« Thomas Iron company, ot Reading, ba» declined to make contraots for this year until the strike is settled. New men are arriving at the mines in large numbers and the strikers are using every effort to induce them not to work, with very Indifferent sue- From l>et>t wirove. Miss Adel Keene is visiting friends in this vicinity, The sale on the farnv of Mrs. Davis was well attended on Tuesday, last. Rev. Father Sullivan has returned from Chicago, and had services as usual here on Sunday, last. We understand Mr. Koss thinks il won't do to conduct a class in singing at this place. We would like to suggest the idea of having a literary class situated In some convenient place in our town. We have seven good schools and we woulc like to ask some one of the seven to or ganize a "class and ask the others te join. It would be instructive as wel as an amusement for the young people 50SCHOOL CLOAKS!! .A.ires O to 1O Years. ^^ f£} The Wonmn Atone WM Guilty. NBW YOJIK, Feb. a— The jury in cha caw of tho Italian, Antonla D' Andrea, on trial for murder, for having advised Cbiara Clg- narolo to kill her husband, brought In a verdict Wednesday of not guilty, yii* jury were out one hour. The C gnarole woman la under sentence of dea h for the crime. D' Andrea was her alleged, paramour and It was charged that D 1 Andrea agreed to marry her if she would kill her husband The case has been a notable one from the start The murder was a peculiarly atrocious one, notwithstanding which the governor has been vigorously importuned by a large number of ladlos or high standing to commute the gantono*, which he has refused to do. It was awise one that said: "Every man is occasionally what he ought t be perpetually." That must be when he la honest enough to acknowledg the merits of,Dr. hull's Cough Syrup, the only sure cure for coughs and colds. One or two "old cats" lately come to town are "mewing" a tritle too loud. Better keep still. A Woman'n DUoovery. • "Another wonderful discovery hns been made and that too, by a lady in this country. Disease fastened Its clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood Its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined arid death seemed imminent. For three mouths she coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and was so much relieved on taking first dose that she slept all night and with one bottle has been miraculously cured. Her name Is Mrs. Iiutljer Lutz." Thus write W. C. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby, N. C—Get a free trial bottle at Strickler & Boorses Drug Store. The factories still keep busy and expect to be much busier in the near future. ' - V. •The Verdict Uiianlmonn. W. D.'Sult, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testilles "I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took .six bottles and was cured of HhBumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare, druggist, Bellvillc, Ohio, affirms: "The best sell- Ing medicine I have ever handled in my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bit- FIRST CLASS GARMENTS I Your LAst Opportunity / To (Purctiase a Good Cloak at Less Than the Cost to the Manufacturer. New Prints, New Finest Stock 'Black Dress Goods in Sterling. Per Yard Saved on every yard of Black and Colored Silk. We are the Cheapest (Dry Goods Store in Whiteside County. Goods all Jfew. .No Old Stock. - - Be .t lath. wo rfd { BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS ] N. CARP ENTER & CO. _ The Boyoott on the Otber XOHDOS, Feb. 2.— The committee having In charge the arrangement* for the proposed demonstration in honor of Editor O' Brien and ex-lord Mayor 8ulU»an are experiencing great difficulty In securing a hall They find themselves unable to engage any of the large halls on account of the strong Unionist proclivities of the owners, and the proprietor of Her Majesty's theatre, a strong Unionist, has refused to permit the receptloa to talc* place there ; on the ground that he doesn t want a lot ot roughs in bis tbeatre. tors." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unamous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a half dollar a bottle at Strickler & Boorses Drug Store. The weekly QAZETTK is increasing constantly in circulation. THE KBV. GEO. H. THAT. Bit. of Bourbon, Ind . says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to SniLOH^ CONSUMPTION cTJRE. rf O;A.OUver_&_Co. 1 Candlemas day was observed in the Catholic churches. CKOTTP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 I Pleasure parties Abound; never was so much of it before! ~ SHILOH'S COTJGH and • Consumpton Cure is sold by ns on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 . _ from Eu- A positive guarantee is given by the manufacturer of Dr. Jones' Ked Clover Tonic that a . 60 cent bottle of this remedy contains .more curative properties than any dollar preparation. It promptly cures all stomach, kidney and liver troubles. For sale by O. A. Oil-1 ver.. .• • .• JJld become out? the ground hog I And did you catch H glimpse of his| tail as he speedily shot back r 7 Ante, Alterative ••« CaUiftrtto. .Simmons Liver Regulator cares malaria, biliousness, dyspepsia, headache, constipation and piles. - -• * • th GOLD WATCHES Who ever heard of a man baying a Gold Watch for 89 cents; and yet a firm down east had the audacity to head one of their advertising sheets In this manner and did it simply to catch the eye of the public. Now, while we don't believe in deception of any sort, still we have such an^anxiety for a sight of the "GREAT EYE OF THE omVTiverVcVu^ C*^.UV| ^.VUMVBfWlMWM —,0.*— . f~- , "J* I most effective In starting the secretions purge. When there is an excess of bile in the stomach, the'. Regulator is an active purge; after the removal of the I bile it will regulate the bowels and impart vigor «nd health to the whole system. Get those signatures to land as soon as possible. and shall be willing to t SHO¥ YOU BARGAINS!! overflow Almost equal to Gold Watches for S8 cents. come and '°° k for y oursell > u ,P on tne Don't take our word for It, but chance ever shown ."The best on earth" can truly be said of Origg's Ulycerlne Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises,- scalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer.- 36 eta. Guaranteed, Q. A. Oliver.* Co, TO THE PEOPLE OF THISiTOWN, In all sorts of (useful, every-day household necessities. Look at these bargains AND COME AND SEE THE REST. •Wracked b* Intemperance. MIHUKAPOUB, Minn., P-b. 2.-William MoFarland, on» of the oldest actors in the country died Tuesday morning in the county jail, where he was aWsJtlng examination a* to his sanity. Intemperance had made him a wreck. McFarland had supported Mao ready, the elder Booth, Forrest and other noted stars of a former' generation. Of late years he had done odd jobs to get a living. TCeiched Flrt) Founds After Cremation. PrrtBBtrao, Feb. 2.-The remains ot Dr. Frank Wetzol, ot Chicago, arrived lu this city Wednesdsy morning for cremation at Sampson's crematory on Sixth avenue. Mr. Gait hopes to get back r pe within the month. . For lame back, side Shlloh's Porous Plaster. 0. A. Oliver & Co. 1 or. cheat, use Price 25 cents. apanned Walters, from 6 to 25c: Bread!Knives, lOc; -Butcher Knlves.-lOe; heart wins; work for the I tew Pans, B and"iOc; Japanned Foot Scrapers, lQc- r Topth Picks, large t>ack- ' ge 6c- Mincing Knives, Band lOc; Carpet Tacks, 3 packages for 6c: 2-Hole Mouse Trap: 60; 4-Hole Mouse Trap lOc; the moat fashionable Neck Scarfs, only 85o, worth JWc; Fine Parlor Broom, only 2ic, worth 35c; Clothes Pins, 8 doz. forfic; 16 Inch Lamp," complete. Burner and Chimney, only 36c; Lamp. O A I Chimney, only esc; and hundreds of other things. Call and see for yourself. The body was placed in the retort at 10:10 o'clock, and at I o'clock in the afternoon the ashes, weighing five pounds; were, removed. Some of Stepulalu Clients. BAIOUX, Fib. S.—The caehidr of tha Transcaticaslan- railway- -waa murdered Wednesday by two Nihilist* dissuised as railway guards, who riflad his person of 1,200 rouble* and escaped. One of th» murderers was subsequently arrostod. Backlen'B Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postlvely cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 centa, per box. For sale byS triokler & Boorse. •If vou can't, why, of .course, you can't But then you can just aa easily. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shlloh's Cure.' We guarantee it O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 QStout town. . SHILOH'B VITAXIZBB ia what yon need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness and all symptoms of Dyspepsia Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. Oliver & Oo. 1 The Evening GAZETTE has largest I circulation with two exceptions of any daily in the State published outside of | Chicago. 1O6 thj'r'd -Street, Sterling, lite. E. B. FAOEY & CO. PLUMBERS, SIEAMt-GAS FIOTS driviOL the streets of Fenrose to have cow bell* on their horses. Our esteemed neighbor and supervisor Jonaa H. Baer who had his hand cnt j The Telegraph Correspondent. For the man who Is heart arid soul in Will pass lore with newspaper work tho position of nersonsl telegraph correspondent is the ideal one;. iuL ,»K I He handles only the cream of the news. «hmnirh , __ meet £ TCrplelltte8 and difficulties ithrough , *3» ** without number, to I* sure, but his responsibilities are of tho day only and are not onerous. Substantially his own master he goes aheiid without a guide save an occasional laconic dispatch, "Plenty Of go badly IB quite cheery and his hand is! room for good stuff to-night" or "Badly healing up nicely. We hope to see him Jammed; keep thitijpj close." No man bw around again aoon. | .««atcr or more frequent opportunities to B.C. Williams and family have all' been sick the the part week. We be-! have they aw all on the mend now. j H. M. IXstweUei oae ot our b*»t f&fui&vs, and a good judge, §ay» that H doo't pay to pmteh ap old ba#f ion and ihaw what h® can do. If ha tails to mak« W» mark it ia fcolxxly's fault fcut his own, li be aapires only to pleasure and naUa- tsvUlQni In !>!» work, with tuir compenna- toC ho h**t wot en-»r<**** tin »aii>»g!njr editor, while th« city wlitof'• <i«*k h*» no •Wrwtlon* tot him. —H. R. CiuunbetUia taTh« Writ*r. To will to do Is to accomplish. Remember that. . . CATARRH CUBED, nealth and swee breath secured, by Sbiloh'a Catarrh, Uemedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal Injector free. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 i Lyceums are in full blast at country' school houses. FOR 26 CENTS get Kemp's lii ver Pills for Torpid Liver, for Constipation, for the Complexion. A. R. Hendricka. « ' No one ever saw a boy refuse to take a ride on a sleigh, or a girl refuse to eat ice cream. . , ijj EEPLESS SHOUTS, made miserable b- that terrible cough. ^hUflh'ij Cure 1» the remedy for you. O. A- Oliver Co. 1 . . • • opluion on the vultw of oalri and Uir*e« of a klud. Verbttas sap- ***• ,• • ' • • • 1 How They Got Home. j Closing time was passed, and all the guests of a saloon at Berlin, Germany, had left the place except' lour, who had fallen asleep over their glasses. They were so drunk thnt the proprietor failed to vrake them. Having called a cab, he and cabby carried the sleepers to the coach end seated them in it. The hostler then, gave Instructions to deliver sleeper 1 on front Beat at a house on Frederick street, sleeper 1 on back sent in William street, and BO on for sleeper 2 ou .front and on back seats. Cabhy took his 'pay in advance aud drove off. Ten minutes later every light In the saloon vcaa extinguished, and pro-, prletor and waiters commenced snoring musically. Their rest did not last long, however. A loud ringing of th« saloon • bell awakened the bartender, who jumped out of tod, put on hastily a gown and ran down stairs. Whom should he tod at the door but cabby. "I am not used to the general parcel business," ho said, "and so forgot to hava them labeled. On the way they tumbled over one another, and I caniiot make out which is which. >v ,Then the saloon man marked each of the 'four with a name written on stiff paper and «tltehed to the coat lapel, paid another fare, and the cabby proceeded once more ou hla trip, delivering each man according to the direction given for hb label.—Foreign Latter. H AVE NOW IN THEIR. EMPLOY MS. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently in too employ o( J. 8. Johnstons as-number. We also- have arrangements with WALTER A. FACKT r uu expert Plumber, now witb K. Bageot 111 th« best plumbing establishment in Chicago, !n cas* of auy One or extra work, to usslst ua. We are prepared to make contracts and luraUu mate- , rial fur all work In the numbing, Steam aau Ga» Fitting line, and ke.-p lu slock Iron, lead aud sewer pipe, brass goods, pumps, &c.. &c.; everything to DO found lu a flrst-cltm esiabllshmeDt, al rt'usnnnbla prices, and, we are now prepared to do work In a K&tlslactory manner ana guarantes all work and material BJ repreucnled. T. K. FACEV, who bas been in business here, almost continuously JorHielast ihlrtj-twoyean, will superintend the Wsray Ul» oualKtoatlous as a laechaulc are too wcil known to need comment. HHOP AT THE OJU> BTAitft F iCEY BLOCK. STERUNejLL HAVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND ATTKJB Red l^irie ISo. 1. JKWIN McMa.NIQ.AL HAS HTAUTED 1 now drsjr, and t> prei»ared (o daaJJ kluaj < tutuUng. Moving hotidSiatU goods and ptetu i»i>«oFi«lty. Ltintu utiitr» at ttelrla A Sun UNNINQ THREE WAUON8 Ail gwds prurg&tiy de<jY«rdel to WIT ctiy. 8{NMttI0<H reuiortai ' . .. , K & ^

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