The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 10, 1973 · Page 16
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 16

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 10, 1973
Page 16
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tllK RIUZOSPORT FACTS . Team. Sunda Jumna. W3 I>gt-18 Cadet endured the 'silence' WEST POINT. N.Y. < AP* — li was J9 months of agony and Ihe-n enlasy — for James J Pririsi, who was graduated Wednesday from the TS Military Academy after rahirins »he silent treatment from Ms fellow cad*ts fw JilrnixM two years Pclosi, who rtvfivttJ his commission as a second lieutenant in the Army, had roomed alone and eaten by himself at a Ifr-man uM* in tho mes* hal! alter the Cadet Honor Committee imposed the "siU-nc*" in Navemtwr 1971 I'elosi, 21. of West Hempstead. N.Y., had been found guilty by the cttmmiute of cwnpltftsng an atis»t"r c«o a quiz after the fxarnirsor had Riven (he order to stop writing. He denied the charge and prodwwd w itzwsws on his b*half. Although the convfcUon »~a* reversed, the "silence" was applied by his mates Almost none of the 3.800 other cadets talked to him ewrpl o« official business, in cla&s, w to deliver 4 message The "silence" ii rarely imposed, b«v-4!i!* practically all cadet* in the past who had it applied to them resigned rather than put up with it But Pelosl stuck it out, pursued his studies, ami graduated 4X!nd in it class of 93$ During the last two school rmsolhs, however, there had been a thaw in the icy attitude of many fellow students There were those » ho came to rep*e«l him (or tm determination to stay at th* 1 academy Some of them were s**n talking to him openly and even visiting him in his room When his name » a» called to s!ep up and receive his diploma. I'elost wa» wondering if his classmates might boo htm But there v»rrr no boos, and he received many congratulatory har-dsiukes as be nude his way back to hi.< sejl xn Michie Stadium. Beaming »Hh happtne&s, the bespectacled officer said. "It *a<; lu« j,» if 1 were A prooa after all this time ' Pelwi will report to t'l Benmng. G.I , to The Infantry School in Ausust arxJ Hanger scKooS m tV"ot*T After sta:. he has order* assigning hiro to West Germany Jesus People go latin By WU.1.1A.M K. MOHHJio.N Her* in this troy Central dUt'tple* to oOver psrt» et t'tutdrvn at (J«l fer three $i«tn A««xtale<i PrettWriter American ration, mw« than Latin America their >*«« W SANJOSK. Costa Hk'« (AP? So younit North American men nw«aKv i» pc4C« ami love Hisbb i* t**ter kn»>*n id — The Je*u» People hav* ami women runa code* hou*e -^ . . h-i-siit come to Ulin America and training Khool to Mrrtd j ( ?J, ^ lt * T. ^A*, ^ o< (tod -/ or »impk- ClM! *mi eUtm U> have Hair- either too long or too short colony 4s twtdUir lh*» ft Mi (jtve themt^liiim Hi t' o 1 0 m b t a , M c » • t e •> tiuilc iiiili, Hfilt! r<cm JjJdUlvd INMrtto Hi»v> i!»i the t' S Virgin ItUiitts "W* Ujve wj )**<•;!! iil lt«f« tlnw tttr) «jti4 a )*a( igsi Ttvtr OK CRCIU\ Wjckstwrk. DAUJIS <AP« - Men can director of educational <*t in trouble for kiting thetr trlevuion fur !hr hdtr gro* Mr« Dorothy may to uu! o< 4 job </)* cut h«r* d, that <h« "w«i f"iK$ fws«J ii I itktiv t ffer Hi> S, 'AtlS K- c»«vfervnov chiiirfn^n (ut the ftd!u>!!,ii jijinmer the »; isi Surjers the Jrttei my ioflj; bUcit Kiir trtrtui'.tv! to a eiw 1 ' ' rowi'ims kn^th »fu^ , <i Uirty That » n^fc!," he- re fH.»puli»f hamtyle m tulti* sJw »i> iirni sh* !i-!!<-'- .1? !*•«• .M«^rch,un« .Stjte ! ^ <r Ktjuii Djjp^fi iUiii SIw Hhi.'Vkt It's t*v'Jt«« Kfnpfmiitir(5S t)<fi\'« (••-> i 'iii fi >,,.„ Thruu^n UUi iWatrrt dltte ! j}y (<5f !«-* >!yt« He viii! t »4.» (Jfrtty I»ut h* n ! !lii^ m> hair wj.m'! n^ ',u h^*e i! if. the tjfii il tuW t.".e tu ti-e ij K>«,'il " «h ia A #r-« vjjvi LiJur. A SiiKt ::Xi: S/x minute vacation :GE STATION i.AFi Tcohiy. the Ume the mo«j - TV highlight oi Bob comple'tely c*t«:ur« th« *an. Johnson's summer vaouoa to wtil U« ;u»t w\er si\ mtnutes Africa Shi* year is goins to Last Johnwjo *ill lv crw cf thre* only xj\ minute* and li c»r four aiakxjf the inp undtr J * coo ^ s scfcoiarsfcp support, Jotuswc Jotmsoix 3 spring graduate will return, to AiM for h» of Te.nas A4.M. will Nf uking master'« degree in physio part m an expedition to and ha* pUcs W t«vome an Mauritania, in the West astrophysicist Afncan cte«t, to observe a He » th* »o« o/ Cul SJJTS R !o!a! eclipse of the sun Johnson erf PUno. a recently He and oOsers in the muroed Pt)W. expedJiMn «ill o6ser\ - e tfec Jobnson'jS part tn the June JO lineup of the sun and African trip •*(!! include raooo near Kajoujt. 150 miles ibooURg a 30-rainaie rotor from Use West Afncan Coast, video tape si ttx pfcascs of th«r fie JUMJ •*;!; eclipiv hn S Tart !«,-.» MONEY Friedrich Power Miser ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS Cost You Less In The Long Run! p:rr::" '•»; H "J*^ Jr' t s*£v*ii»\>*Hf_ f'^ it '•*, smufr!* 1 "" 11 "^l5'-'»«^«»^ Friedrich ROOM AIR CONDTHONERS save money on your electric bills •w «««« •vf!) VS; ?« T —t- ta*it : __' "_j^;_^"^.T"i>V':« r I"" i"t r >»3.i.t!»je i<!«;r>^ j is' 1 ..*; ! '/.i'i* 1 JCdi •itl 1 *- .1- ill .I 1 ,* J ? !.'£. I- *w• oys I • s' s4 r i i/it 1 _£]£•«*_ _'*5^--'*'•"* i *fi*''L I '**-''•'• 1 **** 1 Ot t taty >*•< TKV OL;K CCNTfMl, -.1 jut j.^n^C^?!?. lio * K.*'.U-*jit for in CBUTMf rffrfCTl by The Snp t UFO metal not unearthly; scientist says not uif \jtjnTurtWy oniut os usiwijjl i« 4!:.y •«*!. lUydrn Hrwit-t ilir«cl»r «,' th* In- «4»i Tkunc&t? An4. h» » hn ivn*- •»« line. or«r cent ir«n ini} the » '« j»f err.; e <xt W wr v-Tr.', to yc.p i»75 h4<i been .ve«!i)!j!iAje rr(xifh SJvat 4 rangv t*}^;i cr*.irs<U i! y.'Wi in S8H7 Acrefttm^ !ft th* legend, :r* txnuparj! a< Ow | Cf jft '*«9 r-ot (>f this *ofU. *nd *J» buruni in ih« Aurwj ftwetery IT* 1 Tisnmi Het»U r*{*arter rtneriRg fr* Auror* itw/ wid Uier tra! Hewn did rx>< (XjUin tht wnve nvrUl which the rx"*)papcr tubnuiteti Jo tu .••.*ii v.-'.vnUtU for Aiul)443 Jcwcudiet "Ms^J' guite I7ik .>W J^^r , /Vv^t^NN^^ N|^>f^^|>ff^NNr ^-^^Wr^^^rrr - -^fPff^pW Wtf^ft "f^rrrrf 1 s-^Pft^fTfX • ^^R ^ 4 INVEST IN JflNT2EN I ^ /. u^ )s1 M ; SMI •:i^ •iw+i* — '•'.•*.' >VA>; • •*• v >> i-' >;fr-- Hiir.* A \; 'A V *fa A y e\' «'» -vS x*»S^ •>>to* &> ,*v »>.-! s- t^ >» **.» •M ^•#1 9**tf *'•*/ * i "«* v%*! V* * i .4 " S: f * : *« : » * ** * L f* *»•* *»* **l <»»• »\, , * ..?. l>. * 1 * *»•! "» i»J>BS f *\* ^* «F \* » .-X \^ , '*«#' '.v \ t* « « »••>, \», 'I • *»*' * \\ • *, ^^^.•.Ttl . «* * en iX > , **••' ..•^vW- ,-••' ^^iT^t^'f , * 0 * »» I *» »* t » <NN»f ** <| "*.V- r*. JL*. 3 i ^ •Kfi ^K^Z SvVv<^ at Has Your Bank Done For YQK Lately? aio Wtft Columbia, T«xoi } ana J .-^^^B'JW^I'^^^t^M.^^^ ( vja...^ Ji .jy > t

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