Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 2
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PA&PA DAILY' SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1959 Slsf; Year: Debbie Holds No Grille „, Against Eddi'e BOLLYWOOD <UPI\ D^WO romance a* sh." rebuilds her'life. Seid satui-twy she hold'! no. |"i ( ?id»f. Mainly About People Mndlcat** Paid Advertislnf < fcnd nrtrsss ftlir.flbelh Taylor nnct wishes them "nl] hnppinosl possible." "I behcx-a that bygones afc . tiy- gtmes that should b» 'forgotten," Miss Rs.yjvilds said. ' What's ovei IS 6vcr. I hold ,no (?rudge.r lv , • , The psi'ky ac'tress appeared' in ftxcellpnt spirits ai she hurried prepsraU&h<< to leave for Sp.«itt «.-, soon n.i work on her latest picture. "Say One for Me." is o.onvBMeO.. She obtained an intcrl0%fetory divorce decree from Fisher Thursday, paving the way for the boyish singer to marry Miss Taylor. Fisher was silent on his marriage plans but friends said the wedding would not lal;e plarr until May at the. earliest—and then outside of California for legal reasons. Whatever Eddie and Liz plan, Miss Reynolds wished them well. "I wish them all the happiness possible and whatever else they want from life. I am very happy and content myself." , . . But the actress, who said romance "is the least interest thing: In my life, 1 ' said her current contentment did not come easily. "It took a tremendous Amount 9f adjustment," she said, "but now I am a whole person with 1 lot to live for. I am happy. "Anger, vengeance and grudges, only hurt yourself—not the people ;ou feel that way about," she jaid. "And self pity is worse. The looner you rid yourself of those feelings—and I have—the better off you are," ! State flower of Vermont is the red clover. FREE $2.00 ORDER TO THE FOLLOWING LUCKY PHONE NUMBERS 4-2766 4-7480 IF THIS IS YOUR PHONE NUMBER CALL MO 9-9212 And Your Order Will Be Waiting At Caldwell's CHARCOAL BURGER 1534 N. HOBART trnr.v t). t'ary, teacher nf pianrf and organ. Studio <?.() N. Stunner. MO 4-8415.* Panhandle section of tbi» National Association of Corrosion Engl- ii2crs will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Rorger Hotel. B. W. Moore of the Abrasion and Corrosion Engineering Co. of A m a- rillo will be (he guest speaker on "F-eleelion and Tnstallalion of Organic Whcet Linings." The public is invited to attend. For sale or irase hy owner. New ..i-bedroom house at 1942 N. Nelson, MO 4-6125.'' Kaslcrn Sl«r Slndy Chili will mesl Monday at 7:30 p.m. with Mrs. I. E. Byars, 1033 E. Francis. ifnr.k A.vdeloMe, who Is a member of the AMF Promotion Staff, and who i., to be at the Harvester Bow! Feb. 28 for instructions and an exhibition, is appearing this Sunday on KVII-TV, Channel 7, at 4:30 p.m. on the program "Bowling Stars."' Brewer Rites Set Monday Funeral services for Joe L. Brewer will be held Monday at 2 p.m. in Calvary Baptist Church with Rev. Ennis Hill, pastor, officiating. Mr. Brewer died Saturday at 8:15 a.m. in Highland General Hospital. He was born April 4, 1906 in Weaver; moved to Pampa from Weaver in 1927. and has resided at 734 E. Mnlone. Mr. Brewer was a carpenter by trade for a number of years before going to work for Cabot Shops. He had been retired since 1955 and was a member of the Weaver Baptist Church, i Survivors include his wife, jOdessa of the home address; one daughter, Mrs. Jo Ann Barbutes of Amarillo;two sisters, Mrs. E. E. Porterfield, Mrs. H. W. Burnett, both of Pampa; three brothers, Melvin and Pat, both of Pampa, Homer of Muleshoe, And two grand children. Pall-bearers will be H. W. Virgil, Earl Wallin, M. D. Snider, C. C. Hickman and Gene Dunagan. Interment will be in Fairview Cemetery tinder the direction of Duenkel • Carmichael F u n e r a 1 Home. Twenty-first Child Will Go Unamed While Folks Think ASHLAND, Pa. lUPIi — Mrs. Verna Lucas, 44, who gave birth to her 21st child in 29 years, said Saturday she and her husband have not decided on a name for their new son yet. "When you get up to 21. it takes some thinking about what to call it," Mrs. Lucas said. The latest addition, which arrived Friday, makes it eight boys and 13 girls, all horn separately and all but one of them living. A daughter died 20 years ago at the age of nine months from pneumonia. The father. William, 40, operates an independent anthracite mine with his brother, Frank. Winners Homed In Science Fair Bob Jernigan, Gary Shult7 and Van de Graff Generators". Malcolm Carter were the top High Grades 7 to fl: First Place, Tom- School exhibitors in the many tea- my Evcrhart. The Theory of Spec- lured Pamna Science Fair t h a 11 tropholometer, Robert E. Lee: Seven Killed In Chain Collision SALES fram 1) tlrt . 8 per cent and men's And beys' clothing stores remained unchanged. Calif. (UPH-- At CHJ, fgungs include credit least seven persons were killed l*ss shown otherwise: in a massive daylight chain collision 101 at Officer Released From Hospital «**<« V fSftt ftfB fen which Britain and tht SVestern powers thrive, f "We prefer It W &thet. he said. f ' Daniels, wounded early Thursday;,!..'"» *«•'"^channel »"»»«»' when- his police revolver fired tf r ? i( f ^ch at present are de acciclently, was released «--->«'«* to the manufacture Police Officer fc. C. "Cliff" PLEAS fell ton, 5; Arlington. 20; Austin, lfi;j Bay City, 15; Buytown, 10; Beau-. wound.up Saturday afternoon after Second Place, Dickie Beckham, Base, the California Highway Pa-' -^ 8 :' 8e , ton 55; Sonham. 10; Daniels WM Wounded nea packing the PHS girls gym with : Telsa Coil Pampa.Junior Higl^ tro , rpported> larger, 15; Brenham, 20; Browns- handle during an auto trip science projects and spectator* Grades 7 to 9: First Place, Cor- « ,„* t > Brt>wnwood> 10 . Amarlllo to Pampa in the These students received g o 1 cl don Bayless. Steve Melz. Our Sol- u . ...... i • ...... ... ' ^, ! Tv,,,«j a ,, «^^«i«^ v, n ,,^ j nuclear, what an upsurge there] 'might be In the scale of protiuc- near P'an-|tion for peaceful purposes. from! "i rlo not pretend that this early]an easy task, but let us. attempt It nevertheless. Meanwhile;, lei Us'l meda,* in ^HdTorttole^ ! Children minus 50 a^e, Thursday morning hour.. , ove!mnent , «*•! physica, and physiographical sci-|P,ac C . Richard Billy Tuck-;. Si* others were Injured ^nd al-^Coleman, ft; Cuero, 25; l>"i^^«W^^^^ «« '; fired. The .38 caliber bullet struck f It J '\ Daniels on the right side of his : millan was expected 'scalp. ' j details of the colp* A friend of Daniels, driving the! wilh Khrushchev. taste 2o ; jcar, brought the Pampa officer to Lee Guilty Of Incest enco. Two hundred and forty-four' er. Time nrd Space. Pampa Jnn- tenrtants at Oceanside Hospital i hart, 26. , dust from the gun when his elbow; cerned try to _AVOid exhibits were received from' stu-; lor H*h. : »a!d two were in critical condi-i D(? , Rio . ,«; Denison, S; Denton.,' struck jn arm rest and _U»e S u ^coursesi,_ ' ^ ^ C ^' dents in Pampa's elementary and Grades 4 to 6: First Place, Avril H°n. J10; Donna, 6; Em'nburg, 25; secondary schools. A complete lisf Doueetic, A Clor.l Charrlber from Three of the seven known dead Paso, 25. of winners follows: a. Jar, Holy Souls; Second Place, in the accident one of the worst Galveston, 15; Garland, Biological Sciences Division Don Nichols. Conservation Farm, j involving autos in San Diego ; Gatesville, 5; Gladewater, Grades 10 to 12: First Place, Bob Lamar; Third Place, S h a. r o n'county history — were children. iGbnzales, 20; Grand Prairie, _..,, Jernigaii, Amino-Acid Content of Maul. Sound Waves ftrl-Physical Name's were "not available. Harllngen, 25; Henderson, hllnufl' wi £ hlattd hospital. Normal and Tumeroi.s Mouse Tis-: Im P ulses - Holy Souls. Thc Highway Patrol said only 5; Hereford, 10. sue; Second Place, Sondra Brown- Grades 4 to 6: First Place, Fifth jvimble'ci reports of the collision Kilgore, 15; Killeen, 25; Lamesa. ing, Effect of Unbalanced Diet on Grade, Some Types of Ba.romet- were available, so great was con- minus 5; Lampasas, 6; Laredo, the Body; Third Place, Don Cross.' ers, Baker; Second Plac«, David . fusion at the scene. .10; Longview, zero; Los Fresnos. Hematic Test for Certain Disease's ;Wilks, James Bittmley, Magnetic -j-j, e accident occurred eight i 5; Lubbock, 10; Lufkin, 15; Me- and Disorders. Launching of a Missile,, Horace ! mi ] es notth of here on the major Allen, 25; McKinney, 8; Mexia, Grades 7 to 9: First Place, Carol • Manr| : Thircl P |nc e. Dbnhie Hel-( hf g htt . ay Unking San Diego and 1S : Midland, 10. Chase, Carole Sears, Hair, Robert to ". Kenny Davis. David F«in,i IjOS Arigf .| e s. K. Lee; Second Place, James Fra-; An Experiment with Light, Steph- zler. Steven Dulaney and Jerry; 0 " **• Austin, : Hogin. Parts of a Rabbit, Robert !„ Grades^ 1 to .? : T !l ' s . l . PIflce 'J irsl ! MISS Dudley WlflS Smith Asks $35 A Week Mineral 'Wells, 15; Mission. 25; Nacogdoches, zero; Odessa, E. L. Smith, Skellylown, filed I suit for compensation . Friday [against the Hardware Mutual Casualty Co. Smith, a contractor for |E. G. Tight Inc.. alleged he suf"- A 40 year-old Pampa railroad fered injuries to his head, neok, , J. W. Lee. 121 E. Thul, was back and legs in a fall Oct. 13, Orange, 15; West Orange, 20; i sentenced to six years in "the! Smith's petition, asks for |3S , T .,« „-_».«.. , T...., i Pampa, 1»! Pharr, 25: Port Ar-, atate penitentiary Friday night ' week for 401 consecutive week*.'; ;G""fc. Fir o Ne «'-« Air to Burn,:" 11 " - — -7 - llhut . ( 15 . Port , Mbcli 2 5: Ray.| after p 1( , adlll g g^ aiy lo * cha ^ c | _ Grades 7 to 9: First Place, Jim- 1 : Wilson; Second Place, Faye Is-: SAN ANTONIO (Spl) -- Janet mondville, 25; Rio Grande City,l of inceflt _ Th e (, en ( ence was read i C* n ff A |J my Murray, The Effect of Gib-; be11 - Jefln Ncslage. How Fire Re-. Dudley of Perryton won the girls' 25; Robstown, 25. j by District Court Judge Lewis M. i OA T tommv t?h ^ f bc'rallic Acid on Mushrooms, Rob- 'slating Plaint Works. Holy Souls; barrel race at Friday night's per-! San Beniof, 20; San Juan, zero; (Goodrich. | A SA , b ,. U „ ;. H > oaes ' a> . ert E. Lee; Second Place, Marion Thll ' cl plaf>c . -^^ Burns, Tommy f orma nce of the San Antonio Live-;San Marcos. 10: Sherman, 10: j . cllareed last Novemher t-'^K r>2™ Lmfn fn FrMov Gray, The Heart, Pampa Junior|^ Balancing Magic, Ho,y ;8tock Exposition and Rodeo. Her^aylor 15; Temple, 20; T.xa. ^^"^ ^workm TSo St o High; Third Place, Phyllis Dais-• Souls. , _ _ ! llme was 16.6 seconds. City,_ 25; ^omball, _16. thflt ^ ^ ^^ aPtcen . age J^f^}^ HwaTreported today Balancing Magic, Third Place, Phyllis Dais-' Souls. Uime was 16.6 seconds. ing. Digestion, Pampa Junior' Grades I to 3: First Place, Jim-, High. : m .V Conklin, Gravity Defying Fun- ! G ,. a . cei g p ace, Horace Mann; Sec- Grades 4 lo B: First Place, Cyn-1 nela - Holv Souls; Second Place, ; ond place, Angelia Ann Roush, Ar- jthia, Hogsett, Embryonic Develop-! Pflul Cam be IT. Electro - Magnet, j row Heads, Lamar; Third Place, imentof a Chicken, Wilson; Second !^ amar; Tnlrd place ' John Kan> '! John Cvtrry, Polished Rocks, Sam Place, Prudence Skelly. The Com-j Bal!oon Experiment. Sam Hous- j Houston, 'mon Garden Seeds, Sam H o u «- (City, 25; Tomball, 15. Tyler, 5; Waco, 5; Waxahachie, FIRES (Continued From Pnge 1) daughter. He was indicted by a grand jury Dec. .12. ' , • ,. i ion ! escapea, wnue Aiexanaer u. MC"^"^^^ ni Eyeball Model Holy Souls. i Mal '^,!.' '" Factors Affecting ica ' Ste P hen F ' Austln: Second story apartment building at Mil- rifetHna .( f n A • Vipef Dla/>d Rrw\m i JViHK.UI IU V^aiLel, 1* aMOI S AUCCLlne „. « ,»^_t.^__ <rn._ji_ ~ _ _ tr _ . ° George Walters, Windle I f 0rt ] ( N H. Grades t to 6: First Place, Room j^aicoim warier, Factors Affecting 7, Shells, Horace Mann; Second i Growth Rate of Crystals; Second!^' Place, Gene Ferguson, Ennis i P!ac ' e - Kl PP>' Williams, The Com- | Uon £ st hen Pennland. Growth of Bacteria and imoncnl Thm 5 tn the Woi ' ld- . Third ; p ^ Fo ^ lrth G rade Metals Killing Through Filter. Baker; tP ^ e -Bartara Johnson, The Mer- Know ' an d Use. Carver. Third Place, Jim Shelhamer, Ter-j 0 " 1 ^ Baiomcter. Spare Tire Found On Starkweather We escaped, while Alexander D. Me 70, perished when he was A. truck tire and wheel, apparently a spare, was turned Into the police station lost and found de- Identified as S-Sgt. Ke:% ' Partment Saturday. W. o ry McCrackcn, The Brain, Stephen F. Parts of Grades 7 lo 9: First Place Di Grades 1 to 3: First Place, Tim- , Paula ^Pa Junior High; Daugherty, Life Cycle of Wasps, i Placc ' Anita Buske . Horace Mann; Second P 1 a c e,' Minerals, Pampa Junior a ; ^J.n^ll..^ . LW o , !• It a\. 1IO.UC, J-/1-1 ; anna Meyers, Rocks and Minerals, ! olh y New ' Sun He 'PR Make Clouds Second I 7 " 81 Bring Us Ram, Holy Souls; an( j! Second Place, Patrick Homer, A. ;Milk Bottle Barometer, Holy Walls, Illustration of Chlo- 1 ""'« plftce - Je»yl Vance, The'foil! Soul»: Third Place, Ricky Pfeil. rophvll. Sam Houston; Third ; ar System, Pampa Junior High. ! Weather Chart, Horace Man.n Plane, Monte Westbrook. Leaves,; Grades 7 to 9: First Place. Con-1 Grades 1 to 3: First Place, Sec- Stephen F. Austin ': nie Kuril/. Jerilyn Carger, Mikeyiond Grade, Rock Collection, Hor- Grades i to 3: First Place, Third ; Tnomas . Prehistoric Times, Rob-|ace Mann; Second Place, Hobart Grade, Texas Seed Collection, Car- ert E - ^ ee < Ser o nd Place. Jim : Hukill, Gary Brummet, Weather vei" Second Place First Grade ' Maner ' Jlil{ e Hardin, Active Vol- ! Instruments, Horace Mann; Third Collection, Houston; Third Place! ' cano ' Rob( ?rt E. Lee. ; Place, First Grade, Study of Nan Hudson. Molly Flaherty, John' Grades 4 to 6: First Place, Mike Rocks, Carver. Falkenstem, How Plants Obtain Water. Holy Souls. Physical Sciences Division Grades 10 to 12: First Place, Gary ShulU. Grammatical Word Computer; Second Flare, Joe Bourland, K 1 e c t r o 1 u m i n e s- cence; Third Place, George Olds, | Neb., a Westover AFB airman, was found in the ruins of a home destroyed by fire. Others were luckier, i Nineteen persons, including 'nine children, fled to safety in zero weather at North Adams, Mass., Chief Jim Conner said the wheel was found on Starkweather street near the Santa Fe railroad crossing. The owner may identify the tire by calling or coming to the Pampa police station. Read The New* Classified Ads. ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP GUARANTEED PERMANENT WAVES AH Other Beauty Services 813 E. Francis ' MO 5-3335 FLATTERING HAIR FASHIONS FOR SPRING In if Permanents / Styling if Coloring and Shaping We offer Revlon Cosmetics HI-FASHION BEAUTY SALON 912 Alcock ** MO 4-4171 Open Mondays . Saturdays . Thursday and Friday Nights. THIS THEATRE 18 PROUD TO HAVE'BEEN SELECTED AS ONE OF 400 THEATRES IN THE EXCITING GREAT PLAINS PREMIERE! America's Earliest Showing Handing A Btiodi Production TECHNICOLOR* lustre colors,..frosty We're simply effervescent about them! So highly flirtations on foot, in hand ... in our new crush-of-a-leather. Imagine how these Spring shoes uxiuld set-off your new wardrobe. $13,95 PINK ORANGK BONE $10.95 Jacq TAX uenne •• fttn in QHARM ONfe OF THE Get More Out of Life.Jo Out to o Theatre! * TWO FEATURES * MOTORCYCLE GANG VS. TEEN-AGE PILOTS! Dueled ky tt NHO THI MOST FANTASTIC PLOT OP WORLD WAR TWO! WHEN HELL BROKE LOOSE OPEN 12:450SHOWING THRU TUESDAY ALSO NKWS & CARTON On TheWay! (JARV COOPKK "HAXGIXG TREE" U RALLY 'ROl'Xn THE FLAG BOYS' "THE BUCCANEER" JA.MES C'AGXKY "NKVKR STEAL ANYTHING SMALL" • JXGRID BERG.MAX "INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPILESS" • "SHERU'F OF FJIACTUREO JAW 'mm !?« Two chained fugitives,., desperately trying to escape from the law- and each other! STANLEY KRAMER P re»n tJ TONY CURTIS SIDNEY POITIER Here are a few of our many friendly, efficient employees that aU ways help in some way to make your "Movie Attending" more enjoyable! OLUJS WILHELM This Is Our Salute To All Of Our Employees ! ONES • JO— 3 ;•«_» : PlQW TIMES -7 :2S— « :*« TUESDAY S -fy J?t -"-"WW^ P' WABG-ifigT AHTHUH A*AA G4KCI4 OPEV n :4S Rejular Prices Also Cartoon 4' New* Bit iCKttn HI \oi \( e JOIN Till'; <:KO\\ DS .. \<»v^ Si « in" \l.\\ Motion |*i<'liir«*^!

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