Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 3, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1938
Page 3
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DENTON JOVRNAl Page 3 MELVIN ft JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning. December 3, 1933 B O O K S You May Enjoy Dy Graham Watson Nobel Prize to Pearl S. Duck. Pearl S. Buck, author of "Thi- Good Eat th" arid oilu-r novols Ins beer, awnxlod the Nobel Prize for Literatim* for IDofi, according to a. di patch Irom Stockholm. Mn. Buck is the third American writer to win the prizu. David Statlcr, the 11-year-old author of "Rourinp Gum" has beun getting swell publicity breaks since hi* book appeal (Ml, He has been to New Voik visiting his publisher 1 . Pathe News made a clip about him which will be shown all over the country. David appears in if himself, dressed in. cowboy costume. He leads from his book and talks informally about his plans for his next thiiller. Then he WIL featured on the radio on Gabriel lic-itferV "We The People" program over CBS on November 1st. The New Yoik World-Telegram carried a front page interview with David, with pic- t u - o ; ar 1 illii'«'ration" fioni his book. The book is about "the bndost robbers in the West', buckets of blood flow in evory chapter. He makes Faulkner and Hemingway look like a couple of lailv poets. He also illustrates it him- eelf. Mark Sullivan, whose column appears regularly in some 70 newspapers and whose autobiography, "The Education of an American" will bo published in November, will be much in the news as he will celebrate the completion of his 50th year in the nfwspapor bu.«inc s. The occasion will he marked by appropriate ceremonies when Mr. Sullivan return? for the day to the paper on which hi began his newspaper career, Thi Daily Local News of West Chester Pennsjlvania. Macmillian reports that 250,000 ropics of the $1.49 edition of "Gone With the Wind" were ; old between November 1st and 9th. The price was discontinued on the 21st of November. You may be able to get one at any book shop if you hurry. An important new 1 , ruling was madr on the sending of books through the mail at the new rate of one and one half cent a pound. Ordinarily the cost of sending a novel through the mail has been about ten or twelve cents each but now ma=t any book may be sent for two or three cents. "The D. A. Holds a Candle" is the title of Erie Stanley Gardner's latest to be published late in November. Perry Mason, the popular lawyer- detective solves the death of a hitchhiker in an auto camp--a mystery which leads to a big-time racket. Serialized in Country Gentleman. Facts About Tuberculosis The Maryland Tuberculosis Association la the Christinas Seal agency for the State of Maryland. There are 1,500 tuberculosis associations and 1,200 smaller committees affiliated with the National Tuberculosis Association in the United States. The tuberculosis death rate in Maryland has been reduced from 204.1 per 100,000 population to 78.6 per 100,000 since the Christmas Seal sales were commenced. Tuberculosis is seventh among diseases as a cause of death and is the greatest cause between the ages of 15 and 45, the most productive period of life. One thousand three hundred and eighty-four people in Maryland died of tuberculosis List year. It has been estimated that there are approximately nine active cases of disease for each annual death. The annual toll from tuberculosis in the United States would be 250,000' if the death rate of the early 19fjp'a still prevailed. Under present mortality conditions the annual death toll is about 70,000. Tuberculosis is responsible for the death of about 4,000 children under the ·age of 15 each year in the United States. There are estimated to be more than 500,000 active cases of tuberculosis in the United States at present. Tuberculosis is preventable and curable and can be wiped out. Tropacocalne, a Drag Tropacocaine is a drug having the general anesthetic and mydriatic qualities of cocaine. It is an alkaloid and is extracted from a small- leaved variety of coca growing in Java. j First Carpet Factory in America The first carpet factory to be established in America began ope-a- tion in 1791 at Philadelphia, wheA' more carpets are produced than any nther ritv in th CONFERENCE TELEPHONE CALL IM NINE ARMY CORPS AREAS AT ONCE Coast-to-Coast Hook-up Connects War Department's Headquarters For First Time International News Photo. General Malin Craig, Chief of Staff, (left) listens while General J. 0. AfaHOoroH* converses with the 9 Army Corps Areas during the telephone conference call which linked them via a coast-to-coast circuit recently for the first time. The first occasion in its history in ·which the War Department in Washington, D. C., was in two-way voice contact with all of its nine Army corps areas at one and the same time occurred recently when Major General Joseph O. Mauborgne, chief signal officer, conferred with the signal officers in the headquarters of all nine corps areas over a coast-to-coast telephone conference circuit. This demonstration of fast intercommunication was arranged, with the cooperation of the Bell Telephone System. Included in the conference circuit were the headquarters of the corps areas at Boston, New York, Baltimore, Atlanta, Columbus, Chicago, Omaha, San Antonio and San Francisco. The commanding officer and his staff in each area heard the demonstration and conversed with one another and with General Malin Craig, chief of staff of the U. S. Army, who attended in Washington with members of the War Department general staff. ' The conference circuit used in this demonstration of the speed with which the War Department can communicate with all its major divisions throughout the country is a recent Bell System development in telephony. Special switchboard equipment makes it possible to link together by telephone persons at separate points anywhere in this country and even abroad, so that all may hear and join in tho conversation. While specially arranged, the conference circuit set up for the War Department was not essentially dilTer- ent from those regularly used to interconnect groups of people for ness or social conversation. News for the Sweet Tooth! By BEULAH V. GILLASPIE Director, Sealtest Laboratory Kitchen Cunrtety Xealteat Laboratory Kitche W HO doesn't like a spicy Apple Roll -- especially when It Is served with a sauce as tempting and luscious as this easy-to-make Butter Scotch Sauce? Well, just try It on the family, tonight! APPLE ROLL WITH BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE : cups flour teaspoons sugar teaspoons baking powder teaspoon salt teaspoon soda i tablespoons butter cup buttermilk cups finely chopped apple teaspoon ground cinnamon cup brown sugar Mix and sift the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and soda. Cut In the butter with, two knives or rub In with the fingertips. Add the buttermilk and stir Just enough to moisten the dry Ingredients. Turn the dough onto a floured board, knead lightly (or a few seconds and pat or roll out Into a rectangular shape. Brush with butter, cover with the chopped apple and sprinkle with the cinnamon mixed with the brown, sugar. Roll up like a jelly roll and place In a buttered baking pan. Brush with milk and bake In a moderately hot oven (375° F.) for about 30 minutes. Se-rvea six. Serve with Butterscotch Sauco made as follows: 1 cup brown % to % tea- sugar spoon */ cup water ground cln- Few grains salt Damon 1/16 teaspoon % cup heavy ground nut- cream jneg Cook the sugar, water and salt together over low heat, Stirring constantly until the sugar Is dissolved. Infcreaso the heat slightly and cook to 230° P. or until a soft ball forma when a little Is dropped In cold water. Stir occasionally. Remove from tho heat, add nutmeg, cinnamon and cream and mix well. RADIO SERVICE AT J. H. NICHOLS CO. STORE IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY Phone No. 40 At Minimum Cost... BY CERTIFIED EXPERTS DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova. Md. PHONE-- HILLSBORO 16-F-22 PHILCO RADIOS COMPLETE LINE BATTERY ELECTRIC From $16.95 Up L.M. ROYER Phone Hillsboro 16-F-22 CORDOVA MD. WEEK'S NEWS GIGANTIC "DRAGON IN STEEL" --Thlfl huge 45.000 pound "dracjon In steel" IB ur Icr construction in lie JUIis£halmers Manufacturing Company plant ior the Racine Pumping Station ot tho Chicago Sanitary District. Each complete motor driven pumping unit will weigh 135.000 pounds and will be capable ol pumping 375 cublr Icet per second ol sewage and storm drainaqo. A M B A S S A D O R CALLED H O M E -Ambassador Hugh Wilson who was recalled Irom G o r- many, to report to Washington an Germany's Anti-Semitic Campaign. BOLL YOUR OWN--Above li the Tear vlow ol coiffure worn by Lucille Ban In the HKO picture "Trailer Romance." The hair Is waved back from forehead, brushed smooth bom crown ol head to nape ol nock and the cods turned up in a roll trtttt a point Just b6ck ol the ears. TUMP-OSS ASSOCIATION IKSTHO- MEHTALI iiEDUCriON OF T. B. DEATHS Activkics Su:/po:'.ed By Chrislmas Seals Helping To - Win Fight Against Disease. CHRISTMAS SEAf.S { The thirty-second annual Christmas I Seal sale in Maiyland was started on | Thanksgiving Day in oielcr to provide i the funds necessary for continuing the fi^ht ngaanst tuber- culojis in this state for another year. The C h r i s t m a s Seal ^nle has made possible an intensive a n t i - t u b e r c u l o s i s campaign in Maryland and the United States for more than thiity years. During this time the death rate from this dis- Tubenulosts eacc has been reduced by almost two-thirds. In Maryland, when the oiganized effort to eradicate it got under way in 1907, the death rate was 201.1 per hundred thousand population. Lnst year it was 78.6. This reduction hrs been responsible for the saving of thousands of lives and much sickness. The Maryland Tuberculosis Association, the sponsor of the sale in this state and the" agency which has been conducting the organized fight against the disease, maintains a program of activities designed to eventually eradicate this scourge. Some of the activities of the association which have helped bring about this reduction nrc: tho Miracle House at Claiborne, a tubc-ci'locis prcven- torium for white Mn.rylrnd Children who have be on in contact with the dis- ca ,o lire ivr.!r.ou"i_hed; a statewide system of ficc chest clinics; medical research; n clinic for instructing colored |h: T . iri-im in tuberculosis di.v-nosi ; liraltb education; X-raying 1 and till:'rrrlin tcrt'r 1 ':; nrvl the pur- cl^so rf n n c c ' l i i y di-.nno'tic equip- AH Indians Clever at Chipping Their Flints Though some Indians wore more proficient at it than others, and the methods of some tribes were more advanced tlian those of others, there was very little secret about the making of flint arrow heads, and probably nil the Indians knew how, says a writer in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Flint and similar stones were used not so much because of their hardness as for the reason they could be flaked off and fashioned into the desired shapes as arrow, lance, spear or harpoon heads, knives, saws or scrapers. The flint was to bo found in open fields, boulder beds and elsewhere, and the tribes camped 1 occasionally near the larger supplies to break ofT with rocks or hammers the quantities and sizes of flint chips needed. These were carried home, to bo flaked off and worked into shapes with the aid of sharp-pointed implements of bone. The waste and refuse of the process, as well as the tools cm- ployed in it, have often been found on the sites of early Indian dwellings. The products of the primitive industry range in size from tiny arrow tips to ceremonial spear heads more than a foot Ions . . . . m sj? $ I TOYTOWN- OPENING "S I Better Stores to $1.OO DENTON, MD. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE JOURNAL TODAY. * - » iftj FOR SALE MULES and HORSES We have a fresh carload of those pood younp, well-broken mules and horses personally selected by us from the farms of Missouri and Iowa. Some Good Brood Mares and Nice Mules WE HAVE NEVER SHIPPED A LOAD WITH AS MUCH QUALITY These Mules and Horses can be seen Saturday, December 3 at our sale stable on the main highway '/i mile north of Harrington. PHONE 35 CREADICK RAUGHLEY -:- HARRINGTON, DEI Don't starve your business and yourself by cutting ou advertising at this critical time. Remember, business goes where it is invited. Give Gifts that last year after year and Horsey's Hardware is jammed with lovely ones to select from. A whole store full of fascinating, gleaming: gifts." It could be a handy electrical appliance, a modern gas stove for kitchen or a new bike for the boy. Look them over today! GIFTS FOR ALL ELECTRIC ATORS REFRIGER- ESTATE GAS STOVES ESTATE OIL BURNERS RADIOS SUNBEAM MIXMASTER SUNBEAM TOASTERS WAFFLE IRONS WASHERS DISHES KNIVES FORKS AL'LADIN LAMPS SHOP EARLY ELECTRIC TRAINS BICYCLES TRICYCLES WAGONS AUTOMOBILES SLEDS TOOL CHESTS SKATES SOCCER AND FOOT BALLS RIFLES ANY ARTICLE RESERVED UNTIL CHRISTMAS D.RAL Tlicso activities are all supported by the sale of Christmas Seals. One of the most important factors in the fight against tuberculosis Is early diagnosis or discovering the cases before the disease has had a chance to progress. It is much easier to euro an early case than one which has become advanced and the chances of its being spread arc lessened when it is known about and being treated. The activities of the association are designed to make early diagnosis possible. There arc three groups that must be watched very carefully in order to check the spread of the disease. These groups nrc young people of school and post-school age, -parents and other adults who are in contact with children and young people, and Negroes of all ages. Children and Negroes are extremely susceptible to tuberculosis infection. In_order to eventually wipe oat the disease it will be necessary to discover all of the people afflicted'with the disease and get them und« treatment A» long ns people with the disease are circulating amongst us the spread is going to continue. g All contacts of tuberculosis, suspects or people haviag any of th* so- called "danger signals" should be examined. The "danger signals" are: · cough, indigestion, loss of weight, loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, night sweats and the expectoration of blood. The tuberculosis association fa cooperating with the doctors and health department", by maintaining Important anti-tuberculosis activities. The sale of the Christmas Seals makes tliis cooperrticn possible and gives all cit'zcns a chance to talce an active SHOP EARLY! Why not come in and make jour Christmas Gift selections from ours, the largest di=pla of DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY and SILVER, bnlli STERLING and I'LATED in the Tri-Cnuntics. A Modest Deposit Will Hold Your Choice Full Line of Stieu* Silver STURMER Since 1894 Jeweler Gift Counselor EASTON, MARYLAND ^Ar LASTING REMEMBRAN Why not give what they want most of all--JEWELRY? Gustav Good's fine selection enables you to give a distinctive Gift... for very little money. Table Silverware Several patterns in stock. All well known makes. Conic in Todayl Xmas Cards 50 for $1.00 with your name and envelopes. Use Our Lay Away Plan Ladies' Men's Watches Military Brush Set All sizes, Styles and prices The ideal gift for any man! Has zipper on fine leather case. MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM GUSTAV GOOD Phone 6 Watchmaker Jeweler DENTON. MD. Phone 55 DENTON, MD. Clear The Deck USED CAR SALE IS ON REPRICED TO MOVE Others Will Be Coming In--We Need The Room--These Must Go! OPEN EVERY EVENING 1932 Ford V-8 Coupe 1932 4-CyI. Ford Tudor 1932 Chevrolet Coacfc 1933 Chevrolet Coach 1933 Ford V-8 Phaeton 1934 Chevrolet Master Coach 1934 Ford V-8 Dclux Tudor 1937 Ford V-8 Tudor, Sportlight and Heater 1933 Pontiac 1936 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan Last Week $145 165 145 ~185 145 265 245 This Week $125 145 125. 165 125 245 24? 495 445 345 325 595 A Large Assortment of Good Used Trucks Orders Taken Now For 1939 Fords Preston Motor Co. LANE BRADCHLE Preston, Md. Phones: Day 16; Night 61 JEWS PA PER NFWSPAPFR!

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