The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1971 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1971
Page 4
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L 1 ,* \ '•> t ' i ' • (} , f StoHhjgs surprised at being replaced at A&M y SnnM«RrtiiI? ER Pfevnlledwlm the Aggie boss all through the press conference Alnbanm In \m. ... ^ 4 „ Sports Editor OOI.LUGE STATION - Gene Stnlllngs faced the press following Texas' 54-14 victory over his Aggies here Thursday totd just four hours Inter was faced with the prospect of finding a The message from University Information was relayed to the waiting press at 11 p.m. In the same room that Stallings had candidly and openly answered questions only hours before It was nowofficial-GeneStalllngs would be relieved of all athletic duties al Texas A&M on December t. When Spec Gammon, Sports Information Director at A&M called Stallings and Informed him that the press was ready for the regular post-game press conference he also asked If 0. D Wilier, chairman of the A&M Athletic Board, had contacted him. Butler had called the press room earlier hunting for Stallings to inform him of an 8 o'clock meeting between Stallings, Butler and President Jack K. Williams. Stallings knew of the meeting and asked Gammon what he thought'U meant, "It sounds bad," Gammon replied. "But it may be good, too," Stalling* said and that attitude prevailed with the Aggie boss all through the press although the pressure and strain was visible, •"t think thttl the news from the meeting will be good" Stallings told the press gathering, "t think I will finish out my contract which has one more year, t figure It front the stand- -'"t of what I would do If I were on the board. If we had kept Late 'Husker TD was 'Soon' enough NORMAN. Okla. (AP) — --*~rrtttt,tttttsttu,t,, tt ,,,,,.jr ^^ ij , . * * """ -*•»•»*»'** »<IM • r* v* v \n\ UKT uuttfu I would be for a change. The way we finished and the way we played the last five games, however, 1 would vote to keep the coach but then I am not voting," Stallings said that he thought the Aggies had the nucleus of a great team next season and that he wanted to be a part of It lie honestly felt that he would be given that chance. When asked if he felt an announcement one way or another would have helped his team against Texas. Slalllngs repeated that he had no doubt that he would stay as coach, "I didn't think It before the game and I don't think H now. I am probably the only one in here now who thinks that but 1 euess I'm just 'that dumb coach.' " Sailings said that he had one year remaining on an oral contract negotiated between former A&M President Earl Rudder and himself following the Cotton Howl win Alabama in 1968. "After we won the Southwest Conference and they extended my contract I went to General Rudder ami suggested n written contract, Stalling* wild. "|| c told me that I could be coach «t A&M for as long as I wanted to, Tliat I 'didn't need a written contract nnd ( thn( he didn't even have a written contract, I am not resigning. I am not quilling ami I don't think I've done a poor coaching job." "I really don't know what tiicyoUMf want, I have prepared the team the tot it cttuld be. I tone another year on my contract It's nn oral uwlrm-t. t haw never had n writtwi contract since I've IM.TII hem It's jmt man toman." Stalling* admilied that he had tiii-t with lYwikfcftt Williams wlw look over,for ItiicMiY in 1970 after Huddt-r's drath, ami that they hud discussed SlnHm^' future ;il A&M "He said (lint it was iim-s,Mry for us to June a |»retty gtwd season this year t asked him what Unit meant ami he juikl (hat ho couldn't lww it on Miiatinii x number of gamm b«l that we had to Lv cwti-mlm \\V «.-iil tmu utir last game svith » i-haw? to RO lo a bu«| and t Mould rail that a contnidvr" The former stutkius at ,UM have givm Malting* a rang). time for the pmt two y«u* t.ui SutlUni{« *at<| that IK- WAI Mill nure they had confidence In him. "The nliBnnl at A&M are good and I would be awfully disappointed If I thought they didn't care about our program, if they didn't get upwt with a tow. At the »ame time, however, I would be disappointed If tliey didn't »»KW a little common ' •NORMAN. Okla. (AP) — Nebraska beat Oklahoma.. .at its own game. Not only did the Cor- nhuskers defuse Oklahoma's volatile Wishbone attack, but they outrushed the nation's best rushing team 297 yards to 279. and they did it on five fewer carries. That' was the story of Thursday's classic see-saw showdown, which wound up THE BRAZUSPORTPACTS, Fret-port, Texas. SPORTS Friday, November 26.197J Clyde's TOUR SEASON DOUBLE KNIT SUITS i Clyde's Ljcft PUntitien Cxtlh > *MT <£*»*{ with top-ranked Nebraska's defending national champions turning back runner-up Oklahoma 35-31 on Jeff Kinney's fourth touchdown of the game, a two-yard thrust off left tackle with 1:38 left to play, capping a 74-yard. 5'j- minute drive. Nebraska's top rated defense, although it was stretched for -467 yards by the nation's most offensive- minded team, never snapped, and, in fact, took away the fuse that ignites the Sooner attack—the end sweeps by speedy Greg Pruilt. Meanwhile, the Nebraska offense discovered the Oklahoma defenders were vulnerable to a power play off tackle and the Cornhusfcers sent Kinncy smashing for l>t yards in the second half. "The only thing they took away from our defense was that we didn't break any 70- yarders." said quarterback Jack Mildren, Oklahoma's star performer with 30 carries If Your. Ballery has Seen It's Third Winter, Odds Are It Won't See Another ffigngvoiGage SAVE Replace U with 3 Sears 48-Month Battery Regular - - . - - J9C* £* " ^- * Catalog Sale Prie ***^************«** Battery Guarantee free replacement within 90 days of purchase if battery prove* defective. After 90 days we will replace Jt with a new battery, if defective, charging only for i the period of ownership. Your monthly charge for '• ownership will be computed by dividing th« current ' selling price laa trade-in at the time of return, j by the number of month* of guarantee, < Sizes to fit most American ca in stock for immediate deliver) of the DieHard (% S»/« Eoiy r<n/tnmit flan SutiffuUion UltttrtniM or Your Money Hark FIR«PORT IAKE JACKSON 2334451 297-7263 for 130 yards and two touchdowns and f i\ e of 10 passes for 137 yards and two more scores, "They kept up from going wide with Pruilt." "They just weren't giving us the pitchoul," said Pruitt, who gained 53 yards on 10 carries, only twice running the feared pitchout-swecp that made him the most explosive running back in the country. In effect, the only thing Nebraska took away from Oklahoma's offense was th« sparkplug. It was enough. Nebraska's defensive ends, Willie Harper and John Adkins, played wide to shut off Oklahoma's pitchouts. "We knew they had to," said Coach Bob Devancy. 'They were turning the play back into our other people. The way the defensive ends played the pitchout we copied from Missouri, which defensed Oklahoma very well. FISHING at-a-glance SUKFSIUK - A lot of reds were caught at Surfside yesterday, says Beach, Bait and Tackle. The water u a little muddy, but the weekend looks promising. QUINTANA - The sand trout were going wild at Quintana. The water is calm and it looks pretty nice for the weekend. They hope to have live bait by this afternoon for the weekend. OFFStlOHK - Bridge Harbor hasn't sent any boats out for the past three days, but they are starting to go out now. The water has calmed down so the weekend looks pretty good. , When aiked If he would meet the pr**» afterward* If the word at the meeting wax unfavorable. Stallings said lw would but that h* would rather not. "I have no thought whal.*o-«ver that the ne** will be un favorable Stalling* replied I think I know A*M pwpte better than you but I gum we'll )u»t w what twpfww If It It im favorable ( will talk to you. I have newr prfosed to talk lo tin- pre*», Imt I wmdd rather not. "A&M lm« tweit awfully good to me ami I would raltw have time to think before w>|n« anything." Then ho wouMn't b« bitter if the n«w«-wvr« bad* the <jt**i»Mi cmue from the floor, "I didn't wy that I ttouldfi'i/' ,S(allinj(.i v»W tlirw hourt «flrr wterhiit the 8 p m mcviing Mailing* v«*» out an «U,V1 Athletic fHrwtor «»d fw«U»ll nuefi ti »urpriwr to aiiyatie «•*«-«!>< him.- Nixon phones both coaches N'OKMAN, Okla, (API - Winning Coach Hob iH-^m-j and loser Chuck Kairbanks both rcwivitl tflt-jihonr ntih from President Niton Thursday sitter !«|> rankfil .Nebraska's »-3I victory over svoxtii ranked Oktehwtm The calls were about 20 minutes apart. 'iv I'rtv.itVw failed to make connection* on htj initial attrm|« to tu,»i each coach, and IVvaney and Fairbanks runl t» rvueni H,c call from a pay station Nixon asked Devawy alww the cu-itm* »ftm<- at<4 tr* Nebraska coach replied. "Yes. sir, they sold a lot of popcorn Iwiav ,\Vx«J>- IH> Nixon also asked about NebraifcVs Jan I Or;v«?'c l-.»! game with Alabama. "Alabama is a fine team, but I don I think -mr !*»•>, an- kwJtinj? past Hawaii next week," tK-vanvv rrtufwii Fairbanks, dejected when h<- beard »!»'>«! Nn.,r,-.. , -at -willed when the comux-Hon ww tiiull) trade "We lid play well," Fairbanks tuW tin- f-r,-»u)cr! I -.»j-, WO proudofour team tixlay We jusl came W ii,»-, U,. .;,„( end." Problems 'crop' up against Farmers *, It •* a* ofte ft llww »tx-fi- MM; luuJki il Ihr oil llt«- I Wit], tr^uti l)w llrwl i Jlxl llwn k'Ai 4! thr i.;«tr jrj hd. j} lluS it »».• VatvtnHre of t)w »u»] mi Usi- it»iiH* it nnnl nvi? I*(A)l Ihj! (he tntni,] >l (xitno w ilh the (ii:u- Kdllo in Vltr nnvf ugittn the h *otl !i*ut !u tUitn 4 <!t><e attrt tnv wtlrrl K Itni II So -r llotti .v« It'-v tVtton . IT, it )»rih «i Mai Mrnvt i» i* dm M II lilC(l>t> ;'.>.»> !, 31 4 Cfl.TOll o( iirvj mi 4! Trvji 'flw Cowboys strengthening lead in East division Jtl >£«<j t>< Usr j|'t-d», (w iat tlh* (J«t«lj u to Hy A.SSMCIATKD VHKSit The Dallas Cowboys twvr tighlcned their gnup on trw National Confer«nc« Knot k-aci and, by doing *o. havt thrown the West into an rvcn wilder three-way scramble. The Cowboys b«at Los Angeles ajl m one of Thursdai's National Football League g*m«s—Detroit topped Kansas City 32-21 In the other—to open a one game edge over Washington in the NKC Kast That also sent the flams skidding back into a virtual deadlock with San Krancisco in the Wcsl-and Atlanta is only half a game behind thf front-runner* The <9er» ran take sole possession of first with a victory over the New York Jets Sunday and the Falcons can stay in the race by turning back Minnesota. Sunday's other games have Washington at Philadelphia. St. Louis at the New York Giants. New Orleans against Green Bay at Milwaukee, NV* England at Bufallo, San Diego at Cincinnati, Denver at Pittsburgh. Cleveland at Houston and Baltimore at Oakland. On Monday night, Chicago visits Miami M iw« * sais! ,i(tcr H-rar Wlli|{ illf 33 JJtJl ,|!!«i (MtAtR for nuinott 'We »>»*; t; .ir.«l \<i"js a IMJ; vn.i 1 Up MR. lone (»>>•» n ilv if} 8 i* (Jim (V "( wasn't a lot. tl»ui;li. In- « run a M! t ftfWtl lor in (a Tt* IB«A xtf t, Buccettes double winners against Tigerette cagers T*-i.s> ! 1* taawit U H> Tdc the Ttjt«r«!f» «Mh t* Tiik'tuvii, UH 1 Varsity M live JV-i ii n lead IffjJU till- *i'h .tut *»Jt, < uwh fu-fi - } JV« trtt *4« I*.! !! H. ft I! ifti !hr iinu I « ntr toting i| XJ ftx ta.«<p *»8h AVM m r 4rt! iu dcdditr ijiurtrr ncnri T«fc-fu^m'» II «:r.nnb|in£ Uiu-i ••< sUetthwl t(u"« Ir-iiJ !(A I.* K In lli«- i!4iil Ilir 'li^effttc^ iu!!-.«t Hucrrtfc-. t>> »' (niiiU TJsr Uuecrtttt rikirnt twck in (Ke l (|u,:iru-r «-.>nrx *2 p<nnLt TtdrhJicn't T nuiktns; (he >!r(rH.*r n- *i!h |v t|i!hl am) thri'f in then Su«jin !<-rct-(>ii'm <t ?f •• -tr,<l thrrv inlrrcrjition. b) tVara U fur (limit T),r Virjfinij . l*i!'4t:r '» four rvtmumlt -Au in(rrc.«-|)<iom ami ' at CVar h ihr JV» Announced on nationwide TV Sullivan Heisman winner the Var»U> (nthminn 41 7 I'M » DON'T FORGET! At'BURN, AJa. <AP)-"CongratuIations Pat Sullivan." Those words were strung up on a theater marque in this small c3iTipus town, and though the students were away for Thanksgiving holidays, the theater's tribute seemed to catch the prevailing moo<j Auburn had become Heisman Trophy Town after the Tigers' senior quarterback, Patrick Joseph Sullivan was awarded the 1971 crown Thursday night. Sullivan had been sequestered in a town motel to await the announcement, which came from the Downtown Athletic Club of New York City during halftime ceremonies of the nationally televised Georgia-Georgia Tech game. The 21-year-old native of Birmingham, Ala., said he wa* dazed when he heard his name caUed, but that he was in better shape when Head Coach Kalph "Shug" Jordan drove over to the motel to pay him a compliment. "He was just real happy," Sullivan said of his coach, who is in his 21st year at the helm of the Sugar Bowl-bound Tigers. Jordan, for the most part, turned the spotlight over to the quarterback who has guided Auburn to 26 victories in 31 games over the past three years. But he did say: "Speaking for the staff and the team, we're extremely proud of Pal Sujlivan's winning the Heisman trophy. "We think he deserved it because he's had three outstanding and consistent years. The Downtown Athletic Club of New York City has done him a great honor. They certainly picked a most deserving winner in Pat Sullivan." Sullivan was also paid a compUnientary caU by his friend, Johnny Musso. whose unbeaten Alabama team collides v/Uh the OYSTERS Pint Qt & GALLON ALSO FISH -SHRIMP & DRY ICE TEXAS SEAFOOD CO. m ML BKrVOS FIKfOil limil undefeated Tigwii in Hirnnnitham Saturday Sullivan »aid Muxso. who was (ourih in l>.,ll,>!intf, wan luppy ihat he g»t the award Kd .MarinargDf Cornell (InwtH-tl S-KHM! in !)>«• IwllMirut <,tvt f'ruitl of Oklahoma *as third, lolt,,Ai.t »,> M«»*, o( Alubama and l.)-ddl MilchHI of 1'i-un State STATI FARM INSURANCf FOR IHSUHAWCC CAil BK.VJ. COMING TO ANCLETON TARA ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES PRESENT Tbi ORIGINAL NATIONAL TOURING COMPANY ran* 8 RM.-NOVEMBER 26 NTY FAIIIOItOUNDS

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