Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1941 · Page 10
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1941
Page 10
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Page Ten STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING, ILLINOIS ^e Thirteen Local Grocers Cooperating With the Government ie^S ' ^SS£^ I Buy Defense Bonds, Slogan of Retail Grocers Assn. Week Other Methods Used i To Aid Notion in Its ! Fight for Democracy '• to priorltl" of IP National A -•-'" la'ir.u o! Pftfill Orocrrs tins nHird !o thr mlri of thf 1'nitrd Ptnsr- U'^'.MSV and if tins wrrk Intmf hir,: 1 n p!"pram for thr fair of (icffii'f . tl i\mt"' stamp*. An initial quota o[ $3500000. rqnal to $10 \\ortli of stainiv: for P«ch inrirpfiidrnt un'crr in thr country, has brrn sn Under thr Iradrrr-lnp of the association, food (iralf-n- have Blrrady InMittitrd a proRrnm for return in? electricity by closing storrs fU dusk «nd by eliminating unnrrrssaiy usr of electric nurrnt In store operations. Women clerks a IT brine used more extensively to rrlrusc men for the army and for defense Industries. In addition to purchasing Sl.vooo of government bonds to aid in financing defense afforts. the association in sending promotional material to grocers carrylnR the slogan. "Take your change in saving Stamps.' Sterling and Hock Falls' 3R Independent grocers arc working as « unit in the defense work and are copcrating with the parent association in even- \vr,y possible These men largely own their own buildings. their own homes, pay taxes here and their money is spent locally, as are the wages of their employes. They '.:!>> ]<• lir-ii^- mrtiif 'o hi'i'l <i<vi n ',>'.]('' ~f!K'! f ' Is bO'.ir.:! 'n \v ;\ f; r; titTf rtltrru!'. hrt' bc< i) ;i ','}•! H'.l '!;<'• fr>i t 'hi' !h'' '• n'.' n :iir !n;h'..".< ''' h'>;fi i >r;< * • fir)".', ii i • h' nv '",' ' !':V' f |v. thr f;u t 'hrc •'\r-l\- ''jw.;;vf"i ;i> ::-!r ;•; vrjl'p.g for ir- s;!;nn :':;<• n\'-\ - f'n:-.* i' cntnlr'l rn cr- for ;; u:^; 1 ': ;:<>•. '•: nrr.r u* : f-t :v ' u>i, r 38 Food Merchants In Twin Cities Are Working With Govt. Need No Artificial Restrictions Here, Grocers Assert ] HOTV rn.inv m;;:;nri dollar* PTP • Mwnt for ;<'>'->r! hfrr j' unknov.:; 'A n ;; r- - _ n' t h' M [ ':;'!' A:* ioinir.s" in N:'*.- ''<i!j';| Kf'rvl <",-o:»-^ ''fr k 'hi'- '.vr<-r' 1:1 rui r[T'>:' '» :»Trr. ^ TO Prf"-;'!'"'M ' |?i"r-f\fl! .T':: '!.• •.'. <i;!d !i: p'-nr:al 'lie : r-i-: ::-.'!:r-'n <;!:• Mk' > rrui nl ;'.'<\f -A'/hoT a;';f!<:,Tl rr- <•* ron'flii'jc 'o ri^". A* th/* pr^ p - *tsr;rp<: fh^> tjvjfll profit j* not trtk^ r. fc"vl mpTTp.aii'* ar<* ;n OTC^T that thr n!*.!orp,fr mav rr- i ;<•> '.ook n-. ;' ti:' 1 '. 1 . n:yi rrp.f :hf> hrn^fit Pf-riinp snrl Porfe Fa!i«. prorpr- i itu rTf-.i ••• ' a:<« frifjirilv. Th^v BJ-P npirthhorh 1 I 'I'r.-^ iVwifi rfi':';,.T;!'- "f 'hr- '. ^"in- 7";'". And ' h^ir rrnj'io^rr- r .(^;i(! ?h'~ir ' it\ fir •!''.:•.; <•.':: ff|n: r :o k^ ,- niOi-pv "lt;i ! hr o'hrr mrrrhant^ o( | fin-.', r. rr-;nr • " -•• In rr,i:r. :n- -!;r i !-.n',nviin;'. . . i GOOD THINGS TO EAT AT MIEN'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET DIAMOND BRAND ENGLISH WALNUTS, hi thell. Ib JTELLO, •n ftavora, pkf. FOLGER'S COFFEE, Ib. Trv.;y....:..:;;;. SECURITY WHOLE PEELED APRICOTS, J'i site can 29c 5c 30c SECURITY -PINEAPPLE, chunks, «>i riw can BCD TRIUMPH POTATOES, IS Ib* YELLOW ONIONS, I Ibn. SOLID CABBAGE, Ik 29e 25e 4c TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT, •Ite B4/Z f or - 15c FANCY DELICIOUS APPLES, 4 Un TOP QUALITY MEATS PVJCSH CHANNEIT CATFISH, wail. Ib 40c HADDOCK FILLETS, Body for ihe-»ait.- Ib. YOUNG BEEF LIVER, Real tender, Ib 33e STEER CHUCK ROAST. V. S. Grade No. 1, *iOf» SPRING LAMB SMOULDER ROAST, *%A^ ik. «*t€ SMOKED KAUKAUNA KtUB CHEESE, per S-os. stick 31e -ALSO- WINtRMkObiekm, Oyitan, Calf Uvw, OtJf SvMI Brtidt, T«Hbrk)ii, There are 38 groceries in Sterling and Rock Fall.-, all of which, with very few exceptions, are home owned. Each employs considerable additional help, makine a total of over 100 men and women who are encaged In the food industry In the Twin-Cities. In addition, tiirre are several places of business which re- tall foods, although this is not their main business. n-.' TODAY'S MENU SUGGESTIONS By A Net*! FCHM$ '. ire. tlir;. s't crv [nr •.(•»: pi (l\f. !!'':• < worth (lir <F-.'-iv Hit; of i'5 '-i/r c: I! HI MIP.11> i>nit in the Now It Ir time to '\ir r.ervlce is ..i^ s'.ore r •:• lew fo(>d pio<)!it-i'. :'.'"- mu--; si'.ow )'•!'•!!! by coo|>erat!iik: 'Iliiv mrnns :;-.e milkman who delivers to thr homes, thf 1 butcher. (he bnkrr :h" cajidvmaker: thr poultry mavke' •.:•:'- vegetable market and thr .pecinltv store 'Mie |)iohlrm i-. a nrw one It- must show * hat from the moment the farmer turns hi.s product* over to the cannrr. bottlrr, or processor. until Uiat product Is wrspjved and delivered to the customer In the re- tall store. It is-, handled quickly efficiently. aiuf at a minimum cost At no ]>olnt in the entire Industry Is there opixirtunity. desire or chance for war-time profiteering to occur. Because of the national defense program, because of the scarcity of .some imixjited products and be| cause of rising farm prices and labor costs, retails food prices are and fi •••.!' rii; r ' r'.Tiii'ii i fi'if i-h M): ton'. « hoir^ ;.f 3; mtif.'u;-. tar: jelly, coffe^ nv.'.k brfru!. ca' 1 >:>'iC' 1 and np:>i r ra'.Rd. tea. milk IlllKlPI T..1II1 1 ) '•'''« Wl'h rfti;- ned p«'ii'. a::-i ::< < -b, riiri 1 "'^ :u>'<- rfl :i«!,i'.i>»-. hraii 1 "( f'T'. . pi '.me pi*» rnf ;»'«•. nu'.k. II yon 'Jkan- n '.uinhtiv co'.nrryi arxt humoiou' ren'.rrpiecr for \o'ir Hfll- lowr'rn part'.. ni«kr a larwe orance paper pumpkin with txu> giddy Rr.b- lins dancing beside it. Follow these *lmp!e instructions carefully Cover a wire ball frnme 10 inrhrs hi dianirter wi'.h .strips of oran?* cre|xr paj>er 10 Inches arrows the (train. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and cut each strip two or three inches shorter than the depth of the wire frame. Gather one end toeether and paste, over the top fine nl 'he fratne. Then stretch the paper do*n to the l>o!toih ring and paste in place Repeat until frame is completely covered Be i •••nr '<> (>'.(ilnp each <'np to hid' ri'.e : i .< Titrr- r>; she j)ie; lo-i* on' 1 . (toolin Hr-ad: Tlie h'c.d i< n tutif nf orance rrrjw psjier fi 1 - inchf 11 ; rirr? flnd 9 inrhe.i in < Irfimferenre P - iff !•!->'' with eotirm i>r tissu^ .i:,<i • ie w;;|i siHX)', w irr- 1 nidi from '<ip .u'.d bottom Cut Icniurf"; n.i: o? •*h;f K'.immed paper tajif (;o\et i;o«-e and nioutli .sections with black t:re;>e pnjter nntl pa^'f In place Rlack gummed dots mny Ix 1 u'-rxl for e \ < '• s Aims nnd Ix^gs: Wrap s^psratelv three No 15 wires, each 3fi each lone. ^it!i ft narrow striji of oraiiK r ne[>e pa;>^r. Wind encli wire around a larce pencil or riowl stick to form a spiral Leave two inches at on'- end of two wires unwound. Place these wires close to the surplus neck crepe below doll's head and tie all together with spool wire. Hold arm wire a; right angles to doll's body and wrap all together with orange crepe paper. Crlss-cro*s the wrapping over and under the arms to hold th r m in place. Then wrap another 18-inch piece of No. 15 ^Irc with the orange paper and insert i! in r i:-r !<v .'-iiiral. Wrap (hf onr ft'd ir; ":'!', th" !xvi\ . T?m--l M.'' 1 op;-r>-;'r rr.<i tf> lo>ni n ^' :•.;: fin ; (I C»M n }- : [. .. • : ,.- ('(*] ] O n pd •- 'h r ' £•••:. .i l i!i:i' 3 iii'hr" TI. j.ic nndj 1" '>'.'•' '.''• !'>r;c Ko'-'i '!:" '. f !!it !. r i j ! * '. •'' ;•"." I I P ;i;:'I •-!•;:! foidf-d c'i^p r,-, r : n knit' i::^ :.'- ••;> S.i;i or. r O S >-"-i!V|i p!':>- of .-..wv,, U|irl a:'d :'-rr.'Vf- Uir Df-ctl!^ Ti;<n fii'j ir; .>.'•- r R-o'iiid rio.'rs '.'. ni'.' ' !!;p .-<.:". o!il\ UMMI: n 'trip a'. El'TT ;r ;v pT|i<T .1 InC'hr.- TUfic nild 1.! oi '.") i:;<h' - s long Just heat and eat * this delicious treat FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE TWO STORES Phoiie 620 PhoMlBU F ••fllBUHIL BROCKS EHK • j Our w^y of saying Thank You' for having the pleasure i of " FREE DELIVERY—PLENTY PARKING SPACE NflTIONfll RETflll GROCERS WEEK MILLS' COFFEE , 29e Showgcr's Quality Coff«r^r Ibr27c EABLY CUP COFFEE ,.17c .No.!',can Allrile Brand Golden Bantam GRAPEFRUIT No. 1 cau 21e EVAPORATED SILVER COW or ROSE BRAND BORDEN'SMILK 3 ^ 25c NONE SUCH MMCE MEAT .2 pkgt.25e OLD TIME MMCE MEAT phf. lOc is to offer you some very special values. This week has been set aside as National Retail Grocr's Week — th week for all Independent Food Stores to really 'go to town.' ******** Serve SWIFT'S Fancy Meats and you are serving the best! SWIFT'S "Select" Chuck Roast Ib. 26c More flaw 'Cawte It's Corn Erd LESS EXPENSIVE CUTS Pot Roast Ib. 21c A food Item io me If that eld budget b LEG O'LAMB HE'LL GO FOR. DELICIOUS WITH PEAS oivCARROTS LB. PLATE or BRISKET last the thine far a food stew or with noodles'; economical too! ........ Ib. YOUNG TENDER FRESH DRESSED ..Ib. 25* Franco-Americon Spaghetti or Macaroni and the New Beef Gravy 25c HERSHEY'S COCOA } Ik 9c; Ifc. 14c •ARSHMWJ.OWS KRAFT CHEESE ....... 21k box 59e FUJI CHOP SUEY KEAD 1 TO VSC CAN Fuji Bean Sprouts Fuji Chop Suey Vegetables ..... No. 2 con 25c Tuji Chop Suty HESTIES SNli-SVNl CHOCOLATE MORSELS or BARS For TOLL HOUSE COOKIES and many other recipes 2 for 2Sc ALSO NESTLE'S LARGE BARS Almond, Milk Cbolocate, Crunch, Haceinut 2 for 25e CLORQX liquid Bleach THE SUPER BACON with the SWEET SMOKE TASTE BACON pkg.l9e lb.36e America'* Favorite For , Breakfast. Lunch or Dinner SWEET an* SUCCULENT LEAN, TENDER PORK STEAK BOSTON BUTT •r FIRST CUT rORK LOIN ROAST ...... , b 27' .b 24' with MW tart »pplt UHCC. BREAKFAST SPECIAL... KRAFTS MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING ' lit, ,*. Mr, Frawh _ Mia, . 17 Vie Bstkrao SWIFT'S PREMIUM SPRING CHICKEN TENDER Swift's LHKS. Ik 36c JUST FRESHLY GROUND BEEF IK SIRLOIN mr SWISS STEAK. TENDER, JUICY. SWIFT SELECT ...... Ik. Fruits and Vegetable i • i ••^ 3 con* 20c SWEET POTATOES ££.„ Aj|BBAA|] SOLID, GREEN IMBPMK MEDIUM SIZE HEADS Hill LETTUCE FANC1 Ql AUT¥ !•••••• 1*• • U1H. CRISP. FIRM .... U, S. NO. 1 RED TRIUMPH EATMOR BRAND GOLD BUCKLE Lft. SWEET. JUICY ...8ia* NEIV TEXAS £ TJilTlilillA!«ls".Z'.'.4 O Ita. 3 it*. peck an (amps BEANS MILK & S In WE HEARTILY ENDORSE National Retail INDEPENDENT Grocers Week! AO A UlllnKi For • coollnif, invljt- oratlnc eonqvcror of thirst, you can't brat p«rc pasteurised milk. It's a perfect plrk- ) V mr-up for when you're feeling under the LJL \£) that statement DRINK MORE MILK, there is the answer to a hundred questions. "How can I be strong?'* •—"How can I keep going?" — these and many more all answered by the same three words. Milk supplies in abundance the energy and vitality so necessary to us. It builds young bodies to be strong — it weather. A5 A rUUlJi A glass of Rock Fails Dairy milk with every meal or between meals will do a real job of supplying you with the nutritional elements so necessary t* food health. edge and keeps mature mwids, constantly on the alert. Milk is the one drink that not only satisfies your thirst but rewards you in the form of more radiant health. MAKE MILK A REGULAR HABIT AT YOUR TABLE. Complete Lint of Pasteimzd Dairy Protocfc ROCK FALLS DAIRY 105 E. THIRD ST. ROCK FALLS PHONE 913 SHORTENING OCTOBER 24-25 We Celebrate With Values Durinj National Graccn' Week BUTTER 36'*. FRIDAY & SATURDAY PMEIPPLE-Croshd-9 oz. Tins . . 3 for 25 C PBMPKIII-lifcfcy't or M & White . 2 N TS^ 25 C TOMATOES-Reai Sly-Mo. I Tint . 3 for 25 C HILLS BROS. COFFEE . 77T OXYOOL . ^~ — . . v br Schulze's Saltine Soda Crackers. 2 Ib. pk£. . 29 SchuIzeV Vanilla "*" Sandwich Cookies. 2 Ibs. Shortening. Red & White, 3 Ib. tin ... 57' Our Value Cocoa, 2 Ib. pk* 19' Pancake Flour, "Brimful", 5 Ib. sack 21 BIRDS EYE AT DEVINE'S ONLY Strawberries ...... per box 25c Cut Corn , per box Me Waffle Syrupr O &f Tennanr. 2 Ib. bot CO Honie Stvie. No. 2» .. tin 25' Grapefruit. Red & White. No. 2 tins. 2 for Kidney Beans, R^d— OCft & White. No. 2 tins. 2 forgQ* Cake Flour, Red & 4 A fi White. 2-V. Ib. ?>kg. .... I SI AT CONNELL'S ONLY PORK LOIN ROAST, *%<*!_* 210*1/2 Ib.avg.,.. Ib. ••£• 2 Smoked Bacon Square* .. Ib. 17c Tenderized Steak* ...... Ib. 29e CAULIFLOWER, lane head ea. Ife GRAPEFRUIT. Texa« Seedless .... 4 for Ifc- CRANBERRIES. Eatmor. Brand ot. 17c CARROTS, Calif 2 bchs. 13e LETTUCE, large bead* ,t for 17o TOKAY GRAPES t Uw, 17o Ctutll's Crtcory, 1205 L 4lh St - Phono 304 Boviies Grecftf, 317 1st Aft. - Pkno 350 1 \ 1 RED& WHITE

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