The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 7, 1966 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1966
Page 3
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Monday, March 7. 1966 Consumer Credit Course To Be Taught At REL A consumer credit and collection course, sponsored by the University of Texas, wilj be taught here beginning March 14 at the Robert E. Lee High School student commons. The 10-hour lecture course will be held from 7 p.m. to 9:30 pjrt. for four nights. Subjects will include interviewing, investigation, opening and rejecting accounts, collections, account control, skip tracing. Texas chock laws and various business needs. Representatives from Baytown business firms, financial institutions, service organizations, medical, dental and hospital offices are'invited to take the course. The on]y expense will be a 54 fee to cover cost of materials. Interested persons may obtain move information by calling the Credit Bureau, phone 5S3-171L Persc-r-s may pre - register or may pay to take the course on the opening night- AVOID THE RUSH! HAVE YOUR CAR INSPECTED NOW. Save Now ONLY-- More Days To Save By The 10th and Earn a Full Months Dividend March 31sf DIVIDENDS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR WE HAVE FREE GIFT FOR YOU!! When You Open An Account Of 25°° or more... OR Add S 25°° or More To Your Present Account HARRIS COUNTY Federal Savings & Loan Association 37 Years of Solid Service "Save Wnera Thousands Save Miffions 1 " IF YOU ARE 65 OR OVER BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELDS SENIOR TEXAN COMPANION SERVICE Is a Low Cost Program that ties in with Medicare to give you a Protection Value Never Before Possible Texans 65 and over in good health now can have a be without it. Benefits begin when Medicare benefits prepaid health-protection plan that will be the envy of begin — July 1. 1966. millions. At a total cost so low, it is without doubt the The cost is unbelievably low: For Senior Texan greatest value in health-care protection the U.S. has -Basic." only S3.75 per month; for Senior Texan "Major ever seen. Study the outline of benefits below — showing what Medicare will, and will not do. You need more than Medicare! Then read carefully what Blue Cross-Blue Medical," only S6.75 per month. Send in Application Now! This offer will be open to the general public for a Shield's Senior Texan Companion Service does in column limited time only. Don't delay. At the bottom of this page 2 and column 3, below. With either Senior Texan "Basic" (column 2 below) or Senior Texan "Major Medical" (column 3 below). tied in to Medicare benefits, you will have a low-cost health-care program value simply never possible before; surely no Texan in good health, over 65, can afford to Is an application form. Fill it out carefully, indicating "Basic" or "Major Medical," sign it. and mail ii today to: BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD Main at North Central Expressway Dallas, Texas 75222 READ THESE FACTS ABOUT MEDICARES There are two parts to Medicare; note details carefully in Column 1 below. Part "A" provides mainly hospital services (beginning July 1, 1966} and nursing home services (beginning January 1. 1967) ; and some home health calls (visiting nurse, physical therapist, etc.) are available following a hospital illness. Part "A" provides nothing for doctor bills. Part "A" is automatic for those now receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits. Others must apply to Sccia! Security, giving proof of age- Fart "B" is mainly to help pay doctor bills and other medical services. To qualify for this, everyone must enrol! at hi? or her nearest Social Security The cost is S3 per month; Social Security will instruct you how to pay. The deadline is March 31st for those now 65. Caution: unless you are enrolled undef both parts of Medicare, you will of course have to provide those benefits yourself, since Senior Texan Companion Service begins where Medicare leaves off. It is plainly to your advantage tp enroll for Medicare, both Parts "A" and "B." WHAT MEDICARE PART "A" WILL — AND WILL NOT DO "!n-hosp'rt3l"Care Provides partial payment for up to 90 days in hospital, including room, board, general nursing services, all sther in-patient hospital services, semi-private room (private room only when medically required! Does not pay first J40 After 60 days does not pay all — patient must pay $10 per day Pays nothing after 90 days "Out-Patient" Hospital Diagnostic Services Provides partial payment for hospital services for a diagnostic study provided during a 20-day period. Does not pay the first $20 After first $20. pays 80° 0 "Out-Patient" Hospital Emergency Room and Minor Surgery Service Does not pay anything" 'Partial benefits provided under Medicare. Part "B". described below Where Benefits Available? Only in U S. and possesions Post-Hospital Extended Care Services (Approved Skilled Nursing Home Care) Provides partial payment lor iOO cays ioliowing a hospital stay of 3 days or longer After first 20 days patient must pay $5 per day Posl-Hospital Home Health Services Pays for 100 home vistis by nurse, physical therapist, etc . within a year following hospital or extended care stay of 3 or more days ... Blood for Transfusions Pays for blood after first 3 pints Hospital Psychiatric Services Same as regular hospital benefits, but lifetime maximum of !90 days of benefits in psychiatric hospital only WHAT MEDICARE PART "B" WILL — AND WILL NOT DO Physicians' and Surgeons' Services, Home Health Services, Other Medical and Hearth Services Does not pay first S50 in each calendar year THEREAFTER For Physicians' and Surgeons' services Pays SO C0 of reasonable charges For Home Health Services Pays 8Q°o of reasonable charges for up to 100 visits or services in a calendar year For Other Medical and Health Services Pays S0° 0 of reasonable charges for out-of hospital surgical dressings, casts, splints, certain ambulance service oxygen equipment rental, artificial limbs, prosthetic devices, etc •And use of hospital services including emergency room if incident to physicians' services to out-patients Out-of-Hospital Psychiatric Services After $50 deductible (above) has been paid — Provides up to $250 during calendar year, or 50 DS of charges — whichever is smaller WHAT SENIOR TEXAN (BASIC) DOES COST PER MONTH $3.75 ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^_^_^^__^^__^^^^^^^^_^ J _ M _ J ___^.^ OR WHAT SENIOR TEXAN (MAJOR MEDICAL) DOES COST PER MONTH $6.75 Pays that first S40 for you! Pays that $10 per day for you! Extends your stay, paid in full, for another 30 days —making a total possible stay of up to 120 days! (Private room when medically required) Pays that S20 for you! Pays that 20° 0 balance for you! Pays all hospital charges for emergency care resulting from accidental injury within 72 hours of accident:' Pays all hospital charges for minor surgery on the day surgery is performed" 'Except those charges paid by Medicare Part "B" Pays benefits anywhere in the world —and outside U.S.A. and possessions will include benefits Medicare would have paid in U.S.A. in addition to Senior Texan (Basic) benefits. No coverage — Medicare considered adequate. No coverage — Medicare considered adequate. . No coverage — Medicare considered adequate. Same as regular hospital benefits: but no benefits after 190 days Of confinement {in psychiatric hospital or psychiatric ward of general hospital) Does not pay first S50 -? ; doctor bills in each calendar year After $50 for physicians' services (services in home, office, or hospital apply) is paid — THEN Pays that 20% balance not paid by Medicare for you for physicians and surgeons cnarges for services in the hospital. No coverage — Medicare considered adequate. No coverage — Medicare considered adequate. Pays balance as described above* No coverage — Medicare considered adequate. Lets patient pay first S50 of nospitai " ooctor bills Let; Mec^e D an • A and Part "B" provide the benefits listed m Column I. at isti — THEN — Pays 80 a5 of just aoout a~y anc a:! ~edicai expense supphec or prescribed by hospital or iccic r up t- S5 000 in =ny ens year or 510.000 in a lifetime — including, but net hrnnee it: Up to 355 days in the hospital: Private duty nurse Ahiie in the hcspiiai. up to 2-0 hours ir- any cs.e-ca- year Private room (up to S25 per day): Hospital care for Uibsrcuiosis and nervous cr rnenrai disorders: Blood and plasma: Doctors services in or out of the hospital : .escspt psycmatric care iiTitea 10 i:^- additicnai S10 00 pe- *?=* over Medicare Part "B" benefits^: Ambulance service artificial limbs, braces and appliances: Laboratory. X-ray, and radiology: Physical therapy in the riospitai: Oxygen at home: Provides these benefits anywhere in the world and outside the U.S.A.. will include S0= s of the hospital benefits Vieaicare A" wouic have Divided in the U.S.. and S0" = of the lector expense — •-• ::re: A:-:GS. wra: Medicare Part "3" wodd nave p-avidea in the US. — - season ::• si! tr-e be-e^ts listen cbcve <-c; pnviced bv Medicare'! EXCLUSIONS: Out cf-rosrjits; ::res:r:::<c- orugs -- rswg norne care sre excluded. D'US some j'he' miner services *ni" 3r S explained i" detail in you" "errbe'ShiE :rjnt'ac! Don't Delay! Fill out the Application Form below, indicate which service you desire, enclose one mont OUR GUARANTEE It is impossible to give all the details of Senior Texan Companion Service, even in this large ;id. But — apply now; and when you receive your Senior Texan contract, read it carefully. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the contract any time within ten days, and your money will be refunded in full. r Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Texas BLUE CROSS BUILDING - DALLAS. TEXAS 75222 C M G- BS Pt£AS£ PfilKT All INFORMATION Lest Nome F.rst No Initial (AS FULLY DESCRIBED. WITH EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS. IN THE MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT; To the best of your knowledge, ore you Dote Home Address City ZIP Code Coonry Stare Group = Ceit>f<ate = Location of Blue Cross Pksn COMPlfTE If you now hove Blue Cross " 1 h«r*by apply to Group Hospital S*rvk«, Inc., and Group Life and Health Insurance Company for: SENIOR TEXAN COMPANION SERVICE: (0*** ONE bo, .0 «id«are rOU f cSoke) _CMECH PAYMENTj^ETHOO .__ Monthly Semt-onnuaffy ;~~ Quarterly ~ Annually [""] MO|Or medico! (a $3-75 per month, (a $6.75 per month. T>»e health statement on the righ! i* o port of my application. I understand and agree thai !f my application ti accepted, benefits will be effective from the dote of contract to be issued to me. which will set forJh (he benefit? to be received and the conditions under which »hey will be node available. All jTalemenfs herein shall. in the abtence of fraud, be deemed representations ond nol warranties. APO.-STCS . Date _.. HEALTH STATEMIMT Yei or No 1 : Check each of the faltering conditions ~hicn you now have, or have hcd: 1 Ccncer rt^n b'Ooei Dr*ssu<e _ <-dney or oiccder rroub'e — • ToberculOS.S ~ f j * rv ou» or mental .lines! _ Moior ooero'ions 0«3betes ~~ Lung coodit.o^s ^ Ferrici* disorders Heart disecse ~ Prostc'e rroubie ~ Severe full givng ac?es. If you have checked c--.y of the healm conditions piecse expio.n checked write the word "none" below. Nome of your family physician . - .. - City i authorize my doctor to give Blue Cross-Blue Sh.elc any information covering my past or present heoirh corvdition. .^mm— SIGN AND DATE A- PLEASE REMIT ONE MONTH'S DUES I I J

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