Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 18, 1897 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1897
Page 11
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SECOND STERLING, ILtlNOIS, MABOH 18, 1891 I ARDlTIONAfc PEK8OJKALS. I- X*. ft-',. —Arthur Fisher, of Rockford, is a candidate for Colonel ot the Third Beglment, Illinois National Guard, —John Klgier, of Jordan, Is busy shelling a large quantity of corn Which he is delivering to one of the local buyers. . •-.' —Nelson Jacobs brought nine fat hogs to the city Monday that averaged 818 pounds. He sold them- to a shipper, , , —Jake Hemblock is mourning the loss of a pocketbook. The wallet contained about seven dollars and, some valuable receipts, • —Sunday was a glorious day for the ' Salvation Army. Six. souls were born into the Kingdom of God.' The war 'against the devil has begun in earnest, —Capt. L. L. Wheeler says that some of the new work on the Hennepln ..Canal Is in great danger from the pres- "ent ice gorge. If the gorge in Kock Blver breaks suddenly, it IB likely to do untold damage. ~ « . —A man drove his team Into the Northwestern gates on First avenue Monday and would have had a serious time of It had it not been for the . prompt assistance of Gatekeeper Beh"rends." No serious damage was done: • —Herbert E. Brown's new book, "Betsey #age.on the New Woman," 'dedicated (otfie henpecked husbands, Id out. Mr. Brown is a Morrison man, the author of "Betsey Jane on Wheels," and a large sale IB predicted for his new work. \ ' ' T-A meeting 'of the Executive Com, mittee of the State Dairymen's Assocl- " atlon ir&a held at DeKalb Thursday, the five members being present. Their .work consisted in settling up all unfinished business of the recent meeting of the association at that place. —Dlxon Star: The railroads have decided to sell tickets to theG. A. R. encampment at Galeeburg at one fare for - the round trip. The encampment is to be held May 4 to 0, and tickets will be fc* Bold May 8, good to return until 'the « eighth. The tickets are riot good . to r , stop over at immediate points. ^-Tbe harness worn by Charlie Shra"der's team, at the time they were drowned in/the EjkhorA;a ; few days ~~kgo, l8~atTdwier f B"barness shop forre- 'palrs, It is not damaged much when r it Is considered that it was dragged ' through runningice and over abound' Ing snags that jftll the bed. of the creek. • '—The Whlteslde County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday noon in Morrison. This Is the last session over which A. BY Hendrlcks will preside as ' - Chairman, and it Is the last session for " , Messrs. Overholser and Weatherbee of John O'Brien, of Como, is raported very ill. A son of Mf. and Mrs. Ell Hess Is reported ill of lung fever. 8. A. Maxwell, of Morrison, was In the city Friday afternoon on business. Abram Wolf purchased a load of furniture Saturday for his new home near Coleta. ,.-'•' Mrs. Elmer Fltzslmmona.of Jacksonville, 111., is a guest of her brother, J. A. Kllgour. E. N, Marden, of W.oosung, • spent Monday In this' city where he transacted business. • J. E. Eckel, of Milledgeville, drove down to the city Friday, Where he transacted business. ..'...-_ Charlie Shaw, of Prophetatown, was transacting business and visiting with friends in this city Friday. Mrs. T. N. Shoemaker and daughter of HaeelhurBt, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Shultz. John Blank, of Jordan, brought five fat hogs to market In the city Thursday that averaged 325 pounds. 0. A. Stults, of Zanesyille, Ohio, arrived in the"clty last Monday and Is vis- itlng at the homeuf his brother-ln-laWj A. H. Dillon. George L. Werntz arrived here from Chicago Monday evening. He was called to Sterling by the death of Mrs John Werntz. Charles.Detra, of Malvern, was In the city Thursday attending to some business connected with his office, that of tax collecting. / . , Mrs. M. C. Graham and little son ar rived home Saturday evening from Shannon, where they have been visit Ing for the past week. William Kllgour, a student at th Northwestern Law School, came home Saturday night, for a brief visit with his brother, J. A. Kllgour. ., Mrs. Carrie Koffman, of Lyndon with her son ajnd daughter, Georg and Maude, spent Saturday and Sun day In this city with friends ' Dr. : J. B. Patterson returned to hla home in Council Bluffs Saturday eve nlng. He came bere to attend the f u neral of Aunt Ann McJimsey. \ J., C. Licklnger, 6f~ChBmbersburgr THE CITY ELKfTIOX. USUAL ELECTION ORDINANCE PASSED MONDAY NIGHT. ThsVotlns: Vlf»cei! nnrt Judge* nnd C!erh» of Election are Nataed— Election- to b« HeM on the Third Tnetdsy In April— "The Offices to be Filled. KNIGHTS OF THE GLOBE. Fofcr Snbordlnato Bankn Conferred Upon Three Candidate*. Although Monday was a special meeting of Sterling Garrison, No. 83, K. of G., there was a large attendance and all manifested a deep Interest In he order. The work of the [evening was the conferring of the four subordinate tanks on three candidates,, and the rank staff did their work in an ef- lecting manner, which called forth several commendations. One.who is thoroughly acquainted with the ritualistic work of several orders, declared he had seldom seen more forcible and dignified work. The beautiful and Impressive ritual affords little opportunity for by-play and nonsense, but is of a military and imposing character and the trained rank at^ff are second 'to none in conferring the work. After the initiatory work was done, a light lunch was-served In the ante-room.: There was -no business transacted, but the adjutant read an invitation from Morrison Garrison Inviting the Sir Knights to join in their banquet on Thursday evening next. : On next Monday night Sterling Garrison will hold its semi-annual election and a full attendance Is expected. -The^Valiant .-Knights go to/1 Bock. Falls Wednesday night -to assist in conferring thla higher rank of the order. The usual flection ordinance was passed by the City Council Monday evening. The Toting places will be BB usual— Itt the First Ward at Lincoln Park Hall; in the Second, . at the Boynton Eouee; In the Third at the City Hall; in the Fourth, at B. Champion's office; in the Fifth at the Wallace School. The judges and clerkaare as follows: First Ward, N. A. Thomas, Henry Werle, Ervin Bauder, Judges; John Lingel and Charles Walzer, Clerks; Second, John W. Niles, Elchard Keeney, Henry LeFever, Judges: William Lightcap and" Julius C. Stoddard, Clerks; Third, John Goltman, John Myers, Noah,L. Heckman, Judges; Fred Stubbe and Frank Cubitt, Clerks; Fourth, Alexander McCloy, E. E. Andrews, Newton Carpenter, Judges; Charles A. Davis and Louis Oltmans, Clerks; Fifth, N. Gaulrapp, Sr., Timothy O'llourk, Michael T.E'gan, Judges; John Byers and C. H. Stine, Clerks. ' The date .of the election is the third Tuesday in April, A' Mayor, Clerk, Attorney, Treasurer, and an Alderman In each ward will be elected, and in the Second Ward a second Alderman to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Alderman Haskell will be elected. _ ' . * t THEY'RE WAY UP IN.ITHE AIR i»&^ NEVER BROKE AN EGG. The Murrn Family of Oregon IB One of I, Long Drawn Out.:-A Pa., arrived In Sterling last 'Thursday. He went to Pralrleville to the home of Mr. and "Mra.'Anson Thummel. " Mrs. George K Werntz arrived' here from Chicago Thursday evening. She was summoned on account of the serious Illness of Mrs; John Werntz; . Charles Danreiter.of New York City, arrived In the city Wednesday, night for a visit with his son.O. P. Danrelter, and his nephews, M. W. and H. C. Jack Itourk and IIU Now Team Have an Exciting: Ttme. Jack Kourk, the genial dellveryman for Bourk Bros.' grocery, had an exciting time of it Monday afternoon. The new team he has been proudly driving about the streets of the city for the past few days, ran away. In jumping out of the wagon, Jack slipped and fell down; this frightened one of the horses, which, after giving-the gentleman a slight kick in the head, started to run. The team made a lively dash for a little while, but the wild flight was finally stopped by a coal shed< The end of this Imposing structure was knocked out and the double tree and neck yoke of the wagon were broken. Aside from, this no other damage .was done. In the wagon there was a lot of eggs, and, wonderful to relate, not, a single Be~wBrbTokenin-the-meiee.-—On the whole, Jack may consider that bis runway was an especially fortunate one. HE WAS FROM CHICAGO. The sessionr--wIH^pro6Sbiy "last two days, :'."'-•':..;•.. ." ;' '/; ' . • • "• • —Capt. L. L. Wheeler,states that the Sundry 'Civil Bill, which provides for an appropriation of .81,000,000 for the wo*k on the Hennepln Canal was introduced into the House of Representatives Monday afternoon. He also ex- pressee the '"opinion that the bill will pass through Congress and be placed in the bands of the President within a week. ' • "..' ••:.. '•.'• ;': ; ,. . •-. r«-The Vassar girls the other evening discussed the question: "Does higher education unfit a man for matrimony ?" and decided In the affirmative. They seemed to think that a,man full of Greek roots and Hebrew hieroglyphics would not want to walk tbe floor at ' night when the baby was cutting teeth • or bad the colic. There may be something in it. , % —Somebody bad a c,bicken dinner— and a good one too—on W, W. Wabl, tbe butcher, Saturday./. Mr. Wabl • hung some fine chickens on the book ia front of bis store Friday, and in the Evening some one stole one of the. best in the lot, Mr. Wahl Is pretty sure he knows the offender and he gives him fate warning not to repeat the misdemeanor. *-wQur people here remember: Mrs. Eacbel Snook who used to live beje, A few Unes from be* son, J. M. Plum• insr, esys that Mrs. Snoofc; is quite • well." Bh^e goes visiting and to .town frequently. She Is now busy making a crazy quilt to be the best one In the neighborhood, Joaiah is one of the • grangers who are not worried dver E. N. Clark has received the latest In portable cameras which seems £0 have reached the culmination of combined with all the teat go to make up ft first e»», b« leaded in the open air in for Tb«t 0«se is a Mrs. George Baker left Thursday f or her'"'home In Chambersburg, Pa. She has been -visiting in this city some time, the guest of Mr; ,and Mrs. John A.Grpve./ "• • ./;..: •' -..-.-'• >.-••-. ',.. Ellas Burkholder returned from Pennsylvania, whither he went with a car load of horses. He says he did well, but the times are harder there than in the West. . ' ' Ed Klosterman, son of George Klosterman, of Pralrievllle, left Sunday for Marshalltown, la., where be will make bin home with his sister, Mrs. H. L. Wetherbee. . ' Mr,' and Mrs. Herbert Brigga arrived in the city last evening and are guests at the home of Frank Brlggs. They are on their way from Kansas City to their home in Belolt. . 'H. H. Lee, of Polo, passed through the city Monday' on his way to Erie. He will remain there several days and bunt the feattve'duqk.which has began Its spring migration to the North. Horace Brubaker, of Jordan,' was able to be down to the city Saturday for the first time since hia Illness. He Bays that bis wife la recovering slowly and is now able to be about the house. Mr, and Mrs. E.'JE. Runkel.who have been visiting a abort time with Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Philips, have left for their home in Tellurjde, Col, They are 're turning from an extended visit with relative and friends in "the $a*t. Misses Anna and Eva Hoover, who haye been vieiting f rlenda ip Pennsylvania for the past three months, arriv ed in the city Fdday. They were ko companied by a cousin, Mies Blanche Groff, of New Providence, Pa., who will make an extended visit here. Albert Fisher, who has been a gues of friends in this vicinity for eome time past, left for Chicago Saturday morning, Mr. Fisher was f orsusrly reaideut ift Meb»«8k», but htia lately niuoh of bis tJcat} to Be expeetft t» return to Buyypf shortly joto Wf st1t*, wi» U And That Aocouuts For This Boy's Paraphrase of III* Primer Lesson. Ah exercise In one of the primary departments of the Sterling schools is a irimer lesson which the pupil reads, and Is then asked to explain-in his own anguag^ the meaning of what tie has read. The lesson on a certain morning :ecently was as follows: "See the cpwV Isn't she pretty ? Can she run ? Oh yes. an she run as fast as a horse? No, she cannot," ; One bright faced little boy, who recently came here with' his'parents from Chicago, is a member of the class and was called upon by the teacher to explain the lesson. He looked intently it the picture of the cow for a moment and then surprised everyone with the following: "Git onto de cow? Ain't she a-beaut?,Can she.gtt a move pa? Sure, Can she hump herself wid de boss? Naw, she ain't in it wld de boss, see?" THE HAMILLS ENTERTAIN. We doubt, says the Oregon Republican. whether_there are many residents In Ogle county that are aware that there resides in our county a family that is remarkable for their length, it It is un- common'to find a family of eight, father, mother and six children, that not one of them are below the six-foot notch; but such a family Is that of J.ohri Murra, residing, near Adeline in Maryland township. The head, of the family came from Germany close to twenty years ago, and located in Ogle county. la his younger days h'e measured a,lx feet and four inches in height. His good wife, Katrina Murra, Is even six feet tall, but this is an age of Improvement which Is amply demonstrated in the rising generation of the Murra family. Fin Murra, aged twen- ty-twq'years, measures "six 'feet four Inches. Dick Murra ia twenty years of age and has ranched the six feet three notch. The next boy, Evert Murra, is nineteen years old, but has got a long start of the rest of the boys from a perpendicular standpoint, his height being six feet, eleven and one fourth inches, and is rapidly-shooting skyward. He Is a slender boy,' but notwithstanding, this fact, he tips the scales at an even two hundred; wears number twelve .shoes, and the clothing men in Northern Illinois tumble their stock all over hunting for a forty inch coat sleeve and a forty-three inch pant, seam measurement, with which to protect him from the chilling blasts'of the wlntry~wlnd8r~• ~~. The next son, John, is the baby, aged thirteen years,and his height is.even six feet. The two daughters have not attained the height their brothers have. Tlnne.'tiged gjx feet and Mrs. Elta Trull, her married sister, is six feet two inches. KAOIOAU.Y CATARRH It clears the head of fonl taacoos; neata the sores and -ulcers of the head and throat; sweetens the breath, and perfectly restores the eensea of the taste, smell b end hearing. Stops headache and dropping into the throat. Also destroys the germ whicli canses HAY FEVER, tnakirfe a perfect cure in a few days. Never fails I No fatal case of LA. GRIPPE ever known where Brazilian Balm was faithfully used. It destroys the grippe g(Srm and quickly removes : all the after bad effect IN PA LLIB LE'in ASTHMA, CROUP, BRONCHITIS, PLEURISY. PNEUMONIA, Dvsn:r;;tA, RHEUMATISM, .TYPIIOIO and .SCARLET FEVER, MEASLES, and any disease -where there is Inflammation, Fever or Congestion. Greatest, relief in Consumption ever discovered. ', -,;•• __ liSiJCuresa Frosh Cc!d in onoday; ssops EARACHE In 2 nllnutes. Stops rln;;ln;; la the head and relieves der»fness. AOBII injection Invaluable In female troublca. For out\v;irtl use hnals Cuts, Soros ntul Burnsllk'j magic. I'jre- Tent.3 lock-jaw irom wounds. QUICK CL/kB FOR CONSTIPATION AND PILES. Its Healing Power is Almost Miraculous. The Bbst Family Medicine in Existence. 00 Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or Two Weeks Treatment for Catarrls. S/.OO BOTTLE EQUALS THREE GOo, BOTTLES. HOWIE TESTIMONIALS: "Brazilian Balm cured me of inveterate catarrh which I had for over 20 years. It Is the most -wonderful triumph of medical science."— Gcn.J. Parks Pasties. "In, croup, cold and the-worst form of gripp we have found Brazilian Balm invaluable." —Jtto. W. S. Soothe, D. D., Pastor Del. Ave. Bcfp. CA. "Mrs. Lore has used the Brazilian Balm and thinks it did her much good."— Hon. C/tas. B. Lore, Chicfjus. of Del. "One bottle of Brazilian Balm cured a friend of mine of hay feveh"— TAos. M. Culberi. "I was very deaf for 10 years from catarrh. Brazilian Balm applied •warm In my ears every day soon restored my hearing."— Mrs. John Scotten, Chester, Pa. "It is the best thing for dyspepsia 1 ever saw tried."— -Jttdge Edward Woottat. "I was ,worn almost to the grave with a racking cough that all the remedies and the doctors failed to relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Brazilian Balnv It shall be my doctor through' life!"— Mrs. J. Galloway, Pottstown, Pa. "I was fearfully crippled up with rheumatism, could.not get my hand to my head. I took ten 50- cent bottles of Brazilian Balm in six months. Am now entirely cured J and as nimble as I was at forty.-"— Anson Burrell, aged 84. A lady in Cincinnati was tso afflicted with asthma that during the winter for seventeen years'phe wad unable to sleep lying down, was entirely and permanently cured with Brazilian Balm. SOLD &*£?££!? ISTS B, Pi MKSON i CO,, Indianapolis, Infl. PXJEUKISYQUICKI/y CUBED. I have suffered the most .excruciating pains in the side. The Doctor said it was Pleurisy: The Brazilian Balm gave me almost instant relief ivheti everything else failed,and permanently cured me. I took it and had some watmed and rubbed on strong. . • MRS. EMZAUETH PARCELS, , Marcus Hook, Pa. Olve 8h»kesj>erean Readings at the , Lutheran Church, 8.3. Hatnlll and daughter, Miss Minnie , Hamlll, gave an elocutionary entertainment in .the Lutheran church Monday tveniag. The audience was large, nearly every seat in the church being taken. The program was varied and pleasing* Mr. and Misa Hamiil are artists, their Shakeaperean Imperaona- tiona being very ^excellently rendered, There were a number of selections of a lighter nature.all given IDA highly artistic manner. •Members of the audience epea.k In highest terms of the elocutionary abilities of the lady and gentleman. Mr. and Miss Hamiil have conducted a class in elocution at the bterling School for the past two weeks. SALARIES NOT TO BE CUT. MAKES M'KINLEY A MEMBER. The Ordinance by the City Council. The City Council held a short session Monday evening. The resolution re- ducingDie salaries pf city officers was defeated. When it was presented to the Council Alderman Quick pffered as a eubaUSute a res^lutioo which post poced ttctioa oa t^$ matter until % ijt)w Couacll be el«ot@d, ar in othcf words, will probably not Zetetlct Spclety of Kaox Academy Thus • . Acts, Galesburg Mall: President William McKlnley has at last an honor thrbst upon him, It is by no means a email honor, either, for if the invitation be accepted, the chief executive of this country will be a member of one of the most noted literary clans in .this part of the country. At a meeting of the Zeteticl Society, of Knox academy the other evening, Major MoKinley was elected an honorary • member of that august organization, and a letter In* forming him of that fact has been fcr- warded to the executive mansion. The preps a/e now waiting in fear and trembling for the reply accepting the honor, The members of the E. O. D. Society of the name institution are unkind enough to remark that the Zetets are Irving to pull the President's leg for an initiation fee. Consumption Cured. ' - BROUGHT BACK FROM THB GRAVE. Last 'November Mr. Joseph James, painter, of 325 W. Pearl St., Indianapolis, Ind,, death's door with qui^ consumption; Wasted to a skeleton; fiis lungs aMnass of ulceration; his death was hourly awaited by his doctor and family. He was kept in a constant stupor with opium,. A friend, thinking to relieve his terrible cough, gave him a bottle of Brazilian Balm. Seeing its wonderful effect, the doctor advised ita continued use. Mr. James soon after dismissed his doctor, and depended on the Balm,alone. His recovery was rapid and complete, and in February he returned to work. His lungs are sound, and his weight greater than at any time in his life. His recovery, is regarded as almost a miracle. The fat undertaker,' • Who plants by the acre, Poor victims of couch and cold. Is sighing and cryinp, For we've nil stopped dyin Since Brazilian Balm was sold. And for those who desire Not just yet to go higher . It is worth Its .weight in gold. Had Catarrh 3O Years. Josiah Bacon, conductor on the P. W. & B. R. R., says. "I had suffered with catarrh for 36 years and regarded my • case as hopeless. One day I saw the testimonial of Geo. H. Hearn in a Brazilian Balm circular. Hearn was!the engineer on my train and I knew his case was desperate. I talked with Hearn and his cure gave me hope.r I began, the use of the Balm at once. There wa» not much change for the first two months but then I Began to improve and in six months, to my inexpressible satisfaction^ ' I was entirely cured." DEATH 'OF A LITTLE ONE. Elevtiu-Moutlus-Old Child of John Kiturk . Pu»ao« Away, : The death of tlie'elevea-month.s-old a,on of Mr. and Mrs, John Eourk took place Monday evening shortly before 8 o'clock. The cause of death was brain fevei\ caused by a severe attack of whooping cough. This is the second aillictiou of this nature that baa came to the family within a month; their little daughter tiled about three ago. The funeral was held this noon at 3 o'clock at St. i'atrloit's church. for COMMA. BACILLUS. In cousutiiption beware of cough mixtures and prescriptions, that . pontain "opium"!—Opiuar-paraHzes-the-'nervesr- and gives the comma bacillus a good chance to destroy the lungs. It is always fatal. Brazilian Balm does not contain a trace of any opiate, but stimulates the nerves\y life and power, destroys the microbei and restores all that is left of the diseased lungs to a sound and healthy state which no other remedy has ever been known to accomplish. , A Remarkable Cure. Mr. Alexander Moore, a reliable business man, of 1230 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa., says: "I contracted a violent cold which settled all over me. The pain in my chest and side -was excruciating. The doctor gave me medicine and blistered my side, but I only grew worse. Then you gave me a bottle of Brazilian Balm. I had little or no faith in it, but decided to try it. , I took 3 or 4 good doses before bed time, and rubbed it well over my blistered side. That night I slept like a top—iny first good rest for over a week—and awoke in the morning cured. Brazilian Balm is simply invaluable," Pneumonia Cured. Mrs, A. j. Lawrence, of Beaver, Pa., says: "Brazilian Balm brought me out of a severe attack , of pneumonia in splendid shape. It is a wonderful remedy for coughs and lung troubles. -Also, for outward use, for burns, cold-sores, and chapped hands and face, it cures like magic. It is invaluable in the family." Saves Doctor's Bills. Families in the country should always keep Brazilian Balni on hand. It is the doctor in the house, always ready and reliable. For colds, coughs, croup, catarrh, asthma, pleurisy, rheumatism, constipation, female troubles, and all kinds of fevers it acts like magic, and saves many a doctor's bill and many a long sickness. A Blessing For the Ladles. Thousands-of ladies are using Brazilian Balm. For soreness, pain.Taearing down and many kinds of trouble, it act» like a charm. A 50 cent or dollar bottle often does more good in one week than any other remedy months. ^It goes right to the spot, removing all inflammation. Mrs, Geo. W. Roberts, of Wilmington, Del., aays, "A strong solution of Brazilian Balm and warm water used as an injection has dons me more good than all the remedies and prescriptions I ever tried." > •'..•' — Gripp e Cared.™ ~" ."Last winter-I had n bad cold and severe cough.; I was lame in evc-ry joint and muscle. I was sick and felt as though I was coming down with typhoid, fever. It was no doubt a bad case of. grippe. Mr. 15. P. Budge gave'nie a bottle of Brazilian Balm,'saying he' was- sure it would help me. The relief was- almost Instantaneous. It quickly stopped my coujjh and took the grippe^ with all the'pams and soreness out of ' my system. I gave the balance of the 50-cent bottle to Mrs. Bishop Wiley for her daughter. • It proved so beneficial she says she never intends to be without it.''—Edwin Fitz Jones, Cincinnati,Obio.- Catarrh, Hay Fever. Kill the Catarrh microbe and you curef Catarrh. These parasites nest deep in CATARRH the tissues and folds of t ^.4&4 the olfactory membrane, ^p^4F and are difficult to reach - - 'T and kill; but Brazilian • Balm will utterly destroy them if used persistently UICKOGB. as, directed, It also destroys the Hay Fever germ in a few days. Use full strength, or nearly so, for Hay Fever. Cur^permanent. Cured in One Charles H. Couaelle, Esq., leadifig lawyer of York, Pa., ea^s: "Your Brazilian Balia cured me of owe of the worst colds I ever experie»ce<J, ia oue uight, I think it tbe greatest medicine iu the market, and you c»» ws» say way you like. Asthma Can Be Cured. J. R. Niblo,'ex-school superintendent of Rochester, Pa., says: "I havs beea a great sufferer from asthma for years, but I have had a splendid winter, owing to the surprising efficacy of Brazilian Balm." A lady in Cincinnati, who had suffered with asthma for 17 years, could .not lie down; was perfectly cared,, vrith Brazilian Balm. ' , * Why Suffer with I>ysj»epsi«# * Chas. Brooine, 850 South Second St., Philadelphia, says: "It twok only two months for Brazilian Balm to cure me of dyspepsia with which I suffered over &) years. Now I have no pain or stomach cough, and can eat anytWog. Balm beats the world." Suved A Boy*» Life, Mrs. Cttptaju H. H«bbar4, of MUforf, says: "Bra^Uiiua U&Jat say^d say boy's life. He beg^s jest }ik? ifee am •we lost \v Ho crow- W«. ga«*s bins « 4ew aay j doses. M« quickly tojto* For at &

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