The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 10, 1973 · Page 15
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 15

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 10, 1973
Page 15
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A LOOK AT THE CAPITOL % Lw VIV AI I HE CAPITOL ™ E nRAzofipafir FACT* •. wr% f~t • | riE W%n IUL Prr^n.Tft.t.^^.yJ.^o.,,?^ *g"» When the lawmaking ends, fhe politics begin - 'SI^£!2I AV *^mJ^dt± n *S theTa^tL^J^, '^y*™^'«*« r^'" ¥e; • nd ""^ Gm *« Prwwo: »**<••• '*" **w*». * «*«** «•? '*••»•« •»< * AUfTW - HwrTat T«M *^ bX!«l23Ti.Sr S^t^^ ^^ »±? T T?, IU *,^ wl H * P Jfm N "« fnt ' " K*p ^Kubiak; a«JC«w. rawing a«d (tart ha* b*^ repUcrf b£ ethew Ift the .._.A-- ».... ...... ^ 'n**""* -He»* fiafctJMat* fur !hr !rtjK»u«(K<n ll«»d .a o*<ti*ifu(.(»ti» libera eon*«rvaliv* *hn t»» a Chric<i HMI rwwi.. it.t. i^^.^_ .*^-.-1««- A^* ™_i— __«i~ b«(|ienin| (a «bift tMir *>fs«f.»r*f »hkfe — ^•••y KcrrvUtc George Frtaton; Roekdale f«ai Nwember, to aJrtady may diaappear and be . , Jim Nugent, a R*p f>anK«biak; andC«w» rwwind and Ihwe ha« betn replaced by afotn In UK .*< k',-- '. ( /f* "^J e «">«r**«i**. »ho wa* a ChrtiU fl*p itewjfi ifate. incr«i.ti»g tpwtaJlton !ft*J earning month*. *«o tdafier Dirty » t*»n«il!K» chairman under Capttoi oUervm garnnUy Kepublican National Bwf whatever the namef of ' the i*r« tiutcw be (1* (mi «rf >« being ' - ,-«,,...,,^^ t,u.MHMn wun vapim ouwrver* Haiwrauy nepunncan national BUI wnawver im namef « »• H » i i^**" "^ ^ h P*«« J •«"«»»«'*««•« agw* that Oayton. He»d and Chairman Geog* Bush mighi lh« candidaloi, th*f«'» son to Url f;art*r, » Uix*.<*u«h«$ !H**k«r Gt« MuUdwr. Parkor are probably I** b* pwrnt-ted to r«t»n» n tw «om« he»ted and loojft Clajrtan wwl he bberal ttfea w*t one of How* Jf}**ker J'rie* D*ni*t Jr 'f lop lirutmaitti Pflfl Worth R*p floaty, s 0|h*r* mentiofltd at <r*ttn»nm »wr, but find it T«u* for the gwerwvr'i rac*. .., -_ prsbaM* or potiible rfifftcuJi t» d*t«rminf hw A Grw«-Bo»h raw *«»Jd Tb«t"«whatT*3UW|»HU«il» «mdsd«u.i are Port Arthur many v««« ««*» h»» r prubaMy r «opeo deep GOP afl ' fi*p Ttrry Doyl«; Part*"— *'" J -'-• " - • - TRADING VOLUME LIGHT Inflation fight spurs market k»*r*J J»t* fti ***** I*** W, IV« I e » i » » » fi f * ' «* f *i} i'.S'Mt. f -tfe •»t««H**t at 4*1.17 ?J?K*4 iJit »•«* Si puc«u lx'ti f ' f '-i'm T'stfthda ?.«-• Oft ti^.,li, . "ar^ we^fM-t .«* 'j( b»4 «m >; <jfs Deaths and Funerals Brctl Wjtkef $wvic« todiy In lake Kit iktti»J »j«lf«-;'> .tit It tiWf'l M 1 .'j'.t: WsSJitaaa. *4 •*»« l«ftf f. sa, SuiiiM''^* •; Jut J. *>.««* jf'-ij!i«» ^ 4'T*rt$«£ l&y.'^*^ * « fcwIS w-HMj Wxtftitl! 1 .,*.; f-»^» ^ Ms!.S..»s*t 't'K.ltts »6te»'*fei- rf .HM O«jft . W,l.-i ^ Jfit ill 5iKfJV'|..«S Jrl *„» »i« •-i!i«i!(Ht IPK mo.. f»H'i4 «,tij iirtf^B W.!-»_ AsoaiA* Ui^Asn, C.A&X /4><ft.M>l». Jw^t ^ »» ! -vr J ^* ^ ^ a '^^ Sir'r**** 1 v*L ".' wenwrial ieivio ^.^H.^i 1 * 1 '*^. rreid Saturday MJ« Uir bijj * jftiriti! *.ii7 }s» ir-ki (*« J .«r» it t.".««fljjjj iSflftfT- Ji.'-.;l',-V) AJMS- M-tu' ril&rt «s It* nurkK J t>t Media* ptlf" t9«e»(«ir« look *e> bfiirvin* tl Aw Xr* Vwfk Siwr* ff'l tSKfa't Of »«33* miricia t.vxis n At up »1 S*a» TK» Atwtvaa Kniisr^ {ir((v-<tiance n'k» stp .01 4 S H Si hi! !*?*»* » !••:•:» « i. S. *'. JV .*{ UH- » rri«i'*rlii t:^ ».'.«•*.». U "fit V « •»» (fc, f'(tl«ft» Wrfc, ' Ht (>SSF.t PERSONAL FINANCE Tips That Save Taxes-or Red Face \«*r<l »*«.»«»•» Rkt Mid H*4»vi n **«»«.» V.fcr i *a< »-t «| (VikWr K* t A<S, 7:00 & 9:10 ENDS MS. w* 'T'Jt*n Ut thick |h*> *f* Ul> let cwjrtwtwri »«4 e( it* )»u (t tin on »h *t S*A»1 b* »n litvd a Kf-v-nxi* y «JSO*HL fof r if ><nj ran wot Upu In the l*i eating (*l«£of> are thet* f^ron'^fnlv v\rt kwkcd tern* • Th# char$« for "pointa" on twtnv ffiofljfiffi ipcow* of d* (o the citpnt that they're not reimbursed by i* th« to • Car mii*j|c. (or taut new u*c. »t 12 c*nt» a mlU Mixit U»p»>cr» are deduct tne only 10 c*nU. Ibe allowable figure prior to 1971 • lnUi«*t on trvohlng charga accounta. U " ' • State income Ua pay menu «w In Ih* ttlhcr "hat cat«goo that are not dcductlbl*. th«ugh you may think they are: • TwtbjMute. moulhwaab and vitAtnuu (esccpt on a "If >;our cmployei it;iV,r« a (em? at diilnliviliw «if turkp>* ham* or other vlrsn* oj noroijul value to promote ^,wd»il! al * h«Ud*v. i>i plaint th« ronlmenUI, ' >ou do nut have to include the value of that gift ai iruomt. f«r la* pttrp«*«» Seme jwoplt in (he bun- nru of prcpario^ tax ft- turni try to attract butineM by arranging lub***""-' t *8V»«*' .. VIMPHU , . utc etp«nw of rainpletv arcurtcy You are on the hook with I'nclc. however, for the** iniccu not dniKS M defined by the tM autlioriu**. and To prolirct >ourwlf. limit that anyone preparing your return »l«n it, including KKlal tecurity number or einplovrr ld*nl If kalian number That Ictvci him on th« hook, loo ~ lor iwrjury — U tber« are deliberate In- accuradw in your return dial tUMwwxi dlrctu at ««U «» itari in hit Ulrtl to dUcrtarlit *homn< at l "Illgk »'l»ln» u bit effort. Now kK U T%rair«. Adv. H«ad claim* h<r ha.« (3 ( but weuad* e»u*ed by the f«ver« hat if pruteMy much too rift between in* more "•fr moderate win^ of the party, BriK«i«UM<li]uiyiog«tbx repr«««nt«d by Bosh, and the • lib out any democratic uliracrjrj*»-rv3tjn> *effl-,«nt o( n. aitbough war* u *hw.h Cri»er i* a roembtr mw;* neiae ab«4 WHh almwt a year ai the pr«aw»S time rwnairsing More the party And *•**« (f lie <k*» wwapc prtmann and a year and a primary c.ppo«Hi&n, ih* haif More the nev tpeak«r U former H»t* iwrfi»I« Itwsry Crtnisr »tw caiae »nh»a 4/5 AMUSEMENT GUIDE SURF VELASCO Robert Rcdford, CcofgcScgaJ &Co. TbcH<XRod( MIKLLEY WINTERS U proad o/ to»ia( 1Z at Ik* U t»aa4t the ('fai*<i fffl* rale in fr»tn \!if-o'» prodwniaa of • • T II K P O S E I D O \ WVKNTTfKE.- Thh pJwXo «»t Uk<n» in cnMBtBf i m«Hfc jllrr f»mplftioo ol pr«4ac(i«a. •'THF KOAKfOO\ AVFATtHE." * J«h t «5««trj-Fet rrieiif. no* a»*ia* H the BEACON. LAKE I Charlotte's Web--n CLINT EASTWOOD LAKE II 7K)5 & 9:05

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