Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 5, 1949 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1949
Page 7
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Mason City Calendar JAN. 7—Intermediate session U. S. district court, /ederal building. 9 a. m. JAN. 11—Chamber of Commerce national nfr.ilrs conference at noon in Hotel Hauford. JAN. fi —Communily Concert series. Todd Duncan, baritone. JAN. 1»—Annual meeting of Young Men's Christian association at Y. M. C. A. with G:30 p. m. dinner. JAN. ::«.•,>•;—Little Tbcater play "The Glass Menagerie" at hiyh school auditorium. JAN. :il—Annual meeting of North Iowa branch of the Lutheran Welfare Society. B:30 p. in., at Y. M. C. A. FKB. 1—Charles Eagle Plume <o address- Executive club at Hotel Hanford at 1:30 P. m. FEU. 17—Community Concert series. John Sebastian, harmonica player. FEB. y> —1,000 club concert at high school. MAHCIi 8—Community Concert scries, Bnry Ensemble. MARCH 17—Andre Mouton, representative at Port of New Orleans, at joint Chamber of Commcrce-s e r vice club dinner, li p. m,, Hotel Hanford. HERE IN MASON CITY Fuller Brushes. Ph. 1358-W. The regular meeting of Clausen-Worden post of the American Legion will be held Thursday at 8 p. m. at the Legion hall, 4th and N. Federal. Lovely wallpaper at Paynes. Council of Social Agencies will hold its regular monthly luncheon meeting at the Y. W. C. A. Wednesday noon. John R. Goldman of the social security board will be speaker. Stoves, gas, electric oil heaters. Boomhower Hardware. Municipal Land rehearsal was called off for Tuesday evening because of the weather condition. Regular rehearsal will be resumed next Tuesday evening. O'Brien Paints at Shepherds. R. L. Bailey is conducting a 3- day school of instruction for insurance salesmen at Hotel Hanford this week. "Insurancewise." Let Georgrc, Bob or Jerry do it. Ph. 321. Miss Ruby Muhlstein has returned to her work in Washington, D. C., after, spending the holidays with her parents and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Muhlstein and Mrs. Betty Nugent, 730 16lh N. E. Major. Ambulance Service, auto or air. Phone 511. Ann Patton, 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Patton, who was delayed in arriving here when the plane on which she was flying home from California was grounded at Kansas City, reached Mason City by train from Kansas City early Tuesday morning. She is staying at the Roger Patton home until the arrival of her parents who remained at Riverside, Cal., for a longer visit with relatives there. Ed Finnegan Tailors, relining, reweaving, alterations, repairs. Men's and ladies'. Ph. 498. 24 1 St. S. E. Roger Blewctt returned to his school work at Purdue university, Lafayette, Ind., after spending the holiday vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Blewett, 1112 Monroe N. W. He was accompanied by Miss Gloria White of Muncie, Ind., who spent a few days at the Blewett home. A missionary meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening by Trinity Lutheran church with Missionary O. L. Hofstad, Waldorf college, as speaker was postponed 1 week because of road conditions. Comity Engineer R. E. Robertson and his 2 assistants, Keith C. Frantz and James E. Patchen. were among the 100 who attended the 2nd annual county engineers conference at Iowa State college Miss Virginia Soukup, who was a member of the Mason City public library staff for several years went to Milwaukee, Sunday, anc on Monday assumed a position in the Marquette university library Miss Soukup received her library degree at the University of Illinois. She returned to Decorah following the death of her father, the late M. J. Soukup, and managec the business until she closed it in December. on Sewer Rentals Jan. 17 Globe-Gnzetle Photo AT MINISTERS' RETREAT—The Mason City Ministerial association spent Monday at an all day retreat at the Hotel Hanford with Doctor G. Ernest Wright, 2nd from left, McCormick seminary in Chicago, as speaker. Conferring with him after one of the ?> sessions are, left to right, the Rev. Wilbur F. Diet-king, pastor of First Presbyterian church; Doctor Lloyd A. Gustaf.son, pastor of First Methodist, and the Rev. Joel Dobbo, pastor of Our Saviour's Lutheran, •W 7T *• VT -If -X- -X- W V? -X- X: T> vJ -A' V Doctor Wright in Review of Amsterdam Conference LAST RITES HELD Clarion — Services were helc Sunday at the Church of Christ fo Mrs. Walter E. Fletcher, 62, win died at her home Friday morning following a short illness. Her son the Rev. Gerald Fletcher, pastor o the Assembly of God church in Kingman, Ariz., and Bryant Mil chell, dean of the Open Bible Institute at Dos Moines officiated. 'COLD BU&"60T you STUFFED UP?^ TO OPEN STUFF/ NOSTRILS FAST... GET MENTHOLATUM W/CKl MUST BE MAGIC! SUCH MARVELOUS FLAVOR AT SUCH A LOW PRICE! "The World Council of Churches meeting at Amsterdam was the irst such meeting since the early days and the most representative ever," Doctor G. Ernest Wright old the Mason City Ministerial ^sociation at the group's all-day •etrcat Monday. Doctor Wright of McCormick j ;eminary in Chicago, addressed ! lie group in morning and after- ioon sessions and spoke at a dinner meeting at Hotel Hanford vhich was also attended by the wives of the pastors. The World Council is not a blueprint, not a glorified Christian Marshall plan, the speaker said, out an attempt to get a better un- lerstanding of 2 things: (1) What s a church? and (2) What are the disorders of our time? Not Evangelistic Doctor Wright said, "The moet- ng was a forthright discussion to ;ee where the church can stand together to face the issues of the day. Evangelistic speeches were purposely avoided and business sessions which often drown such gatherings were minor." Official representatives were on hand from 150 churches in 42 countries. They were represented by 351 official delegates and almost as many alternates. 3 Factors Considered In approaching Ihc theme of the conference, "Man's Disorder and God's Design," these 3 factors were considered, Doctor Wright said: (1) Our given unity in Jesus Christ, (2) Our deepest differences, and (3) The unity in our differences. Ho said that some press reports originating from the conference overplayed the failure to denounce communism outright. "There was never any debate among the many leading figures of the world who wrote the sec tion," Doctor Wright asserted. "They were all against communism's essentials, taut raised the question of how 'anti' we should be against it, just as they pointed out some of the flaws of the capitalistic system. Variety of Situations "In discussing the social function of the church, Christians should always remember the great variety of situations in which the church lives. Nations in which professing Christians are in the majority, nations in which the church represents only a few per cent of the population, nations in which the church lives under ; hostile and oppressive govcrnmen offer very different problems," he explained. In condemning many of the facets of communism, the Counci also pointed out the differences between Christianity and some forms of capitalism. It was notec that capitalism has produced inequalities by emphasizing thr success of making money and tha the distribution of essentials seldom took into account the ncer but went the way the profits go. The conclusion reached was tha the Christian church must seek new solutions which will not allow justice to be destroyed and obedience to God is possible under all conditions. The Rev. Wilbur F. Dicrking. pastor of the First Presbyterian church, presided at the morning and afternoon sessions and Doctor Lloyd A. Gustafson, pastor of the First Methodist church and president of the ministerial association. at the evening meeting. Doctor Wright went to Amsterdam to attend the Biblical section of the conference as one of the foremost authorities on the Old Testament.'- His section studied the problem of how to find the social and political message of the Biblo and how to get from thai point to the world situation today. Realty Transfers llcnkrl ('amlructiim Co., In .Mutual edcral Savings anil L. o a n Assn., SI, \VI» -\. I III) root of Lot li in .lames Kost- r's '.Mid Add to Mason C'ily, except W. l.r; feet and E. VM!> feet (subject to asrmciits) r;-'!!»-IH. llenki'l Construction Co.. to Mutual cdentl Savings and I. o a u Assn., SI \Vi» E. !•;.•!!> fctt of N. HID feet of Lot in .Jume.s Foster's :!nil Add. to Mason ,'ity and \V. :>'.'.:ili of N. 1(11) feet of Lot 5. 'I-:!!)-IS. Hcnkel Construction Co., to JMutua 'cderal Savings and L o a n Assn., SI U'lM \V. ll.l'.' feel of N. Kill feet of Lot . .lamt-s r'osti'r'.s '.'ml Add. to Mason City 3'irths Reported (At Merry Hospital)—Son in Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lundfjren, route 1, Tuesday. Correction—A son, not a daughter, \va_ Him to Mr. and Mrs. Knsscll Dougherty SI'-' Taft S. \V., Sunday. (At I'ark Hospital)—Son to Mr. am ilrs. Roy !'• Largcnt, l(i(l« Idiotic Islam \'. r., .Monday. Daughter to Mr. and Mrs. John J. Me Jiiatters, I IK!) 1st N. U'., Tuesday. Son to Mr. am! Mrs. Louis nice, Jr. 'W.I .Adams S. IV.. Tuesday. Fire Calls At I :0:! p. ru.. Monthly lo 1(17, Perm *; y I va n ia X. h"., apartment house o \v n c i 3trs. D. K. Hushnell. Repaired lea! rtiol'. At 5:,").") p. m., Monday tn "I Mud S. \\ Dick's E > o \v 1 i n g C r u t e r, No fire. \\ ;\ t c entering around skylight. Police Court Careless ;ii Tlh N. Urivinif—Robert F,. Sanliorn E., forfeited linnil of SlDK.S.'i. Funds Needed to Complete City's System Jan. 17 Also Date for Hearing on Bonds The night of Jan. 17 was set as the time- for a hearing on a proposed ordinance by the city council for a rental on the sewers of Mason City as a means of raising money with which to complete the present sewer and water system and correct drainage faults in the city. These two problems, very much in the spotlight of council proceedings for the past year, face the city without its having a means of raising money with which to carry out the work. The council's proposal of a rental on sewers is its econd proposal the means of •aising funds by assessment hav- ng been inndecuiate. Paid by Users According to the proposed or- imance, the rental will be paid 5y all users at a "just and cquit- nble rate." Charges will be about 40 per cent of ihc average water bill, and will be added to the j water bills. I The hearing has been sot for the city hall at 7:30 p. m. A hearing was held Monday night on sidewalk objections, and ;i resolution was passed accepting :he work and levying sidewalk assessments. The council also accepted the final plat of the Carl Holvik addition, referring it to the planning and zoning board with suggestions for the establishing ,of certain restrictions. Hearing- on Bonds Jan. 17 also was set as the night for a hearing on the levy on street improvement bonds estimated at $5(5.000 and street construction bonds estimated at $75,000. It was agreed by the council members that mileage on privately owned cars used for"transportation at the city's expense should not exceed the railroad rate. It was also agreed that allowances made for use of cars in regular work, should not include vacation time. A bond was approved for Wayne White for parking meter revenue collection. A petition for sidewalk on 14th N. E. from Rhode Island to Kentucky was referred to the city engineer. Permits Approved Cigaret permits were approved for the Veeder grocery. 1209 Jefferson N. W.. and Kenny's cafe, 11 3rd N. E. Class "C" beer permits were issue to the Zalleck grocery, 703 Carolina S. E.. the Cut Rate Grocery, 512 1st. S. W., and the Weitzcl grocery, 616 9th N. W. Class "B" beer permits were issued to the Goodknight cafe, 408 2nd N. W., the Progressive Activities Inc., 209-11 S. Federal, and the Covered Wagon. 28 2nd N. E. Board of health bills were approved and the health report foi December, which was very satisfactory, was also accepted. P.G.&E. Announces Changes; Hawkins New Vice President Mison City Globe-Gazelle, Mason City, U. Jan. 4 1949 11 LESLIE G. 1IAVVKIXS —Named Vice President Marriage Licenses fJor^ld I,. Piffp, ''.">. Cherokee, :inO Alice Virginia rinlcctl, '.','), Mason City. New Car Sales R. M. Cdlc. Clear Lake, Plymouth; IVTason City \Varchousc Corp., (»'(MI -tth S. \V., Fnrd truck; Mclvin Dcllock, IU. I. riymniilh; Mrs. Hcrnadcttc IJ. Unsnhi, r!OH \V. Statt. Hudson; Ilay Crispin. 1101 Adams X. W., Chevrolet truck; Marshall & Swift, and Merlin I,. Mc- CioWiin, "pill Adams N'. W., Oldsmobile; Mason City Coca-Cola Hottliiijf Co., 71)1 S. Federal. Diamond T truck; I'cter Wcydcrl, Ventura, Chevrolet; John F. riaiialp, Clear Lake, DeSoto. Divorces Filed Virginia Ilunc against Howard Henry Ilitne on grounds of cruelty. Slie asks custnity of a child and of one unborn, temporary alimony, suit money and attorney fees of snilll. permanent alimony in such amount as the court may deride, title to the household goods nm! that he he required lo pay !hc costs of confinement nnd all outstanding bills. Slar- rictl I-'cti, H,' I!I1<>. at IVadena, Minn. Sep- arateil Oct. 'ID. IOIK. 1'red H. Frahm against Ooldie I'rahm on grounds or cruelty. Mnrricil Jan. 1'i, I'.ltX. Separated Dec. !,">. No children. Grace Olson against Archie M. Olsnn nn grounds of cruelty. She asks permission tn resume her former name of Grace Gregory, title to the residence at 807 Adams N. IV.. including the household sr&ods. Married Oct. 1!>. lf)l(l. at Nashua. Separated Jan. .'i. A Product of Gttwil Foodt NEW! A completely new blend of coffees. Never before such rich, full-bodied flavor nt such an amazingly low price! YOU'LL LOVI THI FLAVOR! YOU'LL BLISS THE PRICE! Jerry Lavern Niver Services Conducted Committal services for Jerry Lavern Nivcr, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Niver, Mason City, were held at Memorial Park cemetery Monday afternoon, with the Rev. Carl A. Senlman, of Radio Chapel, officiating. The child was born Dec. 29, and ciicd Saturday morning at a local hospital. i Surviving arc the parents, 3 sisters, ,Beverly, Donna Lee, and Linda Lou, at home, and 4 brothers, Dwaync Niver, Mason City, anci Keith, Dean and Richard at home, and the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Perierson, Mason City. The Major fiincral home in chartre. I. U. WEAVER —Treasurer At a mooting of the board of directors of the Peoples' Gas and Electric company Monday, President Charles E. Strickland announced several corpora t e changes. Leslie G. Hawkins, who has been affiliated with the company since 1921, was promoted from secretary and treasurer to a position of vice president and secretary; I. R. Weaver from assistant secretary to treasurer and Wayne M. Ravlin to the post of assistant secretary and assistant treasurer. All ot' the changes are retroactive to Jan. 1, 1949. Hawkins entered the company's employ as a collector. After advancing through several positions he was named assistant treasurer in 19H7, treasurer in 1942 and marie secretary and treasurer in 1946. A native of England he attended schools in Devonshire, came to the United States in 1920 and moved Mason City. Here he obtained mployment in the mechanical cpartment of the Jacob E. Deck- r and Sons packing plant and iter attended Hamilton business ollegc. He is at present master ot 3enevolence lodge 145 and treas- irer of St. John's Episcopal hurcli. He is a past president of he Mason City Rotary club and las been active in civic organiza- ions including the Y. M. C. A., Community Chest and Chamber of Commerce. He resides at 108 Rivei ieights drive. Weaver, whose home is at 629 th N. E., attended schools in Tome town of Ravanna, Mo., anr vas employed at Devkcr's anc aler the Mason City Brick anr Tile company after moving to Maori City. He joined the P. G. anc 1 C. in 192R as a clerk in the ac- Counting department and has been \ssistant treasurer since 1937. Ravlin, 626 3rd S. E., enterec lie employment of the utility in 1929. He was in the customers' accounting department before becoming chief clerk in 1938. He. was vaduated from Nora Springs high school and attended Hamilton Business college. He is senior warden of Benevolence lodge and p membra- of the First Melhodis church. Services for Archie Woods, 62, to Be Held Thursday Archie Thomas Woods. 62, of 541 1 Hh N. E., died at a local hospital at 10 p. m. Monday, following a long il'ncss. He had been a resident of Mason City about 27 years and was employed by the Mason City Globe-Gazelle. Mr. Woods \vus born on a farm near Hume, 111., July 18, 1886, the son of Archie E. and Mary Bowen Woods. He was graduated from the . —*Htimc high school and later ob- Rotary Clubs Will Vote on Scout Camp To Make Decision on Property Transfer Tom Pappas Sues Evans for $9,632 Tom Pappas has filed suit for $9,632.10 against Melvin Evans in connection with the collision of tii.s' car with a Great Western motor car on March 24, 1047. The collision occurred just east of the Evans home at the crossing 3!, miles south and 2 miles west of State and Federal avenues. Pappas claims he suffered a skull fracture, brain concussion, acute sprain of the spine, cuts and bruises and loss of hearing and vision. He asks $5,000 for permanent disability, 32,000 for pain and suffering, $1,000 foror future pain and suffering, SI,242 for loss of income for 6 months and .$396.10 for hospital and medical bills. He claims Evans was negligent for driving at an excessive rate of speed and for failing to keep his windshield and windows clear so that he could maintain a proper lookout. WAYNE M. RAVLIN —Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Congregational Church Business Meeting Wednesday The annual business meeting o the congregation ot the First Con gregational church ot Mason Cit will be held Wednesday evenin at the church. The meeting will follow (he January church fellowship din- neh, which is to begin at G:30 p.m. Reports oE the various officials of the church will be presented in a mimeographed booklet and officers for 194!) will be elected. rs. Ida Dull Dies at Home Funeral Services Are Not Complete Mrs. Ida Dull, 84, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Vern Morphew, 413 29th S. 'W., at 12:30 noon, following a long illness. She is a sister of.Dr. H. D. Holman. She was born at Rossville, Iowa, May 16, 1864. She had been a resident of Mason City lor the past 40 years. She was preceded in death by her husband, W. F. Dull, 15 years ago. Surviving are 7 sons and 3 daughters. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. The Patterson-James luneral home in charge. Whether the real estate owned by the Clear Lake Recreational Grounds company shall be turned ver lo the Winnebago Council 3oy Scouts of America, now leas- ng the grounds, will be decided at dinner meeting of members of he company to be held at the All Veterans Social Center Thursday it 6:30 p. m. Members of the company are he Mason City and Clear Lake Notary club members. At their uncheon meeting at Hotel, Hanford Monday noon, the Mason City club voted to recommend that the rounds be conveyed to the council. It was stated that the Clear Lake club had previously voted similar recommendation. Dual Ownership Loose All members were urged to attend by Kotarian Judge W. P. Butler who presided at the discussion of the question and called on a number of Rotary club members to give their opinion on the trans- i era nee. Among the arguments favoring the transference was the fact that the Winnebago council has made improvements amounting to $30,000 including 22 lots purchased in the name of Boy Scouts and most of the buildings on the grounds and dual ownership is considered a loose one. Scouts Have Proved Ability It was also pointed out that Rotary sponsorship of grounds is no longer necessary since the council has proved its ability to carry on by itself. The local club will continue its ; interest in scouting in its sponsorship of troop 1 It has never been in keeping with Rotary ideals to "own things." " Called on to speak on the question were Hugh Shepard, a charter member when the grounds were purchased by the 2 Rotary clubs 27 years ago to provide a place for recreational activity in this area; Jay Tubbesing, present president of the company, and Louis Page. Open discussion followed the talks after which the tained his teacher's degree at Quicy, 111. Played Ball In 1909 he went to Weldona, Colo., where he homesteaded and played professional baseball. Whiie there he married the former Maude M. Minium, Dec. 1, 1911. They moved to Indiana and went on a farm of his father's near Waveland, Ind. In 1921 they moved to Clear Lake and several months later to Mason City. Mr Woods was with the Chapman Furniture company in Mason City for 8 years and had been in charge of collections for the Mason City Globe-Gazette for the past 18 years. Surviving are his wife, Maude, and daughter, Mrs. Russell Deertz, Mason City, a sister, Mrs. H. K. McCook, Washington. D. C., and a brother, George Woods, Chica- o, 111. He was preceded in death y his parents and a brother, lalph. Member of Masons Mr. Woods was a member of he First Methodist church, Hard- ng No. 649 A. F. and A. M. of the Masonic lodge, and the Modern Vo.odmen. Funeral services will be held 2:30 p. m. Thursday at the VTnjor Memorial chapel, with the AUTO INSURANCE MINIMUM COST 6 Mo. $6.60 Plus 85.00 Lifetime Membership Fee at Current Rate Complies \Vllh The Law • Oiic-linU Million Policy Holders. • Nalional Standard Noi Farmers' insurance Group L. P. ENGEL DISTRICT AGENT 117J N. Federal Phone 5270 Rev. Lloyd A. Gustafson, pastor it the First Methodist church, of- iciating. Interment will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The body will lie in state at he Major funeral home. A Masonic service will be held. The Vtajor funeral home in charge. : ote making the recommendation or transference was taken. ,. Vice President Edward C. Jones n-csided. Out of town guests included Doctor A. W. Tandy, past secretary of the club, and former minister of the First Baptist church here, who was called on o speak briefly to the club; P. O. Phclps of (he Clear Lake club, and students home on vacation, David Butler, Tom and Mike Swale. An oyster can draw in water, for its tiny food content, at an average rate of 25 gallons a day. Now Available Hamilton- Beach Mixers Limited Number You've waited these . one but you'll long: time for now you can have have to hurry. HOSTETLER ELECTRIC 22 1st St., S. E. Phone 28G One Hercules Australia had a inches. moth found wingspan of in 14 The Hercules moth a wing Production of broiler chickens in the south Atlantic region is now five times as large as it was in the period 1935-39. Helfenstein Will Talk on 'New Year' Over KGLO Forum Doctor Roy C. Helfenstein of th" First Congregational church will speak oa.'The Call of the New Year" on the KGLO forum Wednesday afternoon at 4:45. The talk will deal with important stands that should be taken in the religious, moral and political life of the American people. Electric Motor Repairing By Experienced Men NEW AND USED MOTORS BOUGHT AND SOLD ZACK BROS. ELECTRIC CO. 302 Second S. W. Phone 977 MOBNINGCOUGHS Don't let morning and night couf,'liinET, recurring .-Ut.'icks of Bronchial Aslhmn ruin sleep and onorgy another <la>" without trying MENDACO. This Krcat in- medicine works thru the blood, llius reaching tho bronchial tubes and lungs. Usually starts helping naturo immediately to remove thick, sticky mucus, thus nJleviating coughing: and promoting freer breathiiiK and more refreshing sleep. Get MK.VDACO from your drugprist today. Quick satisfaction or money back guaranteed. i WATCH REPAIR Precise Work Approximate One Week Service span ranging from eight to eleven inches. Dr. R. W. Shultz, D. 0. SINUS Hanford Hotel, Room 641 PHONE 2960 MACKET'S Furniture Shop MIRRORS RESILVERED 417 2nd Street N. W. Phone 782 EXPERT Watch Repairing 10-Day Service RAY SENEY 19 East State St. Your savings dollars are in fact little men working for you. They work night and day, summer and winter, and in all kinds of weather. They are the most industrious little fellows imaginable. Here your money is always earning, and the earnings help increase your principal. If you live out of town, ask about our "Save-by-Maii" plan. UTUAL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 19 First Sf. N. E. Phone 365 Mason City, Iowa Savings accepted in any amounts MACES for Complete Optical Service 21 East State St. Phone 577 Dr. R. J. Hanson, Optometrist 'Ugh! Smoke signal say heap loss power... heap loss wampum!" The chief's right! Telltale exhaust smoke from your car or truck means lost power . . . wasted oil and money. Don't let smoke signals put the Indian sign on your pocketbook. Let us inspect your car or truck. 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