Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 11, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 7
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N Ding, HERALD - SATURDAY, OCTOBER U, 1930. UtiUATUR HERALD «jt«(J of ,1, TOTALKIt ^i rl fi'efu ) Y.--Mora than 3,000, . animal a and fNli g thn Hetuion, HI;compilation of htnHine : statistic? from 1D2S II. Alexnmlor Mac Dona Id. jl room tit an M' \tntttmdtm btmt Burgess Bedtime Stories THORNTON W. BTJBGE88 The Queer Case of Buster Bear A MYWAY ho h.tji somo queer 'wiiys. '1'1'f.t l!1 wllfl1 pfll "' IU1 ' . .hinlw and Peter ««K"l t° l t n o w But H» to th'it lf |B ( l l l l t " l"' tlbahUl ihlnKu to "( l'oter'8 (t th " other folk* queer. - " c v " t( " li ' "I* iu«*r. f.rul I m« l"lt» »"« rtat Doth thltilt ynur WAV* tint) mine vary (i llfr ' r tlltlm1 ' lYi Pfti-r 1 ." wuy f thlnlihij! om- of Buster llwii'* H»iM'i-t'St hiiblts la ot I11ostl " c t h e , lh« ('"''ei'l'l'" 1 - f'M.T hud hft- n nnilfu.ij.ncL why Johnny ami ·«"«· flf lll « f)Uu ' rs Wl ' nt lld t o n!)no r . llMi fn.M! Mwv H.JMI. itnd wouldn't . lot"? "« w l l l L u r UlHl|ltl lm r*u.r fmiUln't wcm U then. want Hi KC l " * ||1! T c "' t h o Wl11t " r Hft'had prowl, d n round unlll utter tlto snow hud romo to sti.y, nnt! ' n o t until I hen. he hnd nit on hi 11 led of lenves ltii shi'lvlm; l u c k deep In 111. ,|VXl, wlll'lti lip h l l l l Htf'H Ihi- 1'i't w'hilrr, find JMr-r (tint llii-y wiild '"'« nf) "w* nltoftothor. just. aa Old Man Coyote docs. That shows how tittle some lolltM know about their nelghbori. If Old Man Coyote should catch why idni.ild lw K" t'' "K'*'!' ftu ' 'nl u Mini! thiil wny'f Poter rind iPil/V.U'.l ovor It tin ho turned U "vcr In hi* mind, Johnny Chuck Hvi"i "ii Lender green Ihlng-i, uml In w l n l " r Ihnv lire ".' Old Me, trccn ,m wiinnii t.nd hiu,:*. ftiwl tti.-td mi- no wunn.i ftfld least lives "Hull!" K l 'UnltHl Prickly porky, ",v(iu tlon't kntiw much about Bnnter Hour." you, T-'cter, which I hope he won't, you would make him a good meal, Hut you wouldn't ho more thnn * mouthful for B.wtet- Rear, Two or tlireu fat mice would do ReJJy Von fur u whole dny, but they wouldn't tnoru than ' Uckle Buster Boftr'n nloinach, Hiisler onts munt wTion It happens to full In hla- way, but what liu liven on mostly are toots and buiTlCH and nuU and buys and flah t.nd Jrogti, and he has to have HIGH . LIGHTS OF HISTORY No. 18 George Rogers Clark-- On the Eve of Departure By J. Carroll MansBeld WAITING f«a THE ft I VCR 1O QlSE HIGH ENOUGH TO BNA9LB HIS 3fl*TS TO CROSS 1MB FAUSOF THE OHIO. MeAMWMIUf HE ««eive A SMALL **eiMfo«asM«MT upo KtWTUCKY.WMitH QAVC HIM IN ALL SOM 210 HEN. -- · Ql*a«S AWNOUMCtMBNT CAUSBP«SWB crreHEHT AMONTHB MEM of- HIS COMMAND IMNE OP V*40M HAO- 5USPECTCP THE TftUC ) . AMt POP THE PlRST TIME (WYEAieP TH*S HIS IMSTRUCTlOMS WERE TO IMVApE tMfr tHSTAHTlLUMCMSCOUWTRVAHPSeiae THE BRITISH FOOTS THERE, ---- * OBJECT OfTHE EX«ft»TIOH. CLAW MAP WSTEfrAOWTtOMW. 3iMTR*S MAW · AM? AMfr i«e*«P INTO THJE woftesr.--· (Copyright, 191*. by J. CtrroU M*n*fi*M) ,,, In winter liu^s. At umr e Old Mr, 7wt ni'ti K'-l 'I*"'""- ' !lt wllh T!ll!tl111 ' ifeiir It wii-i d i f f e r e n t . Why jthoiild- n't hn lii'i'li nwiihi' «ll wluti-i- ds KriMv l-i.i; titul Old Mmi foynli- ijr'; It M'-fiin-l K' I'eli'i 1 v u t y nluiurd thiit rtii'-l. u i:icnl M$ fi'Uuw H;I HIKI- tn- |!PIU. 'if whom rvcryhoily ctno WI.H i i f i - M u l uti'l wtm h:nl tine 1 ' » Kifflt wiinu ftir Bhnuld d«,iy fun! jilf-H Just buwmie It winter. Klnully hn went h»ck to; frli-Klv 1'i.rky tn try to sntbty JANE ARDEN A Necessary Escape By Monte Barrett and Frank Ellis it lot ot thorn. Wliuro, pruy toll, would ho find them t thin time of lUo y«ur? HO is Juat llko Johnny Cluirlc and Eobby Coon and the other nlvenera-hv'd starve 1( he didn't slut p." "Thank you, Prickly Porky," Bald Peter polltuiy, "I'vo learned a lot, Yet even new I cannot h«lp fooling thut It 1st voty quoer Hint siich a i n | h l K . HtronB follnw like Hu«tcr Bear htik'! should slocp nil wlntar. Anyvray, I hop* h« hB» pleasant dreams, 1 * T pn],1n In lln- Oi'i'iin l-'nrcsit. Kvcry- hnilv ,iny.! Hint. And If lie IK ai amui'l *liy ('i In- c»l''li etioin:h ti Mil in tho w l n l r r lujil 'I" l-ii'LUly l'«s uivt {1|1 (!oy«t(i do'.' They don t ynml- tlich- Un«' !ilre|i1iii; "'id '"ey don't '.tiit-vn In ilo.Hi. They ttit.y (,'0 iii»Kiy M'lHH- of tin- lime. Mrwt of u» do i h i i l In Iwid WrtilliW. I'"I t'^y (fitfh cnnif;li In live nn. Why (locan t Butler lii-tu '!" "(Mti!" KCimled rrlchly Porky. (·Yftit tl'in't ItndW much ivlimit Hitter *WhV. ftd "iiy of UK l l t l l i - [icnple lir win' cutch.' 1 r'i1ifd I'l'ii-r pmt.Tiit- ty. "Kvciybodv kmnvM t l m t : " "Ttics «vi'ivh»ily known Hoitin- ttih.K thiii Mfcryli'idy doenn't know nl (ill. Thnl I'Mhii tro.ihlo with ft Inl lit p'-ojilo they Hilnlt ttioy know whdn (hcv don't Know, Now mite Ihp (|i r rn.f of TUtJiter Vwr. Kvnrv dnc -ii-rtni to t l i l u k Hml he- fnii'i'' he cnl'i 'i nidiiHn or n inlililt df iinmr nlhi-r "f I H e l l t t l r furwit ppoiiln alllv rnoMit ot Din r.Nii'li, t h n i i not te Ut'p hu lives on Jl Oltf. I hi' in Kansas Residents Visit Relatives In Douglas Co. TUttCOLA--Mr. and Mm, Fred P. Ml ch In or of Independence, Kan, are vi«lt!nK In Tuscola nnd violntty. Mr, find Mrw. Mlehenor ors (onner Tus- cnlt. people. Hie former invtTig bo«n in tho nidrchnntlli bu'jlnew Jor nbotit 25 ynrtra In .-uicoin, The couple dt'ovo through from tndo pond once, stopping on rout* at Siiiem, where the;- vlaltod their f liu i KM w and luiflband, Mr. and Mm, ft. W. Wnlters. on;l nt Efflnt-ham, when- they worn formerly In bu«l- ncsM (iftcr l«nvlng i'tK'co'a After * '·hit with Mrjt. Hniictiler at Montr- v.umn, Tni!,, who !M t. Jilstor of Mrn. Mlcticner, tlw eoupl.- will return to rust-din tin.) uiTtinsie to take Mrs. W. W. Michenor, mother o( P B. Mkhener. hume with them where Mlm will livr with li'S. iwo ?oim, both of whom arc In business in Indopomt- i-nre. Since the ( U n l h of W, W Mlclwnei;, his need wliloiv hn» live-.' in Tune.old, and her IWIH have do- i l(,.;;t l lint she stionid he nf-ar them s'li'l will provide a lionit- for her In i loday's Cross ITord Puzzle Created By J. B, White its tile Sn so close Sjolns the Eery handy There arc ·one cxtcn: you addi- It is small. I PA NY 16 ·41 TJ2 sa ·44 4O SI 29 n e 3O II ACROSS I Sf-Twtni- (roni ' I ' l l , ! ! C( ( I n - (Ollt (i Tli mk 1* Kriltllitr fl(t1l 1* Onfl c*iblo m^tof 1* \ mrxtpl ot 1H At llila jl.ico t* l^limlitv 46 Klnif , .., ·in Tn henutnn (Scot) ·IJ Vdlii in The ii Ovc 61 IVrtnlnliiR to lh» f} CS ,' coin (ly DOWH S Dl^eajio of cernala 10 Nwtrlls IVCiIViiity In central Michigan EC] It Olbos OH ji Feminine pronoun 1 1 Koccuinllko ahoe tn Constant companion 19 Ck'ar 10 Scan d) na vl »rt 13 Not» In »Ct.[« It Htopo 't t|4nd II Comtmrtinriu for a s point r, t'lilncne coin ?· Mich lull Attiw«r la Prtviout Pulil* sal Service ;a Noah'a IT) A bllfi 17 Trader 'M TropicaJ (rult.(pl) Si llolit 31 Skins as Call 3d OcfUiwillon 38 NetworJ; (IMJsecssIvs) 10 Ancient Roman coin* ·t: Pool-tike organ 44 Consolidated snow 40 Artificially KC r minute il pram ^ IS Even (poet,) ·19 Fomlnlns nujiie til Mwiuscrlpt («l)br.) YOU MUST HELP ME -- I'LL PAY voo ANYTHiNQy) SHADB wooi-o IF YOU'LL ONUY HELP HE WITH-A_9ULLBT WHAT ITHEANS-IF ws DONT 6ET AWAY IN TIMS TO WARN THE GOVERNMENT (THINK OF AM. THE 6LOO05HEO MA60A FPOM ANDeRiA-VOW OCM^T SUPPOK I THAT R6D flt/TCHCft M¥.COtJNTPV. DO WEl-l. DQITITONrQKT GAS BUGGIES By Frank Beck .lODAV MEM LEAVES FOR TMg BKa CITV TO INTERVIEW THE NATIONALLY PROMINENT FINANCIER WHO ADVERTISED FOR A, MAN OP COURAGE TO SO ON A CONFIDENTIAL MISSION · ENTAILING SOME DANGER. r NOW THAT I'LL , . BE MlhKlLtNO -WITH TMt -rri. BH SHOTS X MUST UP ON THE FINANCIAL HM-M.PDO, DOWN T*/O POINT*, I 7^1 BONDER VHAT '. iiL'.Lita^l POQ, MBAN8( GUSSS MY Off LIKE THIS IS W«TTY ON AMY BUT- A MAN'S CAREER COMES FIRST. I'M A LEADER OH HEM DARLING, I DO HOPS IT'S ALL FOR THE BEST e..B~BUT I HATE TO THINK OP NOW PON'T YOU WORRV ABOUT 1 MUST TAKE MY PLACE IN THE PROMT RANKS. lTTLE DOES HEM SUSPECT WHAT HOLDS IN STORE FO« HE SPEEDS TOWARDS WS TOOTS AND CASPER A Hat Off To Colonel Hoofer Jimmy Murphy / wow DO "^oo UKE / NEW ROAWfTKR, \ ~ I'MCQMtMir 1 COME AVIt~TAVE WtTH ME! A DANDY'. MV, IT'S A VOU WAMT'TO BE 9URE AND USE A irOOP /·rQA'pe OF AIR IN Voue. ^ i-riRW. HO^-THE OF THE BY THAT WTCH^ AT ^HAT BOULEVARP «lirNAL -WVTH AT5M VJHB4 "Ybu'RE iONNA TURHt EA*Y OVB« THE BUMP*; LOOKOUT POP. THAT TPUCK! ; on B llMMV BRING. ING UP FATHER Not a Chance McManw JUftT A MINUT£ ( WAr^lT TCS TELU JU*T TMiMK OF 1T-AUUOFTHE PEOPLE MEET OH- I^»N T THAT JO^T VJOMOEr^FOL?. I Mli'bT DO A 1-OT OF H\VE THtOMttf \ TO TALK AROOMDWERE SMHO INI THE WORLD CAJM ON THE 1 JD'ST V*M4f THK BOAT P1LUBD VA4AT tVC «tM», Inl'l K«ur« fervw, IM,, OMU BrtWii rtihlt wwm* PANA WOMAN INJURED : IN TUSCOIA ACCIDENT Automobile Crashes Inlo Car Stalled On Hard Road - TUSCOLA, Oct. 10.--Mrs. C. P. Ran It In or Pnna, is In the Siirnh Jarman Memorial hospital In Tuacola wilt) two broken fibs and severe bruises a* a result of an automobile accident on Route 28, Thursday night about 9 o'clock, near the Perry Gates corner south of here. Mrs, Rnnkln's condition la not con* aid t red serious. Mr, Ran kin. with her at the time, was not Injured. Mr, and Mrs, Rankln had stopped their car on the slab become of motor trouble. It Is reported, and both wore out of the machine when the accident occurred. Another machine, driven by a Mr, Metcalf of Park- vllle, crashed Into the stalled, auto throwing It against Mrs. Rankln. Both machines were badly dam In tfi£ crash but nnnn of the occupant* of the sooond ( car was injured. \ Mm, Rankln wan -ruahetl to the hospital In an ambulance. Eighty acres of well Improved farming land, a mile east of Camargo, and a half mile ott of (t state pavod highway, was sold at auction Thursday by State's Attorney Robert Cotton tor (118,215 nn acre. Mr, Cotton was acting for O. V. Hunt to settle an estate. Tho land waa bought by Calvin Harris oE Muwioclt. Tho price was considered low for the typo c[ land,whlch Is excellent Douglas ctunty soll.-Jt hod bften in tho Hunt family for 94 yearn. U Place Church To Conduct Homecoming LA PLACE,--The Brethren church wilt hold communion services Saturday evening and homecoming Sun, day. Dinner will be served In the basement of the church Sunday, Jake Miller is reported not no well, Mr. Miller Is In St Mary's hospital. Earl Wolfe has charge oC the post- office and Everett Brunt) has charge ot the hardware store since Mr, Mill er was taken to the hospltai. Tuscoia Church Women Have Halloween Party TUSCOLA--Colonial women, Indians, golfers. 1 and other colorful characters graced the party held at the Church of Christ Wednesday evening, when Class 8 of the Sunday school entertained with a Halloween party. The- costume of Mrs, Hariy L. Price was acknowledged to b* the prettiest. It consisted of an elaborate outfit of while figured net over whitii, satin with a white lace hat. Mrs. Guy Znmwall and Mrs, M. E. Lollar were cleverly costumed "golf era;" and Mrs. J, E, Gi lies pic and Mrs, W. D. George proved n side-splitting comedy pair as Amos 'n' Andy, 1 About 40 members and friends were present and gamca inil con testa provided entertainment for the crowd. Pumpkin pie. doughnuts and coffee were served by*th* hostess committee In the dining room ot the church. INDIANA MAN BUYS STUDIO IN TUSCOLA TUSCOLA--Kcllh OhavcrotRock- vllle, Ind., has bought lh« Shreeve photograph studio, which hu been operated by Mrs. Wtltice Shreevo and her daughter, Mre. Dorothy Sh reeve Jono* for the !a*t wvtral years. The new owner plans to make cxloitslv* Improvements lo th* «ln- dlo to make It modern'. Mr, Qhavtr und his motl)«r, who a photographer also, will mov« her* in f«w ilayi, and have already taken ehargo of the studio. Carl Brunle, deputy county clerk, ·who has been a patient In tho Swah A, Jarman Memorial hospital for several days, )* recovering t»l«adtly. llarrlaga, license--Ralph Hilt, 24, Olney; Hollia Ingram, 20, Oln«y, DALTON CITY CHURCH TO PRESENTJAGEANT DALTON CITY.--The youns pco pic ot the lucal church will prmnt a pageant "The Book of Books," as a part of the "Hymn Night ?rvico," Sunday evening;. Rev, J, Leon JIun- «val will preach nt lh« morn In IT serv- fc«, Mm. Ed Reedy inlPrt»fr)nl lh mentberg of the Bridge cluh ant! other friend* In her home Thurwlay night. Six tablet were at play, Minn Grace Morrlion won first prfgo mi1 Mrs. E. A. Vollmer necond prize, MlM Irene Kroner of Dficatur, wht» WB» the, gucut o( honor, rnceivod a gvicnl Thooe attending from out or town were Mime* Iren« and Dorothy lire*nan, Minn Thelma Deopre* anil Mar* guret MorrUon, Th* dceoralionn were In keeping with tti* Halloween «ea ion. KKTUKK (tUlCIOK VJEIlblCT PANA, Oct, 10-- A verdict of «ul- clde WM reached In the Inqueit conducted Thunday afternoon Into the death of flamuel J. Hollowly. Funeral nervlce* will be conducted Bat- urday afternoon at 2:X o'clock In the family mldence, T Cedar itreet, There are no free aviation except tlto,«e of the United St»W« · rmy which are open only to ami;, men, Llsl ot aviation schools mny be MT. ZION RESIDENTS VISIT OHIO RELATIVES MT. KION,~Mi', iind Mn. Komtv Ilcitnnn nnd children Art vIlltlDf retfllivfin In Ohio LhlM w«k, Mr. ond Mm. J. K. Prontle* ot Chkngo and Mr. Mid Mr*. Kite Wrl«lR of Faraoni, KM),, vttlU4 and Mm. \V. R. Rl«ok «vw Mr. PrcnUco uid Mr, Wright cousin i* of Mr*, Bltek. H«nry T»t«, who h«r twit M W»l- nrman during th* Muun*r, ttturnti homo Tu«d»y *vwtnK. Mr, tnd Mr§. Daw*y UorHt A 8«a hav4 iron* 10 Indian* for » wMk'i vtalt. . Mm, Ed Kiin'(r olklm* t« POM«M lhi laritMt red coclMwmb;l» tnd urouuJ (hia vicinity. Tn« flowvr niPBKUMB 31 Ittobti In dlwoMUr. KM, Klnner HVM four mOw «Mt at b*r«. She ha* « very fin* v»ri«y ot eoek*. comb In h«r obtained from th« kvUtton i*p«t» mtt.U of the Nwr York ·tndtjr ne\vtpp«rt or if you with, writ* to th* ip*nth*tit of C«mm*re«, Bu* rc»u of AorfcuutlcH, for Hit ot ci-tdilej

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