Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1971 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1971
Page 8
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A-8 Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, Jan. 4, 1971. May cause rule changes 91st Congress a blessing? Mys tery A I>calh Vnllry ranker marks the rcsl- in^ place, of one of many rocks which have slid mysteriously across a Isirgr dry lake in the California, desert valley, stones Lend money lo tillracl iudiislry us a reporlor in background studies par!, of Us xiK'/'UK trail. Hal I led SCICMI- lisls have, conic, 'up with many theories. (/M' Wircpholo) attempt town s rescue TYRONE, Pa. (AP) — For 12 years, members of a Methodist church in this central Pennsylvania town Tin free,' cries jet hijacker MIAMI (AP) — One of two Negro men who hijacked a national Airlines jet to Cuba Sunday looked out. at Havana and cried, "I'm free! I'm free! After 400 years, I'm free"!" The men, their wives and four children were among 8!> people on the DCS that was preparing to land at Tampa on a flight from Los Angeles to Miami when one of the hijackers forced his way into the cockpit with a pistol aimed at the head of a stewardess. The stewardess, Dorothy Amato, was only on her third flight, when the hijacker pulled a gun from under a blanket, grabbed her by the arm and shoved her up the aisle where he look the eock- p i t key from another stewardess. The hijacker in the cockpit, identified as "M. .Jones" on the passenger list, was clean- shaven, conservatively dressed, about 25 to 30 years old and appeared nervous, said National Cap). Carl Weiss. Weiss, a veteran of 14 years with the airlines, said the man announced, "We're going lo Havana." After the plane landed, Hie hijacker said, "This better be Havana. I have a lot of friends who are not going to like it if it's not," Weiss reported. The second hijacker, about Ihe same age as the first, did not make his presence known until the plane landed, when he leaped up waving a gun and told Ihe two women, "Come on, jet's go," the crew said. worked to raise funds for a new building. Now they're lending the money to help their aging community attract a new iudiislry. A month ago, Ihe town was dealt a severe economic blow by drastic cutbacks al Weslvaco Corp., a paper mill that had been its leading employer for !)() years. Some 550 of Ihe town's :t,5(ll)-man work force were left jobless. Seeking a solution lo the problem, the congregation of the Coin m b i a Avenue Methodist church voled to lend $1()(),()()() to the Tyrone Improvement. Corp. to finance a $1 million industrial development project. "At a lime when the community does not have adequate funds to attract new industry, we are making them available," said the Itev. Leroy .1. Harrison, the pastor. The congregation has been holding services in makeshift quarters since the church burned eight years ago. "We fell 'thai I his was probably more urgent than building our new church," the minister said. "We do have facilities and using them is belter Hum nol having our men able lo make a livelihood for Iheii 1 families." The c h u r c h ' s loan represents the required K) per cent of mortgage money n e c 1 e s s a r y lo obtain development funds through Development Authority— the Pennsylvania Industrial PIDA. Three Wood River firms looted during weekend lias B r e a k - i n s at three businesses along Old St. Louis Knad were discovered in chain-reaction fashion early Sunday morning by Wood liiver police. The first, was found at 2:08 a.m. when Patrolman Robert Nelson noticed a broken window at. Schoeneweis Tool and Die Co., 3(50 Old St. Louis Road. Sgl. Ralph Skinner joined Nelson and the shop owner, Robert Schoeneweis, in a search of the building. Schoeneweis could find nothing missing. Then, a I. 2:21 a.m. Skinner called the station lo report he had found a window broken out. al Werts Welding, at the corner of Old St. Louis Road and Manning Avenue. Skinner and Robert Werls, the shop owner, could find nothing missing there. Skinner continued to check area buildings, and found a broken window at. Superior Auto Body, 824 Old SI. Louis Road and called for owner Junior Day to come out al 2:50 a.m. The two men found the broken window had been used to open a door latch, and the office area of the building had been entered. A metal file cabinet, had been pried open and Day said about: $7 was missing. I n a weekend home burglary in Wood River, Steve K u n I. 2 , 135 Thompson, reported his apartment had been entered while he and roommate Brian Buchanan slept, early Sunday morning. Kunty, said his wallet with about $50 in cash, credit cards and $200 in checks had been taken. The break-lr. was discovered about a.m. By GRK(;f; HKRRINGTON WASHINGTON (AP) — Two Democratic senators say the long and stormy life of the 91st Congress—and the big stack of unfinished legislation left when it died—may have beon a blessing in disguise. Majority Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana and Sen. Warren G. Magnuson of Washington said in weekend interviews the confusion and acrimony of the lame-duck session will give new life to Magnuson's proposed Senate rule changes when the 92nd Congress convenes. The proposal is designed to Assessors meet in Carlinville CAKLINVII LK — The assessors from 2G Macoupin County townships met last week in Carlinville for their annual meeting to receive materials and instructions for the 1971 assessment of taxable property. Norman Scheller, supervisor of assessors for Macoupin County, conducted the meeting. Miss Marjorie Nuding from the Illinois Department of llevenue in Springfield also was present. This is the year for the quadrennial assessment in Macoupin county. Scheller said that because personal property will not be assessed this year and because' of the Homestead Exemption the county stands to lose about $12 million in taxable valuation. In previous years some mobile homes have been assessed as personal property and some have been assessed as real property, depending o n their location. The assessors passed a motion that all trailers in the county would be taxed now as real estate. Scheller said if n trailer is standing on a rented lot, the owner of the lot wi'll be assessed for the lot only and the trailer owner will be assessed for the improvement only Scheller also said that anyone who applied for a Homestead Exemption last year should re-apply this year. The time limit for* applying for this exemption has been extended from January 31 to March 31. eliminate the last-minute snafus that usually develop when Congress tries to pass controversial appropriations bills necessary to keep the government operating. Magnunson's plan: Separate controversy from the appropriations. Magnuson said he will reintroduce, "as I have for the past 25 years," the proposal separating each session of Congress into two parts, the first for authorizing legislation and the second for appropriating legislation. Mansfield bolstered the proposal with an indorsement in the wake of Saturday's adjournment of the llth-longest congressional session in U.S. history — 349 days since convening last January. ''After the legislative session we could sit around and let it set for awhile, then we would appropriate and we would know what we're doing," Magnuson explained. "You know, there are limes now when they've been up there on the Senate floor changing a poverty program, for example, while we've been in an Appropriations Committee meeting appropriating money for the old program." When the 92nd Congress convenes Jan. 21 it will be responsible for acting on proposed government programs and budgets for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1971. However, it has become seemingly impossible for Snow slows down stork ATLANTIC, Iowa (AP) — With snow a foot deep and drifts far deeper in Atlantic, Mrs. Mel Beudine called police to get her to Cass County Memorial Hospital after labor pains started. But her physician ran into problems. Dr. John Weresh plowed his car into a snowdrift, then his wife's car into a snowdrift, and finally had to borrow a snowmobile to get across lown for the delivery. He made it with about 20 minutes to spare. ALTON Congress to get that job done by July 1 each year. The classic example is perhaps the dispute over the supersonic transport plane. The Transportation Department has been granted money through March 1971 for the project while the question of whether there should be an SST at all is still very much up in the air. Magnuson said such situations would be eliminated under his plan. Mansfield saw one other bright spot in the lengthy, appropriations-centered lame- duck session of the 91st Congress. He said it gave the Senate equality with the House on money bills. Traditionally, perhaps be- cause the Constitution requires that money bills originate in the House, the Senate has yielded to Ihe House when controversies have developed over appropriations. Because the Senate balked on the SST this year, Mansfield said, "we will be more equal, and that's as it should be under the Constitution." Rep. Hebert opposes delay on undersea missile launchers By JIM ADAMS Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. F. Edward Hebert, in line to become House Armed Services chairman, says it is dangerous to put off even a year the decision on whether to go ahead with undersea missile launchers or the B-l bomber. The Louisiana Democrat also indicated little faith in the U.S.Soviet arms limitation talks— comparing them with the post World War I 5-5-3 naval disarmament pact—and even less faith in Russian sincerity. "They'd surprise me at, nothing," Hebert, who is expected to succeed the late Rep. L. Mendel Rivers, D- S.C., when the 92nd Congress convenes, said in an interview with The Asosciated Press. Some of the questions and answers: Q. What's your view of the apparent slowdown in Russian deployment of this big SS9 missile? Do you think this is a signal? Do you think this should affect our stance in Helsinki? A. I would approach with caution coming up with anything optimistic based on what a Russian did. As a matter of fact, I'd take the signal as a warning instead of a good omen. Q. Oh, really? A warning of what? A. To watch out they've got an ace to play someplace. Q. Do you think they might be slowing down to put multiple warhead missiles on or something of that nature? A. They'd surprise me at nothing. Now keep in mind this: When I'm saying this now I'm talking as an American. If I were a Russian, I'd probably be out doing what they're doing. Q. Secretary of Defense Melvin R. Laird has indicated by the end of a year's time, when we see what the SALT talks do or do not produce, he has to face what he calls hard decisions on going into new weapons systems. Do you think we can wait that long before we move further toward a new bomber or a sea ... A. No, no. Now, remember, the new bomber came—that's another thing I think I'm conversant with, I've been fighting the bomber fight for six years. Mr. (former Defense Secretary Robert S.) McNamara, in another one of his 'brilliant' decisions. We haven't got the bomber yet There again on the SALT talks, we'll go back to the years that this generation has forgotten. They've forgotten the Kellogg-Briand Pact, and the 5-5-3 Pact where the other people tore up the planes and we sank the ships. And we had World War II. Q. How soon do you think the decision should be made whether to go ahead with the new undersea - launched missile or the B-l bomber? Or do you think that they should just be gone ahead with? A. No. I don't believe in just going wildly ahead. But, certainly the decision shouldn't be delayed as long as it was, based on testimony on the (B-l bomber.) I think the decision was very costly and still we don't have the bomber. Should have been done long ago. Q. Well, you think a year is too long to wait? A. Dangerous. In '71 Shop Firs* alRG ... Locally Owned! PARTICIPATING STORES: Elm Street AG Market Elm and Alby Sts., Alton Dial 462-6013 Floyd's AG Market 3rd and Penning Wood River, 111. 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INDOOR & OUTDOOR Carpet Remnants For halls, steps, entrances. Mix and match for big room. * Sq. Yd. Commercial And Kitchen Carpet With built-in, hi- density rubber back. Just use scissors to install. Heavy tweed face with moisture guard barrier. $O95 ** Sq. Yd. to $5.95 sq. yd. BIG CARPET BARN 10555 HIGHWAY 66 H °,L, B 'P LINDBERGH OPEN LATE EVERY NITE — 9 'TIL 9; SATURDAY 'TIL 5. Bring Your Truck, Station Wagon, Plenty of Rope . . . And Don't Forget Your Money! LOOK FOB THE BIG BED BABN n DKTHOIT (A I') -- A drive- in window installed last August al a Detroit funeral Inline has become 'the principal viewing method for friends and relatives of the deceased, according to Frank (livens, owner of the establishment. (livens said Ml lo Kill people have driven in the canopied horseshoe driveway for each viewing of a deceased. Visitors register by signing a card and dropping il inln a box mounted across the drive from the window. Four persons arrested after dispute over coal Four persons arc being held after one of them allegedly fired a shot at .lames .Jennings of 1003 Alby SI., in an argument over a mislaid coat, according to Alton police. Ciemmie Whitney, address not given, claimed thai Jennings had stolen her coal while she and three companions, Johnny Stiff and Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wall, were at a Broadway nightspot. The coat was later found at a drive-in restaurant on the Beltline. Jennings told police the four came to his home and demanded that he return what he had stole from Miss * Whitney's trunk. Stiff then allegedly shot at Jennings with a small revolver and missed. Police later found a !!S caliber slug in the living room wall. Police found the lour in a car in front of the Jennings home. They also found a !!H caliber revolver in a purse and several liquor bottles. Stiff was charged with intoxication, a g g r a v a I e d assault and failure lo meet wilh requisites for the acquisition of firearms. 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