Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 2, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 18S3. BARGAINS! Cloaks, Dress Goods, Evening Gazette. THB KTBNTWI (lArwrrn can be had at all the new»»t.»nd». Price TWO cnsrmi. THURSDAY, FEB. 2, 1WS. AST» Corinthian Lodge No. OS, Knlghta of Pythias. Maldoon's Picnic at the Academy. BHKVITIRH. Blankets, Bed Comfortables, Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, L,eggins, Hosiery^ Gloves, Mitten Corsets, —Mr. Isaac Wolf Is confined to his house by illness. —Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ad. Myers, yesterday, a boy. —The tog still continues,—now on Its fourth day of continuance. —Chronological: Today is the anniversary of the treaty of peace "with Mexico in 1848. —A dance at Gap Grove last night attracted several Sterling couples, who drove out in sleighs. tiSesJ fi , —A number of the members of the Christian Sunday school had a leap- year sleighing party last year. Mike Grady and Peter McCue were fined by Justice Goltman 83 and costs each for disorderly conduct. —Bochelle otters 850,000 and the ground if Ogle people will vote It the court house. Oregon has'nt spoken yet. —Mr. E. Bauder's four year old girl, we are sorry to learn, had her wrist pat out of joint a-few days ilnce, while swinging. —The funeral of Edward Kelly today was attended by a great concourse of people and some seventy vehicles followed the corpse to the grave. —The AVoman's Relief Corps has changed time of meeting to Tuesday; sewing circle In the forenoon and business session in the afternoon. Mr. W.E. Mitchell, stenographer attached to the legal department of the Northwestern road is taking down the testimony at the Kelly-Donovan inquest —A very pleasant and financially profitable-Hook and Eye sociable was held in the Baptist church last night. The receipts exceeded the most sari- "gulne expectation.— : —A robber or robbers tried to' effect an entrance Into the residence of Rev. Gilman Parker this morning, between" the hours of one and two o'clock, and might have succeeded but for a neighbor's dog which scared htm away. —At the request of Prof, Sweet, I will return to his class the tuition for the unexpired term. Members of the class, who are Indebted to Prof. Sweet will please pay amount to me. Call Friday and oblige T. S. McKlnney. —The father of Mr. Daniel Donovan, the fireman killed at Rock Island Junction Wednesday night, telegraphed here last night, directing that the remains of the young man be forwarded to Marquette, Mich., whence the telegraph was dated. —•Tan" Burns and Jimmy Foster, gray headed bank robbers, were arrested yesterday at Clinton for the blow- Ing up of the safe of the bank of Stevens & Welsh, Tiskilwa, Ills. Another one of the robbers,; Jlmmie Martin, was seen at Fulvon Sunday, but he as- caped. The amount stolen was ab ut 85,000. The .evidence Is said to, be conclusive against' them. —"Riding out in the country yesterday my daughter made the remark, Jthere is a redheaded girl and now for the white horse,' There was a team in front and sure enough they were a span of white horses and the only ones we met that dajr. I had almost supposed that to be a superstitious notion of people, but now I know It is true." 0. R. Powell. ' —On Tuesday night thieves went to the residence of Jphn Q. Frank, of Jordan, living one half mile this side of the Center school house and stole between fifty and sixty chickens. These thieves were particular to pick out hens only, leaving the roosters. About six weeks ago Mr. Frank had life and property. Fnrmers cornintt here to town were entitled to protection as well. Hence the ordinance was passed to protect farmers, as well as others. We have consulted attorneys who assure ns thBtlRe"ordinatiC9 could not l»! enforced against non-residenta —farmers or anybody else. Not a single non-resident has been arrested, and we understand that in view of the legal oponion that it could not be enforced except as to residents, the ordinance is not likely to be enforced against any except home people. —The Chicago Herald of M*onday contains a veryjludlcroua story told by Col. Morrison, of the Inter State Corn- Bustles, Handkerchiefs, • \ "- • Mufflers, «'* And many other Goods to be sold very CHEAP FOR CM To reduce stock before Invoicing. OAX.I. SEE. rhis smoke house robbed of all the meat [in it- •: :.; . .••"':'•,• ^ —Ezra Keeney and Dale Harrison /! have their birth-anniversary on the > jX I same day, BO, their respective parents / I got up » suprise party for them both at Mr. Biohard Keeneys. father of Ezra, on Tuesday evening, there being present quite a number of their young friends. It is scarcely needful to adc that the young folks had a* capita tima. Their only regret was that the party could'nt last all night. —The Bochelle Herald statement that the attorneys of Whiteside will not attend a convention to nominate a judge if the game be held at Freeport must be a mistake. Freeport is one of the most Inconvenient points in the district and Whiteside lawyers know that; but they never could have said that they would not attend a convention if held there, because such action would simply freeze Whiteaide out of the contest. Evidently some one baa misinformed the editor of the Herald. —It is evident that the sleigh bell or dlnance has been made capital ot bj towns considering themselves rivals o: Sterling, and some *of their citizen have been trying to prejudice the farm era against Sterling. Instead of tbi farmers getting angry they should be j thankful for the efforts made by our authorities to protect them, as this ordinance was designed to do. But two days before it waa adopted a woman wan killed on Third street by a collision which might have been prevented if the two cutters had had bells. Besides this, two pArttes that we kuow of bad been injured by cutters that had no bells, while iwveral had narrowly escaped'se- rious injury. There had been a great deal ol <*»t driving by people here ID towiv who, h&rtag no b*Us Chairman of the Committee on Ways and" Means and Mr. Burchard was a member of that committee, each of them received a letter on the same day from Dement father and Dement son, both of Dixon, the former now dead, the latter now Secretary of State. The two congressmen compared notes. Mr. Morrison received a letter from old Mr. Dement, a Democrat, and"It said that his 200 men employed In the Jute mill at Dixon were Democrats; ihrtt If the tariff on jute were Interfered with all his 200 men would turn Republicans and the Democratic party in tbe dis triot would go to pieces. Mr. Secretary of State Dement's letter was to Mr. Burchard, a Republican, and It said that the 200 men in the mill were all Republicans, but that all would turn Democrats if tariff on jute were interfered with, and that the Republican party in the district would all turn Democratic, or at least be infinitely jeopardized. It was decidedly convenient to have a Democratic father and a Republican son In the same factory, as it enabled them to reach both political parties in Congress when the tariff question came up. Morrison and Burchard having compared notes, each showed the«81etter to the other, however, It Is not likely that they would have great weight upon the matter at issue. —The inquest over the bodies of Dan Donovan, fireman, and Edward Kelly, farmer, killed by jumping from a stock train at Rock Island Junction on Tuesday night last, began its session yesterday afternoon at 4:10, Coroner H. C Donaldson present. The jury were II. S. Street foreman, W. A. Sanborn, O. A. Oliver, George Davison, S. P. Gld- dings and A. H. Foot, and they met in Justice Alexander's office. The jury had reviewed the remains in the morning. J. E. McJPherran, Esq., was present as attorney, appearing for the family of Mr. Kelly deceased, and C. C. Johnson, Esq., for the railroad. Engineer Ashley, of train 22, testified to the effect that it was foggy; but that the accident happened In front of the depot and that the lights of the station shone upon his engine; but that train 20, which he was following, was enveloped in fog and darkness; that his train and No. 20 were an hour and a half late; that usually the two trains traveled close together, some fifteen minutes apart; and that he supposed bis associate was at or near Sterling; he supposed No. 20 was statlonar>; he discovered after the accident it was moving nearly as fast as he was, about 8 miles an hour; he made proper signals, reversed engine and 'jumped off on south side; he fell down, it being Icy and for a moment feared he would go under; he didn't see the two men in the cab with him jump— "was busy with hia duties, Brakeman Sweitzer said be was on the fender when his train, No. 22 drew up close to No. 20; thinking there would be a telescoping, he sprang from the tender to bin place at the brake on rear end of first car, and applied brakes; he saw Kelly and Donovan, one after the other, jump, they falling a rod apart; ran down side of his car and jumped to the ground; all happened quickly; caught rail of side track as he 'struck ground, which saved him from going inder; said there waa no bank there- ground was level; strained bis leg, but licked up lamp and limped to rear of ;raln and told men to go forward and see about the two men; bis train stopped i* about flve car lengths and n>ere- iy touched other train; train ahead went about a mile and stopped; his leg hurt him so that lie went into caboose. Authur King, of the construction gang was questioned in regard to the lay of the ground where the njbn sprang out, but he said he did not know whether a bank was there now or not,—it waa level a month ago, but didn't know whether it was level or not at present. John Hee testified as to money and other effect* found upon, the person of Mr. Kelly. The witnesses, the engineer and brakeinan, testified, of course, as it out. Sterling Beecher and Charles Coohran stay tn'.the lockup to work out old Ones. George ^Monroe waa fined $10 and costs for Belling a keg of beer to an habitual drunkard. Mulford had been having Beecher and Cochrati come to his place and drink beer. Tbe officers had been watching the places fe- cause of Its bad name, and three of them raided it. aa stated last night. —Temperature of the month of January, as ckept by Albert Powell for the last 6 years at about 6 o'clock In the morning: January 1833 average 6% above. 85 " 4Ji " 80 " 10J^ " 87 " bjtf " 88 ' " 4% C. B. POWELL. n»Te«ent> at PopalatU*. DEPARTTJBES. Mr. B. L. Crumb for Chicago, He has been visiting his son E. V. Crumb. AltKIYAU.- ,Mr. W. N. Harrison from Minneapolis. Nntrftlre Value o< Foods. In the United Slates tbe tendency to extravagance, combined with the mis- I taken notion aa to tbe nutritive value of costly food, causes exceptions to the rule. Taking the world through, however, the poorer communities and classes of people almost universally select those foods which chemical analysis shows to supply the actual nutrients at the lowest cost. But, unfortunately, the proper proportions of the nutrients In their dietaries are often very defective. Thus In portions of India arid China rice, In northern Italy maize meal, In certain districts of Germany and in some regions and seasons in Ireland potatoes, and among the poor whites of the southern United States niatze meal and bacon, make a large part of the sustenance of the people. These foods supply the nutrients In the cheapest forms, but tboy are all deficient In protein. The people who live upon them ar« 111 nourished, and suffer physically, Intellectually and morally thereby. On the other hand the Scotchman, as shrewd in his diet as In his dealings, flndl a most economical supply of protein in oatmeal, haddock and herring; and the thrifty Inhabitants of New England supplement the fat of their pork with the protein of beans and the carbohydrates of potatoes, and supplement maize and wheat flour with the protein of codfish and mackerel; and while subsisting largely upon such frugal but rational diets, nre well nourished, physically strong and distinguished for their Intellectual and moral force.—Professor W. O. Atwater in Tho Century. A largfl stock of watches, clocks Bed silverware at Clark Giddings & Co's. Also they do fine watch repairing, tf and "91." Two choice brands of cigars. Sold *y dealers. C. H. Seloff, manufacturer. tf PEOPLE'S COLUMN, Inwrt three linen In this - umn onetime forlOeent.s,orfor«0 cents aweek. Each additional line will be B rants B single Insertion, or IB cents a week. FOB BKMT. F URNISHED rooms, with conTcnlenoes for heating, and board, at Mrs Kramer's, on 2<S avenue, between 4th and 6th streets, tf O ESIDENCE of E. W. Kelson and the rtor* ft, room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J. A. McCune. " D ONT sleep out of doors when yon can get a comfortable house for from six to seven dollars per month, ol F. B. Bubbard. tt O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. E. Bell & Bon. tf FOB HALE. H OOSK and flve acres of land for gale, or exchange, on reasonable terms. Uaskell & Bunn. W G OOB light bob-sled »nd a democrat wagon- Enquire at this oOlce tf A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E. Bogers, Sterling, Ills. Addreti, U WASTED. A C6MPETKNT Kirl fnr general housework. Apply to Mrs. K. H. Krelder, 2d ave.. bet. 4th and 5th ntreets. dSlwB* M fSS Alice Robinson will take a few pupils IB piano Instruction. Miss Koblnson has taken a tull miislrnlcourse with a student of Lelpslo Conservatoire, aud will give close attention to technique and expression. Call at 202 west 7th street, cor. B avenue. 101* YOUNU Jersey bull. Address, elvlntf age and price, Joshua Anthony, Coltta, Ills. client A COMPETENT girl for general housework. Apply at 10 East Third street. tf Mrs, L. E. Brookfleld, A COMPETENT girl. West Third street. B i )Y from 8 to 12 years old to live with family In the country untlllie Is 21. A good home with school privileges. Apply at this office. U FINANCIAL. HAVE $2000 to loan on city or farm property. Edward C. Underwood. tf IiOHT. ( ^ reinnanf o'fbiue YelT'-t, wrapped in paper. The nnder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at the Gazette office. 8« It strikes na thnt the four quarters of the world is the almighty dollar, and th» hind quarter of a dollar Is the only one you have IcCt on hand.—Detroit Free Press. See Lendman's new ad. 87 FIRST GUN WB OPEN, TODAY, PEBKDiBY 7, A SPECIAL SALE —OF— WHITE GOODS AUTOTYPES, At ACTUAL COST for the DBSt 14 dsjn, M Fuller's Book Store, F0*T OFFSCK. Ofllve IM Re«lt Offilee. ovw the Th« haekman, Baznrd, win take parting t* fat -_ ^fromBUirllng to Dr. Pollock's offla* JTM oi ChargS. ~~" " " " " I UBS Prepared to Farms, City Property ^Personal Property an Stock sof floods . Tor vther O a «F.O. W. CHAMBER I..IH.' BOOM 8, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, 'office open evenings. Cease bow» After BBP- *r ud Hit by the «p»« Ur»te and let •• TmUc Bnalaea*. B B B B 0 9 • -AJfD- You need not go one step farther than the Boston Btore for Janything la the world that IB to-be found In a dry goodq store anywhere. Yon not only Qnd a good assortment but you get goods at prices lower than the lowest anywhere else. 101 Sterling Boomltifr. Call on P. T, Vanllorne for plans and specifications for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. • tf The Boston Store sells goods at reasonable prices and' It keeps in stock goods that are seasonable. People will always find bargains there, every day COCHRAN SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOR THE— LEAST MONEY in the year. See Co. 101 the new tf ad of N, Carpenter & P»y Tour Tax books for Sterling township ara now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf Collector. Fair Warning. The new dam will be built and all property in this city will advance at least 26 per cent. with the coming of Spring, therefore parties who have been thinking of investing at Summit Place on Second avenue, are hereby notified that after Saturday, February 4,1888, the price of lots will be advanced to 8125 and all lots already subscribed for must be secured by getting contracts and making first payments this week. 67 lots sold. 100 GEO. "W. CHAMBEKLIN, Agent. POfflTEB_.EOE THE JOYS 11 SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! CU'TJL.ISK.Y* CUTLEH-Y, An Immense and Care- fully Selected Stock of the All Grades of AT LOWEST. RATES. INDEPENDENT GROCER THE HARDWARE & STOVES, At ray new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Klule's Merchant Taiiortmg establishment Lewis D. Wynn, —AJSTD— Our Block I* too large and mu»t be reduced at once.. Warranty with eaek Instrument. BEE HIVE 'GROCERY Is the most Independent Grocery House In Brtr- llng. We make our prices tout »eU GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish eTery one. All good* •oldat tbe lowestllviug prices; no over-charging. - A child can (BUY GOODS The Cream $5.00 to *10 00 per Mouth. Have used Dr.Biglow's Positive Cure In my family aa a general cough medicine. One of my children was quickly relieved of a severe attack of croup by it. I cheerfully recommend it. H. L. COVELL, Grand Rapids, Mich. For sale by O. A. Oliver. More Lot* IB FlrBt Ward. I now offer 8 more lots for sale at 60 each if taken this week. Oath. GKO. W. CHAMBKBLIN, Agt. CUT BATE* COWTISCKD. CO., Oalt Houe Block. of the Market. At the BEE HI VK as low a* a crown pcrton. Tbelargest and finest stock to select from; eTery thing first-class. A l*rg» stock oJ FlaeCut,Pta« and &8 tt UUUllfOl VA. ychibioo unuiug U flow binds had yet to be seen. As he had bad charge of previous calls, we of course, supposed It was all right to do as he said. CIIU1NG SALE —OF- TOBA.CCO'8 « it before tha recent advance*. Tn« BZB VE euxtomen get tlie benefit ot tbe tow prlc«* b*Iore tbe advance.- A l«e» stock ol Gut Edg» F. K.Keener Has removed his bakery to Butt's old tand on East Third street and is pre- mred to furnish every thing In his line iromptly and at reasonable prices. Joaton brown oread. Rye and Indian mead and cream puffs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Bye bread with carra- way seed, fine cakes, confectionary and fruits. Oysters stewed in all styles, and sold by bulk or can. He hopes to receive a share of your patronage. • ioo« !*•!• lor Hale. I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lots la Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CHAHBKBLIN and learn terms and prioss. C. QOSUEKT. tf —Channc«y Mulford, Sterling Beech er and Charles Cochran were arreste( last night In the dive over the,mea market oppfielta the postoffloe and were put in Ut« lockup, Thl« morning Mulford was brought "before Jnstic« AUxii«id«r and flaed *100 ftud Costa for kt«j>ipf*,<y*»«!6rly huuM, Hegtwi to Marrtaea aa tb* 4i04 train •&» Try St. Patrick's Pilla and compare their effect with any other Kind made They contain the good properties of th older preparation in the market com blned with the moot valuable medicine* discovered In modem time*. A» a cathartic and Uvar ptll, St. Patrick's arc WOOLEN GOODS, FOB THE NEXT THTRTY DAYS, Cloaks, (Blankets, Shawls, Underwear, GLOVES & MITTENS, Hosiery, Leggins, TO!OO & &-JLl$& Ladiet ntver had a more elegant a&ortjntnt to select from, GALL EAfiLY. Beginning February 7. At 4S »d SO Coat* per Gallon. Boefc Candy Drip*, pur* white, at 7* Ccmta per Gallon. EOCENE OIL Non eiplostre; tbe best oil sold In thl» m&rkrt, at aa low price ai Inferior oils are *ow elcewlxre, Dont bf deceived and buy low lest oil* and ran tbe ri»lc of being burned up.. Kanuabw JKW buytlie . At th* BKK HIVE. Snow Flake, ParagOk, and Kansas Wlotmr Wbevt: all Hollar Fateuta and all Wiuttr Wlieat; makes better and whiter bread; keeps molat longer iban Spring Wueat Flour. A g«nula* -AND- DRESS GOODS, At a Mcrlflc*, to make room lor big Spring Stock eomlcg 'a ** Buckwheat Hour! I Tea thousand pounds sold last *rason; Blx thousand pmiuds aoM so Car tbi* »sa- SOD. Tnls floor ha* no equal in this mar- krt; Is made uytusi«te»iprocess; patent Bulltd; no black speck*, .a. Ana stock ot Canned and Qried Fndt$$ California Fruits of all kinds! Tfe« Ottraln* Down Xu* MAPLE SUGAR! WBW *M>OJ(» MNKBB. a. U tCINiBRQ,

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