The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 2, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1859
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^^fc.*S^ii»^-*^ I p||S : |jpiifeS^^ Ii^l>i^«.^li«S^«^r:'%v' ; - v;; tll/l^a •XKfft.m IEO. OKvieoH 6TMEViUB-w*iJTOHOTrtnt.! j»»ilj- 1'gpcri fuljllshca every morning,'except JucuJsy.' Tj.-Wctily Paper, Monrlsj, Wcdneeday and Prldaj\ A^»X!y Pipfer^tveryTuesday ninniing. ... i. . IfEfiMB Of DAILY PAPER. .. . . />«.i!y Paper tar oar year, payable in advanced... »7,<Kl TJJEMIJOPTEI-WKEKI.T PAPER. trt- Weekiy Paper for one year, payable In advcnce. IBfO TERMS OP THE WEKKLT PAPER Weekly paper for one year, payable in mtvanw. ..|1,00 K.VFs:SOF AOVEKTtSllVG fW DAILY Ten linos, or less, of nonpareil make a square, tlii-jr , ^^ do. do. ao. do. do. -do. • ,do. 1 day ...... *l,oO 2 days 8 days 4 dan . 6 dart . I wert Sifecls. Sw.-,ks , 1,60 S,00 2,80 8,00 8£0 4,00 5,00 1 eqaare,! month... $8^(0 1 do. Smooths.. 10,00 1 ao. 8 months.. 12,00 1 Jo. 4 months.. 15,00 1 do. 6monUu.. 16,00 1 do. t month*... 20,00 1 do. 1 year..... 80,00 Rounds & La 114? do n, kllVJ SiXlSlNO -AGEIVTS. 1 Sfe Itandolph Street, ore authorized to recede Advertitauentt for Me and all Vie leading I^aptrt «f the UTorlhweit, and art the -QUIT and KL- ci.nsirELT authorised Agent* in the Northwest for a majority of them. mKt IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. M. II. POJJEBOr, EDITOR. UlctcorolOfrical Uccord, for June 1, '58 Kent by C. n.OAROISCR A OO., Drnfrgistli 19 Spring street. . ..;..- ,; S A. ». S F>. V. t-r.M 60'=» 63 o> T«°a $&j~ Hood has an anrtion sale of buggies wagons, sleighs, fce.. and household furniture this morning at 10 o'clock fiS?" The Sht-boygan Ttmr.* says the German Rifle company of thai cit) were out a target shooting on the 23d ol May. £^~ The Free Prett says the body of Wm. Warner's son, whose death from accidental drowning was noticed some two weeks since, was found on Saturday, the 21st of May, a tew rods above 'he month of the Bail Claire. stood the test of experience; aud although many side issues which may arise,''may not meet nyth our approbation, we shall nevertheless advocate the cardinal principle,of onr faith, leaving men to differ'aa they may upon minor points. We shall therefore be conservatively democratic, trusting in, and holding to the great cardinal doctrine of ;oar pirly.'' It is however the intention of the proprietors to make it more of a iocal than a political, paper, on which point they say, "In the first place, we shall endeavor to give to our readers, 01 Idwa county, especially a good local paper, not confining our attention exclusively to this city, but as far as may be possible, give a weekly report from nil pans of the connty, and thus realize what we consider to be the first duty of a country paper. And while in the department of foreign news we cannot, and shall not pretend to compete with other .papers published in larger cities, we shall endeavor to be prompt in publishing all items of general intelligence, but shall still ckiefly confine onriniergies to their jnore proper field near ai home " A's the Intelligencer isiha only democratic paper now published iu Iowa comity, it ought tQ. succeed. We -heliuv« tliert- is no democratic' paper published Grant Co , which adjoins loaa, and il the democrats or that part of the State do their duty, the hitelligen- rer will be suslaiufd. We wish its publishers success. ••'• x ' sw*}' ;: 'Tir ^t^iirT' , "..r^t •*-% jMKREE W readert alh the good thing! within my reach .le! me invite y onr attention to (ha following; Wr goose shod ting »tory. .communicated to the Jforth Califotnian, published at Hamlbldt Bay.; It la worthy of place among the ad ventures; of Lemuel Gulliver; ' !.-'<".> "Allow me tp st»t«a remarkable occurrence which lat*>ly oam94inder my notiou. A geotle- maaofmy aoqnaintance, daring »'gunning excursion; shot a goose. The bird was only wing-broken, and tb% sympathizing sportsman <topk It home, where, after proper care, and at- jtention, It wai domesticated, and became—to 'use the homely bat honest language -of my Informant—one of the family. After a short time, tbe wing of the goose beuame healed, and my friend took him along on one of liii sporting bxpeditione. He bad been quite unsuccessful, tbe birds being scarce on that occasions, and Hunted sadly homeward, when he missed Ms companion, the goose. ,, He looked upward and beheld In the <li§ tanoe a flock approaching, his own goose leading the way, and the rest of the flock following; as they neared the sportsman hd fired and feathered eighty iu the double discharge. The intelligent bird, whose, instinct and affection for man had thus led his companions into Slaughter, complacently wheeled ronnd and flew offhand In a few minutes returned with another 1 -flock, whose coming was ; attended With similar results. Tbe circumstances were repeated three or four times, and when my friend returned l.o;u.:.:a yriza fellatriflu abort of a large number, which I have uufortu- uately forgotten. "There waa one ^drawback to his general ^access. It is well known that geese assume , soe slie ajsauKep UeNviU in/-Oi«| street." fe first How dre» ^lood froiu/liis, t*e#, : , but fclasping the lady iirjiia arms;be held her till lh«i Mar- -sh&l rtAtnA tn lifa fittafcltt-nnu ' ' aa ' shal came to -his *• - " ', '• '! 2.". • •- • objected tq the hug, , ! j-MABRIl&D fay the HOT.' Jamci 0. Rlchjnonil, BectarJ licn BLboDoooD tin JoiwaiiB M., eldeit daugbtcr of tlie late ' Jo«eph E. Coi4 E»q., all of thli clly , ADVERTISEMENTS. \r\fP.KR -j . A LADIt'SPorUooDle nh ch the u«nar can Bud by addrtulng to Box 107, Mllrinkte Poit-f fflr. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. ! CITY ADVE-RTI^.EMENTS ii KID THE HUNGRY,» Jnjimcllon, divine In It i origin and; „ , as a duty upon null, is now being obseiveJ to tbe it extent by iJAST WA'JTEH STUKKT THE BLOW YESTERDAY—We learn of some damage being done yesterday bjr the gale.— The roof of the 2nd Ward School House is said to have been injured and some chimneys were blown down .-^A fino thunder shower about 6 o'clock this afternooi. purified the air very much besides refreshing the earih. A violent wind accompanied the shower, which may have done some damage Fern, says she once had a narrow escape from being a minister's wif*, and tells how she would have acted in such a case. 'An es.cb.ange, in commenting on the matter, says that if shs had a narrower escape than the minister then it was fearful to contemplate, indeed ! ST. PAUL'S CHUECH^—Service and the floly Communion at sunrise, Thursday June 2d, (to-day) and at 11 A. a., being Ui* Festival of the Ascension of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Also, Friday, at 7 1-2 f. M., in St. Paul's, lecture ei cathedra from tht chair RICHMOND, Rector. A Liverpool attorney kissed a pretty little bar-maid—she looked so tempting he couldn't help it—and when her mamma re mongtraUd. he kissed her too, the family pleased him so ; for whi'-h offences a magistrate fined him $5. Hf paid it cheerfully, considering it the dearest and sweetest kissing that bad ever fallen to his lot STATK ITEMS —The Intelligencer saya lb« Zinc manufactory iu Mineral Poiut U now in operation. Tuc Grant Co. Herald says the little daughter ol S. D Collins, about 6 years old, fell from a pair of stairs in the rear of a building iu Lancaster on the 26th, but was not seriously injured. The same paper says the trial of J. 8. Rice, on a charge of forging a note on Associate Justice CoU, resulted in his discharge. The Stevens Point Pinery says th« Wisconsin S age Company start out five carriages every day—to Berlin—to Weyauwega—to Grand Rapids and to New Lisbon, from that place. The Baptist Church at Stevens Point is so far completed that it was occupied for Divine Service on the 28th. Mr. James Empy.a citizen of Stevens Point, got into a fracas In St. Louis the olher day, and is now lying at his hotel In a very critical condition. From the Pine River Argta, we learn that the saw mill of Mr. Reuben Flight was con- snmedjby fire a few days since. Tbe mill was situated on the extreme northern boundary ol the oonnty. The dwelling of Mr. Rogers, situated on Big Prairie iu the same county, was also burned lo the ground some time last wet-k. , triangle presented , . 'friend the sportsman, until he constructed a gun with two barrels diverging at proper angles from a settle base in the form of the Liter V, by which method he wad enabled lo rake down the hypotheuuse of both angles or sides, allowing not a single blid to Escape. ANM IIOOF1,A!91^ WHrOil i> jthj» gr«vest> While tba one b» U^o the a'moct knacceulble mouotal>' region* <jr feoulh •America, and »JlJed largely to our geographic*! kiuwU edge, tbe othjerj b»i giveb LI* tttaatloo to thf mitigation of lmm«h i offering, and In Mi JEventloD 4/ tfie It- moaa Germa-a fitters, known tn the country it "'lfoof< tand'i Bitted, 1 hai rooferrtd »n Invaluable boob op on iaankiad. ; !)yspepiia, Liver Cojaplalnl ou* Debility »r; speedily and pertnanenU/ fcured by thl» remedy. I For sale b» dru,TgUts ant) dUlers In mWlcine* everywhere, at fSfenuno; botlla. | r wounssi ' A greit jn«nj U-arued trewliei hare been written, expUinlifg the origin of, unj clisaifylnj tbi rormi genenteil In th« Uum»D «y»t«n. Scarcely uxluglc'of medical <clea«e hu eUeclol mure aeuteol»er»4l°a»iu) profound rr.fc.i-cb ; moil jr'cj phialcltn* »r« •» Wy roucB ME. CHABLEB HILLSBUEQH, who recently caused the arrest of Chaplain Chauncey, of the U. S. steamer Niagara, because of certain family difficulties, has been arrested for in- ealting decent females in the city of New Fork. Mrs. Creiger testifies that on Thursday evening he tried to push her down, and slapped her in the face. The defendant is said to be wealthy. POLICE AE&ESTS POE THI MOSTH or MAT, 1859.—Grand larceny, 12 ; petty larceny, 7 ; horse stealing, 1 , cow stealing, 2 , resisting officer, 6; assault and battrry, 13; malicions trespass, 1; indecent exposure of person, 1 ; assault with intent to kill, 1; shooting in city limits, 6; bntchering in city limits, J; insane, 2; disorderly _ 40; drunk, 41; for various petty offences, 15, total, 149. A BELIEVER IN PIKE'S PEAK.—The editor <rl the Milwaukee Sentinel is a man of tremendous' faith. He even believes in Pike's Peak. The unfavorable reports brought from the promised land by everybody who has seen it, makes no impression on his 'mind, and he offsets them with the statement that similar unfavorable reports have been set afloat in regard to Australia, California and Fraur'i River ! — Detroit Advertiser. It is news to "the editor of the Sentinel that he '"believes In Pike's Peak.— Sentinel Or in anything else. TBB LAST COJTCEKT or THE SEASOK.—Tbe MilwankeeMusical Society give their last oon- cert of tbtf season on Friday evening, at eight o'clock, in Albany Hall. The pieces selected Mus BOWLES FRISTS A CARD.—A short time ago at La Crosse, Wisconsin, a lawyer named Daniel Cameron called at tbe residence of a Pike's Peak widow named Bowles, and essayed to take unwarrantable liberties of her properties, and we believe with her sacred person. Mr. Cameron made a great mistake, however, for Mrs. Bowles shot but did not kill him Tbe people and the papers had much to say about the case, and hence her card. She says when her husband gets back from Pike's Peak, he will settle all accounts with Cameron if he ever lays eyes on him. She signs herself "yours with good grit," and says she has uo remorse of conscience tor shooting him, but adds in the following plucky style: "Any one that has got a drop of true Amer- loan blood will defend their own. My forefathers fought in the revolutionary war for their freedom and rights, and I hope their grand daughter, Emma C. Bowies, has too noble a heart to let one Scotch Tory rob her. No not her, so long as God gives me strength, and I am blessed with natural senses, and stay in my right mind." CHICAGO & MILWAUK«K R E.—ThU pleasant route to Milwaukee and towns northwest of Chicago, is fast eclipsing the boasted advantages of the Detroit cut off. The storms and tempests on the lake render the last named route one of great personal discomfort and inconvenience. The "crags" of lake Michigan will aflord the traveler about as good an opportunity of Indulging in the luxury of sea sickness as he will find on this side the Bay of Biscay. We certainly, in all respects, prefer the Chicago & Milwaukee Railroad after duly experiencing the pleasures of both routes — Chicago Jimci. EIUNBMT BABIES.—There are at present three distinguished Infant* in Europe—the Anglo-Prussian baby, offspring of Victoria Adeline Mvy Louisa, Princess Royal of England, and Frederick William, grandson of the Kiug o( Prussia ; the Spanish baity, ofispring of Her Most Catholic, but somewhat immoral, Majesty of Spain, and, presumptively, of her husband, whilom Duke of Cadiz j aad tbe French baby, presented some three yi-ars ago by the pretty and Sdgetty Empress Eugenic to her spouse Napoleon III Rumor hinted some time ago that her amiable majesty, the Queen of Great Britain was about to make another small contribution to the regal census, but as nothing has been said upon tbe subject of late, we suspect there was no solid foundation for the report. Even if (rue, tbe. advent of another little royal responsibility iu a country where it has been raining royal highnesses of both sexes ever since 1840, could scarcely lie deemed a note-worthy event. The Anglo Prussian baby, which is yet in long clothes, is a very fine sample of a tucking prince. There can be no doubt upon the subject, because when his royal highness showed the boy lo his household, they were unanimous on that point, and they could not be all mistaken. Even the King of Prussia, Ihougb laboring under an aberration of mind, super- induced by over doses of an effervescent medicine known as oliqnot, roused himseU suffl oiently to pronounce his grandson a " lusty fellow." ' The Spanish infant is also described ly tbe journals of Madrid as a nonpareil of a prince. Queen Isabel it fond of taking him out in an open carriage and showing him to the soldier* and people, who of coarse shout " boo ray " in Spanish, as in duty bound. Among tbe illustrious balnea of Enrep-, le- petit Napoleon is, so to speak, •• oeck of tb» walk." He is over three years old, and vvry food of wooden soldiers and make-believe artillery. No paing havo been spared to impress his Infant mind with the idea that be is the grand nephew of his grand ancle, Napoleon le Grand. There are some people wick»d enough to suspect that be is the grandson ol the great Bonaparte, I .ut that i* scandal His grandmother, Queen Mortens*?, rnvciej the Emperor—nothing more. It is plain that ambition already begins to swell in liie tittle breast of the " child of France." He sometimes rides his rooking horse furiously, with bis right arm extended tc/wards Italy, tolling his attendants, in baby French, than he is crossing the Alps. He also occasionally charges, flag in hand ibioagb ibe corridor into which the imperial nursery opetu, an <•jr.ploil supposed to refer to the passage of tin- biidge of Lodi. Strange to say, h- never mentions Waterloo—perhaps be has never beexi told of that bit of a skirmish. If hia father should die a natural death—if he himself should escape from tbe measles, croup, &u., and if France should abstain from revolutions nntil he is oat of his minority, together with other ifs too numerous to mention, the boy may possibly wear a crown, but it U quile as likely that abont the time he should put it on, he may bare no bead to put in It. It is the opinion of some hopeful people that by tbe time the above named cradle princes are big enough to sit on thrones, there will bo no throats for them to sit on. We are not ao sanguine.—.Y. y. Sunday Jimti. ; moi jrcj pialctn* »r« •» Wy rouc divided In opltilan on «he VotjeiVll touat be ii)miti<:d, howcYir, ih»i, iuier all, * in a,; ut erpelllhg ibew; worim, and purBjIup the w>4> . _>m rhelr prepense, la of more value tlian the wtaelt lljqalaiUoui M to the origin. The expelling agent h.^ at tangtb been ioudd— Of. ITLune't Ifirmiiiye, prepared by Vlemltg 8r>.». l» the much iought after *p* d«c, and hu already ibper Mded all o'her worm medicmei. Iti Uficacy b«log'unl renally acknow eOfed by medlc»t pratUBoneri &~ FurehiWri wilT be umwfol to ask ^>r 'DR. M'LANE'J (JKLEBRATKD VERMIF008, ni%cir*aiir- ed by FL(a*ll4o!llttOa. at PttMbargh, P». All oUiec Tennlfa^ei la coJnpartaoe are worthlew. Il». i)'L«b»'« Vcroilfi^je, also hi» celebrated Llvrr piilt,:c«n now be fctd ktj all reipectahle drag Itores,* tfmt genuine with6n\ the ttgnatvrt yi.EMI.tG circuit Court, loom i uf t'ortagc. William B. Treid» e l,, Jehn fl. Perrvland *a»«rd No/ton, j . ; , • against U. H. Voung, Jlarv A. roang. Johr; VT. Bschel.ii, t D. Rogers, i U. Morrison, WlUKm II. Sinclair, A (Juu- olsoo, R. TtMrton, B. 0 Walker, J. A, Urcyfores O. Salterlee, <il A. Bennett, L. T. WUcoi, G..T Petry, i. H. Kackar, B White, Q. ft. Wright, Q, 8. Mar. fey, J. M Benedict, t. 0. SUelter, J. H. Perkins Ind 0.0. Meles. i : The State of Vniunstn loth*, above namrvl Cefandaots: : ; . S IRS:—?ou are heratov tomffioaed an I reqqinsd R> answer tba ebmp'slnt In this action, of wnlck • copy Is hereviUi'icrretl upon you, and serre a o*py or your anstver on as at our office, numbers • and i In Uie State Bank <rf Wl.eonain buildlnf, (a Uw City of Milwaukee, trltllia three mouths after the service hereof exclusive of th« diy of ineh service;. and If y< tj fall u> ansver tbe cotnplsml as aforeiald, ttieHainu£Tj *lllar>- n4y to tbe Oourt Sf jr tbe relief demanded In tbe complaint, j ' Dated .Milwiotfe. March U, 1«9. ' ]G. 4- 6 J. G- SrAR&WEAT&igR. PUTs Attorneys, illl.Oitj'. Witness jUon. (teorge W. Gate, Judge pf th« , —^ . 7* Jadl.ial Ulrcjit, at Picver, die »SJ da? j j 8«". J or March, A. D. IBM. QEO. R. WAUBRIi>OE citrk Wfi»arejo>t loroctfpt at the cheapest, best IMX» u J aod Aon complete stock of Family Airof* He* •Ever «h!blte<l Inlilscity, thu sime 'a/lnx b«en boujtt lecewSj ia the Nev Tone ftad BW«D markets ; F<.' U ' C A « H , At iu-hprices as enable us to undersell all compel Curs In tbe trade, and still afford us a handsome living profit. Onr nr*gramm* embraces every article ID the ;rade both FANllf 4>l> SffAKLE, Such •< flugars, (al kinds and at the very lowest prices,) Tea<, (a T. for fiOe warranted better thin can be boogh 1 . elsewhere for 9 ihUlinirs. or will llv • you a pound for nothing,) Coffees, (tfocha, Old Boverameul Java, Lagnlra and Rio,) Wa! at and Uashroon Oat- sops, all kinds of Sance*, suca as goto VTorcestersblre. R<adin» and Sultan j, (U>a latter being • refreabing and plrtilng stlmalaat lo tbe appetite, composed prlncl pally of Turkish condiments combined »• tb various tolHisurjr productions of the Knit. U Is an exquisite rellih »i|i Fish, Wdats, Poultry and Game, sn.l forma • valuable addition, to Soup., Minces, Hashes, » ears and^Meat Pie«, iswe'l as ,-alau* It also Import* a hllfhljr de Iclom Bavor to Ftealt, and Chops,) 8arton and fieoslers Olive Oil, Uan Prults of ell kinds, Croese t Bl»0iwe'l'« Pscsles of every description*, llcUed Lobaters, Fresh Salmon, dardloe*, Little flee*. Clams, Cbv« Oysters, Corn Starch, Taploci, Sago, Rice flour Cooper* Shred Islng <3las», Maccironl, Vennaceili,' FlcSfBalslns, Citron, 4e.. * = . We ant also ante 4> ( ent« Macombcrs Salad Cream. A very popular article, winch should tw m rvery ew- cares family. (*> have also 2000 SI*. Hi 4IKKO II A H!S, Tbe best ever rffere I In tuu c.ty. Also e& BOLS. ut.*s l*at up expressly for our trade FKfcSH CiKOUNU . „ Always on hand from the Empire and New To-k afuis lad ' ,'T(> (.'1ST A J.OXG STORY SHOUT, toe best jtook of Oro c er1e» fr^m v/h ch to .elect frou. lottj and al fie lowest rates AS W F « E L L FOR CASH, Lad make n,i bad Jebti, wn can iffon! (o unttcnel! < ur lel^hbors who do a time tra «<•. an-f of enori" 'oje raore >r let* of their protlu in that iray. Call and Examine NOTICfc-. Oontr ict Department, May 30, 1!5«. \ I f I1I1E following Is a ichedule of lots and parcel* of 1. lam' tn lha Sth Ward of the dty of Mll»«u»^e, thai will be benrflttei] by gradlnir Walker itreet «n,l sidewalks, from SUlh *T»nue to the west line of W»|. kef s Addition; also to repair the uorth iMswullti, nt tw ** n '«tand tth avenue., and plankinir "> • >>" "> ild.walki of aad street, from l*t averue to ili^ wi! line or Walkei'. Addition. K. tt. IIAVOKM, FRED. VOOEL. ; Street Cummifaion«ra. Bent-flu. Cnctrnol Ut--y»i W BALKU (,1-ip.i ~ M II » 7 9 3 1 11 a 8 1 11 t T i a i 1 14 Block. KB 35 3» 86 S8 8« ST • 87 37 37 17 37 88 & Benefl i. S344 , 80,6'i 29,69 .11, S7 15,94 35,94 3S,»4 42,81 39,0« 38 41 2a '.i* '& 21 ai.a 84^7 OT.81 32,31 17.1S I32'.i\l Lot. 11 wit » a 1 S \ 11 5 3 Iu 1 K 1, d W >» 6 4 Bloai. f 89 K9 A3 59 aa 4U 40 til 4U 4U 4U 41 41 41 41 41 Ih.. fr.. K I. II , HCJ i 19 AMUSEMENT.-,. TU F* F* El vo< , 144. 6U IUI) II 7U.J8 54.UH il.M "I- U F It •<- 11 t>' 11(1. t- 1 1- ' N ••••<,) k t I I > - v r- STAMM'.- 1 VI .1 T 100,3; f-L'H NOT ClTV C 'MI>TliOU.gK* i OirriCB. t Contract Department, Ullwauk<e, U»y 30, 1SS9 T IHe foll^wtng H a ichednle of lotj front n<i D«rt>i alle* la block 163, IB the 'ind wi>,|, CKy of Milwaukee, and an catim»te uf the broe thow lou, ti» bringing uld Hle» to iho t«i i. fade. J U. Jtr-ei Itoo l..ji 16S 193 J 163 | 163 IcU 16.1 Jel-<13t R. L'B. liAKDlVKa, NOTICfc.. CITT CoMi»Tauu.Mir* Contract D«partm3nC, Milwaukee, M»> T HE foflowlnf a a scheduli: ai lulj fnjr. t n« south al'ey In blork 16!, in the ' Wirl | City of Milwaukee, and are ritlrnau- t,f the . thoM lots, by bncgini <»l,i al ry grade Oorito.k, whetl.ef yo« will freely ihow jo» our «DOir cinn it fall lo pUu w»nt to buy or not. ao.] we »oodi jand prices which we joa HCN'N*CB083T 1. U LOCIi ADRR. Street Loi D i JOBBER IN Y a u k \ u I i o it M . STOCK ALWAYS FUi.I,. Tbe eomptalat In tbe above entitled cause iriil be the offlc* if the " ' filed Pon 1S19 couaty, at . C'.erk Plover, oo of the Circuit Court, tbe 8'tb oay or April, 6 A. * J. C. BTA KWKATHtE, _| PUinl fTs Attorneys. »*AI,E. [Mew* «ui «rit¥ [ Ar« /etjueated to call aod ua*ulOa , OOOUS AND PHICr.S. | B. P. U.1O1, | )t^ Aly ^u at:n'« Blocii, U t Water it NEW 'iF5~o~ JUST KIOEITKD BY i ic i < k i, % \ i> x i< o. 188 KAS'J 1 WAl'KK SI. jel J cee. by Block i o'j : 4 IS! I' \fi :«, a L'U. UAaCINKK, ij NOTICE. CtTT CcMPT»uU.Jl« Department, \, li . ! ed io|. iji.l parcel ated'ln the Thlr.i W«rd, of h^ Cn> .1 resolution of tile Common Council , 23, 1339, were Jvciar^l pa^Jlc )f it*|cQaoc T&t«r %na fltth 'li-re->Q inier«*d lo be *,b»te i. rU in.l | LANDS AND WATEn POWERS. ««« \\ JSi-.«» rlli-t] \'\\\? I.,111 S. 404J STATK Of , Circuit Court, MU*»uk« Co f Chrtauan VVinaenOeo, johauinra Sell men and Ciir1»Uan Scbrauu. Jusepl, B. Treat, Junes » . Eu-.roi, B«nj«inh. t sulea Tbr Pre.ldenl of th - furrarn * MUler* 1 Bant, Dti- ler B. Brtuou, t. W. Wdeelack, Horace U. freeman ina Klitabeth, his Kite, Oaieo li Patterson ind — — i**Ti, non, bis Wifv- Frederick . I N Tlrtue of and pursuul l« a juanueul rendeWd .L aald Court, In thV above euliUvd action, dated Match 5, 18M, i shall elpos? for laic aul aeU at FuDlit A«- tlon, at the PoiMOthCe on the corner of Wisconsin and MOvaukee >treeU, 3n the City of Milwaukee, oa *Utt« ur4-y. Hi- Ittbday of (wptcoibcri 1*M. at Uic LU..I ..i i !•_ M , of that ilav the followrug d4scrib ed mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may )>« ac- cessary to raise thtfajno ant of ea'tl juU|;mvDt, h«it c r^«t kndcosta, top*. her With extras** of «a4n, u> wit: • •Ttial aonth wefll tiuartt-r «f aectioa nunlbe* Qr- teen ^1AJ, in U>wnahip number seven [Tj, north of range number twenty-one '-'IJ.aii, eierpt- ing nineteen and ti-lOu acre heretofore «olj (Jy Christian Wicsenrted and wtfa to ThomM Si. Ridd e;-sald prtm4sea belnff sltnale mJoUiWau- kceCountt and State of Wncot»,ci " Dated gnertrr'a Ottce, Milwaukee, March 10, isjt. E. 8r»ia«»Basto. I A.J LANO rVuUIUf , Pl'ffs Alfy. f . Bh'tT. Mil. Co., IVl, inartu-lam&n-lasl ftwlaw K Wiy W 19 s «, f £ 4U F<>|; ^ Wiscous.u W ALL aT years I >;ajhm«i«. A journal „' In Atla, Africa mad Europe , with luu i tratlocl from sketches o* the 190) By J'ka U Ufeavd Times of Oatrey, M«nl,m»o aad Viir.l bracing the Rlslory of CV Serampor- »l.u!,n t,v C Hanhman IMci-jOO Msrsh's »cieni-f|ol Double- Kalry Bo j« te»[. n,- 1 L-etnre oo Metaphysics ard l-oz> bi .-<ir »', , Hamiltoo, A uo. Tne Kaipire ..ntastra. us u* r an* f.r« t Lt ... . „ Johai f. C. Abbott, 1 50 tVyommj: . Its h story, stirm.,; ,an.i ca » i. i . . .. • K adirnlures, i,r OenrueBwk, 1). li , I iw Ttle Hsrpofa Fhousaad Strinji? ..r u.= ^ ,.u:«.i*- of human ».!, w .k-jrerv and wisd .ai, : -.1 ArmyLileoo itie I actdc. A J..i,n.l . • . tion against u» Xortbeiu Indian., ih I H h r- v l: r H i i-1 > i i ,•„, Hmu i . , I 11 i-u*- B77J Circuit Court,Milwaukee Co. Andrew illtcbell, ) agalutt • I John Coop r and . f * Marion Cooler. i j I S virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in Uie above entitled action, lUted April 30, l$3«, 1 jreclofure anj 3al« for this occasion are new, and it is designed to make it one of tbe finest concerts that hag KTTJ given In Milwaukee for a long time ; and it heir,;; a Musical Society of onr own city] it deserves the patronage of erery citizen. On this occasion, jtorticnlarly, it ie expected that erery one will turn out, and for onca let Al. bany Hall be crowded to overflowing. For this will -excel any concert that hag ever been given by them. Arrangements will be madu to seat from one thousand to fifteen hundred persons. The concert will commence at eight o'clock. LsaTANT IH SEASON AND OUT OF SlASOS.— We heard a venerable clergymen once describe the manner in which St. Paul disseminated Gospel truths. He said that when the Apostle visited Athens, he did not go about inquiring for* Clmrch or brother of his faith, bnl took good Care' to plnmp the Gospel lever to the Bool W tbe first man he met in the streets- Bev. ^.,C. Richmond, of this city, gives evidence almost daily of fact and deed, as well as in theory, in the tegular apostolic line of succession. 'We learn from the Free Democrat, of last evening, that an infant son cf John Bullene, Jr.,and Emma Francis Jay Bnllenewas baptized jestetday morning at 9 o'clock, by the Bev. 3. C. Richmond, in the care while in motion, for Mr. E. says/he had oo power, like the Ethiopian, to command the chariot to stand stili, between Beloit and Clinton. Mr. Eiohtnond spoke to the passengers, who assembled and .stood solemnly uncovered wLUeihe Eetnor read from memory, some- limes on liis knees, the service from the prayer-book. The Conductor brought the water «$,»*> B. and his «ldeg^ daughter were the jponsbrs. Ihe child, like one of old, was named ^ John," rignifjring tbe "Grace of God." Hs is a fine fat, healthy boy, 10 months old,. As Mr. E, used to be called Rector of th« Jfonh River, h«.wasonabljr tjrpects ^oon «o b« called, JL R. E. E. Richmond, B»olor HORRIBLE ACOIDBHT.—A man by tbe name -of Olifl Olson, a clerk in the employ of the Grand Trunk Railway Company, in Toronto, was found dead on tbe bank of the Canada ,side of the river, at the Suspension Bridge, on Sunday, he having fallen from the precipice above, a.distance of over two hundred feet.— His body was horribly mangled. He was on a pleasure excursion to tbe place to celebrate tbe Queen's birthday, since which time he had not been heard of until be waa found in the above mangled condition A TOUCH FIRIMAS.—As one of the engine companies in Bangor, .Me., was going to a fire in that city a few nights since, one of the firemen slipped and fell from the drag, and unfortunately the wheels of the heavy machine passed over his chert and face. All supposed he was killed, and were picking him up,when became to, and after spitting out a mouthful of blood and dust, inquired with much feeling, "Did it hurt tbe machine much?'' He seemed to feel relieved when he learned that she had only sprang an axle. r. Henry Shaw, aged sixty, a wealthy gentleman of St. Louis, has been sued by Effle C. Cortztong for trifling with her aflections.— Effie is tblrtyv rather tall, but graceful; has dark hair, brilliant eyes, blonde complexion, and a month expressive of great firmness and decision of character; and lays her damages •t^iqO.OOp.: At first aVclaimedbut $59,000, but finally resolved to make a heavy strike, and altered her -petition accordingly. TH* HINBT JoittSBTzCASK.r-SheriffGray, Of Chicago, recBived on Tuesday a dispatch from Ottawa, announcing the decision of the Supreme Court in tbe matter of the appeal on a writ of «rror in tbe case of Henry JumperU, convicted of the murder of Sophie Werner, to the effect that tba decision ol the Ciront Court of Cook county -is reversed, and tne case remanded for trial. THE NEXT STATE FAIR.—We learn from the Wisconsin Farmer, tor June, that it ia decided that the next State Fair will be held in Milwaukee. It add*: ' 'Convenient and good grounds have been secured on Spring street hill, only three minutes drive and ten minutes walk from Spring street bridge. What will hinder an immense turnout and an excellant fair, we cannot see. It is not early for exhibitors to be laving tbeu pians to win the premlumi. The State should make a torn oat to be proud of on that occasion, it can do it." The Pair is to be held during the last week in September, whan we usually have fine weather. Our citizens ought to omit no piius to make it the most attractive and successful exhibition, yet seen id Wisconsin. Heretofore, Milwaukee has not contributed her proportion to the show, but this year she should make up all arrearages. And those who intend to exhibit any wares, nook, mannfactures, fcn 0 y articles, flowers, fruit, &o , cannot begin their preparations too early. We hear that during the Fair a grand Regetta wQl come off, and It is loi be hopvd that the prizes to be rowed for, wiH attract boats from Chicago, Detroit and other lake ports, as well as from different points of our own State, Tbe Firemen also intend to get up a Tournament, and onr Military, ofcouree, will have a Field Day, at least. These occasions, added to tbe usual attractions of a State Fair, and in view of the great facilities for reaching our city, and th« abundant provision that can be made here for visits, will, no doubt, attract Ian immense crowd here daring the week of th& Fair. Let us make ready in season to receive, welcome and entertain them.— Sentinel. , shall eipuse for ndf and tell *l J-ubllc Auction/at Uie Post-office, ,ln th« City of &lllwsu*ee, on Mlardat, tb« Jolt day et AUtfU.t, 1858, at the hour of i ». n. t of, that dsry, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof u maybe necessary ta raise the amount of saldjndgment, Interest and cosn, together with expenses o< s«i«; tbe following, to wit :| , "All that piece'of pireel of land slluale IB Uie County of U)iwaua<:e au4 State of Wisconsin, known and described u the w«t half of toe north west qjjaner of section ilS], town six |6J, range Iwenty-oee [S1J, containing uineij • two acres, actoidlng lo tbe Lulled Slates lur, vey, emceptlng cxu half aare leased by Jofti) and Marion Uobb -r or one of them tArctiqoj Llistrtct No sit fSJ, In Ihe Towti of Gfecnflaldi Mllwaut • Ocumy , Dated Sheriff j Oofcc, Mllwasilee, May U, DpHiM A ounill, li A J Pl'ffs Al ' r . f; ma AJ^ of Else p°re -S: { >nate* and th- bar, b Duarjr of L«i]j Xlccg; ; Tbe Romance ..f « p I Sew l,ltuu*lr.| Raral M«n*<l< i HouS*, the Uarileu, tile Farm «r.3 IJ . Price 1 SO. ' Hints towards Pt./»o,»l P-,;..i,., D I of to* Unraan Beaut; . ib9^u> L tio« j lain feodjly fymoielrj, h«ilt', »oJ llf«. and avoid the inarti)ltle« ami j,l U U. Jacques, 1 DO. Sparpeorj 1 * 8rrQMina, vn uiu- Qv. 1 ,*> i Ixjve ale Litt e, bovr Mt- Lon<. bj t h»« I | lintofy «f i(, e Uuunai.,n o Uir Arabj m .I A Jouruej Due >«rth, being i.,)te3C.f « r. • ftuisia, by George Auguntus S»:a, 1 WJ 1 Lamotit'i Medical Adviier and Marri«ire( I nearly 100 engravlag.. Price 1 2S . ThePlllar of Fire, or Urael in Bjud.f- uy R, S lotraham, I 45. ' (mop's Life of Washlngt..!., vvluc.e flv-, 1 Sj | AliiboDc'a D-ctionary of Aatborn, b 611 | L.fe of li.t Caraon, » UO. CO 134 Eut Wat { N , 1.. !• 51 't N 11 trott t 11 N iu .>! 3 6u N to i j »u HI I I 3 Si t i; i CMTCO YIA11..S MAUSUAl.^ Mary Ann Adams, a^mlnlstra- i trU of Frederick W. Adams, deceased, | | David P. Hull, Marlon Alton Hull, Id win Palmer, l Michael .Coughlio, Joshua Hatbawcy, ; Byron W. Clark, : OharksS Clark, j Bnbert B. Bell, The Farmers * Mllf«rs Oank Henry L. ftlmer, : i Herman Schwarting'and An In tbe U. 8. Dlstrle Ooort for the D.strli of Wisconsin. In Equity. FOUJTB.—Both bodies of the persons drowned last week bare teen fannd—the young man from 'Spart^, on.ibw day cf the disaster, and the Swede, not till yesterday murning. He 'Was found floating in an upright position -with thtrlopof Jils Lead Jost out of water An loflties|w»»Md,.Mid^4teIn goldtonnd on Us person.: 'Hbiji»me was Mathias Colsen,— Onadaska — TH« THODT.—The trout is the only fish th«comes in and goes oat of season with deer; he grows rapidly, and dies early after reaching Us full growth. The female spawns tn October— at a different time from nearly all other fish; after whicb.both male and female become Iran, weak, and unwholesome eating, and If exam- inediolosely, will be found covered with a species of clove-shaped insect, which appear to snckj their substance from th«n. They W n- tinne until warm weather, .when they rub the insects off on the gravel, and immediately grow «• ong. The female is the best for, the tabW She may be known by a small head and deep body. Fish are always in-season when their brads are so small • as to be dlapropor- tioned to the eixe of trw body. The trout U leal oily and rich than th- salmon; the iemala is tnooh brighter and more beautifnl than the male, they swim rapidly, and often leap like salmon,, to a great height, when ascending streakni. Ifhen I first stocked my trout pond I planed 1,600 in it, and was 1 accustomed to put Qreullch, AsWgrieea oftb* People'* Bank of , Uaertel, Oreenleaf t Company KJward O. Tyler, ' Jabts II. Foster, j Horace U. liana, j Jasper E. Goodr en, and Andries Domei and < i ; William i. Abram*. | | ! I N pnraaarjcj and by rirtae of a decree made Dyjth District Uonrt of i tbe United State* for tbs Dts(fic of Wisconsin, on the eighth day of Aj>rll, 18W, lijSth above entitled canse.J shall seU at Public Auction aitfc united States Marsha]'* office In th* City of Mllwsusn on Wednestey, th« t^ntb day of August, ISJf, al tire o'clock In the afternoon, Uie following described pro "1/o't number [Clink the west afty [Ml fert ofiiot nnBibered seven (f J aid eight [g], In blocs. twentyJBr l»J, In Sherman's Addition to tbe tbtti Ward of ith, Ulty of Milwaote*.V 1 • j Marshal's Office, Muwaukee, May 7,18S9. ! M. J. THOMAS, 0.8. Uanhak • 0. HAT, Compt'ti Solicitor. 'm*J8-lln8wlsS OTICE. , , feed them with angle worms, rose bugs, crick, ets, grasshoppers, &0., which they attacked withjgreat voracity, to the amasem«nt of those looking on. < They grow mow rapidly-in ponds th«v,in their native streams, from tbe fact that ire better fed, and not compelled to exer than they *"*• - - —*»«;• «cu, auu uub wmyvwsu. aw e*&r* Trout are the only fish known to me "•""'" "'-iee, which is perceived by TTNDBB aad by «lr|u8 of a chattel mortgage be illng •U dsts Decembef 21,1S58, ««uted to me by lymaj Nulton, to s.curethe payment of two • hnadred * m t»eoty-»even dollart.'and Interest at tbe ratjof twelve percent, per annuw, ileeming myself Insecure, I ihal offer for sale and sh>ll sell at pobllc sale,on .the prtml •e* No. 4T Spring sWeul, ID tbe Fourth Ward, of the CUj of Mliwankee, on Batrjrday, tbe 18th day of Juoe njit, at 10 o'clock In tne forenoon, for th* purpose of payini laid sum and.tntersft^ttte following property convened to me laid by uortgan to wit; A t»o story brick, botld- log njoeteen ana one half fe«; f«nt by thlny-dre feet deep, sltuat-d oo parti o( lots 2 and 8, In block TU Irr the 4th Ward of the City of Milwaukee, WUconsin, And known «S«I, Sprlntf street, together with the leaie of DatedMi wauke«,iMiy 18,1S49 ' " i , i OtO. A.WOOD,llortg*ti. PiUoa t STAU, Attorney*. m»yl8-law4w SAtE. r^-jjottrt Z. £t*lt. CakoAOo POST Owic«.~A .pecial dispatch to tbe New York m wys fliat ihe "otarges prtferrwdagain.t-Hr. tb«OLIe»go'Postn,«»'er, have all been Oook ned rod cleared np^ » a tbe.entir* tbiJDepRttmwtandtba Pr«l- - SIATBOF ... ?lrcalt Ooott, Mllwf WlUlaralieni, MaryiSw.'ind r H,J»d|a«"tB»l.. f a.- ., - WObers'.TntUe, 'j|| ' *' ' » - [ I IT virtu* of and pi r*u*nt;to a judgniuot rendered 'ta laid Court, )n tie sooTe entitled action, ttitd April eighteen, 181SJ I (hall etpow for sale and sell at Public Auctlot Jat tb« Po*t Ufflcr, In tbe OHv-of Ullwanitte, on -MxitiirdhT* (fie 8"**~ -" — N0TeDtber«18S»Vi%t{teboBr0f2 r.__^.^..., ihefol ow1n«dt»crlb^inortgag»d premise*, lo wife '•Jh* east thirty ^et of Ipt nnmber three [31, lo block nnmber tab hnadred and slxty-thr,e [168], la the Second Ward, of the 0<ty and Oonnty of Milwaukee and State x)f WUcoDslo, with the bnllrlingi ind ImpiroTement* thereon." D*Ud8heH«^Omc< I Mili»aolte«.U--"~ —* /.TAXDOB,! ' If Pl-ffli Attly.t - I Nrtaw ~K j. n|», iww i suss * Crrv GonrrROi.LM'3 Orrt:«, i CIIST»JC» DcriaTMUT, June 1, '5». j proposals will be received U this office, un- kj Ul Saturday, June 4th, at IU o'clock t • , (or furnishing materials and constructing cro,sw*jlk« in tbe 8rd Wars, as the Stre. t Commlaiiuneri maf direct.— «l»o for tiklng up aad relaying old crosswalks >j may be inquired. 8ep(rat« proposab will be receive 1 for furolshlnif materials and rt-pairtng plank lidewails as f»qaired by the Street Covnnttiloaxrs of said Ward — l Pioposajs mnat sat forth psic« per Uue»l foot for neu , plank and relaying alii plant. : > e2 -^" E. L'U. OAttaraER, Comptroller. t CITT CoarrsoLLaa'a Orncw, i I Contract Dej>arimenl, June i, 18S» f S KAkKU ».rop«sais will be receives! at thts office «n til Thainlav. June »th. 10 a. ». for paving the QaflnlsTied portions of alley running tfirouga block «, Thlid War*, and repairing- said alley when nece.a.ry )<«-d" K. L'H. UABDIMtK, Ojjnptrol .r NOTICE. CITT Coitrraou-la's Orrica, i Contract Department, Mil., Jane 5, 1K6» ( T lfE following 19 a*cfa< date of lots and paitd of lots fronting on Chlcsgo and Herooooee itreeta, ta Ward, City of Milwaukee, thai wtll be benefited by F .i- Ing strsets, curtotag and gravellog ildelwalk* and planking tae s»m«, and relaying old walks. JOHN HCUKATH, PaVABCIS HcCORMICK, Street Onmmisslonera N -» E 3d of • ;5 W 30 of E 8.) of a N 6 of 5^ of E Hi N s it K \ N W of I M » 20, I of 51 4U oj E KU S M of 1 40 d i) N * Middle H K J* of It * W X ofE H E » Mid lie M. Loui* Misf-ir ». {j, t iu>. t 80 of w m R 30 of W 120 E 30 of W 1311 E 30 of * ISO K SO uf W Jlu I'J 1 I 1 IA 2 1 1 1 1 1 'i 'II i. jlllS.iS i "IHJS-. 1. •»! I V ft U» .V 1I1L.» il'Kh N ' ' 1 i I K W -Lot is 6 E. t'H. GABDINKB, Comptroller Block. 33 Beneflt*. 241 .22 * 40 ft ' J«3-d8« AUCTIO.V MALE OF A T Hood's Auction Rooms, No- 4 Spring etreet, on Thursday morning, June 2d, at lo o'clock, con- ULlog of a general assortment of Bousenold Furniture. Sale positive. Terms cash. ,Je4 i. I.O1D, Auctioneer. AUCTION NAI.E or £U00J£S, WAGONS, SLEJOUS, &C. W ItL be sow M H«od'* Aucliqn Rosims, No 4, Springs!., on Thursday morning, June *VJ, at TO o'clock, one two seated Bung,, , ne two ho se iron axle waroo with boi, ona two seated CuiUr, iwo satis double harness, two «prl«g sleigh bell*,! whippletrtes, Baiter*, spring Beats, Ac. Sale positive. Terms cash. « a . J. HOOD, Auctioneer POINT1.H T1UN. DOS AT AlC- W IU. b; sold at Uood's Auction Roouis, i no. 4 Spring street,, ou Satutdsy morning, Jan.e'~4tb* at"l6"'o'cloekT a ™..*^.... —, Blood Importer} English Pointer, aboat a year old ,nd well broke for field shooting. Sale-posltlre. Terms cash. !l ' .'; J. HOOD,.Auctioneer. >. WANfKD. riWO or thrte unfurnished aoom* antb Boan) In a X private family, by a gentleman, wfTe and child, seren Jears.old, from the kast, who are'wltllnj lo pay i fair price for suitable! accommodation*. • Address T, Box 14fS Pqit-Omce. ' J«1-<1S< B > * W 4 of W W M £40 111111 i L: 1 10 19 W 1« 1 £40 W M l K 4U 18 Oowners, occupants aod sgenu or tne above desonb ed properly are hereby notlded, to abatu ><ld nulianc-» within thirty days from date, or the Street Comm'S slooers of the u.d Third Ward will cau<« »i.l nun:. n ces to be abated and charged la the r« i,, u according to law. mar*? J61 g. L'll. CARDISE8, Complnller Crer Costrri-iLua'a Orficu, | Con tract Department, Milwaukee, May its, 1SS9. i S EALED proposals will be received at this office until Tharsday. Jane 2, 1S69, at 10 i. » , for repair Ing none gutters In front of lots aod construction and repairing stone gutters on crossing! In the Third Ward. Bids mnit state price per square ytrd for taking up an ' relaying with old material ; price for tarnbhlai; i ew stone when necessary, and price tor constructing ew gutters, furnishing all material*. may2S-dtt B. k'H. OaBDINCB, Comptroller. Ml I U I I- 1 'rtn. W-u OlJtCOTTCODBT, I ' ' ' Ullwankee County. } • . • - -. i John A. Page, PlalntlS, , «g»lnst ido Alexander, William A. Baratow, f «nd, StoTtr Kloes, James Butherlaod, The Centra! s:; of : Wisconsin, Horace H. Uunn, Jasper E. -dticb, Joseph Gary, Henry William*, Conda B. »lton, BeorgD B Smith, Thomas O. Dorenlns. Johh M. Nixon apd tdward Sax, Deftndants. The Stake of Wisconsin, to the above named defendants: Y 00 ar» hereby summoned and required so ar.swer IW complaint InthU acUon,-Bhlch la died In the fflee of the; Clerk of the Qlrcn t Court tor the' Count* of Milwaukee, at the City of Milwaukee In ia(rl Oountr and to serta » copy of your arawn-to.the uld com- laint, hnthe snoscribers, at their offlct. Nor 8 ami 'b' ^ City o ««n1ee Crrr ComrraoLLsia's Ornc*. i Contract Department, May 80, 1859. ( ^-BAUD proposals will be received at. this office, un- t til Friday, June 8d, at 10 A. •., for (umlshlng all materials and constructin? an Engine House for Engine Co. Ho. T, according to the plans aod speculations, on tile In hit office. Tbe Comptroller desires the right to relict all oro- posato If considered too h^h. P maygl-dU f. y&. QtRDINgR, Comptr ,U»r i ri <* .r ,/ 1 Dated ihrritr. Orflc,-, Milw-i.uKr.^. trCTs Att'v* f ou»y lo-4ro-lin-w j.'4 Ml iXK I r r'•» > k 1 iTATK OK WISCONSIN, , Circuit Coun, Milwaukee Co. >' J 4intrs Kmolt, uphraiui Martner, fhouia.1 tte-.l, H rain Farmer, The Gltlb* Uiini^ senior inil Kjdrura Mannvr, in, ecutora ,»f the la-,1 nrill iii.l u- Lewis, daceaaed, M^rilia L^WIS,, Martha U. Lewi*. Klizali William J. Lewis. Ida J«n« i-ewn hein of Alliaon Lewis,'tww*v<l, i N virtue uf anil punuaui —.- ...«., KHW u f vw imu K) ampwcr wtw coin* TTx «l""7'» to * I 1100 « fo '««al<lvth« pUtim* will apply olhK&ortforthe relief demindealnthe wmpuint -^- I Wltneis the Bon. AOaTHOB McuRTHUB SIALV Judge of Ihe CircuitOonrt for uldTConn- -r- \ ty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this 2nd day of April, 186». L . . , ' . SSSJK t J!*{S?*?!?. ! ??' Crrr Co»irr»ou,ia-» Orriox, i Contract Departmrat, May 89 18i». f T BET Board of Councilor) by resolution of May 19, si • conooITel1 tn D T the Board of Alderman H«y ad, 185°, haTtBg adopted the recommendation of the Street CoannJasloners, with aueasmenta of benents aud damage*,Itls ordered: That a sewer be constructed through Tamarack St., from Stfe to (tb street, In the 2od W ard, of the City >f Mllwsiuker. - , Owners and agent* of property on ssld street ara btniby notified to conslrnct said *k*er within ten day* from this date, or the Street Commissioner a of the fnd ward will cause tbe same to be done and charged to the respective loU according to law. ta«y8»-dldt , t! L'H. QAHD1NBE, ComptrutJ.v. juil*mt: e.l icimn !« *ii,t ^ (,'iiy day il !lmt , J « i y j, ' ,uUr.., Oounty .>inin " -p, March 1'j l, tO£lttSa.KUy < la store, for MI.. , ' y>«« " fArrojirl PC. »urujt ojt. : NOTICE. glreo taat tha* regula. UB« bAdu.eato, drayt, omnlbusses, Ac., *o.7 wm be lUIctlxenforeed after the Bm day of Juoe. f IM owner* of strays, ; backs, eabe, omoibvuse j, lum. her, furnMn™ and exprese wag^n*, are hersby notlfled «V^»«A«*« namber fa wch, wlthint S 1 *' B W*»Chi«f of Police. ' ^ ^ - I 1. said Court, in the above enmt 15th, 185*. 1 sft*H exp.i!,^ for *:» Auction, at the Pi»st-utliee, 111 :ti on .«u»turUa>-, ibc ami Idi'A i£ the lumr Jf 'i r u , lo'lnx • escribed premmus, LO ,v "The south aalf uf loi nuui block numher»»<i thirty 4ev Ward, .if Hi,- Oily r,( >ld.v Milwaukee and Stulo of «'Uo Dated SlierttPs Offloe, Jlilwaiikt- D °*?"*f tl r""" - •' J PlBs Atfys. ) «prl-lm'2w [No. 639.J Notice ol ihf po*t|>ou<t;iui-iii licrtuduf the public sale- office at Superior City, \Vt- tl*red by proclanintiua >o. N OTICE Is hereby jiven that the. public .ales .)r<l,,r e-l by proclamatlou N.,. 6/S. dated Dec. inbur M, ISA8, to btt he'd if Hie land afflce ti duperlur City, Wi»-' conain, on the '^d aad loth d^ya ( ,r May next tirs'tier? by declared to be poatpuneU until the otn mil ,'uui day* of Juna aazt. «,lren under my bund, at tho aenersJ L.JIJ dfflce, « th* City oT Washington, this 23d Jay of April 13S» By orJdr of thj President: T110S. A. liS^TD&H^&d, w Commissioner iti t>n«i l«uu , ,.r- ij- ^..l_

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