Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 11, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 6
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DEtoATUR HERALD DECATUR HERALD SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER I I , I$30, H E R A L D ' S P A G E O F I N T E R P R E T A T I O N A N D O P I N I O N ^i--TM--" E d i t o r i a l s Henry Ford, who w»s »o anxloutf lo u»t the ' boys oul of the tranche* back In the good old war days, probably would be even more anxious, In hi* wmpernle anil human I mr inn way, to get (hem out ol Soilon. Tht American Ijeslon members suffered a gooO d«nl of hardship In France, no doubt, but tl wwt only ofter thny «ot hack In their own country thai ih»y jv«TM sold poison in th^plncc of drlnU. Even white plan* me beinp diwuued (or »n increaw of letter pwtage, in order 10 make up « whopping dchcil in the post offi« department, »n official of the deparlment )(ivei n demonilrolion of (lie manner in which iheie tteficrti nte incurred. After inviting bid) foi lV air mail contract between Chicago and U» Angcle*. the post office department te- iecttd the low offer, and accepted one that wi 1 cost ?J.- 000,000 additional. The rcwon given was, tha^lhe low bidder ha* htid no experience in the operation of night Hying routes. It U a re.won ihnt souwli logical enough un- te» it i» known that the luccewful Itidclcr olio had no experience will) night (lying route* until after obtaining a government mail eonltact; that there is no practical wsy, '" fact, lo oblftin tlm experienw escopt in government wrvicc, permitting the use of ttovcrnmeril field), The reason (or deficits in thr poai office (tepartmeni ii, that the post office Kookkeepinft is compelled to cover a Urge mimber of $nlticlic* of various *oit, -- subsidies for ite«m»hips. nitplanes. campaigning Con«re«men and Senator*. eertam elates of periodicals l -*ieciall)' favored. ! heie in every reason to believe that Idler mnil, wiih a two-ccni postage, fully pay its way,,nrt! it i* not clear exactly wiry (he lax neeesiary to maintain various oilier i-npeif intent* and netivities of the government should h* collected entirely from thotf citv/ens who pwl letter*. Horoi of the turn httndbaps displayod In thr window* of our alert untt proerewUvp utoros *IK- Xt«t thn possibility that the jrlrlit are ettficfttM (n carry their mlnlMitrc golf entires nronnrt with taite it again, Tlte United States it now suffering acutely beca\we of an over-dose of th! remedy, administered againit the advice of all the authorities hi the country, but insisted upon in blind faith. Panaceas of a titouscnd different varieties, political, medical, dietary, economic and social, are obstinately held in the same fashion, Mr, Voliva's $5,000 is not more safe than would be a similar sum, offered for the separation of any of the believer) from his pet conviction, rcgardles* of the weight of fact and reason that could be brought ngiin,«t it. Every day now that wo gel along without n fire It BO much clear gain, and wo arc gratoful R* i:ttn br, although all too sadly aware that It ctin'i ttutt Now that all the trulrnnninnlrf arc over for the «c*»in. yirdbfthly Mrs. Robert Jmf* IM bujflnnltij,' lo mention HCtno of the tittle johf nwuii! tho hcmi.c ivultlns till* lone wlillr. t«\- Initnnr'- tivklnc dnwn the HOMILIATION FOR A NAVIGATOR Not even h» fibroin training «.· * nnval lescrvc officer enabled LifUl, Hurry R Cf-nnor to guide the air- mane "Columbia" itiai(ln to ils destination near London, The fan that the plane, when forced down, wai found to hf 1 JO mil"s off it* course probably will seem a terrible in- elicimcnt ff the navigator, in the we of lnitd»meit, and rrol»blv in the eyeii of rttwniliip offictM too Ii would be a mailer of explwwe cornier rial ion on the Bremen or ilir Leviathnn if, on sn'roncliin« ihc entiancc to liarhor, it were (oiinrl even n tlfl/en milej off the ealculxletl position. In t.ieut, Connor's defense, tl nced^ lo be oWivrtl (hat naviftation from an airplane travclmft 100 miles ait hom is a much differeni problem llwn navigaiion on a ·tcaiuei. *lnv!y plowing .tlonft ai ^0 miles, and little suh- iecl to d i i f t by re.twrt of chnn B inti wind An error of onlv one clrRrce on the eomi'a* 1 * of an airplane makinw * ·riMu-Atlaniir flinhi nutdit nuke * difference of more than "00 milei in ihe Litid-fall. The method of c.orrTlin« jwi- ·ion for drift -- th* extent to winch ft planr in blown sidr- ,v«yj hv t!ir wind - H still far from exact. I'rnhaMy it ij tlie one (treat comforl in ihc mind-, of nitttoi,i MlemptinK the westward flighl to Ameik'u, that if their plane itnyj in the air, thfv eao not help hitting tni MMable continent. All JiiUerjuenl nchiewments in ocean flying wrve only lo rr-cmphini/e the nma/,ing success of Undherftli. w ho had v e i v IttiU- of ihe c-quiprnent of s n,n- i|»toi hut an nnciinnv HHiinel for direciion that brought him nut on thf tf*t\ of lielund exactly where he planned to ihrike it. tn South Anwlun. II niH'eai". n imrly lli»t protntiuti rroipi'flly nml Tiitl* tn 1i»1lvi'i nlrt' ofsl uro* ffti ih* 1 Hfn tli't h [I lint twn nit?*, nrlimlly ntte*. ultii-e vrf l u ( t "«n »ny new* of r^KX ttopklun Jtivrr In thp pn (ii-i-i arid If It !· t i n e n« nllBttfd Mint no news I* env1 new ive Itrmsliip PcKitv tiui^t lun-» Iwcotiw- ·julte DETERMINED NOT TO BE CONVINCED Rev, \1'ilbm Glenn Voli^i. tlie iVltii*otiiii ol /.ion t'liv, embarking U|on a world eiuise ha« een fit tn renew an intfreiting o f f e r he ij said to have m^dc before 1 he offer is to pay $'5,000 to any pcr,«m who c.m eonvince him that the world w round, father than f l a t . "Thit !l5,000 it i to le rthwived ^ |)roini*ed, not to anybody who ran prove dial the world n round -- a simple matter, within the eap^bihtie- of any brifthl High school pu- pit -- bul only tf the pevion who can miike Mr, Volivn nci- mit it Thi httcr i' a problem of an cnttrelv differeni orl, tnce Mr. Voliva IA repeatedly nroclnimed lii refu'al to hfliese th- nionf that l»a- been sufficient for ,tll the tei of thr woild iheie five cenlurie-, Under the eircumslflnees, (hen- is nol much prospect tint even thr mo»l lrilliani geographer in ihe woild could «u«cerd in sepnintina Mr, Volivji nod the $5,000. Nevertheless the offer mav lr of some uwfulnes* It irrv#t t* illustrate, tn ,i WHV all ihe world can understand, the stair ^ eif mint! of all tho*e uerjond of fixed ideas, who are com- " pletely ·rnmune to lh- Force of evidence and reason . Mr Vn]iv.M fixed ides i a comwirntivetv harmless «n«. having the effect onlv of mnkfnft him and li» citv the t«U(tfi"iB (loci of civiliicd natiotw Large numbers of per- «on», however, hurhor ^i'h fmial tuhhornnesj, and equnl determ'iation lo d'^-ftatd evd-nce, iden* ·! are^r'^'ctlv hirmful to their neialiborj. Those honest Wisconsin faim- f». for esamnle, lliai v,eni into court the other day hoping to have the \,\\\ on a neighbor whom t!wy accused of having "hexed" their ealtl* hv the power* of wile Her a ft-- who im- aginet that it would hf of the *tinhtest utt lo argue with them ihfit there, are no witch',*, and no evil »ower« noablc «f heing turned ,ipain*l them by a man familiar with SsMn? Rational enough in mo-.! thing*, tliev have *!iut off n fiarl of their brains from rational processes and nothing can change ihem, Thousand* of -scions have made a fixed idea of the tariff. The eonvieOon it based nol uiwn logical processes, but upon Uilh. t B»«auje (omi- tariff in useful, tariff ha* bieotne in their mtnd* * cute-alt, Whenever anvlhing (toei wrong. th« onlydin| they cnn think of is to rntie it, then * 11 will be all right wit!) us If they now call the season for trfins-Atlantic flying at ml. T h i s a n d T h a t NEWS OF 25 YEARS AGO TODAY FROM THE HERALD OF 1905 "Iron Man" MeGlntitly. pitching for the New York iiianls in the second game of the World's Series, W ai taken nut In the diglith tnnln«, after tli« Athletics had established ft thrce-to-nothlns lead, which the Olfints n'ere unable to overcome. Preliminary work lor Another Interurban Itne Into Hn- eatur Is under way, and mon active In tua plan are confident that there will be no hitch in the consummation of tbolr project. The line pi-oponed Is from Mftttoon to Decatur, and on die (act of things, it looka to be as good BB liny Interiirban scheme that has been suggested, TUi; rillnolfl W. C. T. U. has closed ita stole convention by athiptlntr rcsolutlona prwLning Prasklent Roosevelt, "mpplnst" Graver Cleveland, and promising l ft combnt thr divorce evil. Officers of thr- Mncon County Farmer"' Institute m»t TueadAy attornoon tn thp city council toomo and began ihoir prepaiRtion^ fw Hi* 1 unmiat institute, to V held in Jnntmry. Th* stnto convention o( anpervlsors, county eonimis- moners and Bounty clerjts of Illinois convened yesterday dtternoon in Decatur, tlie sesstonn being hold In the Christian Tiibernaulc on North Church street. The del*BRte* piltondlwr thts convention nre as near ji representative body n,' mun of nffftlrft as It would be possible to find--the ptnti nmny timoi nf lln'tr fornmnnlttfs. cliosen by fh« people for the ronduct of tholr pitbllr biistneos The ftil t|if«' cf ibc reason Ml I n f l a v in N n r i l i ' i n TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE AmcHeiui Miner. , We giffitly ttjolce ovei the r#|iort tlml Lhc Aimricnn FnleniUoB r,f tjabor (sained newly 30.000 mtnib^Ts during the imst year, «n(l dreply r«gr«t llmt it ain't so Among the li.OBOOOO members reported are 400.000 mln- ITH anil H HilJi number lncHid«i Bonie 200,000 union corpse* and Home 75 000 members of the rn-orRanlzcil Union and flboiit 5,000-member of Lcwtn locnls which have ccoat'l paying tux to Lcwli, the reported membership of *)0,00ft in fairly correct. The only q««»tlon Is of what good arn roip'jcs mid nun-ixiylnj; nK'tnbcrw to Mr. Lewis, the A, F. of L,, ov snyono else? · The fact, Hie hii'rt. cold, inrrowful fao.t, la thnl out of iho 4fi7.1T2 duos-pnyins member* Mr, Lewis inherited tn 1020, h* bns 103,000 ducB-paylns member*, of whleli 75.000 JIIF ntithractte mlneis. Oh, well, It Is said tliM (WLrlcheJt get c onn Id (i cable con- HOlutloii out of life by sticking their heads In the aand when menaced, hy dormer. So If the hrnthera of the A, T. ol' L k'et uny atitlHtactlon out or counting 103,000 ni 400,000, they hnve our As I View the Thing ·BY W. F. HARDY- Olife OWN MB. PEPIS SATUBPAY, THE TK--To the office where I find the special edition, on which I have labored no long, nearly made up, So to the press room, where I seldom go. to sec the paper run off. And thought of the editor In Patter* «on's ploy, "The Fourth Estate." who explained hi* ab- »onoe from Ills office by (saying that he had been down to straighten out a difficulty on a double octuple press, though my own opinion Is that most editors would not know 'an angle bar from a drive shaft. Biwy at my wovh nil day and down at night, mainly to read the football score* SUNDAY, THE OTH (Lord's Day) -- To church with the family and after * drive, to the Pioneer for dinner. And after all the guests.had waited a full hour for service I urged Mrs. Cora B, Ryman to enter the kitchen and Inquire the cause of delay, telling her that as a woman, she would be more sympathetic with a busy housewife than would I. And she refusing I went myself, but got little Mt- fefaotlon save that it would not bo long. So after dinner home anil read "The Strange Death of President Harding," and I think that after discounting Gaston Means' slate- inentH about 60 per cent, this re mains one of the most amazing accounts that was ever written. In the evening took my wife and niece out for a drive. MONDAY, THE 6TK--A chill raw day, Conies W. M. Brlggs, the new pttBlor of Grace Methodtat church, and T tell him that he has a man's job, with which he agree*. Home, where we ell vary marry at dinner. Take my wife and niece to the library where w« find' Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hoglo, and I take them out to the house to get a book (or which they nre looking. My boy Immures himself In his room, and sees no one, and I eonfew lhat hi» Industry shamen me. THE HIT-SKIP DRIVER Ohio State .lournat, The aentluteul of the cumnnmlty IB Invariably I n f l u i u i-d by cowardly act* such ns tliat ot Sunday vh(n a rno- lorbil alter klltlnK n 5 yearsi old boy hadn't the personal rmivcry nor the decency to stop after thi fatal accident hut Hpnd awny. There (» no fixcuse, there t» nc defennc, there It no atonement foi running away. Tlie htt-ahlp driver l^ a peculiar und rcpnfjnanl won nt bclntc. It Is unsy U understand that ttio first lmpulM nftfir an n«cldfnt rnny be to xet away an tat and as fn«t us possible, but normal |n-ople efttinot understand how any rational porson with a npnrk of the sense of fltneasi of Ihlngs can give wny to cuch an tmpulafc. To do no marks iho weakling who Is Irytnpr to pscnp« a tblnj ho cannot hope to escape, in this raw the responsibility for the death cf ft defeii3i'l(!SH clxLlrt, To run amounts to tw fcrenl a rthjtrare ns to wenr Ihft brand of Cain Thi- hit-shtp di-lvpt l» no Icxst a killer llian » murderer, RUBBISH fUiltmwte K i e n l r i K Kim. Autumn l» a good time to clear out of the houiii ;ill ol tiu- mbblHh 1Ii»l bas hftn collected during the amtimn Itui before entering upon the operation H i» well to know cxaotly what rubbish i», RiihblMb Is old newspapers, except thoiic that will come in Mndy for kindling fires, those that inay be stored away until tlie mitn corne" around tu buy them at a half cent n. |«jilnd if he ever does eome. nnd thosn that Include a rfltogiavure aeetlrtti dnpktlng Colonial doorway? nmontr ivhteh I* H dtiorwuy you would like t« cripy it you ever liu 11(1 a house. It Is old magazines, except tbose In whlcb there Is an itllele on conditions In flus»l» which you have been mean- Ing to read and ollieis which might as well stay where they are until you bnve time lo mntl'theni tft the ^llpet- nnnualcd clergyman rt is broken toys, such as motoi cars without whtclc ;tni lead soldteri without heads and dollx without arm? nnd watched which do nol run, except those which tl»c owners Itislil are ttscntlal (o their happ)Ae«4. Rubbish is old letters, except those from members ot the family which constitute a part of family history, those which bnve not yet been answered, receipted bills, thoat which contain Important addresses and thoM Which w* wittten upon only one stde nnd can he UMd for (scratch work. It is old Unnls bulls, except those which some child would delight in. It is safety-razor blades, except which may be used tor nhtrpentng pencils and cutting corns, It IK bottles, except thoie which you an aure to need for some purpose If you throw them away. It it cat' nlogi, except tlionn which contain advertisements of three rott* hunhea for a dollar, or designs for clothing: that some one had thought of copying. It is odd pteees of material except those which are halnjr saved to maun'« rag rug, tn short, rubbish Is almost anything that everyone In the hodte will consent to see removed. But when everyon* has used th* power of veto, rubblih generally dwindle? down to nothing more than dust whlcb in swept up only to settle where it was before. TUESDAY. T111E TTH-- Flixi in tlie car this morning » copy of the "Marble Faun" by Hawthorne which I got tot my niece lost night, and which she never bothered to tak* to her room, and T am resolved to remind her that In view of the near approach of her birthday the most exemplary conduct on her part Is called for. Mr, Secretary Bolj calls up at noan to aek me to have luncbeon, so talk with hltn and President Field about many things. Conies L. W, Mac- Nell lo tell me tbat T do not know everything of the good tide of mutual benefit associations, and I hear him gladly, Home to my music lesson which went sx badly that I was in ill humor all evening, feeling that I had been whipped. Take my wife and niece to the cla«s and then home to practise steadily. My hoy takes me to the office nnd Sam Tucker takes me to ihe station where T board thn Pullman for Chicago. Vexed to think 1 bad forgotten my pen. hut borrowing a pencil of the porter wrote a de- icrlptlon of n Vei inonl f a r m , which I one* vlnited. nnd whlcb (cnialni) u.i clear and vivid In my nietnorv H I If I bud seen II hut yesterday, » WEDNESDAY. THE STH.-- Awoke in Chicago after fl restless nlylii, and walked, up town for brcukfsU. To Grant park and waited for the Field museum to open, und Uiere viewed the Carl Akeley collection of African faun*. which t never hod had time to study thoroughly before, and In thU t wan particularly interested after reading Mrs. Akeley's booh. To the Shedd aquarium, where I adinlrcd the building, but rinding my Intercut little Btirrod by th* contents of the tanks. Thence to the planetarium, and here t put in one of the most delightful hours In a long time, hearing a. lecture of the precession of the equinox, and BtiBlng at Hie star covered doma. 3o hastened up towii and to Marshal Field's to buy prc.icntfl for my wife and niece. To the Hujnllton club where I found the University of Illinois crowd assembled at luncheon, nnd listened to H discussion of how to secure, a now building for the university Y, M. r. A And although J did nol say so, I think that the ties! way would bv to show the poor excuse for Accommodations which the "Y" now has, and so shame them tntn giving. To the tra,in and started to road a book on the nontrlbutlon of religion to American culture, but soon fell Jirieep, Found aerosft thn aisle from me ]}on Drew who" was In the play which some of 111 put on for the "Y, W," last winter, and he tells me that he Is otic of Mil) Ik in thin y»ar. but hopes to return My hoy and niece meet me nt the station, and at dinner T learn that my wife and'nleec havii been shopping again, and that itiy niece hmi new hlounes and pajnman which please her mightily. And Shu me her now material for her bookkeeping course tn school. Bul I make her comn to tin* pinnn ami viveallKe which qbe does to my ftntlsfantlon. 0 THURSDAY, TUB Vtll.--Tv the offk" KOlnK through my accumulated mail, in which lit a letter Inviting me Lo join the Springfield mld-dny luncheon club. And there are on the program olout three speakers whom I would tike to h*ar, but for these It Is hardly worth while taking out a membership. To the house and brought my wife down town, and nhe Instructing me to get my niece and direct her to the car, I walled outside the school door and flelzed her, she screaming lustily with surprise. And If I had eurrled out my original plan of borrowing a mask from the book store, 1 believe Mhe would have diet) of (right. tTome, where I find that the piano icpairsr ha» been working on the instrument and the tone soeun dull and dead, hut he calls up to say that I will like It, as 1 become used tu II, and this I find to be true, thotifch I had not noticed thnt the one hud been too loud and harsh before. A dull dtiy, with little accomplished. UNWELCOME COMPETITION By Dm,, V, THIS 10TH.-- Take my niece down town for"- tli« fli's't time this week; we talking about her birthday which comes noon. And ah* tellw me that at home she always finds her present under her plate nt breakfant table, and L tell her that we have a differeni custom, and that the gllta nrwuya come In the evening. And I suggest that it being so near Christmas she forego a birthday celo- brat Ion, but she demurs. Busy all the morning, und at noon find the reslaurfint swarming willi teachers brought here by the Institute. To the bookstore "where the clerk tells me that the book I ordered week* ago hu.a not eome, for which she is sorry, ' A n d I tell tier that she cannot b*'«s sorry ns I. And she tells me that art order was lost lt the mails and that mine probably was among them, and after a little more talk she finds the book, and tells me thai while I had reason id be vexed at Uie delay, now that I have It I will feel ell right about it, and I was tempted to ask her if she hnd been reading "Pollyanna," Finished my work and home to practise, and after dinner go wtth my boy and niece to the football CREAM OF THE JEST NATURALLY Th* professor of an eastern college *aya tlim the art of conversation hag been lout. This is dur. perhaps, to our predilection for whispering campaigns. -.Toledo News-Bee. A SHORT CUT At the pallia of glory lead but lo ihe grave, no too often do, the paths of concrete,--Bestow Tr»n- Heavy Artillery For the Dry Navy , jimps ww hunt m m* Four ID year? old de.HUoy«i* car- News Shipbuilding rtivl I3ry Doi-tt rying four four-inch guns each have! Company. Th" "Hunt" und "Hern- been stricken from the rc-glrtcr and'don" wer coinrntwkinivl Sepii't»lnr · turned ovor to the Coast Oiiiml. the. 10M; the "ClenCKi 1 K H:»d^c»-" In July,, Doimrtment of the Navy onnoun J . l t i M ; the "Wolhuni C Woo'"' tn Oct. 7, Thciie boatc, afiei ovcihnul .lanuniy, 11)31. ctrMne '« H ijomptlHllon of hiinllnjt »n-l rccominlsslonlng, the Coiisl The shins » t e 31i foi-t In len^-ih; anri ungltiiK «t(itl»tic^ fwn» )OW II- ard sUted orally, probably will* mount four four-liK-h nf).cn)ilnv r:iiin,|(j('iim' cttll)', Alexander ioln thts Atlantic patrol neii. j u n d one Ihree-incli a3-e:i]lb'r urit|-i!iint; coit^iniii"" "ntio The four destroyed were di-t'om- 1 nlmnft nun; linvii ;i dlKpliteeuii'itl ofl t.AMK, KII.I, TOTAl.Mt iilti r, «n.ii I'rcw.) AU1ANY. N, Y.--More Dun S uiini'i' hi) (In, enlmtlif wid A ttty bntkfinl ftnt fa ju wi Burg Tfc A NYWAY i way*. Th« bit think*, ani gut »i w lha mat Buster tt WB .yi queer. I ld to think Bu*t*r th . that both thin) v«fy auwr ind To PeWr'n w ol Suiter Ben that of dcepli wlnWr. Blnco porky the Pot ,-un to ui'l f Chuck wid BO' to flloep M * came, to fltll f Spring "houid ·IMP or itarv of the fowl th b« «o long B somehow P* matte the teas I* r Bear. Bn wont to go to th* wow tad th*n, and no 1 Itrolched out under the nhcl OM«n Forest, away lh! ' a!it knew that th of him until i Now, why sli week* at a tl jiuzded and t turned it over Chuck liven 01 and to winwr gran things, on worms ant there are no Wait them an Toad can get Bear It was t nt ho keep i ·i Reddy Fox do? It (teemed thrit such a ffi ter Bear, of was ftfrftid an great warm away and s1ef winter. Fin all; Prickly Porky curiosity. "Budlcr Be;i '(He fa one of people in the body nayx thnt why can't ho (the winter Jii Old Mtin Coy Wftetc their tl don't slnrvc t' hungry some ' do thnt In b; Mteh enough t Bueter Bear?" i "Huh!" grtj "You don't kn Bear. What At "Why, on E he cun catch.* ly, "Every bod "Then eve thing that ei tt all. That lot ol people- when they d die queer c Every one IM caune he eati or some oth people silly e flf hli reach, This charming break-fust room is modern from its tile flooring to the convenient telephone extension so close to the breakfast table. This little nook adjoins the dining room and the extension telephone is very handy when calls come during the dinner hour. There ate several locations in every home where telephone extensions will save your time and steps and give you addi- tknal comfort and convenience. The cose is small. Call our Busitttss Office, ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY BELL SYCTIM One Policy · One System * Vnivertal Servfaf ·81 I Senate Nubrai ,' I Digit i 8 Think 1F Senate N'cbra It Ono c 14 A mh excel i » M (hi IT Selltai II Note i · It Bond tl Com pi noreo It Maun, W An M Setmi i M A. you ·* Rivet NEWSPAPER!

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