Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 18, 1897 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1897
Page 10
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OF HUW8. ft*i»0*t. OJHKOAOO, IttS., March 17, 1897, Forecasts for; next 36 hoars are f of til., clearing Thursday, slightly colder, —Frank MIHer.of Jordan, soW five hogs to la etock buyer in this city on Tuesday that averaged 820 pounds. — J. A. Mathews, of Bound Grove, brought a large load of timothy seed to the city Thursday, where he disposed of It to local dealers. —A convention of horse sheers will be held in Chicago ^yedne8day, March 24 and 25. A number of the members of the trade in this city expect to be in attendance^ ^ ___ ^ — -^j^Crirey -Bays Tt was" just thirty- four years ago last Thursday that he ••was liberated from the rebel . prison at Vicksburg, after being confined there teventy-four days. i-Col. Moses Dillon received Thursday frpm Charles Howley, Springfield, a handsome pair of fantalls and pouters. 'These peculiar birds will be added to the colonel's already fine collection of . fancy pigeons. —Joe Hoak had a time of it with his traction engine on Locust St, Saturday. The front wheel' came off, a jack screw had to be borrowed before the journey could be resumed. No damage was done to the' engine. —The cat came back to Samuel Ward, of Waynesboro, Pa.,not in song, but in fact, a few weeks ago. Mr< •when he had dropped it from a train near Frederick, Md. —John Werres, one of our enterprising blacksmiths, shod,a carload of horses for Elias Burkholder, and the latter nays when the horses were shipped back East the farmers thought that we , had first class workmen out West. —John Morton is home from Du- fenque,where .he has been prospecting for a business location. He reports the town to be a good one and BBJB that as soon fos he can close up his affairs here he will return and make bin home in it. ' —Mrs. Eliza Gosheri celebrated her eighty-third birthday Sunday, March . 14, and was entertained at the home pf her grand daughter.Mrs. Frank Thomas. Her daughter, Mrs, Mary (Joahen, and her grandchildren presented ,her • with a dress. "~ —February is the shortest month of the year, but has more special holidays than any other month. It starts 'off _-WlthJ;hatJay_oJLaJLdays_to_tbe_Buper- -BtltlOQfl.Ground-hog day; then Lincoln!a birthday, St. Valentine's day and Washington's birthday. ~~;—A. certain Sterling girl whose /proportions are not of the plumpest, complied with the request of an advertis- ment and sent twenty-flve cents to learn how to get fat. She received a Blip of paper that told her to buy it at any old meat market. —The funeral of Mrs. John Werntz, who died Monday morning, was held at_ the Lutheran church 'Wednesday at 2 o'clock. The services were conducted by the Rev. E. Brown, who has been the' pastor of the deceased for many years. Many sorrowing relatives and friends Were in atteandance and the floral contributions were numerous and beautiful, The interment took place in Riverside cemetery. PERSONAL JMEIfTION, 'Miss Jennie Ong "is visiting with friends, in Walnut for a few days. Fred Vick, of Walnut, was up to the ' city Tuesday on a trading' expedition. - Frank Millhouse, of Penrose, was in • thejolty Friday attending 'to business. Charlie Meakins, of Coleta, was in tbJBcity Tuesday attending to busi- officers and patrons of *Mfi conn!? wlH b«» h*ld !n Morrison Wednesday, March 84. Xha following program will bs carried out: 1. 9:45a.m. Opening Mtiiic, and two abort recitations, by the pupils of Boom S, Morrison North Side School. Teacher, Mies Clara Barns. 2. Prayer, Rev. J. W. Skinner, Morrison. .'•'•'. 8,3 [Our School Finances, (a) Sources from which school funda are obtained. <b) Wise njanftgementof the .township loaning fund, (c) Other features of the subject ' , • General 'discnssibn of this topic opened by School Treasusere, A. N. Abbott, U8tick;R.S. Hall, Mt Pleasant; and A. A. Church, Montmbrency. 4. How can the graded schools of Whiteside county be improved? General discussion opened by Rev. E. Brown, Sterling; Williana Mathis, Prophetatown, and H. S. Greene, Morrison. . " 5. Closing music of the-forenoon, two songs, interspersed with two short recitations, by the pupils of Room 1, Morrison North Side School. Teacher, Miss Anna Corcoran. 6. 1:30 p. ro.COpening music of afternoon session, and one recitation, by pupils of Room 0, Morrison South Side School. Teacher, W. B. Paddock. 7. How can tho ungraded schools of Illinois be improved? Address, Hon. S. M. Inglis, of Springfield, 111., State Superintendent of Public Instruction. • ' 8. Music;Lesson, new work, con-, ducted by Barry D. Woods, instructor in music in Morrison schools. Pupils, No. 2, North Side. . Recess. , 9. General discussion of topic No Tropened by-Charles _W J _MitcheU,_Mt. PleaBantrMrs.-GuyGraham, Prophetstown,and Jonas H. Baer, Sterling. 10. Closing music, and one recitation, by pupils of Room No. 7, Morrison South Side School. Teacher, Miss Libbie R. Fen ton. ' . 11. Informal reception to Supt. Inglia. ' . : "While following the usual custom, only a limited number of names have been placed upon the regular program, it is earnestly desired that a large number of school officers will participate in each discussion. The time of meeting of the school Trustees, and the spring school election, with their many annoying little problems, will soon be here and the twenty-fourth will give you an excellent opportunity of consulting the State Superintendent personally. I hope we may have an excellent attendance of school treasurers, school trustees, boards_ of directors boards of education and school patrons generally. Especially would I personally be pleased to see a good representation of the Board of Supervisors, present. '." •-,..•"• . Their Ttaafc* to tw> Shlpp««t M neh Booty Will Capture Them. i.r- 8t»*ptrlon Offt- T i of j-y f for- MHledftevllle was all excitementFriday over tha discovery of the den <jf thieves which has been playing .havoc with other people's property la that vicinity for some time. Thursday three fellows, Edward R, Holt, Jamea R. Holt and Vade Holt* left tdwnyiaj-ing;" they were going to Nebraska to live. Before they went they carefully packed three trunka.aent them to the station and ordered that they be sent to their address in the West. This proceeding was considered strange, but no particular attention was paid to it until it was learned that the three men were "bumming" their way to their new home. Suspicion was aroused; Joe Leigh believed that ev- erything.was not. rlght^and ..suggested that the three trunks be searched. This met with popular favor,and,accordingly; a warrant was sworn out and the trunks broken open Thursday night. The officers found five sets of single harness, two sets of double harness, a lot of One lap robes, one-half dozen pairs of new trousers, a dozen or more silk handkerchief 8,1 a large number of 'cotton hankerchiefB, horse blankets, bridles, etc. A great many of the new articles bad been stolen from Livin- goodBros., of Milledgeville; f it was identified by the cost marks and other tags, used exclusively by the firm. Nearly all of the booty has been identified and returned to the owners. . Requisition papers were sent for and Friday the officers were started on the trail. Thus far the men have not been captured. DEATH OF MRS. MARYWERNTZ. In order that it may be more convenient and pleasant for those attending from a distance, the ladles of the TJni- veisalist church of Morrison will serve a nice, warm dinner on that day. Price twenty-five cents. Toilet rooms for both ladies-and gentlemen. Wraps and packages of all kinds may be left with perfect safety at the church. Ladies may go there at any time to rest. State Supt. Inglia will be present all day; aside "from the special address which he is to give, will-join freely in the other discussions. --™-.—W. J. JOHNSTON, Co. Supt. THE STOCKHOLDERS MEET. Pulsed Awny this Morning at the Homo of Her Bon, B. F. Vfcrtilz. Mrs. Mary DeffeTnbach Werntz died Monday morning, March 15,1807, from typhoid pneumonia,after.a very severe illness of ten days. She leaves one eon, Byron P. Werntz, at whose home she died. '';"•.,' •"'••;. • . Mary Deffenbach was born May 23, 1832, and on July 5,1858, she .was married to John M. Werntz. She has been a resident of Sterling about thirty-two years, and she has been a member of the English Lutheran church, durjng her residence here. ' Mrs. Werntz was a Christian woman who was well thought of by all who knew her. She was a good neighbor, a kind mother and grandmother and her desires and tastes kept her in her quiet home and, although her circle: of acquaintances was limited, everyone who knew her was a friend. The neighbors will miss Grandma Werntz and mourn ber-death-as that-of-a-dear-friendr—— »<rf!eit your sn ,—-I hsrefty anno-nneB my- a candidate for lh« office of C«l!««t<>r for the Towtsflhtp ot Sterling,a* th« coming spring election, and solicit year §npport. H. H. HIOBY. TOWN COLLECTOR.— \ wtgh to snncmns* tha* X am a candidate for election to th« office of Collector for Sterling Township, ftt the ftppresehing Spring election, and respectfaHy solicit your support. I earnestly hops that yon will n*e your Influence In my behalf with your neighbor* and frltmds. • Any favors extended in this way will be rally appreciated by • WM. H. HOWARD. TOWK COU.KCTOB.—I hereby announce ray- gelt as a candidate for the ofi!c« of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and solicit your support. < FETKB O'BAiK. TOWN COI.LRCTOB.—1 hereby announce roy- Belf as a candidate for the office of Collector lor the Township of Sterling, at the coming sprlig election, and cordially ask : your support, REUBEN RICH. Cott/KCTOB.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office ot Collector tor the Township of Sterling, at the coming el. aiou, and solicit your support. BARItJB GOVJIYD. COMMISSIONER OF HIGHWAYS.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the offlcs of Commissioner of Highways for the Township of Sterling at the coming election, .and I solicit the support of the voters. - MACTTSEI. W. JOKKC. COMMISSIONER OP HIOHWATS.—1 hereby announce myself as candidate at the spring election for the office of Commissioner of Highways for the Township of Sterling, and respectfully solicit your support, DAVID B.-Rurr. COMMISSIONER OF Hion WAYS.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for tho office ot Commissioner ol Highways for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and ask tha support of the voters. • FBANK S. DRESSIER. CITV CI/EBK.—I hereby announce u»yselt as a candidate for the ofllce of City Clerk for the City ot Sterling, at the coming election, and would be pleased to have your support. MATT. E. WILOER. TOWNSHIP ASSESSOR.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for tho offlco ot Assessor for the Township of Bfcerllngpat the approaching election, and solicit tho support of the voters ot tho township., J. A. MORGAN. TOWNSHIP ASSESSOR.—I hereby • announce myself as a cardldate for the office of Assessor for the Township of (Sterling, at the coming election, and respectfully ask the support ot the voters of the township. • : F. F. KLOSTEBMANN. .POLICE MAGISTRATE.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for reelection to the ofllce of Police Magistrate to tho City of Sterling, for tho ensuing term. • • J. M. OOLTMAN. TT10H SALE—At cost, wood, Iron and chain J3 -pumps, Repairing promptly done. Call at Bterllng Tump works, Greenough's office, or B04 Bocona avenue. Isaac Brimmer. ' SStCw MARRIED AT MORRISON. Cliarlea Van Drew and Kittle Walton are United Today. Charles Van; Drew and Miss Kittje Walton departedjTuesdayaf ternoon for Morrison. From that city, after procuring a marriage license, they will proceed to Savanna where the Ceremony will be performed. Mr. Van Drew has been employed in . N. Gaul- Henry Uhlm, of Jordan, was hauling ground feed to bia farm from this city on Tuesday. ' James Anderson, of. Jordan, % came down to the city Tuesday to attend to some business. Miea Lizzie Giffrow, of Jordan, who has been ill foracouple of weeks, IB now able to be around again. Cl ftrles Shoks, of Penrose, brought jsomefat stock to the city Tuesday wbere he delivered them to a shipper. Beuben Williams, of Jordan, has re- epveced Buaiciently froro his recent at- taek pf grip, to be able to come to town. ' ""- "•" ~ ""•":: H. H. Clark, of ProphelBtowu, came •aj) to the city Tuesday with a team of good honsea, wMea he eold to a iccal buyer, ' . The Key. E, S. Holm, who -has been visiting Iwith frieads here for eeveral left for hie home iu Caproa on a tyaia. fc'ee^d, o? Prairieville, wsa 4owa to the elfcy Tu&sdsy for tbfe first the past woatti. He'uas Suavely, Decker and Hey Ch'ogeu on the Board of Directors. The stockholders of the Sterling Athletic Field Association held a meeting in the 'City Hall Tuesday evening. Matters of routine business were attended to, the Treasurer's report was presented and four members of, the Board of Directors were elected, three to serve two years and one to fill vacancy. The report of the Treasurer, H. M. Gait, shows the Association t be in excellent financial condition. The newly elected directors are Frank Brigga, John M. Snavely, John, Hey and Frank Decker. The members whose terms hold over are F. H. Johns, H, M. Gftlt and G. B. Dillon, B. •.$'. Clark presented bia resignation and the vacancy was filled. . The-Directors will meet next Tuesday evening in Frank Gait's oflice for organization. The affairs of the Association are in excellent condition and it will require rat a comparatively small outlay to jut the grounds in a much finer condi- lon than any previous year. The signs at this time indicate a greater and more general interest la cycling and kindred sports. It la to be tjoped that several good bicycle meets will be held her^daring the coming season. Just what the policy of the Association will be in this regard baa not yet been decided. • •The Lady Minstrels of Eockford rapp's grocery for a number of years and is well known in r Sterling, Miss Walton has also resided here for some time. Both are deservedly popular. In advonce of the'ceremony the STANDARD extends congratulations. —Mr. Kuchenbergj of CasBville, Wis., waa in the city yestarday. He is representing a tea and coffee house- of Dubuque, la,, and was here for the first time. His family and that of the Hut- tons and Bongartz were old acquaintances in Germany, and the gentleman enjoyed.'a pleasant visit at these homes. riOR SALE.—10 full-blood White Bramah rooa- J? tors, Freeport stock, 91.00 eacli. A. Bachmann, 305 West Second street. - • 8812 'ANTED.--Two young men Irom Fennaylva- nla desire positions at farm work with good reliable parties, lleferences given and required. Apply to 0. Burkholder, Bterllng. 89ts Something 1 to Eat. Did you ever try the Merchants Cafe ? Everything first-class. Low prices. Good grub and courteous treatment. Try'it. . C. S. VANDEMAKK. A. 1C. Wick Sells best Third Vein Coal 83.00 " " Ind. Block Coal 84.00 " " Hard Coal....... $7.50 " Lumber 87.00 <$ M. and New Spring floods.^ We are now prepared to show the mo&t complete assortment of Silks r Dress Goods, ;. i ' Wash. Goods;-. r •''.,'' " *' . Table Linens, y ; . . i Capes, Jackets* ; Skirts, Domestics, • • • . '",'•' '* Fancy Goods, Carpets and Rugs, Ever, shown in Sterling. The styles never were prettier—the Prices never as low.. -j Bargains in Every Department. -. • - • '* * -' Buying in LARG-EB QUANTITIES than a^oth^^useiiir for ..CASH, enables us to make lower prices than you will find elsewhere- ' - ' ' v - ' ","•*.,•." ' s Prints, Ginghams and Muslins 5 to 10 per cent. Cheaper than any other house in the city—no matter what prices they advertise., •'•••-• ,"•; .. ':• -' •.:• - : •."•'•'..'• '•'•'.••' ^ -- BORN. Ear Corn at all times. " all kinds of Grain at highest value, " Buyu Clover and Timothy Seed. Transacts all of the above business at Hound Grove, 111. , STATE OF ILLINOIS, I R , In Circuit Court, WHiTEsiDE COUNTV, f February Term,i8U7, Wiltoslde County Building and Ixwn A^so- ciation. vs. Kobort S. Cowan. Ella M. Cowan, John P. Hecker, Edward A. Smith and Harry W. Smith, partners under the firm name ol Leander Smith & Son; Thomas A. Hardla. Qulntln A, Ward and John H.-Hungate.-partners under the linn name ot T. A. Hardln & Co.; F, M. Thomas. Administrator of Samuel Currie. deceased; George A. Whltcomb. Executor of the last will ana testament of Julia .Currie, deceased. • ' • '.. In Chancery-foreclosure. •' Public notice Is hereby given that pursuant to a decree ot the Circuit Court of said County entered in said cause on the 16th day of February. 1897, the undersigned. Master In Chancery of said court, will, on 'Friday, the Becond day of April, 1897, at tne hour of 1 o'clock of said day,at the front door of the Court House, .In the City of Morrison, in * siild county, otter for sale and sell to the hlghes v bidder, for cash in hand, the following described premises, to wit:. Lots numbers ten (10) and eleven (11). block eleven (11), range throe (3), in the City of Fulton, County of •VVhiieside, and State of Illinois, or so much thereof as ahull be necessary to make the amount of money found clue by said dscree, Morrison, 111,, March 10,1897. . PliANK D. ItAMSAY, I0t3w . Master lu Chaaqpry. ' • .... . Enjoy the Winter is here-but'talie; care r of youraslf; — If you -catch the Bligh.test"cold, biiy a bottle oi our Cougli Syrup, ancl you will be relieved almost at once. This Cough. Syrup of ours is one of those remedies of which' you can be absolutely sure. It has been sold over our counters long enough for us to know that its effect is 'always quick, harmless and sure. , . GOLTMAN.— To Mr. and Mrs. E, C. Goltman, on Wednesday, March 17, 1897, a daughter, '' "' • • — To Mr. and Mrs, Phares LeFever, of Jordap, on Saturday, Mar. 13, 1897, a eon. ; Inauguration Cloth. We are ready to take your order for a suit made from the same materiel as that which will be worn by Major Wll- U$ro McKiniey on the occasion of bis inauguration, March 4. " • 73tf ' ' . MoCALLiSTER & SNABT. A. R. HENDRICKS, Opposite Gait House. Dirty Folks played in Freeport the other aight and the Freeport Journal aay$ that "Bock- ford taleut should never wander from its own fireside." The paper devotes over two columns to the roajt and the probabilities are that the Eockfoid maisieaa will now retire from tba stags. Letter .list. Letters remaining In the Poet Office at Sterling, 111,, for the week ending Friday, March 1», 1897; • LADIES. Austin, Miss Jennie, Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mellow, Miss Mary. ••"•"•• GENTLEMEN." - ~ Brown, Perry T. Lejoy, Will, Cox, Oliver M, (2) • McManua, J. B. I>wyer,J.T. Moore, A. B. Uunlai), George, Kegan, Corullua, Oulrapp, Henry, Taylor Mfg. Co. . Kappel, J. A. Wendrew%Yill. '- When calling for above letters please say "Advertised." ' Jem* II JOHNSON, P..M, Tp Whom It Mi|.y Concern. Public notice ia hereby given that at a meeting of the stockholders of the Sterling Water Company, » corpora' tion of-the city of Sterling, in tho State of Illinois, duly hold fit the office of saidi company, in s»id city, cm March 5th, IH'JI, the capital stock of eftii cor- f oration was increased to the cum of 'if ty Thousand Dollars (850,000.00). JUDO I>EOKB»,Sac. &gupt., > 1 US . Stsriiag W*ter Company. ;•'"•". Notice. Massou & Johnson are now prepared to furnish their customers with Wall Paper, from the cheapest to the finest wall hangings, at very low prices. Drop us a card at our shop, under Michel's shoe store. 78tl2 Taxes— March 3Oth. All taxes must be paid before March 20th. . .--•;-• - DANIEL HARMON, 83tf r Collector. Spring may be here, but you still need fuel. I have . EXTRA COOD to be clean, and CLEAN & desire nof to be dirty, . Whp have a desire '.-! FOLK.S who have will be interested In the DEMONSTRATION of ARMOUR'S SOAP, which will be held at' THE BEE HIVE GROCERY, Friday and Saturday of this wee,k. , Cortte and See Pry Oak Wood, cut to any length, and split if desired. Best Hard Coal is still $7.00. 4.0HN PE€f€, P. S.«»Lumber Estimates made out promptly. What SCIENCE AND SKILL can do in the way of .making HIGH GRADE SOAP, ; This is no ^Cheap^ John" affair, but is reaj. ly interesting and instructive. REMEMBER THE DATE OF THIS WEEK, AT THE BEE HIVE GROCERY AJTO

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