Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 12, 1975 · Page 9
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 9

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 12, 1975
Page 9
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Daily Record Page 8 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Saturday, July 12, 1975 Stock Market Report " NEW YORK (UPI) - Prices finished mixed on the actively traded New York Stock Exchange Friday in a roller coaster session clouded by a rise in the prime rate. The Dow Jones industrial average eased 0.78 to 871.09 after being ahead more than five points in the afternoon. The average fell more than two points at the outset when New York's First National City Bank raised its prime rate to 714 per cent from the prevailing 7 per cent level. The Dow lost 0.70 for the week. Standard & Poor's 500-stock index gave up 0.15 to 94.66. The average price of an NYSE common share decreased two cents. Advances, however, edged declines, 780 to 652, among the 1,842 issues crossing the tape. Volume slowed to 22,210,000 shares from the 28,880,000 traded Thursday. The session bewildered some analysts. Profit taking dominated the early trading after Citibank's move, but the selling was not heavy. Some second-quarter earnings reports apparently encouraged investors, although many reflected the severity of the recession. Although its second- quarter net slipped to $3.14 a share from $3.28 a year ago, IBM gained % to 205% in active trading. G. D. Searle topped the Big Board actives, falling 214 to 17% on 734,100 shares, including an opening block of 320,000 shares at 17%. Federal Drug Administration charged Thursday Searle destroyed and altered research material on two controversial drugs suspected of causing cancer. Searle denied the charges. Apco Oil, subject of two tender offers, climbed 2% to 197% on 334,800 shares, ^ including a block of 217,000 shares at 20. Northwest Energy made a $20-a-share tender offer for 1.5 million Apco shares. Alaska Interstate offered $17.50 earlier this week. Chrysler was the second most active Big Board issue, up % to 1414 on 363,900 shares, including a block of 117,000 shares at 14. Skyline Corp. followed, off % to 20% on 335,500 shares, including a block of 271,200 shares at 2014. Prices closed higher in active trading on the American Stock Exchange. The average price of, an Amex share increased by three cents. Volume totaled 3,499,000 shares, compared with 4,852,000 traded Thursday. Stock Market Closing Prices Courtesy of Harris Upham Co. Inc. 1004 State Bank Center, 232-9413 Amer. Electric Power 20% Amer. Telephone 50% Chrysler.. 1414 Commonwealth Edison 28% Crum & Forster bid 24% asked 2514 Exxon 91% Ford 41% General Motors :..51% Goodyear 19% Gould 28% Gulf Oil 22 Honeywell 37% HFC .". -..1714 Int. Harvester 27% Int. Business Machine.' 205% Int. Telephone 23% Newell Co ; bid 7% asked 7% Northwestern Steel 41% Standard Oil (Ind.) 5014 Sundstrand 24% U.S. Steel 6H4 U.S. Gypson 1934 State Bank asked 42 Illinois To Get Million Dollars For Outdoor Programs Illinois will receive $1,006,228 in federal aid for wildlife and fish restoration and for hunter safety programs. The money is part of more than $43 million apprortioned to states for fiscal 1976 and is the first of two installments , to be distributed from excise taxes col- ' lected in fiscal 1975. Of the total apportionment for Illinois, $688,206 is for wildlife restoration; $78,000; hunter safety; and $240,022, fish restoration. Wildlife restoration funds are derived from the 11 per cent excise tax on sporting arms and ammunition and the 10 per cent excise tax on pistols and revolvers. Distribution is based on a formula which takes into account the number of hunting license holders and the wildlife project area of each state. Weather "NORTHWESTERN ILLINOIS Partly cloudy today with a»chance of thunderstorms. Tonight" and Sunday will be fair and cool. High today in the low or mid 70s. SSSSSSSOSSSSSSSi It Is a principle of American Justice that an Indlvkhal Is always presumed Innocent until proved guilty and a report that anyone Is charged with an offense cannot be con-, strued as proof that he committed the offense. We rely upon official public records for the Information published In this column. Accidents Corrinne D. Steele, rural Davis, misjudged the intersection of Rock City Road and Illinois 75 Friday afternoon and her car went off the road into a field owned by Dwane DeHaven, rural Rock City, damaging corn. A car driven by Gordon D. North, rural Pecatonica, hit the rear of an auto driven by Ricky D. Buss, Shannon, on East South Street east of South Float Avenue Friday afternoon. Zetta M. Spangler, 134 Marcia Drive, drove her car through a green light at W. Galena and N. Turner avenues Friday afternoon and it was hit by a car driven by Robert L. Kutchback, 729 W. Lincoln Blvd. Kutchback told police his view of the traffic signal was blocked by a truck. Circuit Court CRIMINAL CASES Sally I. Dietrich, 21 W. Washington St., pleaded guilty to an amended charge of reckless driving and was ordered to pay $310 in fine and costs. She had been charged with driving while intoxicated. Phyllis L. Martin, Monroe, Wis., paid $105 on a charge of driving after her license was suspended. James M. Lawson, South Beloit, had been charged with transporting liquor with a broken seal but the charge was dismissed. ' David W. Triem, Freeport Route 3, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of reckless driving and was fined $265. He had been charged with driving while intoxicated. He also paid $60 on a charge of having no driver's license due to curfew violation. James D. Winter, Pearl City Road, had a charge of possession of liquor as a minor dismissed. Donald F. Mayner,' Winthrop, forfeited $25 bond on a charge of disorderly conduct. ! Timothy A. Calam and Cheryl Ca-. lam, 3368 Loras Drive, were both placed on conditional discharge until Jan. 1, 1976, and were both ordered to pay $10 court costs on charges of curfew violation. Melvin C. Tate, 208 Ave. C., paid two $10 fines on charges of intoxication. Franklin R. Cross, German Valley, paid $25 on a charge of possession of liquor in a park. Anna E. Gore, Chicago, paid $35 on a charge of possession of liquor in a state park. Glenda M. Knoll, 717 W. Stephenson St., paid $25,on a charge of curfew violation. Michael J. Beggin, 424 S. Beaver Ave., paid $25 on a charge of curfew violation. William M. Schmelzer, 502 N. Henderson Ave., paid $15 on a charge of noise violation. .CIVIL SUITS Rock City Bank was awarded a judgment of $3,526.30 against Randy Folk, Dakota, on a promissory note dated March 8, 1975. Divorces Loralee Engle, Freeport, was granted a divorce from Willis Engle,. Freeport, on grounds of mental cruelty. .They were married July 8, 1969, in Woodstock. Norman Howe, Freeport, was granted a divorce from Shirley Howe, Freeport, on grounds of mental cruelty. They were married in September 1958, in Freeport. Custody of their child was awarded to the father. Bankruptcies William N. Pigg, Rockford, filed a bankruptcy petition in Federal Court here alleging liabilities of $11,138.89 and assets of $2,950. He is employed by Mechanics Division of Borg Warner. Melvin R. Brown, Rockford, filed a petition alleging liabilities of $16,638.85 and asset§ of $25. He is employed by Hydroline. • Bjorn and Regina M. Hulleberg, individually and doing business as House of Pizza and E&L Discount, Rockford, filed separate petitions each alleging liabilities of $58,918.41 and assets of $23,855. Bruce J. and Lois A. Benson, Rockford, filed separate petitions. He alleged liabilities of $3,151.21 and assets of $1,852 and is retired. She alleged .liabilities of $3,151.21 and assets of $600 and is employed by Donut by Onneh. Traffic Cases The following cases in the traffic division of Circuit Court include fines and costs: FREEPORT CASES Harry R. Rubendall, South Park Boulevard, driving the wrong way on a one-way street, $15 paid; Russell A. Lester, Rockford, stop sign violation, $15 paid; Jeffrey R. Modica, Freeport Route 3, speeding, $15 paid;, Shirley A. Fletcher, 823 E. Iroquois St., traffic signal violation, $15 paid, faulty brakes, $15 paid; Gertie H. Kuper, 431 S. Whistler Ave., improper lane usage, $15 Balz Heritage Travel Service TRAVEL BULLETINS A TRAVEL BARGAIN! CRUISfS HAVE SHOWN THE GREATEST INCREASED POPULARITY In trav«l. For good reqsons, tool Co»t per person is one reason. Add to that the price per person includes air transportation (in mosi cases); your ship pan sage and cabin (your hotel for the duration of the cruise); four meals doily aboard; sightseeing opportunities at each port of call; gracious, relaxed living; you pock and unpack only once. Fall and winter cruises are booking now. Plan a date and come see us for information OQ>a Variety of offerings from 3-4 days to 14 days, or around the .: l-i WCfKl* paid; Charlie H. Drye, McConnell, improper lane usage, $15 paid. William C. Willis, no address given, excessive speed, $15 paid; Dale A. Wilhelms, 529 E. Empire St., traffic signal violation, $15 paid; John A. Kraemer, 704 S. State Ave., speeding, $15 paid; Michael Gardner, 1114% N. Walnut Ave., parking meter violation, $22.40 paid; William F. Bumford, 711 S. Cherry Ave., negligent driving, $15 paid; Gregory W. Drlnkwater, Pontiac, Mich., speeding, $15 paid; Gloria Love, 636 E. Orin St., speeding, $15 paid. Delbert L. Jacobs Jr., 2019 W. Revere St.. speeding, $17 paid; Harold Green, Scales Mound, speeding, $16 paid; Bess A. Haupert, 1339 S. Demeter Drive, stop sign violation, $15 paid; Steven R. Brinkmeier, Freeport Route 1, speeding, $16 paid; Shirley M. Diedrich, Pecatonica, traffic signal viola-, tion, $15 paid; Barbaragene A. Arnold, Warren, stop sign violation, $15 paid; Lisa F. Grande, 634^ E. Wyandotte St., negligent driving, $15 paid. Warren G. Cade, Rockford, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, $15 paid; Dwayne E. Timm, 121 N. Grove Ave, traffic signal violation, $15 paid; Ivie E. Brown, Pearl City, stop, sign violation, $15 paid; Debra Coffee, 620 E. Stephenson'St., no valid driver's license, $25 paid; presenting another person's driver's license as her own, $50 paid; Jerry L. Luedeking, 548 W. Empire St., following too closely, $15 paid Todd H. Chamberlin, 2001 W. Laurel St. ; improper backing, $15 paid; Michael A. DiGiovanni, Loves Park, improper lane usage, $15 paid; James F. Helton, Washington, IU.,,stop sign violation, $15 paid. v STATE POLICE CASES Emil J. Lamour, Lena, failure to yield the right of'way, $20 paid; David R. Wright, Pearl City, speeding, $25 paid; Rene W. Tyler, Chicago, speeding, $18 paid; Connie J. Geiter, Orangeville, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, $15 paid; David L. Meile, Baileyville, no valid safety test, $15 paid; Dale E. Koning, 1431 Mark Drive, speeding, $22 paid; John C. Pierce, Battle Creek, Mich., speeding, $18 paid. Marvin A. Meinert, ,Rock City, no valid safety test, $15 paid; George V. Hartman, Ridott, speeding, $25 paid; Lyle A. Zillmer, Orangeville, no valid safety test, $15 paid; Gary W. Mullen, Forreston, speeding, $29 paid; Glenn D. Miller, Dakota, speeding, $22 paid; William J. Griffin Jr.. Freeport Route 4, speeding, $32 paid. Hideo Mori, Chicago, speeding, $19 paid; John R. Flynn, Webster City, speeding, $16 paid; David L. Veer, 420 W. Elk St., stop sign violation, $15 paid; Juan M. Artumedo, Rockford, driving without lights, $15 paid; Jay R. Bauer, Stockton, speeding, $20 paid; Gary A. Marfise, Alsip, speeding, $23 paid. Jon Sanderson, Waterman, passing in a no passing zone, $15 paid; August W. Jacobs, Pearl City, speeding, $20 paid; William L. Stover, 213 W. Galena Ave., speeding, $24 paid; Murray J. Lobdell, Lena, speeding, $22 paid; Norman W. Eccles, Rockford, no valid safety test, $15 paid; Bette K. Bear, Freeport Route 3, speeding, $17 paid. Larry S. Harless, Belvidere, stop sign violation, $15 paid; Nelson E. Krahmer, Lena, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, $15 paid; Harold R. Kalvig, Yale, Iowa, speeding, $15 paid; Loran W. Stricfclin, Sterling, speeding, $39 paid; Ernest M. Suchta, DesPlaines, speeding, $15 paid; William B. Van Antwerp, Rolling Meadows, speeding, $15 paid. Carlton L. Beyer, German Valley, altered suspension system, $15 paid; Charles R. Hovorka, Ridott, no brakes, $15 paid; James W. Thorne, Wheaton, speeding, $16 paid; William R. Kerr, Washington, 111., speeding, $19 paid; Jeffrey L. Otto, Loves Park, speeding, $15 paid; Wayne E. Schneider, 406 W. Cotton wood St., improper passing, $15 paid; David A. Turner, Lena, speeding, $15 paid.- Mark E. Rosenberger, 1412 S. Blackhawk Ave., failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, $15 paid; Ernest W. Johnson, 317 W. Washington St., speeding, $16 paid; Eugene Olsen, Algonquin, speeding, $15 paid; Patricia C. Taylor, Dubuque, Iowa, speeding, $21 paid; William W. Krugler, Chicago, passing in a no passing zone, $15 paid. Steven R. Boelk, Dubuque, Iowa, speeding, $15 paid; Thomas R. Whipple, 339 N. Westwopd Ave., speeding, $20 paid, violation of classification, $15 paid; Warren E. Zettle, Shannon, speeding, $15 paid; Lawrence H. Weigel, Freeport Route 5, no valid safety test, $15 paid; Ronald G. Miller, Mason City, Iowa, no valid safety test, $15 paid; Curtis E. Adolphson, Washburn, speeding, $18 paid. Ronald Hayes, Milwaukee, speeding, $22 paid; John A. Bondick, Rockford, speeding, $22 paid; David J. Blazek, Flossmoor, speeding, $16 paid; Thomas J. Czervionke, 1230 W. Palmer St., speeding, $15 paid; Wayne W. Sigafus, Lena, speeding, $15 paid; Russell J. Petta, 1337 Crestwood Drive, speeding, $17 paid; Richard S. Sterkowicz, Lena, speeding, $15 paid; George A. Ro- delius Jr., Park Ridge, speeding, $23 paid. Timothy K. Wickart, Chicago, speeding, $17 paid; Vernon F. Borege, Stockton, speeding, $15 paid; Emil F. Amici, Chicago, improper passing, $15 paid; Richard L. Herbig, 617 E. Pleasant St., speeding, $16 paid; John A. McCawley, Rockford, violation of registration, $15 paid. Library Pre-School Program Features Animals And Pets Animals and pets will be featured at the Freeport-Public Library pre-school program at 10 a.m. Tuesday. The ac- tivitity is open to any youngster not in kindergarten and no registration is required. In the summer reading program for youngsters the fifth winner was Joey Otte, who received a ceramic pencil holder. The next prize to be given Wednesday is a paperback selection. Movies will be shown the same day for youngsters, starting at 2 p.m. T14 S.Van Buren • Freeport - 232-7159 OLD TIME THRESHING Horse Power & Ste?m JULY 25-26-27 • ANTIQUE ENGINES • OLD TIME DISPLAYS AND DEMONSTRATIONS • FLEA MARKET Stephenson Co. Antique Engine Club, >reeport,"lll. 61032. • 3 BIG DAYS • PLANTOBETHERII STEPHENSON COUNTY FAIRGROUND. 1 Mil* South Of Freeport, III. July 25-26-27 Structo Planning To Resume Work On August 4 Current plans call for reopening the Freeport plant of Structo Division, King-Seeley Thermos Co., on Aug. 4 after an extended summer shutdown, F. W. Voss, president and general manager, said Friday. Lagging sales of barbecue grill has forced the firm into halting production for more than double the normal smmer break. The anticipated nine-week suspension of manufacturing compares with a normal shutdown of three to four weeks. Voss said the plant will be operating at approximately 75 per cent of normal when production resumes in August. The labor force will be at about the same level as in late winter, but higher than late May, when employment dropped to an all-time low of approxt: mately 185. Jail Guards Not Implicated In Break CHICAGO (UPI) - Lie detector tests conducted on four Cook County Jail guards on duty at the time of the escape of six prisoners cleared them of any complicity in the escape but did indicate dereliction of duty, according to jail officials. ' The lie detector tests were ordered after officials suspected the guards may have been asleep during the escape Thursday morning. "Every supervisor and officer is under close scrutiny," said Winston Moore, executive director of the Cook County Department of Corrections. The four, including a sergeant who showed up for work Friday "totally inebriated," submitted to lie detector tests Friday and were cleared of any conspiracy in the escape. But a prison spokesman said the tests did indicate "dereliction of duty and .responsibility" on the part of the guards. Earlier, a prison spokesman reported that Sgt. William Johnson, 45, showed up for his Friday shift "totally inebriated." The spokesman said Johnson was relieved of his duty and ordered home to sober up. He later took the lie detector test with the other three guards. Authorities said the escape from the jail's maximum security wing took place between 4:30 a.m., when guards last checked the fugitives' cell tier, and 9:40 a.m., when it was discovered the six were missing. The fugitives, who remained at large today, were identified as Richard Covelli, 21; Joseph Ganci, 26; Pete Ukite, 21; Robert Ramsay, 24; Robert Kolonski, 18, and Joseph Greer, 23, all of Chicago. Covelli, Ganci and Ukite were being held on murder charges. Ramsay was accused of. armed robbery, Kolonski of aggravated battery and Green of burglary and attempted escape. Would-Be Victims Clamor Onto Bus After Chicago Mishap CHICAGO (UPI) - At least 28 people were complaining of injuries Friday following a collision between a Chicago Transit Authority bus, a truck and a car, but authorities say all but five of them got on the bus after the accident. Police said only five persons were on the bus at the time of the mishap. The rest of them jammed onto the bus after the crash and began talking about whiplash and spine injuries, the investigating officer said. "They must have been standing around waiting for a crash," said officer Frank Traficanto. THE ILLINOIS STATE LOTTERY Area Crashes Friday Injure 7 Persons Seven persons were hurt in city and county accidents Friday afternoon and evening. All were released after treatment for their injuries at Freeport Memorial Hospital. In a two-car crash Friday evening, three women were hurt on Illinois 75 south of Maize Road. Edith Brinkmeier, 914 S. Burchard Ave., drove her car from a driveway into the path of an auto driven by Pam Bordner, 646 1/2 W. Stephenson St. and the Bordner auto hit the Brinkmeier car in the side after skidding 110 feet, sheriff's deputies said. Edith Brinkmeier was treated for a fractured left arm and multiple contusions. Pam Bordner was treated for a lacerated chin. A passenger in the Brinkmeier auto, Marjorie Mathiot, 736 S. 17th Ave., was treated for a fractured clavicle and a bruise on her left temple. . All were taken to the hospital by a fire department rescue unit. Friday afternoon a bicyclist, Cynthia Davidson, 17, of 652 N. Westview Ave., rode her bike into the side of a car driven by Katherine E. Coburn, Chicago, at the entrance to Lee's Market on West Galena Avenue, police said.' She was treated for pain in her left hip and shoulder and was released to her doctor. Emil B. Doester, 737 E. Center St., drove his car from a stop sign at W. Pleasant St. and S. Galena Ave. into the path of a motorcycle driven by LaVaughn D. Eiseman, Orangeville, Friday afternoon. The motorcycle hit the car and Eise- man was taken to the hospital by a police car. He was treated for scrapes and was dismissed to his doctor. When Judith K. Scott, rural Lena slowed her pickup truck for a truck in front of her, a truck behind her couldn't slow and it hit her truck from behind Friday afternoon on Illinois 26 south of West South Street, police said. She and a passenger were taken by an unidentified driver to a clinic for treatment of bumped heads. Her passenger was Ton! L. Perrin, 2538 W. Stephenson St. .The driver of the truck which hit the Scott pickup was Roger E. Becker, Ridott. Bike Eye Safety Booklet Available At Doctor's Office A folder "Eyeing Safety On Your Bike," published by the secretary of state's office, is available in Freeport from Dr. Richard Hessenius, 1100 W. Galena Ave. The folder was prepared with assistance of the secretary of state's Vision Care Committee, a group of doctors of optometry and ophthalmology, of which Dr. Hessenius is a member. The folder focuses on the impor- 'tance of good vision by listing the basic requirement for good vision; how to give a simple vision test; and what to do when a vision defect is found. ' The vision test includes tests for near and far acuity, color perception, depth perception and field of vision. Deaths And Funerals CHICAGO (UPI) - The winning numbers in this week's Illinois State Lottery's Super Slam drawing were: 696, 6521, 97565 and 056227. Mrs. E'rna A. Holm OREGON-Mrs. Erna Holm, rural Oregon, died Friday afternoon in Rockford Memorial Hospital following a short illness. She was born Jan. 14,1898, in Worth, the daughter of Frank and Wilhelmine (Bench) Sievert. She was married'to Fred H. Holm June 14, 1922, in Worth. They lived in Oregon for the past 17 years. She was a member of the Paynes Point Emanuel Lutheran Church, the ALCW of the church, and the Oregon Friendship Club. She is survived by three sons, John F. of Oregon, Carl H. of San Benito, Tex., and Frederick A. of Chicago; one daughter, Mrs. Harold. (Ruth) Roell- ing, New York, N. Y.; 16 grandchildren; one great grandchild; three brothers, Carl W. Sievert of Blue Island, Fred J. Sievert of Shumway, and William F. Sievert of Princeton; and one sister, Mrs. Louie (Hermine) Holm, Frankfurt. Funeral service will be held Monday at 11 a.m. at the Paynes Point Emanuel Lutheran Church with the Rev. Armin G. Weng, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, officiating. Graveside service and burial will be held at Hazelgreen Cemetery, Worth, at 3 p.m. Friends may call at the Farrell Funeral Home in Oregon Sunday between 2:30 and 9 p.m. A memorial fund has been established for the church. Centenarian Dies At Monroe Home MONRO.E, WIS.-Mrs. Martha McDonald, 100, died Friday morning in Pleasant View Nursing Home in Monroe. She was born Aug. 12, 1874, the daughter of Mason and Elizabeth (Bay) Farmer. She married John McDonald Aug. 6,1889. He died Aug. 8, 1935. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Peter (Mary) Kubly of Monroe; one son, Daniel, of Gays Mill, Wis.; seven grandchildren; and 13 great grandchildren. Funeral service will be held at 1 p.m. Monday at the.Stuessy Funeral Home with the Rev. Wolfgang C. Koehler, pastor of St. John's United Church of Christ, officiating. Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery. Visitation will be held beginning at 2 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home. Mrs. Floyd Goodell Mrs. Floyd (Fannie S.) Goodell, who moved to Rockford from Shirland two years ago, died Thursday afternoon in Rockford Memorial Hospital following a short illness. She was a member of Shirland United Methodist Church. Born in Pecatonica Sept. 17, 1908, she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steffen. She was married to Floyd Goodell in Pecatonica May 19, 1934. Surviving are her husband; two daughters, Mrs. Edward (Carol) Welden of Rockford, and Miss Janet of Columbus, Ohio; three grandchildren; ^and a sister, Mrs. Alice Klitz of Rock City. Funeral service will be at 1 p.m. Monday at Shirland United Methodist Church with the Rev. Gary Nedelisky officiating. Burial will be in Chapel Hill Cemetery of Freeport. Friends may call at Julian-Poorman Funeral Home in Rockford from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday. FUNERAL DIRECTORY BURKE-TUBBS FUNERAL HOME Cor. N. Walnut and W. Galena Phone 232U>613 SCHWARZ FUNERAL HOME 816 {South Galena Avenue Phone 232-9017 G. T. Sehwarx, W. R. Cramer SUNDAY MYERS, Holland F.; 2 p.m. at the Oftenhelser-Schwarz Funeral Home, Pearl City. • , ., Friends may call after 4 p.m. Saturday. WALKER MORTUARY 321 West Main Street Phone 232-2136 SATURDAY LINK, Mrs. Edna; 10:30 a.m.'at the Mortuary. A memorial has been established In her memory for Faith United Methodist Church. A Salute To The BEEF FEEDERS Of Northern Illinois We recognize the importance of Agriculture in our community and nation. July Is Designated As "BEEF MONTH" And We Take This Opportunity To Thank You For Your Contribution To America's Growth. Your AGRICULTURE BANKER ... Drive-up— Monday thru Thursday 8:00-3;00 Hours Friday 8:00-740 i "Same Friendly Service Inside" Lobby— Monday thru Thursday 8i30»3:00 Hours Friday 8:30-7.00 Phone 864-2111 STATE el SHANNON SHANNON, ILLINOIS Mimbtr F.D.I.C.

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