The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 1, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1859
Page 4
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^•*^.-iwi»:^.>/tfKA^-^^ft«"W^'W^^!^;K^ *&&**+.•, 'REPORTED FOR THE .. .. . Commiasionsr Beed addressed our oitiiens this evening, on thp result of his- mission to <TMr,. > - .™H3r -••• -•rffWtf.'-.'r.©•--«• V *Vr.®-<-' China. Ship Burnt. Boston, May 81. The ship FleaideB from New <)rleanB for Queeostown, was burntatBea. en. A pari of her cargo was saved. Non-Arrival of the America. • SACKVILIB, N. B., May 81. The Halifax agent of the asaooiated press telegraphs that the steamer which was sig- nalled at noon to-day, arid was supposed to be the America, proves to have been a war steamer. -..'•• •::." '£..-•• .:• :^iV:;'^:^?if::^^'^-j^j.E*;^ . ._- f^j^t^^i^i^^ii^ua'i^ft;tMf &»^ : ^':M^t^^j^^^^j/u^f:'^^^^^ 8,000 extra Ko.i f. o. -: U^^if^^^i^^^^iiS^y^taum *. Bales 8SO bus at 60. Potatoes—lower and doD. Balta 230 bos comWon at «. V-;,.'.X;.3>;;;^-3.^ >.-:'.- ; .- ;-: ' ' iKisTiDaTDoui.—TheBcbooner Falton,of Oswego, which was wrecked neju-Mloklnair last fall, haTtag on board a cargo ot wheat, »ra»tow»d 16 this port yester- nour—»na/i*e nomlnsliyqnoua at 6,76^7^0for Qfirty *• wrecker^rljrii>^:'i^'''iwi}>^!ij|ik'*'dqr^ •-•-•'•"•--'-• ' •-••'•"•••• "-- -= ""•• do(*tonUy. Herl^ Is preltymtich nU>edoir, and Bprtsj Ertraa.^ Wheat-i,28 for extra No. I in store; extra l.M; No. iatl#i. >• f.-;' . ':• ^ ! Eye—nothing dolnt-qulet and nominal at 1,00® OaU—steady, with but Iltll* Inquiry; sales 8,770 bos »t 60; receipts 8,000 bus. ; ana nominalMttjiiTo; bottom somewhat (rated in places. Bhe was brought " ' " '' Telefrapb.] •• ' Vlrfilnla Election. f ;.{'-.;.- , : " ; -' BtcHMOKD, May 31. KfltoniB from'121 ponDties gire Letchera majoritTpf:*bonf5,S200. In the 9th Congressional Slstriot, Harrison, independent, "has a majority of 700. ; WA«Hi»oroH, MaySl. A despatch to tbe States says that an error .has-been discovered in the returns from King Waiiani?8 Co.,'which elects Casky to Congress by 19 rotes. receipt* JMMshpr. ; Corn—don add lower; sales 6*0 bos at 7« for shelled; receipts 2,141 bus. _ , Potatoes—plenty doll and lower; sales 8fl* bns COTI- inonal44. ,Quote<^4b360. ' . - . Eggs-market full; e»les 11 bbls at %., j Bntter-plenty and lower. We note a sale of BScwt. at». Quoted9Q11 for flrkln; ll®ia forro'l. Hides—unchanged; green 8#©7*; salted 1 Vessels paised through Port. Oolborna 7 pck from 4 o'clock »>.»., on 80th, till 4 o'clock ». *., on 81th: i Bound West—Will, schrs J P Kirtland, Jessie, Win {'Boss; brig Mariner; on 81st, bark Sovereign of the ! Lakes; schrs Ilk, Augustus, Bandy, B J fiolley, Bay BcundBast—80th, sthrs darthagcnlan, toterprtaej onSlsVproptonnrAnisrlca; , t»,ni'«na pl« of s«d»treet,,fr*n : 1st line of Walker's Addition. -.- »« tin* to tne »est4 i , CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. Great Ftre in WiUubarrr. WILEESBAEKB. Pa., May 31. Fourteen buildings were burnt in this Tillage this morning, in volring a lose of $80,000. Tbe principal eofferers are Robert Wilson, J. B. Wood, Isaac E. Qsterharl, Mr. Diokerlin, Dr. Strealter, Mrs. Mayer, J. Everett, Mr. Eisner, J. Sparks, Wm. Hayman, Reese & Bros., Mrs. Buckley, W. S. Wells and others. Arrival of tbe America. SACETILLS. May 31. The Eoyal M. S. Ship America, from Liverpool on Saturday the 21st inst, arrived at Hal Ifas shortly after 8 o'clock tbis evening. She was signaled at noon as a war vessel.— The Novascotia speculators refused to send the despatch to the Associated Press, until after their own report was forwarded, and it had to be forwarded by express. It will probably reach here by the time the line opens to-morrow, and will be promptly forwarded. Thological Seminary. INDIAKAPALIS, May 81. Dr. Rice, of Chicago, is elected to First Chair, ThHological Seminary, of the north west; Dr. Willis Lord, of Brooklyn. Second; Dr. J, S. Stalfey of Louisville, Third; Dr. Wm,. Scott, of Cincinnati, Fourth. Nothing else important today. Assembly will probably adjourn to morrow. Railroad Accident. LAPOBT, May 31. The Ft. Wayne passenger train ran off the track at Plrmonth, Ind., this afternoon, breaking t«-o passenger cars and wounding nine or t«n passengers. The engine and baggage oar arrived at Aixsworth, on their way to Chicago, with the wounded al 6:30 p. m. No one killed. - - * From Boston. BOSTOK, May 31. The ship Defender, whose loss was recently reported, was insured in State street to the amount of $108,000 Counterfeit 85's on tbe bank of Mutual Redemption of this city, are freely circulated. The U.S. steam frigate Minnesota, anchored off tbe navy yard, and fired a sea salute of 13 guns. The mutineers of the bark Claremont, bro't home in the Minnesota, were before D. S. Commissioner Merwin to-day, and waived an exam- mation. Their trial was assigned for the Jane term of the district court. Farther !few« From Mexico. NEW YORK, May 31. A despatch from New Orleans to the Charleston Courier of Saturday, says Gen Zulaoga ie in command of the Liberals of northern Mexico, and has 6,000 well armed men con- oentrated near San Lnie Potosi. He intends marching thence to join Alvarez de Oollado. The French squadron is at Tampico. The Miramon Cabinet has issued a circular, in which they say that no disrespect was intended to the American government, by the withdrawal of the exequators of Mr. Black and the other American consul. American citizens, if peaceable, will be allowed to remain in the country Consul Black will remain at the city of Mexico, at the request of Mr. McLane, who has sent him a new exeqnator. Hlgnwines—ahadelower; sates ST bblaat MX@: !7. Kallroad nccelptB. Runms »r Mawimui 4 Hoaioaa For 27th, 2Sih and 80th.—226 bos oatitj 726 do c jm^ 186 do barley; 8»7 do potatoes; MUlbssundiles; l,«8d hides.' ' - . ' : KKCDTTB vt LiO»osa« A Fron 12 *. 80th to 12 n. 81 t.-l«8 bns wheat; ^48 oats; 48 do corn; 884 do potatoes; 163 bbli floor; 123 Hacks do; 8,898 Ibi hides; 17,491 do sundries; 4,000 lumber. j. RacaiFTB »r MILWADCH t .Miasisswn BitLaoio.— Prom 12 M SOtl to 12 * 31st—8,221 bos wheat; 148 d potatoes; 68 bbta flour; 2SO Ibs hide*; 1,070 bns cjora 1,626 do oats; 17,926 Ib. snndrlei. K«c«ipr8 BT Caroioo * MILWAOKM 174 bblj flour; 296 bus corn. MilpmcntK by I ake. Li« IKPOST8 DUBISO THE r*ST TWINTT-rOTO BODES.— 11 hf bbl. fish; 12,000 shingles; 1 priotlng pre» n mowing m,chine; SOO bus wheat; 629 pkgi sundries;' 6* tun« mdi; 800 do coal; 85 M lamb .T; 25 tunjotovei; honei. LA« EXPORTS DDaraa THI FASTTwunT-roua Botns.— 81 tnoi mdz; 6 bbli eggs, 6 do herrlnpi; 81 do sundries 205 pkgi do; 5 bbls whiskey; 854 green hi ies: 146 dry do; 2,611 bbl« flour; 215 673 but wheat; 20 tuns Iron 15.000 bus oats; 100 bb\i salt; 25 do stone lime; 10 d water do. (By Telegraph.) New Vork Market. New You, Maj 81. Flour—Stile and western less active, no chanrc ssl(_ 12,000 bole at 6,25®6.60 for superfine state ; 6,»olaiJ45 for extra do; 6,7i)®6^0 for superfine western 6,90ffl 7,80 for common to good ertri. western; 7ffi7i40 toi round hoop Ohio. Market closing firm. Rp flour—*,25®4,60. Wheat—Steady; sales 11,000 bush Milwaukee club a M 0 ; 1,71 for winter and red western; 1.80 for very choice do. which la an outside price; l,82>i tor choice white Michigan and 1 90 southern. Rye-Dull. Barley—Quiet at 65 C»rn—More active; sales 41,000 bush 78®87 for no sound, 90 for sound western. Oats—Steady. Whiskey—Sales at 2t Stocks—2d board heary; M C 85 B'B 89 NY C 71 Reading 43; B 80; C A O 68; fmclfic ftra.ll; (J * E I OS. BUFFALO MARKET. BurriLO, May 81. Flour —In good demand at the opening, but less anl mated towards the close; market s'eady; sales 1,600 bbls at 6,OOQi6,50 for state from upper lake sprlni wheat; 7,00 for stralcht extra Wls.; 7©7^I for extra Mich., Ind. and Ohio; 7,50a«,00 for double extras Wheat—quiet and no sales. Corn—steady; sales 8,000 bus Toledo al 77. Oats—bull and low ;r; sales 4,000 bus Sheboygan it Whiskey—sales 60 bbls al 26. OSWEQO MARKET. Oswtoo, May 31. Flour- ^unchanged, small sales, 6,50 from Chlcaio spring wheat; 7,00 fur Mil club, 7,50 for red westerru Wheat—firm bnt quiet; operators waiting for steam- en newt. ( orn—sca-c -and quiet. Oats—nominally at 58 for CaDadl&n. Barley and Rye—in active demand. Oanal Freight*—quiet and nominally the same. Mir 21st Rhode bland Leglslatnre. PBovrDKifCE, May 31. The general Assembly met at Newport this morning. T. Wingate Hays was elected speaker of the House. The old clerks were elected in both Houses. Speeches were made by Gov. Dyer on retiring, and by GOT. Turner on assuming the duties of office. There having been no election of Lieut. Governor and State Treasurer-by the people, they were elected in grand committee. MEBRITTSFILL, C. W., May 81. John Henry Cyers was hung this morning at 11 o'clock,, for the murder of Thomas Phillips, hist December. He confessed his guilt on the scaffold, and expressed repentance for the crime. Not less than 5000 persons witnessed the execution. Mcteorolotfiead. 5 l.M —Wind N. E. by E.--sk) cloudy Barometer 29, 41. Thermometer CO 1" * —Wind E—light—sky nary. Barometer 29, 48. Thermometer 57. 4 r M.—Wind 8. K._light—sky clear. Barometer 29, 40. Thermometer 65. 6 r M.—Wind S —!ky partially c'ear. Barometer 29, 85 Therm-.meter 6S. WsiiBra.—We have had j truly one day, warm and bland—a May day In every seo» of the word. If J one serves us as well as the departed month ha«. we wi have reason Ui rejoice. MOES RKDDOTIOH ra KIJUUUD FaaioBTs.—The Buffalo, New Tort and Erie Railroads hs^reduced the freights on cattle and lire stock to $85 per car, from Buffalo lo New Fork. The ruling rate has been M5 to |50 during the spring, smd $90 during the wrnter. raerchnndize by L,nkr. By Prop Pittsburg—People's Lin*, 7K>M««, ttart- weather <* Co., Agent*, LaC. & if. R. J2. Dxt. Fos PERSOMB re THI Omr.—Noonan i McNab, J U Klraba'l, Thos Stewart, A Ounnlson, Angus Smith Oeo Williams, E Baskios, J P Bewett A Co Foa Paasore ix TOT CotnrraT.—Hi Barnes, B Cbe- noweth, Monroe; Bigger A HIM, Oshkosh- Pfanklrk * Paar, A Thornton, ,G Little. St Paul; Bassett A Drown, Barabuo; R R Deacon, J 0 Lowell PoLd du Lac- 84 t Starkweather A Elmore, Wanpnn; Miss L Seller M*-' rlne, Mlon; H H Prlngle, Hastings; E Beal, Berlin Howell 4 Henley; Uecorah; J Oahall, Dodgevllle, H A W, Jones 4 Loomjs, Columbus; B 4 H 8 Howell, Water- York Matters. I«EW TOEK, May 31 1859. The CamptroUer, after receiving the neces- tary legal advices, decided yesterday to settle the Lowber's claim by paying the amount of tbe judgment. It is said Gen. Walker and Col. Napsmer arrived here on Saturday, in the steamer Northern Light. Counterfeit 8s on the Fairfield Co. Bani,Ct. and 20's on the Bank of the Republic, in this city, were put in circulation yesterday. Th Sun alludes to a heavy swindle, by a clique of Wall street operators, through which one of the western railroads had been victim- ised to a large amount, and one of the oldest of onr city banks defrauded of $200,000. One of the parties to the swindle has been arrested and fnllj developments may be exneoted soon. There was a^evere figb/last night at the St. Nicholas, between Col. Titus, the Kansas «nd Nicaragaan hero, on one side, and Capl Anderson, Gen. Weseal, together with several other Walker fiUibustera. on the other. Titus tt is said, was set upon by some half a dozen, with loaded canes, and he was very badly beaten. A despatch from Washington says the securities of Mr. Johnson, on the California mail oontract,have not been received .and a new arrangement must be made. The contract has been hawked about New York,without finding a purchaser. mm COMMERCIA1,. MARINE RECORD. 1859. NOTICE. 1 Crrr C'osrmoLLBi'B Ornoi, I Contract Department, Mil., May 28,1849. f T HK following Is aa estimate of the benefits of abating the nuisance onr the following lots ID the Snd Ward of the City of Milwaukee. J. H. BDENINO, LOTJIB AT^EK, Street Commissioners. Lot. Benefits. Block. Lot. Benefits. 1 178,44 167 10 SWnj 41o!l6 410,15 410,15 Block. t£5 165 169 16S 166 ICO 166 16t 166 166 168 166 166 167 167 167 167 7 mi)2»-d3l 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 4 8 Benefits 178,44 205,18 7T.81 17,31 449,06 449,06 441,06 449,06 410,15 410,15 410,15 410,15 410,18 410,15 269,15 890.4T 260,00 299,06 16T 14 1(7 15 167 16 162 IS 278,88 168 N hf of 1 86,72 168 168 168 163 159 159 159 169 .159 159 159 159 8 4 T 10 7 10 11 K 14 1& 16 18 86,71 86,72 19T.S1 1*7,81 149.M 14-.63 186,40 186,40 13«,40 186.40 186,40 186,40 E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller. NOT3 CJE Crrr Cour *OLLU<a Orrioz, i Contract Department, Mllw,ukee, May 88,'69. { T HE following Is an estlms •> of tbe benefits of abating the following nulsan es—lots In the Second Ward of the City of ttllwauke J. II. BUENISO, LOCI lACEa, 'treet Oommbalofiers. Blocks. 162 168 IC8 163 161 163 46 Lota. Benefit*. 42 33 «7 37 87 87 8 37 37 44 44 44 44 44 4« E 76 ft 2 saav£9-d3i 9 14 15 U 8 9 2 4 5 14 4 4 6 I cf 8 1O 18 9 10 11 12 IS 180,81 2*0,16 260,15 260,15 416,66 416,66 166,09 104.0ft 825,31 277,60 KjSl 26015 166,40 13,19 21,0* 30,94 84,69 31,69 3469 6284 •2,90 9,87 Blinks. Lota. 4" 6 46 1 46 S 82 ft of * 64 n of 13 t16 a 8 *0 ft of 6 14 lit 31 80 11. 18 •• g X at 11 9 S Si W 100 ft of 2 •• ff 100 ft of 8 7 11 • N 10 ft of 15 48 10 46 « Benefit*. 188,76 6»,87 111,09 655,46 322,18 274,3' 98,90 »9,90 86,71 86,71 86,71 20,63 173,44 178,44 277,60 104,06 62,03 129,84 18S.7S 48.ST 23,44 84,6» .178,12 IM18 182.19 172,81 185,31 144.69 10031 79.3S 64,06 82,50 *8,62 32,61 82,81 17,18 656,26 432,60 160,81 106.S7 K. L'H. QAR71N JB) Comptroller K. L'B. GARDINER, Comptroller. NOTlCK. Contract Department, Mllwan> -e. May 28, 1859. f rilHE following Is a schedule < I lots in blocks 87, SS, JL 3», m the Zd Ward of th* . itr of Milwaukee, and an estimate of the benefits for th- same, caused by the consirnctlon of the sewer, wluc.i Is to be bnllt through the eaal and west aJlejrs of sai-J blocks from a point being Ib feet west of the east line of 6th street lo \ point 17 ft west of the east line of Jd street. J. ll BCTENINO, 1.0(718 AUKR, Street Commissioner. Lou Benefits. Mock. Lot. Benefit*. 1 13,66 •'•» S -0,48 8 18,60 18 9 20,48 8 20,48 SS 10 20 48 4 20,48 33 11 1S.65 o 13,65 33 19 IS.65 ' »S 18 90,4* •ft 14 20,48 88 IB S3,<S M 16 20,48 SS I 20,49 89 8 80,48 39 8 80,43 39 4 20,48 39 6 20.48 HS 6 20,49 SO.W Block. 37 87 87 87 87 37 87 S 87 37 37 37 5? SI 87 31 38 83 gs 33 8 9 10 11 IS 18 14 la 16 1 •2 B 4 6 7 16 Benefits. 13.6B 18,65 20,48 20,48 13,65 136ft 20,48 80,49 £0,4* 20.48 18.65 13,65 30,48 20,49 18,65 1365 •J0.48 20,48 20,48 20.4S IS, 65 18,63 20)4* S3 88 89 19 38 89 89 39 39 9 10 11 19 IS 14 16 2l>,49 « .45 20.48 20,48 20.43 20.48 20,48 L'H. OAUlINEO, Comptroller, NOTICE- Crrr OonpraoLLaVs Orncs« I Contract D*B>artment, Mil., Hay 27.1S59. ( T HE following described lou an<l parcels of laud situated In the Third Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, by resolution, of the Common Council, adopted May 23, 1859, were declared puhllj nuisances by reaion f stagnant water and flub thereon and said nuisances rdered to b* abate 1. vli : Description. Lot. Block. East 21 ft 1 44 W20 of B 4 1 " W 19 of I 60 1 " •1 Sfi 8 4 C • 10 " 12 1 2 8 g 9 11 1 3 4 4 11 6 9 41 42 48 Establishing a Hay market and r ffulatlrij- the > ale of Havjin! tbe First and Seventh Ward;; of the City nf n Iwaakcf. - j it t \ The JCgmmon Council of the Cily of- Milwaakti. do ordalnj as follows : j '. S ECTION 1, Block nuuibsre 1 one linnurcd itnd for- tyjslJt (I46 1 , now owned l.y the Cil^- o* Milwanlcee, and sncll paruof the following named ;atreeli. to wit: The ndrft half of Ogden street; the ea>t fa IPof Nnrln WatiiiJ, Snd the wist half . f Market »Jreel, as adjoin said block numbered one hundred and fort;-nix, anil all Jyiog ana beings taatejln the rirat W»nl ftf the City of Mllwankte, Is Sertby made and declared <o be a puMlo stand fof the sale of loads of hay. ; ' 8ec.j2i Tbe Aldermen »nd Counclliori of Hie Flist and ««venth Wards, or a majority ofjth<>m from each W ard, afe hereby aathorlzed to remote the hay scale now owned by said wards, fn m the Corner of Biddl* and starlet«t r eet«, ti block numbered one hundred and forty six, tn the First War i, and place the same tbereoh forvut; and the salil «cale. Is htrehy declared, Sec.|8j Mo |>eraon or pen™* shsJt lie allowed or permitted to expose for sale any toad pr lo«4s of hat In the First or geventli Wards, ot the City of Uilwubkee, wlthoil having such haj we(goed, ss ijtrtloafter provided- of shall an* person or persons >vhb n.ay beth- owner) 6r driver of any wagon, cart,! ilelgh or oiher vehicle loaded with hay, stand on »njr street In th* laid first «tod Seventh Ward*, wore than ; trc mlnsite* at any ode f Ime, other than on the part*] of streets and the Wolcsi designated lo this Ordinance'as:a ponllc bay market, i ,' . Pec. ;4.: Before offering nay load or lpid< of day for sale wllhln th* Itml i of the first or Bev,-nlh Wards, such hoy f ball be duly weighed, aud * written certtn- ate of tfie weight thereof, obtained iron '(.<• ntlen-laot f soilr «at.vblnhed, and sealed dly tyy ?cale, • llh'n e city limits, and the owner of such h»r JimII eiti bit his tlfkei to the purchaAcr, before beinp ehtltltd to receive arj*. pav therefor. > i bee. o. The attendant upoa aayj City Hay »c<le i^ll beentitlrd to rea*ive the sum Q| twdre cent* for welgblt)g?sach load of hay, or (or we ffhlOK any other antc!e t for which a cerllfijale u require^ t.-l l»r p&ld by tbe persdn to whom the certificate i* delivered. Bec.!6.: Any p«?on or persons who may violate the proTistons of this Ordinance, shall forff.ll ;anij pay for leach offence not leas than five nor more uiau ten dol- ars, tofetfrer with all costaof }irosecntinn0. Sec. 7.: It la hereby made the 4aty of the Chief of Police are! his aislstan'l, and the attendant of the h>; scale, hereof established to proiecnte -He/ore the Mu nlclpat Court, any and all violations of lhi» Ordinance, which (nsJT come to U»lr knowledge, i < Sec. &.; Bo mtoch of any Ordlnaoc.^ or re*olull«DTj heretofore patt)ed r a* In anjr manner co^£icis with thk. Ordinabct* is herely repealed. Pasitd:May!3,mV. : UKRMAN L. P.kOR, St»y r. H B. Lr»oa. City Clerk. ; tnay-29-d8t Oirr Oowrra 'LUTB'r OrricE, i Contract Depariment, MUwaukee, May<29, ISM. f S - EAUED proposals will be received at tbls office nn- til 1ter«d>y, June 2, 1S69,, for repair Ing stoneigntters In front of tbts and rdhtfructinw and repairihg^stonr gotten on crossings in t).e ^hlrd W^rd Bids miitl *tate price per square yerd 7 ^ ttklof; op an ' relaying with old materta 1 ; price 'for furnishing new stonti wfeen necessary, and pric« ftir CODStrurtlnt; new gntteri, furn ihlnf all matenaJB may2»-Utt I. b'H. GAIlDINgR, Comptroller. CSTT CO«rTBOLLia'*OTrlCK, t Contract Department, M«r2T,lv')9. f S EAI^ED proposals will be received atithts ouice an til Wednesday June lit, 10 j. K. tor openlnf, cleaning ifid repakrlDg sewer tbr«>u^). U oak ^9, Bli-h Ward, of:the City of Milwaukee. jnayjfi-U5l E L'H. GARDINER, Ojnr.'i» ; CPTT CoosPTaou.Kii'!ft;Orrica, t ' ' Conlrsxrl Department. Uay^O, 1*29. f ^ EALED proposals will be received at;thts office, on i UI Friday, June 8d, at lu i. »., for: famishing al: rpaterlala'and coti«truct'n.' ar, En*j>D<- II<iiiiii> for En^lnr Co. No.' T« according to the plans ao<1 sp^cin^atuna, CD file tn his ofljc*. The Oomptre! er desires the'. to reject al! proposals If considered too h gh. may&l-dl! K. L'H. a IRblNKU, Com tr..lijr. Cirr fionpTft- Lu^vprs^-B, | ; Contract Department, Mar 29. Iai9 ( ^J EALVO proposals will be rcceiTtul aA this oQiee, an- O til Wedcesday, Jane 1, i&£9, at 11 A.<^I.| fur rc|>arr log Tan Bor.n street abd sldenalks, from Detroit it., u. Its termination, In lli«3J Ward of O.e Cltj of Mll»an- kee. m«}28-a3t _ c. i.'H. GARDINER. 0,.mpiroiier. O?r» ConmtoLLiaV Ornci, | Ccntracn Department,! iWTOKAL, : fo& THK RAPID emu or ColsJ*. Coughs, and H«»arsene«s. Buwmn,MASS, 20th Deo, 18SS. Da. J.a Am: Idonotb.*aiiat»tosav. th* beat remedy I hare ever found tat Coughs, nnarsanees, InSiwnaa, andth* concomitant sj uiulosns of a Cold, is TOUT Omar Pumu.' Its constant n*e to my practie* and my family for th* last ten rears lias shown it to pamtm rap* rlcr virtues lor the treatment of thea* complaints. BBEN KNIGHT, M.D. A.B. HORTLrc&o.of COCA, R. T_ writes: "I hat* TOO hiranted it, and WUera it tb* best rnedtdn* for IU ,TOiTos»«T«rptHont With a bad aold I should soonst par twentr-Ov* dollars for si bottle than do without It, *• Croup, Whoopioe Congh» Influenza. SnaiTaraLD, liW, r*b. T.1SM. noram Am: 1 wffl sb«*rfully certify yonr Actorsd to the but remedy w* poasMa tor tb. cum of whooptau onub. croup, and (he chert disease* ef children. WVo? yonr fraternity la th* South appreciate y«eu- skill, aad •onunend yonr medidn* to our people. HIBAH OONKLDt, M. D. AMOS LK9,mnt- Hoirair, lA,wrlt«,ad Jan, 18M: "I had a tsdloni) Infinenia, which confined m* to doors six weeks; took many medicines without relief; finally tried your Aefcnd by the adrlce of onr doorman. The oos* relieved theeonnes* to mv throat and 1mm: . to my throat and Inon; lass than on. half the bottl. maj. BM completely weU. Tour medldnw «ra the ekaapaai a> w.3 as th* beet w. ean bny, and we asteam Tom, Doctor, and yonr ramedle^ as the poor man's friend.* Atrtkma or PhthUie, and BroBchltit. Wsn ilumHum. PA, l«b. 4,185D Bn: Tou CVrrjr Kttenl Is pntemlnc marrellons snraHnthjssoctlcii. It has nUared SMrsnJ ftom. alarm- try sraploms of eatunuaptioo, and U now cnrlnf a man who has Uborsd mnd«r aa aflestfoa of tin Inngi <br th« last forty years. HKNRT L. PAKKB, Merchaot- A. A. RAMBBY, II. D, Aisioh, Monoi Co, low* wrlUa.Btj.tJ.lSM: " Daring ray prattle, of m*ny years C kan (band nothing sqaal to you Ourrg ftctant for (Mac sas* and rails/ to eomuntttre patlmts, or coring ssuh as an etrrabta." • T H« ^vd of Councilors by rtjsolutton of May 19 lS5V t concafred in by th« Botrtf of Alderman May 2j. 186SL hartag adopted he recgmoienilatioo or tht Street Ooinmiasioner*, wltb ajseasmants nf bVr.rfits and daoapea. It Is ord«re4 : , That a tfesrer b« constmcttd through Tamarack at , from 5ti to 6th lUeet, In the 2nd • »r,l, bf |he Llty el STilwaalef. Owners and agents of property on «ij street are hereby nollOed to construct said •»•« within t*n days front this daw, or the *tr«l ComeutioDrrs of Uif 2nd Ward will caoae the saae to be dons and charpe.1 to the rfspectire lota according to la*. t L'H. OAKDINEa. qoroptrnlicr. Port of miln-aukre, ITlaj- GEO. GODFREY, EDITOK. OF THK DAILY NEWS, I Milwankee,May81,lS69. f iM.— Theold stereotyped remark about money matters, r «Exch«nge firm at 2 per cent. Ourrenc/ In llmrted supply," is applicable stUl. We aid think we saw signs a few days ago of a reduction In the *»te« of jlxchange, but tbe clond hu vanished Into ,flun air, and we look for a reduction as we look for rain In a dry time— to happen at some Indefinite future period. To-morrow the new regulations reepecttnglttil- oeu hours with ibebank., goe , mto eBect . They will open at M A. K., and close at 8 ». K , ,,,«, no totenn ,^ don at noon. OOMKBOIAL.— The transactions In breadstoHs to-day wjere withoot muchTivaclty. Flour not biiug much offered or Inquired after. Holders still expect an advance and consequently decline to come down to the vJen of buyers, and the latter are'as nnwilllng to «d•cane* to their terms. : In wheat there was little. done, at prices fully snstaln- toc yesterday 's flugnres,and at an advance on the trail*actions of .tte early part of the day-the sales Inali ainotmUng to some 9,400 bos at an advance of from* »o 6s on yesterday morning's prices. Keoelpts by railroad ana lake were S£69 bus. Frelght^rtreaiittle better, though still very low.- TheSihooner W. J. "Whaling cleared to-day with a cargo of 14,425 bus wheat for Buffalo at S^c, The Hark H. BIMey also cleared for Ogdensbnrf -with 11,148 bns wheat'at previous rates. The Propeller Catena 1«9 with. l^XH) bbls'of flonr tor Buffalo, tkrongh to New York by the H. Y. Oentrnl Road at 45c. tbe Prop. Wisconsin cleared with 1,600 bbls for Og- densbunyesterdayvand the Schooner Bepublic takes 15,006 bus oats tj Bn&Uo on owners ; acconut; making 26^578 bns of wheat, S^bbU of flonr r »nd 38,000 bos oats cleared bom the Ourtom Honse duriBjthe pMM market. :-: „ . - . Bales IfQQ bos extra Mo. If ARRIVED. MAT BOTH. Prop. Wisconsin, Rickey, Chicago. Prop. Ogontz, Flood, Green Bay ; 11 hf bbls fish, 12 shingle: 1 printing press, 1 mowing machine. Steamer Traveler, Sweney, Chicago; 200 bni wheat, 60 pkgi Eund, 19 pass. MAY 818T. Prop. Galena, Bteele, Chicago. Steamer Gaulle, Bntlin, Two Rivers. Steamer Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Ba«n 2 tons mdz 29 pkgs rand. Pchr. M.S. Bcott, Blend,St. Joseph. Steamer City of Olereland, Bqnter, Grand Haven, Si tons mdte, 83 pkgs sundries. Bchr. May Queen, Vance; Er le; 300 tons coal. Prop. Hunter, Dickson, OoUlngwood; 8 pass. Bcbr. Experiment, Ames, Bt. Joseph, 85 m lumber, passengers. Prop. Plttsbnrg.Beckwtth, Buffalo; S2 tons mda, 25 1C' stone, 3 fcorses, 7 pass. CLEA.BED. MAY 28TH. Steamer Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven Steamer O ty of Cleveland, Sqnltr, Grand Haven- a tons mdz, 14 pkgs sand. ' MAY 29TH. Steamer Traveler, Bweeney, Chicago, 6 bbls em fi do herrings, 9 do sund, !7 pkgi aund. Prop. Evergreen Olty, Ohamberlin, Chicago. MAY BOTH. Bteamer'Gazelle, Bntlin, Two Elvers; B bbli whiskey 854 green hides. 48 pkgs sundries. Prop. Mohawk, Pheatt, Chicago. Steamer Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven; 1 ton mdi 10 pkp sundries. Prop. Wisconsin, Hlckey, Ogdensburg; 1600 bbli flour 200 bbli kone black. Steamer Traveler, Bweeney, Chicago; 14 bbls sundries 71 pkgs sundries. Steamer City of Cleveland, Bqnler, Grand liar en Prop. Ogocti, Flood, Chicago. Prop. Ontonagon, Wilklna, OoUlngwood; 11 bbls floor. MAY 81BT. Bcbr. Mark Slbley, Avcrin, Ogdensburg; 11448 bushels wheat. Prop. Galena, Bteele, Buffalo; 1000 bbls flonr SO tons iron. Steamer Gazelle, Bntlin, Two Rivers; 145 dry hides 8 bblsjsnndries, 83 pkgs do. Steamer Cleveland, Doneal, Grand Haven. Prop. Hunter, Dickson, Chicago. Bcbr. Republic, Lewis, Buffalo; 15,000 bush oats. Bchr. Experiment, Ames, Bt. Joseph; 100 bbls salt, 25 bbls stane lime,'10 bbls water lime, 10 pkgi sund, 2 pass. Schr. W. J. Whaling, Vance, Buffalo; 14,428 bns wheat, MARINE INTELLIGENCE. AT BUFFALO, MAT 27re.—Prop. .Hathaway. From Milwaukee—12 bbls paint, 6 tuns rags, 1,834 bbls flow. THB COLLIBSIO*.—The Detroit JPra Press says, that the unknown vessel with which the Barque B. D. Woodruff collided on the 16th, has s-nce been ascertained to hare boen the Barque Glbralter, whose damages were estimated at $800, and those of the TfooarnB at :*200. , . I : HOT Wm).—A jacht, thlrty-flve lett in length, nine feet in beam, Is being built at BkaneateUa, forVgentl •man of St. Louis, that Is byaealorld engine ThlswUl be the first introduction of this"mo-: tive power on the Mississippi.—JH^T. EepubUc. to* LACC- Bimuoi.—Tbe Lady Egin will leave Douiman's Dock to-morrow morning, for LakeBupe-; _!«• . • '.,.'- . . ! rior. -The Rev Steamer Milwaukee, on the Hocks! at Buffalo for the Grand Haven L'ne, It to be launched ott Thursday." ^ • A«OTB««Cou.b'ro«.—The Bteamer pwan, on leaving Tier dock at Detroit on Saturday morning, came Intel «onislon with the wrTeying Btetmer Alert, and wai *"'»»'-«'• Bchftojaenil Wflllajn Tdl ant wen, driven *shor# by th. g*l. «taraoi s % 7 40 46 N 20, front I 15 ID 8 20 of N 40 M U front x SI It r^ar N 20 of g to N 20 of B 40 £20 BX Middle* NX E 80 of 8 26 W 80 of E 80 of 8 NDof6X ofESO N X of K H N 20 of K 90 B20,EofN4(r«tB«0 620 of E90 7 7 8 V 10 11 1 1 I 2 2 £ 2 3 4 1 2 8 4 7 8 9 6 18 8 4 4 4 8 S e 6 1 12 1 1 1 U 1M 164 79 84 17 S«0 Middle X K X of k ^ W X of E X KX Ml « X, K80ofWW< E 30 of W-IBOK 80 of W100 ESOof W1BO B 80 of W 210, W X W X40 E20 W16. K40WW KM- 7 8 S 11 A 12 11 A U 11 A U U A 18 1 S 8 4 fi 9 10 11 1*2 1A2 1 AS 1 A2 142 142 3 4 e 6 4 11 * 12 11*12 8 IAS 8 4 9 10 19 • 18 1 1 l X 86 86 87 16 48 S EuTl awa •1 80 <• 7» ii U •I 16 8ft •« 79 NOTICE. N OTICE Is hereby grren that the Ordinance regulating hacks, cabs, drays, omnlbassei, *<;., i ( -., will be jtrlctiy: enforced aftar the Orst day of June. Tbe okiien of drays, hacks, cabs, omnjbccam, lumber, furfiitore ind express wagoQS, are hfreby aoliOcd to procure a license ind number for such, rl^hoat farther notice. ; WM. ntCK, Chi.*f of Polife. Mllwaatet. May 85. 1 jS». AN To pterfnt the remoral cf stone, sand or rwth from the Beacti on Lake Michigan. ' The Common Coonrll of the City of Mitwauk<>e do ordain as tollom : i • • EuTlDS 1. No i eirson stall takes re more nt carry ay, kny itoBe. sand <fr earth, from tic Beach, or from ander the. water, within one hmidrer) f^t of high water mark, along or near tbe a&ore of Ls£e3U>chlran, bttweeniihe extreme goatbern and Northern> nf the City o( Ullwaakejc, under a penalty of not Ins th ia twenty-fire dollars nor exceeding one hoailred dollars. Pan. 9.- The proTiilons of this Ordlnabco shall not apply toa&e owner or ovners of any lot, p ie« or par- eel of land fronting or atmtttag OB the bake Shore within the limits abore mentioned. ' " Passed Hay 23, 1SS9. ; • BERUaHL. PAQI, slavor S B.CT»CH, OMy Olerk^ _ ___ i|ia;rS»d8t Crrr Oounaoujiai Orrica, i COL tract Deparunett, Illlwankee, May 29, 1MJ. ( S tALKD proposals will be reeeired at th(s a (Bee until Friday, Jons 8, 1869, at 10 a. •., ,«r repairing by gradlbg the following streets In the Snd Ward or the City of i Milwaukee, Tls : Tamarack itreet, from Fonrtn to Serenteenth street, and Otdar »tr t< i, from Third street to rlxtti street. ; . mayW-dtl «. L'H. HARDIMKg, Comptroller. OITT Coiirttou.n,'^ Orrica, i i : Contract Department, May Sf» 183». f Board of Councilors by resolution of May 16, 18S». concurred tn by the Board of Aldermen, May 26, 1889, having adoptrd Ilia rec*ipmen4>tft>n of tbe Btreet Commissioners of the 7th Ward, It ls;ord«red : That the alley running through block 70i it) the 7ih Ward be pared. ; Owners abd agents of property on said alley are hereby notified ;to make said Improvement within ten -lajs from the publication of this notice, or the Street Com- mlisloner pi the 7th Ward will cause th« same to be done and cpirged .to the respective lots according to •f* might add mimes of nMmca, but Ik* soost *n> tlncrng proof of the rtrtusxf this roady kttnWla I* •flests anon trftaL ConfnmptloB. Probably DO on* remedy baa mr b*a known wttiek omd so many and eneh dsmgenms casas a* this, flosne a* human ale can reach; but evea to those Ike OWr, /Vtorai affords relief and eomfnrl Astoa Bora, Nrw Toa« CITT. JUrcS t, 1U«. Ana, Lowixi: I feel It a duty and a pleasure you what year (freriy AcsanU liat don* (or me She had been five months tabonnj under the dan- |von> cvmptoms of Consumption, than which no aid w. oould preeur* gave bermnch relief, gh* wa» steadily fall- tag, untfl Dr. fitromg, of this dty, when we have oeme t» adnoa, reoomnuiided a trial of your mediein*. W* bl*as his tladnea*, as we do yonr skill; for she has reeovend Treen ths« day. gh* I* not y*S ** strong a* ah* UMU to tw, bat Is free bom bar cough, and calls herself wen. Yomrs with rratltud* and regard, ORLANDO BnXLBT, or gsnurriLU. QmnimfUra, do not despair all you have triad Ana's Osaaav Psonau. It la mad* by on* of th* bast nudleal chainlet) In thevorld, and Us cures an acoand ua bs*pe*k th* high marlu of Its vlrtn«a — PhOadtlfhla Ledger Cathartic Pills. T RB sdaane of Chemistry and Uadlein* hara »MO Uiad their utmost to prodnc* this baet, nun perfect porjatiTa which Is known lo nun. Innimurab!* proof* ar* shown that thaw PTLU hav* winne* which surpaj* In •zceflea** tb* ordinary isedielDM, and that they win m preoeAntadly upon tb* latera of all Ben. Thejyaneafc and pleasant to take, but powarfnl to cura. T&elr trattnf propertleectlmnlaite the vital actindaeof tfa* body, ramov* lha obstruction* of It* argans, purify th* blood, jsat expel disease. They purge out the ftml humors which breed and grow dlatemiwr., nlmnlat* alugglah or dlaor 4*nd oifana into then- natural aetlen, and Impart healthy ton* with strength t* th* whole system. Not only <lo th*y cure th* srery-dsry complaints of every body, but also Ibrsnldabbj and dangerous dlasims that hav* baffled th* beet of human skfil. While they pradnc* powerful affecta, they are at th* ssun* time. In diminished do***, th* satetandVat physic that can b* employed far ckildreft. BUng sngar-a^ated- theyar* pliaeaut to tak*; aad bslnij purely Tegirable, an fn* tram any risk of harm. Cora* have been mad* which rorpaas balW war* th*y not sub- staotlatod by mm of such exalted position and character ss> te fcrfctd th* sasplejnn of nntmth. Many eminent clergrmni and phyUdans bar* lant their nasnes to certify to the (rablic the reliability *f my nmadisa, whfl* oth*n have *rnt me the assmraace of their eoarletioa that my Preparations eoniribnt* uflmensely t* th* relief of my affikfad, auflering f*Oow-m*a. ^ Tn* Agent below named Is plesand to fomlah gratis ny Am*ri(an a*m«nm^ contahaing direction* fbr th*lr o*a and oartiflc*t*a of their eurea, of tb* following complaints.- — Ooetrrxneaa, BQlaos Complaints, Rheumatism, Dropsy, Beartbnrn. Headarh* arising ftatn a ftml •fa»»^-h 1 Nanis*, IndlfBBtion, Morbid Inaction of th* Bowel* and Pain arising therefrom. Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, all Ulcerous and Ctttaneon* Diieaa** which require an evamant m»dlcin&. Scrofula or King's KvlL ftiey also, by purifying th« blood and stimnlatln( tha system, cur* many cbmpUlnt* which It would not b* snppowd they coold troch, rnch M D«fnMa, Partial Bllndneaa, ^oarajgla antl N«rrous Irritability. Danogements of tb» Uvar and KM- neya, Oont. and other kindred eomplalntj ashing from • low sjtat* of til* body or obstruction of. Its function*. Do not b* put off by nnprinclpl*d 4aal*ra with sots* other pfll th«y mak* more profit on. Ask for Area's Pnxa, and tak* nothing 01**. Tfo oth*r they An gfv* rou mmparne with this In Its Intrinalo vain* or cnratfv* power*. Th* lick want tfi* beat aid there Is tor th.m, lend thay should hare It. Prepared by Dr. J. O. AVKH, Practical and AajUytioal Chemist, Lowell, Mass, Paioa 98 Ota. raa Box. Itva Bazas roa f 1. BOLD BT JOHN RICK, Milwaukee. J. F. REED 4 CO., Chicago, and Aleuts in -»ery DR M'LANF'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE LIVERPILLS. PATENT MEDICINES. MKDICAL. DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, ASD DR. HOOFLAJkJD'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, The gnat standard medicine* of the present aye, have acquired their great popularity only through yean of trial. Unboundsd tatnfac tion it rendered by them tn all caja , and the people have pronounced then worthy. Lifer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Xervoas System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a disordered liver or weakness of thi stomach and digestive organs, are speedily and permanently curtd by the GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial has arqvirtd * refutation surpassing that of any similar preparation extant. It will cure, WITHOUT PAIL, tht most severe and long-slandmg Coogfe, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis. Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and has perftrrmed the most jstunishtng rum ever tcnvicn of Confirmed Consumption. A fevi doses will aUo at ani-i ttirslr iml cure the mo*t severe Diarrhoea prw~</in./ from COLD rs THE BowtL*. These mediants art prepared hy l>r i' M JACKJON & Co., A'«. 4H A'ch Atr-t. p',,i., delphia. Pa , ind art told by JT-U.J.JMI , ,n i dealers in medicines everywhirt, ,it ~", -i , per aonlf. The siynaturt of I' M J \rKiut tcill be on the uutnde wrapper .jf *.tirh >,.,,'•:, ' (n the Almanac pubiuHtd Annually •", •'<• proprietors, railed ETSBTBODII Ai..« t >«, you tetU tind testimony trui •-vmrTtrrtJ < it.,ry notices from all parts of ttu cu«nf-y T ,ttr Almanacs are given jwiy by jli 'jur ly^i ft>r DISCOVEE7 OF THE AGE B. BOi<WOi<TH TIIK 1,1 VVH IN V Hi OK A TO K I'RKl'AKKD UV DK. - \ N i- .«!-. i'n[!!|mu]],. Mnlirel) I'n'ni f.l M> I lh»; syste in th^ic , y H o «rn(( ell, /? On.y,i. -I to thi m^ilu-'n^ i.l- i» '"•:- is «affir,«?nl t.j fo" 1 fr'-m touriiit; 1> •• •> f I 4J % pr- * -1,1 law fflay2S-flSt E. L*H. GARDINER, Comptroller. I8TS] : NIIKItlFF'K SAL.E. ; rNc«ri> BTATS Uf WIBOONBIN, 1 : : Circuit Court, MBwaukee Co. f ; i iRobert Haney »nd John DeBow, j ( agaiait • Dennis Nugent and James Nugent. ; Execution;. . j , B T Tirtae of an ezeontlon Issued frota saW'Oo«rt. in the abdve entitled action, to me dlreited and de- llvered Dennis taken tbe to! fy of the del |"Letn t the foods, chattels and real estate of Oown»i», occtrpsjrts «nB -aga, its of the above descrlb- «d Prop'/r^r are nereDrnoUBed to abate said nultsnees within lAlrty days from date, m toe Street OommJi. sloners of the said Third Ward wlll.cause said nolsan. ces to be kbated and charged Oo the nspeettre lots, aooortllnitolaw. v««unm, mnjrB7-d6t K.J.'U.'OAgPlUgR.Oomptroller. and James Nugent, I have f seised and ring described real estate as the proper- dants or either of them, to WJt:. T four (4), block' one hundred and • (184) In the First Ward of the Olty 'ankee, County of Milwaukee, Istite of , s?n, and all the right, jtiUe and-intereet whlchttl)e (aid defendants or either of item had Inand to said premises at the date of the filing of ia certain warrant of attachment heretofore Issued. Iflth* action, to wit: On the 8th day of JuDe,)868.» j T , Which property, as aforesaid, I will ex; le and selUt Public Auction, it the Court. Ihi odrof ir.B., costs;. Dated Sierlff's, Office, Milwaukee, August», : 1858. DTtn, Borraior .ft Corranx, ( HEBMAN1. PAGE, Pl'^SAlfys. f Bh'ff.MilJOo.iTu. anglO-dlaf6w i : Bf~Tb.psibovesals Is hereby postponed tb Saturday, >jX968, at the same place and hour ks above Hie Si Pleasure 11 ROCK WAY'S -! -or- . AND October named, f • Dated ftefU's Office, Milwaukee, Augns j SKBMANL t. IfBhW-MD.! OieWtti'dt-jrpf HoTember, ISB^lSlSe^an hour as abpv§ named. Dated Bh -- 1858. is. JEIAOK8. P ULTISS wlsbtu to tnf»go Hacil or Omnlbtuex for tb* purpose of imUnV the Qsrdens or for PloNlc flrst olatsTehlolesonttio sborteatnoace and mortreaton*We terms. ; A line of mfMiss as •win commence nmnlnf on the 1st of Jane for ~ r. K. jThe OBttlbos for WwnratoM leaves T»n Oett's .| TJKOOKWAT, »oot of Mason street. . ^. ^ . r poitpoiied to Batardav, August 20, 1S69, at th. same p<ao> sad as abov* named. -ii HBBMAN U?AGE, I beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of" the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Dr. Cha§. 1 lane's fHebraUd Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them ai universal Cure-alls, but simply for what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms fronn tht numan system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS, all BIXIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &x. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably mak« a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, ind never known to rail when administered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business. ;in which they have been successfully engaged for the fast Twenty jVears, and they will, now give theii •undivided time arid attention tc iheir manufacture. And being de- jtermined that Dr, M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills .sjiall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the ;day, they «dll continue to spate neither time ftor expense in procuring the Best ind Purest material, and compound them in the most thorpugh manner. Address all orders to i_. _F1BMNB BROS. Pit^ibnTgli, P«. ~ Musicians) orderingrftum :oth*n "Will do well,to;write "tnejir .onsen " Dr.JflOMftfJfltpana Ij - •-.Lsi-jr-i.— tbosawlsfiing lo gin .a trial, we wfll forward per msJL rxBtwil to ani ^art of the United States, anfbaToif StfW Weh, rtamps, or ons^Tial of TermlJug* fin <£/i HA* U UA favor. > t/-4it»r tn E rtAN FORD. P prietor, N'- I Dmsifliftl. SoM \ls" , by JOHN fUt/c <0 r 4. i i ^ Pll KS. N t; W T K K A T M £ N T Confldential A T the BuffisJo Prlv cur« of Syphilii. InSrmities of Youth .•*OS, HaiTaU, N. Y. AID Medical a Hospital— «a Ad. ice and Mtiuruy, by Dr A.Muf « Office, corner »t Main »n.i i>a«y t- T M.. »nd » A MOST HCIENT1F1C INTENTTOS Ao iDstrnment for the cur? of Genital D--biMy, VIMKl- 10 UK upnal EmiMlnnsv, mur? properly 4%yt to tvo months by the use used conjointly with me«licices KI( 1£F>1 DJADJ.M L • t r MEN TAKK PAKTlUrL.%H NuTTCK Dr AMOS <k SON t«kc pi«fasurtf ;n »nnoun«-in.r i«»t tht-y have invrtu«fd & m»*t inntfiinftit '•• r ih- urc of the above Jtaerues It haj been iub]t*«'t«-<i io » test by the moat emioem pby*lct»Q3 in Lou>l«i~i, P*ns, Fhdadelphlft *nd N(r» York . it h*j been (ectar^il U.c unly oaeful Injtrojnent ever .ov-vntrti For ihe eui e of Seminal VVeiknesi, or »ny (Jliei%«c of the (enitnl nr- ^uis, eatued by th« lecrt-t habit of youih. Pn*;e ten iloltars by mail or eipresa. A CURE WARRANTED Dr. AttOS A 9ON har« deTote<I ihetr atteDUon -* cluaiTCtj to thll peculiar claaa of m a J ad lea, *n<i !fi+- nrllef they h«vp consequently been enabled ui rcoder . thair fellow creature*, is fully tesUfled *nd «ralefulJy i ^knowledge J by convalescent patienta and ottiera daily fcrTlvmg in town from all parts of tha country u.r the eJr-preaj parpo<(>* onJj of coii*uliaUonii, while iheir t-xertion., have been crowned with the moat ti^ni,! a*J- | vaotat;es, yet from what they hare experienced n -n- qolrtng Into Lh*» caiuea of ihoje tafectloua complaint.- , ^frnrn their moat simple condition to that uf iho m<>rii i dangerotu and Inveterate.) they hare always suit-r- ! taioed the possibility of their prevention aud len.oual, and like vise tnvartaWy found that the 1orriM« i and ouvltgnant forms of disease ci>ald almost inv^tiahly be i need to OO€ of the following cau*ea . iKncirmncf, neglevt, or the ill affects of anakillful and irapr-.^r treatmtmt , ihtrefore, UK. AMOS A don have •ucce?d<><i in discovering, in the selection of their remedies, * safe, effectual and cautious coarse i imittli $ a.i combination of remetllea which bear an equivocal character, as well ai those whose prematare or lojudiclnqj application might be productive of bad coose^ur-nlSen in the hands of private mdlvidnal*. In short, ihr , mi.ta- ble end of their remedies 19 the .ess^otnu oi' « ^rent masa of human misery by the alleviation, n-hut »n-t prevention of those grlevoua affltcti-ms tJxai mt- m reaUtv the secret foea of life, and wh>ch, wKn« ih«y »n extenaiveli surround us. call aloud (or our ik:ll md Interfereace tn their externiination. OUUNTH7 INVALiDa. Perenna in any part of the world may t>« iucccn^fuiiy treated by forwarding a correct detail of Uicir c»dr. w.Ui a remittance for Medicines, Ac. Address Dr. AM 03 A SON, corner Main an. I UU»T street. Buffalo, N. T. jaa7-dAw,y by Kiii<:>. i»r Ki]i|>«> ri.r> , ! IK' Til" CAN Ulv KltK^KK^ > .1 * N ti K t' K K.-* K H \ - ; > HUTU «!• I'll ru THK (iHiE.\rK.i r 1U TUK liti>_VT>..-«r ri) T.iK liRE-lTKcT H V I SI N'T ii V L\>l \(i H V I .- i > < T UY i SINU IT A L.-^O KK.-TOKi>> < I T \ L^« ' lii-^Ti ' ti K> IT \L?O rtK.^Ti 'Ki-:;* • IT A USO !\K.- l % i ' K K.- , PRKVKMM ITS t v,.l.l PKnVtN I'S 1 TS |f»Ll.. KS rtis K.S THK ujt THK THK SALE. (\otw> 8TATB OF WISCONSIN, I Olrcult Court, Ullwaokce County. ( Slilnoj Bbepard, against Christian Henry Meytr, aoil Uargarct, Ills wife, James B. Brown, Davln U. Power, Kdwanl Haase, William 4?. Merrill, Nelson Web.lar, Charl** A. Karillcr Dctmer riachback, B. Koiiilu and A. W. Qri.woM I Administrators of the tstata of John 0. LoHoy, le- ceased, Ormand T. Crane, Charles 9. Bo«J«, Administrator of the estate of Chan** ft. Schreiuer, deceased, James W. A retell and Ilej man a. C. Semper. IN virtue of and porsaant to a judgment rendered to said Court In th* above entiUedactionJdated February 8, ISC}, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday* the Ota day of Jnly, 1*69, at the boor of 9 '•«-. of lh »' dav, the lollowing described mortgaged premlsrs or 10 much thereof aa may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, interest snd casts, together wtlh the expeosu of sale, to wit: £"lat number ilxtem (U) and the east half of lot number fifteen (15), In block forty-fire (45), In the Second Want of the City of Milwaukee, being on Tamarack street, between Fifth .net Sixth streets, al) In the County of HUw.nkee and State or Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's Office Milwaukee, April 8, 1889. A. J. LAN.. WORTHY. apr8-8m-lln2w Sheriff Milwaukee Co., Wla. -i ALT .<(.' «kl' ,-CAI r v .<j.'.\l.l' ill. 1) l!Y t)l.l> BY *.tLi) UY tILl) BY 6061 SHEUIFF'S (\-own r.. , .. .., 0. HAJWINOTON, Wholesale ard E«tall, (A(«nt and ITLane Vtfmlftife 8TATB 0V WISCONSIN, Circuit Court, MUwaukee County, James 8. Brown, Joshua Hathaway and Thomas L. Ogden, against I A. Patterson Smith and Alfred Edwards.) Foreclosure. I N virtae of anil pursuant la a JnJgm«at rendered In said Court, Id the abo»o entitled action, <i»ted Much IT, 1S59, I shall expose- for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post Office, la the city of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the 2* day- of July 1859 - •' the of that day, the following, described mortgaged premises, or so much fiereof a»may be ac- cessary to raise the amount of said jnd(ment, Interest and costs, together with the expenses of sale, lo wit; ."Block number twenty-eight (38X of Clark's addltloo, la the Eighth Ward, of the city of Mll- . waukee and county of Mlhraukte, and State of Wisconsin. Dated HherUTs Office, Hllwankee. April 1st, 185». DAYIDB.OODSJ,.-I A. J.LAN&WOBTH*. HTs Att'y. f Ob«*iff MU. C*., We. aptl-tallntw 1U UAltKKT ST , 114 M.lttitKT ST . M4 ilAKKKT .ST . 114 MAXKKT ST , LI > i i.". LOUIS LiH !.". LOUIS. A N 1 1 : V N I) I The Realoratlv? IR :. m ip lame, meUiaiu, ind >iu i >. retails Tor ine l..l;ir -rr teaat twenty (jer ^trui uiur- retells for two InlhlFH ^er ••. 40 per cent, tnor- ui i_.ri'i"* botUe. 0- J. WOOD i CO . Pr , fork, ^In the ifr^at N ' '' in. I 114 Market it.. Si. Lom Suld by i 1 H.iKSIMlTi' and tftocf U«>mls D^^i^rs. SI Cr H T A N DR. F Formerly >if Tur emmrnt tin] alci.lful iptr itur .1 ... EYF A^O r.llt At No DM Randolph, o.irn^r >l Uoim,..,n ,u-,-i, » worhleR mtriicleH in th« ray ni r^.^ii.r uu LOST SIGHT A.VD HKAK1NO. Dpwaril* ui TWO ilL'NDRKD l>.ivi- tiepn rtxielved Dy Dr C. w Ihln the IJIH* r.nir t»e«ks, rnuny of whom hava been blind for months ind year* !mv^ hud their sight restored Instantly by ,teliciit<< .IIP./ ,lifft&M operation*, hlle others, who hav^ h« e n <tilT'r^rn from disease, have I eun miraculously ^ured hy mil.* in ,| gentle treau ment. TBe best pronf %.< to how Dr. i!.', lervlcpa *r*i lppr~- clated Is, that h« \, .'inly recplvine ' n.-w patlenta from ,11 parts Of the country, »nd illsmimmz, aj iinretl his early received cases. VoFta Is required for »n exarainatlnn or opinion — So CBABOI for lervlces that ar« nvt ««•<•«*«/«; u will be stated when tho patient Is reoeiv-d., Or i.'adw*ir» xrtls« on OuXaf and Syt to be had gratia on *p- pttoatlon as *I^WB . . * ~ .. . " J. 't!

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