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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 4

Phoenix, Arizona
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Tuesday, February 18, 1941
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Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Tueiday Morning, February 18,1941 New Cincus Works Hare HONOLULU — (Correspondenc of the Associated Press)—A hard driving leader is Adm. Husband E Kimmel, new commander in chie of the United States fleet, als commander in chief of the Pacifi fleet. At 58, he is one of the younges iQeet commanders in the recent his tory of the United States navy. The new Cincus (a word devel oped from the abbreviation of his title) is about five feet CO; he weighs about 180 pounds; his hair i greying; his eyes are light blue; hi smile is hearty. His scowl is an other matter. When he gets around to it, he sleeps about seven hours Admiral Kimmel's associates •ay he makes them work. They •wear by him. They say for him—because Admiral Kimmel is extremely self-effacing—that he was one of the first top men of the navy to drill his crews In antiaircraft defense. Twenty years ago he advocated heavier deck armor for battleships. "Who's Kimmel?" was the re I sponse of the American public when the new appointment was an Bounced in January... Spurns Talk Of Self That, in a sense, tells much. The man simply has nothing to say for himself. At the first press confer ence at Pearl Harbor he told news *nen: "This is out of my element. J can't talk." When a flash bulb exploded, the tough gunnery officer jumped, although it was 12 feet away. His fellow officers know him. One of them pointed him out to the writer two months before the appjoinement and said: There is our next Cincus." "What's he done?" That is a matter of record. At 18 he entered Annapolis. While a lieutenant, he was gunnery of- iicer on the staff of the commander n chief of the Pacific fleet Seven- ;een years after graduation from Annapolis he was sent to England o observe in the British Grand Fleet. Serves In Washington Two years as squadron commander of 19 destroyers in the Asiatic ame soon after. Then, intermit- :ently between commands afloat, le was in Washington, where he was ordered to the policy section of iie naval operations office; was di- ector of ship movements in the of- ce of naval operations; was for iree years, director of the budget ffice—a job which requires the o-ordinating of the entire fleet and being ready at all times to answer questions put by congressmen); and he attended the post- raduate school of gunnery. Both Adm. Claude C. Bloch and idm. James O. Richardson, the two mmediately preceding encuses, were directors of the budget. When Admiral Kimmel received iis present appointment, he was ommander of the light cruiser torce—the most modern ships in the navy. The appointment took him off lalance. Blow Dazes Kimmel Capt. W. S. Delany, who was with lim at the time, said: "I was with him in a battle- chip entering New York harbor when her steering gear went out of control. He remained calm and cool, but when I was with him in his cabin where he received first word of the appointment, the blow dazed him. I've never Been • man more surprised." Admiral Kimmel has three sons, Lt. Manning Marius Kimmel, on the submarine S-38; Lt. Thomas Kincaid Kimmel on submarine S-40, and Edward Ralph Kimmel, a jun- or at Princeton. The two lieutenants, junior grade, are in Manila. Admiral Kimmel's roots go deep Into American soil and although many of his ancestors were soldiers, not a one turned to the navy. • Prefers "Kim" The name "Husband" comes from an old American family. He prefers ••Kim." "Kim" was born at Henderson, £y., and -was brought up like any other farm kid in Kentucky. He learned to ride bareback young. There were chores to do. Summers ie worked in a "stemmery," where items were ripped out of tobacco leaves and the leaves packed into hogsheads. Young Kimmel was so saturated with the smell of tobacco that when he took up smoking, he doesn't remember the time, and Certainly it did not make him sick. When 30, Lieutenant Kimmel met Mist Dorothy Kinkaid, daughter of the late Bear Adm. Thomas W. Kinkaid, and they were married * lew yean later at Annapolis, Md. Associates of Admiral Kimmel •ay he is a man of few hobbies. He eats, sleeps and talks navy morning noon and night At golf he shoots 96-100. At Bridge, he likes to play occa- nonally "with conversation." At cooking, he can turn out some "food plain food" but not fancy. At shooting: "I have fun if there Is plenty to shoot at" Quail, duck, beach birds or woodcock. Got Wound While off the west coast of Mexico, he had good shooting, and while •there, too, he got his only wound la shot from a revolutionary taking la pot-shot at his destroyer. The •bullet hit him in the right shoulder Admiral Bloch, in a recent tribute a»vy tothe world, the most powerful fleet, and at the head J" ."• *» K 00 ^ » man as there is in the navy. In my association* with Admiral Kimmel I have found him forceful, f ear- h"* t» 6rt " and ab °ve »1J» hoenix Trade Shows Big Gain Little Stories Of Phoenix Daily Lit MEMBERS of the Methodist Men group of Capitol Methodist Church, will hold their annual "Ladies Night" program with a dinner in the church, 16th Avenue and Van Buren street, at 6:30 o'clock tonight Mrs. Nellie T. Bush, representative from Yuma county; will be guest speaker. LETTUCE shipments yesterday from the Salt River valley were 20 carloads, according to reports from the railroad offices, bringing the total shipped during the spring deal to 64 carloads. CITRUS LOADINGS to February 10 have been 1,322 carloads of grapefruit and 317 carloads of oranges, according to a report released by the Arizona Fruit and Vegetable Standardization Service. In addition, the equivalent of 164 carloads of grapefruit was sent to the juice canneries. FINES were imposed on two men yesterday in Phoenix justice courts for disturbing the peace. Melvin Johnson was fined $15 and James Turley, $5. I Tuesday Momlm, February U 51»t far. No. tit ARi Published Every Moraine and Arizona mulshing- Co. 112 North Central Aveno* Phoenix. Arizona Subscription Rate* In Atone* One One Thre* In COPT Mo. Hoi. Mom. Arizona. * -OS (LOO (2.75 (5.U One One Three Six On* Out of Copy Mo. Mos. Mot. Tear ArUona t .10 M-ZS KM M.7S (13.0* Entered ae wcond elale matter at the post office at Phoenix. ArUona, nndat the act of March 3. ISTt. THE CITY filed another su yesterday in Maricopa County Su perior Court in connection with its condemnation proceedings to ob tain additional land for enlargement of Sky Harbor in co-operatio with the federal government's na tional defense program. Defen dants are Grace and Hurley B Pruitt and others. A c T U.S. AND BRITISH NAVAL UNIFORMS' U. S. A. ADMIRAL - VICE- REAR- CAPTAIN COM- "' IT. COM. *ADMWAl ADMIRAL --, MANDER MANDER; BRITISH; i ADMIRAL ADMIRAL VICE- REAR- COMMO- CAPTAIN j \ OF THE-* ADMIRAL. ADMIRAL DORE , « .FLEET/ . — - _ --•SCIENCE StliVICt-HCTOGWH CO«r. Ml Receivership Ordered In Settling Divorce Ignoring precedent, the Arizona upreme Court yesterday prescribed a receivership as the mod rn solution to the complications f dividing a community estate nee valued at nearly $500,000 in aarioopa county real 'estate. The court's unusual action was taken in one of three decisions anded down yesterday. In it the ourt affirmed a divorce decree ol flaricopa County Superior Courl etween Salim Ackel and Brigida ^.ckel. After instructing the lower court to place the community property under receivership, the supreme court went a step further and suggested that Mr. Ackel be named receiver, inasmuch as the estate was accumulated through his ability, subject to the same court supervision as any other receiver. It further instructed that " easonable family allowance" for Mrs. Ackel shall be the first charge gainst the estate's assets. The decision, written by Chie) Justice Alfred C. Lockwood and oncurred in by Justice A. G. McAlister and Justice Henry D. Ross, s, according to legal authorities, without a precedent in the United States. The case was appealed to the upreme court by Mr. Ackel from judgment of Superior Judge C. Niles, whose division of the ommunity property, although re- •ersed, was praised highly. Excellent Division The trial court made a most arnest and conscientious attempt o accomplish a task which was ractically impossible," the su- reme court said, "and we do not eel we could make a better immediate division." However, in reviewing the distri- r Jnch Sam Needs Skilled Mechanics! A LL over the country men e •"•responding to this call. They want to know where the necessary technical training can be obtained. Because of many requests this bureau has prepared special material describing some of the trades that are so vital to national defense. This includes the names of state directors for trade and industrial education in charge of school training for national defense. Information on the following trades is available. Check your selections and enclose five cents for each trade on which you desire material. Airplane Mechanics Auto Mechanics . , Cabinet Makers . Draftsmen . . , Electricians . . Machinists . . , Pattern Makers . Sheet Metal Workers 5c .5c 5c 5c 5c 5c 5c 5c ,. _r- '~»u w , Feb. 17 ^—Department store trade " to Phoenix last month ,, per cent over the "normal" January figure based 1923-25 period, statisticians of jhe Federal Reserve Bank of •ean Francisco reported today. The report was based on a •nrvey of 161 stores to the West coast and Rocky Mountain region. Trade in Pacific coast department stores last month was the best lor January to many years. Cash registers Jingled about 514 times for «very 100 to January, 1940. the report said. The crab has the remarkable faculty of replacing lost legs, daws and paddles.abeing able to lose 8 or 10 such Appendages at one time and still carry and de•-'- brand new. ones. Toolmakers ..... 5c Welders 5c ——— Use This Coupon —— Arizona Republic Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D. C. Enclosed find cents in coin (carefully wrapped) for which please send me the circulars checked on the above list Name Street or Rural Route City State (Mail to Washington, D. C) bution, the court said it was con vinced "that under all the circum stances of the case, it is impossible now to make a division of the property and the debts by spetifi parcels which will not work an injustice to both parties and prob ably destroy the equities which they now possess jointly therein.' See» "Peculiar Circumstances" "After careful consideration o the matter," the court continued "we are of the opinion that under the peculiar circumstances there is one, and but one, method which offers a reasonable opportunity O working out the various interests and claims involved, so there may se a remnant for plaintiff and defendant, in their old age, of what was once an extremely valuable estate. "So far as we know there are no precedents for the course which we have determined upon, but if it is within the general principles of equity, the fact that it has never seen used before is no argumenl against its use when justice so requires. "We have held that the marriage •elation in Arizona, and particularly in regard to the community estate, is more analogous to a MTtnership than any other status oiown to our laws. •It is universally held that when a partnership is dissolved and the partnership affairs are to be wound up, if it appears that Hie best method of protecting the partnership assets until they may be finally divided is to place them in the hands of a receiver, under the jurisdiction of the court, this may be done." "We are convinced that the interest of both plaintiff and defendant will be served by placing all of the community assets in the possession of a receiver acting under he direction of the superior court, for the purpose of adjusting the various community debts in such a manner as may best pre- ierve the equity of the parties in the property until a division thereof can be made." The court ordered that the re- :eivership be operated under the urisdiction of the superior court until such time as it appears that he estate is in such condition that an equitable division of the assets may be made x x x. "While we do not fetter the dis- retion of the trial court in a hoice of receiver by any specific ireetions, we suggest that the ibility of defendant, through whose fforts this estate was accumulated, ind his interest in seeing that it s preserved at the least possible cost, may be worthy of consideration. Suggest* Same Supervision 'Of course, if the trial court should determine to appoint de- endant in this capacity, he should e required to give the same se- urity and act under the same strict supervision by the court as ny other receiver." Other decisions: Albert A. Hays, receiver for J. D. Halstead Lumber Company, versus he Bank of Arizona—appeal of a Locomno County Superior Court udgment in favor of the bank in a suit over a debt—judgment reversed in a unanimous decision A-ritten by Chief Justice Lockwood. c G ;. D " row - trustee for Town South-Tucson, versus John L. Van Buskirk-appeal of a Pima county Superior Court judgment n favor of Mr. Van Buskirk for Uorney's fees—judgment reversed n a unanimous.decision written by ustice Ross. THE FEBRUARY meeting of th Phoenix chapter. National Federa tion of Federal Employees will bt held at 8 o'clock tonight in room 515, Heard building, C. W. Tim mons, recently elected president announced yesterday. FRANK E. DUNN, secretary o the Mount Hermon Alumni Asso elation, East Northfield, Mass., wil speak at the dinner meeting o alumni of Mount Herman Schoo for Boys and the Northfield Schoo for Girls, in the home of the Rev and Mrs. Sampel A. Wright, South ern avenue and Hermosa drive, a 7:30 o'clock tonight. Motion pic tures of activities at the two schools will be shown. WORD of the death of her father. John E. Rose, in Ashland Ky., as the result of complications following influenza, has been received here by Miss Vida Lee Rose R. N., Rose Kentucky in October, 1939. He was 1836 North 10th street. Miss last visited her father in 69 years old. TOWNSEND CLUB meetings scheduled for tonight are: No. 11 212 South Seventh avenue, 8 p. m. 14, potluck dinner, 6:30 p. m. 10th and Fillmore streets, with meeting and program to follow. SALT RIVER valley leaders in he Cub movement for boys of pre- scout age will meet at 7:30 o'clock :onight in Boy Scout headquarters. 25 East Van Buren street with Howard M. Soule presiding, participating in the program wUJ >e F. H. Davis, George Wilkins lobert G. Adams, G. C. Newton and Hilton Newton. Mrs. SUB Pohlman of the Adams School faculty will present a demonstration of soap modeling. POLICE were informed by Mrs. W. J. S. Jury that her purse, con- aining $15, a pair of glasses, pen and two vanity cases, was snatched lunday night at Central avenue and foreland street by two youths. The total value of the stolen property ivas S40, she said. FIREMEN were called yesterday ifternoon to 16th and Washington itreets where a short-circuited wire caused a minor blaze In the car lelonging to H. E. Witchie, 529 West Coronado road. Damage was slight, it was reported. HEARING for possible revocation of probation granted to Fermin i on a nonsupport charge in 938 was continued yesterday by Superior Judge M. T. Phelps to next Monday. A CHARGE of theft of $5 worth of liquor from the buffet of J. D. Miller at 3706 North Seventh street was filed against Howard McCory, 29 years old, 1921 West ""aim lane, yesterday in East Phoenix Precinct Justice Court. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to say 515 fine and spend 15 days in ail, the jail sentence suspended. ACCUSED of rape, William Pat- :ereon, 20 years old, an Indian, waived oreliminary hearing yester- lay in East Phoenix Precinct Jus- ice Court and was jailed in lieu of '.1,300 bond. THE STATE tax commission and ts members were eliminated yes- erday as defendants in a 550,000 uit brought in Maricopa County "Superior Court against operators 'f the Reisner Shows because of in- uries allegedly suffered by Mrs. "ladys Campbell when knocked rom a merry-go-round at the re- ent state fair. Judge Howard C. peakman dismissed the case as to the state officials at joint request f contestants. THE WILL of the late Fred L. Hanna, prominent in Arizona rail- oad circles, was admitted to pro- ate and letters testamentary were ssued to the Phoenix Savings Bank nd Trust Company by Superior udge J. C Niles yesterday. The will leaves from the $29,500 es- ate $300 to St. Luke's Home, a ubercular sanitarium here. AN ORDER forfeiting $1,000 bond r hen Leon P. Wilson, Alhambra, ailed to appear for trial on a charge of selling intoxicating liquor without a license was set aside yes- erday by Superior Judge M. T. 'helps, who ordered the bond sur- endered to the bonding company. Wilson was located by sheriff's eputies in Texas, returned here, leaded guilty and was sentenced o nine months in jail. ARTICLES of incorporation were iled yesterday with the Arizona Corporation Commission by the rlaricopa County Chapter, Inc. Vmerican Red Cross of Phoenix, onprofit corporation. Incorpora ors are H. B. Wyman, Mrs. R. W Taig and Earle F. Barrowi o hoenix. APPOINTMENT of W. D. Rlley ! Yuma as statutory agent in Ima county for win Metals, Inc. f Nevada was filed yesterday with le Arizona Corporation Commis- on. TALKS by six members enter .ined the Maricopa Tsastmasten. lub at its weekly meeting last ght. They were George Bots- ird, Al Dewhirst, Ezra Coverdale jreorge McTavish, Jimmy Jone: nd Alex Maccero. Don Malcolm was toastmaster and Charles Mclister, general critic. Your Income Tax NO. 14 Compensation Of State Officers And Employee* All officers or employees of states, or political subdivisions thereof, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing, are required to include in gross income, for federal income-tax purposes, the compensation received by them during the year as such officers or employees. Retired officers and employees of states, and political subdivisions thereof, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing, who received in 1940 pensions or retirement annuities aased on the services rendered by them while in active service as such officers or employees, are required :p include such pensions or annuities in gross income for federal income-tax purposes. If the pension or annuity is paid in whole or in part from a fund derived from amounts deducted from the compensation of such officer or em- >loyee while in active service, the amounts so contributed are considered the "consideration paid" for the pension or annuity. The amount received by the retired officer or employee shall be included in gross ncome each year to the extent of hree per cent of the "consideration paid," the balance of the annuity jayments being excluded in de- ermining gross income of the unounts thus excluded from gross ncome equals the "consideration paid," the entire amount thereafter received as a pension or annuity must be included in gross income. These taxpayers are entitled to he same deductions and credits as are other taxpayers. Dues paid b eachers to professional societies the price of their subscriptions t educational journals connected wit heir profession, and traveling ex penses, including railroad fares an neals and lodging, incurred in al ending teachers conventions in th Jnited States, if they are not re mbursed for such expenses, ar deductable from the compensatio received by them as teachers i determining net income for federa income-tax purposes. Records o such expenditure should be kept t substantiate the deductions claimed Campaign expenses and contribu tions made to political parties o organizations at any time are no leductible. Campaign contribution received by a candidate for a publi office are gifts, and not Income, s are not required to be included ir he gross income for federal in -ome-tax purposes. o Drastic Bond Bill Proposed WASHINGTON, Feb. 17—(INS) Josh Lee, Democratic Oklahoma senator, today announced he would introduce a bill this week to make it mandatory for people to buy national defense bonds in proportion to their net wealth. Lee, pointing to what he said was high-pressure salesmanship of liberty bonds during the last war, suggested his plan as a systematic method of helping the treasury finance the huge costs of rearming the nation. Huge Issue Planned The treasury, under authority of a bill now in its final stages, will be authorized to issue $14,000,000,000 more in savings stamps and bonds. The bill, needing only house approval of minor amendments before it is sent to the White House for President Roosevelt's signature, increases the federal debt limit to $65,000,000,000. Lee predicted that national defense financing may reach a point where there is "rough going" in marketing of bonds. To forestall this, he said, he will introduce his bill. Under Lee's proposal, persons whose net wealth is less than $1,000 would be exempt from bonds. Persons with net buying wealth from $1,000 to $10,000 would be forced to buy bonds equal to five per cent of those amounts. Detailed Flan Mapped Lee explained that a person with 51,000 net wealth would be forced to buy $50 worth of bonds, a person with $2,000 about $100 worth of bonds and graduated upwards to a point where a person with $10,000 would be forced to purchase $500 In Donds. The increase would be even more sharp in upper brackets. The rate would be 10 per cent for persons worth from $10,000 to $100,000 and on upward until it hit 75 per cent Horses, Wagon Called Vehicle A team of horses and a wagon constitute a vehicle under Arizona's intoxicated driving law, Superior Judge Dudley W. Windes held yesterday, and Tom Stewart, Laveen Indian, will be tried on the charge. No trial date wa» set yesterday, however. Fred C. Struckmeyer, jr, deputy county attorney, charged Stewart with violating the law and maintained it was applicable to driving of a team and wagon while under the influence of intoxicants. Howard Gibbons, court-appointed attorney for Stewart, argued that the legislature did not intend to include a horse- drawn vehicle. Services For Con Victim Due Today Funeral services for Mrs. Bernice McLain, 30 years old, a native of Bisbee, will be held at 5 p. m. today in Memory chapel of A. L. Moore and Sons Mortuary. Her body will be taken to Sacramento, Calif., for burial. Her husband, Jerry McLain, assistant sports editor of the Arizona Republic, found her fatally shot in the front room of their home at 34 East Mitchell drive Sunday and Harry E. Westfall, coroner, «aid she committed suicide, for persons having more than 51,100,000. Lee explained that the scale was based on net wealth and not income. He said it would be a just and equitable method of helping finance the defense program. Death Valley, the hottest and one of the dryest regions in America is 276 feet below sea level. Russia, Japan Pact Is MOSCOW, Feb. 17—(TJP) r mal conversations for a trade friZ. between Russia and Japan-~™ started Monday and Jap formants said that most t between the two nationsi . have been solved or are in a of settlement. (Both Russia and Japan agreed in principle to thi bility of a nonaggression t«Sr as preliminary to a broad adhS? ment of differences betiS." them. Germany reported!^ working behind the scenlsfor * accord which would free Sm* from any military menace off northern flank and enable WM throw all resources into joiS operations against the BrS empire.) "* Announcement of the trade ne». intinns. resumed after a *-- - tiatlons, down last year, came after a*^ ference here last week amonz tJ. German, Italian and Japanese am bassadors and the Japanese anS sador-designate to Germany^" Lt. Gen. Yoshitsugu Tatekaw." Japanese ambassador, calledattS foreign affairs commissariat ttfc afternoon and spent 90 minut« with Anastas Mikoyan, commisap for foreign trade. TheambaS? it was learned, presented prcmosS for an exchange of goods and tk, Soviet reply to his suggestion! \ni expected Tuesday. •* o . King Is Improved •-•ROME, Feb. 17— (AP)—Ex-Bia Alfonso of Spain was somewhat improved tonight and his physicist said that, barring an. overnight«. apse, he probably would be out of danger tomorrow. Guests in the house of tatives gallery are required to Ieav» cameras at the door. ND A Y.N-.NIGHT SERVICE DAY Students Given Election Choice By its own request the studen body of North Phoenix High Schoo was given its choice in the mannei f election of candidates for queen f the Masque of the Yellow Moon and class attendants for the queen Yesterday these two alternatives vere offered students for vote— irst, to go ahead with the presen list of candidates for queen as nomi nated by the Girls League Counci and the Boys Alliance Congress without additions; second, to allow he home rooms to add three more enior girls to the present list o: lominees. On the election of each class" at endant for the queen, voters were jiven this choice—first, that girls lome rooms of each class elect a class attendant; second, that the ome rooms of both girls and boys f each class elect the attendant Tobacco consumption Increases in ood times, decreases as business alls off. TYPEWRITERS The Secret Service made 3,107 xrests in 1940. 920 W.Vu PL 44131 Java has two equivalents of the superstition about the black cat crossing your path. The deadly krit snake, coming from the right, brings good luck. But If the auto- raobile hits and kills the snake— although it is very poisonous—the omens are very bad. The Javanese chauffeur^ forthwith stops tbJTcar and will drive no further. o . Italy began in 1870 to build Its present colonial empire. To relieve Misery of COLDS £66 UQTJID TABLETS S4I.VE NORE *PROPS CODGB <DKOPS Ttr -Bub-My-XUm-Hi Wonoerful Liniment Prescriptions Compounded With Finest Drugs at WALGREENS 2 W. Washington THE COMPLEXION HE MARRIED Hyou have a naturally smooth tade-hlte skin, help keep it so •with the hero of mfldly medicated Cuticura Ointment and iragrant, luxurious Cuticura Soap. For FREE aimple, write Cuticura, Derit. 58. Maiden. Mas*. Islhma MUCUJ .oughing, Gasping Thanks to a Doctor's prescription called endaeo, thousands now palliate terrible •curring attacks ot choKlng, gasping, ughlng. wheezing Bronchial Asthma by wiping nature remove thick excess mucus, o dopes, no smokes, no Injections. Just steless, pleasant tablets. Toe rapid, de- htful palliative action commonly helps ture bring welcome sleep—a "God-send." A printed money back plan wrapped around each package ot Menttoeo Insures an Immediate refund ot the lull cost unless you are completely satisfied. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose under this positive money back plan so get Mendaco from your druggist today for only Me. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- ThcUTcrihoaldponZpintaoffctbJTiIe* Into jour bowels mi? day. If tils bile i* not nowina; freely, your food may not di••at. It may jut decay in the boweb. Then •a* bloats np year stomach. Yon (at •UDat*d.^bB f ael *onr. sunk and th* CUTICURA SDAP ASO OINTMENT een- world T £*?£!• f""* •° od > oU Cuter** Llttk prrer Pflls to get these 2 pints of bile flow- In* f ndy to make you feel "up and up." G*t a paekate today. Tak* aa directed. Amasinv iTSaldnc bfl* flow freely. IS for Carter** LftU* Liver PSO*. 1W aid 2M. MEW AND USED HOYALS, eadOdurMoksa FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wuren at falM teeth have sut- fered real •mbarraisment because their jlite dropped, flipped or wabbled at just :he wrong time. Do not live In fear ol this hanpenineto you. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH, Qie alkaline (non-acid: powder, on your plates. Holds lalse teeth nore firmly, so they feel more comfortable. Does not aour. Checka "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug store. So Ton"r» beta orwMtiac aetia! Thing. looked w food youJajtright on. And then na. StorS&i and intestines feel infltlad lika • balloon and breathing becomes an effort If jour bowels areUucy they, too, object ]*•?«, for roea occasions there's ADlfeWKA. An «ff«tiT. blend of S eualnttnrea and I laxatives for DOUBLE ACTION. Gai ii quickly relieved and fentla bowel action Courtesy Drug Stor« HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Many of those gnawing; nagging; painful backaches people blame on colda orstrains ar* often caused by tired kidneys— and may b* labeved when treated in the right way. Th* kidneys are Nature's duel way of taking excess acida and poisonous wsate out of theblooa. They help most people pass about o pinta ft day. If the 18 miles of kidney tube* sod filter. •• L Y 0 ' 1 "" 1 !, poisonous wast* matter stay* in the blood. These poisons may start nagginc backaches, rheumatic pains. Ion of pep and •nergy, getting np nights, swelling, puffineas under the eyes, headaches and diisiness. Frequent or scanty paasagea with smarting and burning sometimes ahow* there ia something •rong with, your kidneys or bladder. Don t wait! Ask your druggist forTOoan'a lls, used successfully by miuTona for over 40 on* wast* from your Gat Ooana Fills. A. J. DAY LESS YOUR HOME TOWN GROCER PRICES EFFECTIVE TODAY, FEBRUARY 18th FRUIT COCKTAIL Del Monte Fancy Assorted Fruits limit 2 Cans OLEO MARGARINE HOMINY Val Vita Brand 3 No. 2^ Cans Sardines Val Vita Packed in Oil No. 1 Tall Cam TOMATO JUICE IJbby's Fancy Quality No. 1 Tall Ouu* • * • 5 Umlt 3 CMS COFFEE Del Monte MILK FRESH EGGS No. 1 Large She Mixed Colon Doz. *cuua>nt«*y • 10° Fresh Grade "A" Mission, Central Ave, | Burden's., Webster's Quart* SPINACH Val Vita Brand NO. Cans'. Blue & Orange FOOD STAMPS Redeemed at Yonr A. J. Bayless & Big Bear Stores MILK Carnation or Mt Vernon 4 Tall Cans Jio Umlt. Buy All You Want PIES ~ ah 20c Delicious, Fresh Home Made All Varieties Each BREAD MwleeM. Slle Wkok 16-Oz. Loaves 6c KRAUT Van Camp's Fancy Tender Shreds Large No. 2 Cam... < 10c QUALITY CANNED VEGETABLES GREEN BEANS DICED CARROTS SUGAR CORN SLICED BEETS For JUNE PEAS YOUR CHOICE-NO. 2 c«n» CORNED Brand No1 Tender, Lean Square Tins 17c SOUP Boyal Gem Chicken Noodle Soup No. 2 Tall Cam Acnarafrii* asparagus n p . *»• Pure Egg Noodles I5c Vegetable Juice IQc SUGAR Pore Cane or Beet In Cotton Bag* 10-49 Marshmallows Tomato Catsup Fluffy White Cellophane Pk»... lOc OATS its In 0» id Box 18c Ralntnn Oats In tba Checkered Box 48-Oz. Size... Mont* Xlo 14-0i. Bottles.... Apricots Woods Cross Jfuntj Utah Crown No. «4 Cans I5c Red Beans Val Vita, Tender •e»Bs No. VA .Cans... I ft. IUB Pineapple Del Mont* Sliced or I A* Crashed No. IVi Cans.. 1316 Libby's Peas FLOUR Arizona Star or Rota 10-Lb. Sacks 24-Lb. Sacks FRESH MEATS PORK ROAST FRESH LEAN PORK LOINS Rib or Loin End .... Lb. Ground Beef .IA. I5c Boiling Beef S. *>. Me Beef Brains Fresh Baby Beef.. 9e Frankfurters 2k SLAB BACON Fancy Quality. .U. 23c FRESH PRODUCE APPLES Fancy Newtown Pippins GREEN PEASc^r 2 ™, jfc SQUASH ORANGES Italian New Crop. Va. I5C CELERlT Sweet, Jniey f Local VsJenclasj Lbs. 156 Large ' Bunch I Oe 10 u. I9e

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