Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1971 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1971
Page 6
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A-6 Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, Jan. 4, 1D71 Children of working mothers need help Snow what and the dwarls Terry Foster, left and Eileen Burke both :i|c;o, 7 lake a ride on a snow dinosaur. Mr. and Mrs. Kieliard K. Furno, of \Vheaton, Md., spenl eight hours building the creature. (AP Wirephoto) By C'ARF, T ROWAN WASHINGTON — DI-DI).. all the work and sludy that go into them, and tlu- hoopla and confrontation that ao- companUv them, hile llnu--e conferences generally turn out to be mostly well - meaning exercises in futility. A year aero, out of the \vhile House Conference on Food. Nutrition, and Health came urgent demands and pious p 1 e d ges about feeding America's hungry and poor. One of the promises was for a bigger, better Food Slarnp program for Hie 15 million or so American'- who know malnutrition and so many other deprivations Hut you observe what Hep. \\ IL I'oage (I'-Tex.) and his granite - hearted croni'-s have don' 1 to the Food Stamp program and you know that the White ilous' 1 conference might ju. 1 .1 as well have never occurred. Poage fought off good bills in both Houses and let Congress throw the poor jus! enough crumbs to keep them clutching him by the gi//.ard the next lime lie maneuvers to distribute millions of dollars of farm support money among wealthy land owners who already have gotten rich by not growing food. Poage & Co even addi'd insult lo niu'L'.'Tdbpe ^ i,\ pu! t nig in a mu I v. ork pro- ision u hi h ^ipu'.itcs that if F'.ig f'.il! or Cindy !.n,| hTiiM's In mow mas-.a's lav.n 01- mop madam' 1 - flnm. 1 -: (a! absurd pay). ma-.-'a can have 'lie |ood stamps '-ill off lor i'.ig Hill's or Ciiidv F.oil's v hole lamily. With that kind of foiirw Up to the While House ('i)ri- ferenc" on hunger, ii is difficult lo be optimistic about the latest White House con l'i-renre —on children. Hut 't did throw a disturbing spotlight on one area thai beg--, for coinpasvouaio a<lion. and hopefully will receive more enliflitonod attention in the !i2nd Congress than the !• 'nod Stamp plan got in HH !l 1st. Tlie conference pointed up dramatically the urgent need for decent day care lor Hi" II? million youngsters under 11 whose imithers v-.ork part or full time. Then- an; eighi Findley offers new farm plan By MARY SWANTON Telegraph's Mcdill Service WASHINGTON — The USDA is reviewing a proposal to permit farmers in areas hit by corn blight to substitute soybeans for corn for purposes of maintaining their historical feed grain base, but. it will not make a decision on the plan until late January. Carroll G. Brunlhaver, Associate Administrator of Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, told the Telegraph that no decision will be made until the January Planning Intentions Report is available Jan. 25. "We want lo see how much corn acreage and how much bean acreage farmers indicate wil Ibe planted in 1971 before we make a decision on the substitution question," Brunthaver said. The proposal was made by Rep. Paul Findley (R-I11.) in a meeting with Brunthaver and Assistant Agriculture Secretary Clarence D. Palmby. Findley said the substitution of soybeans would aid many producers in the corn blight area who face a serious problem as a result of the short supply of blight resistant seed now available. Farmers would lose their entitlement as cooperators in the feed grain program if no corn is planted, but seed supplies are available only in the Texas sterile variety which is highly susceptible to blight. Findley said his proposal would not endanger the soybean market. "The market output for soybeans is exceptionally god for 11)71, so much so some observers see the possibility of substantial shortage of supplies," he said. "I make the request with full awareness that the privilege of indiscriminate substitution can bring pressure on soybean supplies and therefore pirices. I hold to the view that substitution should be approved only sparingly, under circumstances of genuine hardship, and only when it will not threaten soybean prices." Findley recommended that substitution be allowed only in counties where the USDA has already certified Hie existence of emergency conditions as a result of the southern corn leaf blight. Ten counties in the 2()th District have been so designated. He also limited the substitution to the 1971 season, because supplies of blight- resistant seed are expected to be available by 1972. Maddux bids friends goodbye ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — Gov. Lester Maddox, who steps down to the post of lieutenant governor on Jan. 12, shook hands with a crowd of well-wishers he estimated at 10,000 to 15,000 at his final open house in the governor's mansion Sunday. State patrolmen estimated the handshakers numbered "in excess of 5,000.' Artificial Teeth Never Felt So Natural Before Now... Plastic Cream Discovery Revolutionizes Denture Wearing For the firnl timr, science olfrrs a pbstu: iTunin lluil holds denture*; <is they've never bi-cn licld licfurc — forms an elastic incrnliraiu' thai /»•//« Itnlil your dentures tit thf ntitnnil lis- iitrs of your mnttlli. It's n revolutionary discovery c;illcd JMXOIII-NT' lor daily home use. (U.S. Patent ;W.Ooa.!iKK> FlXODKNT hold* denlnresi linncr . . . riinl mini' niiiilurlnhly. Yon mny bile h;irflcT, ctirw hetter, eat mori: |''IXI>I>].:N'| lasts loi hour?. Kesisis nini:luie. I >i:iiluri'S that lit lire is Senlial to health. See. your ilcnli't regularly, (let easy-to-use I 1 I.MII >!•:.'! Denture Aflhf.'iive Oc;mi ;it ill! drug counters. J D iff! 1 - ' A Ki&HU$i ttlfiri, i. X'Mfl. CMiJHiriir West Third at Piasa St. — Downtown Alton Sears FRIM KniUiiiK School.. All .you need lo know about knitting... Ten fun-filled sessions of professional knilliiH', instniclicin . . . ;md you'll l>r knitting like an expei'l. You'll conic out of Hie lessons witli hciuilifiil finished narmenls. Sears has three courses to choose from: he^ium-i's, inter mt'diale, and advance. Classes he^in January 11 SHOP AT SliAUS AND SAVIi— SullstEitllon (iuurunlfcd or Y«'ui Money Illicit Open I IK'S., Weil., Ihlii-fi. . S,H. !I:IH) a.m. lo :i::iO Sears 300 I'lusu Alton, Illinois I'll. 4«3-551l week—Mini. tl III. 11:1111 Mil. a.m. to II:(I |ian tim fi s ;is many mi 'h' r s (v Hi chilt \vili '.' i Invhfr as \]v Sp'i ;! (}• \\'iimi'ti's I, ih L't'ov v \VIi;il liajiprns to Ilic children \vhik- m"m ( ;irns a liit of l)|-c,"iri'' About li,-,if aiT 1 'carrel fin-" ;it hoir'f bv FatM"!^-. many of vlioiu \\-rirk iii"'i ( s and sleep days or bv fit her rclativf'v SdrtK 1 aro I'armcfl oiil to frjcivls or ;;<> In work with their mothers. Hut (M.qht children out of lOf) rcci'jvo no care at all. Another H per cent slay in small "tamil'. (lav care' 7 homes ami !' poi' cent i'c' fj\ c s;niii[> rare in a center or ntirsei v school. 15 n t some of the "oi'"anix.ef|" care is scai - f"|v b"!ler than nothinj;. A si ill unfinished sludy by Ih' 1 Xaiional Council of .'owish \\(!'nen found many examples of I'l'ovded, poorly - suprr- vi'id siii'i oundin^s. One daycare c"ntcr, with one 'mother." was licensed for six children, but this woman was caring for 10 chikh'en, iricliitlmt: ei.'-;hl infants tied to i. r ibs. This is why the White House conference stressed the need for a "network of voluntary supplementary child care, flexible enon.uh to t)e part, of family life, able to promote the lull development of our c h i I r! r e n. and readily available to all families with children " Like most of the other pressing social needs in I his country, day care will cost money. Authorities estimate that the cost for a full day of cood care runs about S2.0(lO per child annually, with the cost for the country expected lo I)': $6 billion a year by IflSO. That is a loi of money. So some people would like to believe. I hat it is easier and cheaper In put more money into contraceptives and Girl lo j»cl phone silenced prevent the children I'm Hint is far from feasible Sn iSl -^ Birch F5:iyh (D.-lnd.) and .lamb Jjn'its (U.-N.V.) h;i\c introduced bills to provide billions of dollars for "universal" day care. You say thai since everyone loves children, one of those hills ought to hree/e through Congress'.' Not hardly. More lawmakers than you can imagine will hold that, when a woman takes a job, what happens to her children is her worry and not that ol the .government. Thai is the sort of philosophy which has made iis a society that sees infl morr: teachers as inflationary. b:it 100 more FBI agents as a necessity. It is the philosophy which enables loo many Omgiv-s- iiien to conclude thai building reformatories and penitentiaries is quite the business of ';ovcrumonl, but building nurseries ami day-care centers is someone's private concern. <;i;Ki:NSI',OUO. N.r. (AT) Seventeen-year-old llita Ann ('s telephone will no longer be ringing without leiun, as it has since Tuesday. T h e Intel nal Keve.mie Service sent to more 1 than J II (I , I) (I (I Creensboro area residents income tax forms with the notation in red letters to call a certain number if they needed help. The number, by mistake, was Rita's. The high school senior has her own phone. Rita has remained good na- lured through ii ali. The IKS says it is going to pay her phone bill for the next year and. starting today, i t placed an intercept operator on her calls, so that those who want the tax office won't get through to Rita. For thf Fint'ftl in Fresh Fruits & Vegetables IT'S YOUR FRIENDLY THAT LEADS THE PARADE! SKE OVR V ,10! 5 Ox. Can Armour Brand While Quantities Last! START THE NEW YEAR WITH A GIFT FOR SAVING ... FROM Have your money and your gifts. Choose your gifts from any of these four Piasa gift groups. Deposit $200 or more. Deposit $500 or more. GROUP A 5 07 70 GROUP A OR B Extending the Christmas spirit into the new year, Piosa invites you lo choose a gift to go with your savings plan for 1971. We have selected twenty useful gifts from ShueiTur. International Silver, Ecko, Rubbermaid and other famous brands—and they're yours as a savings bonus from Piasa. The more you deposit, the larger the selection. Just pick a gift according to your deposit amount. 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