The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 12
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 12
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Page Twelv* T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 5, 1914. LIKE EXCAVATION FOR BURIED CITY Great Work Already Done on New Powers Building. A view of the block between East Mam and Wood streets from Water to State street showing the excavation for the new Powers building, reminds one of illustrations of the excavation of an ancient buried city Perhaps there is no one now alive who can remember when this entire llock was ever free from buildings and when ore could have an uninter ruptert v i e w of this ground Even before the original Linn . Sc Uf, B s build !n« which t u r n e d in 1S9S was erected t*,. south end of the block was not clear bv aiv means The fire o! 189.) left the buildings at the south nd ot the block standing SITE OF A STVBL.E Before those buildings were erected Orlanc-o Powers had a log stable a lit tie south of the center of the block and standing prettv well off the street «nd he kept several fine horses there There was a small training track there which old timers well remember Thi old log bi-n was still there up to about thirtv two Jftrs ago It Is hardlv probable th-t such a view w i l l ever be possible asaii The butlalnqs that w i n cover this ground are to be strictlv fire proof and no one now alive will ever see that llock clear again TO GET ACTIVE The sc-ne thN week will be changed to one of building activity. The Dcc-i tur Bridge comp nv benan h a u l i n s steel to the Mte on Fildav and the ·work of setting up the «teel frame ot the new office bunding and department Ml M A Y NOT SEE THIS VIEW AGAIN IN CENTURY. t e n e w store is scheduled to start Monday last week the engineers weie level nc up tne iron nT=c«i on the concrete foot m"s TrM- hises mav be seen in the picture placed at TOKuHr i n t e r v a l s over the basement floor Each base is placed on an e\nct levei w i t h eacr other base so that when the «teel co umns are set up and t e fcir'er. in p ice cverv piece of FteU w i l l fit pe-- fectly PLSH OKTH END The south end of the block is to e occupied bv a bis fire proof hotel the pians for w h i c h are now b e n s pie pared in detail The depirtment store and otfice buildin? will be finished first and everv effort will bt made to keep this wnrk gome steidilv for the ha = »ment f u s t two floors and the eist half of the tnird floor which are to he oocupiel ry the Linn Scrubs compinv p i e to be readv fo- otcupan v r v Nov 1 COST J300 000 This bui ding will cost $31" 000 quire! and the length of tlm« necessary to do this basement work run into the thousands ot dollars CLEARING AWAY. The fire that destroyed this block oc- rurred on the morning of April 7 Thursday evening A W Hendrlcks pulled down the last wall of the last building in the block He has had the olfl bricks cleaned as he -went along has removed all the materials that were -north saving and practically all the debris has been hauled to the dump In a few d a v s nothing will be In sight that was In the old buildings exci I . the huge piles of cleaned bricks, and these are to be used In backing up the walls of the new building To clear ·sviv the ruins and have ever j thin? ready lor setting steel on the new Unlding In less than ninety davs look- id like an ImposslbiHU after the fire but It has been accomplished 1 he new building Is to be six storle- lnsh one story higher than the old office building The exterior will be ot chocolate colored Decatur brick and t le trimming wlH be of terra cotta DOWN TO BLUE CLAY The floor of the boiler room will be twenty feet lower than the rest of th. ' a«ement For several davs the w o r k men have been going through blue cKv and the digging has been ierj hard Below the Iloor of the engine room the concrete work forming the foundations For the boilers will be seve-al feet lee-per The excavations have alreatU been made and thev look like big wdl- Water stands In several of these It will p r o b a l l y take all of this weeX to complete the excavation for the 1 oiler room CONTRACTS Patton Holmes Flinn, of Chlcigo tor whom John A Scrlbbms Is loi " manager, are the architects o-i both th department "tore and office b u l l 'ins infl the hole' ^ ells pros of Chictgo have the general contract on tne fi t of the buildings The conttsct tor th,, hotel has not et been awarded 1 h Decatur Bridge companv is f u i m « h n B the steel the Decatur Brick c o r n p w the brick S F Perrv the sand nufl gravel and Dnscoll O Brlen ar- clc Furniture Exchanged, Bought and Sold. Highest N cash prices paid for used rugs, stoves and refrigerators. We take in old Furniture as Firs'. Papment on New. Another Week Of SensationalBargains at the Home Outfitters on slightly used and storage furniture, rugs, carpets, stoves and refrigerators. --Photo Is R e m b r a n ' t Studio Excavation for New Powers Building. YOUNG GIRL DIES AT ASSUMPTION Assumi t m n Tulv 1 -- MI«B M i r l e O Brien the f i E t i n 1 eai old diufchter of Airs Tliersa O R i u n died at 1 er home in t i l s citv P i i l i f t i r c o n if ter s r v e il w i e k s Illi r«« w i t h a cira j i i t i o n of 1 seises t h e v v a s ti on t i l in t i e ^prmc? w i t h merles a n d this w* f 1 o v v t d bv di h t h e 11 n n d later nn a p p e n d i c i t i s d e v e l o p e l -h» WPS a v e r l o v a b l e c h i l i h r i t l t in h e r · n u d l f e a r d w i t h e \ i e p t l o m l Imuiicil talent She w is one of the 1 I'dr n om nists of St "M irj s church n l in this cai i c l t v will b e p c i e i t l v ,, d "SI c is o in iv eel 1 v her mot i M t l i e e b l n t ' i e i l M i c h a e l John an1 James ill ot this ritv The f u n o ll \ \ l l l be h Id Cr mi St M i r v s C U l o l l c c l in h R e v Ji=C] M D i c h r n e w i l l of fi l i t a u l i n t t m n t w i l l follow a t st M i*-; s ** m t e r v LOOTED PRIVATE BANK CLOSES rnihler of X d K l r ( I I I I Imlllutlon Shun SMI 000 Micomb 111 l u l v 4 -- M l e c r e d mis a p p r o p r i T t l o n ot its f u n d s lo the Tnoun of more tt«n f 1 ' "0 bv W a l t e r b p c r l i n g ca=hie' and pen ril manager is i i l l to be r«"=pon"ible for the clo« u t r j e ' t e r d T V of t h e Pink of Arlair a r i \ i f concern it M i r a village t w e l v e pilUs ea^t of h re T i e b i l k w i l l H a m ' it p a v depos I t o i s In f ill and It N ow nt cl v a nif w e a l h v f i r m e a r e w o r t h s e v e r a l of t' e oink Cl comb at irnev c h i r - t o r th» l"i f l m b i f n e s c o p n r t n e r = h i p in lud s an 1 stock icn w h o ti i = the lab 1 tie r l e = I lines n Mi is I een rl'ccl In hv Us o w n e r c a nd One oak cupboard, with glass doors, three shelves in top, two shelves in bottom, 2 drawers, S10.00 d» A KA value at tJVi.tHJ $1.00 down, 50c per week. One Hoosier kitchen cabinet, practically good fl?"l O P%A as new, now tpl-A»Jy $1.00 down, Sl.OO per week One Boone kitchen cabinet with sliding zinc top, and good as new ; a tf» 1 f AA §25.00 value at V-*-«J«vw 91.00 down and $1 00 per week One Boone kitchen cabinet, used only one month; worth new $2000, (£1 Q Kft price now . J)±t *J\J $1.00 down, $1.00 per week One 25-pound ice capacity refrigerator, inside enameled white, m perfect condition; priced at . Sl.OO down, $1.00 per week flight 9x12 Axminster rugs, in Oriental and floral patterns, worth new $25.00 to $35.00; .price now j»OA AA $12 50 to «p£U. W $1.00 down, §1.00 per week One 100-pound ice capacity refrigerator, worth n e w $2750; fl»1 K AA price now «pAtl»vrv $1.00 down, $1.00 per week Solid oak square dining tables, 6-ft. extension, priced up from Sl.OO down, 50c per week Solid oak dining chairs, stt of six, up from $5.00 $1.00 down, 50c per week Steel and cast ranges and cook sto\es, worth new ?20 00 to 86000, now flJOK AA $800 to «p£t)«l/V e Outfitters Cash or Credit 526 30 N. WATER ST. Cash or Credit. ing the concrete work le hotel i ipproximitelv the same The «tment w i l l be more expensive ,rk there Ir-clufles m a s s i v e footine A White Lie. Pearson" Weekly "James my son . Md a man who stood mixing the milk ind water "3 e see what I m a doing of "Yes father replied James "oure a pou-ing water into the milk ·No I m not James I m a pouring milk into the w a t e r So if a n j b o d v i\es vou If I put water into the milk tell em no UKs stick to the truth James Cheittn Is baa enough lit I v i n is wu" Have You the Need of A New Straw Hat? Then Here They Are, AH Styles--Straws, Etc. One-Third Off STORE CLOSES EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN JULY AND AUGUST BACHMAN BUILDING- NORTH MAIN AND PRAIRIE AVENUE. $3.80 straws, now. $8.00 straws, now. $2.60 straws, now. $2.00 straws, now. $1.50 straws, now. $6.00 Now $4.80 $2.25 .$2.00 $1.65 ,$1.35 .$1.00 PANAMAS $5.00 Now $4.00 $4.50 Now $3.60 From $12.50 to $25 We can fit you out with a suit of the newest styles for men and young men. Soft S h i r t s , "rench cuff?, in ^ ery fine romb madras and soi- sette $1.50 Also Silk Shirts, S3.50 up. Wash Neckwear We are showing the latest styles in Wash Ties, both open and narrow ends. 25c and 50c Summer Hose Monito Seamless Silk, lust the thing at this season, all colors. 25 cents earance O/Tgble Linens This is a sale that is always looked forward to by tho se of our regular patrons who have learned to appreciate the always superior values in our linen sect ion. As it is hardly necessary to note values antnu season greater than ever because of the recent tariff changes and as none of thes e go f s ^ ee ^ the house over two months it will readily be underst ood that there isn't a yard of TM deslr ~" c ; ra ° dise in the stock. But, because we do not desire to m ove any more than absolutely neoessaiy i our present stocks into the new store, we shall offer you the most interesting opportunities for saving in tnese guaranteed fine table linens: Clearance Bargains In Maslinwear Heckman Bailey (Safer Afreet Bleached Damask, 60 inches wide, in a good medium giade, at the Clearance 9Qf» Price of yard U*I\* Half-bleached 60-inch Damask, all linen, of good quality, at yard, 4-^P for clearance ^^ v Bleached and Half-bleached Damask, 70-mch, an excellent all-linen quality at the 7^rf» Clearance Sale Price of yard t J^ Bleached Irish Damask, 72-inch; an all-linen cloth that will launder perfectly smooth, is of hea^y weight, and as great a value as you w i l l find at the Clearance price of yard $1.00 L · Bleached Damask, 72-inch, of Irish and Scotch make, of extra good quality and beautiful designs Another very exceptional quality at d»-j the Clearance price of yard ...... «P JL« Pattern Table Cloths, 72x90-inch, of \ en dependable Irish make, at the Clearance fl»rt Af price of each ................... tP^.ttJ Other lengths in same grade and proportionate low prices. Square Pattern Cloths, 72x72-inch, with round designs, suitable for use on either round or square tables. These are of fine Irish linen and are priced for Clearance C»-| AQ «Pl.i/O Pattern Cloths, 72xl08-mch, all-linen heavy Double Satin Damask of extra quality, at the Clearance Price of each . NAPKINS We have Napkins to match all our Pattern Cloths and Piece goods. Hemmed Mercerized Napkins, 18xl8-inch and fine for picnic use. Clearance price per dozen Half-linen Napkins. 18xl8-ineh, fine for common wear breakfast use, at tha d»"| A A clearance price of dozen tP±«W All-linen Napkins, 20x20-inch, of good weight, in floral and conventional j*"| AQ patterns, at dozen «J?.L««/O All-linen Napkins, 22x22-mch, a good.^fine, firm linen in attractive new designs, at the """""' " "" Clearance price of dozen 1, J.JU1C, J.1J.1L1 $2.45 25c Corset Covers in low styles suitable for wear tow neck gowns, neatly trimmed with lace and embroidery, at the Clearance price of garment Drawers, plain hemstitched and embroidery trimmed, open or closed 25 C style, at garment *" v Night Gowns in slipover style, with scalloped edge around neck and sleeves, neat embroidered spray on front. An excellent value at the Clearance price of garment Double Panel Skirts of heavy muslin with scalloped edgef waist measures 24 to 32-inch An exceU lent value at the Clearance fl»1 A A price o f g a r m e n t ^ J - . V V S,VA U f S A W J 50c at each CLEARANCE BARGAINS IN GLOVES A Special Lot of Long White Silk Gloves of excellent quality, we shall sell while they last at the Clearance Price of pair... SPAPFRf

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