Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on December 19, 1935 · Page 3
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 3

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1935
Page 3
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Events Malven J of Gravity, son of Alexander, were aSrnoon, Dec. Presbyterian They were ac. Mr and Mrs. « a Bother of * he iftS the ceremony the> is a graduate of S Id high school, and 3 several years has for her brothers Friday. Some 28 years ago Mr. Fritz was in the drug business here. Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Fulton left for St. Louis, Mo., Saturday morning, and his new work as salesman for auto accessories. The Jolly Jesters bridge club met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Harvey, Friday night, Dec. 13. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Conaway and Mr. and Mrs. Linn Stephens were guests. Five ;ables of bridge were played, Mrs. Conaway winning high score and guest prize. Dainty refreshments of sandwiches, salad, mints and coffee were served by the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick Utter- returned home Friday from a ;wo weeks' visit with relatives in Corning and Creston. Mrs. Josie Montville went to THE LENOX TIME TABL5. LENOX. IOWA For the Homemaker Ideas, Suggestions, News for Women Readers nd is engaged in f arm„• Gravity. , a short trip to her sis- Watson Beatty, neat After Christmas Dishes The Christmas turkey or goose will be a forlorn and ragged skeleton by the time the family, with the assistance of Aunt Edna, Uncle John and the kids has finished it. But there may be a few shreds of the tender meat still clinging to the bones—enough to go into some nice surprises for next day's lunch. It doesn't need to be the Clark Smith home Saturday to spend a few days. Edgar and Melba Steward and Pauline Herring were dinner Carlson, xieat next rtay—because of that i Clyde Owens, Clara Knox, Mabel makes easier her task of pre- 'overstuffed feeling." Turkey Smith and Mrs. Floyd Coffmen. paring meala. salad.when prepared after the The afternoon was spent sew- Iowa farm women may can fashion of foods and nutrition " " " ' " x — hash, either. Turkey salad ;Ls probably nearly all the family will want brothers, Sella and Sylvester Mann of Clearfield, and F. W. Mann of Lincoln. Nebr.; a host specialists at Iowa State College is delightful and doesn't seem at all "left-over." Turkey Salad 2 c cooked turkey 2 tbsp chopped stuffed olives 1 c diced celery Va c toasted almonds 2 tbsp capers 2 tbsp chopped ripe olives 2 tbsp chopped mixed pickles 2 hard boiled eggs, sliced 3-4 c mayonnaise Combine all ingredients lightly and serve on letture or watercress. Turkey Supreme is another way to serve left-over turkey when you want something unusual and appetizing. Turkey Supreme ing for the hostess . A grab bag steaks and chops, roasts, stews was enjoyed by all. Refresh- and soup stock, sausage, ground ments consisting of peaches, beef, meat loaf, scrapple and whipped cream, cake and coffee head cheese. They also may were served by the hostess. make their own soap and have Mrs. Lee Smith is able to be an abundant supply of home- out again after her recent ill-1 rendered lard, ness. Herman Wurster was in Bed**v......i.»i ,, v.. U vv... ,,~~ ... —— . After a New York state farm- ford Monday completing plans L r and his prize-winning hog for the 4-H club work for the had been Wlled wn u e crossing coming year. a railway track, the farmer's "•""5 jvc*... a railway T/racK, me uu.-iue.i-a The George Ferguson family widow learned that her late was Creston shoppers Saturday. hus b an d had no insurance on Prairie Gem school will have nlmself> but carr i e d a $10,000 their Christmas program Friday po ii cy on the hog *x*rnvNlv*n- n 4- 4-Virt O i-t 1^ j-t/~\1 T^nllCO I ^^____^____._^^^^^^^^^_ The cash return to the Unlttd States farmer from the sale of chickens and eggs is larger than the cash value of either corn or wheat. . . of other relatives and friends hi/ 2 c cold diced turkey ••" J ' friends on their 1 Tear" Gravity. "Cations and best are extended to this «couple. Harbin-Sullivan _M 30, Miss Hazel Hargin •Hubert Sullivan were mar- L Nebraska, but kept it a t for a week. The bride is ,nd daughter of Mr. ana ; Hargin, southeast of The groom is the . of Mrs. John Mission, '_ known here. They rtie their home in Omaha. filiations and best wishes tended to this couple. h well 1. and Mrs. W. I. Fritz of Colo., were calling on me friends in Clearfield, guests of Mrs. Lucy Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown of Des Moines are the proud parents of a son, born Saturday, Dec. 14. Mrs. Brown was Miss Theron Farrington before hex marriage, and made her home with her aunt, Mrs. John Beatty. H. G. Brown went to Des Moines Thursday, to help care for his wife, who has been in ihe home of her son, Ray and wife, for some time. Mrs| A. B. Gray was taken to the St. Francis hospital in aMryville last Thursday lor medical treatment for rheumatic fever. A card received from tier Saturday said she was some better, but would have to remain their for some time. The Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist church had an all day meeting at the home of Mrs. Alma Murphy last Tuesday, Dec. 10. This meeting was a surprise party for Inez DeBord and her sister. Amy Townsend. Tuesday was Amy's brithday, and she was given many beautiful gifts. A basket dinner was served cafeteria style at the noon hour, to more than twenty-five people. In the afternoon an auction sale was held, which brought in several dollars. Miss Aulora Mclntyre of Lenon gave a missionary address at the United Presbyterian church Sabbath evening to a small audience. On account of the bad roads and weather, she was not greeted by a large audience. A free will offering was taken. Her address was very much en- 3 °Suy Reynolds came home from Bedford and his hospital xperience Friday afternoon. He la able to be up and about, uhe ! / 2 c pecan meats, chopped V 2 pt. whipping cream 3-4 c crushed pineapple, drain- to mourn her departure The Ladies Auxiliary of the Christian church held their regular meeting at the church ed last Thursday, Dec. 12. Mrs. 1 c mayonnaise Clem Ruby, vice president, had charge. Mrs. E. C. Nickle was devotional leader. After 1/he devotional, a business meeting was held. The .refreshments were sack lunches with coffee The Woman's Relief Corps and the Royal Neighbors met at the Lodge Hall Friday for an all day meeting. This meeting was a farewell for Mrs. Sadie Bender, who will leave soon for Des Moines to spend some time with her daughter, Mr.l Roland Brunei 1 . A covered dish luncheon was served at the noon hour. The afternoon was spent in visiting and social hour. Mrs. C. W. Sage, in a few well chosen words, presented Mrs. Bender with a beautiful gift. A reading was given by Mrs. Frank Green. Mr. and Mrs. John Shoemak- Combine the turkey, pineapple and nuts. Whip the cream, fold in the mayonnaise and fold the turkey mixture into the cream mixture. Turn into freezing tray and freeze for 2V 2 to 31/2 hours. Left-over poultry meat may be used in casserole dishes with oysters, with noodles, rice, macaroni or buttered bread crumbs. If you have left-over dressing nd gravy, a Platter Leluxe uncheon the day after Christ- ought to please you as well s the family. Platter Deluxe Remove left-over meat from he bones, mix with left-over dressing and put the mixtuie through the food chopper. Add ine bread crumbs if the mix- ;ure needs stretching. Moisten evening at the school house. NEW HOME BUTCHERING CIRCULAR AVAILABLE! A new circular, "Home Butchering in Iowa," may be obtained free at the office of County Agent T. H. Isaac. The third 1 week in January has been designated as Iowa Home Butchering Week. C. W. McDonald, Iowa State College extension meat special ist, urges Iowa Farmers to butcher before or during that week and cure the meat sound and sweet. Many farmers can profitably butcher earlier than is tneir At 89, Ambrose Keene of Dundee, Mich., boasts that he is one of the town's strongest men. He chins himself, and can touch the floor with his fingers without bending his knees. A farmer in Woodbury, N. J. expressed his gratitude over the return of three stolen chickens by presenting the chickens to the two policemen who caught the thief. er went to Des Moines Sunday to visit her mother, Mrs. Herman Brown, who is not nearly so well. p H Cullings was taken to the' horn ef his son, Cecil and wife at Audubon, Iowa, Sunday for a visit, while Mrs. Culling and Catherine went to De Moines with another son, Max, where Mrs. Cullings will receive medical treatment. Mr and Mrs. Stanley Cregeen and family spent Sunday in Diagonal, with her -parents, Mr and Mrs. Jas. Graham with left-over gravy or with canned mushroom soup. Spread on a buttered ovenware platter or in a rectangular pan. Using the back of a spoon, make hollows in the top of the mixture, dropping an egg into each. Dot the eggs with butter and bake until they are set, about 15 or 20 minutes in a moderate oven Prairie Gem The Praire Gem Ladies Aid met Friday afternoon with Mrs Frank Nelson. There wer eight regular members present two new members, Mrs. Sam custom, Mr. McDonald says, for temperature plays an important part in the curing process. The curing must be completed in cold weather or in many cases sour hams and spoiled meat will result. The circular contains illustrated beef and pork cutting guides, directions for curing meat and for home canning ol both cheap and choice cuts, and ecipes giving a variety of uses or canned beef and pork. The farm family can reduce he meat bill—and at the same ime set a better table — by home butchering, says Mr. Isac. Home butchering provide a varied supply of meat and Strronavrrran'e was a Ho^TndMrs. Glen Barnhil Sunday Snner guest in the L, ntl the following guests: Mrs home of his aunts, Misses Ola | -^^^^^^ Blankets FHROUGH THE a field. He and his wife will soon move to Clearfield. Mr Grandfield will take F. P. Steward. I meat products. The conven ONE TRIAL S OME advertisers say, "One trial will convince you" and they might be right. The Chiropractor will not say this for it is his experience that one trial will not convince anyone. Usually people wait until they are feeling pretty bad before they try to do anything about their health. Many of them shop around from one healing system to another. While they are doing this their trouble continues to grow on them. Ill health does not come over night and good health cannot be expected to return over night One Chiropractic treatment will not cure a chronic case, but it will help. Sometimes only a few adjustments are necessary. Chiropractic will cure and better yet, Chiropractic will prevent disease. An adjustment does not take much of your time and is not expensive. Chiropractic is the modern health method. — ~~~ ' X-ray and Neurocalometer Service Dr E. R. Pcnncbaker CHIROPRACTOR Office 2 Blocks West of Telephone Office-Phone 114 Wo, and other relatives Sis nephew, Jodie Hepperly and wife met him in Creston. Mr and Mrs. Isaac Parcell son of Centerville, Iowa, Saturday and Sunday at spent ou,uiu-«"j the home of her mother, Mis.j two basketball Community Choir, under the direction of Mrs L. E. Church practiced at the Cnri* San church, Sunday afternoon ATarge number are taking part. Mann ' him of rdL^of^onlys^-Mj Eva Miller. . She had not been well for several years, but heait ren, hei agea {hrec Thos. Mann ol I NOTICE IOF PROBATE O the way through, the, score, 6 , ne Prescott boys first team " isiting team winning by don't have to wash your blankets yourself. Just send them along with your weekly washing to us, and your blankets will come back and fresh and without having lost any of their warmth. Moore's Laundry Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Bill Dey Ermand, Agent Telephone 96 ence to the housewife of hav ng a supply of meat at horn f ATBICIAN COFFEE URN SIT Ultra-modem 9-cup urn, sugar, creamer and tray - dtstmcUon for the table —pride for the M'r.'^r?". $17.95 iWCTRO-SPKO ROASTER.- z- neat roaster, same a» Adjust o.Matic without thermostat. Include, I utensils. J-heat plug FAMOUS QUALITY STRIAMUNI IRON Hand»bm« — nv fully automatic, i _^ lever show* correct MSNU.MASTER TAB« GRIU Grill*, fries, toasts - scores of Wty foods. Adjusts to any thickness - or opens level. ( With cord « . • • • <PO. J Only after yean and years of dependat i, the thorough quality of the*, product, demon^ .(rated. You are invited to compare them, feature by feature, with any reliable make*. These are thrifty values, costing much less p.r V ear of service than low-priced product,, and often saving their entire cost in reduced consumption of "'Yh'ofLy are .ah appliance. go., without saying more than/'Westinghouse. ATTRACTIVELY PRICED ElkTRIC WARMING Soft eiderdown covet— 3-h«a» switch — thermostatlc gg ,£g control " " -.Professional Cards: 0. P. ARNOLD i „„! nivpptnr ar (J. r. AH-II w*" Funeral Director and T. c,~A T?.mhmmer unera Licensed Embalme xlowa IN PROBATE LL WHOM IT MAY CON ^_ J. H. BARBER r a ble Dec. 5-12-1, . « Hereby Notified That -— NOTIC E rument of writing pur- ADMINISTRATORS wui to be the last Will and Not ice is hereby given to nt of Nydia Stehenson interested that on j. n. DAiviwa** Funeral Director and T . n A F.mhalmer funeral uire^«j »••• Licensed Embalmer lonnx. lOWa t of writing pur- ADMim» llw ", ~ ,„. the last Will and No tice is hereby give Nydia Stephenson L erson s interested that I, dated August 30, £ rd day o f December . 1PPT1 tVlio rtatr fileri , i nA MJflS aPP 01 NeVU M andMrs.Jas. Dean, Mi .ana M -••wu m jNyaia stepnenson nprsons intereswsu «"-Ceased, dated August 30, £? d day o f December 1935 •having been this day filed, unde rsigned was appomw W and read, the 30th day J£e District Court of T. ^mber 1935 is fixed for rL^. Iowa, Admiiustr ™g been this day filed, undersign ed was appom^ £L nd f£ »nd read, the 30th day the District Court 01 *«* x Ujevill- mber 1935 is fixed for fc^ Iowa, A*jta«to*£ ^ w Woof ot same at the ^ £ he Will annexed of we louse in T*A,» n wi T rt waJ_ ,A. „* T. R. Barnes, deceas B Bernice, Mr. JAiVlJi» IV. "V^^T., sr ^ bs .•sssswffi. Blanche and j^jL^L'tn All Courts- is an * 1MB is fixed for - n r y> IO wa, Admmis ^ ^ M: oof ot same at the ith the Will annexed ° ghters, *e in Bedford, Iowa, Sate of L. B. Barnes, deceaa 8^ ^ District Court of said !§ late of said county. All per | ^ ^ • 4-VtA rf-tl i_ _.a «._4*3 I * . •. ~ l. J. A rl t.rv Set Id Cww** . , = tne District Court of said ed late o f said ^ or the clerk of said sons indebted '•and at ten o'clock A. M. will ma ke pay 18 fl ay above mentioned, all j=^ 0 i<mprt. an Attention wwn tg Settlement_of_Bsiawa I I !•! ~~^ . * ±^f. • - wre uierK 01 saw* sons maeowsu «« thlt at ten o'clock A. M. will m ake payment ue Qay above mentioned, all resigned, and * ^ interested are hereby claims against it_ „„—. and JVll>5 a "• 1 *g >«i»i,i,icm»"" his wue, *• .—; Kirketeg -- " iSSSE ratSS* Kirketeg ^rJ^^M^jss^^ ay above mentioned, all dersigned, and those havn* Crested are hereby claims against tt ™ c ^.d, ic and required to Appear, them, legally ^^nce. »$ i If I I i:' 'I SMARl MODERN "Pg CUPS- cool handle —fiber feet 5S cannot scratch or mar. No damage from overheating WA,HESERV,. S ET irtSSSSSSS* Heat-mdicating waffle iron, measuring UwU* keep, food warn. Porcelain « "ay batter bowl and syrup pitcher.- anul mtervor. J-he« (^handles. With cord $12.95 *>*"*«"*> ' ' ' ENCLOSED TOASTER A stylish and capable toM»«. slices turn when tray* •> are lowered. With cord ^ {pd.OU ELECTRO'TRAY Sfl Electrified tray connects two appliances; needs but one wall outlet. Includes percolator, toaster, toftst cover and tray. ln«et tray and carrying tray. $16.95 Complete . . . . • Iowa Southern Utilities Co, EVERY HOUSE NEEDS W I". S T I N G H O

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