The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1971
Page 1
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WHAT fo read .'KlfWFJ* wife Mia, MiortUnK, good , flowfljtye "'"I ' l)f The family doily paper of Brozorio County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS 1 £ Aiiby' l«tls her r, wttrry afoul It Mnlil ;J *!«!** I'agi- 3 •f HWKKSY'S .Schual »<Kif«J ii flirl (ill <:>f (ttut -;* ***~ * "it v ^* : 3 i Sky and Sea Friday, November 20,1971 Frecporl. Texas Dally lOCcnU Dock injunction ordered by Nixon \S A.MIIM. M)N •',!'. 'Hi': J'l'ti, i- |).-p.,rtm«i! Mid it 'Ail) flic tUil iii'liv in 12 K.isC iifi'f Hull < o.iil |»ir( ci!i<->, (o furc" •Ti.Wi Miikitin >VxV. 'AotV'-n, t/, rHurr. to tln-ir yAi; u.vJi* !);<• T;>(! !!;.,".!«•;. An 'fr.<- t>-[*ift!!iiTi'. vaul (hi- i/nmar;. HUI! iifjitiM she lr> <iujf f'r>a\l <!<•( i,«i'>ti "It j!J' •! [r< V. ;ir''li'lUS<:!!i'.-f', -i l.'.'!. Ti-.i- Ixtiiif! ii! u,!;<iii) !.<-'/l;r, to ;I.SM'»-: Us" >.itrj. '*)ji-ri' "'HI • i-i|j>ft«fl !o Ix- fil'-'l I'tl.v !.-. <( II, <-!i.i'-. 11!. > .••!].!'< Hot Line Inmates surrender hostages ! \IIH\\ !N T«IM IU t I ISf ,i"-, :.V-, t'i- !-.-*-. r.. ??*• Slur :'y; ".** -('•'• .>•!-. s etn and H •ard It l t HMO Ill II II) MM \ » Mt ll Ml I! \Nh M Mil. MU T STHI V li 1,1 llir i HI III I HIiisTI •-«' Ikiiuw \\il\NJ S \M. •< I'tj.'ii Aii.f (It UUI/ HTI \l S> "f \rj;rc!lin.i («'»>i;i; >••> III' ('olU'C*- |>h''!'>:t .i|>i' • ' '• "'i Ci>ni|"|t wind Kii". «l'!4' AiMU't; t" iv.f''tv ••«! il.r Inlt-fiuliur.ii \V K.I-I ( i-lii millrr !«t!«!t\l liirtc h, if'.f SANTA'S COMING TON/GHT/ 1 \K> JV HV"\ ,;y. -: i •••-•-.'i ' U.,,>, :•-,!"-••* •'. "' ' i.:.:'. ;.j.-l'.'-, j.- ! '.I-.' ; -i ''>-' f.i'' f. ':Mi -,!..' 1 },?.;••". i> i.'vit .».'<;.. f*-. '.:',<•>•! '• *«-- f ; .:' i' j. ::• V.»U-. T. A..^-' i -I * f ,-' ,( - i •.. I T * j .,..*.'., , ..< J-... - ,1 i--. j..,-. ' -.'i . . *- -!-!f •' :• :;-..::••) ! • !.- :<• !.jr, .!?.,: ! .1 I. ( j . , t ', :•: > .', \ • \.:,»..".<..r.- >-.-i, »;•!:;•„ .'ij? I ^: ' '.' t '^ r .-, l^f AS t';j.r -c -,;*'.>«•!.:.,: (>••*.••: -f ;•- :•.•*••. < {.!•;• ;),.- •.:-;• --,..-..-<. • ' i. !.-ar J.,' (-„-•- •-.••!.-. r'i'^EJ'*?' 1 ,,l<- ^.irl-..-.!-, Hun M«-<-. «. \ < '"," -i J I ir^jl 1 !,-^""" 11 IV •r i -.*! -. f i! *(' • '.-.> '«:. .. t * ' •'* ,i !f.,r r r *; !t« \ 3,. .,! n ic ,,: tlr< -,(M I- IX """ United Nations diplomats said tiring of New York I MTI II N VtlltS- H.t M-- \ .:-<! , ubr r:-4i.!!-.,: '.-. ris «•:'.', ti i , r i ic t\ i •i i n«-f lU T'lvc II-..- '.I.i- ••f!ui.ti> '.he !(«' (,<• iinlrir-. l\ IU) ni Ilitnliif, s(«nnlil'4; \,«v l i iili(U> 1 - ir. iti.i.'" '|i.-M Htth rr!.<!;u - !« Hie KJSNKIII SHU' I'KHS lormn Hi' u-sniuil* urn In Hi}', in UiMuuuK'.! )»'tr for '[it.iii»^mi:t; Pakistanis claim victory in battle tli.i! ti-v|kt:iv!'!li!) \,i!ii,:\s \SOHl.l) AM) ST\TV ? BRIEFS I'mli-d >l >»C \\|). lirr A IIMl\ ifnuTl* "I Kl' r,i.* vi-vililtj; I.en- uiit SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS READ OUR ADS M'W Hl'.llll 'Al' llx- Pakistani .uiv,> (•(.iimi-d Iml.u il tw«. tulsisl Ki«-|>> it v.iyj, II.IM- Nvn adviincinj: on liu- finnts mtu K.nt l',iki>!an At llu' same tuni- I'loidciit Agtn M,4>ainiixil V,ih>a Klun ackmiwlixttfi-d thr i-xistcm'eul |fc>l:lu-al unr«'*t in Wr»l I'akislan b> IMIWIIIJ! ilii- N-ituMul Awami pally He accuM-d it »I lr)iiif! lo foment nnull in Wesl |'.iki>t,ui H.iitin I'akistan n-pitiictl A dispatch from Dacca Mid an army n'|wrte<J Out forft-s repuKitl Ijidion attacks in l»itd«'r an-as at Je.wiire. Ik'napoli 1 , t'omill.j. Chitlagong and S>ll>et Dacca is the capital u( Kast I'aKistan pruviiu'c He said the Indians were "badly mauled.' sudermg mwe than 330 men Killed im ludmg »uinc 2UO in Comilla alwie and losing a huge <iuanliiy of arms and ammunition hit 1 '>n ufiicials here have consistently dented that any government troops are fighting in Kast I'akistan on a sustained basis in the Hajshahl district at Saidah. Indian Inxips have Ixiii *e«i tl'^'nn trenches and laying antipiTsonnel and antitank mines, the rvinfiiii>-!iifiil.s art' !«'.:;,; t>r'-.:j;f-,! '• ijt-plmeil un the tn>rd< i •> In t!»f S\!lu-! aix'j !h> li•,:.,,;•; a'.U l.illtui.lxl t-> ll.e ">!|! i.,-iik.'..i lii (,•: Jandapur l"ui was h.'iHi .i 'M;tii>J.i> are.* liltvitti with tin U^iie- '.'! soldiers he said In ll'ii- Cimull.i area she i'.iki'-'.ir.i .iin.> s|»ikesn\.in said, all Indian n..u;ri:\t-t v :.uj,-,i to gam any ground A major offensive came irniv. the side at Ililli in Kast l'akisi,iii > ni'ithern Mi'lwr Iwl the Indians xu'ic <i:sl(K!gt-<i iryin the area where they had r.uher ^.inievi .1 small portion u! temtuis The battle at liilll had ixv!' raging during the night and continued through the early luiurs of (ho day. the army swine said The national Awami part) tiaiuuxl b> Yahya Khan had emerged .is Hie l.irgi'sl single iHihtical group in las; Ivcnnlier > provmcml elivtmns The parly won 13 of W seats in the nur thwest frontier provincial elect Urns, eight out of .'u in Ualuchtstan and six seats in the National Assembly hi;,uker wtxii ,ip[viri-n'.K knew j-nvisely what he tsi ,!M .i!id how (n d»i it vanished .i:t<-r Iwii'mg oul ff a com i:;. inferred le! airliner >*:!)) S,l«'.i«ni Vile piliil i>( the NullhwcM Airhm's H'-i-mg 7 .'7 s.iui lie U-iieMil I tie hijacker "tivk le.ive oi us in thi 1 WixKlland U. i^.ii area l,.te Wednesday ,i> the plane flew low and slow lium Seattle to Keiuv Nev . en unite Ui the m.m s demanded destination. Mexico Helicopters and airplanes crisscrosMsJ over the brushy ,<iu! liintx'ied fi.xillnlls of the Cascade Mountains most o( 'llunsdas before the weather cli'MS.1 in Thv hunt rc&umes l,sU\ . but authorities held out little hope that the hijacker would be luund siMI) SAIt.tlN A ^J.UOO man South Vietnamese ollensive into eastern Cambodia picked up momentum, in its fiith day today with a ranger thrust into the rubber plantation of rH ."it the l >li'- I.:!' ll-irilr;. A< i iRt i !<r CIK) .1 Ihrt;(>- i(i'iruil fxjtil!. l 'h''n. > m«'n's Sn'J il"-,'. <'i,,t--_! >,'''•• •' '?.[•. rii>h l!,«- niifi! )t,< iu<i. ( » '•--(';;-: i:id Gulf <X:I t. jThree newsmen \ witness Inside I of rebel/ion It \ll\\ Oic his -l-iMV*' it'll- M. s ••(.1 tij one ( f US .,, I 6iJi! of .'i of by tt.- by :, ii.eir l\.ite of >•! Day of thanks marked by snow, turkey, football and l! iiLirki-vi '.In- first niiio in M\ rnunths Snuth Vu-l mim^v lurci's had >«o[)t into Minii'l .i ko .\c.T!h Vift- r.iitnt-M' >!agiiii4 .uoa tur thrn^t> tvt-.v.irvi S-iiLi^'ii U \>lllMilti\ - Axtmi; un an uriU-r froni 1'ros.idiMU Niwn. Hit- Jiiitico Ui'ixirt- invnt p!,ui» to sit'K a court injuiiclioiiUnta\ to tut ce li.ttJO Ka>! and Gulf t'oast ri'iiii'ii back to wurk lor an 80 day cooling off pi'nod Nixon nrdiTt-d Atl\ (.ion JiJin Mitt'hfll to Mvk <ii! in jujicluin ii)!U'.ii»t thv s? day s-triki' undiT pro\isioiu> of Ihe Tail Hartk-j Acl HAHWAY. N.J ~ Ufficiali arc again in (.-ontro! of Kali »u> Stall- I'nsion after reaching a peaceful agt ivincnl w it'i Suo rebellious inniati'.-- who lirld tuo wings ui the inaxiinuni security prison fur 24 hours. >ii\ir,diii tis .uAlall-- u! up I" itcrsSali- rwut.-> Maryland .>r.,.i pUirni-d txi have Thanksgiving dinner on Nantucket Island were let', "ii the inainland when wmd whipped, eight-foo 1 , seas halted steamer ship ser\ ice New V>ik Cily escaiH-d iht- snow but rain and wind gu>t.-> ground H giant balloon* that were in have UH.-H in Macs s •tith annual Thanksgiving parade Dvspitc the weather, bands played, dancer? danced and iiiajori'ttcc. horn aa far away bra \ eh through strings of wi-( luitr U all looked great seen In !i;e .ilterr,<»>n many of '.j-'ise s.ii:ie>els * ere turned to !!'. e Nebraska i Ik i a ho ma ;->,!taii iLi-f, ihat lived up to ii> f'.'lhiig as a colifge classic Nebraska w-m. .15-31, I'.iakiiig the No 1-ranked tans happy And both coaches received telephone Calls from f'ri'snie:'.', Nuon who watched 'i',i' vun'.e>'. !'n>!u his San riemer.!!-- 1'alil home lie s.iid it was a gre.-.t game Karlier the I'ri'stdfnt pluinvi! holiday best w; s hc-s to piilitical ligures and sent a >!a!er::«'/il '•<• the antied forces say.r.g !!; i>att 'None haw runlnbutcd. mure to America than our ser\ icenu'ii All of us have enjoyed trevdom. but you h.-.'.e 't>xxi ready to fight for H you lur.e pnjtecled it." U'.inng (lit day there were sca'Vreil protests by antiwar vi'teiai'is .scro*> Hie nation. Ai:d -i gr«-up o! six Indians braxeii the weather al l'Ki!H:uth Hi.>ck to protest broken treaties, the loss of uur lands and centuries of cultural repression " Tin' 'radi'.iynal I'llgrinis Vrogieas in I'lymuuth. Mass.. a eostumeU parade from the waieiiront to First (.'hurtb lit town square, was washed out iclevtsion frum a warm bs the heavy rains. t

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