Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 8, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 8, 1898
Page 4
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MELVIN, STEELE . JOHNSON, EDITORS AND P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 8 HE QUOTED, DIDN'T STEAL. Processor Croon's Kraulc Answer to a Charge of Plagiarism. In these days of accusations of plagiarisms against clergymen tho case of CosmuH Green, profefcbor of the Latin tongue in Princeton college, is worthy of note. Professor Green preached only occasionally in term time, as he had much other work to do. One day he was summoned hastily to officiate in the place of a minister who had been suddenly taken ill. He had barely time to catch the train, much less to prepare an especial discourse. He ,. caught up a half dozen manuscripts from the drawer in his library table and hurried away to preach in his sick brother's stead. It was a good sermon. Every oao was well pleased, every one indeed but an old Scotch gardener, who s;it far to the rear shaking his head gravely from time to time. "Aye, it was true gospel," he confided to a member of the congregation afterward, "and weel delivered, but I've heerd it before this on the ither side many years gone by." His confidant was a lawyer and set about investigating. In a New York library he found a book of , "Sermons by Scotch Divines," which contained tho substance of the suspected sermon so far as ho could recall it after having not paid especial heed to it when it was delivered. The lawyer took a serious view of the case, and waiting until the presbytery met he presented the facts and argued that they warranted an investigation. The presbytery agreed and summoned Professor Green. "Keally, I don't recollect," said the professor to the investigating committee, "but if you'll send to tho house for the permon 1 may bo able to clear the matter up." The document was brought and read aloud while twocommitteemon watched the "Sermons of Scotch Di- vinos." The manuscript and the . printed page tallied exactly. Things looked dark for the professor of Latin. When the reading was done, how"ever, he said the whole story had come back to him clearly. He had left in a great hurry to meet the call and had not had time to eelect a sermon. Indeed he was not aware of the circumstances of his summons further than that he was wanted immediately. He had no time to inquire or to look over his manuscripts to select. He had "out and run." ""When I arrived at Dr. Blank's," he continued, "and had time to find out what the sermon was for and to look over the manuscripts I had taken with me, I found that only one . of them was in the least appropriate --the one your honorable body has just heard read: It is a copy word for word which I made when I was a student here in the seminary. I was earning my way through then and at that particular timo had to preach two sermons a week. Two were sometimes more than I had time to prepare, for I had much studying to do. If you will notice at the end of this manuscript, there are the date and the statement whence the words were taken and their author. "I did not mention their source when I read them last spring because the author's name would not have given added weight thereto. Nor did I wish my hearers to infer I considered them hardly worthy an original and special effort. Had I been notified two days earlier I should have written especially for them to the best of rny ability; as it was, it was by an accident due to necessary haste that I took the copied manuscript with me and an accident again that among the half dozen I took the copy was the only one at all appropriate." 'The investigating committee exonerated Professor Cosmus Green. --New York Press. All Sorts of Tricks. "Oh, I guess we" have our experiences," laughed the tire insurance agent. "We are just liko others who have to deal with all kinds of people. "Take the smart Alecks, for instance. They give us a whirl once in awhile, but we generally manage to get as good as a draw with them. - "One shrewd old chap had grown rich out of our company, and when he had built an elegant new store and stocked it with goods he came to us again for insurance. I refused him, but he was persistent, and 1 finally assented on condition that he hang a gross of band grenades in the place. After I had seen them properly distributed I sent an old chum of his up to get the real lay of tho land, for I was still suspicious. This is what the cronies said to each other: " "What is them things, Ike?' " 'Hand grenades.' " 'What's hand grenades?' " '1 don't know what was in 'em at first, but they're full of kerosene oil now.' "Wo canceled the policy."--Detroit Free Press. A Noted Hoy Fancier. The Countess of Warwick is a noted dog fancier--indeed her dog are s^id to be better known in some circles than she is feerself. She has tho finest Japanese spaniels in Europe, and they accompany her whenever she goes from ono of hei houses to the other. They occupy six baskets and monopolize sii shawls in their mistress' dressing room, and they are each and all as devoted to their beautiful mistress as she is to them. As "Yon carved your own way to success, didn't you, Pnddington?' 1 "No. I didn't have much of any- Hung to carve until after I achievec VOCC«M. "--Chicago Eeooid DIDN'T KNOW ADOLPHUS. lit! \V:n No Call, but Merely Dumoustrnt- iiiR the Tnluu of His Goods. Tho yoimg mail who bad insinuated himself into the acquaintance of everybody in tho party was a striking example of how the bittor nay be mingled with the sweet, Tlio young ·womon pronounced him .ovely, and tho young meu linked t name with fierce though unut- ;eied maledictions. It was n striking illustration of tho ease with which «i man's motivos may be mis. judged. Kis first name was .Adol- ihus, which fact was calculated to lamago his popularity arnoug the men from tho first. They were admiring the scenery. "See how that mountain rises in the distance," exclaimed one girl. "It's great," said Charley Chug:ins, with enthusiasm. "You wouldn't think it's as big is it roally is to look at it from iere,'' remarked Dicky Dodd. "You'd think it was big enough f you had to walk to tho top, as I lave," commented Billy Bliven vi- raciously. "It reminds me," Aclolphus mur. inured, "that the heights by great uen reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night." The young men glared at him, but ono of the girls whispered to the others: "Isn't he lovely?" "Have you heard about Maine's engagement?" ono of the young women remarked, after a pause. "Yes," replied another. "She has broken it. Ho has sent her back all her letters and she has returned his ring." Billy Bliven was about to offer some opinion when Adolphus interjected : "To the noble mind rich gifts wax poor when donors prove unkind." Tho girls looked at one another with ecstatic approval. "Mamo is a nice girl," said one. Then, turning to Adolphus, she said, 'Do you know her?" "Yes," he answered. "I met her once and found her charming. When she had passed, it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music." "The trouble was that she thought he was marrying her for her money," commented the informant. "Ah," cnme the response, with a deep sigh, "to whom oan riches give repute or trust, content or pleasure, but the good and just?" "I honestly think that Mame feels worse about it than he does," commented the informant. "Yes," said Adolphus. "Man's ove is of man's life a thing^ apart; tis woman's whole existence." Ho had the conversation all his own way after that. Some of the other young men talked about baseball and kindred topics, but most of hem lagged along in gloomy silence. When the girls had left them, they got together and held on indignation meeting. "It's an outrage," said one. "I'll bet he's an unmitigated cad," exclaimed another, who had not observed the approach of Adolphus. "Anything going wrong?" usked that young gentleman genially. "Yes, there is something going rong,'' replied Billy Bliven, who is noted for his directness of speech. 'We don't like tho way you talk. We are plain people, and we're tired of hearing you try to show off every inie any of us opens his mouth." "I think I have succeeded iuinak- ng an impression on the ladies, "replied Adolphus complacently. "You don't expect us to be happy over that, do you, when the means by which you did it was to provoke iomparisous to our disadvantages" "I can understand your feelings. But you oan't blame a man for doing business in a businesslike manner," he proceeded soothingly. "Do you mean to say that you make a business of this sort of things" "Every man who engages in commerce ought to be prepared to demonstrate the value of his wares. That," he went on, while reaching into his inside vest pocket, "is what I have been engaged iu doing for your benefit. I have here a little volume for whioh I am sole agent. It is entitled 'Conversation Made Easy; or, One Thousand Selected Quotations Suited to All Emergencies. ' Tho type is clear, the paper good, and yet it is so compact that it may be carried without attracting attention, so as to be available for any occasion. The publishers of this work are not mercenary persons. Realizing that the love of money IH the root of all evil, they are content to do good by stealth and blush to find it fame. I am, for that reason, enabled to offer you this work, whose value is inestimable, at the absurdly low figure of §2 -a copy.' 1 --Washington Star. A Genuine Delight. "There is ono thing which gratifies a woman more than all things else. "And what is that's" "Being told that other womon are jealous of her."--Chicago Record. Tito Newman Family. Francis Newman has been gener ally described by the papers as u "crank" and "faddist," but the fact is that all the members of the family were more or less eccentric. When Thomas ilozley was one of the principal leader writers on The Times, he never reached his home until between 3 and 4 in the morn ing, but his wife, sister of Cardinal Newman, nevertheless insisted on his being down to road prayers to the family and servants at 8 o'clock. When the future cardinal was loading theOxtoi'd movement, his mother and sisters, then living near Oxford, were such austere Calvinist that they would not allow the famous "Tracts For the Times" to be brought into their house.--London Truth. Tlio Wise Proprietor. Guest (in cheap restaurant)-Here, waiter. This meal is simply vile. 1 won't pay for it. Where'? Ihe proprietor? Waiter--He'* out at lunch, sir. YOU ARE INVITED. When visiting BALTIMORE to make a convenience of my offices and my perfectly appointed tailoring establishment. You may want a suit of clothes, an overcoat, or a lir of trousers;--our best skill is at your command. If we can serve you to your interest,--that's our pleasure; f not, there are other tailors to whom we would be glad to direct you. We keep only the very best stuffs. Good Suits for $15, Stylish Overcoats for $15, Trousers for $5, jut as high-made as art and style can produce. Higher values if you want. Nothing ready-made. Will be glad to ivelcome any new-comers from your part of the country. CTclixi 5M£» 3S©©lQ£% Importer and Tuiloi, 5 N. Calvert Street, opp. HqnitJiblo Building. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. OHAHLES E. WlcSHAFJE, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, MSNTOX, MAKYr.ANP 7TLBERT C. TOWERS, ATTOKNEY-AT-I.AW Demon, Maryland. TAMES N. TODD, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, 1KNTOX, aiA T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, DUNTON. M I X \7f7ALTER SPARKLIN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKNTOX, IHAKYI.ANB. OFFICE WITH Jjts. N. TODD. E-cj. A. BUTLER, BICYCLE REPAIRER, IKSTON J51UKGE ion guaranteed. Prices I5ca- · onnblc. 0 26 Gw QSCAR C L A R K , A t t u r n e y - n t - L m v , DENTON, M A R Y L A N D , Collections and nil professional business promptly iittnmlod to. TTI7ILWIER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CKNTHKVII.LE, M I "Will practice also in Caroline, Talbot ind Kent countv. RT, ALEX. IIUTSOX, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DEXTON, MA1CYI.AND. "Will practice is the courts of Caroline md adjacent counties. PLINY FISHER, ATTORNEY-AT-LA »', DENTON, All business entrusted to my cnto will receive prompt attention. Collection of eluims a specialty. II A R V E Y L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DEMTON, MAI5\'LAN1 Close attention will be given to nil busi icss entrusted to mv care. TOHN W. CLARK,'JR. jfii.-LT.ctio33.eer, Box 55. Dentoo, /*\a.ryl»ul Will scli property in Caroline or any of the adjoining counties. Y K. LEWIS. \V11.I.ARU i:. \\ 1 !=T. LEWIS WEST, A TTORNE YS-A T-LA W, DENTON, MD. "Will practice in the Courts of Caroline Talbotand Queen Anne counties. UK. l-ocn Or.oR(.K. Du. P. R GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynaecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dv. Enoch George, Main Street. WM. II. D K W E E S E . F R E D H. OWKSS (WENS, DENTON, MD. Office in tho Court House. Mortgages foreclosed, estates settled itnd prompt attention given to all business en trusted to us. "Will practice in the S^ntc nnd Federal Court. WM. U. DEWEESE, Stu\e's Attorney for Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . . . DENTON, Mn., Has lindton years' experience in tliceilies of "Wilmington, Philadelphia and JN T e\\ York, and is now ready to nmke contracts and guarantees skillful work, fair priccf und entire satisfaction- Tborrjas Carn^i CONTRACTOR AKD BUILDEB, Ridgely, Maryland. Contracts taken in Caroline and adjoining counties. Thirty-three years experience. Plans and specifications cheerful!) furnished. Best of references from Cnro lino, Tsilbot and Dorchester counties. Groceries. ["-TAV1XG restocked my GiiOCr.RY DEPARTMENT, 1 sun n o w prepared to s u p p l y m y c n ^ t o i n o f s jind the niblic trend-ally w i t h e v e r y t h i n g - in hat liiie, h'esli iiiid ol' t h e b e s t q u a l - t v . GOODS! DRS. W. T. L. D. KKLLEY : 1J^1 Xi-iTti: MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, MAH\I.AXD Will prar.tice at I'reston on Mondays Denton on Tuesdays; Vodorttlsburg, sec ond and fourth Thursdaysj East N Market, lirsl and third Thursdays. JBcst work guaranteed. Gfts administer ed. DR.ANNAGIERING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twciily-five years' experience. ^Specialist iu Diseases of Women f.only. Private Sanitarium ofliigli i/rcputc. Absolute privacy nflord- cd. Female Regulative Pills 82.00 ___ per TJOI. Advice by mail. iS03 EAST BILTIMORE STREET. BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable CoiupouiidifoiTFeniale'Coiiiplaints, $1 Wives wlthoiit.Chlldren consult me. OW PRICES! P n - n n A / ] ( M HATS. unned j j;, ) ? !i ^ i ' oi:s - COI"I'i:K. Notion?!, Ribbon? AND Trirr)nr)5o55. My stock of t l i o h i t t o r is very com- i l e t e , and my l a d j t'vUMid^ w i l l do veil to call and e x a m i n e my goods j c f o r c goiii{T e l s e w h e r e . Spool Silks, otton. Gloves and Hosiery, and in let ;i treneral l i n o of N o t i o n s . D r o p u and soi 1 tho j-tock. Wo have just openvcl ,\ Inrsjc i n v o i o e of S P U I N U GOODS, and n belter collodion 1'roni \\ hioh to eliouho liut n c \ o r liuun uf- leral in Denlon. To lie appreciated it m u s t lie scon. Your inspection i - i n v i i o d . The prices will be :i MTV s h i l l i n g !V:i- U u e of the Siilfb here for t l i o n e x t i l i i r l v ihns, mill b u \ L i i w i l l (In woll to mile them. How would at. me of tho-e 'ti'il-co you ' Percale, tlie repilflr 12c. kind ; our price, w h i l e it ?isU, only Se. A better ynulu ;it 12e. Oysters and ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stew irive us a all. Ice Cream w i l l ;tlso be served u season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied or f a m i l y tiso w h e n desired. C5?~*°Mc:iN a t short notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor to Jartcs llM¥iWi'! ILL lilL OJjiiuuii 1 "WILL UK FOUND A GOOD STOCK --OF -- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., J. M. BEAVEN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. GROCERIES AND PENSIARE You can also find at the Full supply of all kinds of. Lumber. Sawing nnd Planing done at short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Laths, Doois, Windows, Etc., always on h a n d . V. Vf. I t K U V K X . ·\V. V. M U l l l ' I I Y REDDEN MURPHY, DKALEKS IS KIKST-CLASS BUILDING' MATERIALS --AN D-- CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, D E N T O N , M A R Y L A N D . Prices on all goods warranted to he ns low as those oflcred by city dealers. Mr. Murphy, n builder of long experience, will have charge of the practical work, and satisfaction guaranteed in every particular UNDERTAKERS, EMBALMERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS, DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. JAMES T, COOPER, Undertaker, Ero'ialir.E: ind ttet Maker DENTON. MARYLAND. Years of experience enable Mr. Cooper to insure entire satisfaction in every particular His shop is always fully supplied with needed material anc first-class workmanship is guaranteed. Franfe C. Button. LeeB. Boiton PAIBTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL ^Tx AED X PAINTS, Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch. ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies, 418, 420, 422, 424 E. PRATT ST., JAMES T. MORRIS, (KIDGELY, MD.) Wtelnilit anil Bladcsiifl, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER. In ?.ll hninohcs of my husincss I Ejun anlce satisfaction. In hotsishooint;! linv the endorsement ol Lost veterimirians. JAJLES T. JI ORRIS. For Sale or Rent, Olio large dwelling nnd store-house without land, together or beparate to suit Also two small duelling*-, w i t h garden., attached. Also blacksmith .shop, with or ·without tools. Good chance for tho rijjli mfin. All on easy terms. Apply to T. V. REDMAN, American Corner, Md. Calicoes, n n d Gu. U l n o and Li^lit 1'rinis. plain ind I'nncy di'Msjns, -3c. Pique Remnants, 10c,, hu regular lot 1 . Kind. Ginghams, Lawns, price lir.: our price. lOc. "U'c inve :in u \ f llcnt :i«ortniei)t of lliese. Table-Cloth, choice quality Irish L i n o n , -30c. per y:u\l. Pantaloon Goods ut various price's. irl.OO Sum mi Itngs nt SOc. A. E. COOPER Bl!0., Dcnton. Id. LARGE LOT OF STOVE AT THE BURRSV1LE HARDWARE STORE, All s'r/.p* of Cook Stoves, from the *m:ill- cst No. 7 to the largcs-t No. 0. Hoiiting Stove- of till kinds suitable Cor Tnrloi-s, Sit ting KuDins, D i n i n g Jiouint,, Bud l^ooin?, Cliuichus, Suliool Houses, Oilice*, utc. Six kinds of JJuuble Heaters-. The bctt Kangcs Hint ;iro made. Lnrge lot of HORSE BLANKETS LAP BLANKETS AND ROBES. ml 1 . ^^nHr*"^ SJB spooo aAoqv 00'OJ$ ZHId MOTM A H9HI -QIAI 'JbVHM 00*9$ §3x9 poo*) I, I TDK [-1 is a d qua E"t © r s for Drive-well Material, Plows, AVhcel- wrij;lit iind Blacksmith Supplies, Build- in;; Hardware; Utiri'iago, "W.iijon, Cnrtaml Plow Hume's, Puints und Oils, Tinware, Harness niul lihoc Leather, Washing Machines, Belt Liiciiis;, and Steniu Packing TEN ROOMS FILLED WITH GOODS. I havp 11 large stock of Barbed "Wire Cubic Wire Buckthorn and Itibbon Fencing, Poultry Nutting, c. TILGHilAN 1IAKVEY, Burrsvillc. Aid. CJ. BARNES, PRACTICAL. BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER, DENTON, MD. I shall constantly Iwop on :i full assortment of Iron and Steel fur all M n d g of Farm and Wagon Work. [ tvn furnish you all sixes of new wheels: and n \ k s . and best classes of horso-slmcs nt short M"- tice. I guarantee nil mnterial nnd w i n k atlowest prices to suit the hard times Shop on Third St., oppoMto Livt-rv Si.-i- ule. Give me a trial. JOHN J. HA LINES. FOR SALE AT PRIVATE SALE! Three sinnll farms, nil adjoining each other, lying on the county road leading from Btidgetown to Gicoiisborougli, aboi.t two milos from the former and four miles from the latter place, known us the "/\Ioi7zo containing 7G, 85 and Gl AC KIDS, respectively. The first two h a v e build ina;s on them; tho other is u n i m p r o v e d . T K K 1 L S EASY. Possession January 1st next. Call on or iiddrcss, S A M U E L E . IJILL, 200 Equitable Building, Ualtimoie, ,Md. O r l o H E N R Y R . L K W I S , 10 2 tf Attorney, Denton, Md. TREESrf"PLANTS The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale by A. G. GELLETLY CO., WILLISTON, MT. Examiners' Notice, The undersigned, having boon appointed by the county commissioners of Caro- lire county to examine nnd lay down a new public road in the Third election district oi said county, to begin at a point on the county rond leading from \Villiston to Andcrsontown, near Win. B. Nuttle's home, nnl r u n n i n g down the d i v i d i n g line between Edwiml IS'oal and "\Viii. ]J. Nuttie, thence through tho hinds of Mrs. Elizabeth Di\on to intersect the county rond leading from Andcrsontown to Denton, known us the Downes road, hereby g'vc notice that they will meet at the said place of beginning on Wednesday, January 5th, at 9 o'clock a. in., for the purpose of executing our commission. The county surveyor will please attend without further notice. THOMAS L. CUAFli'INOn, JAMES T. SYI/VKSTEK, ·WILLIAM F.LIDEN, Dec. 4,1897, Examiners. Don't look for prosperity to come from the wild west, but see things which are right before you. If you can save 25 per cent, on every dollar you spend, why not do so? If you i are anxious to see prosperity,: take it step by step. Sell your products at the highest prices and come to buy your goods at the lowest prices at THE BALTIMORE B A R G A I N STORE, Ridgely, R i d , where our Fall and Winter Stock is complete and prices down to the lowest figure. Clothing Department. We bought a stock of Clothing before the tariff bill advanced them, and we are offering the same chance to our customers. Dry Goods Department, Our line of Dry Goods is new and of the latest patterns and designs. We will give you prices in our Shoe Department that will surprise you. A full line of Ladies and Gents Furnishing Goods. Also latest styles of Hats. Don't miss the chance and the place. Remember, at the BALTIMORE BARGAIN HOUSE, (11. K L A W A K E K Y , 1'ROP'll) KIDGELY. JIAKYI.ASD. TUNIS' MILLS, TALBOT COUNTY, MD,, -MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF- Lumber and Building Material. Shipments made direct by vessel to all points on navigable water, to inland points by rail. Save Money by Pnrcliasiflg Direct from Manufacturers, North, Carolina Pine, Our Specialty! IE DEFY COIPETITIOI IN CYPRESS SHINGLES. Saw Mill Daily Capacity, 20,000 feet. Plaining Mill Daily Capacity, 40,000 feet. WANT A WATCH WHICH RUNS WELL AND KEEPS THE CORRECT TIME? I ©FFEIR WWRim -- IK -GOLD, SILVER, GOLD FILLED, AND NICKEL All fully guar.iulpetl. Do Your Eyes Cause You Pain? Opticnl work u Specialty. EASTOtf. 51 D. JAMES S W A N N . R E l ' K r . S K K T I N U The Best Life Fire Insurance, DHNTON. M A R Y L A N D . The Steamer Greensboro (CAPT. D.S. HKOCKIYA.Y, MASTKK,} STATE AGENTS FOR l i f t ITT TIT 1 Fl ^^-Correspondence solicited. Orders promptly filled. GRAIN WANTED! AVING connected myself with Messrs. GILL FISHER, __ Grain Exporters, of Baltimore, Md., and having control of the NEW GRAIN ELEVATOR at Queenstown, I am prepared to give Q:FOT C-A.SH: IPOS 3-iR/-A.i:isr at Queenstown and all Stations on the Queen Anne's Rail- roaTl, for account oE the above-named firm. The following gentlemen have been appointed by me to buy and receive grain: M. M. Price, at Queenstown and Wye Mills Sta.; J. E. Bramble, at Willoughby Sta.; W. F. Pennington, at Queen Anne and Hillsboro ; Eugene Lynch, at Downes Sta.; W. H. Anderson, at Denton; H. C. Hobbs, at Hobbs Sta.; W. R. Peters, at Hickman; M. L. Blanchard, at Blanchard Sta. Bags furnished on application to any of the above-named gentlemen. Elevator acco mmodations at Queenstown will be extended to anyone desiring the same on payment of one- half-cent per bushel for grain delivered by cars, and one-and- a-half cents per bushel by wagon delivery. Free Storage for ten days; one-quarter cent per bushel for each additional ten days or fractional part. A share of your patronage is earnestly solicited. D. SLUTS for GILL FISHER. COAUWQOP^HAY The public will find constantly on hand at my coal yard at Denton. Bridge a full supply of coal, stove wood and baled hay, which I will deliver iu :uiy qaautity anywhere in town. ' gitove Coal, 2240 Lbs. Per TOD, ^gg? - - Chestnut^ - $6.00 5-75 STOVE WOOD B T T F O A D OR GORD HAY BY THE BALE OR TON, DELIVERED IF DESIRED. OYSTER SHELLS, GAS LIME, BRICKS AND LUMBER ALWAYS IN STOCK. Wharf for tho use of the public for landing or shipping- all kinds of freight. H a u l i n g of all kinds done at reasonable rates. L. B, TOWERS. ill ply between GRJiJJNSUOllOUGH and BALTIMOKE Weekly, touching Btall landings tietwoun Gicensbor- ough :mti l»eriton. On and after J u h -I, steamer will Icuvo 1'or Itnltimoiv evrr FREIGHTS JIODKJIATE. C A P A C I T Y AJLPJ.E Tlic pntronago of our merchants and farincis solicited that this lino may be made a success. Pull information In inquiring of GEORGE E. DILL, AOKXT, D.S BROCK WAY. MASTHH, Greensborough, Md. Or HARRY A. ROE, AGKXT, Denton, Jld. J@f~Lnrge granaries always ready to rc- ccivo grnin. I S T H E T I M E A N D WOW REED'S TO GET BARGAIN? Irt HARNESS! PLACE If in need of anything in my lino it will to to your advantage to examine what I have to show before puielnsiiig elsewhere. My stock includes Dusters, Sheets, .Fly Nets, Ear Tips, Whips, Harness as low as $7, lland-mado Harness to order, Collars, Bridles, Axle and Harness Oil, "\Vhip Sockets, Pads of all kinds. BQf-Hnincss repaired and cleaned at short notice. W. S. BHBD, Donton. Aid. nun Mi) mm mm i Home Office, N. W. Cor. Charles Lexington Sts., RESOURCES, Juijc 29, 1 6 9 5 . L'atd-up Capita] $750,00000 Surplus 3c ),000 00 Rt'fcorvo Requirement and, Undivided Profit;, 2£ ',707 30 $1^337,7(57 80 THE OLDEST AND STRONGEST SURETV COMPANY IN TUESOV1*!. Becomes surely on bonds of Executors, Administrators, and in nil undertakings in Judicial I'roceed'ings. Docs nothing to conflict with the business of lawyers. Accepted by the United States Government as sole surety on bonds of every de- soriptjon. Becomes surety on bonds of Sheriffs, Registers of "Wills, Clerks of Courts, Collector* and other ollioisils of States, Cities and Counties. Also on bonds of contractors and uiiijiloyos of Ban!;s, Mercantile Houses, Railroad, Express and Telegraph Companies, nnd on those ot'Ollicers of Fraternal Organizations. H E R M A N E. BOSLEK, EDWIN WARFIELD, SKCKKTAUY A N D TKKASUKKR. PRESIDENT For Full Particulars Apply to DEV's/EESE OWEISIS, ATTORNKiTS-AT-LAW. DENTON. MARYLAND. FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS I will have a large line of both / GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AT ALL PRICES, FROM $3.00 UP. well to call on me. having watches in need of repair will do T. -QT. SMITH, . . - r ·"· - SPAPER( .'SPAPERf

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