The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 1, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1859
Page 3
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BUSINESS DIRECTORY The following List of Business HonsM and Mannfao- tortnf CstabiMunent* t>re among the belt and mps J, M, GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT & OPFC1K-N0.10 YOUNQ'8 NEW BLOCK. Plans end Speclflcatlons for all kinds of Bulldlngf furnished at short nottceand on tbe most liberal terms. <?ounty JflUk J AM prepared, ttf tttrnUb flij dOaeni of »alw«ukee 5 PURE COirBTTB* SULK. rom lie wen known 'Dairy of M. SASBEE, Eso, at a fair price and in gnantiUes from aplnttoapnn cheon. ThoaeWstlng to b«irapplled, can leave their orders with Mean. Bonn t Crosby, opposite tie Wai kcrHonse. ; - ,. *. *. ABBOTT, ''Yankee Milkman. AMERICAN CORNET BAND2 CAPT. ALEX. SCOTT, LEADER. u ,, -JB MOW BEADY TO FCBHIBHiHY £X -a, number of Instruments, from one to •MBS 1 twenty-two, for Balls, Parties, Parades, "W* Excursions, Ac, ic., at reasonable rates. Apply or address Oapt. Am. Soorror at BempaieA Music Store, 178, Eatt Water at. aagll. MUKKAY, PRIOR <S OO«, Seaman's •Mammoth House Famishing Block, HUKON STREET, KAVoTAoniuBa or, AID DAXLTRS nr 8TOVE8,TIN, 4OALTANI2ED IRON BOOFIN&! Gutter .and Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot Air Furnace* and Registers, Ventilators, *c. %F Orders thankfully received and promptly at ten- edto. mySS ISAAC K.1N08L.EV, & STKAM PIPE FITTER, NO. 291 EAST WATER STREET, WBOLEB1LI ABB BETJIL D1AI/IBI1 » * AND BTEAM PIPES, GAB, STEAM AND WATER COOKS, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES, GDAGE 000KB, Ac., Always on band, a large assortment of CAS FIXTURES Work done in a workmanlike manner, at short notice nd lowest prices. je>nHy N. L. ORISWOIJJO & OO., ' LAJ>I£8', GENTLEMEN'S AN u CHILDREN'S BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITEUS, MASON STREET, O i> p o * 11 e tbe Walker House. mySl l'. WKINBKKNNEK, MiHDPiCTDKIS AKD DIaLZB, U BOOTS, SHOES AND WAITERS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Opposite American Honsie myu Boot A: Shoe Store. NO. *8 EAST W ATEK SrUEET, JOHN PH.ELAN, KEEPS always on hand good custom made BooU and Shoes. Ali kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes made to order In the latest style and warranted to give satisfaction. aprZS JOHN WHOLESALE l»Rie«»ST, NO. 8s EAST WATER STREET, Has jost rftceived a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured al Cleveland, New York. Transj>er t «<S entirely by "vessel, it cornea in perfect order, and enables me to sell al low rates I have permanent ar- razurements to cell this brand of Glass hereafter. JOHM B1OE. AKMSTUONCi & I' A « P. T t SI V O U A I > E U S , Q1LHER& AKh SJOX WRITERS, CEilcagu St., between Wain & Water. 53r~ Particular attention pa\d to Kalsomlneing OeU- laCT- ___ _____ __ myl6 Harper Brothers, (KetttbUahtd in 184S,) I10O6E SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL Pnlntenh Glazter* & Paper-Hangers. IMITATORS OF WOOD AND MAHBI.K, NO. 39 O N E I I> A STREET, A FEW DOORS EAST OF TBE UARKB1 BOUSE. JONKS & WHITKHKAL) General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES PI BI.1C, AC^ OFF1CF, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Ueyrose'i Block, Fifth Ward. Will attefid to the baying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and BuildmgE In responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making out of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on accounts placed to oar hand will be promptly .paid over. A. c. joars jy22 BOBEBT WHTTIHIAB. A\l> COFFEES, WHOLESALE & RETAIL —AT— Robert Guruey's «iKE IT WESTEBN TEA STORE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 25 per R> lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted aod Ground on the premises by the most Improved methods. Java l»n. Rio IBc. 8u Domingo 12^. Remember the number 174 East Water St., Seaman * wing's Old Store. jygl & BRUNorro, MKKCHANTS, SCHNCECKJEL OOMMISSIOiV Meal Eetate and Money £rokert, NOTARIES PT7BL10, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Orno«-=No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Omce. mar27 No. 81» EAST WATER 8r. t KNKKLAHD'8BLO<!H, t s 'J 5vT K t t «,,J 1, The Wester of the KockyMoonlalns, -•..Vi ? rit" w'..l?ni.-o'v.r-. j .:;i*t: tw \o VTV-JVT f'^v^v-•' from tacts narrated by himself. Jqit received by ^ ' •••.••-• • '• "•• "" '-' Rehfoark's «>cad Pencils, " i«S; AND 467 East Water etreet, HUwautee. ~E have jost' received a fill] supply of these dele- oritca *?encIls.Jiom the munufactcrr of J..J. Eehb&ch, In Eegensburg, Bavaria. , They are carefully assorted.jfitid eacT^gr&deTi.distinguished tys-popojar brand. Particular attention, li .called to '-he "Opposition Pencil," (round black'gilt;) and lo'the "People** Pen«il," : {round red glib] Jatro to ,the"Eng1neer's Pen ell," (hexagon gilt.) All pf »hlch will be found super! or to «riy'other pencn in the market. Aiwa) a cm hand a complete assortment of black and colored leafl pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. apri{» AtLIBONE'S DICTIOJSTARY OJF ^pTHOBS. A Critical Dictionary qf EnglUK Literature and British and American Avau>**, living ana dt- dit tyUiirKtiMieiiln-Ckntur)/:' w^., ing Thirty Thousand Bioyraphit* and lAttrary Jfoticet; nith Forty Inatatt tfSuljju-tt. Price *S. 1 NDKSPEN8ABLV utceseary to all who Bead, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific and Literary Men,- Hercbinta and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. PUBMBHEDBT & CO., BOOK * STATIOYKRT JOBBERS!, 136 £ast Water itreet, MIL WA P3TW, ... WTSCOffiSJy. From Theophtiu Parlpns, I.. I.. D., Professor of Law In Harvard Dnlverslty.J * CAMBBIMB, Jan. 6,1859. DKIB Sis :— I have had the first volume of y»ar Dictionary for same days, and hsvr sat sBed myself that your p an Is excellent, and that you hare carried It out with very great industry and with good judgment.— The fullnesi and accuracy of its Information concerning modern authors and their works, are Indeed remarkable. To any one who deal re the knowledge your biok rarports to give—and what educated man doe» not f— t must be of great Interest aid value. Respectfully, *c , THEOPHILDS PARKER. 8. Austin Allibaoe, Esq. Prom S Ireoa-UB Prime, D. D., Editor N. Y. Observer.] Nrw YOBS., Feb. S, 1859. GSJETLEMBOI :—The first volume of your grrat Dictionary of Authors, 1 have penned with astonishment a: d delight. It Is just what I bave long desired to have, and hay. sought for In vain. Thousands of clergymen, tudents, and all literary and Intelll, ent men, must wish to have jasl tbli work; and they will have It, when they learn f at It Is In Iht world. It deserves tbe most cordial reception, and I trust i hat the author and thr publishers will have th* largest reward for their enter- irtse and labor. Yours Vruly, 8. IREN.EOS PRIME. Childs & Pettj-son. iDLiwnn, Jan. S>, 1869. »lr DKAK fcia : —With butler inowlrdce of your book rom repeated feasts upon It, I am asham <1 to have rrltten you so commonplace an acknowledgment of Its first rtc Ipt. Of all the storehouse of Interesting and eadable matter the ''Dictionary of Author," ate- a ti me the most captivating. The good taste, industry, and kill of arrangement therein manifested i oolo not bi u -passed, aad It wfl make ;or you a reputation very uvlable. I shaU'trr to make amends tn print for nn .pparently Inappreclatlve flret acknowledgment ot the .ccjnisltlon. with many sincere thanks for the prize I have m tt, t ook, I remain, my dear sir, Youra, fa thfully, N P WILLIS. 8. Austin Alllbone, ESQ. may 19 JI'VF.nill.S CAKTKKS. NEW \. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes lo tbe Son fieam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Uncle Jack the Fault Killer For sale by i TERRY 4 CLEAVER, may ID 167 Cast Water st. NEW BOOKS —AT— TERK1 & CLEAVEKX, INSURANCE COMPANIES. ,. If nbtf.calljminedlatajr and »*t them iniored in the following "Hrit Clas»," old; established and prompt paylpg Companies: - r ........ -- •-- . Of Hartford, Connecticut, •> . , 1 K OO Jl P 0 B A T, KD,,I N ,1811 9 . Oa!th Capital Mid Barytas...... .\. ...;»1,S«T,WO 08 HAKTFbROINSUHANCECOMPANV, -i.t't .Of Hirjford, Connecticut, - uo .-, '- ...i . ji ti\o^o&t o'B'Aj'iii'/tSVi'B'i'i^""^ OaBi Capital •ndBurplui,............X-»T»S,682 00 HOM^ INSURANCE COMPANY, -^S'^ OfNewTorifOltjr, .. . Cain Capital and Surplus,. ....... ....$l,on,»0 40 HOW A RU INSURANCE COMPANY, i ' - •;• • Of NewTork. ••-•• .•'•--. i l^CpapOBATED IN 1886^ ' 0»ih Capital and Surplus ........ ... .:. $888^60 S3 I'liCENlX 1NSURAN fcE COMPANY, ! • Of Hartford, Connecticut, • • - •• •CMh Capital and SQrpluj,. ...... ......»«9,08* fit LAM AR FIRE INSURANCE CO., , OfNewYork, ' Or «n Capita! »nd Surplus,. ............. »S5»,0«» 33 INSURANCE COMPANV, ' . ..' Of New York City, i Caih Capital and Surplus, ............. 1246^39 LI FIttE INSURANCE COMPANY, 01: Hartford, Oonnectlcat, Cash Capital and Snrplni, ................ $308,831 48 I «4liclt business for tEe above named Companies', entirely nppn their own merits and responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt 'and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Is- »oed trlthout delay. . W. HENSr HOLLAND, Agent. JOBK HOLLAND, Ass'U Northwest cor. Main and D. I'.I&UHBHILL, Surveyor. Wisconsin its., Milwaukee. septs United Stair*.».,. A. JF. Ins.Co. „ ... $100,000 <MI scrapLus— M 89.C&8 oo Office, under Mitchell's Bank, comer of East Water and Michigan streets,; -- ttlL WAVKXK. ..._. WISCONSIN. ~~ J ' " "'"' Diufrron: ii A. Hdfenstein, B. Banderson, Hoses Kneeland, B. S. Daggett, Batoliel Rale, Q. D. Dousroan, H. U Palmer, Edwin Townsend, Solomon Adler. f. A. HELFEJJ8TEXN,President. Q. D. DOD8MAN. Vice President. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. 8. a Wcu.SecretAjy. 8. 8. DiooiTT, Treasurer. H. L. PaLma, Attorney. marlO M1LWAUKKK CITY IIVS1JRAI\€E CO., Or" PI OK: III Iflllcbcll Building, Michigan. »l. HaWADTSUt, WtBOOKSIl. CHARTERED CAPITAL, - - $200000 Ctish Paid in, $1OO,OOO. DIRKCTOR8 . . L. PilJisa, O. D. DATIH, W. A. Panmas, . TOWBBsaiD, B. 8. OOBOTXB, D. EBV.rBi.lCH1, .11. KILJ.OUG, J. HovrffaaT. JnsirH F. Hiu., S SAJULIS J.H. OOKDK3, JaS. MmULil, UA&. GKUBSJIU, C. OOSUJTOOS^ Q*o. Drsa E. TOWKBEND, President. 4. L. WAI.RATH, Secretary. ELL. PaLMKK, Attorney. " ~irf and Marine Rltks taken at current rates. AND riKF. INSt . T HK nnderelirned Is prepared to take Marine Risks and Fire Risks on rrodoc* In store. In the North Western Insurance Oo., of Oswego t Nvw York, at as low atei as by ouier reliable Companies. The reputation >f this well-known, long established Company entitles tlo public confidence. HORATIO rtlCL, Agent, noT» at office of II. * 1. r. Hill. WISCONSIN OENKKAJ, INSURANCE AGENCY CRAKTEK OAK. FIRE INK. CO., Hartford, Oonn. CASH ASSETS . |A«l,&4e»9 NORTH A!TIF.ItlCA!\ FIRE INS. TO., Hartford, CODD. CASH ASSETS |8M,860 08 XVKS'I i;H\ MASS. FIRF. IKS. CO., Of Pillifirld, Mass. OA.BH AiiSETTS ............. »20S,6W «1 CO>\VAV FIRE INsrRANCF. «'O., Of Oonway, Uus. CASH ASSSJTS ..................... $2«S,4B1 47 HAiTTPDElV FlUt INSl'RAMCE CO. Bprlngneld, Mass. CASH ASSETS ................ A T T D. OOK8ON, OR HEY AT LA HAS remored to JOffice, No. t. State Bank Building, corner o! East Water and Michigan street, Milwaukee. marSO-dSm CAPITALISTS VT7TLL find al my office a Register, open to their In- TT spection of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing lo obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for Bale, may find It to their Interest to file with me their applications or statement*. C. SOHLET, ylS Opposite Walker House. J B. BDTLSX. . n. r. POST. Boarding Stable, . of Mastm stxeet, (on tlie JUver.) T HE subscribers hsYe removed their Block from tbe itable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and Heron streets, to the' old establishment foot of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establishments, making the largest and best appointed Livery establishment Ic tbe West. W» shall be glad to see our old friends and customers, and feel confident that we can fnralsh then with as good and stylish a turnout as any «<B«<HT estuhliMhtnent In thr- city. Thankful for past patronage, *-c iiu|>~ i -> meet a continuance of the same. ff Particular attention given to famishing carriages an4 hearses for funerals. BDTLSB A POST. GOOD CHANCE. HOUSE AJVDLOTFOH KALE CHEAP. ' l HE cnderfilgaed will Bell his House and Lot, now I occupied as a Taven by him, situated on Main su, Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the R. ft U. R. R. Depot. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as wen as the altua- tlon of the Lot4 would answer Tor any branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who tike to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the undersigned. JOHN EARTH. Racine, January ia, 18S9. Jan87-d6m Lumber Vessel* for Sale. Bdwoner Fashion, 224 tuns. Schooner D. NewbsJl, 180 tuns. , Scow Schooner Kogby, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOR A JBWETT, Buffalo, New Tork. Enquire of B. B. JosiS, Mil aukee, Wisconsin. febSS GENTLEMEN'S PURNISH'G. NEXT DOOR TO A. B.'VAN CO-IT'S. ££ Is 1 Q 0 P H. HtJSSELL. •sKCTHlKa required for »rnU«na •uortiAt^Oi tat A Ant class Wholesale and Retail Drag Store it •tr Bswrington, »nfl oftte very be«t qomUty.— .' ' wiEMtWaierrtrwt, JMnetif oppotUe «h* Anctton ««mxifUi«: , jEDWDtric^LndOdebraWdOAiJaWAU. 167 EAST WATER STREET. B ABTH'S Travels In Central A.'rlca, 1 vol.,abridged. Livingston's Travtls tn Southern Africa, 1 vol. 8p«ergeons 8ermons, 5th eerie? Higher Christian Life. SHIPPKKS OF PKOUl.'CK C AN supply themselves with Bills at Lad In f al TERBT iOLEAVES'S, maygO 167 East Water street ..*22S,000 OIRARD FIRF. INS. COnPANV, Of Philadelphia. OASH ASSETS »284.78» U J. W, Urain, A{?enl, OfPlOE, NO. 2, MARTIN BIXJCK, DP BTAIB*. ara Milwaukee, Wlsconiln. _MILLINEB.Y GOODS. IN LlQUIDliToN - {Bargains in Dry BOOKS O TJB stock Is the largest tn the West. We sell every Book M the Publisher's price. WesEan furnish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from tbe Press. jan20 8TRIOKAX.ND A 00. *ar School Books. ; nave every (school Book in demand, and le them at wholesale or retail. STRICKLAND * CO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! \V «- are prepared In our Bindjry to Bind Magazines, Tf Periodicals or anything else in the form of s Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rates Ian8<) STRICKLAND A CO. Stereoscopic Views. have reclved a fine lot of Bterescoplc Views embracing views of Interesting localities in RETSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, OBKfCS, ITOBKST, l&KLAND, 40., AC Also a large variety of new American Views New and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instru. meats. STRICKLAND k CO , Booksellers aod Stationers, «P rt 134 East Water street. SIXTH VOLUME WISCONSIN For sale at feb!9 REPORTS STRICKLAND h 00, 134 East Water street. PIKE'S I J KAK. A NEW MAP, showing the Route to the &old Re- A. glont In Kansas, just received by STRICKLAND 4 00., feblg 1J4 East Water street NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the Qlty of Milwaukee, In punuance of An Act of the Legislature, approved March 17,1859, hereby gives notice that he Is now furnished with the pitiper weights and brands for the due performance of the duties of his office. By the eald "Acf'it Is made the duty of all persons dealing In Fish to give notice to the Inspector to hare the Eame duly Inspected and branded before packing. M-.BmtthwIll be found at, toe Ne« Warehouse of Meiers. John Furlong * Son, Sonth Water st., Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to be left. MUwa -<kee, May 7,1859. mavIO JOHN 8MTTH, Inspector. Ryan & Jenkins, COUNSKLLOKS AT LAW, BANK BUILDING, Corner Eatt Water and Michigan ttf., Milwaukee. mayB James A. Swain, . OF THE LATE FISH OF MAGIE& SWAIN, WELL remain at the old stand where he will be pleased to welcome thejpatrons of the establishment. CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. /~1HARL£S QDEHTIH 1 CO., corner of East Water \J »ntl Jiason streets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have for sale Real Estate, In the City or. Milwaukee, In large or (mail parcels. Bonding lota in erery Ward oft h City, of all sixes and pricea, for business or resldenc and on easy terms. Also, small' Farms of from B to 20 acres, near the City, for 1 gardening purposes. Also, several thousands of acres of the best farming lands In Wisconsin in quantities to suit any demand. febSS 3HAB1E8 QUENTIN * CO.. WESTERN BUNION • :.• ! • - - —AND— ' . •- Wi»congiii State Telegraph. ' Connections with all JLines East. '. rTIHETFiBconiin Stale Lines run from Milwaukee to 1 XaOrosse.yondiJu Lac and Wanpnn, «n Railroad Bontes. Also from Milwaukee to Janesvllle, Madljon. Watertown andPralrte <lu Ohlen. Stations atallim. pottant Intermediate polnti. BiT"Omc«boitnfrom8A. M. to •mmjll-dtf - A. WELLIR, Agent. THA: IMMESBK BTOCK Ot l-AT-l •No. 1 87 E? si Wafer Mreet, M08T BE CLOSED OUT BY THE fcrreat Bargains ma; be £xpretcd. aprl7-dtl JOSEPH CAKY, Assignee. REMOVAL. now called to the best in tbe D. B. DIs- trlct Court for the District of Wisconsin. In Equity. INCREASE OF L A DlKS — your attectlon it stock of BONNETS, RIBBONS AND FLOWERS, Erer brought to Milwaukee, to be found at BLANCH ARD'S. I'OBjn.'S BLOCK, OtAtVi ST. april _ _______ PKEMIUiVl II AC III>I.)S. RC^DOrBLK THREAD SEWING M A 0 H I N F g. That took the F1HST rKEMlUM A DIPLOMA, rar family use, at tbe Wisconsin State Fair, October 8, «re for sale at the *ewing machine Emporium YOUN«'S BLOCK. .T-.ilK ISAAC A. IIAN(JK & i'O. niVITED NTATKS IHAU8HAI/N SALE The Farmers Loan A Trnst Oom 1 paoy, TS. The Milwaukee A Superior E nil- road Company, Oity of tlllwankee, John SWwart. Jottann 0. A. Allerdlng, j Christian Hahm and | Gottfried Wootscb. J I N punuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District Oourt of th« Onlted States, for the Dlalrlct of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 1869, In the above entl led cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1869, at S o'clock In tbe afternoon, from tbe steps of tbe Custom House, in the Olty of Milwaukee, a! I and singular, the mortgaged premise* mentioned In Ibe bill of complaint In nld cause, and described as: "All the following, present and in future to be acquired, real aid personal property and real estate ol the sai» defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t at Is to say. all of tbe first division of tbe Bailroad of said Eallroad Company defendant, from the City of Ullw.4Ukce, to the Olty of Green Bay tn said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including the right ol way, and land occupied by laid first division of said road) (subject to the right, title or cjalm, which the eald defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Hahm and Wootsch. or either of them, may have had at tbe time of making said decree, to land upon which aald Rail. road Company nas located its way, add for which no compensation bai been made to tn*m,) together with tbe lupetstracture and track thereon, and all rails and other material! used thereon, bridges, viaducts, 'cul- rerts, fences, equipments, necessai y depot grounds and binldintl thereon, belonging to tbe said Railroad Com- pliry.JWd.^H' rolling stock, engines, tenders, cars, tools, msftf rials, machinery, fixtures, and all other p«r. joiul,. property appertaining to p.ald first division of •aid road, and all rights thereto, and Interests to be acquired by said defendant, the Mllwaunee and Superior Uallrosd Company, together with tbe name aad functions appertaining to tae laid first division of said road, all tolls, Vents anil Income to be had or levied there* from, and all corporate and other francblsei; rights and privileges of the said Uallroad Oomrjany In or to or concejrnia* the same." Harshbl's Office, Milwaukee, Wl»., April 6, 1659 I . • M. ) THOMAS, Onlted States Marshal, District of Wisconsin. *" DT ™ * Solicitors. *_EODWATwaigrve attentio of Houses. n to tbe feb8 HABEINOTOJP8. HUJ16 I.- In-cure, tortile^ U DETROIT (Nowoii SutflLow-1 MILWAUKEE R, to Lake Michigan,) AJTD . : I FirH-CtaM Sttamen, ; "City of Cleveland," A "Cleveland,? 1 (Thoroughly! reBtled for thU route.) ; O n AND Arrka MONDAY, A'pru u, iu», ta senger Trains ViU run as follows: ; WEST: i •I4-. ! *r«. Bup. Bridge, d p. M> ! A.M. •Detroit, depart., j T-" 00 Fentonvjlle, arrive! •Oswego* arrive.. St. Johns, arrive. Grand Baplds, arr. •errand Haven, arr. Milwaukee, arrive. : 10:50 i. M. 12:10 8:05 4:40 i- *• 2:sO Mixed, r. •. 4:20 A.M. 1:80 7:40 9:80 A. H. 230 8£0 r. n. Accom. A.M. r-.*. 4*5 7:80 Night Brpres*. a. If. 1MO r. *• 8:60 12:10 2:85 8:60 p. *. 12:15 •Refreshments. 1 OOlNQ JBAHT Acco. fttUwankee, depart < •Grand Haven, dep. Grand Baplds, arr. St. Johns, arrive... Owosso-,arrive. ... Fentonville, arrive •Detroit, arrive... Mall lucpr's P. H. 8:00 A. H. 4:00 630 7J6 8:80 !7:00 il : Mixed. ,5:80 9:56 P- M. 2:16 Nlghlfl Expr's. ». 12:00 P. M. 8:45 10:30 A. St. 1:00 g:40 12:16 8:80 t&> P. M. P. U. A. H. P. It. aas._Brldge, arrive »:M) 9^5 «:QO 4*1 •Befreshmenta—HoCel In Depot at Grand Haven. . Boat will leave Slflwaokee on Saturdays at 8 p. M.— for Saturday Nlght'» Express passengers west, but 4 i. M. train will »,,T leavejon Sundays. ' i Trains leave termlnt dally, Sundays eicepted. g THE TKLKGBAPtt rllNE Is uow open for Posuo Bli- nirrss. ' CONNECTIONS. AT DFTHOIT—GREAT WESTEKN KAILW1T for all points East—MICHIGAN OCNTKAL ana MICHIGAN SOOTHERN RAILBOADS, and CLEVELAND Line of Steamers. AT <>HArVD MAVEN—With •• HtTBOH " Steamer for OHTOAOOi Ac., Ac. AT HI IL \VAUKEF—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA CEO8SK, OHIOAGO, WATKBTOWN and HOBI- CON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and Northwest, and on Munmlppl Hirer, and with Steamer* for Ports on Lake Michigan. Passengers for Great Western Railway go on the Rait- way Fiaxv STEAK**, st D. t M. B. Dock, leaving Dock at 8:<O t M , l!0d PH., and 7-30 p u. SIGHT TRAIN* on the G. W. B. have SLEEPING OARS attached. PARCELS Iert at any of the TICKET OFFICES art forwarded by PABKUDIE Tsaras AV V«av Monraf AVB BATBS. : i Tlie Company'. Tlme-Tabies can be had at any of the Stations. W. K. HI« III, Gen'l 8op't, WHITHAS A FORBIS, Ticket Agent, 280 East Wat^r it WM. GaiBtM, Freight Agent at Comoany's Dock H. O. WIL»O», General Western Agent. D. I V. It. Offices. April, 185»- apr"J8 Hil., Wat, & Baraboo Valley KAILROAD- O N and afx« Monday, April 4th, and until further notice a Passenget train will leave Milwaukee from the depot,foot of Second street, lor Pewtukee, Hartland. Pine Lake, Oconomovoc, Wstertown, Lowell, and Columbus at 4.20 p. m.,«rHrtng in Milwaukee at ' 1 AS a. to. Passengers arriving sit Milwaukee by the Milwaukee A Chicago B. R., La Crosse A MiLK. R-. and Mil. A Miss. R. B., or by Uo»l, can proceed to the shore places. Connections are madie at Watertown with stages for Lane Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo, Uanchelville, Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove aad Madison. Also at Columbus for Lodl, Merimac, Atsego, Fiji Blve-, Leid's Comers, Uamdeli, Lowvllle, Dekora, York, Arllngtoa, Uristol andi for all points to the West and North West. Passengers arriving a' the Junction from the abovtr places make connections h the Milwaukee A Mississippi B. R_, lor JaneSville, Madlsou »oj Prmrit du Chien and at Milwaukee, with roa-ls lo ihr Houlh, West' and North. aprt 8. S. MERRILL, Superintended. SUMMKK AKKANOKMKN'l'. —VIA- MICHIOA.N C;KNTJIAI, YralM will run u follows, TU^ LeareJKaciii.ror Davis—Jtefgh^ l*aveiBaclne for B«lolt—P*»senger, g?r 6 ' f" VTBrtf. r'' • 1 868, 8 A. U. •Ir.M. . 1 .... . .... Leave Belolt forEaciDe—Passenger, lea«^)»vU for Racine-Freight * Ace., • Passengers \>y taking the 7-i. «. train on the Lake Shore, Eallroad at Milwaoiee, connect at Uacine with train toIMvIs:. •rrtring at Davis at 8^0 r. H. Stag* leaves Davis lor Vreeport qn arriial of train. S:8o A. ».' train from Davis connect* at Eacine with afternoon trains pmteLake Shore Kail to W Mar* and Bonta. I3T7 freight forwarded with uupatch. ' dea* SOUKST BAttlllfl, Superintendent. Pittiburgli, l?ort Wayne A Chicago KAIL KOAI>. riXUlB new and dfreit" 8etote~no*- r opeit to New York. JL BSiton, ruMburghi'Phlladetohlni Uaiilmore and • Wijhington city, Clevelaiul, Dunktrtf, BoUaio, Niagara fails, and all eastern cftles. Clnxlnnttl, Columbos, Dayton, SprlDgceld, UrOina,Zaoc3vUle, Bteubennlle, New ark and Wheeling, and,all Interior towns of Ohio, Pennsylvania,-. VirginU, liarrland, Me» Jenry, Ac. M&king one Uraud UubrokeU U. R. Line BZTWICI* DniOlOO iSD OC t*St. E A* LU W AJf AJi If OTUE& RUUTK. Those desiring to go by this Uoutc will be par tlcolar and enquire for Tickets via Fort Wayne, thereby avoiding the annoyanceof recheckiog Uiuir UagK&ge. TUAJM& LKA YE Ji&POT VJ« VAX El'HKJt HI. VAIL Y, A J / OLLO Wt>: 5.00 r. M.—Night tiprtss, dally, Saturdays elated. 6:00*. M.—Morning Mail and Kxpress, daily, dundayo cxceptea. With but one change of Pituburgh. C8XOUIQ BlOOifll TBaODOO To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltlmote aod M«w York, connecting directly with train on the great Pennsylvania Oentral Railroad, to all eAstern cities. Also, with Cleveland A Columbsia Raih-oad to Cleveland, £>unkirk, BulfsJo, Niagara Falls via New Tork Central and Sew Tork A Erie Hailroads to New fork and Boston. . PerMns going east will flsid this route by I«r the most desirable, both from the advantage in point of distance, variety and beauty of the country through which the roads pass, as well aa the less frequent chaagcs of cars and the annoyance of re-checkinf baggage required bj other routes. facilities for the transportation of freight aad Live Stock oy. this route are anuuntmau*!. M»ta« ulawa* any other route, and with equal dispatch. Tickets for sale at allt he principal ticket offices In the West, and at Company's Oflice, No. 130 Dearborn strrei, opposite Tremont House, Chicago, and at the office f f Die Lake Shore Rallrnad, Milwaukee, by A. U. LelanU JNO. J. HOUSTON, ttpueral freight Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa. D. W BO*8, General Western Agent, Chicago. Chicago, Uarjh 6, 1S&9 marfl K. K. 1859. 1»59. M K K A KK A NO K M K N T. Great United State* T lilE an Mail and Exp-rt*x hoiite. only reliable aod ALL ROUTE TO THK EjdT, SODTH Dd NonTB-WtST, &Qd the oa.y Line tna.tlatf tare connections, Bagg-^ge checkr<l through to |>riocJpai pointfl Oo and after ION DA Y, AIMtl i. ^alh, |n5». Trains leave Depot, corner ot Florida ai<d l.Ui-<-liy it^ , u folio »• lOtSO A. .fl .- -lilpaiaa PA.H.SKXGIB - arrt. n,^ »t Chi- ca/rn at - 10 r. •. 3! I S f. .11. — aCxrau^' PAfKKJO«n—arn»in,i it On- t-ajio at ft:I/) f. m , and tuat n^ close cnnofcuona wllti Crcnuiti Trains Ea^t and South West, «>o<l with lh« Kacine an'l Mississippi Katlroar 1 , at Kacm lunction, for HeloU nn.J uthr-r oti that Line. Freight Train leaves at ilk) A. H., arrWca 0 w r u. freight forwarded viih deapaU-h, MX! >' l^w ratr-d. PasseDgeFTraias leave Chicago ' r Muwaukr*? »nd the North Wtst at y^K) A M , and S li f • , aj-nvmc here at 12:50 r x. and rJ.15 A t* apr24 JN'>. T MOODr, Mnter Tr .nsi-vrlst-.o OFFICE OP THK i NOKTHcaa TBIBSP-'STAT <-,s C< UFAIT v Rates of Freight Reduc-d Again by York *V rrif Knilronci Kortheru Tran.sportalion S F U R NIT U R E SALES AT OOST. NOTES, PLERZHEIM fit CO., B MNO about to dissolve thslr Co-Partnsrshlp arrangements, their whole stocU n iir-r-i >' ; '' "•' • reierre. The but and largest stock of F U R N I T U R E ! ' EVER OrVtS.SH IN THIS CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK IS HE*VV, \*O Jir«*T Bi: MOLD! 218 and 220 East Water Street, apr8-d2mo n 1 1. tv ,% i \v i s< o -v > i M . MISCELLANEOUS. UK. H. W. *"ORMKRLY OF CLKVKLAN U . 0 , respectfully informa he the citizens of Milwanlt^p that, having loc&tcU lit ihu place, tie Intends priurtlc'.un his profession. iUl iMBea.tcM to Uif Horse treaieil ID *. meat scientific style, and gciifra.1 s*t- factlon warrnnted. In c<>n oectiou with hid pri tice he will Prick aad Do<!k Fnilj in the moat approved »'yV, *nd, to pain the coafldt-ncn of the public, he refers to the follow- lag gentlemen, who hav» employed Mr. Redhead rnanv time* professionally In the coune of lea year*. We feel jnstifled in Baying iliat his practice :< *up«- rtor to the general run of Veterinary (Tart unerTi DRY GOODS, &C SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! J. X-.. John C Brodheid, Wm. Murray, fryer ct.xTKL4.sP. Doct. Judge Wilson, " Blahop, " Kelly, " And-cws, st^CUIK. Jamea Kelly, KitauhHA. N. A. Broim, James Foley LIVKftT UKN W J. Gains,, White i N«voi, U A. M L. Ac* ir-y. Wm. [>own».- DSTH L Hi k.l: .r I Oeer 1 l U (I. Se 1 1 NOW , ... ,i»i n< .,„, i .,,,. •!il .1t.,,:k3 .1 i,.,,,.|, - . ., •,, The Latest Novelties* J. E. Curtis. «llas Merchant, |y Office. Klrt)', Li Wm Win. P*tu K • l I'HH I. \ r v \|. BUFFALO, C 1.1 VMLAAi ANJ) Chicago Line of Screw Steamers. l i O N tbe opening r»f Laltf Na of Lhis LIOP wilj pui in i Chicago, i«Fcu flnt CJaa* A 1 ioD, -.he Krnpr -i i ute UufTa... ;*ic«.meri, i( trr^ And runnint; 'i, , . YUKK UkMfi*!. TiiAL LI. NIC 0»" CA •I lleveiAoil **t;. H. R , loucnini; d Tlil-\V t I Kl ^ I IN ,r , N nifction <i ; Btj[!'t,I» w.ih it,- N»W K , »IM. ih<- il K&CU 4> T? C UN AL UOAT**. "n the b.r r- ',ai,,iJ, t n i .r ' Lr.VKl.ANlJ .t I'lTT^BI tt«»H >~\ r-.-L, M i- t ;• • w -"d- 1>.. v JHH F . f^r (..r-prrty )f p i rliiM- , Troy, lioa OD, N Llimc pl.u:es to .•>!.) ee, iiACiDr, Kenuil • llbe jtl paLn>n«Kij n t.y :iie ira w \ , t/o y t>% Hi- Lin- Ih- ing I I I E X P It E S I T NTIL further t.^lice O.r pnct-9 JU Milwaukpr, vilt LH- i, J.H *U &t 5L.irr3 ts; Clasn '^,1 Claan. .>.] CU IJ.ic. 5 .><-. 4 ."i SlerchAI.-l i»«- i>l.l''[K-J it t. ? r .', II.c 14Oi lliil , «i i l.r^r.i *I J, Oon// .| t -'f«/ •-' »...;. A|. I* I-- CLOTH UEPAKrMKN 1» :i mi J'. III! K, ,. ,* Mil .« M G. Western (Canada) Railway. lIMLAINg leave Ihf Great Central Depot, foot of Lake M. street Chicago, as follows : 4:OO A. !»!.— DE&TO1T ACCOMMoDATlnNa* day. <ftce|>te*l), arrive at 1 t iron 6.00 7:OO A. !lt.—CUfCHfllATI EXPKE88. (.Bandars *-xcet>tcd.) Arrlre at lDdlan*p:il »*. n^ ^Inctnnatl &80 r. M. StOt) A. Jl LIQMTNISO UXPKKsB. uBanasys cepleJj) krrlTM at Detroit 7:ix) r. Suspension Bridge or BalTAlo 4.-U M , AlUanj' 3.UO F. > . New y 0 rk »<JU p. •.; Boston 11 r. M. •JlOO P. i»I.—NlLB-i A'.\ OMMODAT10N. ei:cfl Sunday. h:OO I', .n.—NEW TORE AND BOSTON E (exctplSaturilay.) ArrlTt at Detroit ?:>&* Ir.; 8us{>erjsioQ bridge or KaGalo 4 A) r. il., Aiba&jr 4.-UO A. ».; N-» Tork 10:00 AI M.; Bostoti 2 0*J F. M 8;OO I'. W. —CINCINNATI AND LOC1BVILI.K EX. PRESS. (.Kicrpl Soiurdaj.) ArrtTe st OloclnDstl 9r<H) i n ; Loui0vlll« 4:uo P. K. . One train on Bandar atS:«o r. M. The 8:00 A. u. and ftOO p. M. trains connect at Partt with tfi. Buffalo 4 Lak* Huron Rallwaj, for Baffalo and all polots enst; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, lo KlagsUa, Ogdcnsbnrg, Montreal, Qu<^-c sod all points in C»n»dm Eaat, Nor*hem Vcnnoot, New Hampshire and Maine. t3T Baggage cheekej through. Through tickets fol kale at the principal Railroad offices lo the West, aiid al the fr«neral office, corner Lafce 4 Dearborn streeut, opposite tho Tremont Hon»e, Chicago, and at the Depot, loot of Lake street. a. N. R10E, Sup't. H. J. Br-ALJrso. Gen, faro. Ar*t. apr!2 Detroit & ,11 i I. Railway. THE Steamer Cleveland will lake her placerln line of the Detroit A Milwaukee Hail way, on MondaJ-, the 14th Marrh. Pass ngen wishing through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday nelt, at 230 EMI Water street, or at the office on the doct of tbr Detroit A Ullwauke Rallva; Co.— Due noilce of the time of departure will be jdren. This will make the soonest, cheapest and quickest route to all points Eatt. ' marl) SUMMER A31RANQEMENT. Milwaukee KAIIj- KOAI). THK AND IHOST F.XHEDITIOf'S HOI TD! TO Laimiugj, La C'ro^M*, Winona, Read's Landing, Red Wing, PRESCOTT, ST, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONY Change of Time, Monday, April 4, 1838. 1ST THAI* I.EAVKS KIILAVAEKEE 11^X1 A. M., Arriving at ^anesrll'e 2 30 P. M.; Madison 3:35 P. M ; Prairie du Ohlen 8.-00 P. M. Connecting frith tbr Pralrlf dn Ohlen and SL Paul Pickrts, which Irare Prairie dn Chlen on thr'arrlral of the SrflO P. M. Train. 2D TRAIN LEAVES ITIII.WAirKEE fi:06 P. M., Arriving st Janvesrllle 9:M F. M , Ma'llson 10KX) P. Iff. ! I^K 7 * Far. to all polnll on the Mississippi Rlver^as low as any other Koute. WILLIAM JEBVIS, aplfi : Oen'l 8uper1nt< ndent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE ROAD. 1 859. 1859. SPRING AlKANQKMENT. NOKTIHWESTEKN UNITED STATES MAII> & EXPRESS AlfD ONLY ALL RAIL ROUTE. TO LA! CROSSE On Ibe UPPER 'MISSISSIPPI UIVEU, On and after Monday, April 25th Two Through Express Trains Daily, L.KAVK MJIL.WAUKKK, FROM DEPOT FOO* OF flHESTODT 8TBEET, it roLLOws: *2{45 A. m.| <4nd t3:45 P. IT1. Trains arrlrfe at Milwaukee at 9:3O A. M. AND 9:30 P. M. Close cooneclluBA are made at LaOroase. Twice daily each way with the Minnesota Packet Company's New and Splendid 1/nUcil States Mail Line of Steamers IK & from St. PHD I .and intermediate poiuls., ; BB^Passencers, by .tsiklng this roate, will sav« 100 miles In distance and 18 hours time, from Ohlcaffo or MDwaukee to La Cross or 8t. Pa.ul, over any other route. : 5' •• • : •Mondays excepted.. fBucdays ezeepted. Milwaukee, April S4,18B». • . . • •- H. GOUDBICM, • Manager. | ,___ ,_.,__ OF TI^E. , O N and After MondiiyJApril,4th, tnOnilon tfa&MU^ waukee, W»tertawij T ' - ' ---'-- -» wUl arriviln Milw uakie i , Baraboo Valley EailroadJ t 11:30 A. «., aai' Bepart a; i ; . . :" (;• s. s.- , l. n< l LaC'row.r W E,tl, e un.i,.,., Tor Uit .'"I!, t ; ,,[, anj iich vcr) r- eoLupaoj, Wp iu m(. rui i ; r-rct.Abt' i;i office (N.j. a \Vl»roo*in «tr»r«4.,) • \*~',--•: April, where order* c»n b« I .-ft, a., i w^ll i •t.eDtioa. Our ftouthorfrted colttcior* »U, •U Utf varehoujes uf <htf>L'rr« 1..1* .rciAt Freight Uauspo; i*.iiu^ ^:j L) .s ii*'< i\: p lea t Ion kt Ui« office uf klr .\. V . W , A . UETRGIT Ilailuay &, MILWAUKEE Meamboal Lint- ! OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT DRY UOJDS AND YANKEE NOTION-i Milwaukee, .Man:), 4"J, I FAKE K! I 1 I t U JM.K\M UK - \ i I M. < Kl> NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD A r i .-Jill I lf£ \ Ml i.i K - ' 1 . 4>IU ] H H. Nfw Vcirk i tr iprlu NOT1CK. 1 1 M I . OFHCK !• P'A BL'tlop tajo!l VI MI Co . Jlokii A' . t K.. J k,HKAI." k tL N anil after April »th, 1S59. nn.l O N am lice, .r;l -. unt.l Ifotir* uf >>al Hi I , . I u u n 111 for ITO Ual'road wilhoul a wntlfn or.i^r fr .aj U.r un.l ell. BllUwill be !>»«! niontMy soil sc.-<,ur. i wll < OnliDOed «ith MIJ ,. l( ncrrTi t/i»t tir ^i,-. 1 1 I monthly bllia C. D. HALL, DeTi'l \trl M rl,(»i!»-- aprlC J T. MOOUY, M««t-r ,,r Tr»o«p..n»i THE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present Beacon, run th?lr well ItnowD and popular l,iae of RrtfulArlj, brtwt-en •1- OSWKdO, XIIK fPPF.K I.AKKSI a S«?ml-Weekly line between OgiltfDjhurch an.l and Chicago, Milvaukre an<! Inl^rme tiat^ Orta, connpctlni; at Ogdeosbarirh vith the uODENSBUKOH 1 VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD BOUTK, B.etween Ogdensbargh, BurimirtoD, t'-i'ui «besttr, Nashua, Lawrence, Lf*wr\l. Worr Boston, and at Oswefco »1th th« N^w Oawn Thin; Vim Glass Uanal Bnau on ttir Kalar, between Oi e/o, , ilan- T and Line of Can&l. JAlbniiy *J* n at Dunkirk with w \ ork NRW YORK AXD KKIK RAlI.KOAl*, And forming a Trl-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicago. Property forwarded by this Line will bu iubjr<-t ta bat One Transhipment. $3T" Merchandts- marked »*>. T. <JO. §. X. Pit EMS" w111 he forwarded from N c w York by an Freight Train over Uu A'«r Yort rf ffH* And promptly forwarded from Dunktrk.j APPI.^ TO . MTIES, Agent N. T. Oo., 177 Broadway, New York . U. Wissu, Agenl N T Cn , S C<Enll«-» Slip, Nr» J J. York. OBIS. 8. Tirris, corner 6th ao.l Ohp^nut it., Phil* llovti i Cuwruan, Oswego N V. B. D. CiU)««U-, Agent, Dunkirk, N Y. CHlMBttUJ, CuWrOU) ICo , OlrTclaod, O. JOBS HOCK50, Agent N. T. Co., 95 Ctalc it.. Bout >, A. UoaBMiS, Agent \. 0. Line, 108 Stale It , llonnn J. F. CHTBCH, Agent, Boaie'l Pninl, N Y. Gio. FlEKXR, Agent, OgdensburKh, N. Y. t. J. UIG11Y, -Mllwauk-ee, Wll , .ifflce UCrass.- A U R- R. Depot. J. H. CRAWFORD, i ... . ..,, • O. J. 11 A 1. 1-:, ( M «»«"k<:=, Wisconsin, Office near M. * M R. B. Depot. N. B. — Shipper! are requested to iee one of the above AgenU before making contract*, a* they are prepared to; offer Tery low rates, and their connections with the Ogdtnsburgh and Oswego ronus, and especially »ith the New Tf»-rk A Erie Railroad glre them un*urp*&Bcd facilitiei for cheap and speedy transportation. rl3-d6n>-lutirla v Notice lo Uontraclor*. roposals will be received until noon of the 24th last., for the, bridging ind track-laying required to complete the Haclne and Mlasleslppt Railroad fHim Its present terminus at DSTIA Station, to Krjeport. Oontracton will b« reqalred to commence the work oq the 1st of Jane, and com lete the facie on or before the l«t of September next. Information concerning; the amount and character of tht> work to be done, ma; b « obtained by application to BOHKKT DA KRIS', Superintendent, at Racine. propoialf will be addressed to tbe undersigned. Attorneys for the Mortgagees of laid road, at R:c«, Wit fl. A. TUOUSON, l! T. B. BLACK8TONE, Badne, Hay 18, 1869. m»y21-d<t .Attorneys. NOTICE. . ndred and twenty-two thousand dollars of the first mortgage bonds of the Milwaukee A Superior jBallroad Co., will be sold at anctlon ot, Batorday, lnstint, at 13X r. M., at th« Ohambor of Commerce. mjy20-dSt rto. L. DOSJUI , ..... B1HOH I.STT. Attorney and Counsellors t Law, [I Qfflct-^mptrtSlael^yn £a*t IFW«-«ti HILWAUKEI,. . . ...... [roayM]......... WISCONSIN 1100 JBLfl BOaB BIKFr lo store, for ssJe, . *""^-- - LATTOB! PUKINTOH. uie'B piic«, ; .^ M,..».,«r, *•- lirnu.l Ha v Hiven The ihc K I (sran«l Hav-u r, sers W. ut.ons, wtil t*e i,*.rrteil v ha-1 on spplioauoa tn T~ Tick eld ,-a.n b^ h*,i » n 6«>*rU Steamers ami K. ML'IR, >ll v-rj .. • ipr«ir-.t]m r,RAH\M, Duck Offli • Detroit 1TR P\ST A 1.1. Oh 1M5S ^t: 01 EK .v n WATFK STUEKT. W 4). OULD rr>ipectfully annouoct to tJif.r >I.J ^uatom era, thai they itlll continue t.» It^rp tfu- ,jr H 'fs md best selected Stock of Goods m their ..n.- '.,. ., foaD.Mn the State, und will cumJuct Lheir t>ua>ac«r. *.• hcr*-lofore, with the intention »f «rivin,[ *.iiiif:i.-t . •, TD a,t many new cuslnmer-! u m»y r*f«-i -,. nned -•> ^v.-an a cail, we would §ay uue uf our tlnn r-^,i L -i n \^« York, an. I wv have facilities for in- purchue iu.1 man dfacture of goods that can not be excellr 1. W- \ r ~ -^ all times rentty tn lake m1v»ntaj{c jf IC-ijitfrn Mirft-ts and have been «asM«U u» rediicc Hit- pr-r*. .r m*uj kinds or ffuods, which w w -hall e<>ui<niir i.. .-( *r in, lowest pncea in Wtfit^rn ^ rieu. We art- c;,>n9tantly /eceiYiDK add^Uons u> ..ur at.>.-ii and will k^rp It iu complete ad t» be ible ai ,*Jl -.aut-K to fill or-lers for any kind uf Saddler*', ''nrr-.i^e fmn oiers' or Trnqli MAK-TI' dtocK, »nd wiil <|n ,„ n 4 ., lrtn ner to (tivc ^ritafaction In respect to qualtty »n.i pr.cea We alno keep an oasortmeDl of iitfQl rttull, I*r>it-a, dhafu Felloefi t -pokes, Hu^s, Ac., io,, and have constantly nr DWELLING W AK K HO [' •' 1$ fr, |J I . h tn<I. ur trill oiaae to order, any kind nape, W atfoa or Te:»m Hirnc.ta. Oa.ll and lee for yourseavea. Coii-h, t.'ar K E M OVAL tt K A H*J) removed Lo hio oM stand, NO. | I 80 EAST \VATEH h KTREKT ^((>f.porit<! J. A'. B<rn4***#t'i Dry ti***t * $ttrr * ^ \ Anil barlo^ made inch aUditlone to his fweilitiei f..r K I N C) K T U A 1 i S Aa tn enab e him to Bay to the public irith conlldrncr that he Is now prepare*! to furnish them with »v-ry 1^- slrable style of Picture ttoo^rn to the comn. unity, \oii at such Astounding Low Prices as tn rlofjr comp'-titi'in for exaznple, Dagruerrolypcs for 134 Cit*. FULL sir.i.; piioTomi.t pus For only 11,110 the Drat one, an.l Duo fur tw Uupl^ nF.LAL%EOTVFK.N, A.1I9IKO1.U 4 FUN Aid In fact every other t stjle of Picture, at correo- ipondlng low prlcei. IiUPEHIAL PIIOTUUKAPILS, Colored in either Oil or Water Colors, ami Hni»h<-ii u, the highest ityle of the Act.| THE STEL'LOTYPE, A new aud popular style of .Picture, ColoreJ in OH, which far excels In'Accuracy, Boldneaa and Doauty or unlgh. any other Picture ever olered to the Public.- These Pictures have only lo be seen to be a,lmlrf.1. All who are desirous of saving money art rMpect sollclteU to call and examine Specimens at the Stand, No. 188 last Water itreet, JTUicautte, Wlt.-oninn. marlS-<16ra W. f. BAYLKV, A,ti»t.S. Doctor C. Lai»<li-r, H AVING located himself la Milwaukee, offers hli service* to the pabtlc- Dr. L. hu served In the British Army for fifteen years, In India, Burmah and In the Crimea. Surgical cases promptly attended. Oflice corner Boron, and Tan Buren st. rnSKRA JAPONIC*, 80 Inns for sale by •»• '•.....' 0- HAKWJIQTON, f«b» . At S etjaU. per 100 Un. h' • I. \ \ . 1 . A JNTo. ISO 'A \ - i i ; t- i ATLAYni r si NULK II kN, .r r <S8, ,r, SA 111 1 ).\ rsr :» * I \» *%'. II. a i A I AT i «• r ( r I O o r »• •;; »ry „., 'I PT.I,|II. ;I ... r'A 1 K.N I «-lth IN., HKHT. EC'UMI.UIC. 1 11. LllillV uprrmr t.i III.- l>^Ht Cn U ^ tinlibi. wll . Lighu inort*, Apply ..ntin-ly •t, ,)in,)kc r>- fruni -»il .an JOHN HOOD' » Wisco.i, t (or thw Siau. ,| o u a I h n u 4 r » (>rliiK SI., 1 -uret-t u. it c* It lloii»u KEKPS CONSTANTLY an han,l a large wac.rtm^a .f Mahoganj, Black Walnut and otber Wonil U,,Uln», lo«*%" »'th Wsk's Metallc Burial Oases. The office of mo Voresl Uomu Cemetery Company n "my place, irhore I havutha pl»tj of the grounds. I "n always ready to ancomimnjr patrons to tho Ueme- irey to select luu or place, for ourlal, and oan bo round iraiay placo of business Jay or Bight. OoHln Trljn- ann»of all tloda for .ale. LA7TON * PLANSIHTON

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