Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 18, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1897
Page 8
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IM!&^ STERLING, ILL., MARCH 18,1897 THIS AND THAT. S5«a »nd Wopirn, Fucts and Fancies In a Nut*hell. 3Jie stormy March h&R cpme at last ' tflth wind ami elowl and changing skits, ~ I hear ti>» rushing o! the blast, That tbro' the snowy Talley flies. Tomato soup! Why not? Goes to tbe spot. Let it be steaming from the kettle. f . It was an Oklahoma man who moved that this legislature do adjourn until 2 p. m. this afternoon. Amelia, one of Thackeray's finest female characters, was the name of his grandmother. Don't know where pins g6, but fac- many turn out 86 millions dally. Chicago Chronicle thinks it ia unjust end outrageous to buy school books al public expense. We move that Fitz and Corbett be put in jail, and use their muscle in breaking stone. McKinley receives his callers, hears their story,'and keeps his mouth shut. Keep Sunday and you'll have a good conscience,and not go crazy. Osman Pasha, general of Turkish army, wears a full white beard and -Bkull cap, and has a coat covered with stars. ". • •.•'-• Kansas City minister believes there are no real everlasting fires in hell. But you better be careful. Not known for sure whether Hard- for the new baby. Let us quit eating Spanish mackerel. "Why encourage the barbarous old government? Cuba libre I A Miss Hanna, eldest daughter of Hark, eo winning that she has caught a young bridge builder in Toledo. The. isles of Greece which Byron praised are not to be compared with Islands on coast of Maine for beauty. Duke of Fife never wears clothes twice same week. We; do. There's , the difference. . Bombay, India, has a new B. E. station that looks as gorgeous as a royal palace. • . How to use large wealth is the title of an article in a magazine. Let us 'bare a chance at your pile and we'll enow yon. Arbucklq is called-the coffee-baron, Havemeyer the sugar autocrat. Dr. Jordan: No use to try to fasten a $2,000 education to a fifty cent boy. 'Chicago is having her yearly dog ~8fiow7 We Btnnnsist that^irsterling ever hopes to amount to anything, she must follow New York and Chicago. We neglect the dog. For a man to die who might have been wiae, and was not—this, says Carlyle, I call a tragedy. "Phroso," Anthony Hope's new novel, is highly praised. If Anthony wants us to read it, let him send the book and $5 and we'll go at it. Life la a game of cards,>they say— Poor damsels find it so—alack!' .--For try-the wry best they may Tlieir king turns out to be a Jack. ' • • - —New York Herald , 23 acres of land to every person on globe. Have you your share ? This is Lent, and we are glad our gay folks are lying low. Mother McKinley always hoped her dear William would some day be a Methodist bishop, and now to see her hopes dashed to the earth. Greece is only half size of Penna., bat it has always made itself heard. ,Llke a jvasp, small,but hard to squeeze. in St. Louia schools, a pupil can be auspended for using o cigarettes. 'Presdt. Cleveland was thrifty while in W, House, saved a wife, 3 daughters, fish pole and duck gun. Old Trinity church, N. Y., in May will celebrate her 200th annlversaiy, • Man is born with two eyes, but 6ne tongue, that he may aee twice as much as he flays. Have you heard robins say how long they are going to etay? Wanted in Sterling—About five good , afsertdluner speakers, who in three minutes can set everybody to roaring. Away with your dry, sober deacons. After July 4, 1896,46 stars in the old That etriped bunting la a danger- ousthing to fire upon. , J3e thankful Jor health, for it will Sot always Ipl,^ Apple sajjce^ remera- l«f wi®* spare ribs. The suicide is a coward, afraid to i th* music. Bettor bear the ills we fiy to others we know not of. Our city is foil of churches aod min- Mere. Why not Mtiid these eyeagelista So destitute plaeea, wh*ie there ia uo > are hungry for i Wfey 4s MeKiafej'a auaii bigger than &s nite« f Answer a««t week. «a» » iaoatfr ia N. Y., t%» aa, 4 4a« ia Cfaie#f o. Private secretary of President mns be s brighter man than the I* himself for he has to decide on every caller ftnc every letter. Horrible discovery has just been made that bicycle girls cannot dance as they ought to—muscles twisted. Livingstone's heart was buried in Africa In 1873 near a tree which is now decaying. The spot should be marked ._ A man will die for want of air In 5 minutes, of water in a week, of sleep in ten days. Gladstone at 80 is serene and hopeful, Bismarck sour and gloomy. G reads his Bible. Greek flag is a white cross on blue ground, and we hope it will continue to float in Crete. Down with the Turk, The absent minded man, 'Us said, Is he, without much doubt. Who put the candle Into bed, And blew himself clear out. —New York Tribune. _LS moking-does- but then you are npt etc. Fewer suicides in Ireland than in any other country in Europe. About June, 1898, a monument will be in place to author of Star Spangled Banner. A Dixon man who drank a cup of yeaat for buttermilk rose soon after midnight. Washington is full of fellows that want to see McKinley. Ob, we all love Mac. South is beginning to turn sweet po tatoes into whisky. Bad luck to them, Washington Hesing is called by Tribune busiest man in Chicago. Who is ours? i New waiting room of N. Y. Central in N^Y ; ,jgJhe,largegtJD_wprJj.^_ ._Seventy mechanics handle knife before i| is done. ( Are you collecting anything, buttons, coins, pictures, laces', autographs ? If women would eat more onions, not necessary to send so often for doctor. Funny. Fresh maple sugar in store before the sap has begun to flow in Vermont. Tell your cook to make her beat soups these cold, windy March days. Boston Transcript gives these as six wonders in America :> Niagara Falls, Yosemite, Mammoth Cave, Natural Bridge, Yellowstone Park, Grand Canon. A few more blizzards, and no coal to start the furnace next fall. In the bright lexicon of youth.there's no such word as fail. Bulwer. you will be happy after death, is the unbalance of most sermons nowadays. Mrs. Beecher's body rests in Greenwood by the side of her great husband -Henry-Ward;—LifeVfitfuHevertfverf she sleeps well. . ' Women are more eager to marry than men because they have no idea of the responsibilities of marriage. Is this BO? Harriett Preacott Spofford calls the new Cong. Library a palace of art and loveliness. It is a perfect gem. Dr. Ingrahatn.rector of Grace church, St. Louis, who wrote Prince of House of .David, has been 60 years in Episcopal ministry. The useless buttons on men's coats Behind would support all our orphan asylums. A London paper defines home; The father's kingdom, children's paradise mother's world. This is true and elegant. . Dr. Nansen, Arctic explorer, has refused $25,000 for 100 lectures in Germany. Men in Sterling who will give our Dutch friends talks on north pole for half that. * Ingalls believes a foreigner or any- >ody should be able to read, write and speak English language before voting, ler Dream— • She heard him say be loved her, And >voke with Joyous scream, To find herseli the victim 01 a mean Welsh rabbit dream. —Detroit free Press, It takes a letter two weeks from Constantinople to New York. Claus Spreckels, sugar king, is build- ng a six million dollar palace in San Tranclpco. That bright star in the south is Sirius, the star-of summer dog days. —; Atehison Globe: No one ever thinks a boy is tired. What is home without boy? """• ; Isabel thot she, was "in love, but a >ottle of spring tonic brot her thro. When you fall asleep, eyes give way first, Tennyson's biography by hia eon lallam will appear this fall in two arge volumes, You can make old people happy if r ou mention some one 20 yeara older, till in good health. Death rate in London, 18 in 1,000, a 'ery healthful city. A weaver's wife in Vienna has 32 children, ,Send her to Oklahoma. Greatest excitexaeot ia Canton since eiiiuley left is au organ grinder aod a bear. frof, H. 0. W*id of and n» wO! tor Do not givo. children too much poetry to learn with other Rtudies. G discouraged. 15 to 20 lines per week enough. Gunther is in the field for city treasurer, Chicago. No danger of his defeal if he sends a box of candy to every voter. Best investment any young man can make is a college education. But let him be in earnest. "• Who wrote to his queen: MadamTa! is lost but our honor ? Let us hear from the high schools. A dollar sent to the Christian Herald for India will keep a poor native from starving till next harvest. Always take a nickel or dime to an evening lecture. Be not a dead h«ad. Pay for what you get. Agasslz: If we study nature in books, when we go out doors we can notjlnd her. ______ ^r-iO years of his great life, Darwin had not a day of cheerful health. Prea. Jordan, of Leland Stanford •University calls the essays on commencement day, "flavorless foolish' ness." Does he want a monkey show? One minister in 4, one lawyer in 5, one doctor in 12 has a College "education, Queen Victoria's sciatic rheumatism so bad she must be carried up stairs, and wheeled from room to room, While Wichita men in Kansas are Bitting on store boxes and talking reform, their wives are marketing, 500 dozen eggs per week. Moral. Man wants but little here below, . Nor wants that little long; But prlma donnas want much more, And want It tor a song, - : ______ __ . Nashville American. off your hats to the old hero. Be sure to gaze at these beautiful February skies on clear nights. Today Fitz and Corbett are tearing each other like two Kilkenny cats. Stick to your frog, and he will teach you more of science than a library of text books. David Starr Jordan. More money spent in U. S. for cigars than for common schools.!} [Smoke vs. brains. Softest shade of tan for gloves, Lucinda. Wet frying is -to cook in plenty of hot lard, but not boiling, Fiji people pay taxes to England in cocoanuts. Encourage the debate. No better school for young lawyer. So Clay, Fox _and ; other8_laM_tMfpundatiori_otlheirl fame. Meth. minister in Michigan is preaching a series of sermons on the "Devil in Lansing." -.'..., eolrMosby,-X3onfrcavBlry-leader,~iB tall, has smooth face and dark eyes, and lives on Pacific coast. The heaviest load a man can carry is the weight of a glass of liquor. Boston Globe: Pros. McKinley has his hands full, and ex-Pres, Harrison his arms full.'-'. That baby. In roasting meat, turn with a spoon instead of fork, as fork lets juice out. How many cooks know this? A Lacon man, 111., intends to raise 100,000 cats next year for fur. Let him keep dogs out, or the f iir wllFIlyT ~"~ War against cigarettes goes on, Fire away. Save the boys. Stop the sale. Mrs. Grant, Mrs, Sheridan, and Mrs. Logan, all have cosy homes in Washington, full of relics of their famous husbands. - < Do people spend too much time in thinking about dress? We do'not .know. Pass the question to your church sewing circle. . . • Thirty years ago, Berlin, Germany, was smaller than Phila,, now 500,000 more people, The Dutch are not so alow. Use tea leaves and closed sweepers on carpets as the miserable dust is full of germs, not fit for your lungs, Grand Duke Paul of Russia BO tall ;hat when be travels, he has to carry his own bed. ' No wine at White House, decrees Mrs, McKinley. .Bravo. A cup of cocoa, Mrs. Mac, will suit us, good enough for any foreign nabob. After 12 weary years, New York pronounces Grant monument ready to dedicate. Sleepy set east. Need some of our Illinois snap. —John Cramer returned from Dlxon yesterday where he has made several contracts for moving buUdiage. John says that he has @50C worth of work contracted there, and more in eight. Fishing: Time Is Here, and you will alt have time to fish, and whether you flah for sport or profit, you will iind the finest, largest and cheapest Una of Fishing Tackle ia the B v J,Feigly-&Soa'8» Sheep ln<Sn*try IBI Iotr». Prof. James Wilson of tbe Iowa Agricultural College, says: The sheep industry of the United States along mutton -lines, 18 oaa of growing importance. The Department of Agriculture at Washington reports 88,298,783 head In January 1898, valued at $65.167,736. The United Statea exported 405,748 sheep in 1896,. valued at 12,630,686, and during the same year imported 291,461 head, valued at $682,618. Analysis of these movements will show that we send fat sbeep to Europe and Import principally Iambs from Canada and breeding sheep from England. The sheep industry of the United States has gone through periods of prosperity and depression. Federal me "favor ed tfiB fins' laws "aFdne breeds; the modification and final repeal of those statutes made it evident that more attention must be Liven to the mutton feature and that wool should only be incidental. The exports of sheep in 1891 wero 60,947; in 1892, 46,960; in 1893, 37,260; In 1894, 132,370, and in 1895, 405,748, a total value of $4,607,057, showing that the American farmers are rapidly turning their attention to production for export. The imports for the same time amounted to $5,813,512, showing- that we have imported more sheep in the past five 'years than we have exported; $204,723 of this was for breeding sheep from the United Kingdom. The total number of sheep in the state of Iowa in January, 1896, as given in the y.ear book ,of the Department of Agriculture at Washington was 565,137, valued 1895 reports the total number at 492,876, valued at $1,160,535. The latter authority reports the value of sheep sold for slaughter In 1894 at $475,886 and the value of fleeces at $380,875. The state census shows that Iowa farmers are giving attention to the improved breeds, reporting 48,730 Merinos; 33,682 Cotswolds, 3,699 Leices- ters, 3,754 Suffoiks, 100,060 Shropshire- Downs, 8,486 Oxford-Downs, 7,428 South-Downs, and 4,629 Hampshire- Downs. These numbers are, perhaps, not all eligible to registry. The census takers have, doubtless, included some grades of different breeds, but the report indicate? the extent to •which improved blood is being used in the state. It is sometimes said that Iowa lands are too valuable to be devoted to sheep raising;' but the high priced lands'of Great Britain sustain 680 sheep per 1,000 acres of agricultural lands, and Scotland in 1893 had even as nlgbTas £380 Bheep"pef"liOOO acres,- accprding to Professor John. Wrightson of London. Iowa has at the present time, according to state statistics, not more than twenty-five sheep per thousand- The county of Lincolnshire, England, has over twice as many sheep as the entire 'state o£ Iowa. It is well known that the skill of the breeder has done much toward improving the sheep; early maturity has been brought about with some breeds, together with increased amounts of weight on the high selling parts, and wool that sells for comparatively higu prices. It, is also generally known that the best mutton breeds are profitably handled on the richest lands of Europe; suggesting to us that the state of Iowa with its rich grasses and cheap grains may become the home of the best breeds of mutton sheep, that can profitably riyal other domestic animals in farm economy. • Cattle ia Utah, The total number of cattle in the state last spring, according to the assessment rolls of the various counties, was 195..404 head, -which were valued for taxation purposes at $2,204,868. In numbers these figures indicate a decrease from 1895 of 17,043 cattle, but n value the returns show an increase of $86^913 for the lesser number listed :n 1896. The average value per head last year was $11.28, while that of 1895 was $9.96. In 1894 the several counties of the state returned for taxation 236,865 cattle which were worth on an average, according to the officials of that ,lmo, about $10.30 a head. During the year there have been sold for delivery Hit of the state close upon 60,000 cat:Ie. Of these the markets caught in the vicinity , of 20,000. The remaining 40,000 were disposed among tUe states as follows: Wyoming, 7,500; Montana, 7,000; Nebraska, 6,000; Kansas, 4,000; : North Dakota, 3,000; Colorado, 3,600; Missouri, 1,500; Idaho, 1,600; British Columbia, 8,000; various, 3,000; total 40,)00. The consumption within the state ins been hard to get at in the absence of records to refer to. From the inifor-. maton 'bearing upon the subject which has been secured the number killed for use 'within the state and territory Immediately adjacent which It supplies ms feeeu estimated as running between 35,000 and 40,000,— Bait "Lake Tribune. Thin Horses. — A large percentage of the horses marketed would sell better if they had a little more flesh. A thin aorse ia not attractive to the average juyer, who wants a horse that he can ju't to work at'o.nce, and of which, ha will not be ashamed. A few epecu- :ators who can sea the outcome of a :iorse when there is nothing especially wrong with him • except hia leanness,. can afford to buy and condition him, jut the majority of buyers will pa#a the thin horse by tog the fleshy one, even if the ioriuer le really the autmal. If a torse ia to be aold, la jfowdi flesh. Hotfeiag wilt pay fur the e&irft. vats 1865. 1897. At MOSES DILLON'S l , you can buy the Best Hard Goal lor $7.00 per ton CASH. Please Remember that my Stock of Lumber, Sash, Doors and Building Material Is complete. See me before you buy, Prices right. Plenty of Opod-Dry Oak St6ve^Wd"dd~oh hand. " Telephone No. 19. Positively the Finest Line of Samples this • side of Chicago. Call and see for yourself. W.P.Hallett, ...Druggist. lUnrnu Books, Hagazmei and m llNlitKV E 8 ? 1 ne »1y «»1 unbattn I IllUkal 8 • tially bound, in different .•Wen andat prises (o «al t the time t,»t th« STERLING JTANDARDBINDEfiY BTKKLUfO. Just Received, m ^f ','<#* A car of that XXXX Pills bury Best Flour* " *: Also a fine lot of Smoked andk * Dried" Fish. Smoked He?- ; ring, Spiced Herring, Bloat- ; -'.., cw,-Smoked •-.mitefiBh, aft* >s the best line of Groceries i the city. Prices always the Lowest, wi 5-per,cent discount on 110* orders. . ' , Duplicate any 'order given ia M the City of Sterling. West Third Street. Locust and Ninth Strs^ \ - , *+} • -4- ; 5.Blocks from Post Office. ,- } • . • .'. ' ' .*-«!.» Good desirable Lots, high,, dry, and cheap. Prices--~vJ and terms right. , ,1 Call and see me. - J.i,KiIgonr, Of f ice Corner 1st Ave and 3rd Str». inrlUUona. Annoimo«n«nti * Catling OArdB3aemeMOMd*>l v ,,;« handsomely engrared to or*/??.? ^ <l«r.—Bftmptov "" v - • ' tblioffloa, or address . THB STERLING 8TANDABD, "*""^-r, ill. ASSAULTED ' B^SfSRil^mXSSSSSHHH^tSi^^^HBBnfBi^^^^SSBSKSSfSjS&SSBSSSBB ' -* ' ••''-'. • '. .•••-.-'•' By our competitors their aim is to drive the Depart-, ment Stores out of^ existence^ b^t we will fight ' - a good fight. Therefore we have .„ ' . • ; • „• .. . ;•,•....•"..'•-•.'•',• ' • ' • i* • . ' * • ' Violently Murdered Prices. : Our Loss is your Gain. Clothing Sale. We are going to close out our Cloth- ng to make room- for another line of goods. Any Man's Suit we have in the Store for.................... 88.75 Hats and Caps. Dry Goods. ialico ,...,.......,,......,.,,... 3c Muslin................V.......,., S^Q A Nice Assortment of Ladles' ' Belts. \ . . ' -.'.*" Fancy Linings, All Colors; Just the thing. Dress Goods, At prices to suit the times and such >retty Styles, • ..__•• Come and see them. Basement Bargains. Scrub Brushes. , CT " Wringers and Wash Machines fin Ware. Glass Wiure, 6 Gallons Gasoline for 46 cents. Why pay 60 cents when you oan buy the for 45 eeata. Shoe Sale. 200 Pair of Ladies' Fine. Shoes.' If you* size is among them you ^r/| can bujrihem a pair for 0"C Come and Bee,them before they •' are gone. Men's Shoes 79 cents up. Just received a new line of Latest .L.:'; ,. ;.;-.'..: Style Shoes. ' Groceries. Fresh Eggs, per Dozen,.., iQg Buckwheat, per pound, .<* gg 2 Peund Can iSugar Corn.; BO 3 Pound .Can Peaches ^ We are overstocked with TEA and we will sell 1 Pound of our Fancy Uncolored 50c Jap Tea for....... s§0 And 3 Cakes of Santa Glaus Soap with the T«a at I cent per Cake, or. as-

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