Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1971 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1971
Page 5
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Unemployment, high prices top problems Evening Telegraph Monday, Jan. 4, 1971 A-5 By LOUIS HARRIS As the country enters 1971, worry about the state of the economy dominates the concerns of the American people. Rising prices and continuing unemployment emerge as the "top Speaking styles overstated Telegraph's Medill Service WASHINGTON-The difference between the way whites and Negroes speak is "grossly overstated," according to one linguist. Susan H. Houston, assistant professor at Northwestern University, Evanston, said that the only difference between the English spoken by the two races is pronunciation. "In fact, whites speak the way blacks do and blacks talk white," Miss Houston said at a Linguistics Society of America conference here. Yet prejudice arises against people throughout the country simply because of the way they speak, Miss Houston said. Miss Houston has done language research in regard to Negro children in Atlanta and in northern Florida. She said that there should be only two classifications of English — educated and uneducated. There is white and Negro uneducated English spoken, as well as white and Negro educated English. A child should be taught only educated English — not a white or Negro variety, according to Miss Houston. Miss Houston said many teachers in the South teach children to speak what sounds correct to the teacher. "Even black teachers try to make a black child speak like the perfect white nw'ol," she said. Miss Houston said that a person's speaking style is simply part of his personality. "It's bad busines sto change this style," she said. "You can make a child unhappy and hostile by saying that there is something wrong with his identity." Carlinville CG program to be updated CARLINVILLE — Melvin Dunn, director of the Carlinville Civil Defense organization, is in the process of updating Carlinville's civil defense program. Dunn has announced that the Civil Defense alert will be given on the first Tuesday of each month on a regular basis. The siren will sound at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, for the first time. The alert will last for one minute. The Civil Defense organization will show a movie entitled "Time of Emergency" to members of Boy Scout Troops 62, 64, and 66 at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Canada cool to dodgers TORONTO (AP) - A former FBI agent said Sunday the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Vancouver police have been taking U.S. draft dodgers in Canada back across the border at Elaine, Wash., "for a long time." William Turner, interviewed on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. television program "Weekend," said the FBI and Canadian police forces have a "very cozy arrangement." He said FBI agents are allowed to enter Canada for 72 hours to try to convince draft dodgers and deserters to return home. Turner said he had visited Vancouver a number of times on such missions. Often, when he was unable to find the man he was seeking, Canadian police would later track down the man "and shove him across the border," he said. (ADVERTISEMENT) More Security With FALSE TEETH Whilt Eating, Talking Don't be BO afraid that your falsa teeth will tome loose or drop Just at the wrong time. For more security and more comfort, sprinkle famous FASTEETH Denture Adhesive Powder on your plates. PASTEBTH Holds dentures firmer longer. Mafcca >mtlng easier. PASTEBTH 1» alka- i;,ie—won't sour v«ider denturw. j?i gummy, gooey, pasty .u.te. De». tures that fit are essential tJ health. Bee your dentist regularly. u«t FA8TEETH at all druj counters. problems" volunteered by a majority of 63 per cent to which they feel the new Congress should address itself. The Harris Survey asked a cross section of 1,568 households these questions: "What are the two or three top problems facing people such as yourself that you would like to see the new Congress do something about? Anything else?" and "What do you think ought to be done about it?" ISSUES OF PUBLIC CONCERN Total Public Per Cent. State of the Economy 63 Control air and Water pollution 41 War in Vietnam 31 Taxes and spending 31 Crime 28 Drugs 18 Student unrest 15 Education 11 Increase Social Security 9 Racial problems 8 National health Insurance 7 Housing 6 Farm problems 5 Labor problems 4 Cut foreign aid 4 Abolish the draft 4 The focus of the issues is in the main on domestic affairs. And the roster of concerns about which people are looking to the Congress to take action is long, indeed. In fact, each person interviewed in the survey volunteered at least two problems requiring high priority attention and sometimes many more than that. Here is what the public wants done on each of these key areas of concern: —On fhe economy, by a 3- to-2 margin, the central focus is still on prices. A majority would like to see federal price and wage controls or guidelines established to keep down the cost of living. There is also some sentiment for keeping wages abreast of rising prices and to lower interest rates on borrowing. —In the matter of pollution, the demand is that stricter anti-pollution laws be passed, particularly restricting and penalizing industrial pollution. Automobiles are also singled out frequently and the public favors tighter regulation of car exhaust systems. —The overwhelming sentiment among those who singled out Vietnam as a key issue of concern was stated simply, "get out of 'Vietnam, end the war." Others expressed support for President Nixon's policy of "winding down the war" by bringing home American troops. No more than 2 per cent still want to escalate the war by renewing the bombings of North Vietnam. —The thrust on taxes and spending is to reduce taxes, to allow more income-tax exemptions, and to do away with tax loopholes for the rich. But the demand for more trimming of the federal budget is still substantial. —On crime, the public most of all would like stricter law enforcement, including more police protection and tougher sentences on those convicted of crimi nal offenses. J & A Springman YORK FURNACES —In the drug area, people want stricter laws controlling drug abuse, heavier sentences for pushers, better education for parents and teenagers, cutting off the sources of hard drugs from abroad, and yet also favor more leniency for first-time drug users. —In the area of student unrest, the public suggests more" enforcement of riot laws, a desire to "throw trouble-makers out of college." and a mandate to work toward more harmony on campuses. —On education, people would like to see more federal aid for local schools, an end to busing, development of better teachers, and more funds with which to build more schools. Basically, the underlying mood of the country is deep concern that ways be found to solve substantive problems. The state of the economy is biting deep, the pollution of air and streams is now of more popular concern than the issues of crime, drugs, student unrest, or race. And impatience over liquidation of the war in Vietnam appears to be on the rise again. During last fall's political campaign, the public was exposed to rather extensive rhetoric on many of the issues. Now the people seem to be saying they would like (o see these problems worked on in earnest, if, indeed, total solutions are not readily in sight. APPLIANCE SCRATCH & DENT DISTRIBUTOR BUY-OUT We purchased 2 trailer loads of scratch & dent refrigerators of most all sizes and colors at fantastic low prices, All units are new — all have factory parts warranty — some have very little damage. All prices CASH AND CARRY — DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE AT SLIGHT EXTRA CHARGE. Can arrange financing. 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