Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 26, 1938 · Page 6
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 6

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 26, 1938
Page 6
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HURON JMMIAL Page 6 HELVIN 4 JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Sautrday Morninfi. November 26. l'J3S THE OYSTER--THE TRUE SYMBOL OF GOOD EATING Oysters for Thanksgiving Dr Lewis Radcliffe, Director, Oyster Institute of North America, Washington, D. C. When the Pilgrims applied for n charter for the Mayflower from King James of England, they asked leave "to worship God according to then own conscience and to catch fish. At the period when the Mayflower dropped anchor on our chores the bays, coves and mouths of rivers from Capu Cod north to Maine and westward along both shores of Long Isl.mJ Sound had a wealth of natural b.-d.s of oysters. At times the early colonist* were largely dependent on the rich resources of fish and shellfish and on that original Thanksgiving Day in 4621 when Governor Bradford of the Plymouth Colony appointed a day for public praise and prayer after the harvest, there is little doubt that oysters were included among the food items. Thanksgiving is a period of heavy eating, Oysters are particularly adapted for use on feast days. They are easily digested and would contribute little, if anything, to the after-effects of over-eating. In fact, the number of oysters one may eat at a sitting is almost beyond belief. While exact figures are lacking as to the number one may safely consume, it is reported of a Frenchman, M. Laferte, at the thirty-second dozen he was just beginning to get up an appetite. We must remember, however, that the French oyster is very much smaller than our Eastern oysters. Some may recall the statement attributed to Thackeray, who after swallowing one of our large oysters upon being asked how he felt replied "Profoundly grateful, as if I had ewallowed a small baby." Of Diamond Jini Brady it has been said that the first counsc of his meal consistei of three dozen large Lynnhaven oysters, as big as your hand, to be followed by two lobsters or two dozen hard-shelled crabs. Another subject about which there is considerable dispute is the question as to whether oysters should ever bt cooked. "Somehow or other" accord ing to Schlosser "there is something persuasively and personally intimate in one's I9lations with an oyster, 01 with a couple of dozen oysters foi that matter. Really good oysters art too precious to be cooked, but shoulc be degnstatcd in puris naturalibus.' While many experts on the subjec of oysters will prefer theirs in thei natural state as the first course of the Thanksgiving dinner, many oth crs hold that the only proper stuffing for the Thanksgiving bird, be it turkey, duck, goose or chicken, is oyster stuffing. While there are stuffings and then more stuffings, and each has its own long Iht of admirers, the delicate seafood flavor of the oyster combines suberbly with the fowl such as no other ingredient docs. "Let us royster with the oyster--in the shorter days and moister That are brought by brown Sept. with its roguish final R For breakfast or for supper, on the under shell or upper Of dithes he's the daisy, and of shellfish he's the star." SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page 1. known about the Shakespearean play ley ball and speed ball. We expect £toil teams in both. Ho's Athletics Well, dear leadeih, soccei season over, with Ca inline High in .^euonit it-f. Basket ball doesn't betfin until after Chi i--tiii:is and heiu an. 1 months we don't know officially \vhiU to do with The bitf time teams a i e Ita\insr football, so why not wi '! With a combination of Tuiic-h and Tackle (that K, 2 hand toueli and 1 downs to make 10 \anls) tin- .Tiiiiioi-- iinil Seniois have a "Un tie T.istle" panic in athletic period. Chalk's (Uuldbeitf) Matley is. becoming famous :i^ the b i a i n s and star quiiitei- baik (with Mr. Lee's help) for the Juniors. Iloopei Thawley as the passer, Sheinian T i i h n i t t :L thi iimner :iml tlie lost of the boys ns the brains for tht- Seniois will i pally make Bitf Time Football History. BIG DOUBLE FEATURE AT DEX- TONIA THEATRE Departing fioin the usual Westei n ictit)n foimulii, Saturday only, No- ·cnibcr 2(1, Columbia's "The Coloia- o Trail" oflfeis Dotitonin Theatre au- liences an excitingly "different" tpt? if story, plenty of red-blooded action, ixccllent comedy, romance nnd sev- ·ral splendid new range rhythms. Diamatic Ellis Island--last portal ;f freedom--provides the background or the absoibing story in which 20th - lentury-Fox stars Don Ameche and] way, and with rabbits on tlit Theatre. put on at Chestertown la^t year. Why Hooper? "On accounta because--?" Robert Moore--noted misspellcr oj C. H. S. spelled teacher's name DEERdorfF. Girl's Athletics Last Thursday the field ball girls got together and had lunch in the cafeteria. After the girls had fini-hee their lunch Mrs. Nowcll brought out a chocolate cake for the team. On the cake were little candy field balls for each girl. Mrs. R,uc treated the girls to ice cream. They had their choice of sundaes or popsiclcs. The girls really enjoyed their treat and thcj thank Mrs. Rue and Mrs. Nowell for it. At the present the Sophomore, Jun ior and Senior girls are playing vol at fast k tfe unuaMe HI Soot pjaao craftsaaMfcip. The .Weaver * the inert MV Stjie Piano ia die World! Purity aad Beayty of Tone. Uaey ailed quality of comtrac- tfoa and outstanding distinction in appearance aod beauty. Here JB a modem piano that wttt realty amaze you and mote than meet the most exacting demands of tfaeae who like and want fine fhiay The Price « surprii- low, tO.' (CMWMicat Terms) the niaidi of Ameiica. Add s ; o i \ 'o and diicction and tlie 2 ( H l i Ci n- turj-Fox film at Hidgi-ly T . o i - l i o Monday, Tuesday and \Vodiu d r,, Novt-inhu- 28, 2!» and III) aiiX'im s 10 .1 p i i t m e that for yi-jiis In LOIII' u : l ' be roinoinbeioil .is a t u i n i ' i n l - i n . a new t it-mi-- the u l i J i s K U i n i i nt i" n- otalile nu Indie-, in :i d i . i i ' i a i u - l « i \ of the MMcen's niijrlitii'-1 .i.cin-.1 . Static Doomed l) M a i u h ' l \ i . i s Tin' ot R l i i t i n . . ! .*.." ticiaiis is the liigli sounding i t . l i ilollv.ood iti w h i c h Hilly an-! ii,.ir.\ Mau'ch an- the inline I U O M I - . ' I ' pin pose nf the o r g a n . / i l i u m , if » - ing to the yonii-j MSII movi · f. i: . i to "piomote gord lellow , ' i | i , e:.poi i- inent with eli-cti ii-ity and ti-, to I i- a cure foi static." 1 »_e purpose is the leason i'oi sion in tht; title of tin ' cians," which the b-y-- coined thorn-elves. 'TV . I'J'P -' · ' ilienii the .science oi sti-tic," seit. "Bui whL'thfi thing or not, it sou youthful W.unei Bn latest picture, "PeiuodV P"' 1 ' Troublf," i 1 ; nt the Ridgi-ly Iji Thursday, December home-made tclennonc twwn the homes of llu I m u n « m heis of the oijjanuatiou, I ho «m running a total di taneo 01 ~i\ !' .'1^. BE SURE YOU TACKLE ONLY HEALTHY SPECIMENS With the hunting sea on Important County Sanitation Project Arleen Whelan, "Gateway," Saturday only, November 26 at the Dcntonia . Francis and Juveniles Do Splendid Job in "My Bill" The tribute of sentimental tears as well as tesounilinpr applause is won by the Wainer Bros, picture, "My Bill," at Dentonia Theatre Monday and Tuesday, November 28 and 29, with Kay Francis demonstrating anew why she is one of the screen's greatest stars, and little Dickie Moore vicing with her for acting honon-. "Racket Busters" Vital Flm Story Walter Abel is one of those actors -- and there are a number of them -who would be very unhappy if their onlj function in life was to be mere entertainers. He feels that an actor can and should contribute more to his fellow-men than entertainment, and therefore he is happiest when _he is working in a picture or play which lias some real social significance. It is not nccessaiy, in his opinion, for a picture or play to consi-t of undisguised propaganda to rate the term "significant," for he feels quite certain that a dramatized tale can be absorbing and compelling entertainment and still leave the audience with something to think about. So when he was cast as the special pio. : ecutor in Racket Bu-ters," the Warner Bros. again, Dr. R. H. Riley, Dirctloi of the Maryland State Health, cautions Ml W NMe ORDER EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY SEE AND PLAY THIS NEW AND BETTER PIANO TODAY Cooper Furniture Co. Phone 130 Denton, Md. Dtpartnu-n; of huntei-., m.-uki-t l l l c ;,·: Tpe 1'iivj AppiDved By \i..i \ i.iloi S'.i · D. li... U1UIH i . Health In Mcmoriam In loving ineiiiuiy of my binthei.s and sistei-, Di. Ilmace L. JIHH-.S, Kllio. Com go, Addie, Helen and Laura Jiini-h CuJvor, \\lio died -1 years ago, N'lvoii.bei li. T l i e i o a i e laies that aie haunting us ' I h e i e .lie voices u e ' i e lunging t" heai, ' I h e i e ,u · smile* \ \ ' I I icnii inhi-i f o i - c'\er, Though we t r y to foi gel eveiy tear, " l i e n ' s a nil hut swot M i i u i i i b i HILL-. 'I hole's a nu i n o i y fund and t i n e , lioie's a token of ail'ecliun, do.ii*, .1 h e a i l - i o l i i - foi sill of .\oii. Cii. t l i jo 1 we knew w h ti we woie all together. V nun ivit si-'i r NELLIE. Gems Of T-:oin:ht Good thoughts, ov 11 li tlio* an foi gotten, d" ml niris'.i.- -Pnbliu Svi n CJOING TO THE DOGS loKihts latently found an tablet dating moie than 2,000 yi-ais back, on which was ill- people. A lot depends on what you ate for breakfast. Crying the blues may be- a relief but it wastes a lot of energy. We'd lather take it fur gianted that the I world hasn't gone to the dogs yet-the -ad tale of tough H''"-"'! all( ] usu that eneigy for motive power, mil ilcspaii fin the f u t u i e . So there's ' Upsides, feeling bud N a contagious nothing unii|uo about Soui pusses disease--which might infect cus- havo always heen had for some turners. The Oul IMIL- I'nvy Coiulemned By lnc liLiiitli Department .my men, housewives and conk-!, others who have occasion to handle the game, to be suie. they hac, in juy, healthy specimens only, and to exerci'c special care- in skmninn 'lie tabbits and in pi sparing the moat for the market or for the table. Cooks and housewives arc advised t h a t all rabbit meat prepared for the t'ible should be cooked thoi-oug'.ly. "All of these piecnutiunh aro urged," Dr. Riley continued, "as «ui'- guards against contacting lalibit fever. If you are a hunter 01 food handler you piobably have heaid of the disease and know that it is contracted in handling diseased uibbils --wild rabbits, paiticularly. \Vhik it is familiarlj known as rabbit favor. it is also listed in the text bo-»ks ,-s Tularcmia, from the place in California in which it was fin-t identified. "The disease spieads fioin arinnl to animal thiough the bite of i - i f i c t ed ticks, o r of certain kinds, of flios. It attacks wild rabbits, |ai l i c n l a i l y . It -i\,i called to (ho at'cntioii of the tiuxi'ii^ of Caroline County .sev- i-ial nit'iitlih .mo thiougii tlu 1 news- i h u t t ' c - i e v.,i a saniljulon !!i tliis county using WPA l.ibi)i- TIii\ nioject only cntif ist of b u i l d . t i ; : p i i v i t s . Tlie pit-tyjie p i i v , u l n d i t- .i;ipi.\'i'd In the local Health LK pa: Put n . is Iiadly neided in Cai- olri ' Cniiiiiy. '1'heie h.ivi- been ; ix case's of Typhoid I''evci w i t h one death in :i cei- lai.i 1:ivvn in Caroline dimly. Th (lc'.v!o]iiiiriit of T\ inoid in hUeh an au"i i: alvvay Hie i t s n l t of the pves- i ii.'c lit ;.ti unK'iiiwn Typhoi 1 can in in tl"- v i c i n i t v p i n - v e i y unsanitary i - n i h t i in . The c:i U -.v,i ' o solve I h l i ]n ilil. in uf ; '!" iilinid can ior is to liavo the inilivit'ual opeiated upon and I e Fi'.l'.hliiddei it'inovi'i! or to caic i : !he exci-'iiii'tit in a .Hiiic nuin- iii r. It i iniit'iiMn!'b!a !o ask an in- clividii! 1 vvlio i- not sn(r'i iiig from Typhoid a-ul y,t is a T y p h o i d car.ici t'i'i gi 1 'id 1 :) 101 ions opeialion ns rer.ioViil ot tin 1 g.illbhidiler, and few individuals will consent to this operation. Hie solution to the pralilcm i.s to enic for the excirmcnt from such indiviiiua'i in oidn thill flirs, inpri'ts, and sin.'.ll i 1:111 not ii'ach t h e excit'in - i i i . l l i i m a v I f .iccoinplislied h.\ insLalling t ' o ( v p i of pi-ivy tliiK is ii-iw being litiilt by \VI J A labor. As long i^ .siii'I'Kd. 1 pi ivies TIK! old l i . « ken-down t y p f - of pi-iviii. :ne permit ted t' exist in a I'ojvmniiity v/licvi' i l ' t i e aic Hie-, conlinually coming in contact w i t h the i xi i einent and Isiter gel into tlu- honn'= and light nn fund and dishes, Tynlioiil (ever vvll con- p to le iiicvah 'i!. You an* advised now to take advantage- of 'his oppm t u n i t y fo« freo Inlior and the niiniin'iin "^t of (Vl es' appiDVtd-typ- piivii»s. I'or f n i t h i ' r details or if yon v.1 n to plarr- an oidci 1 , yon mav do so In- n - n t a c i i n ? the Caroline County ITcaltli Deput- mt'ni at Di-iton. "Racket flu-tors," the Warner Uros. D Uc Tahb ,t s u-. a iulc, ai c Hoi Cosmopolitan production at Dentonia! ' . ,, . ,, . . , Hl ,.., ..,. Theatic Wednesday only, November ^om it, piobnbly tlu -in . . t , · , I 1 i. ,,..« ,,,,.,,! ±n 4 inl* c- M ·! t»1'l 11 I k l 30, he read the script with a real thrill of pleasure. Now that the picture has been completed, he says he feels that his rok was the most outstanding of the many he ha-- played during his long career on stage and screen. Crosby, MacMurray Play Fijm Brothers Hollywood's newest pair of screen brothers are Bing Crosby and Fred MacMurray, who head the cast of the madcap Paramount comedy, "Sing You Sinnors," Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 1, 2 and 3, at the Dentonia Theatre! Playing together for the fvist time, Ficd is cast as the serious-minded and hard-woik- ing member of the tempestuous "Beebe" family, while Bing is his lackadaisical and devil-may-care brother, whose inability to land a job and contribute to the hou-ehold expenses nearly diives Fied mad. Elizabeth Patteison, as tlie strong-willed mother who ends up as madcap as her sons, and Donald O'Connor, as the kid brother complete the "Beebc" family group. not exposed to ticks. Human contiact the disease eittni h h.i. iii- ing, skinning, in cutting up the men of the infected aiiimi'.ls, thuuiKli i''i' bite of infected ticks, 01 in c'lis'^iim the ticfc-. The infection can be absorbed into the system thirm''i ai. open cut, or even the moie-.t j--i l ia' p c'i in the skin. Srvcio ca-es have occurred Ihiough tubbing tin- nfet- tious mateiial into .he eve,, v.'.i.l preparing the meat for i h - talil ' MOVIE CREW'S "DOUBLE TALK" TERRIFIES FAN It's a good thing the walls of motion picture studios are soundproofed. If they weren't, casual passers-by on the outside might overhear things that would i-end them running in terror for the police. This is precisely what one visitor was prompted to do recently when, on a tour of the 20th Century-Fox studios, he approached the set where Jane Withcis was preparing to go into her final big · cenc of "Keep Smiling," now showing at the Ridgely Theatre, Friday and Saturday, November 25 and 26. Irving Berlin's Smash Production, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" Full of Great Melodies and Moments "Alexander's Ragtime Band" is greater than they said it was. Periodically Hollywood produces a picture that stands out as a beacon along the highroad of motion picture progress --and such a picture is Darryl F. Zanuck's production of Irving Ber- linV great saga of three decades in i *n.on au IM ' ij.l!.!! t · 'ov.i. -ii ' o l d . The disease ha even been L i n t i . in handling the fur of i i r i V l . d mals. "Fortunately not nil '.vilil aie infected :nil i-po; warned to be on their w the animals that move '.hat seem to be sick, and t. '.hose that aie livelv sir.d : 101L and that move quickly. "If you handle the g:nm or ;ne- pare the meat for tlic? n u u V u t o'- tlu table ui-e the following p i e c a u t i o i i , : "Use rubber cloves. Don't h.i/ui!" the game with baie hands. Ii ii is impossible to use rubber gloves, \\a li the hands thoroughly with · nap ami water after handling a rab'iit. "Don't allow the im-at 01 fin 1 li. come in contact with any ^iiatrli o'- open cut in your r k i n . Keen ynni hands away from your face and o m eyes. "Bum all papers or wrap"'r.?j-i have been in contact with the K.'-IIIC. "Be caieful in handling r.ibliit /iii. Don't give the fuzzy tail* or 'the l"ft hind foot' to the children In play with. "If you buy your rabbit meat fin the table, have the lalibits nod for you. "Cook the meat thorough. plete cooking destroys the perms o f j the disease." , NOTICE! Wo wish to announce telephone and delivery service. No order too small -- no favor too- g r e a t for prompt and efficient attention--Call Denton 252. T. Allan Temple, Manager. For AH Occasions Alc-o-c'--'- '.act'Tro Bond YOUR LAST CHANCE N.i one can afford Co miss this great attraction; 3 Ilig I)as at R i d f l t l y Thf-ntrc, Momla.v. Tuesday, Wednesday, November 2S-2!) tho (-30. Subscribe for the Jourca\ and got all the countv news. · 'blue ronl' is giving perfect heating comfort with the prrnti-^l cronniny in thousands of American homes. No wnniicr tl'- ll.r I.irgcsl selling brand of solid fnell i\ ?V.'?Ltf FROM US TODAY... Buckley's £?. FARMERS SUPPLY CO. Phone 137 PHONE 107 DENTON Specials For 'Saturday Only Time in on "The Shadnw" every Sunday at R:30 I* M. Station WSAL. S"Thc Ideal Xinas Gift' | SATURDAY-10 HOURS ONLY Lean Plate Rib or Stewing Beef Home Killed Fresh Hams IbZlc 11 A. M. To 9 P. M., Saturday, November 26th Gold 49c Finit h Cross Necklaces Fresh Ground Hamburg Ib Skinless Franks 25c value Ib Extra Large Size PRUNES Bulk Seedless Raisins Extra Fancy \ t%* Dried Peaches Z *PS Haco Milk tall cans THIS COUPON AND ONLY enlitlcs bearer to one Cio;-, Nerkhiee in plain or facsimile DIAMONDS--Niw ^trwim line designs, these lieniililul cmss necklaces are the new fashion sciii alioii, now bi'iii'j \ v n i n iminiii£, afternoons and evenings. Variety of s l ( s for women nnd f;iil'- in jjliiin or fancy d 'si :iv. complete with chains. CHOICE WHITi: Oil YELLOW LIMIT 2 TO A COUPON This cro.«s iicLUnre Riven Flee if yiui win buy one el.sewhi-ie in the eily f u r less than SU.OO. Neek- Incfs will be ?.'!.00 after thi., s.alu. Also Beautiful Lockets At Same Price I*CELLOPIIANE WRAPPED--READY TO GIVE* I IF YOU CAN'T COME DURING THESE IFOUKS LEAVE -MONEY UEFORE RALE STAIlTS A N D KiiSKUVE YOUR oj?ni:n --LiMtTKn SUI-PLY. Confectionery ON THE COKNEll -:- DEXTON. MD. (Only 10 Hours! AND IT WILL RE IN THE PAPER be assured of the beauty that is naturally yours... avail yourself of our expert beauty service and lower prices PHONE 159 BEAUTY SHOPPE D E N T O N Order Nisi WILLIAM D. GOULD 3rd, Assignee vs. C. VICTORIA BEEN BUTLER ami WALTER O. BUTLER, her husband In the Circuit Court for Caroline Couniy. In Equity. No. 3507 Chy. Ordered thi-- 25th day of November 1938, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings made and reported by WILLIAM D. GOULD, 3rd, Assignee be ratified and confirmed, unless causa to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 2Cth day of January next, provided a copy of this order be printed in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of four successive weeks before the 2fitli day of December next. The report states the amount of snles to be $500.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. AUDITOR'S NOTICE CALVERT C. MERRIKEN, Assignee vs. MARY WHEELER and WILBUR W. WHEELER, her husband In The Circuit Court For Caroline Countv. In Equity. No. 311)1. Upon an order parsed in the above entitled cause on tht? 23rd day of November, 1938, by the Circuit Court for Caroline County, in Equity, thet=c pi oceedings are referred to the Auditor of thi.s Court and I, as Auditor of the Circuit Court for Caroline County, give notice fiis 25th day of November 1038 to all judgment creditors, Honors, assignees or persons claiming an interest in the equity or redemption in the above entitled case, to file their claims with the vouchers theieuf with nie on or before the 27th day of January, 1939. WILLIAM J. RICHARDS, Auditor. (11-20-lt) Auditor's Order Nisi W. BREWSTER DEEN, Assignee vs. CLEMENT H. MELUNEY, ELLA MELUNEY, His Wife In The Circuit Court For Caroline County. In EquiLy. No. 3185 Chy. 01 ilered thi« 23rd dry of November, 1S38, that the Auditor's report, made md filed in the above proceed- ngs, be ratified and confirmed, unless good cause to the contrary be shown within three weeks from the 26th day of November 1938, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and pub- ishcd in Caroline County once in ^ach of two successive weeks before the 5t!i day of December 10U8. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. YOUR PLACE IS SET At The Primrose Grill-Tea Room DENTON, M A R Y L A N D Special for SUNDAY only 12 NOON TO 7 P. M. Fruit Juice Roast Turkey and DroBing Mashed Potatoes ^ an licd Swcets Cauliflower S P inach Beets Cranberry Sauce Hot Rolls Coffcc Hot Mince Pic At ®imr: .Let's give thanks that we live in these good old United States-WHERE people speak their minds without minding their speech-WHERE we cast ballots without fear of bullets-WHERE newspapers and radio teach our children to "enjoy flavors", not how to destroy neighbors-WHERE we dress according to fashions, riot warlord's rations-WHERE the biggest food problem is the housewives' "what the family would like for dinner"-WHERE "Join The Forces Now" IS AN APPEAL OF THE RED CROSS. WHERE we follow the dictates of our own hearts, and continue to look to HIM--The Prince of Peace --for guidance. REDDY KILOWATT (Copyrighted Feature of Eastern Shore Public Service) Meat, CjlQCuf SPECIALS forFri Sat Nov. 25 26 Macaroni 4forl5c Hurf s Pork Beans 4 ior 17c Quick Arrow Large Box Regl«c NOW IOC Rome Made Country SCRAPPLE 2 Ibs 17c $LAB BACON Ib Zlc EATMORE Cranberries Large Crisp Celery JUICY ORANGES Ibl9c jjor 15c 2 doz 25c Denton Food Market Pbone and Delivery Senice PBOMB 199 JEWS PA PER I nFWSPAPFRI

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