Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 5, 1949 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1949
Page 4
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Jan. 4, 1949 Mason City Globr-Gazette, Mason City,- la. Midwest Livestock (TUESDAY'S Albert Lea. Minn. 25c higher Trend Good Butchers— 140-150 Jbs. . 150-160 Ibs. . cis *. n i«i-;s }*«•.::::.::::::::::::: l«:io £ s 517.50 170-180 180-190 190-200 180-200 200-220 220-240 240-270 270-300 300-330 330-300 Ibs. Ibs. Ibs Ibs i' Ibs ' Ibs ibs ; Good Packing Sows— 270-300 Ibs. 300-330 Ifcs Ibs. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' Ibs ibs :; 330-3GO 360-400 400-450 4 50-500 500-550 SI 9.25 S19.75 S19.75 $18.75 $18.00 $17.50 SIC.75 SI7.00 $17.00 S16.25 $15.50 $14.75 $14.25 PIIICES) Austin, Minn. 23c higher S12.15 314.15 SIS. 15 S17.75 S19.25 SID.75 S19.75 $19.75 S10.00 S18.25 S17..iu S1G.75 S17.00 Slfi.75 SIB. 25 S15.25 S14.75 SH.50 $14.50 Waterloo 25c higher SI 9.25 SI 9.75 SI9.75 519.00 Slfi.25 517.75 517.25 S17.25 S17.25 S 16.75 $16.25 $15.75 $15.75 Cedar Rapids 25c higher S16.25 $18.75 S 13.00 $19.75 SI 9.75 $19.00 Sl«.2o SI7.25 $17.25 S17.00 $17.00 $16.50 S1G.OO $15.50 S15.00 $14.50 Hog Prices in Recovery Chicago, (#>)—Hog prices recovered 50 cents to $1 of Monday's sharp drop Tuesday when country supplies cut back salable arrivals by 8,000 head. Cattle were steady to 50 cents higher while sheep were strong to 50 cents up. Most good and choice butcher hogs sold from $18.75 to $21.50. (U. S. D. A.) Salable hogs 10,000; fairly active; unevenly 50 cents to $1 higher; sows around 50 cents higher; top $21.75: most good and choice 180 to 2">0 Ib. $20.75(821.50; 230 to 260 Ib. $18.50fri) 20.50; 270 to 300 Ib. $18.75©19.50; Rood and choice 300 to 450 Ib. sows SI5 50(.i<17475 to GOO Ib. SWW15.50; good clearance' Salable cattle (3,000; salable calves GOO- steers and yearlings steady to 50 cents higher; best demand for yearlings 1,050 Ib down; heifers mostly steady; cows and bulls steady; Joad high-choice 1,100 Ib Jed heifers S30.75, the early top- load choice lone yearlings held higher; load choice MOO Ib. steers $29; bulk medium and good steers $22<Jj;2a; bulk medium and good heifers $22(«2fi; medium and good beef cows $18.50frV.20; few good young cows up to $21; canners and cutters $14.50®17.50; medium and good sausage bulls $22«24; vealers steady to strong at $33 down. Salable sheep 2,000: slaughter lambs strong to 50 cents higher: top $25 on choice woolskins, $21 on clippers; bulk good and choice lambs $24r,i25- owes strong at S9.50ftlO.50; 3 decks' good to choice ewes at outside price. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS • (Tuesday's Market) Chicago, UP}—(U. S. D. A.)—Estimated salable livestork receipts for Wednesday: 13,000 hogs, 8.00D cattle and 2,000 sheep. Local Livestock MOOS MASON CITY—For Tuesday Twenty-five cents higher. Good light lights 1BO-170 S16.0O Good light lights 170-180 $18.00 Good mecl. weights 180-200 $20.00 Good mcd. weights 200-220-$20.00 Good mcd. weights 220-240519.50 Good med. weights 240-270 SIR.75 Good med. weights 270-300 S18.00 Good med. weights 300-330 $17.25 Good med. weights 330-360 $17.25 Good sows 270-300 $17.25 Good sows 300-330 $17.25 Good sows 330-360 S1G.75 Good sows 360-400 $16.25 Good sows ' 400-450 S15.75 Good sows 450-500 $15.75 No hogs received after 5 p. m.—Jacob E. Decker & Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Tuesday Choice steers and heiters $29.50-32.50 Good to choice steers and heifers 126.00-29.00 Good steers and heifers $20.00-29.00 Medium steers and heifers ... S24.00-2G.OO Fair steers and heifers S18.00-19.00 Plain steers and heifers ... $16.00-18.00 Choice cows S17.50-19.00 Good cowa $16.50-17.00 Medium cows $16.00-17.00 Fair cows ,.$14.50-16.00 Good -bulls $18.00-22.00 Medium bulls $17.00-20.00 Bologna bulls S17.00-18.00 Canners and cutters $131.00-15.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Tuesday Choice Good Common Culls Good to choice SPRING LAMBS EWES Good to choice $7.50- 0.50 Medium $ G.50- 7.50 Common and Culls $ 5.00- 6.00 $28.00 $26.00 S18.00 $H.OO $23.50 SOUTH ST. TAUL LIVESTOCK (Tuesday's Market) South St. Paul, (U.PJ—(U. S. D. A.) — Livestock: Cattle 3,000. No particular urgency to demand for most slaughter cnttle, curtailed receipts tending to stabilize trade. Steers, heifers mostly steady with Monday's uneven decline. Cows fully steady, occasionally stronger. Bulls steady. Bulk good slaughter steers, yearlings $24(i/25, few lots good $20. Medium generally $21(ij;23; common $18f?i;20. Medium, good heifers $20fa ; 23.50; common $17® 19. Good cows mostly $18(<i)19; common-mediums $16.50@17.r>0; cannors-cutters SH.50W1G; beefy cutters $10.50; medium, good bulls S20rft:23; good weighty bulls $23.50; cutter-common S17ffil9. Stocker.s-iecdcrs in light supply. Market nominally steady. Common-medium $17©21.50. Late Monday 3 loads choice 850 Ib. feeder steers $24.75. Dairy cows steady. Calves 2,500. Veal- ers steady. Good-choice $27<f>:32; high- choice S33"(!734; common-mediums $18(526' culls $14(i?17. Hogs 11.000. Scattered early bids largely 50 cents higher. Good-choice 170 to 240 Ib. barrows, gilts $I9.25flT20.50. Few light to shippers $20.75. Average, cost, weight Monday: Barrows, gilts $18. 268 Jbs.; sows $15.50. 462 Ibs. Sheep 1,500. Early limited to around I.OOO mixed offerings. Market not established. New York Stocks By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (Tuesday's Close) Am. Tel. & Tel. 350| Anaconda Cop. 33i Bendix Aviat. 33| Beth. Steel 31J Boeing Airplane 21 1 Chrysler Corp. 51 g Gen. Motors 57J Illinois Central 28f Int. Harvester 26R Montgom. Ward 52| N. Y. Central R. R. 12} Radio Corp., 13i Sears Roebuck 38i Stand. Oil Jnd. 38J Etand Oil N. J. 71V Texas Co. 52J U. S. Steel 692- NEW YORK PRODUCE (Tuesday's M.irkrl) New York, (iP) —Butter 803,442. Easy. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons: Creamery, higher than 92 score ond premium marks AA fj6'/<c; 92 score A G-Pjc; 90 score B 64'/4C; 89 score C G3'/4C. New tubs usually command Va cent a pound over the bulk carton price. Cheese 899,533. Steady. Prices un- chnnged. Eggs 26,758. Easy. New York spot quotations follow: Midwestern: Mixed colors: Fancy heavyweights 54(!?'55c; extra, No. \ large 52<ff53c; extra. No. 2 large SOftolc; extra. No. 1 medium 45(T£4Gc; pullets 43'/'3<il44c; current receipts 47® 48c; dirties 45Vic; checks 44c. CHICAGO POTATOES (Tuesday's Market) Chicago, (iD—(U. S. D. A.I—Potatoes: Arrivals 52, on track 162. Total U. S. •hipments 525; supplies light: demand Mi: market steady. Idaho Hiisset Bur- bimks $4iR4.15, utilities $2.95. Minnesota- North Dakota Red River Valley Bliss Triumphs $2.95®3, Dakota Chiefs $3.3D. Grain Futures Show Advance Chicago, (/P)—Grain advanced at the Board of Trade Tuesday. Deferred wheat contracts were up around 1 cent at times on reports of adverse weather over the winter wheat section. Corn found strength in light country offerings and indications of government purchases. Blizzard conditions over a large part of the winter wheat country brought speculative buying into the deferred contracts. Traders said the heavy winds had shifted top soil in some sections and that cold, which is following, may seriously damage roots. There was some commercial demand for corn, and the spot market was quoted as steady. Estimated receipts were placed at 82 cars and lo-arrive bookings at 12000 bushels. Traders said bad weather probably would prevent any movement from farms for several days. Soybeans failed to hoi cl early advances. At noon wheat was 'i lower to § higher than Monday's close, May $2.26?,. Corn was 4 to 4. higher May $1.484. Oats were i "lower to 1 higher, December 77.?c. Rye was J lower, May $1-713. Soybeans were \- lower, March $2.60. CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE (Tuesday's Market) Chicago, (JP) — WHEAT— May July Sept Dec CORN May July Sept Dec OATS— May July Sept HYE— May SOYBEANS March .. May July LARD— Jan March ..... May July Sept High 2.27 ';, 2.1 1U 2.11'A 1.47'/B 1.41 'A 1.34 \i .7!J .73 '.:, . 1.72V, . 2.6 1'< . 2.581., . 2.55'/b .10.1(1 .16.40 .16.42 .1R.45 .16.47 Low 2.09-1 » 2.11 'i 1.48 1AW» 1. 40 '.a 1.34k- .70!'.. 1.71 2.59 2,5fi',i 1B.22 ]fi.25 16.32 16.37 Close 2.27 2.10=;, 2.10'J' 4 2.12'/i I.48V;, l.Wn 1.41 1.S-U-! -77'j, .73'A .70 ',b 1.72 Vi 2.603', 2.5n>L- 2.53',< lfi.95 16.27 lfi.37 1G.45 16.47 Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Tuesday No. 2 oats, 36 Ibs 75 C No. 2 yellow corn, Jan $1.26 Soybeans, Dec ^2.42 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN Chicago, (fl'j—Wheat: None. Corn: No. 2 yellow $1.48>A(iT I.48- 1 :,- No 3, $1.44riT1.47>/.,; No. 4. S1.36'/ir,7 1.42>i: No. 5, Sl.SO'.iiffl.SG; sample grade $l.lS'.-' 2 (!j. 1.28'/2. Oats: No. 1 heavy mixed 87Vic; sample grade heavy mixed 79 3 ,4c; No. 1 heavy white SSViQae^c; No. 2 heavy white Blc; sample grade heavy white 79'/i<'?82c. Barley nominal: Malting $1.20(81 GO- feed $1.02@1.20. ' Field seed per hundredweight nominal- Timothy $17.50^18; sweet clover $15(?lfi. Soybeans: No. 3 yellow ?2.61',i track Chicago. Courtesy as a Resolution for '49 Urged A square look at his individual position in the traffic picture should be included by each person in his 1049 resolutions for better living, Mrs. C. V. McCarthy, chairman of the health and safety committee, Business and Professional Women's club, said in the KGLO Fonim broadcast Monday evening. ''Everything possible is being done for us—improved engineering, enforcement and education but practically nothing is being done by us," Mrs. McCarthy declared. Don't Just Happen Pointing out that the 30.000 deaths and more Mian a million injuries a year in this country are front page news not because" they are unique but because they are numerous, the speaker urged individual responsibility of both drivers and pedestrians to lessen the toll. ''Traffic will not cease to be a hazard until every person, driver and pedestrian alike, recognizes it as his personal problem . . . Let's remember that accidents don't just happen,' 1 .she said, Mrs. McCarthy pointed out some of the impressions she had received in more than 3 years of driving over the state of 'Town: 1. The courtesy of the drivers for the commercial truck lines. 2. The lack of courtesy in the majority of drivers of passenger cars. These include failure to signal, lack of attention to traffic signs, passing on hills, cutting in too close. Pedestrians ''All these mark the selfish driver who wilfully takes your life in his careless hands." Pedestrians arc equally careless, thoughtless and, in short, discourteous, she asserted. They cross streets between intersections or against the red light. They wander down the highways with their backs to oncoming traffic Small wonder that more than one- third of persons killed in traffic accidents are pedestrians. "What will be your record for 1949?" Mrs. McCarthy concluded. "Are you going to be reasonably courteous or unreasonably selfish?" December Milk Report Released by Health Director The report of the city laboratory on bacteria count and butterfat content of Mason City's milk and cream supplies during December was released Tuesday by Dr. James W. Lannon, city health director, as follows: Mrs. L Burris Services Held Rites Conducted at Mason City Chapel Funeral services for Mrs. Lena Stewart Burris, 84, who died Thursday, following an illness, u-ere held Monday afternoon at tiie chapel of the McAuley and Son funeral home, with the Rev. Jordan Ray, pastor of Union Memorial Methodist church, officiating, assisted by the Rev. Gladstone Scott, pastor of St. John's Baptist church. Mrs. Mary Ewing read the obituary. Miss Esther Walls sang "Old Rugged Cross" and "Take My Hand Precious Lord." Mrs. Roscoe E. Pattern accompanied. Mrs. Virgil Warren and Mrs. Alfred Moore were in charge of flowers. A number of friends from, Manly attended the services. Pallbearers were Virgil Warren. Doctor E. C. Martin, Roy McAlis- tcr, Albert Saunders, Felix Parker and Alfred Moore. Burial was at Elmwood cemetery. The McAuley and Son funeral home; in charge. Trade Slack on Stock Market New York, (XP)_The stock market barely maintained headway Tuesday following Monday's setback. Gains were in the majority but they were small and a handful of. issues either fell back a trifle or held unchanged. Business was unusually slack. Turnover was at the rate of 650,000 shares for the full session, which would be the smallest full day since less than 500,000 shares changed hands on Aug. 16. The general reluctance of traders to get into the market on any scale was credited to a desire to wait and hear what the president says Wednesday in his state of the union message to congress. Produce <Q«oUtions by t.. G. Merit) At 10 a. m. Tuesday Capons, 7 Ibs. up . 55c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and up . .. 30c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs 27c Light hens 24c Springs, heavy breeds 32c Springs, Leghorns 23c Old cocks, heavy breeds ... 15c Leghorn cocks I2c Eggs, at retail 48-59c Butter, Corn Country .... 72-74c Butter, Iowa State Brand 73-75c CHICAGO POULTRY (Tuesday's Market) Chicago, (.t 1 )—(U. S. D. A.)—Live poultry: Undertone around steady on chickens, sharply lower on ducks. Receipts 11 trucks. Prices unchanged to 2 cents a pound lower on chickens. S to 6 cents down on ducks. F. O. B.: Fowl 42^i43c: Leghorn fowl 31j?32c: roasters 40'.i:-Hc; fryers 34f,' ( 38c: broilers 33fi'37c: old roosters 26ti21c. F. O. n. wholesale market: Ducklings and heavy young ducks 40^j) 41c; light ducks 30rii31c. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Tuesday's Market) Chicago, (JD— Butter weak. Receipts 539.175. Prices >,i to 2 cents a pound ower. 03 score AA. 92 A and 90 B all 63.5c: 89 C G3c. Eggs weak. Receipts 3, r >,404. Prices unchanged to' 3 cents a dozen lower. U. S. extras. VO per cent and up A aOftSlc; 60 to 69.9 per cent A <9c; U. S. standards -Hft-lBc; current receipts 43c; dirties 3Jc: check.? 36c. When the Germans took over Tsingtao, China, in 1898, they built :he first motor roads in that country to recreation areas near the city. Cream Line Milk: Count Hermarisons 19,000 Sweet Clover 27,0(1(1 Farm Products 4,000 Modern fi.oon Hnrtmnn f),t)00 Frctlom.s 7,000 Homogenized Milk: Hcrmansons 22.000 Sweet Clover 11,000 Farm Products 11.000 Modern fi.000 Frettcms 28000 Half and Half: HermanFons 10.00!) Sweet Clover (1,000 Farm Products 9,000 Modern 13,000 Frettcms (i.OOO Cream: Hermansons 21.000 Sweet Clover (i.OOO Farm Products ;J2,000 Modern B.flOO Hartmans 4,000 Frettems 10.000 Raw Milk: Bryson (1,0(10 Tat .'f.7 3.K 4.1 3.7 12. r> I3.n 10.5 20.0 22. f) 24.0 23.0 24.0 4.2 Reserve Units to Hold First Meeting of Year Wednesday Maj. Victor Oils, local army reserve instructor, has announced that the 5027th post, camp or training complement, one of the Mason City reserve units, will hold its first meeting of 1949 on Wednesday evening at 8 p. m. at 1154 1st St. S.E., Mason City, Town. This unit is composed of officers of all branches of service and there are still several vacancies existing in the unit. All reserve officers, including members of the composite group, must be assigned to an active reserve unil: by Feb. 1.94.9, or he transferred automatically to the inactive reserve. Further information on this matter may be obtained at the local Reserve Office, 115J, 1st, S. E. Mason City, or call 5492 between 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. Parents of English War Bride Arrive to Make Home Here Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Singclton of Nottinghamshire. England, arrived in Mason City Tuesday morning in time to cat breakfast with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rivedal 228 1st S. E. It has been nearly 3 years since tlioir daughter, who was Eiicon Singleton, left England to join her husband here. At that time she stated that her parents, left alone by her coming here and by the death of their only son in the British air service, planned to come to tills country in the near future to make their home. And Tuesday morning their plans were realized. The Singletons landed in New York on the ocean liner, Parthia, and came here by way of Chicago. They will make their home temporarily at the Riveda)..,, where they are also making the acquaintance of their only grandson, Robin Rivedal, now 2 year,'; old. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OK ANNUAL MEETING Notice is hereby Riven that the annual meetiiiR of the members of the Pioneer Fcjclrrnl Savings nnd L»;>.n Association of Mason City will be held ;it the association's office. 110 N. Federal Avenue, Mason City. Iowa, on Wednesday. January 19. 194!). at (wo o'clock P. M. for the pur- |)n s -e of (.-locling directors .mcl transaction of such other business ns may lawfully come before; Ihc meet inc. IRA W. STINSON, Secretary Death Notices 1 ANDERSON. Sgt. Robert 11.. was killed in action in F-n^land. .June 24, 1044. Services will be held Saturday afternoon, with the Rev. Alvin N. Rogncss. pastor of Trinity Lutheran church, officiating. Full military rites will be conducted Buri;il will be at (he Field ot Honor in Memorial Park cemetery. The Patterson-James funeral home in charge. DULL, Mrs. Ida. 84. died ;it the home of her daughter. Mrs. Vern Morphew 413 23th S. W., at 12:30 noon Tuesday, following a long illness-. Funeral nr- rnnnements are incomplete. Tl-.o Patterson-James funeral home in charge. NIVKR. Jerry Lavcrn. infant son of Mr and Mr.s. Wayne Nivcr. Mason City, died Saturday morning at a local hospital. Committal services were held Monday afternoon nt Memorial Park cemetery, with the Rev. Carl A. Scntman, of Kadio Chapel, officiating. The Major funeral home in charge. WOODS, Archie Thomas. 02, of Ml llth N. E., died nt a local ho-spital at 10 p. m., Monday, following a long illness. Fu- noral services will be hold at 2:110 p. m.. Thursday at the Major Memorial chupei, with the Rev. Lloyd A. Gustafson. pastor of the First Methndist church. officintiiiR. Interment will be at Memorial Park cemetery. Masonic rites will be held. The Major funeral home in charge. Macalaster Singers to Start Series of Mutual Broadcasts The 300 voice choir oL' Macalaster college, St. Paul, Minn., will start a series of 8 half hour radio broadcasts on the Mutual network starting Saturday at 1:30 when they may be heard over local station KICM. The Macalaster Singers organization is rated as 1hc most coveted campus activity at Macalaster with more students going out for it than any other activity including football. BUY LUNCH ROOM Crystal Lake—Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Scanlan have- purchased a lunch room nt Algona and took possession Jan. 1. Mr. Scanlan and daughter Phylida have gone to Algona to operate the business. Mrs. Scanlan plans to join them when living quarters can be found. Takes Bank Position Manly—Mrs. Vcrn Yezek is the new clerk at the Manly State bank. There has been a shortage of help at the bank because of the illness of Arthur Earth who has been hospitalized, and the resignation of Miss Dorothy Pinta, who accepted a position in a bank at Monterey, Cnl. Card of Thanks '~**~-~*^*^^**-^-~~*n*-**rv-^* n *-v-v**r WE WISH to thank nil our relatives and friends, American Legion Aux.. V. F. W. Aux., Am-Vct Aux.. the Rev. Dieclcr- mnn, and Major funeral home, who so generously helped to lay our son nt rest. Also lor the beautiful floral offerings and memorials. . -Mr. and Mrs. II. O. Mnass, and Donald. WE WISH to thank our relatives nnd many friends for cards, flowers and Rifts received duriiiR our wife, mother, daughter nn< | sister's illness and death. It was deeply appreciated. Carl Drahcim and family. H. E'. Gildncr nmj family. Funergl Director MEYEH Funeral Home. A beautiful service need not be costly. Ambulance service. Phone 1505. PATTERSON-JAMES Funeral Home. Known for Service. Ambulance oxyRcn equipped. 322 N Washington. Ph. 1140. Money to Loon **~**^~*s~**~~***^**^~r~~^*~n~*r*~~v^, ..«, BE PREPARED TO PAY BILLS DUE JAN 10th The average person accumulates numerous bills this time of year. Don't allow your bills to be delinquent. Protect Your Credit Consolidate your accounts with a loan from U-N-I-T-E-D Financial Service 151- N, Federal Phone 57 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store LOANS— S50 to $400. Fidelity Discount Co. SO 1st St. N. E. $20, $50, $100, up to $300 To Consolidate Overdue Bills To Pay Seasonal Expenses For Doctor or Dentis* Bills For Repairs on House or Cat For Any Good Purpose Loans are made on salary, car or rurnt- tu-e without endorsers. Take G, 12, 15 01 more months to repay depending on the purpose of your loan. Household Finance Corporation 117'A N. Federal Ave. Phonp 54) Over Green Mill Cale CASH LOANS $25 to $300 On Your Own Signature Secured loans also made. Phone, write or come in. Loans also made to people living in towns surrounding Mason City. State Finance Co. A Friendly Loan Service 201 Weir Bldg. Corner Federal and State 5 West State St. Phone 1038 Business Opportunities 18 **—*'—•••' •-—-v---^-^—^j-^-^^-—_ .^-^^^w^^ ~~r**r*,f**i-v**v FOR LEASE SHELL SUPER SERVICE LUB. ROOM AND WASH RACK 902 NORTH FEDERAL Equipment and stock for sale. Priced right. See C. H. CHAMBERS at Station, Phone 4503 or MIDLAND OIL CO. 27 First S. W.—Phone 1251 FOR SALE—Small grocery store in Mason City. Best offer takes. Call 3fi54 before G p. m. After G p. m., Gfi3-\V. MAJOR Funeral Home. "Major Service Meets Auto or Air f mbulance. Phone 511. Your Need.' McAULEY & SON Funeral Home. A distinguished, dignified funeral service Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call 651 Lost, Found LOST— '2 Irish Setters in R. E. vicinity 009 S. Virginia. Ph. n4!:,-J. LOST— Men'.s "Tj.ssnt" wrist watch near Montgomery Wards Thurs. p in. Finder please return (o Mr. Johnson, Montgomery Wanl. Phoiu- a GO. Kcwartl. — .Male Springer Spaniel. Phone LOST—Ring will) 2 lililc rubirs and sapphire on each side. Valued as krcp- snkc. Howard. Henry Ilcbcl, 211!) 2nd N E WILL PARTY taking blue overcoat by mistake from Troika Club New Year's eve please contact me at 4G20-.I or 24H-U". Mo n ey to Lo o p. Le'. mo help you. Loans $25 to $300. See Mrs. Simon. 25 years of reputable dealing. Fast, friendly icrvlco ot Security Loan Co. Third Floor First National Bank Bldg. TAVERN & CAFE 25 miles from M. C., doing fine business, has good modern equip., living quar. in bldg., rents for $40 per mo. Priced at $7,500. s CAFE in 500 pop. town, Cerro Gordo Co., nice place for a couple, grosses $1,600 per mo., living quarters in rear, rent only $35, all goes for $4,000. TAVERN & LUNCH In 500 pop. town, Hancock Co., 2 story frame bldg., 25x70 with all good equip. Owner reports $7,000 ann. net. A good buy at $6,750. NEfL FLANAGAN Belmond, Iowa Realtor Phone 263 HELP wanted male. Position as sales repres. open to capable bard worker. Nationally advertised heating equipment. home appliances and Lindsay Automatic water softener. Rnlcs training. For full details see Saco Soft Water. Ph. 258 WANTED— Salad and sandwich girl also tress .\;;jMy s«da Grill. No phone Exp Waitresses 75c HOUR— PLUS MEALS G Day Week Reich's Restaurant IOWA CITY GIRLS WANTED To Work in Dry Cleaning Plant- Mason City Dyers & Cleaners 1401 North Federal WANTED—Girl or woman for housework. Won. through Friday. Ph 2953 alter H p. m. WANTEP—W a H r o s s. Apply Crystal Lunch, 12 S. Wash. WANTED—Full lime, experienced w;ii- lros.<. Phone 154.'!. WANTED —Secretary Inr doctor's office. Ph. 12(i:i far iiitei'viuw. NURSE'S AIDE for :i hospital in small town. Write' B-4, Globe-Ga/.ctte. Excellent Position open for EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER and OFFICE WORKER Interesting work. Ideal hours. Good pay. Phone 871 for appointment. WANTED—Lady to caro (or baby and small house. Room, hoard nnd good wages. Ph. ;)45f>-W. WANTED—Waitress. No Sunday work. Apply Covered Wagou. WANTED—Girl or woman for general housework. No cooking. Ph. 5077-W. Wanted—Exp. SALESLADY in retail market. Opportunity to assume responsible position. WRITE R-4, GLOBE-GAZETTE Part or Full Time SALESGIRLS Dry Goods Dept. Grocery Dept Pleasant working conditions, group insurance, hospilalization, bonus plan, vacation. APPLY IN PERSON Raizes Dept. Store WANTED—G i r 1 for bookkeeping in Mason City retail business. Must have knowledge of typing and shorthand Write ll-'J. Globe-Gazette. ^^ WANTED—-Pastry cook Also 2nd cook mornings. Park Inn Hotel. ATTENTION men and women, full or part time, demonstrate Stanley Cleaning Preparations and Brushes to groups by appointment. No canvassing, pleasant work. Car essential. Write Mabel Ballard. Rockford. SALESMEN wanted. Male or female. To represent mail order sales and house to handling chenille bedspreads, housecoats and rugs, Underwood Chenille Co.. Dalton, Georgia. Services Offered 27 THE ONLY AUTHORIZED Maytag Sales and Service IN MASON CITY AND CERRO GORDO COUNTY Factory Trained Mechanics. Genuine Maying Parts. A guarantee that means something. HOME APPLIANCE CO. Phone 1C2 201-03 South Federal MASON CITY, IOWA 2 MEN WANTED Learn Photography Earn $75 Per Week and up No experience necessary. Good starting salary. Car essential. Phone 181 Clear Lake lor appointment WANTED—Experienced Chevrolet mechanic. Excellent working conditions. Top wages. S. <U n. Chevrolet Co. WANTED—Boy or man to help on milk truck. Ph. IO!)9-W. "DID YOU GET SINGER'S FREE SERVICE YET?" We will come to your home and oil, inspect and free service; your present sewing machine, regardless of make, free of charge. So if your present machine needs service, call us for prompt service. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 123 North Federal Mason City, Iowa _ WANTED—Uy married farmhand: Job with progressive farmer for coming ye;-.r. E. C. Williamson. Knnawha. Iowa. WANTED—C.n pouter work on new con- or remodeling. Hour or contract, free estimates given. Davis & Keith, contr., Clear Luke. Ph. 19U-l\'». ~OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENOR5 FOB HIRE—Hydraulic dump truck. Davis & Keith, Pli. 193-H4. Clear Lake. Authorized - 6 Packard Service H&H Motors 12 Seventh St S E. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding—all makes. Parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store, 211 S. Federal Phone 1103 Authorized Skelgas INSTALLATION AND SERVICE PHONE 5574 Egeland Skelgas and Appliance 16 South Delawar* CESSPOOLS, septic tanks, toilets, cisterns cleaned nnd repaired Write Jim Eas- Icy. Box 1X4. Clear Lake, Iowa. ELECTHOLUX vncimm sales and service. E. S Alcy, 520 15lh N. W. Fh. 1315-V.' WANTED —WashiuRs. Phono l«2:i-W. FOR SALE — In beautiful Highlands, new 2. bedroom home, expandable to 3 bedrooms. Very complete, garage, large corner lot. Move in Feb. 1st. Look it over at 704 15th St. N. E. Frank J. Enbusk, 309 1st Nat'l. Bank Bldg. Eves Call 2823-W. FOK SALE—3 nil. house. Mod. but lor tub. Rons, if taken at once. Small down payment. Rest like rent. Ph. 2328 after 4 )i. in. 224'.ii S. Federal Avc. FOR SALE 5 Room House, N. E, edge of city, i acre of land, $500 down, bal. monthly. Also 2 Room House, sewer unu water, Midland Heights. $300 down, balance monthly. G. S. RANDALL, Phone 5679-W FOR SALE—All mi.dern, with garage, 3 bedroom bungalow. Only $4.BOO. Quick posses;.ion. See L. H. Kud, 20',i S. Fed. FOR SALE—Mod.. 3 rm. house in Clear Lake with full basement and 3 gas stoves, garage. 1mm. poss. Ph. 30-F21 or 13-K12, Clear Lake. FOR SALE—Fine house in Central Hgls., $-1.750. All modern, 2 bedrooms, bath, hardwood floors, inlaid linoleum in kitchen and bath, cupboards. Call 4B29-M. FOR -SALE-New FHA home near Forest Paik. Small down payment, balance like rent. Gas heai. Immed. poss. Oelson Co. Ph. 108, :i:>(i8-\V or 1594. MOVE RIGHT IN 1 BEDROOM HOUSE Just completed. Full basement. A dandy little home—$4950.00 W, L. PATTON 109 East State St. Instruction 28 UNO GOVERNMENT JOBS! Start high as 64,44 weekly. Men. women. Secure po.silioji.s. Prepare Jiow for lojva cx.itn.s. 40-pace book, particulars free. Write Box G-4. Globe-Gazette. COMPLETE YOUR tugh school by home study. All texts furnished. No classes. Write: American School Office, 1905 So Duluth Avc., Sioux Falls, S, Dak Business Locations 30 FOR RENT—New bldg. at 719 No. Fed Office, restaurant or shop. Ph. 2G67. FOR RENT—Store- bldg. on S. Federal Ave. Beck Bros., Co., 403 S. Fed. Avc Phone KM. FOR RENT—Small office spncc larger rm. for small storage work shop. Central location. Ph. 91!). FOR KENT—Small business location suitable for office or small shop. Write Box 7:tl, Mason City or Ph. 258. FOR RENT—Storage warehouses. Large and small. Beck Bros., Co., 409 S Federal Ave. FOR SALE IN CLEAR LAKE New Ranch Type HOUSE with full basement. Immediate possession. Close to Inke nnd business district. Gas beat. L;irce carpeted living room. 2 bedrooms, tiled bathroom, kitchen with laruc cup- hoard space, dinette space. Garnet- .it- tachcd. PHONE 555, CLEAR LAKE, IA. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT—Sleeping room for 2 girls Close in. Ph. 4927-J. FOR RENT—Will share room with working girl. Ph. 3700. Vernice Whitaker. FOR SALE MODERN 6 ROOM HQUSE WITH BATH One BloL-k From Main SI. in Rockwell, Iowa Size of lol is f>Gxl54, price to sell If interested see or call Harold Arncs Albert Lcn, Minn.. Phone 5305, or Col. .1. B. Litnc. Mason City, 'owa. Phone 3207-J. HOMES FOR SALE 3 room modern home, gas furnace, nice location $<I375.00 :' room modern bungalow, paving. "The Highlands" $1600.00 4 bedroom home, close to Roosevelt. Paving. Karaec 50750.00 2 bedroom brick bungalow, paving, gai- age. "The Highlands" $12,750.00 New 2 bedroom bungalow, gas furnace l r oresl Park ?99oO.OO 4 room nearly new modern home, near | Decker's, coal furnace $3750.00 Excellent 5 room home in Central Heights. G;is forced air heat $7830.00 Don't wait! Sec these homes now. C. R. BROWN, Realtor Phone 1314 - 2374 FOR RENT—2 nicely turn, sleeping rms.. auto, heat; close in. Bus. men or perm, employed pref. Ph. 3357-M. FOR KENT—2 or :i unfurn. room?. No pet. Adults. :m N. Perm. FOK RENT—Single sleeping room for man. Phono 3492-W. FOR RENT—Stpng. rm. for 2 men or employed couple. 115 N. Jeff. FOR RENT—SlpH. rm. Very close in Gent. ;>rcf. Ph. 43CG-W nftcr f! p. m. FOR RENT—Slccpina rooms for cirl? 407 1st St. S. W. Apts. for Rent 33 FOR RENT—2 rm. furn. apt. Close in City heat. 203 2nd S. E. FOR RENT—3 rm. furn. apt. Priv. bath, working couple. 502 4th St. N. E. FOR RENT— 2 rm. furn. apt. Ph. G45-W Bohlen, 212 Orchard, Clear Lake. FOR RENT—Furn., 3 rm. apt. 11':, s Del. Ph. 5271-W. FOR RENT—2 rm. furn. apt. Pri. bath. 213 E. South. Kocourck, Clear Lake. Houses for Rent 34 FOR RENT—Until .Tune 1. Completely furnished, 1 bedroom home. Close in. Suitable for 1 or 2 people. Gas heat. Comp. modern. Imm. possession. Ph. 1(50 Clear Lnke. FOR RENT—Furn.. wintcri/cd cottago. C. L.. hoi, coUl wntcr, shower gas heat. Ph. 9ft7 or n042-\V. Mason City. FOK RENT—Furnished or unfurnished 2 bedroom house. Gas heat, modern except bath. For 1 year, rent in advance S.r> per month. Writs: Box R-3, Globc- Gnzctte. Houses for Sole 35 FOR SALE—NORTH SHORE YEAR ROUND MODERN COTTAGE New furnace, cabinets nnd sink unit. Full basement, bedroom: kitchen, dining room combined. Front room, bath, porch, arand Incation. Possession soon. Price WRITE C-3, GLOBE-GAZETTE for appointment WANTED—Washings. Phone 53B3.J. Battery Service SLOW CHARGE QUICK CHARGE 2 Trucks to .serve you on ai! service calls. J&L Tire & Supply Co. Jack Murray Lloyd Farrier 125 1st S. E. Ph. 572 ASHES and rubbish hauled. Basements cleaned. Ph. -!fi45-J WfUNGEFi ROLLS end washer repair L. A. Wright. Ph. 1849-J or nfl2.1-J. DEGEN hardwood floor service Laying, sanding. Ph. 1672. MIRRORS rcsilvcred. Guaranteed. Macket's. 417 2nd St. N. W. Phono 782. HERE IS ONE TO SEE A DUPLEX Hint c.-m be had for S2,?!00—the rent from 'j will make nil Iho rest of the payments on the hal/mrc of S3,500. A «nod location .-ii-.rl n terrific buy. Shown by appointment only. .1. B. YOUNGBLOOD & SON Phone .1C TOR SALE—Small house" and 2 lots in Highlands. Partly modern. S2.850. Also some furniture. Pi-,. 48G1-W. FOI! SALE—Home with lake view Lovely 5 rm, mod. Lake bungalow. Carpeted, von. blinds. MS heat It's c-n/y and complete. OOf! W. Urnlon Clear I.iihc. PI-.. r>rc!-W. For Sale-Residence AT 14 FIFTH ST. N. E. Oak finish, full basement, double gnrajjc. Two bathrooms, stoker, GO foot lot. $100 month income upstairs. Sollins account of sickness. H. J. DODERER BECK BROS CO. HAVE A 5 ROOM MODERN BUNGALOW For Sale in the East part of town. It has hardwood floors, a good furnace and double garage. Possession 30 clays or less. BECK BROS. CO., Realtors Phone 134 or after hours 4735-W Lots for Sale 36 FOR SALE—Cheap. Two estate lots. L. H. Rud. Attorncy-at-Law. 20'A So. Fed. FOR SALE—We have one of the Highlands choice lots for yo\ir spring building. Phone Beck Eros., Co., 134. Acreage 37 3 ACRES WITHIN CITY LIMITS Close in, near bus line, grade school and grocery. Priced for quick sale. WRITE P. O. BOX 923, MASON CITY Machinery 41 FOrfSALE New Farm Equipment O- hand Massey Harris 10 Ft. Self Propelled Combine. Wetmore Hammer Mills. Harvey Corn Shellers with Cob Stacker. Cobcy Power Spreader. Woods Bros. Stalk Cutters. Kellogg Swing Feeders. New Idea Mower. Massey Harris Mower. Good Used Machinery 1 Model "C" Tractor and Cult. 1—New Idea Spreader. 8 Ft. Oliver Disc, like new. J. D. Steel Wheel Truck. Flare Box, very good. Iowa Electric Cream Separator. FOR SAL.K—New, used nouse trailers. 3 Broadwpy Trailer Sales. Albert Lea. FOR SALS—2 bedroom house. Newly constructed in Highlands. Near school 1437 N. Rhode Island. FOR SALE—fi rm. mod. house, double gnrngo, S5.GOO. 5 rm. turn, house, imm. poss., $3,500. Gco. Van Every, Ph. .1165 FOR HEAL Estate, consult C. R. Brown, realtor. Selling homes la our business. "Happy New Year" To each and everyone of our customers we wish to say THANK YOU for a wonderful business in J948 find may we serve you better in 1949. R L. DIXSON NEW IDEA & MASSEY HARRIS 637 South Federal FOrt SALE—Mc.-D. 216 In. plow, solid mobonrd. Raymond Kuhlers, 4 ml. N. Mescrvcy. FOR SALE 394' M FAKMALL 1948-448-4 ROW CULTIVATOR, like new. CLARENCE GEYER Phone 4941-J

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