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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, June 1, 1859
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Invite 'the : Jfeta to remove this '*e««tt-*<«'- - *te,«™^^''*™ > * B with the MM8acl»nsett8 mote in /When South. Carolina becomes a.demooratio gute it will be high time to hold the Pemoora- «y WBponslble for its acts. South Carolina tayimted nullification almost thirty years ago and theJBepublioan party not only in.MasM- .ohnsetts but likewise in Wisconsin adopt it into the Bepnblioan owed. The tendency of the Republicans to imitate South Carolina in every thing that is evil and pernicious is very strikingly illustrated in these two instances: 1st. They (the Republicans) adopt John C. Calhoun's theory of State rights, wWoh Andrew Jackson and Paniel Webster denoon- oed « treasoJioble, ^d promulgate Jtas owof thefondainental Prinofples^f their party ; 2d. They adopt tie South Carolina provision requiring two years to intervene between natn- rattling and voting. Barring these two features we admit that South Carolina is a Democratic State. But as we have before remarked, H is thirty years since BheUevered her connection with the Democratic party, because the Democratic party would not do whattte Bepubliean party is: now doing— endorse nullification and proscription. if South Carolina would abolish Slavery, pass a Maine Law and declare herself in favor of .a Protective Tariff she would »-e a Kepubli- can State after the order of Massachusetts.— The Democracy sympathise with her only when she is right, and the Republicans sym- pathise with her only when she is wrong.- When Bbepromnlgatesthe doctrines of nulltfl- cationand proscription the Democracy repudiate them, but the Republicans adopt them. We know that the Sentinel dislikes to have us find fault with Massachusetts and desires to have us imitate those Republicans who can discern nothing evil North of Mason & Dixon's line. Snch, however, is notexactly our Btyle. A Word to Adopted Citteens. We invite the attention of our readers to the communication of LoniB Schade, an intelligent Gennan citizen of Barlingum, Iowa, which u-ill be found in onr columns this morning.— He exposes the treachery and hypocrisy of th«> black republicans who raise up their and roll np their eves in holy horror at the deed committed bv tbeir pirU in.Massachn- Betts, as if it was some bastv and unexpected movement, which might be attributed to a sndden freak instead of being, as it actually was, the result of mature deliberation, and th«carrying out of a principle which the republicans of Kew England, New Tort, Pennsvlva- nia and New Jersey have endorsed in their State conventions, and which none of them have repudiated while advising Massachusetts to delay action until afu-r the next Presidential election. Road a German's comm-ntf op- on it, -and satisfy yourselves that tb^v win uot J be deceived by tht shallow devices and vrans-1 parent sophistries of the repuMiosn leadnre of [ the west. to U»e/adopted Citizen* of flu? Parted State*. ' f ""-• , Iowa, May 30, 1859. To the Editor of the Newt: • The recent action- ofv the Massachusetts know nothing republican party against the long established rights of the adopted citizens, adding two years to the residence of naturalized foreigners, before they can exercise the right of suffrage, establishing thereby a political iineqnafitjr, whl6h has no parallel in this country, and placing tlw negro »bow Oie white Euronean. bv exembtinK feini from tnst white European, by exempting ^ , . . testrlclibn,. has caused no imall copimotion throughput the whole ,iBon»try» b« nowhere more than in the north-west, 1% happy home of Ihorisanas of foreign-born ojtizens. The republicans, wfio have so long skilfully concealed the cloven foot, have at lastsliown themselves in their true light. They who of «' equality of man," and hypocritically bewail the fate of their dark brother in bondage, (some of them because they do not own him themselves) have struck tbe first effective blow at the rights of the white emigrant. They have kicked the faithful, subservient German repnblicans to please the southern know nothings and facilitate the so- much coveted alliance between the northern and sonthern opposition parties. It is to show rap this hypocrisy and treachery, to wart) my fellow-citizens that I, an adopted citizen «f German birth, respectfully beg you to grant me the 988 of the columns of your so widely circulated paper. The Republican party is the same in the north as the know nothing party is in the south. Both have one common aim—to defeat the democratic party. They wonld have been a unit -had not some of the republican leaders, to buy the votes of the abolitionists, adopted the negro-equality notion. Bnt this even—which is purely a not marketable outside Yankee, Notion," New England and Important Derision. The Supreme Court of tlje State of Ohio. has remanded the Oberlin resrufrs recently convicted, o la BootL. in the United States I District Court ai Cleveland, into the custody of : the C S. Marshal The cast* were precisely j analagous U) that of Booth, altbcmch the de- j cisiou twine made after the n-vt-rssl of the decision of our Court in ih- case of Booth by i the Supreme ''oun of tljt- L'uit^d StaU-s, will | notprobablv eurpris- the most ardent admi- j rers of onr Supreme Court which made that | decision, simply as an experiment, or as Judge i Smith felicitously rxprvs^d it. (or the pur- | pose of inducing the Sapretrif I'ourt of the Dnited Slau* tn review its decision in the Prigg case. Nnllification is now fluttering aliont, like that dor* of which J adce Smith spoke in his opinion, and car. find no resting place, for its Hoot, exoepi in South Carolina and Wisconsin. Thif decision will makf Judge Howe feel very had. A PROSPECTIVE VIEW —The Huntsville (Texa.* j Item, in an item on the slave trade, makes the supposition that the southern states have already formed a separate republic and are going it alone ; they have legn' ; '"1 the slave trade, and have sent their ship= to the coast of Africa for loads of Conpoes. On their return tbey are captured by war vessels and taken to the northern republic, to England or to France, where their captains and crews are hung for piracy. Of course, then, war must be the result, which would be a war with all the rest of the civilized world, because no civilized nation, with the exception of thie southern republic, wonld sanction the African slave trade. Where, then, would be the fire- eaters ' some of the western states, principally settled by New England people—has become unprofitable »nd mouldy. They have also lost that fertile field of political humbug— bleeding Kansas j their non-extension of slavery doctrine will be only an abstract question for want of material, as there is no territory where they may apply it. To adopt Seward and Lincoln's principle that there must be an eternal war between the free and slave states, they have not yet the courage, as it wonld involve the safety of the Union, and on that issue they dare not go even before their own fanatical followers. In short, they have nothing to fight for in 1860 but the know nothing principle.— They console themselves, however, with the recollection that Fremont and Fillmore's majorities in 1856 over Buchanan amounted to 377.989 votes. Besides should tlwy succeed in uniting tbe two wings of the opposition, they -would get rid of that odious epithet ol being a sectional party. Their intention is to run a sonthern man for President The N. V. Tribune, the big mouth-piece of the party, only recently declared "we shall heartily and zealously support one like John Bell. Edward Bates, or John M. Botts '' although they are the chiefs of know nothingism in the south and slaveholders in the bargain! But what of that? Will not the 874,707 Fillmore votes of 1856 be more valuable in 1860 than tbe 10—20,000—foreign born black republican? Certainly, and, therefore, the onslaughts of the republicans on the rights of the foreigners in spite of the bittur clamors and depredations of the cheated German n- publicans ! Tbe republicans, therefore, all agree in desiring to refuse naturalized citizens the right of voting for a term pf time after they become citizens. The only diflerence of opinion among them is how long this badge of citizenship shall be withheld. The Massachusetts repnb- licans gay two years. Senator Wilson comes out iii Ills letter, addressed to Hon. Fiancia Gillette, for one year, lie says "Did ihe proposad amendment require only of tht adopted citizens a residence ol one vrar in tbe Stat* after naturalization, Ix-fort- hr could exwrcise tbe right of Ruffragf—little if any opposition would be made to it from any quarter of ibe country." In the same letter be tells ibc .isti>ul.-.h«<l world llmt the republican party Is pledged to the doctrine embodied in the Declaration of Independence—that all men are created equal ! HI- prating eternallv ol his love to fr i -t j dom, of his merit by standing \>y the right* of man . of his revi-rvnce for the nsim-' of .lefforson ! — What hypocrisy ' At the republican anJ AUj-nt-a:. state convention, held in the state of New York lasl fall, tbe committee.- of conference, according 10 the report of the American committee, THE OPPOSITION is Omo.-r-An attempt will be made to heal the dissensions between the repnblicans and ameriean§ in Ohio before the meeting of the State Convention ; but at present St has a very uncertain look The know nothings say thoir colored republican friends gave them tbe cut direct in their call for a State Convention, and as they never expected anything from them bnt courtesy, and as they have refused now even that, they do not feel bound any longer to give them their support. THE $!A8SACBtJ6ETT8 AMENDMENT—Gov. Banks has issued hU proclamation announcing the adoption of the two years amendment by the people of the commonwealth. It henceforth becomes operative, and is called the 23d article of amendment to the constitution of Massachusetts. The Supreme Court of this State have decided that Sam Ryan, Jr., of the Appleton Orescent shall be ousted from the office of Cle^k of the Court of Outagamie county, to which office be was elected last last fall The reason given, is that he received votes enough to give him a majority, from Shawano county, which is attached to Outagamie county for judicial purposes- It looks to us like putting on airs. .—Gov. Randall has appointed J. £a Doe and Duncan McDonald, of this city, Aid-de-camp with the rank of Colonel. A SENSIBLE SOUTHERN VIEW.—The Natchez (Miss ) Courier gives its opinions on the important questions of the day in a bold manner. It says: As conductor of an independent press that had rather be right than be the organ of a President—present or prospective—we desire to take ground at once in favor of a tariff for revenue, with incidental protection to American interests; against the revival of the African slave trade, deeming its agitation ill-judged, its success out of the question, and in itself as contrary to a wise domestic policy and a sound political economy, and in favor of sonthern judges and juries Carrying O nt and enforcing tto laws of the land, while they continue to be laws. We also believe that neither modern abolitionism nor modern republicanism—neith. er Hartford conventions nor Vlcksbnrg conven- 'lion—neither Wm. H Seward nor John y, McB*e, oan_givfl us any constitution better that of the JUnited States, or are any wiser; more disinterested, more patriotic, or less after place and power and -salary than the great lathers ; who formed the republic, and we are very decidedly of opinion that the election of no jpattioDlar man to the Presidency is of Itself* OMUM for* dissolution of the Union. " That the time should be extend, . li-tween \ the naturahzat on and the npht to yof a p~nod as long as is required of th^ uou-rcsideni* ] of other state?.'' ' This would require a i«rm of m« year I»- tween naturalization and voting. Tbf .N V. ! publican state convention did not in u-rnj* adopt this agreement of the conference cuni- but passed a resolution sayiup, We reeotnroend such extension of that intervening time as will," etc., etc Thus leaving it op^n to doubt Aw long an intervening time :: they favorei. whether more or less than one year, and leaving them at l.berty to advocate a longer or shorter " intervening time," as interest afterwards might require The lasl republican state convention of New Jersey passed a similar resolution. HoTACe Grweley, of the N. Y. TVi'junr, ihe father of the Republican party ; and w bo was all the time in favor of the two years amendment, has, by the urgent request of some supplicating Germans, softened his heart to three or niue months. Hear him ! ''We have been and are in favor of such an interval, though we consider two years entirely too long. An interval of three or nine months we approve, and at the proper time shall support." Again in the same article he eaye "At a "proper time" we can have a reasonable and sufficient term interposed be' ween naturalization and voting," elc. Dnder the "proper time" he understands the time after the election of I860, after he has cheated and duped tbe poor German Republicans, who have allowed themselves to bv thus grossly deceived and sold. Then the "snffl- cient" term shall be interposed I Senator Harlan, of Iowa, a reverend minister, Republican Senator and bishop of the Methodrst Church of Iowa in xr>*, some years ago &. good Know Nothing, and also a "negro equality apostle,'' declares himself, in a letter directed to some German Republicans, in favor of some although not "material" change in onr naturalization laws. He flatters the Germans, because some of them vote the black Republican ticket, but pitches into tbe Irish tnd others, especially, if they belong to the Democratic party. He says : " Bat is this equally trnd of the mass of emigrants from all countries ? They come on account of a variety of causes operating in the old world, and their number and character fluctuate. At one time the number is one hundred thousand per annum ; at another, in consequence of famine in Ireland, and other causes in the States of Europe, it is half a million, including mendicants, vagabonds and criminals, in whose hands no free government could be eafely intrusted. Many of them remain as sojourners and adventurers for a time, and then return to the fatherland ( Which, the mendicants, vagabonds, criminals, or others 1 ) Financial embarrassments, famine, pestilence, civil war in the States of Europe, exert a powerful influence to swell tbe tide, and when peace is again restored, and plenty returns, the number is again diminished We nny reasonably expect these fluctuating causes to operate more powerfully hi the future. The improved condition of navigation, the vast increase of the commercial marine in the world, and onr changed relations with tbe hordes of Asia, where a district of country as large as Iowa sustains fifteen or sixteen millions of human beings, may cast at onr shore at any time (?) a new and crude population of millions, (!) sufficient, if admitted to immediate citizenship (after fire years t) to inundate the great commercial cities and to overwhelm tbe Atlantic (!) and Pacific Stales. This most be provided for in onr naturalization laws !" Mark, this letter is directed to German re- pnblicans, and destined to pacify their aroused feelings in consequence of the Massachusetts amendment ! How wonld the Rev . Senator speak to Americans t His talking of ' ' Asiatic hordes," overwhelming onr Atlantic and Pacific cities, of the Chinese taking New York, is all know-nothing philosophy an<l moonshine. His colleage, the Iowa republican member of Congress, S> R. Curtis, is equally Revere on the naturalization laws, in a letter also directed to German republicans. He calls them (the laws) a farco or fraud, and differs only from Senator 'Harlan, because he wants to havelthem changed " for the sake of the emigrants and good morals," whilst the latter desires it for the benefit of the "mendicants, vagabonds, criminals and others." Both unite in their opposition to tbe present naturalization laws I— Both represent the western republicans 1 These extracts will have sufficiently demonstrated that the republican party is in earnest with its opposition to tbe foreigner. Besides; the principal bulk of the same consists of the New England element, .which from time immemorial has been always inimical to eveiy a eoe Sunday observance—in externals ieast—in psalm-singlng. In sitting: b high places to he OMerved of men, and thanks God that he IB not like ''that pnhUoan.'? while the other believes in fun and beer gardens, fiddlers And Ifrass banda.^.Tjaa fateltakia. his: "Boor- lion Vfhisky" and contraband comforts in pri-" ^ate ind preaolies the Maine law in pnblio— be'oilier wears hlsv-heart on his lips and corns concealment; hypocrisy and zealotiam. he new political movement in the republican party is the result of this Incompatibility, and is simply a movement on the part of the aa . there to elevate themselves into a privileged' class. It is tlw result of self-conceit and an assumption of superiority, which are as natural to the genuine descendant of tue May Flower, as a nasal twang, or a name derived from Moses and the Prophets or from the genealogy of Father Abraham and the tribe of tevi, , , ' .--',:. A man from the middle States or from the south will look at the merits and attainments of a stranger ; a New England Puritan will ask him, where he comes from and goes to, what is his trade, how much he is worth, and how long it has been since he "got religion" the last time. A New'England Enow Nothing Bepnblioan will talk constantly about the Pope of Rome and Romish influence ; bnt there it no part in the United States so priest- ridden as tbe home of tbe three thousand immortals who protested from the pulpits in 18.M against the passage of tbe Nebraska Bill -in the name of the Almighty God, or of those who'thundered their anathemas against the acquisition of Louisiana, and condemned and cursed Thomas Jefferson. Religion in New England is a business, a , ladder to political honors and fame, to a seat in tbe halls of the Legislature and Congress, for the meek, pious and unselfish ministers of the Gospel. A real, live and true Puritan descendant "gets religion" once every year, as regularly as others get o new coat or white-wash a fence. There can be no greater contrast tl ;iu that which exists between the native and tbe foreign born Republicans the latter chiefly German. The former believe in Spiritualism, table-rapping, temperance, bible, strict SabKah observance, -th« latter in absolutely, not even in the devil, brimstone and he!l. It is really an "unholy" alliance, and oar Massachusetts republicans have done well in (earing asunder, by the i.-(option of the two years amendment, the liand which united thetfi with those -'inlilels." Their souls which came very near g-iting lost in tbe dark pit, where there is no m -icy, may yet be sav- jd from the rapacious f i -up of Beelzebub.— Bnt there is another vn v Important feature against the union of native and foreign-born republicans. The former despise 'larger-beer, And tbe latter love it to their hearts content.— Grwley boasts that he n- ver tasted a drop of larger. The Main Law become one of the planks of the re ublicaii party. Like everything intolerant and de - polio it originated in New England, where it u still in forre. It was also adopted by several w-^tern States, including Iowa and Michigan In the latter two States the democrats lri> <1 in the last legislatures to abolish it, but tin republicans voted unanimously against Its i-peal. Thus it still exists in both States. Senator Grimes, of Iowa, though tbe proprietor of ihefinest lager- beer garden in Burlington owes merely to the temperance excitement h.s election as Governor, and her- by his sul)5<-.juent elevation to a seat in the U. 8. Senate. The two years amende* nt is understood lo be th« platform Of the American Republicans in Massachusetts. Th^ original know nothings proposed the twei.iv-one years proscription; and this passed Ih 1855 legislature. In 1856 this wai rfj-cUKi an I a fourteen yoars restriction was eutistituie<l ind passed. In 1857 the hi^h contracting paitms^ termed American Republican.-, tiuahv i^-tti I as a platform on the present form of two ) .-art, and to the eter nal dinprace of Ma&sac)ius»li£, this form has be»-n sanctioned by a tw.i-thirds voi*- of two republican legislatures, after having ln^- (ought inoti by inch by a democratic minority and on the 9th ol -May It ha* V>en ratified by an overwhelming republican popular voU* (If all lhi> republican (jap rs in Massachusetts, onh two «vre against tl] • Adoption of the Iwn years amendment ' Will t 1 ', opett the .-y,- of those drludnl p-rfions who bav.. ln-!i--vril fie republican party ;o be --u-- of frenioua and Hxrrty / — Willth-T boir und.-r-Laud that tlii.t party, in sp' e • f its consi.uitiv boasting of iu love of fn-f-'loui he t-.|uainy and riphts of m*-n. and itp r«*ver<-iio- N'T the name of Jefferson, I? uitti.- protonjuiv- lhau ihe uSd know nothing parti ( Evrn i they Li, 1 rhange-i the naiu- rnlizatHin laws, it w^uld md hav.- V*eeii a* bad as it is now . But lo admit a citi7.--u, and after receiving hi- vol.- of fallngiance, to Btill deny him the ey-rcise of a citizens privily.-, u to "k-epthe Word of promise to the ear aii i break it to the bopa, 1 ' to render a ct-rtificaU) of naturalization not a document which crowns the recipient with th>- dignity of &n American citizen,' 1 but a badge of disability aud degradation.— Neeroes from other States, when- they n^ver can become citizens of the United States, may riujoy tbe rights of auffnure, white men may btKjome citizens arid y^t be branded, for no fault bui their birthplao", with political di«- franchist-tneut Thv uuoouth semi barbarian uftgru may liv*- in Massachusetts one year, and b- i» a voter, while, after even naturalization, a Koerner, Hecker. Soburz, Stello and oth^r republican celebrities of German descent, mnst live there two years before they can become voters! In a word, tbe republicans, by this amendment, have cast a stigma, on account of their birthplace, on tbe "hole foreign population of the country. This it the frwdom and equality doctrine which these republicans send greeting to their brother republicans of thi- Onion? This is the entertainment to wbich, for instance, the German population are invited I Whatever may have be-n th« faults of the democrat'' party in the eyes of some German citizens, f - much at least thpy must concede, that from that side never an onslaught upon th" rights pf the adopted citizens has been made, on th nontrary, if it had not been for that party, tLt existing naturalization laws would long ago have been altered. The politicians and 8om<- of the Presidential aspir*nt« may nott be qu*relling about dead,iDsignificant issues, or be engaged in hairsplitting, whether O'ongress, the Supreme Court, or the people shall instruct the territorial legislatures either to protect or prohibit slave property—the great mass of the democracy, however, the bones and sinews, care but little about such abstract, lifeless questions, they remain true to their old principles which have made this country what it is now. Those of the leaders who have been faithless to their trust, will lie thrown over board, and there is no doubt that before I860, all the existing dissentions in the democratic party will have found their rnd.— As adopted citizens we have sufficient guaranty in the history of that party as well as in the Cincinnati platform for the preservation of onr rights. We have all reasons to place confidence in the democratic party, and mistrust that treacherous know nothing, Maine Law, republican party. We mnst look behind mere professions. Words are cheap things—too often faUe things—the republicans at least have proved •it so. Lai those of the foreign-born republicans, whose prejudice will net allow them immediately to join the democratic party, b« cautious and awake. It is more than probable that in 1860 the northern republicans and southern know-nothings will form one party. It ie their destiny—slavery humbug is playing out May the German republicans not indulge in the hope that this know-nothing movement Is merely confined to New England, and that the republicans of other states are innocent and opposed to it; the republican party was started in N«w England. The brains, a boulders and bead of the party are In New England. What New England commands the repnblicans of other states must obey. It is Snmner, Banks, Wilson, Hale, Fessenden and Collamer, Seward, King and Greeley, who lay the wires of the republican party, and direct its entire policy. The Massachusetts legislature, obedient in everything to tbe dictates of those men,wonld never have dared to pass the two years amendment, In two successive sessions, against tbeir express wish and without their sanction al- jforelgn.born cltbens unif " And can U be possible t 0 — •——s "will aid Iri.lp'tittlngi tl around thelif own neckir? Tare win. IF TH1Y VOMJTHX EUUBUOAift TIOKBT r pd id, [ LANDS AND WATER PQWE IS, 49<>,OOO ACRES i Choice forming and Fiue Lmds, ''.'.' " '[ .]': in WISCONSIN, ! '!' KLECTiD bears ago from the:!then Govisrninent Lands In that State, are now oflered [ I FJOK SA^E, \ [II BY IBS l| • ! ! Fox aad Wisconsin Improvempift Co., At Low Price*} on Liberal terms of Credit, atid; In large or small qualities to suit purchaser!. ' THEjlfAKMINtr ! .. ft- , Comprising Ibis different varieties of Oak orperilng Pnlrle and Hnid Wood Lands, art) well watered by Springs aad nevfcr-falllog Brook*, and are In the rlclnl- '-of good mar<eu. 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Kant « ator >trco|l (0)J|io»H • Walker UoU»c,) ] } MIUVADKEtj ....... [ma>81] ....... WISOofi.-IN. WOOD ;Ai\O HAY YAItH. O. H. LAMBKllTON i H AS juu opened, for the benedt of all who tna}r become his Customer', a Market for MOOD and U AY. at the N. E. Corner of ; •Vest Water uud Clybjilrn Stri'iu., (Offlce With Messrs. Mabbett A Breed ) ; Ills Stock of \tood Is large. Dry and Uartl, (Cut and Split or ancut.) Uli i-tock of Hay Is of the BESl^ QL' iLltY,and BALED IN O KIDOauER. Each nlll be delivered to »ny part of the City on Ihe BBDHTE3T NOrjOK and the LOWK8T TEllild 1 N. B.— Wood J'eJUrs, and those who »Mp large qo in titles f U\V will alway» flail It to their »dV»ntage lo buy of as. \f e will .ell «" that deairri m:»y nake n haodsnme profit by Helltoff on Cfte street. inay!9 . rf. 'H. LAVIBEBTON. ' 0X0. W. 8TITU3 CBia. a. JOIIJ3. ! Stevoiis Sc. Jenkins, .- : fdQUNSt5L.LQR AT LAW, lift. 16 NAJ.SAL ST., NEW YORK. jaa'yJV , ' • • t~- - • •- •••••••• ~- ! CHANDLER &, HICKCOX, Attorneys &Cunsellors at S'O. 2 KNEEL AND BLOCK, MILWADKEK. JBUT OKAimUCK,. ..... [iprlB] ..... /AVIS HICKOOX. «. CROSS. i. B. FiaarBH. > CROSS &. PAUUlSHi ATTORNEYS & COONSELLORS AT LAW. No. 1O, Albany ICulldin^ .MILWACKEE. apl WIBOOKSIN. PECKHLAJU & HI.OODGOOD, A.ITORNEY8 & COUNSELLORS AT LAW, Arcade Bidding, 178 Scut Water it., UQmutet. B. W. PICKHAK, formerly I : P«ciBiM3 4 OoLT.AIbany, V rustca BuxiSoooD. New York. j P. BUOODOOOD Is U. S. Court Commissionei- and Commissioner for several states. noTl9-<16m II. UriLMRI JOSHDl 6TARX. FA1 MKK & STAKK, attorneys & Counsellors at Law. fST* OSice, No. 2, Mitcliell'l K.-W Ban* Building,cor- of Michigan sn.l K.-WI Wster streets, Milwaukee. PARK & VAN iflYEKS, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. &TEVEXS I'OIA'T. ... IT/5CO^S/.V, Kill practice In the»v&Tioos Oonrts of the B*?enth Jndi- cdil Circuit of Wisconsin, and will faithfully attend lo ell business Intrusted to us, remlttanrw promptly ma>.e. Litnd Warrants loeatrd In selected l»n'l« (or those at a distance. a errands*: HCTSSH t Scnimn, Rankers, 8ltven« Point. J. R. 8Hi»reT«li, Esq., Milwauk-'. Ijimu, * nilKB, Milwaukee. ( BALSMIJI It BOOTH, " MiTToors A BARSOS, OhlcLir». Hnn. J OITOSJ, Ottswa, III. )'-'•• JNO. A. BAVA(iK, JH., Attornev and Conn8ellor at Law NOS. 9 i 10, PHOKNIX BUII.DIN , MILWAUKEK, WISCONSIN IB Commissioner for N. Y., l'c.-n., Ohio, Indiana, HI and Iowa. C'nlteil SlnU* and Circuit I'onrt i.'ummitiimer. HATHAWAY & BELDEN, BANKING, aii«i Collection tllTCIIF.M.'« UIM.CH. THE dHEAT ENGLISH REMEDY, SIR JAMBS CLARKE'S Celebrated Female I»il»s. Prepared from a priieription of Sir J. Olake, M. D., Physician Extraordinary to the Qitecn. Tola Innlaable medicine U unfailing In tbe cure of all those painful and dangcroui diieaaei to vhlch tbe female constitution .»luujecu U moderate* til KCCII KQC] removea all ubatrurtioci, nnd s ip<M!j> cure may be relie<t uo. TO MAKU1EO 1>A1»1£.1 It li peculiarly nlted. It will. In • short time, hrtn( aa themontfcl; period with regularity. Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears the Uorernmunt Stump of Qrsmc Britain, to prevent couattrfciLi Tln»* fiUi ahavtd not b» taten by ftmalex Jur in v tAe FIRST TffSXX MONTHS of Pregnancy, >t, th*y an rure to bring on ifUcarriagji bitt at -my utAtr time they art iq/b, In all cluea 01 Mervoiu and Spinal Affection, Pain In Ihc Qark and Limbs, Fatigue on alight exertion, Piipt- Utlon of the Heart, Hyiterjci, and Whiten, thoe Pills vlll eUect a cur* vhen all other means have failed, %nd although a powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, antimony, or a&y thing hurtful to the c»asttiuti<in. Pull directions la tha pamphlet aroun.l each p^<-u i^.. vhich ihunld be carefully preserred. ri«.le Atrent for the Dnited Stalta itiil c.iaaus. JOD ilOSES, (I.*te I. C. Uald»m * Co. Rr ch«t»r, N V. S. B —41,00 «ml 5 postage stamps cnc.!r.»e.l to .iny »u- Uiurxeil Ajenl. will Insure > DotUe, conlauiinu at : 5" pills, by return mall. For •!!= by 8RKKN * ULTTi.N 0. UA£RINGTo«. BOSWUETH AfOlC, ,,.'-ir.-l*w J. M. AL> iTT CAIiL t.M> — TUP LATEST STYLES CJUHTAV VON l)Kl ;- l'SCII ATTORNK7 AND COrNSV.W.OR AT LAW., ;>FP1CE— Umpire lilock, t2\ Kxst W»t.-r it. Cly'W HILWAL'KCE, WISCOSWH. J. V. V. PLATTO, Attorney & Counsellor at La-w. J^~ Offlc' In Mitchell's Bank BuiMIni;. No 9, Mil- waukce. Wt.*couan _ janlT HOOKKK A St'ANlll-.NBKiiCl. .norm-) 1 ' &• rouiiYU'»r> a! K;m. [-S~ Offc'. - v -» 3 ij- 4, .' : •; A '" •'•"•. ' r —' j JL'H» W OAST W,L1.*CK f *1TT I i;,\KY A I'HATT, j Attorney-* nnil < miii«pllor» nt Law, i OIBrr :•. Y"ul.*'< H .-k,C...r r JUs.4i.lWi". HOTELS, &C. i. O U I to H O U S t:. II \ MOI2KIN LOI IN, H URON, near Kant Water itrett T\c Loirs LJou«« was muibhahcti m 1S4S, *mJ has been con tin and by the §»m»: jiroprteWr, who laJiea Uiiu occasion to rtriaru his &<:knowle(lfpDent to his friendi and the public for their pair on age for 10 many yean past, and loiiclUi' * contmaaijre of their Itirrd Tavora The Louia Kouae conti^as many rooms, well iulie'I for tarnillea, newlj furm*h*il with ttuvri in<l f?«ry .*'>n *v nienc- u- oom- f.o r l Then? ir-- four or 8 \ e §uch r-ioma >n thf &, me no * \ a^.,1, :h--\t can 1-e t-iAii - ., r i[.pl e ! 'nr jo.-n novRo ALBANY RESTAURANT HATS AND[CAP5 CAPS HA T i- STRAW GOODS, TE.N PER CKXT. l«t\VFK Than can b«- PnrrhaMMl -AT— ANT OTHER HOUSE IN TUB WEST ' VI KRCHANTS who .leslr* ,„ ,»v.. money riih,- ,,ur 1T1 c' ase of ROods, arc respectful!; :nv,te,i .„ ..«,imi- my stock before buying. *a I ftt n latlauVtl ,ny yrlc,« will' convince them that t \m sHllntf »tleast TKX P/FH CENT, lower than any other house <>f th,, uind n Oi.j city. My goods trere purchased much h^lnw -heir mii kec ralue, and I am willing t.> |jlv« my .;iistomi>M i,, benefit of It. .VIy assortment of HATS, CAPa nH W D BACON, 15H East Waier <tr--t. I Next door to L'andee, Dibble * 'V. JgONNEK LKDOKK HAl ' 40NNKK l.TT7k>KK HAl BONNKK l.KDOKK H VI BONNKK LKlKiKK HAl BONNKK i.KLKrKK HA i BONNKK 1 I.KDOKK HAl BONNKK I.KIX.KK HAl Just received AL >,v jj ]j\rn\'-» PAUL M c > K I' M Y VIEKCHANT.t try ire .nv LT-<I •« Mran 4. Uf A I' VV H I > I . K S A I. h *i».j. th^ VKRY BKSV .- r •>.•« ,i RETAIL, GOODS, Ev.-r r» r .uiftit '... it,,* MtrA-t ' r *n,.- r M "• \ ,' • H. T H H ( > •. < t . ISO fca»l \% aler FURNITUKi: WAKi'-HUO?/, % \ T18 O ' AB!NK i '.-. H VI li ,V5 A N I i- V t l^i i N'T|T!f> -.h.- »i:..n- i ' ,.,i.--r,.»,. . »r«eaf i.. , .^ni i.-.r-'.-t^.l 11 < , -, .;.~ .'liitln/ inylh '^ . ••.* ,.,./. . Mr . e ( K li 1 N f- 1 - H \ Iv t K i I U OKOCtKIES, BUTTON'S! r<rf.*IV.13lu . W I'I-H v '; A <-it v y. \ '). -. I •»»• -. T: . - ' • •'' • *pr16 WOrL" call the atU-r.t of s t*i rty |c OHOICK Bl ^'I'TKK 1 nn dally tf<ifi»'.DJT by Ivxp'-'ss, choice lots ,. tn.m ttie best Dfc-rles in tiir St*!.*, which Mi* <|Uain HD'l ft*! or IB uiff urpassed. Pr.cei always to - ra-rr. !><> ,>l WM h tin; '.t.nrkft rate?," &ud qa&.lly wilraulf (»r.i.-'9 - it.-nod ar>'1 sent tna!l p.rUoftherllj- ffeo JOHN W. LKDY \KO. *>r«.c.-r a-J >. in<r Dt-ai^r. taA\.i1 161 K*»t V> utrr ltre--t. M IS( 'Kl.l -AN J-A M >. Chav \ Hr.'d:!-} ! J AI'i .K A N I ' K \( . I M Al.KKM •J s \VI s'i' v» A * ic * I i< K. l:'l', MII.WAI-KEK, .,»!..-•>.; WI-.'l) -BIN SI. LouK llaiii^i AM ,-onsUnS< a ni|.ply ft ih^t^ r^ld.r trrt Hams, trie l>'i>t in I' •• I ii"l Stairs Th' »< w t.- 1-1 o.l IhlOKS 10 ni) In,,- «r.uld •!.) wr!! I.. i»M a amlne uiy itol li JciHN w I tin »KH, lir ..'.r a':,I W. r ll--ll.-t, j ¥\>FAL1.T l,«v.: . t.<r'n m»H' 'ti !>,•• r,,nnitioll of a | \_J rerta.n t,n.u.'B».>rj r»^tp. b-a-rintf date Dec,-ml>er lit.. A H \-S~. rxeca'.cd t.y «' U. llit.f ,irj Vi.l J-l,r, J*. Ham*, an I sip . in the ^ .11 M."i .•' n r^rlaln re««-i mort(:ape of th« same date ri-cot^l hy •»',! llil) l .»rd and Usr.ia to ntcure the paynirnl .,f sal.l note Vi.nre j -ipose for »sleJ and «<-ll nr, Toes^.j, Ih- *> 'U.T of , JCNt, A. I> , l4J8. »t Illn'c "'* u thr !or.n....6 "f th»I day, nt the Bpribic sircet btidjre. In the r ly of ^M*rau , ket-, the hchoofier William II. S.efilien^, litf masts, bnwiprllft. sails, boat, anchor, cables, *nd hi, nlher De*-rssarie« thrreurit,. app^namtntr and be.o^s-lrirf, u, • atisTy tl,e atnOunt due on «ajd t\o'4 and mortKatrtf t.->(reiUer with u,e COSIN and expensel of sale >IO't» A. JAM'-". >0d J6."KPH JAMKS, Auction anrl Commissicu SItrchaiUs, UN [> \'t NT- AM, »U»KV HLi-KEK.- 1 . M 1 A 1 T JANESVILLE . fllUia 8PLKNDID HOTEL has recently ch»n JL prietors—Geaeral McManman reUr-QK. Ucssra. fLOYD «acceedinK him in its tnanatc The Messrs, t «re both «-ll lno»n lhrn u< western country .is gentlemea -if exitenen.'- K rtptnir, and n,» other assarttiice •» necessary i,-i:ii '.r.- r Hyatt House w ll thereafter oe ^<TI .at-t«<: a a »<y'~ I. Vw er-»inn the pfttr-maice of Ihe pahilr ..-rr,*-.ltf i , . , ' 4 • ' LOUR HERE, M: WEAKV THAVELKR.-j .';*.".",'.' T D 1 N 1 N O S A I. O o N V *' ' L GCATKl* ne^r the MilwaiUee A Mumsaii'pi i>rp.-t | J . '3 . IA just the pi ice to prooare wmrm *od »uDat-;*ijii»tj I in«A)s, for the irnAll mm of 23 cents . *n.t td^ :»(>!«•« I ' v ' k ' ' ' ' *"* ' •ill i>«: supplied with the choicest ftnaild i( '.he teasuo ' £i>^ t \ s I u \ vi E li M A > n <- A n i: S«rred ap in fv.?ry ityl<s, an short aotic« T^ B*r s livays iitpplieU with th* choicest Wines, Li<iu<»rt *n.l- Tr»»-l<T3 up. D th* Milwaukee * MiMlajipp. R.>*.l | will tl Q.I it a arat *ad convenient pi*oe t" pr '>.:ur- Uicif j mean- VV%rm Lun.-fi from 10 to 2 >'cl ck -• rj \&j \ » e|l ,l -23 C CCNNUHid-AM. f'r"pr rt-.r <„ . Ml .H Tl O .\ O * , | •i(jl K PROPRIETOR A MA.NUfAinTRXK uf PCR- j OHIO CATAWBA BRANUr, \ V I ' i • i , M » I ; :t -. l u r i I Pn rr i Mlrf HracJy has bct-n m years fr»m the pur- juic i > t .i t.r, .D 1., .., •-*..' .1 Kurnl- ,ry !-• r ; • .... .( MrT ;>ri«luctf urOoaniy. ~ relarna m*.l >. H --II .-tur'Mi '-.r nr ^atA^tt:* -f -/i i- ;•'" '. r^c imi .nJoj<try, »n-i •' 'ur *»' riorar ?*(U*. ui U.. -AC o^ •*.]•- »tj;i Br\:*.Iy nut >riiy —)U*i- '-'i . l class of men who do not speak or belong to the came religions creed. . JCnere_te«u old and deep rooted antipathy, arWngfromdlTewltyof race, between thePni though now, after tbe mischief is done gome of them feign, in order to cheat the Germans or tbe Northwest, to be opposed to it, veil-knowing that the Puritan republican element In Massachusetts would ratify the amendment on the 9th of May. All tliefr declarations of love and friendship to tbe emigrant come post fe>- mm—oaly to ; be laoghrd at by every Intelligent fcltizen. .The 874,707 Fillmore votes of 1656 are worth more in tliuir eyes than those of the 10-20,000 foreign born republicans. It cannot be supposed that the 'German republicans will be so mean and servile as to kiss tbe hand that struck them. Their seUVrespeot must oompefthem to sbnn a party which places them below the negro; tnat protects, as per'esample in Massachusetts, negro military companies, and has disbanded all those composed of foreign-born citizens.— May they alwaya remember that the republicans, if once in power, will have no hesitation in following the example set by their eastern, brethren Then, as Horaoa Qreeley says, the ''proMritm*'' Toll have come, to interpose « " efficient" term, and to make the political M I I AS AT K l-.K liAXAAK. C, DELORME&OUENTIN s, BcTTIu. 1 ; W W na>ws, A««u LU Attom»-)s. ; A. H. MUCH A: ( O' MARBLE W C > R S . MILWACKFE . ...... . T¥1HE BOh«cnNtrs #x^cat<; all kinds .-f Uarttle Work M. for Buil-i,n(tii, Tilinp for Fl.-.or» ao'l <ei-,ry tleacrtp: , \V0RK. WK have ID r.ur warerooms MArlHI.K MANT1.KS tjf every description cin^lsnlly on hjtrtd, ftt price* raogiD7 from $L6 »nd upv%r<lH. MON'DMENTli AND STATUARY of all klodi «ie«ulrd at the shortest oouce Go. febA-dlj A. H. LORD A AIJCJT1ON SALK OK GROL'KHIRN. W ILL be slid al Hood's Auction Room!, Nn 4. fiprtnir St., on Wednesday mornm?, Juos 1st,at U 4 o'clock, a larjfe s-i»ortme jt of Hiinog, tfomter and Wlnier Clothing; a general assortment or Dry Good , Yankee .Notions and Orocen-s. Sale positirv Terms cash may«l J. HOOD, Auctioneer. NOTICK. H AVING purchased of Msbletr t Co., the r stock In trade, consisting of Cloths, Clothing and O«nt« Purnis' Ins Goods, with Interest m tbe husinesi at to- store, No. 1»9 East Water street, wi ere I Intend carfylog on the Clothing bailr.en In all Iti branches Milwaukee, May 80, 1S59 C. K. MAtjLBY. W E have aolil 10 C. K. Mablej <.ur stock to trade. wilh inlet at In out baslnesi. No 19S Kssl \tster St. We recomidend him to oar customers and the^pob- llc frenerally. M.lwaokcr, May SO, Is' 9. MABLEY!*OO. C oath and Saddlt-ry XV. Zl. 33 W" -A- . - r y (n ods, 1 ( iy*, \V-.ii.,* War- wj'l T « iiic *• .'.i ^ Alio, Em^ro1<le^y »'• 'tod j at J Zephyr Wor»ie*1. \VA1.I, PAPKK J. .* TJr&KATBI .V TO., .-1 \vi-««»>six sriti-:r.T, i Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. C .Tnp-l«-nt w..rt-icn f-nt l« all parts of the City .lid .otrr ^>r l>»-rorMin:.' sjid Paper HVD,--UJ( n j. 1 J b »nc^ ^s a.1! w--rlt w»rr%nte.l. f*ti-/-» ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Conimi^ion M I .HCii vNTS. Proprietori of the 'l.lKCF. FI.IVAT€>U \» AREIIOrsE, | Al thr l^rrair .is r-.l th^ Slil»aukee* Mississippi and the Mll»»ake*. tt'»terl<Jira A fcraboo Valley K_»llro».U. J^f~ Literal *dT»Dcen made on property tn it.tre. -r J ',ir shipment to Enstern Markets octO-ltf • <i. PKISTEU A C l>. Uaaafactnrers and Deaieri .Q ! leather, riudln(f», Illde«, *• 1 149 East Wnur street, Milwaukee, W, i 0T Cash paid for Hides. Pelts. Wool. *•• .a.,-1. 1 i John Jlarqui*, ArchHecl, I JUNKAU BLOCK, . Is prepare-! t furnish plans for all kinds of buildlnfrs i at the «hfirtest nplice. | HKPKRENCEi : J. 3. HIR»I.I,| Jo" H. SIUMLS«, LrJMSDaj BaoTHi», W. THwsrrs, ?. FIELD, C E. DiHroaTH, OinrosTD i PiHitxa, Louts S. MACK, C. JOHSS. febM Quaker City Insurance Co., OF PIKI.AUEI PlIIA. AUT.iOttlZED CAPITAL, . .$500,000. PAID DP CAPITAL AND A83KTTS,. 2T7.SM Ujffti-l, franklin Bu. dliKj, A'D 4** n'.llnut tlrrtl, the l>^st luip<.r-.r-J Bran-llr-s, ; r. f>uru^ ,n fmcl the best Brandy lo-.w.. T^i'-i •''.i:riii-i. 1 . .) corroborated t'y ihe certiocates of jura.iai^u.sf Tne *tnlof l^ire Hrandy '.aj IOOK been t-n n t.V ly 13 lo »uper5ce"le ihe sale »n.l use if ' v \r pounds riitflerto lold oBiler th<? Qftme .' Hr»Q.l> .caa m. y pns»esaes all the )f>'>d qualities clajme«l for Lfie lies' .marled liquors, and is of perfect purity *.i.l »up^r'. ' Flatulency, Cramp, Colic, LamfU'ir, Low Spirits, irener t , Debility, *c NO FAMILY SllOl'LD BE WITUuTT IT. I Ueiail 1'rice, »l,'ii Fi-c Boitle. i c f ibe Cnite^l States. ' O. Slmmonds tas appointed J. P 4 f i. IL^LKY. X • '.41 Sast Wster street, iole »^ecu fur -.he 3uiu< .: vv s - consia, wh^re lealen an-l customeri will pieiw '"t- I vard their orders. ! By calling on the attents, the pur>gc rill roeeiv- 1 lam. pf*-<rstulously . my!9 |IF,\KV .H1LLER'$« I.AOEK BEliK SALOON. A > D B I I. L I A B D KOOTI, I5O F.aal \Vatcr Street. A VARIETY of Dishes prepared %t a«l ri«urs, f-m Lanches or tappers, constsunn of MEATS, 3ARD1NK3, PICKLKD FISH, OY8TBKS, *o. Mtulcai Kot^rtainment eTery Saturday sTenln^. \ t^ituance fre<i. ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. ,11 . M ii A i; L K <St » « > ! SICiN Or- THE BIG KED KETTLE ! DEALEBfl IK Stoves, Sheet Iron, Tin, Hardware —AJiD— AUiK (LTl UAL IMPLEMEMS, W O01J) r«p«ctfally Inform their frleoda and the public generally, tji*t they have opeaed » iiort »t 2O6 WKT WATKB STXEIT »O« for the i&le of the above named articles, unjoth e with SPADES, SHOVELS, aAKK, HOE8, 4nd AyrieqltnrmJ Implemenu geueTsVlly, M wall u *11 •orti of SHEET IKO?I AMD TIN1\EKS' UOHK, etc. etc, etc. 8tOTe* pat up to order. j9' Eooflng. llEPAl&ING of ssvll Wnd», «vnd every tort nt vork In oar lm« paccta.vlly attended to. tf Order* ten will be .utended lo without ielay. iogia UKAOLX A SON. li A ;• ; '. (• V N < ^ A.;:::,.:;. •:;;'. -,•::..:, ' :;. \ i i i ' • i i -- t D '» r»l > l> < i '1 ruoic a ^ vt i I n 1.1 i < I K t ^ I..,,-, - ,., .>.. ,,-.,. ', • _X "i... -m .; ..- I t •-..- . ... J 1 ^ 1 I : h t I i v . I I ' V . II I N > A. « K O «» B % ' •» \ - ' I ',' tl ' Li, ' N • ' ' 1 • ' '' V (J 0 ^"-"-^'"""' ''-".'-•- - " "' ' n«:y ...» j, H, CORDES& CO,, Wholesale Grocer 1 till! I •> I ' U.V K I' 1 • I'MKht V her- -.fiey BARNES BROTHERS AJTD RETAIL oriLKHa, NO. 6' ALBANY BLOCK., Would tnv.te Hffi attention of the trade to tb*ir large and superior Blbck of SADDLERY HARDWAiRE ; —AMD- CARRIAGE TRIMMINGS Saddles, Coll«n{ ; Patent and Enameled Leather, Enameled Cloths, all qualities, ; Whips, Horse Covers, Fly nets, Ac, [Carriage Springs, Aries, j | Malleable Iron, *c., j Bowa, fellots, Spokes, i Shafts, Hubs, *«., Of the best Eastern timber. , '. QOO Saddles, Just received frpm one or the largest Easterf! manu- ractories, the <|OilIty and workmanship ansarpassexl, to which we would! Invite special attention. i I Bf* Our stott throughout will be found Complete and offered at (be lowest prices. ! ' : i BARNES BROTHSR^, may25 M^lebigan SL, opposite Newhall tiooje. Steam toitbe I'r.nclpnl Town^ ID 3* 13 -A. KT ENGLAND {AND SCOTLAND Theipowerfal Iron Bttamslilps CITV OF BALTJMOSE, CITY OF I KANGAROO, i Will sail from New fork for Cork direct anil thence | . to LWerpoi 1, ] &~ BVKRT ALTERNATE SATUKDA^.^S^ The CITY OFMANOUKSTKR aDJ VIQO will lall from BELFAST and COttK to New York once a Month. Rite of Paasage from New York | To Cork, Liverpool and the principal towrjs In IRELaUli, ENGLAND AID SCOTLAND;: , Cabin,.... »75. ................... Third Clas»|,..i $80. tdV Passerigtra forwarded to Havre, Antwerpi Bremen and H&mbo rg for »S5 tn Cabin, $35 Third £Hais> TO PARIS (In J!4 hoars from Liverpool.) 0»»ln|»8S; Third Class, fltg j Penoni wishing to lend for their friends caj obtain Certificates of passage from OOBK or BBLtAST to NEW YOKK fOrllSO, from UVSttPOOI. 140. \ For paaimgelMplv to R. J. OortH .4j Co., Ill Broad- : ; H. B^Pasion delay of calling Mllnokee, Wlscpnaln. by thli Line arold the (lakland Halifax an J St. Johns. «oaj2i O ^" - 1. i " v - .. NI cue ojfrWh Figs, received this day at »pr98 T HE iubscrlb-r has been apt olntet) agent for tills Company for Milwaukee and rlctolty. Rlsk< taktn oo as favoraule terms as other responsible Companies. JAMBS S. *HITE, Agent. Office, corner of East Water and Huron »treets, up stairs, over the Marine Bank. ____ may29 PAPER WAREHOUSF! Haiiford, Blackniarr A: Co.. (LATE HARRISON, HANFORD & Co.) Connected with . HAKKISON. HANKOKD & CO., MANUf-AOTURERS, CTJTA HOQA FALLS, .................... OB1O. H AVE opened at 5 Albany Block, Michigan street, op poalte Newhall Boose, a large stock of Book, Jfewf, Cover, Colored aud Snvtlop» Pap«t» Also, Ledger Papers Flat Capt, folio Pott, Letter and Note Paper*, Which will be soM rery low. Constant additions wll be madi* to the stock to meet the wants- of the trade. fj0 Printers and others are invited to call and examine onr stock and prices. apr!6 CHAHLES K. AUSTIN, DEAL* B IN Domestic Exchange and Specie* T HE highest rates paid for all kinds of Gold and Silver Coin and Bullion. Exchange canstanUy for sale at the lowest prices. All make dealing In Specie and Eidnans* my "Ore and exclusive bnslne«s, I an able to give my customers an advantage over current figures. List ol prices will be famished at mv office, NO. 68 WISCOSS1N STKEET, Dnder the Baptist Chnrcn. nearly oppo.ite * House. mar R. A. CLIFFORD'S ORBAT .CENTRAL DAtirERREAN AND v FINE ART LGALLERY, 171 Eatt Water Street. H AYING leeared the assistance of the oldest aad moit expertanceit operator In U» West. M. Uaw- kenaj (whole skill tn his department la well known to many of tha cltliei.s of HIlwauKee,)! ami now prepared to offer to the public every desirable style of Pictures known to the eofunnnltr at lower rates and executed In a better manner than can be done In any other establishment In the West. I . , OLIFFOSD'S DAGtJERKEAN GAXUCaT, , 171 Bait 'Water street, formerly known u Setter's Koom». marls A( i b.N (. \ I- c 'K .HI -v \ : i , .' U 1 Pale i r»':.n> % EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, — sVJTD — MACHINE WORKS TITHTOJJ & SEIICOTIB, Proprietors. No*. 296,398, 3OO, 3O3 and 3O i W t: H T W A T K K S T K K K 1 Tiro blocks below tbe La Orois« L 2. I I HAVE -.mst»uily .M li., I . . . i. ... eeleorile.l 1.- ir 1 -. - ' ' ' ' ' ALE, A N L > ( ' A -^ K > •)n ttie r-tur-i ,t Cd-t^*. r.r- .-f-r- .. i i • • ••• -• ' r-iuDilf*! i. ».iow-.l 'ur ii ii. .ti.ii ,, Ml.N A ,.r.;)Y V i '. ruiu-M .til !-l.iJ*i >V *ir-r -U--t. •» r*t.» i ifl A .li P A <» > fc \% 3 > i ••HIJI-. r i ' nv> i><»>." t 1\ CA^KH... Una ml.-i.ruml 'V J. \J pinu. u.l r-oel'. - I TV l.A Y f-.K KA ISl N .-v . i'receiyZl'al ^DlIM 'A i-iii'\ lit.'. ;nnJ3 [i^ iii.l IV» :dl ti.tar 'V*ter ur-et. .M S'< Uti. ISH 1. I T V li 1 » VOJt l<"< I i M K K K s* C H A t, vi r i t' I» f A.NLVACT M . .uperm BTBAM BNQINBS, SBJBT * SAW MILLS, LINE gHAJTlNQ, MILL Q EASING, HOOSB POWtSfl' MLB DRIVING MAU1UNXB, BRIDGE, RAILROAD tad 3TBAHBOAT CASTINGS, IRON COLUMNS, for Bnildlnjs, mil erery variety of Job Wort, In tha best manner, and on tbe most liberal term*. The attention of MlU-ownera and ownen of Water- Power, U particularly called to tha 'TUTTL.K WATEK WHKK1. As being by far the most powerful, durable m<l economical Wneel eTar InTeated— not U«»le to get out o< order, not affected by Ice or backwater,, and using ie«. wat«r in proportion to Uie po»« produced than anj ether WheSli the market. A iaonptlTe circular for warded upon application, (tee of charge. lebl'J liroc J.V-- -V r.l N KWAttK CIDKK. Chuiiiiiii^iit. Cl.i.-t _ Lies, Oelttrr in»n 'i.l 'I 'f>^ riM-oi'- r irice 24» per losen. COM E A N P S E K A &RIVAL of an entire!/ new and iplendld Stock of A French* Kngttah and American JEWELRY ! Of Latest Styles, it A . B . V N *4. W C O T T ' N , Cor. Satt Water and Witcontin Street*. Having lately disposed of most of my former stock, 1 exercised myself In searching at tho Ulster a Markets for all the, New Styles aud Patterns, wliicb. have been Imported and manufactured since the last panic. I have 4)10 purchased a large itock of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Watches. With movements acknowledged ai th« most superior by tbe Amsrlcan public. novSO «It EAT The b*st assortment of the ttnest \Vatcbc«f. Silver Ware, Jewelry and FANCY GOODS Ever brought to UBw&akee. Jut ths thing for Boll day presents. Just received v«rr ohsap. for cash. MAI80N « LOOffiS, decMj 991 E«st Water ttttft, MUwankec. WH. nMPISX Mills EzEn FanUly «oar always on hand, £«•* [apri] HTJHN«OBOSBrS. N SWBfHli. .N V . tt 4,.-. 11 pn.ta, i Ir-al, "i received ». I.KDY t rtl«-> febla Wlntf in.l l'-n.Mi,r i. rec»iv^,l »l Lf...V Mil' *< feb!9 Wine vi,I r-.. Ni,r K KNH.BSO SAlOliKD SALMON, iu« —ceiv...i u LMi V Alt,' ^ r.i.ia \v n- in.i r.-.i i. ••' G HOICK dmokeii Salmnii it m»ra7 ' III'NM « I'KllSI AN I t'.l >. A GOOD one imiiK-ilini-iy. i !>>'• " » '--> apr-.'3-d 1 v O NE case, of fresh .-HuoKuik Uuimut. ..-ceiv,-,i oy press u»-dny ^wnldi li l N > t oai'.^uv V fc:>J L y <) N HAMS. S OME choice. V enisoa U:uu.i it m ar2T HL'NN t CttiMHV - K Smoked Salmnii -2T M'Ai-'i.fc: s v ur t'. UALLONS Slapl,' Syrup, -li.'ic-,- inu-l..',,r llu.'J- srheai Cakes, ,1 lll.NN s i. no.tliV'n oiiu-31 >K V* I'. U. UOLAN**.* K SCKIVKLI by aril boat from Bulfalo, n iprt HL.SN i C8O.tBV.-l. . U. <•- JAVA Kit 1 I i. O y luperlur .iuniity, i *£tl« ihn Oe^i u ti.- ^ »prl UL..N . i v,ito.-,bi'a. t-AMU.Y Kl.ol.K. )Uflti_ J - . - dLN 1 * A UBOSBY'3. N EW v/ork Ullla ?l..ur. coujnaiuly in ftaid, >t m^rJI SMOKKL) HAl.l.lBUT. C HOICE Sinnk.-.l ilallibut it mart7 HUNS G ESAT reductloa in can mil iiott eU fruits, cilia -lay at laprMi HU.NN i CKOSUY'3. Sf\f\ »RK8U COCOA NUiS jiut roioiv«l at &\f\J aprSS UUNS * OrfollV'S. J --.w^-f--.i».-i 1 J

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