Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 8, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, January 8, 1898
Page 3
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SATURDAY:MORNING, JANUARY 8, '98. Iterrjs of flews frorrj ftll Parts of tl?e County Solicited Ur«ler tljis t. · " ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MAILS CI.OS1C 6.35 A. II.--Via D. C. R R., for Points Xorth. 1.2O A. JI --Via Q. A. R. R , for Points West 9.35 A M.--Vin Q. A R. R , for Points Kast. 11.45 A. M.--Via Steamer, for Ki\cr Points . I.OO P. 51.--Via Stage, for Pre'-ton. 1 88 P. M.--Via D. S. C R. R , for Points North 4 O3 P. SI --Via Q. A R. R , for Points West. , U.S3 P. M.--Via Q. A. R. R , for Points luist. MAILS ARRIVE 7.45 A. M.--Via Q. A R. R , from Points East IO.OO A. M.--Via y. A. R R.. from Points West. ll.OO A. 31.--Vn Stage, from Pfiston 11.30- A. M.--Via Steamer, from Ri\cr Points. 12 oo _ M.--Via D.S: C.K K , from Points North. 4.38 P. SI.--Via Q. A R. R., from Points ICast. 7.4S P. Jr.--Via Q A K R , from Point;, West ,8.OO P. M.--Via !. C.K.R. from Points North PUBLIC BUSINESS CALENDAR. CIRCDIT COURT WILL MEET JAN. 10. ORPHANS' COURT WILL MEET JAN. 11. · LEVY COURT WILL MEET JAN. 11. SCHOOL BOARD WILL MEET JAN. 18. THE LOCAL DEPARTMENT, DASHES HERE AND THERE. S. R. Randall and Wm. S. Elber ,»re the constables for Chapel Dis, trict. , Few of the ice houses were filled \ in this vicinity during the recent freeze. Tickets for the grand concert Thursday night are for sale at '- Blackiston's. Messrs. William E. Lord Son \ J "* *" I,;--. ] will in a few days open a grocery [ ' c*- - c store in the building heretofore used !"V /., -as a cigar factory. '-·'^'l, ''. A cow belonging to Mr. Joshua Y^l'-V- Ranghley, who resides near the Mud fe_ ? I, recently gave birth to a calf weighed one hundred pounds. Miss Ida J. Mcllvaine will open a .»-,flrst-class millinery and notion store : 'I^in the room lately occupied by Mr. · "· E. M. Baker, the tailor, on or about 'the 10th of March. - 4 _ ' The comptroller has made the '^:l' quarterly distribution' of school '.."";· funds. Caroline county receives "T$l,473.48 for white schools and $493." 53 for colored schools. Mr. M. W.Wright, whose outside .~ business often takes him from his , 'shop, has secured the services of an - expert barber, who is ready at all ; 'times to wait upon customers. , '" The case of Bededict vs. Potts is ""· not yet settled. It was removed from -"·,..the ( Kent to the Curoline court, and ' then to Queen Anne's', where it was ,' 'given to a jury. The plaintiff's counsel filed exceptions, and the case r;. goes to the Court of Appeals. : -- Mr- R. M. Collins, who on Tuesday r .'last.removed from Milton to this ' · place, will open a dry goods store '_i in the, building now occupied by rTMr. Win. E. Brown. Mr. Collins T /occupies the dwelling in East Den-ton owned by Mr. C. M. Lloyd. v ; , Daniel J. Zacharias, Jr., was last Tuesday appointed a trustee of Gar- £r| ·' ey's school, in the place of S. R. |'.v" ZaehariaSj who has removed from the State. John F. Porter succeeds -, Ernest Downes, who has removed J 1 /.',-''.'- 'from the district, as trustee of Cedar v £'*?, · Grove school. '"'-·" Ridgely ice-houses were filled on j *' Monday and Tuesday. The ice is gjf';"" t about five inches thick and of fine Jp;V quality. A large part of the crop !C?- r 'J gathered was stored in the Ridgely ^L'vC · Ice Company's building, and will be s Ky?;«"Tised in packing refrigerator cars E^C!!"£.* loaded with" fruit. ^/iS^^ ne "Factory Girl," at McShane's '*£$£?'^Hall, Ridgely, on Tuesday evening *«$£'£"· -'attracted a large audience. Quite l^'^Cj-a^neat sum of money was realized. ' j^/^V'jIt will be applied to 1 he purchase of f *' s ^'^ v 8'flay for the public school, which IjvVvwill be presented on-Washington's ^^7'%;- birthday anniversary, February 22d. $$?·'V'Scarlet feyer has broken out in y?Jfc \ the vicinity ,of Goldsboro.' A small ^Ji0% .Ichild of Mr. William Wharton, died %C'Av£C? Tuesday from the effects of that dis- vjf'Jyf'F-f ease. Another death is also report- \j£\~-,; ed, and it is thought the schools in r · W'" 1 "" * ^jj-vC- that section will have to be closed ? '~;/\^ until the 'spread of the disease is g^5.''r;, £ Mr. A.'W. Ruarkj whose store and ^^V'i'^ilwellihg at Hynson, were destroyed j^^-Hby fire on Christmas morning, has paid for his losses by the in- companies from which he held policies. Mr. James Swann, 'the agent, was notified on Thursday, -that satisfactory settlement had 'been made. ·; v , ^-The steamer Easton went aground ' off Chancellors Point last Saturday -''· morning, and remained ashore until S'sometime Monday. The accident ,;', was due to the heavy wind and cx- ;.,~ jtfeme^ darkness prevailing at the ''time.'. The freight o£ the unfortun- ,-~Y..»te steamer was transferred to the f ·. Chesapeake Sunday morning aud · .'delivered at up-the-river landings. -.,*, Mr. David Kliwansky, of Ridgely, v has petitioned the circuit court for .,·-", Caroline county to have his name lo David Kline. Mr. Kli^ .wansky states in his petition that ,'""the name he wishes is more euphou- '_'-ious than the one he now has, and ' that "Kliwansky" being difficult to 'spell and pronounce his business is /interfered with. Mr. Kliwansky is a j* prosperous merchant, his stock con- of clothing and furnishing 'B.'B new store building of Mr. W. )wn is in the course of rapid Mr. James H. Brown, contractor, has a large force of at work on the building, and unlles the weather prevents Mr. ."Brown ym be able to move his goods the'ripm next week. The build- ·wKichUB located on the Nich- olrfon 'prortrty, between the store ; Williams and the house (r. Mosea Gottlieb, is jyt wi!l jnake one^of IM ·t»iuU ia Den ton SOME PRETTY JANUARY MARRIAGES. Weddings at Soiurul Caroline JImrc Ajiproucliini; Nuptials. An exceptionally p i e t t y wedding, says the Ghestertown Transcript, took place at Kcnnedyville M. P. Church on Thursday evening, December 30, '97, the pastor, 1-Jev. .Jesse Slireeve, officiating'. The contracting parties were Miss Nettie Jan-el! Whituley and Mr. William E. Sauodors, a pop- u l a r y o u n g couple. Miss Clara D. Beiuicharnp, of Concovd, JId., a cousin of the groom, presided ;it the organ, and as the strains of Mendelssohn's Maich were bciug rendered tho bride aud groom entered, preceded by the ushers, Messrs. J. Oscar Jarrcll, of Baltimore, and Harry C. Jarrell, of K e n n e d y v i l l e . "Whisperings of Love" was sweetly reu- dered during the impressive ceremony. Admission to the ceremony was by card, and the church was soon filled. The Jr. 0. U. A. M., n u m b e r i n g about sixty, of which the groom is a leading member and officer, attended in a body. The c h u r c h was beautifully decorated w i t h evergreens and potted plants by tho young friends of the bride and groom, aud the arch under which they stood was ornamented with a handsome bow of white · ribbon by the W. C. T. U., of which botli are members. The bride was attired in a handsome pale blue luusdownc silk ornate with pearl bead t r i m - ming, ribbon and lace, and carried w h i t e carnations aud hyacinths. Miss Beauchamp's dress was oL' tan lansdowne silk, white silk a n d lace vest. A leception followed tho ceremony. Air. Saunders is a native ol Caroline county, where he has n u m erotis relatives and friends. A very pretty wedding took place at half-past seven Wednesday evening, in the Union Methodist Protest a n t Church, Burrsville. The contracting parties were Mr. Nolan G. Steele, of Marydel, aud Miss Elevia F. Bradley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bradley, of Burrsville. The church, crowded with tbe m a u y relatives and friends of the bridal couple, was beautifully decorated w i t h pyramids at each end of the altar-rail, aud a solid buck-ground of evergreen and holly. Mr. Harry G. Bradley, a brother o£ the bride, and Mr. Gooden Sapp were tho ushers. Miss Jessie Saulsbury, bridesmaid, and Mr. E. R. Steele, groomsman, preceded the bride nud groom u p t h e a i s l e a s t h e wedding marcli was played by Miss Bortha Wallace, of Seaford, a. cousin oE the bride. -Rev. H. W. D. Johnson and Rev. C. E. Dryden were the officiating clergymen. The bride wore u w h i t e lans- downe dress, and carried in her hand a' beautiful bunch of carnations. A receptiou was held, immediately after the ceremony at the church was concluded, at the home of! the bride's parents, where a fine collation was spread. The young couple received many handsome and uso- ful presents. Mr. Steele'will carry on a large farm near Marydel, and Mrs Steele will continue to teach school. Miss Rose Emma Collins, daughter of Mr. W. H. Collins, of Grove, and Mr. Clarence Norman Robiusou, of Easton, were married at 6 o'clock Wednesday evening in Grove Methodist Protestant Church. The cost u m e b f the. bride was of cream color, white ribbon and point lace trimmings. Sho carried a b o u q u e t of bride roses. Miss Eva Murphy, of Grove, was maid of honor. She wore pink organdie and carried carnation pinks. Miss Patchett, the little flower girl, was attired in a white cashmere suit, and tho little page, Master Clayton Taylor, wore a regular page suit. Miss Gertrude Heath rendered the wedding march. The ushers were Messrs. Elbert Robinson, brother of the groom, Percy Cox and William Cos, of Easton, and Edward Patchett, of Cramer Hill, N. J. Rev. W. B. Judefind performed the ceremony. A reception was held at the home of tho bride's parents at G.30 o'clock, a f t e r which the bride and groom were driven to their f u t u r e home, near Easton.' John C. Webber, of Caroline county, aud Miss Carrie M. Bartlett, of Easton. were married last Wednesday evening, December 29, at the residence of the bride's father, William E. Bartlett, Mulberry Hill, by the Eev. Charles A. Hill. The bride wore a handsome dress of green broadcloth, with trimmings of white silk and braid, and carried a b u n c h of ivy tied with streameis of \vhite ribbon. The groom woie tho conventional black. Tho couple were joined together under an arch of evergreen [and holly. A f t e r the ceremony came a reception to the immediate friends only of the bridal couple. A very pleasant e v e n i n g was spent, and those present departed, wishing Mr. and Mrs. Webber a long and prosperous life and much happiness. The wedding of Miss Addie, youngest daughter of William H. Beachamp, Esq., to Mr. J.Benjamin Wclcb, brief.mention of which WHS made in last week's JOURNAL, was a very pretty one, the parlor being artistically decorated with evergreens. Miss Eva Sullivan, of Oxford, a cousin of the bride, rendered Lohengrin's march. ,The bride was becomingly attired in blue broadcloth, with velvet trimmings, and carried a book. Miss Ella Beachamp, a cousin of the bride, acted as bridesmaid, and Mr. Eruuiett Johnson was best man. Shortly after the ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. P. J. Corkran, Mr. and Mrs. Welch were driven to their homo, near Burrsville. They received many uMfuI presents. , A very pretty wedding was sol- emnizcd in M a r v i n Chapel, Wednesday evening, December 20th, the c o n t r a c t i n g parties being Mr.Charles Ross and Mis'- A n n a D. Weedumn, both of Queen Anne's county. Mr. Harvey Pardce, of A r l i n g t o n , Baltimore c o u n t y , played the organ, and the bridtil paity pioceeded up the aisle to the music of Mendelssohn's wedding march and wore met at the altar by J. Rev. Edgar Wilsou, who peiformed the ceiemony which made them man and wife. Thebiidestood beneath a large white bell, and was attired in a handsome b l u e gratita broadcloth, t r i m m e d in w h i t e silk and lace, with gloves to match, and carried a b o u q u e t oi w h i t e hyacinths, tied w i t h w h i t e ribbon. Miss Bertha Graham was maid of honor and woie a b e a u t i f u l blue lansdowne w i t h white .and gold trimmings, with, gloves to match, aud carried pink carnations tied with white ribbon. Mr. E. M. Ross, a brother of the gloom, was best man, and Mr. Lester Wallace and Mr. Ehvood Smith were ushers. A reception was given at the home of t h e bride from 0 uutil 12 o'clock p. m. The presents were aoth n u m e r o u s and handsome. Tho aewly msvrncd couple will reside near Sudlorsville. The marriage oL Miss Lizzie Curry, daughter of Mrs. Mary Jane Curry, ind Mr. William H. Cannon, took jlace in Greensboro Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday even- ng, at 7.30. The ceremony was pel-formed by Rev. T. C. Sraoot, a cousin of the groom, assisted by Rev. Aloysius Green, pastor of the church. The altar and chancel were prettily decorated w i t h flowers and vines, while the bridal party stood under a large horseshoe suspended from an arch of evergreen aud holly. The briclo was handsomely attired in a gown of white silk, aud carried a bouquet of bride's roses. Miss Lena Lewis, dressed in pink silk, acted as bridesmaid, and Mr. Ira C a n n o n , a- brother of the groom, as host inau. The woddiug march was pluyed by Hiss Bertha Cohee, and Messrs. Henry Jar m a n , Edward Mitchell, A r t h u r Brockway and James Curry were the ushers. A reception at the residence of the bride immediately followed the ceremony. The marriage of Mr. Lewis Butler and Miss Georgia Lister took place at the Hillsboro Methodist Episcopal Church on Tuesday evening last at 7 o'clock. ' Rev. F. P. Carpenter, pastor, performed theceiemoiiy, and the wedding inarch was rendered by Mrs. Carpenter. The bride was attired in a dress of steel-colored cashmere, trimmed in white satin. Messrs. Harry Flowers, George Stew- avt, Frank Fleming,aud Isaac Spark- limacted as ushers. Mr. and Mrs. Butler will reside on tho J. W. Holt farm. Miss Cecilia Sl.iughtei 1 , daughter of Theodore Slaughter, aud Thomas Councell, of Cordova, were married last Wednesday afternoon at St. ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDS Mrs. StCHiirt Ol\vs :l Ken's Tp.i-- Personal mention. Mrs. Robert G. Stewart's New Year Ten.,last Saturday evening,was a leading social event oE the season. Mrs. Stewart's Indy friends, a score or thereabout in number, assembled at her pleasant Miiin-sticot home shortly after four o'clock, and from that time u n t i l half-past five the h a n d s o m e parlors wore a scene of anrmatioti, where w i t , wisdom aud repartee held high carnival. Tho guests, at tete-a-tete tables, wcie served wi tli oysters, salads, Maryland biscuits, coffee, ehocoUte, cake, etc. About six o'clock the guests^ made t h e i r adieus to t h e hobtess, w i t h tbe u n a n i m o u s expression that her's had been the recherche enter- Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Queeustown, by the Rev. W. J. Scott. A large number of relatives ivud friends witnessed the ceremony. Miss Gertrude Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Henry C. R.uvlings, Esq., of Greonsborough, and Mr. Owen N. Dulin will be married in the Greensborough M. E. Church next Wednesday afternoon, at 2.30. The man iage of Miss Annie E. Alford and Mr. George W. Oday is announced to take place nest Wednesday e v e n i n g , at half-past seven, in the M. E. Churoh, Hickman,. Curds are out a n n o u n c i n g the marriage of Aveiy Draper to Miss Ada Cook, of near Hazlettville, Del., on Wednesday, Jan. 12, at high noon. The wedding of Mr. George Pool ind Miss Ethel Towers is announced ;o take place at the Harmony M. E. Church next Wednesday. In tho Police CoilrtH. James Saulsbury, colored, who was employed in carrying the mail :roui Hobbs to Anthony, was committed to jail on Tuesday last, charged with having stolen corn from a pen belonging to Mr. Charles Dean, is said the corn was marked in a peculiar manner with bluiug and dentiRed after it had been sold at tbe stove at Hobbs. Magistrate Hig- n u t t gave S n n l s b m y a p i u i i m i u a r y leariug on Wednesday afternoon, iiid he was admitted to bail. Thaddeus B r o w n , colored, was on Monday sentenced to one year in ;he House of Correction by Justice Smith, of Rulgely, for t h r e a t e n i n g tho life of Mr. Peter Hag.idoue. Justice D u n g a n , of Hillsborough, ias sentenced James Pritchett, colored, to sis mouths in the House of Correction for the part he took in a Christmas Eve disturbance. William Strother has been sentenced to tlnee months in the House of [Correction for an assault upon Mr, R. E. Fountain. Ho will likely take an appeal- obituary. Mr. Aionx.o Curtis an aged citizen of tho Seventh district/who resided with his son, Mr. Heury T. Curtis, died on Sunday last, after au illness o£ about ten days. He was about eighty-six years old. Tho fuuenil services were held ou Tuesday last at the late homo o£ tho deceased, and interment took place at Hills- joro cemetery. Tho Snow Hill Messenger says of the late Mr. A. W. Lankford: Mr. Lank ford was an earnest, reliable, Christian gentleman; u man whose word could bo vched on at all tiuios. 3e was devoted to his family, his church and tho Masonic Lodge of which he was :i member. Mr. Wilmer Emory, attorney, advertises $30,000 to loan on first mortgage, tain men t of the season- Tho guests weie Airs. George JI. Russuni, Mrs. T. Pliuy Fisher, Mrs. Annie Downcs, Mrs. Thomas R. Green, Mrs. Harry A. Roe, Mrs. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mrs. William F. Towers, Mrs. Ris- deu E. F o u u t a i n , Mrs. Rebecca A. Emerson, Mrs. Alexander Hardeastle, Mis. Z. Potter Steele, Mrs. Elizabeth Pippin, Mrs. William H. A n - dcisou, Mrs. Edwin C. Fields, Mrs. John S. Barnhart, Mrs. John E. Wilsou, Jlrs. Frank A. Redden, Miss Mary Stewart, Miss Eleanor T u r n e r and Miss Mary Gitrey. Cordova correspondence Easton Stan The sons and daughters, sons- in-law and daughters in-lavv, gave Mr. aid Mrs. Nathaniel Pony a surprise ou Tuesday last. Mr. aud Mrs. Perry have n i n e children, tluoe sons aud six daughters, all of w h o m are married and live w i t h i n a reasonable distance. There wore t u i r t y one grand-children present. The occasion was an old-fashioned f a m - ily r e u n i o n . Mi 1 . James H. Nichols, the successful Denton Bridge merchant, on Saturday last associated his sou, Mr. J. Edward Nichols, with him in the conduct of his large and increasing business. Young Mr. Nichols possesses fine business qualifictitions, is energetic and ambitious, and it is an easy prediction t h a t the u*bw firm will attaiu oveu greater successes than the old. Rev. Will.-ml E. West, who is now Mr. Heury R. Lewis' law partner, will bo in Denton every Tuesday until the end of the conference year, when he will sever his ininistoiial c o n n e c t i o n with tho church and give all his time to the practice of law in the coiuts of this and a d j o i n i n g counties. Governor Low tides has appointed Mr. Harry J. Hopkins, of Annapolis, a delegate to the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, which begins J u n e 1, at Omaha, Neb. ilr. Hopkins is a Talbot c o u n t y m a n , employed in the Comptroller's office. Mr. Thomas Hill, who isquite well k n o w n in this county, has retired from the real estate and collection business which he had successfully conducted for forty-two years, and has been succeeded by his brother, Mr. Samuel E. Hill. St. Michael's correspondence Easton Star: Prof. Win. S. Grouse h:is Jeft us for good, having moved his family to Deuton, where he is in charge of the high school. The many friends of the family will sadly miss them. Mr. and Mrs. W. H, Blades and daughter, Miss Nora, who have been spending some time with friends and relatives in Milford and H a r r i n g t o n , have returned to their homo at Bnrrsvillo. Miss Annie W. Stovcuson has returned to the State Normal School, Baltimore, after spending the Christmas holidays with her parents, at Ridgely. Editor W. W. Busteed, of the CeutreviHo Observer, is recoveiing from a long and severe illness. He suffered from profuse hemorrhages. Mr. F. G. Stevens, of T.ilbot, has removed to Ridgely. Mr. Marion R. Taylor, of Talbot, has removed to Caroline. Miss Minnie Darby of Clarksburg, Ohio, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Lilly N. Darby, at Oak Grove. Mrs. Elmer E. Wheeler, of Baltimore, visited her parents at Williston this week. Mrs. Annie Elliott, of Seaford, has been visiting f r i e n d s in Feder- alsbnrg- Mr. Thomas A. Jones and daughter, Nellie, spent Christmas in Philadelphia. Mrs. G. M. Russum spent several clays in Baltimore this week. Miss Mamie Evitts has r e t u r n e d from a visit in P h i l a d e l p h i a . Mr. Harwood Ayros, ot Cambridge, was in t o w n on Sunday. Prothonotary Adams, of Sussex county, is ill of paralysis. Mrs. Alonzo P. Crow is quite ill at her home iu B a l t i m o r e . Mr. H. R. Lewis was in Centre- villo on Tuesday. Mr. II. "R. Wai wroth aud family, of Baltimore, inoveJ on his farm near town last week. Mr. Wolwroth is t h e editor of The Farm, a newspaper published at this place. He has had considerable experience in the newspaper busincbs, having been editor of the Maryland Farmer, of Baltimore, for a n u m b e r oi. years past. Prof. W. J. H a r r i n g t o n , assisted by Miss H a r i i c t R a n d o l p h , of New \ o i k C i t y , last F r i d a y evening organized a class of t w e n t y - f o u r pupils w h i c h he w i l l instruct in music each e v e n i n g dining the coming week. Mr. J. F. Cohee, for the last two y e a r s o n r a c c o m m o d a t i n g proprietor of t h e S u i n m u r v i l l e Hotel, w i t h his w i f e IIAS moved to St. Michaels. Wo regret his d c p i i i t u r c and wish him m u c h success in c o n d u c t i n g tho Willow C o t t a g e Hotel, of t h a t t o w n . Miss E m m a Stafford of the Cambridge Seminary, Miss N e l l i e Hari is, of tho State Nounal School, and Miss Mary Stack, of the Denton High School, s p e n t the holidays at t h e i r homes. Mossis. J. II. Douglass, J. A. Cox, (J. A. W h i j e l o y and William Whiteley visited Baltimore last week. Miss Mary S. Stafford has been visiting frieuds in Delawate. Miss F a u n i e J a r i c l l , of Goldsborough is v i s i t i n g Miss Mary Noble. dmtonl. W h i l e a party was iu progress at the resilience of ft noted widower of " G r u b b i n g Neck" a few evenings ago, a n u m b e r of Concord young men organized themselves i n t o a C i i l i t h u m p i a n band, a n d , arming t h e m s e l v e s w i t h tin pans, cow bells, etc., proceeded to the scene of t h e party, i n t e n d i n g to serenade tho aforesaid widower and leave the impression that thoy had hoard of his wedding. A f t e r several of the ladies had been frightened by tbe false faces, the gentleman became tired of the noisy c o n d u c t and made some objection, w h e r e u p o n he was hustled i n t o n, wngon aud driven off w i t h . Ho was released only upon his promise to d i v u l g e in ample time the date of his approaching wedding. Theie have boeu very few changes in t e n a n t s in this section thisseason. Miss A n n i e E. Beachamp spent this week iu Baltimore visiting relatives and friends. Several ol the citizens of this sec- lion who O\MI ice-houses took advantage ot tlie freeze and filled them on Tuesday last. Old-time p a t t i e s t h a t were in style thirty years ago tire now the popular fad in "Grubbing Neck." Tuckahoe Conclave, No, 20, I. 0. H., has elected tho following officers ·for the ensuing year: Archon, Ira B. Williams ; provost, Gall us Worth; secretary, J. F. Hussum ; financier, T. 'C. H a c k e t t ; treasurer, J. M. Bpaven ; prelate, George Onins ; inspector, W. E. Sylvester; warder, J. E. Morgan ; sentinel, C. B. Kemp; trustees, J. E. Morgan, H. E. Price aud W. E. Hicks. Mr. Ernest Dowiies is i m p r o v i n g his dwelling-house at the mill, near here, by adding t \ \ o good-sized attic rooms, accessible by a convenient s t a i r w a y from the hall on second floor. Ho contemplates other improvements iu tho near f u t u r e . Fleming Boxven died at the home of. his grandfather, Mr. Charles H. Fleming, on _Wednesday evening last, aged two months. I n t e r m e n t at Hillsborough cemetery. R a y m o n d , the 7-year-old child of ML. Martin A n d r e w , died at the h o m o of his father, iu this place on Thursday rooming-. Funeral at the Southern Methodist Church. AVlicru to liny Ciirpetb. Mr. J. W. Henry, a carpot and matting salesman, formerly residing at Dover, Del., has located at 1031 Market Street, Philadelphia, (opposite the Bingham House) where he will conduct a business as m a n u - facturer's agent. Ho w i l l represent several of the best manufacturers ot carpets, l i n o l e u m , floor and table oil cloths, Smyrna and Moqnette rugs, window shades etc., together with LyouBros. Co., of Baltimore, Md., the largest exclusive i m p o r t e r s in the United States of matti ugs, Lancaster linoleum, skins and Japanese ruga. He extends a cordial invitation to the merchants of Caroline and adjoining counties to call on him when in the city and be convinced where to purchase the above lines to avoid tho jobbers proflts. Mr. B. B. Allen returned to Washington Thursday a f t e r n o o n . Mauy improvements have been made iu town, and many more are anticipated. · Tho young folks have been enjoying the fine skating on Anthony's niill-poiul. Tho effects of bluing ou corn has made tho mail between A n t h o n y and Hobbs very irregular. The Ladies' Aid Society met at Mrs. H. C. Hobbs' Thursday afternoon. Not long ago this society presented several fine lamps to Allies' M. P. C h u r c h . Farmers are busy shelling corn and getting- it off to market. AmcriiMii Cimiurs. Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m H. Garey, of near Deuton, spent Sunday with Mr. aud Mrs. J. F. Roop. Tho Rov. Howard Covey preached an eloquent sermon at Laurel Grove M. E. C h u r c h South last S u n d a y evening. Mr. S t a t u m has completed a dwelling on the tract of land he recently purchased of James H. Ross. Mi', and Mrs. II. T. Roop visited relatives at Hobbs this week. MARRIED. SAVAGE--CHAFFINCH.--At tho homo of the bride, in Philadelphia,'on January 1, 1S98, b j the Rev. G. W. Hynson, Mr. Johu A. Savage and Miss Mollio A. Chaffinch, for- meily of Sniithville, this county. GRIFFITH-- PORTER.--At the Denton M. E. parsonage, on J a n u a r y 5, 1808, by Rev. Z. H. Webster, Mr. Albert .Griffith and Mips Maggie Porter, both of near Goldsboro. MATTERS OF A RELIGIOUS NATURE. Sunday School Ofllevrs Uli'olcil--Interest- injf K c \ i t . i l Scrvlveh. Elder J. M. Mahler, oil L c w i s t o w n , Pa., will conduct services in the German BaptiU Brcthcru C h u r c h , in Tuckahoe Neck, d u r i n g the week beginning this evening, J a n u a r y 8th. Service will begin at seven o'clock each evening. At 10.30 on Sunday morning, January 9th, there will be a meeting atBoonsboro church: and on Sunday m o r n i n g , January ICth, at the same hour, there will be service iu the German Baptist Church in Tuckahoe Neck. Au cspocialjinvi- tation, writes one of the brethren, is extended to all neighbors aud friends to attend. "Don't pull other people's houses d o w n . Build better ones by the side of theirs, aud invite them over. Preach the Word." The union revival services, w h i c h were begun at the M. E. Church last Sunday evening, have continued throughout the week with increasing interest. In addition to Rev. Messrs. Johnson and Dryden, of tho M. P. Church, Rev. Mr. Webster has been assisted by Rev. Clinton T. Wyatt, of CrisOeld. Several penitents have been at the altar. Rev. Mr. Johnson will preach tomorrow evening. On Monday n i g h t Pie- siding Elder Adams will preach. Rev. George L. Hardesty is expected to assist in the meetings before they close. He will likely be hero about the 18th. Officers of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School of this place were elected last Sunday as follows : Superintendent, Henry R. Lewis; assistant, Walter S p a r k l i n ; lady assistant, Mrs. R. J. J u m p ; secretary, Miss Lena Stewart; treasurer, T. C. West; organist, Miss May Fisher; assistant, Miss Myra Stevens; chorister, H. A. Roe; librarian, J. T- Alburger. The Federalsburg M. E. Sunday School's new officers are as follows: Superintendent, C. M. Davis; assistant, Miss Mamie Dawson ; organist, Miss Eva W r i g h t ; assistant, Miss Lyd'ui Davis; chorister, J. H. Davis; librarian, W. T. Lowe. Greeasboroxigh M. E. Sunday School--Superintendent, T. H. Jarman ; assistant, J. B. Draper; lady assistant, Mrs. W. H. Simpson ; secretary, J. E W i l l i s ; treasurer, R. B. Russom ; treasure! missionary f u n d , Mrs. J. F. Dawson ; treasurer library f u n d , Mrs. W. H. Simpsou ; s u p e r i n t e n d e n t of infant room, Mrs. T. H. Jannan ; assistant, Miss Mary Butterworth ; librarians, (Bernard and Heury Jarmau ; organist, Mrs. J. D. Plummer; assistant. Miss Bertha Cohee. Quarterly meeting will be held at Wesley M. E. church, Burrsville charge, January 6th, at 2 p. m. Preaching at Thawley's Sunday afternoon at 2:3fo p. m., January f J l h , by Presiding Elder R. H. Adams. A musicale was given at Willow Grove Methodist Episcopal Church ou Wednesday evening last. Among those who assisted iu the singing were Miss Miriam Sheppard and Miss Tato. Ex-Goveruor Reynolds gave violin solos. Presiding Elder Corkran will pie- side at the quarterly conference at the Greeusborough M. E. Church today. He will occupy th« Rev. Mr. Green's pulpit to-morrow m o r n i n g . The Rev. John R. Cannon, formerly of South Carolina, now of Washington city, will fill Mr. West's pulpit to-morrow at Preston. Rev. Alfred Smith, D. D., of Dover, assisted Rev. M. D. N u t t e r in his revival service at Marydel on Tuesday of this week. The f o u r t h .quarterly conference qf the circuit w i l l be held iu t h u Denton M. E. Church Monday afternoon, at 2.30. Seaford's new M. E. Church was dedicated on Sunday last. VavVvry Little Suit. The oso of salt as a condiment is so generally and universally believed in as, necessary that we rarely hear ii word against its excessive use, but there are a m u l t i t u d e ef persons who ont far too m u c h salt; eat it on every- t h i n g -- o n int-at, fish, patatoes, melons, in butter, ou tomatoes, turnips and squashes, in bread and on a host of foods, too numerous to mention. To so great an extent is it used that no food is relished which has not a salty taste, which is often very delicate. Now the amount of salt required in the system is comparatively small, and if the diet has been rightly compounded, very little is necessary. Some go so far as to discard its use altogether. Whether this is wise or not we will not here consider. What are some of the evils of tho excessive use of salt? They are to paralyze the nerves of taste, or to pervert them so that they cannot enjoy anything which has not a salty flavor, and in addition there is a direct tax on both the skin and the kidneys iu removing it from tho blood. Whether the skin is harmed by this tax we do not know. Possibly it is not greatly in- juied, yet we kuow that few people possess a healthy skin; but it is now pretty well settled that au excessive use of salt does overtax the kidneys in its removal, and that the great n u m b e r of eases of derangement and disease of these organs is due to this cause. It takes only a little time to WELLINGTON IS_OUT FOR M'COMAS The Senator, /or PuJllIc;.) Kcmtonti, UackK learn to enjoy many kinds of food w i t h o u t salt, aud we advise our readers to look into this matter and try to diminish the use of this condiment as far as possible. We believe they will be better for it. The Jokers liming. A Denton business man was the innocent victim of the practical joker the other day. The gentleman was about to start for a town in an adjoining county where there is dispensed that upon which, when it is red, we are advised not to look. The joker knew this,and there was treachery in his heart when he approached him and gave him a daintily-written note, and asked with a smile that he deliver the same to the proprietor of a dispensary where the ardent may be obtained, and then, with a wicked leer, walked away, chuckling to himself. Tbe unsuspecting aud accommodating victim promised, and he did not forget his promise, for when his business in the village w,is transacted he remembered the note, and 'straightway drove up to the place, hitched his horse and walked in. In a little while the polite proprietor came in, and the missive was placed in his hands. It read : "MR --. Will you Ire kimt enough to refuse to allow my husband lo liaxe any liquor to-Uay. When under its influence he is very disagreeable, and causes trouble. By complying to this request ou will greatly oblige, MHi--" With an apologetic mien the proprietor said : "I am very sorry, Mf. --, but I cannot sell you anything to-day. I cannot disregard the lady's wish." Big interrogation and exclamation points and unutterable astonishment were written all "over the faco of the speechless and innocent victim, aud he had to admit on reaching home that the joker had "scored one." Senator Wellington on Tuesday broke his long silence on the Senatorial contest and came out openly' for Judge Louis E. McComas to succeed Senator Gorman. There is no longer doubt that these rival leaders in Western Maryland have buried the hatchet, and that Wellington is sincere in support or the Judge. He said to-day that the great majority of the best Republicans in the State wanted to see McComas made Senator, and that the sentiment of the independent voters of tho State, without whose aid the Republicans could not h a v e carried the State, were also in favor of McComas. It is now believed that Senator Wellington can influence enough votes, together with those controlled by Governor Lowndes and Judge McComas himself, to as- sure the election of tho Judge. The political interest of tho legislature will center in the election of a United States Senator, the state treasurer and one police commissioner for Baltimore city. The balloting for Senator will begin in joint assembly of both houses at noon, on the 18th inst., and if no selection is then made the joint assembly will reconvene every day, at noon, until a result is reached. As is well- known, the candidates mentioned for the United States senator are Major Alexander Shaw, General Thomas J. Shryock, Hon. John V. L. Findley and Mr. Charles J. Bonaparte, of Baltimore city, Judge Louis E. MeComas, of Washington county; Congressman Isaac A. Barber and Colonel J. C. Mullikin, -of Talbot county, and Congressman Sydney E. Mudd, of Charles county. Postmaster General James A. Gary may also be drawn into the contest, as may others whose names have been mentioned, more or less prominently, and still others whose names have not been mentioned at all. Tlic Colony of Hollanders. To the Editors of the JOURNAL: I see by your last issue that Cornelius W. Vander Hoogt Mr. says aud year, 8 DIED. THOMAS.--Near Grove, on the 31st of December, 1307, Lydm A . , loving d a u g h t e r of Frank H. Cora F. Thomas, aged 1 months aud 2 days,. · Antl now yon arc nn nngel bright, l-'roin pain mid sickness free. For you are in that \vorld oflight, And Jesus is \\Hli tliee The pain that you did sufTei here No inoital tongue can tell, Though God lias called our darling one, Yet He doeth nil thiugj; well. --MAMA AND PAPA, Orphans' Court Proceedings. The Orphans' Court w a s i u session last Tuesday, with Judges Moore, Sigler and Orrell present. The will of James Gauibrill was admitted to probate, and letters testamentary were granted to William A. Noble, the executor named in the will. Warrant to appraise was issued to Bayard Nichols and Heury W. Poole, and notice to deceased's creditors ordered. Jam us P. Covey, administrator of Peter Covey, deceased, presented a listof sporate debts, an interest acc o u n t and au account of administration, all of which were approved and passed. Rebecca E. Darling aud Honvy W. Hughes were g i a u t u d letters of administration on the estate of John Darling, deceased, anil \ \ a r r a u t to appraise was issued to H e n r y C. R a w i i n g s and William H. Woofers. Finncis S. Toild and George L. Butler, e x e c u t O L S of James Bntler, presented nn intoiest account, a f i s t of sperate aud desperate debts aud an account of administration, all of which were approved and passed. Anna Maii;i Wilkinson, adtuiuis- t i a t r i x of William H. Wilkinson, was granted an order to sell the personal property of tho deceased. lie Wilted, When the preacher said: "Wilt thoii take her for thy pard for better or for worse; to have, to fondly guard, t i l l hauled off in a hearso? W i l l t h o u let her h a v e her w a y , consult her m a n y wishes, make the fire up every dny and help her wash the dishes? W i l t thou give her all the stuff her little purse w i l l pack, buy her a little monkey boa m u f f , a l i t t l e sealskin sacque? Wilt thou comfort and support her f a t h e r and m o t h e r , A u n t Jemima, Uncle J o h n , t h i r t e e n sisters and a brother?" The bridegroom's face grew pale and b l a n k , it was too late to jilt; as through the pnrlor floor he sunk, he sadly said, ,'I wilt." that my statement in the items from Tanyard in tegard to the Hollanders was partly incorrect. Allow me to say that it was -wholly correct. Mr. Nagel was a German, but he rented land belonging to the Bureau of Immigration," us did also Mr. Diselber- ger, who went with Mr. Nagel to. North Carolina. Several of the Hollanders 7tate moted away, and one family, who are still here, were packed up ready to move to Somerset county, but got disappointed at the last in securing the farm they expected to go to. The house which Mr. Nagol occupied is vacant, and two others near by, all belonging to the Bureau of Immigration. Please insert this in your paper, and oblige, Yours truly, S. A. COLLINS. Tanyard, Md., Jan. 4, 1898. Additional Items. Messrs. Henry R. Lovyis, J. H. C. Legg and Olin Bryan, trustees, on Tuesday last sold the Isaac Mason farm, in the Sixth district of Queen Anne's county. It was purchased by tho heirs, Mrs. Samson, Mrs. Jaeoby, Mrs. Sewall aud Mrs. Della- bord, daughters of Jesse Randall. The pi ice was $23 per acre. The Cherry Hill, Elkton Chesapeake City Electric Railway desires the Legislature to transfer tho $58^ 000 now in the name of the Elkton Southern Railway to tho electric company. This is the amount due Cecil c o u n t y from the State- The Heptasophs have paid to the beneficiaries of S. Frank Toadvin, of. Wicomieo county, the sum of $5,000. Tuberculiwtln Legislation. The State Sanitary Live Stock Board has drafted a law to stamp out tuberculosis among the bovines of this State. We have received from Asa B. Gardiner, Jr.,Gleneoe, Baltimore county, a letter enclosing the following comments on the law, with the request to publish them: "As no regard seems to have been paid to the manner in which this proposed law will affect the dairymen and cattle-breeders, and as it will become a law if no step is made to deprive it of its h u r t f u l features, a meeting has been called by some of the most influential men in these industries, to be held at the Carrollton Hotel, Baltimore, at one p. m., Tuesday', the 18th of January. All,whose business is likely to be affected, are invited to attend. "There is no doubt that milk production, and cattle raising can be benefited by a reasonable, practical law; such has been the experience of States enacting such reasonable tuberculosis laws; it is also a fact that those States that have passed laws similar to the one now to be put before the Legislature have done so at tremendous expense to the Sta'te, and the great and lasting injury of the interests of the farmer. The importance of this move should not be overlooked, for it affects the health of llie people, as-well as tie business of many farmers." A Cure For Lame Back. "My daughter when recovering from an attack of fever, was a great sufferer from pain in the back and hips,"writesLouden Grover, of Sardis, Ky. "Aftorusingquiteanumber of remedies without any benefit she tried one bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and it has given entire relief." Chamberlain's Pain Balm is also a certain cure for rheumatism. Sold by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; E. J. Colston, Ridgely. Anyone wanting stoves had better call aud examine tbe full line of cook stoves, ranges, double heaters, air-tights of all patterns; also secondhand stoves and repairs of all kinds, which will be sold at remarkably low prices for the next thirty days. HENRY SINCLAIR, Ridg'ely, Md., opposite P. W. B. R. R. station. Oniters Elected. The following officers of True Blue Council, No. 29, Jr. O. U. A. M., at Ridgely, have been elected: Junior Past Councilor, John W. Grabill ; councilor, B. F. Rice ; vice- councilor, H. T. S m i t h ; recording secretary, J. K. H a u n a b o r y ; assistant, A. W. Carmine; financial secretary, \V. P. Day ; treasurer, J. M a n d r i l l ; conductor, Thomas Temple ; warden, C. Roberts; inside soul i n e ] , D. G r a b i l l ; outside sentinel, F. Deifeuderfer; trustees, J. W. Grabill, B. F. Rice and C. Roberts. One of the publications of which Mr. Elon S. Hobbs is principal owner is the New York, Fruit Trade Journal. Tho Christmas edition of this paper contained seveuty-four puges, f i n e l y illustrated. Royal raikrft the load pare, wholesome mad delict* Absolutely Pure ROYAL BMUH9 POWDER CO., HEW YOKC. Order Nisi. J. Frnnk Lcdnnm ·vt. Thomas II. Grccii, ot nl. In the Orphnns' Court of Cnroline county. Ordered this 7tli diw »l December, 18ST, that the sale ot tho propel ty mentioned in those proceedings nnule nivl reported by .1. Krank Lcduiiui, tiustou in the abovo entitled cause, bo ulillcd and confirmed, unless CIHISC to the cnntrnry thereof )e sho« n on before the 7th dny of February next, provided :i t»py of this order be inserted in some ttu\\piipcr printed and published in Cnroline county once in each. · of three suece.~si\e weeks before tho 7tll day of January next. The llepori states the amount of sales to be §216 OC. JOHN A. SIGLEB, J. B. OliKBLL., Judges of tho said Court. True copy--Test: ROBT. J. JUMP, \ , V liogister of "\Vilh for Caroline county. -^

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