The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 4, 1916 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
Page 3
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THI CHILLICOTHE BAIL? CONSTITUTION SATURDAY, NQV 4, 1916 --SIDE-TRACKED-- THIS FttYS DIVIDENDS WHY lovrrr OF me UNION PACIFIC AND UNDERWOOD op ERie * R£ ·» WILSON (By U n i t e d F I - L I S » London O c t J l -- f L-% M t l j -- l i use of fire b u l l e t s in n ic utie u n is legitimate i\ irtare This is the stand t i k e n b\ t to B» it isli authorities m p ~ o U - » t m t o t h i u the American c i b is^-v a B e i ' i n against the Germ in t h t c it to IP i with t~wo British in men c ipUu ccl ·with the fire b u l l e t m th ir po session The fire bullet Ci i t i h iiilAoiitit assert is a Oe r m in i n \ e n t i o n 1 ht British nulit' it "v a u t h o i tins ~ l o j i it a f t e r captui in^, son t, H u i i the O manb months ag-o thei «* u Just about t h e time the C e i m i n i H l i l u authorities announced tho\ intended to c o u r t m a i t i a l t\\o Bu h i t c captured in Belg urn i /ep^elm \\ i brought do\\n in L.n-,luul u i^l ^L i , plied i \ \ t h file b u l l e t s In th u ne gotiations t h r o u g h t 1 ^ V i n c u c a n F n "bassj the Bntibh autlu i it cs u ~vc given. German\ to u n d t i ^ a id t h a i the crew of! the f u e b u l ' e t /epnel i ] are pri^oneis The fire bullet is u in u k c i foi machine grans--one fne bullet be iLg fixed in m ichine srun ami mrm on at long i n t e r v a l to --hens tl o -,unn°i ·where he is f i l i n g It on it« smoke and flame along its r o u t e When You Have S50 DAVID LUBIN ADVOCATES RE-ELECTION OF WILSON the (("notion auses "How shall 1 imtst i t 9 " Theie is no bcttei v.a\ than in a Cer tint, itc ot DepoMt m The Git i/o'is v itional Bank oi Chil l u o t l i p whose ic^omres of ^830 000 von assur anci ot absolute satctv Our Ceriifd-tes of Deposit are is sued in «ums of ^ 5 0 and upwards The^ bpii n t e i e s t at the rite of 1 )°r cent and are renewable tt the ^nrl of M X or tw cU e riouths T r \ou \ a n i s e c u r i t y for % our sav inirs nil al «ence of all exp nse 01 v orr\ i n c i d e n t to mortgages *~incls storks etc C 1 f \ CI KIT! 1CATE OF~ 3 i t h i s strong bank The c e r t i f i c a t e ^ are reidilv negoti bl ud L collateial security are ( lint ·· celled j For thosp \\lio have saved some I n i de ire a regular in co n* 1 fi ee from the l u n o ^ a n c e and ·« OT\ of o t h e r Coi ms of invesu merit T\ P stronsrl-v recommend our CBT- ificate of Deposit The Citizens National Bank How - 1 hi- ' "We offer One H u n ' l i ^ d D i l l - - i* i\ ai d for anv cisc of Ct tri h f h it c i not be c u i o d bj EMI s 0 t i r i h M -i I icme _ ' H a l l s C - i t i u h "\Iotliciue ms be"n , taken b^ c itarrh s u t [ - i e i s f o i t h e ! past t h l r t j file - \ e i r - nd h i b | co-me lmo-\\n as the mos r e l n l k [ remedy for Catirrh H i l l s Cat-Mi i Medicine tcts t h i o u i j h t i e Flood 0 1 the Mucous «uil"ces expellm^. the Poison from the Blood and h e i l i n ^ ' the di c ea.sed portions ' After i o n h i \ e t i k e n Hall s Ca tarrh "Medicmp foi a " n o i t tim" ^0ll ·will see a great i m p r o \ e m p n l in \ o u i geneial health Start tak n=r It ill Catarrh Medicine U once anc' jet i 1 of catairh Send lot tc.biimon.iil-, fre« r j CPIE^E^ . co TO o Sold b ill Druggibts "~jc Reserve Bank Fat u cr ot Amcncjn R u r a l Credits Another Leading R e p u b l i c a n to Join President's Standard David Ltibin f o u n d e r of the Inter national Institute of Agricultuie and father of the run] ciedits mo%cment in America has joined the list of prominent Republicans openlj advocating the re election of President Wilson W i t h i n a fortnight Thomas \ Edison Luther Buibauk and Henry Ford all Republicans anO men of In teinational fmie ha\e made similar dec'nntions Da\id Lulun is a u c a l t h y California farmer His interes-t in securing a t S I 1[ u i · riiis, is v siou \i OK iu ii: JSeu \ o i k \ov 1 -- T i n s is of bachelois ^ omen aie it.ii not to read it Listen lello \ According to the -n. ill ot M i s Zmssei w h i c h has just been here each oe hei £0111 \ o u n _ g i a n d daughters gets i bequest ol S I O ) 0 0 on condition she is iblt to took i good dinner tor t i t H e peisont. b e i o i she is 21 j e a i s old Another condition is that the \ o u , · dome the cooking must AV ir a dress £he made hei«oll Betore ^ o u buv that READ\ M \DC Su t consider the fact that it is INOT m a d e to \ OUR figure--that i is \ O T exLlusi\e m tabric pattern-tint t - w i l l JXOT hold its shape like oui TM1 OR AI VDB gaunent--that it costs MOEL in the end Oiu m l o i i n g i n = u i e s a PERFECT h l o d | L, \STINC FI1 TIJE CORRECT STILE ind a giade of M o i k m a n s h i p that i« never equalled in the best r e a d v made g a r m e n t s It B a p l e i s u i t to sho\\ our suitings and o-vercoatmgt, lor w e can sell you S u i t s at an\ pricp J o n "\\ant If you \v int 51o Sui*s I hdie plentj ot them and w i l l gi araatee them t o be a« aood J.s am. $15 Suits made TLVT ^HOOl'1-sG ( O L f . H Mrs Sam C Small Cl i\ ton Is At ·write 1 ! M\ srind-sou had w h o o p ing cough - w h e n he -\\a» three m o n t h s old "R e used Tole^ s Hono tnil Tar and I belieie it siied 1 i« l i t He is n o w bis and tat Tole^ Honei and T n is a line th ne to hi\ ·" in ths hou=e for snooping cott^'i croup coughs colds Sold e\ e v ·where Hasten I6SS .OR1H SIDI3 SQTJABE Oier Ileger s Restaurant Children Cry TOR F L E T C H E R ' S C A S T O F5 I Notice to Hunters Having leased the Gold Jonus 1 in J j (| 5 outh of the Da-nn balla«t pit h u n t ( ers are hereb\ notified th.u we ^ ' ' not tolerate tresspassins (Signed) Sportsmen Gun Club CHIROPRACTIC js the philo«*oph\ science and i i t t h a t accounts foi locates and adjust- tlie cause o£ dib ei^o Vm i n f o r m i t i o n "^\ill be glidl\ gi\ en it ni"\ office free H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Lad\ Attendant SEISER BLDG --Opposite New Post Office-- oiie t.~ SLISLT Blclc; C'ai L[COTKC MO FF1 t, IIRTII TOO While much is «=xid ibout ^omen it must be r e n c m b e . e d t h u men also pi\ the penalty ot o^ ci ivork AAhen the kiJnoN inactive or oltig^i'-h ^ nen one tired out and mi-orioK blues lack e"?'-^ and Fole-v Kulne^ Pills, are ton c strengthening The\ act q^i Sold e\eri^here ired t, el-- h i " t h e ambition ^hill'cothe O 91 I O O VIGHT Children Cry FOR FLETCHERS vl. - " I N i \CL,I w\ E ri_ M n VL Tjivr tx. t i' ^ i 1 7"«le for Parties Phono 343 anj DAVID LUBIN square deal for thp farmer led him to m i k e research abioiul and out of his efforts grew the International Instl tute of 4griculture at Home This Institution does foi the staples of_aifrl- cultnie of the \\oild what the American Chamber of Commerce does for the products of the American maim facturer Through his connection w i t h the In ternational Institute of Agriculture Mr Lnbin became Interested in the inral credit sj stems of Europe and led the movement which resulted In the passage of the Rural Credits by the Wilson Administration Tust before dcp irting for Italy re- cenly, Mr Lub n authorized an inter olew of 4000 words in which he gmv« ^lb opinion of those acts of the \\llson .administration which directly affect ·he farmer his horn* and his market Tills inter-view has been furnished without cost to eierj leading farm r-aper In the United States If the tarmer does not read It In his farm paper It nil! probably be because the Editor does not care to use his columns for discussion of economic ques tlons and go\ eminent policies that vitally affect the Interest of the farmer Mr Lubin said "In the appllca Don of business methods of distribution, America until the present Afl ministration was about 180 years behind Germany and several decades behind the rest of Europ* And yet In the \ery taUng ID which America la backward she should lead the world She does not because a clique of special Interests dictated public opinion and controlled legislation through th» bosses of the Eepubllcnn party So cleverly have they worked that the average man Is hypnotized, his critical faculties dulled "President Wilson la neither fooled nor led by this crowd He Is Hr»- less, patient far seeing He has a historic sense of the past a sympathetic sense of the presen* and a prophetically spiritual sense of the fn ture While his head is above the clouds, his feet are a l w a j s npon the oarth He is Idealistic on the one side on the othet practical He Is a ,ood business man He knows that good politics and 'ood economics are the same thing. le is fearless, in all my relations with nm direct or indirect I fall to find on} thing or anjbody he Is afi*id at." iiijiiiiimimiiimiimiiiiiiiiiiimiiiimiininHU'iiiu!: A Great Loss and a Greater Gam This business has rounded out twenty- two months of existence by distributing to owners more than one hundred thousand cars. Price-concessions on this car are rarely asked, and never given with Dodge Brothers consent or to their knowledge. You can therefore figure accurately the amount invested by the public in Dodge Brothers cars, by multiplying the output by the retail selling price. One hundred thousand cars at $785 per car means a sales-total in less than two years' time of $78,500,000--or, with freight-cost added, considerably more than $80,000,000. There have been no bursts of speed in the up-building of this great business. At no time has there been even an attempt at stimulation of sales or of production. Never for a single day has production been speeded up for the sake of attaining a total. On the contrary, it has been held down every day within fhe limits of close, careful, conscientious manufacturing. Both production and sales have been stable, steady and spontaneous--scrupulous care in the one, producing huge volume in the other. At this moment, as at every other period, although producing a large volume every day, Dodge Brothers are "losing business" by their policy of keeping production within the bounds of continuous betterment. * In that sense they have doubtless suffered a great loss in the past and will endure a great loss in the future. But over against this great loss is an infinitely greater gain. The people of the United States have implicit frith in the integrity of Dodge Brothers manufacturing methods. One hundred thousand owners--or rather, one hundred thousand families --are practically of one mind concerning the car and the men who make it. This business and its product are blessed with a friendship probably without parallel in the history of American manufacturing. Fresh from the factory, or sold at second-hand, from one end of the nation to the other, the car has special value and a special reputation, because of the name it bears. Because of the name it bears, you may be sure that the principle behind the car will never be changed a hair's breadth. Dodge Brothers have only one idea in the upbuilding of their business. That idea is to build so soundly and so well that the good will which they have won will grow and endure forever. The Baseline consumption is unusually !ow. The tire mileage is urusually high ADAMS AUTO SUPPLY CO., Distributors CHILLICOTHE, MO Thv'jpncc of the Touring Car or Roadster complete, Ug7M ( f o b Detroit) The price of Or c Winter Touring C«r or Raadtter, complete, including regular mohair top, M $950 ( f o b Detroit) ^nuiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiipjjiiiiiiniiiii jmiminiin HI iiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiniiiiiii iiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuil TOO THE HURT OUT OF HER BACK Airs. Anna Bvrfl Tuscumbia 4.1a ·writes I w as down -n ith mv back so I could not stand up more thas half the timfc Fo-le-v Kidnej Plllb took all of the hurt out Rheu mane pain? sivollen ankles back ache stiff joints and sleep disturb ing bladder ailments indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble Sold everyrrliere WIFE'S a game, and we «re all players in it, to paraphrase Shakespeare ·aW And the beat two earcli in any hand are illustrated above--first, the PAY EBVEIOHE; iecond, the BANK BOOK Without the pay envelope tkere can be no bank book Without the bank book t 1 e I»y -envelope i. robbed ot it» FULL VALUE The BANK BOOK i, the LOGICAL, SENSIBLE StTPPLEMENT of the PAY ENVELOPE DO YOU HOLD THESE WINNING CARDS? FARMERS MERCHANTS Chris Boebner, Ptes. J. D. Brookshier, Cashie. CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI of t,he Telephone Lot ^ 0111 telephone save r on the \rony and inconvenience ^Inch is often opca^ioued by shopping during these A^ arm d \\ s C u l l n a i e the l u b i f of "shopping by phone" -- it's quick com enifnt and sati'faeloi v in e\ ciy waj When Mm phone us an o 1 dci 1011 ina^ he snre of the same caiefnj sei\icc as u A on MSI ted oni stoie in peison CALL ONE ONE ·when ^ on need an\ tiling in clings" 01 othei dins? store c;oods Call Mlieii on have an e nei^enc^ need -- and ask for ' quick dch\ ei\ " Call \ou a pies uption to be compounded. RYBURN'S PHARMACY "THE SERVICE STORE" HELPING HUNGRY HOGS Lots of folks think that a hop likes dirt So does a babj like candy, and a boy mince pie, but Eawhns sa\ s too much is not goed for them It is a mistake to think that mud mixed with a bog's feed is good for him A concicte or board feeding floor will pay for itself in feed saved and double in hog health If you -want the riglit material RING UP R A W L I N S AT THE SAUNDERS-TURNER UBR. CO. PHONE 247 CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PHONE 44 3O1, DAY 397 F. A, Mfinershagen Son UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTOES H. L. KECKE, Licensed Embalmer CHAS GIBBS, Assi Announcement Dr, Hallaway's Sanitarium (Cor. Elm ;md Ann Sts.) - V* ill be opened to the public November 15th for the treatment of all chronic diseases. Satisfaction Guaranteed CONS i ii u i icr^ WANT GETFE ULT

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