Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 11, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 4
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V ! DbCATUR HERALD SAI URDAY EVENING, OCIOBtK II, IV3U, UtCATUfc HERALD Woose f o Give Charity I On December 9 Proceeds Will Be Spent in Decatur for tltr Needy |OIK' niemliniii unU women ot the Mooinliuurt lotion arc selllnu llckctw for a vliarlty bull to h« tflvun Dec. 0 In thu Or I undo hold ballroom. All money rltiuvud for charity woik In De- (h« wlnt»r and wiring. rutwl will bo catur Ticket* that ar« being that ln« dunco will tiu In dance hull. A f t e r the Mi-hot* were Proper Did Has Great Deal To Do With Condition of Ones Teeth «D printed tbi hull was for tin Indoor inlnlttlurci (folt oursi, »o the Moos* hfu-n tlwtnC" 11 Iho pl» c e ot their party lo Ihe Orlanilo /.amWa Fein Dc(t« ParliM On Sumfa.u lambda Tnli Delta nntltmnl tnisl- nans sorority will hnve hrenkfiwl Sunday morning In the Hotel Orlando coffee iihoii for to Knouts ouvt; H. YOUNG Mllllhtu University (ll*t have any offtiot on toutli after thuy hove com* through? I havo alwtiyu understood that the first teetli wore formed before birth nnd ttutt the second teeth were formed soon after. If this Is th« case, how can dlut In late years affect" tltom?" Our HttltudB towaid tho ctteul of diet on tho teeth has cnungod mate rlully In tha last fuw years slnctt u number at tliu bvDt research labu- i'jit(u1i'» have been iluvotlng time lu the Investigation of this question. Two til Iterant discuses which affect U u i h arc tocognlml: "carlou," which caus«» lecay, anil "pyoirhoa," which affects tho (ftinwt. Hoth of these eon dltlonx aru largfly lh* etfout of iioor diet. While the (lest luuth beifltt to form hcbii-w b l t t h and the permanent teeth soon uftt'r hlrlh. It lias been necnriv that the nutrtllonnl ilij, tenth all as tlicy flow D. A. {·'. Men to Dance m iluUls (low thtough through llfo JusL Dtilta Alpha (tnndlnp 17 f i u t n r n l l y through other purtd of thu body. The moHt important factor* in building nnil keeping teeth in repair are «· ckim, phosphorus nnd two of thu ! vitamins-- D and C. Apparently vita- n \n associated particularly riven In ChiniimlKii SHturtltiy by Alpha fhaiitdr of ih» (tame fraturnlty. The dnnm on Ontvcmlly of TIllnMs crimpus l« for pledftet of Alpha chapter. Mr. «m/M«. R. A. Pt«kt fincJt from Mr, and Mn West North street, wlio went lu C'ltll- /ornla In ^f^^·. rntuiwd curly in thn to lcatur, Mr, and Mrs ------ , ..... lu n dance bnliiK] with the health of the teeth and vlttimln C with the health of thu f(»mi», C'wlulum tnr Calcium In tho tiuitetliil which WH must juipply to tho teeth In liberal fliinnlltlwi, Milk H Its host source, next comes vecctftbli'* anil fruits, A diet which H plentifully supplied Ft A l'iinh 428 wlth lhl "" 1 fu()J materials vrlll nat- ill-ally fuinls* jihoiiphorus as well. The citrus fruits, tornnlooa ami ,., ,.,,.,-»,,,,, ..... » oranges im- genermm sources of Mopped In the drawl C a n y n n | vitamin C. For vitamin D we must on the way Wedl. und passed the ·urnmer In Suntn Monka. They saw depend upon mllK. egg yolks, end liver oil and sunshine, Thd last two tioiircus should bo used, one or notn, friends In oil of thit larger.,' mile*, rind look n trip to Moxko nil tho year through. They weri' xucntn In the locritur | i--.-:. plcntc In I.orifr lt«neli. nnd puiwirtl « i r i r - -pn| FDAMT rtr month In flnr, Frundsco On their BE TOLERAN 1 Of wny lu»cl they Mopped In Portlunit, Victoria, Vnncouvur, t.iikd I.oulne, and Minneapolis It has been found that there will be little serious tooth decay If thuie la not pioper die I for mother wta child, Pyorrhen can be prevented by proper diet, and recent researches seem to prove that It can be cured by a diet that contains more than the Usual amounts of vitamin C from the sources T- oranges, lemons, fruit, lettuce, and from the culcium of milk. Avoid Too Much of Thtw* Diets high In sugar and starches aru to be avoided, both because they are apt to cut down Ihe supply of other more Important foods and also because If allowed to accumulate tuound the loeth they uaime decay Candy should be oaten only after meals anil atlcky cundy should be Hives May Be Baby's Reaction To Irritation Mrs. Hdred Offers Leaflet On Hives and Beby Feeding nvoldod. Teeth should uitor candy hns been C. /I. Kelfcr nwf Sen /·(( 1C fling Today Cl, A. Ktvllfr In reltii'nlng today from t'ortlnnil. Oro., wh*ro ho linn punned tho tummier. Mi, Keller's mm nnil daughter In law. Mr. iiml MM HM KelW, will nrrlvo this noon I iv automoMtc. find will lie ftun«t» In h n ft, A. I'MiUm hfiiiin n few rlnya, Mr Knller foimerly llvnl !it OPINIONS YOU CANT BELIEVE Hy UUTH CAMER07K S AID A nmn of OT to me the dny; "I urn net no opinionated n.i I used to be. T hurt an experience last winter which l«l mo to believe T rrmy aometlmes bo million ( thtnBH and the other f«]low may be right " Sixty-lie vc n yearn (-Id ftud Ju»l Hnrtln* thfit out! The thtitight that M l w .I.,«(.|.hin. Kw ..... Hi.ct«il i.M,Ht-lnnt or Phi Tim ,, rrMhlmui iw,r«rlty lit tlllnoli. n.nn'B i-ftllwi. in Jm-ltMonvlllo IVI.-L iq^dlntnd onr of ft i-ommUlM) to "I' t man you must hnyo been to wllh all thcw yeaia," «nrt mm- ncnuntntanc* with his (am- T was rl K ht. He Is » B«n- the Krnir orpanlMit n fnw wc«k« «n"i". klnilly man, with whom hon' - of Ami Mr l,fikt- Mr. and Mr*. John Thiir.t1*v 'l-hfv will ftitpnl tlio fool hall ffitmc In (JhninpalKii Sutiirdny. iflw. Mr. nnil Mri, Hurry Tlenwr. -- · Only Mri. I'htllKi Spnldcl o t , [lo (,,,(,,,,,,,, Lnterosted In a now rc- In the homo o( lU ,,| 0n (l t(lW yfB rs aj;i. *«d »m hai t() c(mvn ' rt «voryonn els* to It tewh .H that you can Decree of Honor ImlKfr No. I Juvenile* will have a wli'imr rowtt toil- nrdny afternoon at S o'clock tn fair vlnw. lo bo prosfint. All mtmiUiro aid urged Hlf lonrn yotiraelt ot anything thnt li the mMtnr with you. ami when ho told onr if his friends, whom he wnfl try- ,li\g Lo convert, iif n wotinft.n who prow new net of tooth after her own w*r* extvactfd simply by -wllllnK It. nnil his frlcri'l iimrettti) thnl h« Mm. Willluni ISiirncB MUMliilneil 'eould nol bidleve, he htscamo (jultc i ho Hrlnmon BOO elul) Thursdny In |nnt,'ry. Ihii liimllnh Uivoiii. Throw tables of ( At one llino he Invented a machine Urdu woru Iri piny, first prlite KoliiKiwhleh he. wn» HUI-C would revolutlon- to MM. William HariH'i, m-cond t o i l TM the. uleotrlcal Inihwtry. Doaptte Mm, Pmil Wilson, third to Mm. Oa-t|he plendlnKt of hl« fi\mlly. and the cur Shepherd, nnd Mrs. Ddwey liurnen convolution tn|arlv)re of t'Xpei l». he devoted two Th« club will y rar s to tho pertuclitiit of tho ma- and had a nervous brdiiktlown In two weekw w l l l t Mm. Cirnvnr be brushed catou. The habit, of giving d child n plica of candy, howevci aniall, after teotU have been flnnlly brushed for the night should be broken If It ban been form oil. Tho Miles Cor dlut to pioduue and to keep good tuoth ure fortunately the same us the diet for gon«rn B ood health. Plenty of milk, fruits vegetables, eggs, a curtain amount ot meat, enough cereals and breatt to furnish tho fuel needed for activity find n limited amount of sweets nnd you have an adequate tllct Southern Siilml Three ormiKOS Throe torn aloe 1 * On* green pepper One-holt cup French Wfttorcresw Pcfl ornnget and cut li very thin sltcct and divide each slice into quartan), Puel tomatoes anil ul Into eighths and dice In small cubis Chop gieen pepper fine. Mix with French drew Ing, Arrange on Individual plates on amall ted* of wtiter- and serve very cold. PI BETA PHI HAS TEA-DANCE FRIDAY FOR ITS PLEDGES Fraternity Men Are Guests in Evening Open House Party Dl B13TA PHI sororlly «ftv« a lea *· lnnce In Its chapter house In Noith Fdlrvtow avenue Friday s nlng for fraternity nnrt lnde|i?ndent men of the campnit. Lee Home' bradk'a orchcutra plsyed for the dnnelng. Pumpkin shades were used over tho lights nnd other halloween decorations were tmed. Miss Jessio Locketf, the lorodty hoat«r«, poured, and n lu«ot supper witf served The monu Include* chicken salad nnd Individual pumpkin plos that carried out ths H»l- lowonn Idea. Paper caps were favors for the, younp men. The ted-dnnce was Riven In honor of the PI Beta Phi pledge,*, Men of Dcltn Sigma Phi nnd Tan Kappa Epsilon Xraternltltj were guests from IS to A o'clock. Kappa Dalta Chi and Delta Alpha Epsllon men wire tnieitts fiom 0 to 7, and from thnt time to 8 o'clock (he Sigma Alpha Epsllon and Independent men were present. Miss LfeJn Johnson was social chairman. cred here for tho convisnllori. Tho meetings were hold In the Hlfh school and Central school gym, with Supt. ot Olney Schools H. W. Hoa- Oarncs on the Townnhl|) IJim roiul inannjr nnothrr your -when lie failed , to cFiih In on his Invention. Mrn. Mnrahnll Onvr*it roturtipil Thf , o n l v nlllslr t hdt Is wcrlli hnnr- WMlmWMliiy from fJntutl KnpltH, ( , , ,,,,«,, VPS ,,,,, U IP old ttmcs c. Btomlcy "Oxnam. iirasltlent of Ds Mlcii. is-Hdf* Fflm piutaea two wei-k-i h| h ho kn(lw (|l hU tovh ootl. pre- Pauwj Dr. A. H Hwrop, of Albion, lottlur In charge of the piocccdlnfts, Tho most prominent speakers were viol ting bar Hfrnstcy rnd Judith. th« Mrs, latti'r'd DAUGHTER BORN TO MR. AND MRS. SCOTT Mr., F. W. Friday . , ft tele birth of turiibly hymnf, _ . _ , . . . dbtnitt* for n n y other form of music urn! lin» no pntlMicn with anyone who llkwt poptllnr mimic And tho moral nf my talc' It yoti wntild have p(-opli Ilko you and seok nut your roinpiinlnnship, l«Firn toler- /incc Lcnrn to live and let llvo. m bocn until tbtit fno ot the Is IcnrnlnR to Mich., college; Earl Hnrper, president ot Evcmsvtllc, Ind, college; and Prof. Pred W. Cftrberry. of Milwaukee, WlM. The toaclmr* were entettatncd Frl- ilny afternoon ly a football game "bo- (wccn Olney and Pal eat I no HIgna. MVItTLK MEYER ULDRED S OME CHILDREN and adult* are readily suticepUble to Irritation because of food, and roact to It lit · marked way. The baby who li ov«r fed, hai too much cream In hi* formu)*, la sensitive to eggs, or to frulti of various sort*, may react by developing rash or hives. ' If the food Is constantly In the diet the baby irfny have ths vatth for months (eczema). Hives are Urge bulbous eruption! which appear sometime* within (HW hours afler eating the Irritating food. Th«y are hard, whlllsh, and look much like huge mosquito bltei They way appear all over one arm or all over tho b»ek of the neck or Just on the legs, and disappear aim OH ns rapidly as they come. Meanwhile they Itch badly. Home Doling A change o[ water or food wll cnuse hives In tho person who IK easily npftet by vhangen Dosci o milk of niafrncsla. or bt-carnonMa of soda tn water will help them !!B appear. Tlie floiln witter may be mop pod on tho whcals, t;oo, nnd will hp)p pi-event the distressing Itching. Un- Ir-s-t one Is absolutely certain tha 1 the eruptions are hives. It Is bent not to do any home dosing. A redder nsks this nbont hives and food. "Mv baby In ton (ind one-half months o!d and hnn hlvir very bad ly T havo takon almost "H the water cut of her milk hut still ahc Rets the oiigar. Could Ihl* be caiialnfi the hives?" There tire probably several fooU In the bahj-'a menu which are more apt to cause hives than tho sugar «1« went of the formula. Oranftn Juke or other fruits may enusa them, tn which caw try tomato juice or the Juice of ffreen grapes, and watch baby's reaction, Wheat cereal may be an offending factor, so luhstltute brown rice, oatmeal, or whole barley. W« have Ictifflts on hive* and on feeding -which you ahoud bo Interested In oeeurlng, Ono or both maj he obtained by sending the iwiwl self-add rewind, stompid envelop* with your request to me at this newspaper. PRUDENTIAL CLUB HAS MEETING THURSDAY The Prudential Woman's club hold Its regular meeting Thursday rtlghi In the horn* of Mr». Geor»t« Otlon 1264 EoJt Sedgwlclt street. After the buslneis meeting cards were play ed. Mrs, Ro«e Cr«nf)ll won firrt and Mre. Anna Hurner, second In bridge. MM. Edith Mu)liken v first anfl Mrs. Grace Allen aocond In rook. The next 1 meeting will be Nov. 13 with Mrs. Ralph Tellcamp. 1067 South Twenty-first street TROPICAL GOLF COURSE OPENS TODAY 18 Holes 18 delightful hWes, Plenty of hiw- irds nnd "roughs." You'll Ilk* this course, whether a beginner or nn "old hand" nt tho gome. LADIES FREE WED. 2-5 P. M. 963 H, Water St r , M(1 Mr. and MTM Scott lived Jn Di'rutur before thoy movad from this city about three years up), Mr. Scoll tknovt'. WM with tttilne^ Ktiakkti, uiul nnv la with the Williams Healing Co with offices In ','"?, t n o ^ l n l 1 °' b*t t w l - o f r .. , -...,,. on Friday to Mr nn|i, llllft(n , w , , lm i(;,,blv. "It's ntronire that I Mr*. SWnrtX OUmn Scott of Chlrajso. ^n,,;,, , m(] Mtidge ihoukl be tucli, frtemKi. they aren't a bit dllke." ot two friends. "I vina UH- reply, "Uut they've bow to hit It flff. Ths thliifte (hoy cIlaBKrco (in, like rHItf'on and politics, they Just don't dlm-uss, They| ivspwt ench other'ti opinion* BtHt !el 1 It K nt t l m t " Negro Singers to Give Program Sunday Night Tomorrow -- The " ?s7HSHoSH'l OLNEY IS HOST TO rnlnut* concert of rtefcfo spiritual*. ThM«i ulnfteri were «t\t the rival Jtf«tfioll*t church « ycnr ago for n W«dn*«tlny evcnlnft proifratn wlmn they do1l((htod all who heard t lit in. Tho four young men ropreaent ft nogro *ohool In Mlnslnslppl. Tho ·ebool wui oritftnliod pome years ·TO by a northern ncfrro, Liuironno C, JOMH, « gmdudU of the University Of lcvtti. '07, In Addition to the music of tlio Slngert, thv Urst oh u rob "I" ·"* ·" «ff«rtory ·· th*m «nd tha pnntor will deliver tht «annon. Olivet College Faculty Member to Speak Sunday Mr*. Wllllant H«s1op, wtio In ft n«mb«r of th« faoolty oT the Ollvot «oll««, will b* tho »p«clol tpcukor §und«C m th« Wcitsldt Nnrnren* «huroh. Mi* Mwlop will stxmk dur- IM th» Sondfty Mhool ocrlod *t »:30 o'clock ««l will conduct thu moinlns ·ervlc* »t 10:4B o'alook. She will (itTM h*ve olwrir* of tho ml«Blot)Ary rally MTVKM d»irln|t th« youn 5 pwp i« m«»Un« »t «:30 o'olooh, and will d«- ilwr w» ov»B*ellvtlfl «*mon at 7:30 in, Htilop m^ h « "uennnd, Or. William Henlop, ·" returned m t»- from ,500 TEACHERS IN ANNUAL CONVEOTION OLNlilY--OLnoy wan guest to more limn l.fiOO school toachors from eight s Thurwdny and Friday, as tho annual ntcctloft o( the Southeast- crn Illlnolfi To»ielipr»' association hold full sway. iulors from Rich land. Law- roitco, Whlti, Wuync, Clay. Crawford. and Kdwai'da counties gath- Laugh at Head Colds! Relief In S Minutes Needless now, ..moat «(the mlaery head coldi ciumet S n u f f JACK HWST trims. ^. New discovery clears ^O^^^ ] I'^'tf inntnntly. Eyes Ot relief in Such An Establishment us tlio one we maintain assures those who call upon vie of adequate facilities, whatever the need may le. Thle Is Important; It Is also Importanl to not* that aucti a complete and modern establishment enables us to operate with the greatest of efficiency, and to kaep our prices moderate at sJl time* DAWSON^fWIKOFF FUNERAL HOME WOOD AT COLLEGE STREET Phonx. Around CorniHunih| Cbuith c ome BBV, JOHN K. BVANS. IWKTHODI8T KPISCOPAL CWURCN, SERMON · Mark 4-36. And there were also with Him other little ships. *theae words re found in a story of on« of iKe sudden, furious stormt, characteristic of the Sea of Gnlilee. Caught in it was a boat in which were the disciplci nnd Jesus. With them were other little boats filled with people who** lives were equally endangered; people to whom also came safety when Jesu» answered the prayer of the disciplei, Human existence is often likened to the ocean, and the life of each individual to a small veue) thereon. All about us are other vessels, other people. In many way* each life ia *omething npnrt and alone; as individual! ar*e we born, at individual! do we live and die. Yet we exert an influence on the lives of olheri and in turn are affected for good or for ill by what they do nnd are. Some of the influence we exert i« coniciouily nought, and with all right-minded folk it it intended to be helpful. But moit of the weal or woe w* bring to other* ia unrecognised nnd unknown. Blessed are those who live so clow to the Muter of men that their Fellowihip with Him bring* btem- in K to "the other little ihtpt." This Religious Movement Is Made POM ible By The Following Public Spirited Citizens and Busineu Concern*: ENSOK CAFE UhltiMa muuor . ».r . A»r*t trim Ofltnrt* Hatel. B, E, ABM8TBONO lnv«ai»U»n Bended un a, ' '" BIBK'S ltfn Uliuwm oT«rj; dip Hiwta JO.* «h. -W, ol liMltltHO »"'» BJ58T OLEAHEB8 u»ln»t-- pMMiDs-H*Pr Juit ik* u n trial THOS E. DIAL riumiilnn-- ]ltuiltic Rtpnlr work t, uptcl4Hy 1*4* N, Coll.*. t-*»IS ETHEL DOKAN DAIRT )ur* T«t(d Milk Cottar ·«* tttitf 11 THR Uiiit«r JfBHl BOITCINO CO. w r, Mi'iiuK. Owner Mar tM K, swunnwn t.l I ho Clly'i nil mt ULCATVR Mt N. ttuI«M CO. HILDA GASSNEB ui»hiu Km. BRICKLAYER'S UNION NO. IS C u lull IJrl'-HlnjKTi Wor)tm«n»)jl» IIRCATUR CEVEKAL TI«E CO. at DECATUR DRV'GOODS CO. RKNKHT O, PKCKKHT rtiury BAKINC u Owvur Futon, i« 0, II. WOODRUFF CHAfi E. W1LE8 MRCMI, Ilk O«it«riU C. II. SMITH Kuxri 4D Motor FBENDBLL STORE -- T. N. GROVE Ftnsj Oroc^riisi, Mf*t« ml ' n. OAKI^AND AVKNUK POULTRY FAilM W. K l'»rt*r »n( K ADTO PARIS CO. t, Mujnntlo ~ N. tVottr L. A. BCBIIEHT Rnw Milk Pb. TIIE FIELD A 8110KB CO. """"""MI w!*in5h» "" "* IIECATIJH VOKE * COAL CO .« R'WSJC""'*'- Pf0l) 't.*,« ANDREW HARTMAN Doeontar \vn w. L A, H ALUNS ~niQ~WfiiM MM «J W*tHt«b At* 'lK I. (LUBE'S Hit Tftpiiillm--riuv--santl«k!i« . Ml) 8. Franklin KELLY 1'lttE « BATTlSBTf SEBVICE till W, M*ln I'll. «»·· CENTRAL tABK RADIO SEBVICE Mrvlut tn «JI l)!llK» (Ad »» N, R. K. No, 3 ' Tfl »1» R. II OHAS. K. BROWN, Ml X. "wttK' EAKL BC8HERT OoVnii'wK 0 Bin*** BAZLEY'S CASH MAJtKBT tt y. MAID at BEST RADIATOR RBI'AIRING FALNTKRK. 1* A I'EKH ANGERS * DECORATORS ton) Iwfea Na M« pity Colon l'»1nt*r« *n) tur*» tar *u«r«nt*«it WAI.TKK IJl'ICK nur r.. r. DKttKV OHKBN M« K \*n niran M, STANDARD MAKKKt NO. *J. C. livrkmMiw. N»r CABFENTEtt'S UNION MO, W . nwlvr Boeinnr Utuun CiriitnW [Jr uunrinteud tvurkmnni.ll IP fHABMACl! it" U« i,ioain C«to swviiio MunriH * Kldonwla OIFLEX t BODUCTS CO. Ctannln t--Ktrordlnit--H o M i It) I n » UH IT. HIIHwa Nil F. U BAKKR DAntr CuflOtj Kl ttlHp It RH. Milk from PRANKUN TIRE * BATTERY CO. TCI. iW rnnkll*-- Wl Kitflt b»(ttrtm-- *!»»»» f«4 ** FRED C. FREKS U» ti, Mtit tH. GLEN1VOOD DAIRY Ittw Milk A CKHIH R. H. M, * Mt, tins t GKNDRV * HILL Crnih * Pwinkcil Nfhtn. IM M. '.V. rhnn* vl* n t HAVK.S BROS. HATCH KRT tm * Wdlrr M R W. IICSTON DAIRY fr'^'iU'lii* In Kuw Milk fiiditr -- - Poiintftlii * Ont. Mu FlmhU- BURGKTT SEBVICE STATION * lln* (tti. DEOATUB THtlCU MESSENGER H*rl«)f BoTUliun BAJtUZZIMI-S OrMorlt* * Ue«t* IM3 B, I.IKMI . Wl BUSHERT'S OARAGE 1SH ».*V"B Oih" "* rBi t.(Wtl BROOKS, BltAMIIALL * DAOVE '«WN. D*nb fa «( tiiI4 Mnr H-iJ'fl 0«r h|)ci'IM'l ttnft lrln)if-- Cnntll** ISM K. 0*fcl*nt GBEIRN STREET GARAGE TrucHt HICK'S ICB CRICAM »») flhothstB, for 0' 3" Pi. H«: li it l«f I1« X. W.I-! HOVIt STOHf, Trv SUP MI01 MARKET Wort POL\lt COMPANY ' Ml W. KMnnutn W. K, PF1I1FFBB DAIRY tl* B. VVASSON STUDIO M'CUIBE JOB SIGNS IW--alia Curil.--CloW Wall aiifnu. *(·. Ph BLANC11ARD CONFECTIONERY Ciindifp. inn M. t «. Main til. on* t-tttt O. H. WRAV DAIRY Bo* Milk our Hptul*ity Fb« ,ak your Oroctr M KIwlD It on I j GOLDEN GATE CAVE M. to. or* iB4 K. Kldun«A Tn TM' Chlckra dlitnoni ODm »v«rv Dat A Ntitit 8RUBU COLLEGE ^CHAP'S TRAN8FKB Hnliint I in u von, « iloitm our room-- nny w her* In thfl «lty, K BnulwHr Ti'l, t.ftit CASH MARKBT IJ! D. P. CAM.IS N. fttprr t-IM» CONKOY OROCERT MtlM * Cr«« ttT Rlnr t rniLurs UURY co nil w, (Vt»mr w. M. P. UCEH kttr. of OunlHj 1 1'nnilT ttCD K. Wood tt. , A. C, LEHMAN Cty U Divine Imrwiw ·AMTAJtl MARKET Or««rl"K llflt K II,f,(N(H« I'OWTH A LIGHT CORP. OltCHARI PMCT, Jturnn amvi) Fruit* Ml Wwt ItnlfTTrln *fin PRANK G. ff VIE sum 1 v b^nt N, H plr- «. no IEA SNYDKH T.ntrlM'n ^nWn»-- Fi«nt*(ll R. R. N«, I , 4Mf t.t#!« PIANO CO, rl!iit'1n Ititdlnr M. R. SMITH DAIR1' R tn R»w Milk Our RM«I tn « ^^S.?"^^"^ «*· CnUW* NATIONAL BANK Shot) Qtu. im OrMitj, Uarbecut* B, wnn»n · UTJNT TIRE CO. Our ilu i't)- rir«i A 'I'u CONKY ISLAND CHILI PARTOOK · JOYLAND ("DUD" FAIN) Oood Hati * Cold t Mlt. R. at Tnim H. R N., 1« UKED M. KOLCOMB Onhlw, in. CLOVER FARM STORES WM. 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