Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 1, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: WET^ESDA.T, FEBRUARY 1 1888. FroM itnmlmnrrnry. jjvn ,•;}._ We are sorry to learn that Mr. Lee Roirere, wlui went Kst fall to Colorado for his health, is no bettor, in fact considerably worse. His parents have wrlttm Toi 1 him to corn? borne, which he wilLlikely do soon. The meetings in the Sturtz school house are being continued with lucres- ( ing interest; up to Sunday there were •29.converslons and it is hoped the num-1 be'r will swell away beyond that Gjrure Ben I)pet9, who has been renting Dr. .T, 1*. Anthony's farm, has rented on? for the romin? year north of Empire, and will move thither in the spring. Miaaes Dora Davis and Perm flal- sted have gone to Dixnn College to continue their studies there. The public sale on the Dr. K. Davis furra was very largely attended and prices obtained were very fair. Joseph Spear believes oil meal good for stock and hag purchased a whole A meeting of Rood attention was held car load "of it to feed, there Sunday afternoon led by N. O. Van Sant and A. Fox and William Harper, of Hock Falls. Mrs. I. B. Emmons has returned to her home near Garden Plain, much improved. The young folks of the town to the number of eighteen couples gathered at Mr. and Mrs. Sam Emmon's last Wednesday evening and had an exceedingly pleasant time in their usual enjoyment of dancing. Miaa Grove, of Hahnaman, spent several days of laat week iwith her slater, Miss Mamie Grove, of Sterling. Miss Hattie Early having completed a term of school at Dixou College, has -returned home-; very much pleased with We are sorry to learn that Mr. Artie Reynolds had the misfortune to have one of his horses die, it's death occurring Sunday night. He does not know wh;it ailed the animal. We congratulate friend Becker Otten on the birth of another son, which transpired Monday night, though we regret to hear that his wife is doing but poorly. Hope st e may be better SOOn. MACKQUEERORAIN. From Clyde. Jan. 31—Mrs. T. A. Scribner visited Mias Nellie Hoover yesterday at her school in South Clyde; all well. John Brett and wife left here~on Sunday for their home in Iowa. They the school. The following officers were elected last Saturday night, 28th inst., at the Literary at the Golder school house for the term of four weeks. Kollo Woods President, Frank Cramer Vice President, Miss Belle Seals Secretary, Miss Grace Jamison and Hattie Early Executive|Commlttee. We hear that excellent work is being done there of a literary nature, although the weather has been somewhat unfavorable for large sized audiences. Mr. and Mra. Adam Heckman S9n., of Sterling were out laatrweek and spent several days with their sons, Messrs. Noah and Heckman and families at Stone. Rollo Woods is having material drawn for the erection of a large barn 48x50 on his farm which will be started in the spring. Rollo is one of those "go ahead" fellows and Is showing an enterprising spirit Where is the woman that can l>eat this record for a winter's work ? Since last Thanksgiving day Miss Nettie Yeoward has milked three cows, taken care ot fifteen head of cattle, sixty-two head of hogs and three head of horses without a stroke of help from anybody- She has also had a large water tank to keep clear of Ice, which was the worst job of all. In addition to this she has done sewing enough to last the family a year, as well as some for the neighbors. To do the above we think must need pluck which few young ladies possess at the present day. Walter N. Haskell, of Rock Falls, Is having the timber cut oh* from the land his family have donated to the riew dam enterprise, it being among that parcel of land which will-be overflowed on this side of the river. The Woodman Lodge, "Advance," is progressing nicely; gathering in new members nearly every meeting. At the meeting last Saturday .night arrangements were to be made to have a grand social and oysters supper of a similar nature to the one had there last winter. We have notjieard of the perfected arrangmenta yet. Last Thursday Will McWhorter started for town with a load of feed to get ground.He got his team down badly in a huge drift and had to do much shoveling to gett hem out. After continuing a short distance he discovered one of the horses had been badly <:ut with a shoe cork. He had to leave his load and go home and doctor the ani mal. , Mr. Fred Jurger has secured the services of Charles Sumner an experienced gardener ,to assist him on bis - garden and fruit farm just west of Rock Fal.s. Mr. Samuel Stone has agreed to take 850.00 per acre for his land which will be overflowed. There will be about 200 acres of it Mr. Stone is a heavy land owner, possessing about three thousand acres. Fourteen hundred acres of it in the immediate vicinity of hia residence. A good time was had at the Bane school bouse debate last Friday night The question resolved "that we learn more from reading than by traveling" waa discussed and was decided in fa yor of the affirmative. Arrangements are being made to have a new bridge bnilt over the Winnebago or the road loading north 'from Deer Grove. The proposed bridge will cost not to exceed two thousand dollars. This is said to be a much needed itiucture. There Is to be a dance at Mr. Edgar Woods next Wednesday night, if it is not postponed, which there is talk of, on account of the religious meetings which are being held at Sturtz school house. Those owning lands bordering on the Rowland creek need have no fear of their lands being submerged by the back water of the new dam as we hear It authoritatively stated that there is thirteen feet fall from the Howland bridge on the Plxon road to the month of the creek. • Mr. Ed. .McCracfcen, who has lived for a great many years in our town, moves on the first of March to a farm he has rented in Fairview township, Bureau county, being eight miles north of Tampico. * W.JL, McWhorter ,will have to go courting down to the Hub nolens «o- letu, as Deputy Sheriff Drake made a call a few days since and gave him '. *otk» to Appear at Morrison. 10 a. m. Feb. 0, an a juror. Having- been i&era a couple of times for the same purpose We don't eavy bis lot in the least We hear that the young folks in the neighborhood of Edward Currier are getting up » daoce to- bo held at his TlsTted many or~their friends in Clyde and Mt Pleasant while here. In an editorial of the Inter-Ocean I see that a reformed Post Master of a Wisconsin post-office has discovered the cause of the Republican majority lii that State, and that is that the people read the newspapers. That is the cause everywhere. Sherwood Mills had a narrow escape last week while cutting wood in the Daniels timber, the axe glanced and struck his right boot and barely the skin of his foot. The cut in the boot was two inches in length. Joseph Gsell of Ustick, is not improving as rapidly as was first; hoped for at the time of the accident. The fall of the tree In striking him shocked the whole system of the person. Law books have been read and advice asked for but no suit yet. Raymond Reynolds is sick; he has been suffering from a cold which shows a pneumonia for the w.eek past, and the symptoms at present show ty phoidjhope he may soon recover. Rev. George Zollens is holding a series of meetings at the Dunkard church this week, assisted by the Rev. A. L: Grate. Katie Mull an aged lady living in Malvern by herself was found in a serious condition from effects of the cold last week __ SheJsJ-Ly^rs-flld -- : — : Jos. 'Fink returned to Clyde from Penna, on Sunday. He visited his father, J John H. Horning moved to the Odell farm east of Morrison on Monday last Wm. Detra Jr., and William Murry and family spent Saturday and Sunday visiting relatives In Sterling. All could have the pleasure of viewing the eclipse on Saturday evening as the sky was cloudless. AMMON Frem Celeta. Walters, who has cleaned many organs here, is working in Milledgeville now. : : ---------- . --------- '-— It's a good thing to have an indulgent husband provided he doesn't indulge too frequently. JameS Morris, teacher of the Ha'/el Green school, is having entertainments such as spelling school, debates, etc. The last question was, 'Beaolved, that Prohibition would be a benefit to -the United States. Jing-a^ing-a-ling. we are going to 8terling-a-ling to buy something. (A short extract from Milledgeville "Free Press"). (Only one man's opinion). Watson Holbrook has a whale's tooth in the postofflce. I wonder if it is a tooth of the whale which swallowed Jonah?. . . Two drag stores now in Coleta; Dr. "McBride has a nice, new clean stock and J. F. Fehrensen continues as usual ; Coleta is growing, i S. S. Roger pulled -his drilling machine In town today and has gone to work. Mr. and Mrs. Al. Over spent Sunday in Coleta. .-:. •• < ' ' ' . ' There 18 a project in motion to build a Lutheran German church, one mile west of Coleta, by the Germans of Genesee; already twelve hundred dollars have been subscribed, and the contract is to be let out to the lowest bidder. Q Wejhave three English churches; why not have a German' church ? Harvey Conway or J. B. McCombs will get the work to do. According to promise,! will say .about my brother postmaster at Malvern that he Is in luck. Why '( Because it was a boy. Henry Morris has a sale Feb. 8. J. M. Deets, auctioneer, and George W. Howe, clerk. Quite a congregation was at Mr. Coicoid's last Sunday. • Hugh Shannon and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Over,' J. F. Feherenson and wife, VV m.. Deets and wife. All of Billy's' boys were home, except Lewis Peugh,— who is kept in the house on account of sore eyes. Dr. McPberson spent the day in town looking up the drug, business and attending to other business. The Coleta Cornet Band has met and has organized :and will be ready for the next campaign. Write to Will Deets, who is president. Who is going to run the butcher shop next summer ? Mother Buntly has been very ill with rheumatism for some time/ but is. recovering slowly. Subscriptions received fox tb« STERLING GAZETTE by 'J. P. Fehrenaon: All new subscribers, or old ones either wishing- to renew, will be gladly received by him. James Criswell spent a few hours In town,la»t week. NKZT bnMness. He is talking of renting T)r j Walter's building for thiit purpose. It Is believed that very many of the groceries beins; sold through the conn- try by agents of a Chicago house, are much Inferior to those sold by our merchants, and in the majority of cases higher. It would be well for the farmers to make a note of this before the silver-tongued agents take them in. A. Livingood, of this place, had his store In Lnnark destroyed by flre on Sunday. He had just put an insurance on it of Sii'OO. Luck this time for Uncle Abe. Meetings are still held in the Baptist church by the. the Progressive Dunk- ards. Thus far two have been reclaimed. • Pleased to learn that Mrs Fred North is much better and will soon resume her duties in the store again. Mrs. W. L. Hunter, of Sabula, Iowa, spent Saturday and Sunday in town the guest of her husband. Walt, is happy. We are pleased to state that Lewis Ueltzell, who waa so severely injured m the roller mills at-this place -last week, is much better and no doubt will soon bo up again,—Ho does not care to have a second experience of this kind. Henry Meyers is busy filling his ice house. As he has enlarged the old one we think he will be able to keep us cool during the coming summer. H. B. Peterbaugh, of Lanark, was in town last week. Always glad to see him. - . I. Nw Evans, of the firm o£ 1. N. Evans & Co., la in Wisconsin buying lumber. Naaraan Spencer. "City Marshal/'has been o,uite sick but is slowly mending again. A Masonic sociable will be held Tuesday evening at I. J. Smith's, at Hitt. A large number from this place will attend. EPTUA. "IT'S KKOliRV, T'KNOWI" BILI, NYK's fY profltftb!' home *tir » p-!*t in *bot!«ntv1 of form*, hut arr- •mrrwrrfl by t-ie m^rvf'!? nf Invention. Tho*e *?hr> Bra In n^d ol that ran b?«OTi« -rbilp llvlnff .'it onrR ?pnd th^tr mldir 0 * to \\-.\\- ir't A: (,'n., porflnn'i, Maina, and rpr-ptve free. TnH information nowplthur S*T. of All n*?*^, can pRrn frnm $.*i to %?a per day and upwards whf-rfVfr they live You n,n> ntnrt'Ml froe. CspllA! nnt re qnlrpd. Sow* huTp mfwlo over !?50 in B slnetr day al Ui!i work. All'nocesd. dwtf THE NONPAREIL BESTS M'CAFFREY. A T«n-llonml Wore Fight Tlmt TVM • Tame Affair. NEW YOUK, Feb. 1.—There were about 6,000 persons present Tuesday night In the Pavonia rink, Jersey City, to witness the (?lova contest between Dominick McCaffrey and Jack Dempsey. The men fought ton rounds, and Kefereo Jero Dunn decided /C«tr ""*' Doropsoy won. '•%s ' *3l Dempaey ^'^ "early all V~\ "s^ the leading, and scored three point* to McCaffrey's one. The men enter ed the TFIK NOrtpAHEn^ ring at 11:80 o'clock. -Thore-was—mnctmiBBintsracnoa over ttw >e- S. .- W*«M»pMitiv* & good time will to <jumt whoa Mr. *84 Mi*. Conic* *r» lection of Referee Dunn, be Ming considered a friend of Dpmpsoy. The crowd called repeatedly for Hurry Hill nod several othera, D«rap»ey weighed 158 pounds, McCaffrey 188 pounds ' In the first round McCaffrey cut Dempsey on the. forehead. - In the second round Domp- «ey struck McCnlTrey in the right oy<>. Dempsey was aggj»«SIve In the first lyfi-t ot the battle,' trying to settle bis opponent in short order. In the Inst few rounds he noted on tba defensive and Me- ft/, Caffrey had to follow ///J. him all over tho ring, several tim?3 bogging blni to stand up and fight. MeCtiffrey tried bis best to knock Dempsey out, but the Nonpareil always cleverly avoided the punishment Bcvsral times McCaffrey tried to swing his right, but Dempsoy cleverly dodged. .In the third round Demptey itrnck McCaffrey in tho right ey«; In the fourth round he caught him on th« right temple, raising an ugly mark; in the fifth be struck him on the nose, but did not draw blood. In the sixth round McCaffrey tried to put Dempsey over the ropes, but Dempsey got away. The seventh round was all In Derapsey's favor, be doing all the leading, nnd planting blow after blow on McCaffrey's ribs nnd shoulders. In the closing rqund there were four blow*, all given by Dempsey. Three ounce gloves were worn. Dempsey at the end of the exhibition appeared very fresh and said he was able to go on ten more rounds. McCaffrey took nil defeat very sorely. He was also In good condition with the exception of bis eye and forehead. The contest lasted 45 minutes and was under the Marquis «( Queonsberry rnles, : • Journalistic Memorial Services. BLOOMINOTON, Ills., Feb. J.— The opening meeting of the annual session of the Illinois Press association was held Tuesday night at the First Baptist church, which was filled. There are seventy editors and many lady friends present. The exerting were -of the memorial order. AddreRsea were delivered in memory of Sterling P. Rounds, by Charles Holt, of The Kankakee Gazette; on W. G. Alden, of The Palatine Enterprise, by President L. E. Baron, of The Elgin Every Saturday; on H. L. Boice, of The Sycamore True Republican, by M. B, Castlff of The Sandwich Argus; on C. M. Earned, of The Jacksonville Journal, by O. E. Dnving of The Jacksonville Courier. Butchered by Her Drunken Son* BTJJTALO, N. Y., Feb. 1.—John Cullen, a ihlp-carpenter, went home Tuesday night drunk, and upon his mother .making some comment on bis condition he picked up an ax and crushed her skull, killing her Instantly. Cullen then went out and visited several saloons, boasting in each that. be had killed his mother. His drunken utterances were nnbeodod at first, but finally some one went to the bouse and found Mra. Cullen dead. The woman wauW years old. Cullen Is 85 and unmnrried.s He had lived alone with his mother for neveral years. He was considered Inoffaniive except when intoxicated. One of the miwt populnr things ever written by Bill Mve is hi* brief description of » personal experience with ft cyclone. Tl\s iHnnl occurrence which, cnme near costing him h'a life, and the miraculous means iif Hi-Tcare, arc given "below : " Cyclones are of two kinds, viz: Tlio vlark—mnTooii-cyclone and the-irrm~grny cyclone with pale-green mnne and tiir 1 It was the latter kind that I frolicked with nt the time alluded to. My brother nnd I were riding along in Ihe grnnd old forest, and I had just been -inking a few hnrs from the opcrn of Whoop 'em Up, Lizzie Jane," when I noticed that the wind was beginning (o •-nugh through the trees. Boon after that I noticed Ul»» I was soughing through tbo I rccs also, nnd I am really no slouch of • rougher either when I get started. The horse was hanging by the breeching I'rnm the bough of a large butternut trt-e, wniting for some one to come and pick him. I did not see my brother at first, but ifi-cr a while he disengaged himself from a rail fence and came where I was hanging, wrong f end up, with my personal (•fleets spilling out of my pockets. I told him lhat as soon as the wind kind ol softened down I wished he would go and pick the horse. He did so, and at mill night a party of friends carried me into town on a ptretcher. It was quite an ovation. To think of a torchlight procession coming way out there into tlir woods at midnight and carrying me itro town on their shoulders in triumph ! And yet. I WON once only a -poor boy. Mr. Nye received the warmest sympathies of the press, and to a personal triend connected with the Chicago JYm/d, who wrote to him immediately after, he replied as follows: Hudson, Wisconsin. My Dear : I've written a good ninny letters relative to that blasted cyclone ot -win«>, and I get nmdder ami- mgdder-as-fIn- incident gets further and further nwny. My leg is getting along very well, but I shall not feel like going on the stage witli it. The knee is swollen considerably, and it will be some time before I can get my pink tights over it. It's knobby^hnt it's nice. I could play "Ki&mrd III" this winter, Imt I can't appear as "Romeo." It wouldn't do to delay the balcony scene for tho purpose of rubbing St. Jacobs (}il oil my kiinv The public would feel justly incensed nr-d the gullei-ies would make jeering remnrks. Sincerely yours, liill Nyr. Upon another subject '-Mr. Nyc b:is written as follows: "My little danghd'i' recently burnt the palm of her hand veiy severely, and after I bad wet it wellwiili n remedy and put my handkerchief on it she did not even cry. So I tried it again tlie liiher day on the frozen check of a little pirl two years old. It worked like magic. The. remed}" is St. Jacobs Oil, and it's a mighty good thing to have in the house. I now .believe if we keep the ten commandments nnd this remedy we will be prosperous and happy." S. M. BEECHER, PLUMBER, STEAM — AND— GASF1TTEE. Iron, Lead, and Oulvert l*ipe. A Fall Line of Br**« Good*. Trimming*. At Tumps Bnd Pump Repairs, Gas uid Oil Fixtures. . SHOP OPPOSITE POST OFFICK OH FOURTH STREET 50 SCHOOL CLOAKS!! .Ag-e® 6 to 1O Years. FIRST CLASS GARMENTS i Your Last Opportunity To Purchase a Good Cloak a t Less Than the Cost to the Manufacturer. New Prints, New'Giodianis Finost Stock Black Dress Goods in Sterling. Per Yard Saved on every yard of Black and Colored Silk. We are the Cheapest (Dry Goods Store in Whileside County. Goods~att New. No Old Stock. '• * Be 8 tinthe World ,'{' BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS } Be a t in the World. N. CARPENTER fit CO. For lame back, side Shlloh's Porous Plaster. O. A. Oliyer & Co. 1 or chest, use Price % cents. Score one; the natural gaa well is started. Let the dam be score two. Wrem Mrs. W. O. MUl«rd made a trip to Sterling on Monday. David Ssnneff, of Fair H»v«a, WM In town Monday, looking up th» hotel But a few thousands are needed for the dam; we should ney*ar permit that few thousands to step In between us and Biiccefls. Hideous In Every Cinlae, Whether it be the best known form, chills and fever, 01 else bilious remittent, double ague or ague cake, is that abominable disorder Involving the liver, the bowels and the kidneys, known as malaria. Every cojmplaint classified under this generic, though erroneous appellation,Is destructive of the nervous system, but is, unhappily, not to be subdued, or even checked, by the use of ordinary nervines, febrifuges or tonics. There is, however, prompt relief and ultimate cure to be found in Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, foremost among the proprietary remedies of America, ana widely known in other lands,. 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Oliyer & Co. 1 He who dallies is a doubter and doubter ii sometime lost. THE KEY. GEO. H. THATTEK. of Bourbon, Ind., say s: "Both myself and wife owe our .lives to BHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 A community is but a large family Every good man loves his family and stands by it . ...' It is but a step between success and failure. As It Happened. A clock ticked merrily among the passengers on a Cass avenue car the other day, and one passenger after another looked up cheerfully and aaid: "That sounds good! Where is the ticker?" No one seemed to know. One little woman with her arms fuli o( packages fidgeted and -looked uncomfortable. "That Isn't n clock yon hear," said a distraught, wild looking man who sat near the door; "it's my heart you bear beating, gentlemen I" Kyerylxxly looked at him sympathetically, when A man In the corner who had been reading a paper suddenly jumped up. '•What's that drip, drip, over theref Be keerful, rrui'iim, that lamp's leukin't I kin smell keriMene!" Al this moment the alarm iu the clock went off, nud the roan who h»<l heart dla- eaae rusher! oat of the car and was sueu mrtftlog wiWly down tbs lidawatk, while tha Utu« wotuita, with toe cluck <iujg the toll Mid «wrrte*»* tie onM* (4 UK dt»- Detroit Jfre* Prw*. This life is too full of work, of duty, and of pleasure to be wasted. But every body don't think so, or they would not trifle with a cold or a cough, when Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the only reliable remedy, can be procured for 25 cents. i v The Truly O«ntleraan]j t»ugh. '^ "There is always one sure sign by which yon may know a well bred man," says a cosmopolitan who is jnst now in Philadelphia. ."And, pray, what la that signf" he was asked. "It is his .laugh. The bntcher and the baker and tho candlestick maker, not to speak of the tailor, may do tt good deal for man. But only thorpugh refinement can make him laugh like a gentleman," "And, now, what is that laugh like?" "As with the quality we call style Jt cannot be dcilned; but, just the Bame, there is no mistaking the laugh of a gentleman. Listen and note the next time you go to a ruot-pUon or dinner party."— Philadelphia Press. ' .The Verdict VnaBlaa W. D. Suit, Druggist, Blppus, Ind., testiliea "I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles and 'was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare, druggist, Bellvlllc. Ohio, affirms : -'The best selling medicine I * have ever handled In my 20 years' experience, IB Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict Is unamous that Electric Bitters do care all diseases of the Liver, Kidneys or Blood. "Only a half dollar a bottle at Strlckler & Boorses Drug Store. 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Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and-all Skin Ernp tlons, and postivsly cures Piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Pries 25 cents per box. For sale byS trlokler & Boorse. H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND AT THK GAZETTE BINDER Y. THBEK WAGONS AH foods promptly d«it»«rsd to any put cKj. HltMcUior ot rumoring household UE&UTII K H/W with SCROFULA - . . ,01 »M . BONE CURED! LlTHOrTIA, Gtt., A DRUB! TmeBwirr Srxcino ^'o.. Atlanta.***.!,. Gentlemen—I uave : bem afllloted ulceratUm-of tho lew ever alnoa I was it. child, the dlseano undoubtedly b«ln? hereditary, as my mother Buffered from scrofulous symptoms. Ail advanced to manhood my aflljctlon Increased until the malady bee a mo nurras«lng and painful tmyond the power of words to describe. My right leg particularly became fearfully Involved, the • left leg beloKlesit painfully afreet ml. Finally, •aboutfourteen years ngo, the uirersonmy right leg hod eaten through Ihu nosh Into the bone. In order-to savw my life the doctors determined to amputate my Jog b«low the knee. The operation wax sucepMifuUy performt-d by Dr.TJ. V, M. Miller, of Atlanta. and. Dr. W. P. Bund, of Lithonl.j Bat. tho loMOf my l«ff gaye m« oaly temporary r»- lief. Tl»* potion Wai itlU lu iny *yiitpiu aod 0000 $>«gau to ahdw ItnulC atulit in a wort time after largo uicern appfarwt on ~uy left le«, covering U from the knee to the Instep, Frequently while nt work t could be tracked by the blood which oozod from the hug* ulcers und tho we* auU rot ten tug holm were *o ofTonslvo that niv fellow-workmen could uot stand the ftttnch and would mor* away from me. ''•-,' Loi»t winter I waj prnuadM to.tKyfiL&& AK a lant «ffort 1 conaented to riO iu^ and about MT«U month* u^ro'J Ix-ran tozlnJc th» BuccIOe, I soon began to f>*t Hie good «Te<J»^ or the medicine. th« uffenalvo running began to grow UM anil !(••« aud flu ally cvuKed, th» ulcer* healed, my flesh became Arm and •olid, and today, after nsiug t wen (/-on* bottles, I am an hale and stout a mhn, of my ng« a* there In in Georgia, I am seventy-one years old, but feel now younger aud stronger than I did wlwn t waa twenty fire. I weigh about ITU pounds. Nothing In to be seen ot the terrible disease, or to remind me of Ut0 torture I Buffered tor no many years, except the scars of the perfectly healed ulcers, J Xwant th» world to know of the almost mlracujau* cure effeot4<l on tntf by b. 8, B^ and I call upon thosh who wish to fcnow.thf parUculars directly from CM- to KHie, and t will consider It a pleaaun* an \\.ll ns a duty to answer their letters. I refer to Dr. W. P. Bond, of Llthonla, B* to the truth of my statement. Vt-rj giaUtCully yuurt, ,-, :•:.' .;?. B-DHA TrttatlM on Hlooannd Skin DlMyu« mftOMl tre*. TKa£win3f£C!«KiCv\, Drawer 3, AOauU, On. E. B. FAOEY & CO. PLOMBERS, STEAM & GUS PITTEBS H AVE NOW IN THEIE EMPLOY MR. JOHN BUCKLEY, reoenUy In Ui« ernploy ot J. 8. Johnstone cut Flumber. We also have arrangement* with WAL1KK A. KACKT, an expert Plumber, now with E. Baitgot In the best p-umblng estatllsliniont In Uhlcajo, In taw of aay fine or extra work, to amut ua. We we prepurod to make contract* and diniUb male- rial (or all work la the Fiuniblug, Steam and OM Fltttog line, aud keep In Block Iron, lead and sewer plpa, brass goods, pumps, Sc.. tus. : erenr- thlog to u> found in a ftm-oJs5« esiaWlsliment, at rrasonabw prlcei, and We air* now prepared to do work In a RatlBfactory manner and: guarantee all work and material a> represented. T. K. FACEY; wfco haifbecn In busln«M bere almost continuously for the last tbtrty-lwo yean, will superintend the w>irk. His quallflcatlou as a mecli»a!« KTO too well known to need comment. -' • :•:.' , .- ,J SHOP AT VOX OLD »TABfI» Red J4n«j No. 1 I EW1K MoMiNlGAI, n*tr dnty. «cd ving HAH tfTAttlXD 4 to do aU kiate S ^.•W^.^JJwwp

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