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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1859
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ATLY NEWS. XL i MILWAUKEE; MORNING, JUNE K 1859. M'Mr.KU 2 0AILY NEWS. PDBIJSBCD 11» EIlS & 1.ATHKOP Bl'l ISO, OS V18UK:8TBEET, nkiiy ivir.-CT.y.ubiiBneu every mornlnp, drcepi Monday Ti.-tVediiy Tiipcr, Monday, WcrfD«jl»y »nd Friday. ««<-kty Paper, every Tuesday raomlng. TKRMS OF DAILY PATER. .^wly Paper Tor out- ytfiT, payablfe In advatire t? TERMS OFTTJU-WEEKLY PAPER. Trl-Weekly Paper tor one year, payable in arlvapce. t&jK TERMS n> THKWEEKLY PAPER. tVeekly Paper for one year, payable in BJr*ncp.. .$1,W it ATKS OF ADVElrriMNC: IS »AIt/ Ton lines, or less, of Nonpareil mhke a square. J square, 1 Uay tl,00 11" square, 1 month., .t 6.0C 1,50)1 do. BmonthB.. 10,0f 4,00 11 2eX»' 1 8,00 1 1 ilo. do. do. do. do. do. 8 daVs 4davi . 5 da.t . 1 Weft . . 2 wecl •«. 8,50 4,00 5,00 do. do. do. do. do. Smooths.. 12,0 4 month' . 16,0 6 months.. 16,01 9 months... 20.0C 1 rear .. 80,00 Round* & • L a n g d o n I AA ]tan<)oli>l) Street, ere avOiariatd to re ceive Advertlsimente for Utit and alt the Leading rape™ of tlit Northwest, and are the OBIT and EI- OLOSIVELT aiithorteed Afftntt in tlie Northwest for a majority of IJ,fn,. mart IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. M. M. POMEBOT, EDITOR. ««lcnrn1os-ica.l Ilocorrt, for May, S^ '69 keptbyC. H.-flARDINKB « CO., I>rafgi,u, J» Sprint S «.». 60 - a TBERVOMETEft. S f. «. . . C4°a Hackett if playing to crowded bouses iu Buffalo. ' Tlie Wood County Kcpnrtrr i-ditor say be is going to move Dp north to secure quiet and repose. Better read one of his leaders. ENGLISH PAPERS.—W H Rodway. Esq . will please accept our tbankf for late Enplish papers Hood has a larpe sale this morning at ten o'clock, of clothing notions and groceries He also eellft o horse and two wagons • storm last weeE "broke up several large raftc of lumber in lake Pepin, and in the St. Croix rir«r. ' Tbe Pine Hirer Argus is to be moved to Wautoma and ibe name changed to tbe Wausbara County Argus. LtnjBEE.—Lake St. Croix is now dotted, here and there, with large rafts of lumber, which are being rafted below for the southern market.— Budion North Star. L large number of our citizens left here last nigh I, to join the excursionists from Chicago to Cincinnati, to-day. We wish them a pleasant trip. - — — —»— - PERSONAL.—K.P. Stanton, Esq , President of tbe La Crosse Railroad Company, has instituted proceedings against Newcombe Cleveland for libel, laying his damages at §30,000. NEW GERHL&S PAPER.—Otto Rapine has been publishing a German paper called Die YtcstHclie Blatter, (The Western Papers,) in this city since the first of May. It is a weekly, end well gotten up. • The amonnt of forged §100 bills on tbe Brighton (Mass.) Market Bank, is small, not exceeding half a million of dollars At least not over that amonnt have been disposed of to banks in different parts of the country as yet. ' In some villiages in this State, it is so healthy they have to shoot a man to start a burying ground. A large or email man is thus disposad of according to the size of the place. In one towir they shot a rich deacon, who would not pay for his village paper, and buried him, bat he was so mean, the cemetery has bo other tenants to this day! EKTEEPEISS. — Ttifc Loekport Hour. d- Jour. iuil exhibits rare enterprise- Shortly since a steer went up a flight of stairs leading over a shoe store, entered the froot room and observing 8 window open, leaped ont. We don't believe the yarn . — Buffalo Commercial. Pooh! That's nothing. In Milwaukee, the other day, we saw a steer, not half a? large as the Lockport one, go up into the third story of a new building, and jump oni of a window without sustaining the least injury It imme- diatele went up stairs and jumped ont again with the same result, and tl»en ran away, gesticulating pleasantly with its head, and waving a polite au rcvoir with its tail. What a "doubting Thomas" the Commercial editor mast be. STEAMBOAT ACCIDENT — NARROW ESCAPE. — The IVescott Democrat gays that on Thursday last, twenty five of the citizens of Prescott, left that place on the steamer Eqtiator, for Stillwater, across the Mississippi thirty miles below, to hear. Bayard Taylor lecture Tbe boat had been on t about two hours, when a gale came up, and she was blown ashore on the Wisconsin side of the river, where she lies a total wreck The passengers had little idea of escaping with their lives, -and when on terra Enna, wet niH <m(lod. united in a heartfelt prayer of thanks A walk of two miles, through the brush and woods, brought them to a Lo.^, where they were kindly cared for 'The boat i., about four miles below Hudson. " Prof. Wood, 312 Broadway, is ruining the hair 1 dye trade. People will not age. dyes when a natural restoration to the original color of the hair can be produced by natural remedies. Dyes are artificial agents, and dangerous in their application, but Wood's Hair Tonic is a healthy stimulant, and causes a healthy growth. A growth of gray hair npon a young person's head is unnatural, and to apply a coloring flnid x prodnces an unnatural result; the color is changed, to be sure, but not through the roots of the hair Ladies, do yon See that geranium plant in the window yonder? how yellow and faded it looks? It is alive and growing ; yet where is tbe beanti- foi, rich, dark green that belongs to it 3 Gone. Ton can color those leaves by an external application of chemicals, but they will not remain colored. Do yon desire ,to do it naturally 1 Make a Eolation of guano water, apply 5t to the roots, and the plant will take it up into the system, and them yop will see a rich green permanent hue. Erofessor Wood's Hair Tonic works on the same principle. The roots of tbe hair drink up that application, and high health and beauty result. : Camion. — Beware of worthless imitations, as several 'are already in the market called by difierent names. Use none unless the words , (Professor Wood's Hair Restorative Depot, St. Louis, Mo., and New York,) arc blown in the bottle. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Med icine dealers. Also by all Fancy and Toilet Goods dealers, in tbe United States end Can : "' ' ' jpa^The son shone brilliantly into the room where Humboldt died, and it 'is reported that bislast words, addressed to his neioe, were: — • "Wie herrlich diese Strablen: sis scbeinen die Erde 'znm Himmel zurufen! [How grand these rayg: -they Beam to 'beckon Earth to Heaven 1" . , Common Council Proceeding*. Milwaukee, Hay 30tb, 1859. ) 7 I'Z o'clock^ p. m. J BOAED OF COtmCILOES—ESQDI.AB MKJETINO. His honor the Mayor in the chair. Present—Councilors Auer,'iJuening ) Bagack, Herzer, Heineniamiv-Hayden, Johnston. Kroe- g»-r, Laubenhelmer. Lockwood, McCormick, Mo G rath, Noyes, Rneckertt, Rosebeck, Sohulte and Tcsch. Absent—Councilor Vogel. Councilor Johnston presenter! a remonstrance from C. T. Melms and many other property holders in .the Fifth and Eighth Wards, against the passage of an ordinance for changing the grade of the said Wards, and moved that it be referred to a select committee of one from each Ward. Councilor Kroeger thongbt the matter shoul d be referred to the local committees of the Fifth and Eighth Wards Councilor Kosebeck said the remonstrance was got up under false pretenses—got np under a cloak of honesty. The committee of the Ward had come with a fair claim, and they ought to be heard : if their claim was unfair, they'would ask no action. Those parties went nlioot with a s'ap game ; h« now would move that the remonstrance be laiii on the tal.le. 'Councilor Johnston said lie would not allow that tbe remonstrance was got up under false pretenses. He personally Uuew many of llic persons who had signed it, and he was satisfied that they would Dot give their names to any tiling of the eort. If the prade shouM l«- chang. d. many of thu | ropettj' owners nonld most likely sue for damages, which the city at large wonltl have to pay, and not the Ward alone ; he therefore thought that each Ward was interested in the proposed change. Councilor Rosel>cck said he would ask for owners of lots on 3d street, in the 2d ward), against the proposed change of th& established grade of {he said street. , -: -. ... | Referred to the local committe of the second ward. ' ; The clerk presented the resolutions and or. dinances, &o., passed by tbe Board of Alder* men on the 33d inst., which were taken np as follows, viz : "An ordinance to amend an on dinance to regulate • hackney coaohea, cabs; drays and omnibuses, passed August 39, 1856, and amended January 18, 1858, and now 1 amended by striking out of section one, the words : 'And also on the south aide of Mason, between East Water and Main streets.' " j Which was read twice. Councillor Lock "ood moved tUat the. rules lie suspended. Which was lost. The ordinance was then laid over under the rules. A recommendation of the street commissioners of tbe 6th ward for abating certain nuisances therein and a resolution approvlnj of tbe same, was concurred in. A resolution requesting the Snperintenden of Bridges to report what arrangements hav. been made for attending tbe city bridges for the year 1859, and u.lcu iu.situation in relation to tbe expenses for repairs. On the motion of Alderman Johnston was referred to the committee on the following vote : Ayas—Councillor Aner, Buening, Bnsaek, Hayden, Johnston, Lockwood, UeGralh, Noyes. Ruerkerfl and Teseb —10. Noes, Councilors Herzer, Heinemann Kroeser, Laubenheimer,MoCormick,Rosebeck, and Schnlte, 7. A resolution re>)nesting tbe Chief of Police to remove all temporary ol'Stroctlona to navi- baa pnrchapal a lot for,this Company >n i Mil waukee stfe|t, between Huron and Detroit street: has pun of Button & Blake's machine, Watet'ford,lNi N., and fa nearly new j is in perfect order] it is a-first class engine. Their Hose Cartfwpnts some repairs ; they are in want of a ho ise, as the house-they now dcco- py is too smtlland too low for their bngine, as the stre>^ Is raising all the whiieL [The Co. are In good working order and ready for fire dntj anjjtime. , ' j No 7 is temporarily located on Grovfe street on a leased jot, in an old rough, boird ihaf, in the Fifth Wtjrd; the Company Is badly in want of a lipose and lot / and has applied to th« rights of his couctitueiits ; if you travel j Cation i D the Milwaukee river: tbrouch the Ward grt^-u water with dirty scum ra^ to U- .seer., from wl.irb there w:i« & mis Mr odor Mr Rosebeck again moved that the remonsUance be laid on the table. Councilor Kroet;er said he should lie obliged tn vote asHin&l the, as he thought tbe remonstrance should be referred to the local committee? ol the Fifth and Eighth Wards. The chair put tbe question oil Mr. Rose jeck'fi motion, which was lost by tbe follow ng vote : Ayes—Councilors Busack. Herzer, Htfine- manu, Hay den, Laubenheimer and Rose beck—6. —Councilors Auer, Buening. Johnntou and Kroeger—4 Councilor Kroeger said that we (the local committees of the Wards), were tbe be-t judges of what wan wauled i it was admitted that a change of grade was wanted ; he hoped the Board would show fairness in the matter, and refer tbe remonstrance lo them. They would report as they thought fit, and then a discussion might come up. Councilor tlroeger then moved to amend Mr. Johnston's motion, by refeiring the remonstrance to the joint local committees of the Fifth and Eighth Wards Which was carried by tbe following vote : Ayes—Councilors Auer, Buening, Busaak, 3erzer, Heinemann, Haydeu, Kjoeger, Lau' .enheimer, Lockwood, MoQralh, Rueckertt and tUi.He.lwck—12. Noes—Councilors Johnston, McCormick, Noyes and Sohulte—4. Councilor Buening presented a petition from Bernbard W. Wilte and others, asking that Sighth street, in the Second Ward, be graded to'the established grade. Referred to the local committee of the Seo- md Ward. Councilor Look wood presented a petition rom James Bannen and others, asking that the Pest House in the First Ward be removed ,nd located at a greater distance. Referred to tbe joint local committee of tbe First Ward. Councilor Lockwood presented a petition r rom John Swain, asking that a seweron T;oa- «ct street, in the First Ward, be repaired. Referred to the local committee of the First Ward. Councilor Lockwood presented a communication from William Wood, in relation to a .•laim of John L. Owens against the city for >108, which claim he had assigned to William Wood, and offered a resolution directing the clerk to deliver to Mr. Wood tbe oity order in avor of Mr. Owens, which was now ready to issued. Which was adopted. Councillor MoCormick presented a petition Voin Morris Louis asking permission to erect a small frame barn hi the rear of lot 1 and 2, block 63, in tbe 3d ward. Referred to the committee on fire department. Councillor Johnston presented a petition rom George D. Dousman and others, praying the Common Council to reconsider tbe proposition in relation to water works, and submit .he matter to ihe vote of the people, and moved .0 refer tbe petition to a select committee of one from each ward. Which was agreed to. The chair appointed the following committee, viz: Councillor Johnston. Bnening, Hay len, Lockwood, Lanbenbeimer, McOrath, Noyes, Rosebeck and Bosaok. Councillor Herzer presented a reoommenda- ion from the street commissioners of the Sec- >nd ward for the construction of a sewer hrongh block 28th in said ward, also a reso- ntion approving of tbe same. Which was adopted. Councillor Noyes presented a petition from W. A. Chapman, Layton and Plankintoo and several others, asking leave to erect suitable for the purposes of slaughtering oat- le, and also to repeal the ordinance now in orce in relation to the "same. On the motion of Mr. Noyes it was referred o a select committee of one from each ward Appointed by the ohair, viz.: Councillors ichulte, 'McCormick, Aner, Herzer, Heinemann, Tesoh, Vogle, Krotger and Rneokertt. Councillor Bosack presented a petition from Jacob GorU and others, asking that the proper action be taken for opening and extending 6th itreetin the 6th ward. Referred io the local committee of the 6th ward. ; Councillor Lanbenbeimer presented a peti- ion from Jacob Hammen and others, asking hat Walnut street from 7th to 18lh street, In the 9th ward, be gravelled, the .sidi-walks ilanked and gutters pared. • Referred to the local .committee of the 9th ward. .'''"'' Councilor Rosebeck presented a petition from fohn and James Boohberg, asking that a portion of the tax paid on a part of lot 1, block 6, in the 5th ward, be refunded. Referred to tbe committee on tares. Councillor Lanbenheimer presented a petition .from H -Wasterman, aakiag that his contract for extending Tuotonia street be extended to the 1st of July, Laid on the table. Councillor JETelnemann presented a remonstrance from William Stupineki and others, Concurred in. A resolution that lots 1, 7, 8, liloffk 7, and streets adjoining said lots 1 and 7, in Clark's addition, Eighth Ward, be declared a public nuisance, and be abated within 30 days from date of first publication Concurred in. A report in favor ol the petition of Frederick Wedel and others for the construction of a well at tbe corner of Cherrr and 14tb streets, Ninth Ward." On the motion of Councilor Laubenheimer, it was refered lo the committee of the Ninll Ward A report iu favor of the petition of J. W. Robn, asking permission to keep a Swimming School on lot 81, above the dam, in the 6th Ward. Concurred in. An Ordinance changing the location of the stand for the sale of Wood in the 1st and 7tb Wards of tbe City of Milwaukee. By this ordinance tbe stand on Market square for tbe sale of wood is to be discontinued, and River street, between blocks 147 and 148, Knapp street, Irom tbe Milwaukee river of lot 1, in block 148, all in the 1st Ward, is to be made a public stand for tbe sale of wood. Which was read twice On the motion of Councilor Heinemann, the rules were suspended and the ordinance was then read a third time and passed . Tbe Chair presented a communication fr»m the Comptroller, loe-th-r with proposals from Messrs Lansing & Bouuuell and Caswell &Gaylord, for supplying the City with Hay Scales. On the motion of Councilor Eayden, they were laid on the table until such time as the district ward committees reported tbe locations selected, for establishing markets for sale of Wood and Hay. Tbe Chair presented a communication from the Comptroller, recommending t e adoption of the following resolution : Retolvcd, the Board of Councillors coucnr- ring, that tbe Controller be authorized to extend the contract of Denis Cnlligan, for grading Brady Street, in the 1st Ward, to tbe 1st day of November next. *" Which was adopted. The Chair presented another communication from the Comptroller, in relation to a street commissioner's certificate, issued in to Cornelias Merri-nan, for grading in front of lot ZO, block 5, 9th Ward, which wa: entered by mistake against lot 20, block 12, and the following resolution Retained, That the City Tresurer be, and is hereby authorized and instructed to cancel the special tax of $48,90 on lot 20 block 12, on Oalena street, 9th Ward tbe same having been eroneonsly entered ; and the Comptroller is hereby authorized to enter said special tax in the tax list of 1859. Which was adopted. Councilor Bnening presented the following report from tbe Chief Engineer of the Fire Department : To the Mayor find Common Council of the city of Milwaukee: GENTLKMIN: — I lay before your honorable body a full statement of tbe condition of tbe Fire Department of this city, and call your attention to its most urgent and pressing wants. The Department at present numbers twelve Companies, namely: 7 fire engines, 2 e apply hose companies, and 2 hook and ladder companies, to which I will refer in their regular order. Fir«t — Engine Co. 1 is located on Main St., between Mason and Onieda streets, has an engine built by Mr. Smith, of N Y. city ; U a first class engine and In good condition, ready for services at a minute's not! e. They have also a new house, which cannot be excelled in in onr city at present. The said Company were looking and working a good while for what they are now enjoying — that is, a good first class engine and a -good house, and they stand in need of nothing, as they are in perfect order for fire duty No. 2 is located on East Water street, north of the Market House ; their engine is newly hnilt by Mr. Jeffers. of Pantucket, R. I.; la a first class engine, which the said Company have tried to get, and at last succeeded, and, indeed, Is truly deserving of it. Their Hose Cart is nearly new, and their bouse is of tbe first class, and will be very little expense to the city, as they are well provided for and In perfect order for duty at the shortest notice. No. 3 is located in the Second Ward, near the mills, on the canal: has an engine built by Button, Waterford, N Y.; is a second class engine, rather a small size and capacity, In working order, but will have to be replaced shortly by a larger engine, as the location requires it ; bas a good Hose Cart, and a good comfortable bouse, but wants some little repairs. No. 4 la located In tbe Fifth Ward, on the Blip, on Clinton street, near the river ; their engine is built by tbe same builder as No. 3, but is getting rather tbe worse of the wear, as she is over ten years built and in service. The said Company hare often applied to tbe -Common Council for a new engine, which baa been laid over and no action yet taken on it, but anxiously requires that some action be taken on It by this present Board, as their engine is too small for the location which it is placed in, and as there are other companies lately organized, this engine would do some of those companies for a long time; baa a comfortable house, but somewhat small, and well satisfied with the location, if only left there. Thfey have a good Dose Can, and tbe Company in a good condition; apparatus in a good condition, except their engine and little repairs on their house. ' .. ocated on Second street, in the 4th Ward^ baa an engine built by B. B Howland, of Ibia city; it is uf the largest capacity of Mr engine in the city, and Ms in want «f some little repairs; it is one of our first class engines; iThejr hare *good comfortable house and ready; for service when rjqatred. No. 6 Is located in the Third Ward, at the fb|t of Dpthrft street, near the river. . TheoitT the Comutoh Council, last full',"] for house and jlot, and has not succeeded, the lot theyi qre now on, the city is paying rent for, and (he company cannot be e^ptfcted to do duty fb Ihe way they are now plated i" I hope your: t inorable body will take some steps to provide them with a good honte and lot; their engine is one of the ofdpsd in the oily ; it was made by Hnnnaman—itis tn good working ordeij. They have a small bode dart, in g'ood ordar.iand ready for service. ! : No Sisajn^wly organized company |in'the Ninth Ward. I They have a lot given id them for an engine house, but,no engine or ojppara- tus to work wuh ; bnt stand In readiness when called for atjaiiy fire, to assist tbe whblei de- parlmi-nl Soq'ie steps should be taken fo procure an engibt for them immediately. ! : Supply Hosi! Company is located ore 1 Main street, between: Masou and Oneida, in the Seventh Ward ; has a hose carriage in good jorder, and by bttl« repair, is as good as new ;i bus a good house and by some .small repairs will he all satisfactory]. The company is in goo'd con ditiou otherwise, and ready for duty. ! Liberty llos| Co. are now temporarilji loca ted on Main bUeet iu Ihrt old Soup Uciua; ia the Seventh AVjard. Ai this company was,organized last yejtr for thu Third Ward, bill they havii.g no Ii6tt«e they bavn procured Ihi pres eul location, until otherwise provided for by your honor»bl« body, which is requisite. ;Tbcy have a how • afriage that will aland soon) hard Ife>-otved, By ths Board of Councilors, tho Board of Aldermen concurring, that fin order lie made for grading and graveling the street, planking sidewalks, and paving gutters on Poplar street, belween 4th and 7th street, in the Second Ward, of the city of Milwaukee Adopted Councilor Herzer, from the Street Commis. slonerS of the Sixth Ward, to whom was referred the petition of T. Ratzall, and others, reported by the following resolution: RttolvtJ, That it will lie necessary to open Cenlrt street, from 3ito 5th street in the Sixth Ward of tbe city of Milwaukee. Adopted. Councilor Kroeger, from tbe committee on Kesolvta, That the Comptroller be, anil ha \3 berebv authorized, to advertise for proposals for the following articles, to by used in tbe repairing of bridges for the ensuing year, viz — I.'DMINQIKU uiu<jh given to anil th . l>nt when i L.I.IN — IV.i ir» not • HIM .iiiffiini; "f m-n io .line..V-T HI irtii-le Castings, per lb; bolts and nuW, per lb: <pik<-d, i °' rMa ' r-ilue, nr i m;m if < r .],. merit, n.ine <n per lb ; or composition metal, per lh ' j rpmiy as w- tn male., limmri I., mention wrought or forged iron, per lh , steel work ' o,, K i , , --° - ' ' f - ' i Mich a m*u w« liar., found in i li.irley ' nn- nini^ham inn.l wriu .|oes not, xn.ny him ' [iro prietor i>f (h.. Eating ivUi.-h .--ir-. 'IIH name near ihe M. 4 \| Input ijnme .11 il! in ItM leuHiin. mil -v^rr l-li,--i.-v ..r <ni. ,, . . • , per lb ; iack screws, ptT piece , work per da, fitting up c.ijtiugs. Adopted. Councilor Bnening presented a r-soluaan to declare sundry lots in the A?coail Ward pub- plats, to whom was referred plat of the avenues iu tbe first ward, made by the City Engineer, and a resolution approving of tbe same [which was adopted by the Board of! lie nuisances, and ordering the same to l.« al.n- ted within ten days. Which' was adopted Councilor Banning presented the follow'ni; repor' The sperial committeo. to whom was r-rVrr-il the petition of E. Baker and oth-n in the Ninth Ward of the city of Milwaukee, in regard to the construction of fi sewer, len.tiri? Tbey are otherwise provid-M tor the preieut, asil hare done some rnpaira on their room to make it comfortable for tin) present, and they are always on hand. i ' Hook & La.liier No. 1, is located oni^ain street, adjoibihg Supply Hose Companj-'a — ThjMr truck is; as good as new, and art) well supplied willi ladders and other necessaries' required for fire Suty, and are m readiness! when required. '. ' • Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 is locaU-d i.h Ihe line of tbe Siitb and Ninth Warda. ujp-on Chestnut strtjetihill This ormpany haalgot a new truck aud; ladders, and ahu all the other apparatus required for a Hook & LadderCoui- pany, only they are destitute of a house, as the bouse they now occupy was a blacksmith shop, anil at tbe rear of said building there was a temporary shed erected for them to keep their apparatus in at present, as the hous£ they now have is not suitable for them. Therefore, some action should be taken to make thfc uec- Bssary arrangements requisite for this company. They are at hand at the tap of th« bell And in addition to the above, we havd in use by the several companies', aliout fifteen hundred feet of nvw hose aluug with about four thousand five hundred feet of old hose, yrhioh a part of it is tbe " worse of the wear." There ar« likewise; In nee, not herein mentioned in the statement of the several companies such aa axes, torvlien, Jto., which is not necessary to enumerate. Old Engina Ifo. 2 is laying out in th« rtar of Supply Hose htmse, for want of a store room, as we are destitute of such a place Ae It is very much needed to store all our old traps, I would suggest that the Soup room should be given to the department, for such a pUce U much wanting, ;for the benefit of the many articles belonging to the deparlmeut. ; And as I am going to close this communication, I would direct your attention to the streets and alleys leading to the river oa referred to our last Chiel Engineers report As he lias stated, we'iie depending entirely oil the •irer for water In ca:se of fire. So you call see how important it is to keep them clear of the rubbish that ha» heretofore blockaded tiiem I hope this will Iw atu-nded to without fail or I lay. A t e w words In relation to an ordinance, as ivlaua to the Fire Wardens. 1 ah?o hope, this ordinance will be put in force, as li is artoaliy leeeasary. Thire are many other matters that [ could tneutiou and thai are actually necessary and nsefnl. Until do not wish to take opyonr time or require Anything that Is not actlaHy necessary, and which can be easy accompliaj,- ed; as it is the doty of the Chief Engineer to jrovlde and see'tnat the Fire Department apparatus is always in good working order and •eady for service when necessity requires It — [also hope that your honorable body will do ne the favor Of assisting me to c.arry out what a necessary for the promptness of the fire Department . Attached l>el<)w I give you a statement of .he amonnt of property under my charg^ an<l belonging to lb^ fire Department, vu : Councilors] reported In favor of concurring in the adoption of tho plat and resolution. Which was concurred in. Councilor Hc-inernann presented a copy of an injunction and complaint in a suit instituted by Otis B. Hopkins and the city of Milwaukee and Valentine Coletnan, in relation to paving certain gutters across Jackson street, in the First Ward. Referred to the City Attorney. Councilor Lookwood presented the recommendations of the Sl?pet Commissioners of the First Ward for improvements necessary to be made in tha said ward, during thd present Ordered on Hie. Councilor LockwooJ from the Street l.'oru- missioneis of the first Ward, to ahum was referred the petition nf Nicholas Bugle and others, asking to have the alley in t.lock 153, in thu First Ward, paved, presented their recom- l«lnn?iug to the S-coo<i mendation that the said work be done, and a from Mr Vliet's land through Ninth and W-ji- nnt slre^t.s. ,ire of opiuion the con.-u.-u.- tion of the sai,I sewer is not an exclusive benefit for those lots, bat of the greatest importance for the wh.ile Ward, anil therefore re.-om- mend the passape ol the following r-solali.m : Respectfully, .1 H BCENINU ER.VST HER/.KR, U RUEi'KEKTT t£rnolvri}^ By the ho.lj-.ij oT I 'OQl.cllori tlie t.oard of Aldermen (?.,n..-urrin<. That th- -t penses of a certain sewer in the Ninth War.I, le-ading from Mr. Vliet's land through Ninth and Walnut iireets, tw ,;liiirfe.l io i lie Ninth. Ward fund Which was adopt.) i Councilor B-ueuing prt?3«ut«d ^ report af tu« proceedings of a meeting of the A Mermen ,in.| Councilors of the S-.-on.l Sixth in I N n'h Wards, held at tli.- house ol Louis V , r ,n the Seriind Ward Oil ill- Jflth .ri-l .,,: t|... ; ,,,r p-,s.' of -lesi^natini^ a -mit.iM- ,,., it. .u r i hay an-1 wood stand, when tli - put.I |inr- kind itarrtiai for the inner i'onnin^ham'-i, serv... manner The -laloon taste, in .1 pres..n r; ' .1 forts or' i 'iot.-l if in .--ilent Inn.-I. ... ..TV- lny V lei f) ^ m 7 7 fashio:;aMe ! ; ;, n . rn b.ins-s W ir-n m,. . ;p, n ,,,„ , -I it TUB s rnsi.u.>i. -.l nl 11 Th 3Hiir ^ I. lay nil/lit El •ov-r-.i him a • •','.. ID.I A ?a -il ihe, fool of lli which sv is th- iri.l Hill .--itll.i.- ill r" resolution approving of the same Which was adopted. Councilor Tesoh, from the lo;al .-onimittee of the Fourth Ward, to whom was referred tho petition of Oeo F Austin and W. Millard, aj,km« that drays and other vehicle* be not allowed to remain or make a stand at the north corner of Spring and West Water streets, Fourth Ward, reported hy "an ordinance '.o amend an ordinance to regulate hackney coacuefl, drays, i...., passed Ar.g -.'9. 1856." This ordinance amends- hy strioking nut the wordp "north of Spring sir-«t,'' and inserting "south of Spring street," lieginnini? «t * point 05 feet aouth of the south line of the south sidewalk of Spring streot, where tha name crosses West Water street. Which was read twice. On the motion of i.'.iuuoilor T-.-4uh th-j rules were suspended, tbe ordinance was read a third time and p'lAi-.l Ayes — Iti .Noea—1 Councilor Heinemann voting In the negative. Councilor Lockwood presented * resolution declaring sundry lots in the First Ward puh- lic nuisance, l.jg-th-r with an estimiie .,( l«n 01 hvauk- Engine No. 1, worth about 3ose Cart, Engine No 2, " 3ose Carl, " Engine No. 3, flose Cart, '• Engine No. 4, : " Hose CaK '' Liberty Hose Engine No. 5, ' " 3ose Cart, '• Engine No. 6, " " Hose Cart, '• nginp No. 7, ' •• '• 3o»e Cart, Supply Hose, " " Two H & L. Trucks, " Bells on houses,, •' Houses and lots : for tbe Cos 81,800 00 \-& 00 1 800 00 I2> 00 400 00 125 00 3^0 00 200 00 700 00 2,0«i 00 125 00 •2,500 00 12? 00 300 00 7T> 00 1 OOD 00 1,500 00 1,500 00 30,000 000 $44,75D 00 In addition to the. ahove, not uieDliolied, about 6,000 feet of hose worth 0 000. Tolal amounting to about $50,990. In conclusion! 1 herewith state to you Ihe good will aiid harmony along with the good eeling which is now existing among tbe of- icers and members of Onr Fire Department, which cannot bfe excelled anywhere. I liope onr citizens wijl encourage their brave and noble firemen iu tha duties which are expected of them, by ill means in Ibelr power, :and Milwaukee may; ever feel with pride, the conduct and efficiency along with the promptness of her Fire Department As it is almost! impossible forme to state the amount of expenses require! for tha Fi™ Department this present 'ear. 1 have n^it included thai item in mj re- x>rt, which it Would'be rather difficult foij me o state at prescbt. i THOMAS H EVlsrON, i )hief Engineer 0f the Fire Department of jlil. Councilor Burning moved that the report of be Chief Engineer of the Fir-- Department be irinted in the proceedings of the Board. Agreed to. ' Councilor Lorfkwood presentfd Ihe followng: ' Tbe committee on tbe judiciary, to whom was referred the communication of Patrick lay, asking tbeaction of Council on his judgment of $l,3i4J98, including costs and Inter- st, and find, ftom tbe examination of the i, and in consultalions with the City JAt- orny, that great doubts exist in tbe probable nocessofa further prosecution .of the claim, and would therefore recommend the adoption >f the following Resolution. j i JOHN LOCKWOOD, j j Chairman]. Retolved, ThefBoard of Aldermen condnr- rtng, that the Mayor and City Clerk be, and hey are hereby'authorized to issue to 'Patrick lay nine hundred dollars in city war-rat ta n full payment] of his Judgment against Ihja ity, and upon qpnditlon that he release iall iroperty of the oity held by him on his clajm Which was adopted by the following vo^e: Ayes—16. | •] <• Noes—1. |'i ; I '? Councilor Hajden voting in the negative! ' Councilor Buiilng. from the | Street Cdnt- miuioners of thl Second Ward, to whom eferred the pel thers, reported ar and Cbestntil ition of W. C, Swaffield, ind by a recommendation (vtktb estimate of bene It's, &c.,) that aiproper se^er be constructed; t irongb the alley between Pbri streets, from 6tb street to :be river, and a refo ntion approving jof tbe sa ne. Which was adopted. I' Councilor Bui ning, from the local 1 commit tee of the Secowi Ward, to whom was the petit on of • 3. Qastner, and otburs, rep » ed by the following resolution: ; • Whioh Counui SuiHerd of the .> ,etition of J. (j. ling Rivar street ing th« sidewalks .Noye= from tl.- Street Comui ie Mffrenth Ward, pr e » r |,te,l n, jroeu^ii auJ otli-rs f.,r env in tL- a^v-niU War.l. [.Ij.ik and pai-irm i;utt-r-. »n.| . .rn-n.l. ,,( th- ,.! r-coinmeudntioii that th- w -rk I- .1.- n resolution approving of th- Which was ».),ipt-d. Councilor U.-Graih preseut.^l a re. alton from the Strent Crnimissione Tliird W»rd, for constructing a i-ewer iln block 16, in th» Third W»rd, ««!ing petition of John Savage and others \ like recommendation for pjvinr 11,- •< Huron alreet, from_ East WJI.T •: r~i t.< tl.- river, with resoliilmus appruving ..i lh- -ni-. Which were adopted Councilor Ba-ning, from t — Sir-.t r m uiissioners of the .Second Ward, t-. wl,.nn wa< referred the petition of T. C. Lackn-r a O 1 .lib. ers reportetl liy the following : Rrtolrrd, By the Board of Councilors, the Board of Aldermen concurring, that an order l».- made for rwpiirinif and unanimously designated f,. r that pi Ordered on 111- C»>unotlor Buening pr".ente.| n -stal.lishiug a hay niark-t in-i r-, sale of hay in the Second, --nth Wards of tliHUity of UilwauJ; — Whi.-h was read twic- On the motion of Councilor Bi.eui rules were <usp.-uded. tlie or-linan,-- w r id » third time an.i passed .Gout cilor Bueiniig pr-serjf-,| • u, ,, r j ei-tablishii g a «nnd for the sil Second Wan! of the uily ut M Which was re«.l twice On the motion of Councilor Bu-nn rules w-re "U.^p-nded, th- or-lnu-..-- » , rrad a third liuie and pas.«e<l. C-.uncilor Bueuing ..if. r-.| ih- i'oii,,w knotrrU, That the Comptml l-r I--. is hereby authorized to contriiul *ith L BoDiiell for aue hay i,;ale. to h- .. r _,T,.,t corner of Fifth and V'li-t streets tl jo . l"< paid for l.y th- War-Is wherem <:n.| Councilor Hayiien -ia!.| it wu and uiov-d to amend l.y uiakini: ol the general cltj fuu.i. (.'onncilor M-in»-man[i mor-.l t .-Jl the t.iM- Tl.e ..-hair j.,,t the |u»sti..n •. W . n wa-s i..-,1 '1 lie quest.on ou th- adoption > I..ill was put l.v th- In" Vi'hich was r-j,-i t-.l Tin- Chirr pr-s-nt—I th '.):l. f- tn th- i.',.r Attorney NEW ADVKKTLSF;MENTS itnu th 4 Si-nl I 1 I- S I ><-! f •>!! •< 31 1 II DIM. \ r t ; i - -r - I have .il ! .| tj K N ^ L E M K N oiTei.-,! n, j,.i:j', .uov-nt'oa ..I Ui- '.oir-is .-.n !h- i'nli .lay of Apn, I s:,u ^ f-.--~l lo lh- I'itv \tioni-y in-1 1,,-r-w Ui r. inrn tli-ru t.. the Common C un--il lit S-i'tion :,' of the Act ippr.,v,>d \i, r .i, barter pr- vi ie-i that when an 7 city ..til.'-r-i -l.'.-1-.l. %pp,nnt.-.| or .•ontirin—l l.y rnon I ...lil'il, [h- tw.i N .'i, ;. iDt r..iiveniirjn -in.! »n -.o.-ii :\\- vnt"-i shall U' «iv-n -.".i r---^ <w .r- ..I any provision of law nr I ! i- Common Council, wh ich r—j mr-s i h- of-nch person io he -j.ihinitte.l, an,l ^rj,, . . 1H ^ n. n of rnntlrmmg th- nnmuun..n or m-nt to I* taJc-n thereon, in<|.-p-n.l.-int .,f connection with the name nf an / .ither person In the aLsenoe of an v of'i-j tinisbing Ninth i to th- .-.intmrv. 1 am of ihe ..pinion that '.I, ... .•,,„. n -i n -.- -tit;. .) >m ,,. , rule of .,. ln i- 1 nv, i i .. 1-1 -11 (> K \V":: all "treet, between Chestnut and Cedar sir-els, in C.mnc'l ciuy eondrni IT the Second Ward of the city of Milwaukee, l.y graveling the slrivt, planking th- Sid-walks f ud paving tbe gutters Adopted. Councilor Hnyden, from the Street Commissioners of the Eighth Ward, presented a recommendation to grade a pan of Walker strwl and sidewalks; also to repair and plank a portion of the sidewalks of the sal.: street, and a resolution approving of the same Whioh was adopted Councilor Haydeu presented a recommendation to declare various lots in tbe Eighth Ward ! puhlio nuisances, and a resolution in accord- I ance therewith. ! Whioh was adopted. i Councilor Hay den presented the following Rexohed, The Board of Aldermen concurring, that the Chief of Police be an.i he in hereby instructed to cause the ally in rear of blocks 1,13 and 119 to be. opened Al to Iw removed the shanties on Park street, in the Eighth Ward Adopted. Councilor Bueuing presented recommendations for grading to the established grade the south alley in block 162, and Ihe north alley in block 163, in the Second Wurd, as requested in tbe petition of J. B. Selby and others. Also for constructing a sewer through the north alley, in block 164, iu accordance with the pe- lilion ol F Hnehschmann and others, together with resolutions direr-ting the said work to be done. Which were adopted. Councilor Noyps presented a resolution lo appropriate to John George fifty dollars to ap ply on bis contract for cleaning streets in the Seventh Ward. Which was adopted by a unanimous vote. Councilor Laubenheimer, from the joint local committee of the Ninth Ward, to whom was recommitted the remonstrance of William Vliet against grading certain portions of Teutonia, Beanbien and N nth streets, in the Ninth Ward, reported adverse to the prayer of the etitioner. Concurred in. Councilor Lanbenheimer offered a resolution to extend the contract of Stephen Hoff, for grading North street in the Ninth Ward to the. 20th of; July. Whiflb was adopted. Councilor Aner oj^red a resolution that each bridge tender in this city, be furnished with a long hook to enable them to diaw persons out of the water. Referred to the committee on bridges. (gCounplIor Lanbenheimer called from the ta ble thejjpetitton of H. Wasterman, and oflered a resolution to extend the contract for grading Tentoni* street in the^Ninth-.Ward to the first day of ! July." Adopted. Councilor Johnston presented B^recom-nen- dation from the Street Commissioners .of the Fourth;; Ward, that certain lota in the said Ward be'declared public nuisances, and offered a resolution to that effect, i \WbJqh; w*s; adopted. Councilor Johnston oflered the following :* or mor toojin.inon at the s:inv time 2nd The resrlntion adnpt-d i n mini ,-,>n v-ntion of the two of the .'ommon Council, April l4lh.l#W. confirming -h- nominations of Chief Engineer, Assistant Enifiouer* and Fir>! Wardens, is not, in my opinion voi-1 The Firemen had nominated Uie several per. "ons named in the resolution, in th« iii.inn.r provided hy law, and the joint .-onv-nlion could, i.'the memhers of thai ho .y deem-.! t expedient, confirm them *1I l.y a -ungle r-soi.i tion, by u .-n-j race vote. This mo.le of proceeding in such cases, has tho sanction nf pr-. cedent in higher legislati with the same power nominees for office. 3 The third resolution involves question, and ontj which is not en from doubt or difficult? V pr-tt7 examination of this quesrion. how-v j r has for,-.-) m j i,. the .-onniiislon that the Chief Eu^.^. ,, A. ...aiant Engineer an«l wardens of the Firfl Department is a mnnicipr-.l .-orpor-i- tion in this State, nominated hy the rlr.'man and confirmed hy the Council , ar- not "cn-'.l otfloera in the State within th- inrer—u and meaning of seo. 12, of anicU IV of the ,-ou- atlintinu of this Slate. 4. It follows thai a person who :-. now i member of the Legislature of tins Stale .-an hold the office of Chief Engineer of the flrv department of this city. The office of Thief Engineer not Iwing "a civil office - n the State ' within Ihe meaning and interest of the constitution, the fact that one U i member of the Legislature doea not rander him ineligible to fill It. S The flfth resolution simply declar-s what is provided in -lection 60. of the amendments lo the city charter, approved Uarnh 27, 1858, "No member of Ihn Common Council shall hold any other office in the oity." is the language of section 60, to which I have referred and the resolution properly and Irnly declares thai no member of the Common Council is eligible to or can hold any other office in the city, while a member of said Council Respectfully youra, ,tc , H. L. PALMER, city Airy. Milwaukee. May 30, 1859. Aid. Johnston moved that Ihe report Iw ac copied vnd printed with the proceedings. 1 Adopted. The Chair from Iha Cily Allorne/ to whom was referred a petition in relation to licensing runners for Hotels, &o.,'presented an ordinance entitled "an ordinance to license and regulate steamboat, railroad and hotel runners." Which was read twice and laid over under tbe rules. Councilor MoGrath called from thetahle-the account of A. B. Van Cott for docking the aaa* end of Wisconsin street, and moved ita reference to tha local committe of the Third Ward Agreed to. Councilor Haydeu from tbe, committee on schools, reported back without action an account of T P. Collingbourn for §93.82, imd another of John Wenrleboff for $75821, and moved that they have leave to withdraw tha game in order that they have them propiriy certified. Agreed to. Sundry accounts audited by ihe Comptroller were allowed, and other? reported correct by .the respective committees were allowed fand referred Jo the Comptroller ' On motion the Board adjourned to the next regular meeting. B. B. LYNCH. c^J - ; ' • City Clerk. i ill-, (ft-. .Nil INr-. A K I I I >l \.\l If \CTt KK1) [IY JOHN PHALEN lHS ,nly .in? i.nh..r.- ,1 : , „ i,,,,^,.,,^.. h .. , E.1SF I-II I!" .t IVlTlli STUKKT. :.. -tir-- Cu Khun, Un be ruunrt u. ;-^ East IV «<><» rx I.e.-. [nmy-ISJ JOHN f\l III I! 1104.OF I \ (> lltH»»-| I IVHtCll ..i the ifreatt-l ' III.- » in.icvcs.-ul.le in AID-TICI, »ii.l l.Me,! largely L.. ,,ur ,'.><vripliical ka...yl- i.van M» mention to !he':, • Ice, the ,>iher han linn of human <air-rinir, an.l in his mv»atioi. ..r .|.^ ', i:enn*n Biuer-i, known in tlie c.mnu-y 1.1 ••//...-/ Itl.-nCy Bitltri," bag cunferre.1 an ln.on i|.in .nankin, I. Dyipepiui, Live J...1 Detilllty »re ,peeitily ;inil this remedy Kt, r sale t>y .IruKK ^le.llcrtjes -jverywheru, at T't -tnix p .;|,l,. r{b,, .l Ne woii.iiN '. Won ig.s : : leu, explaining Uie .irlifln .ir, ., n ,| olassi/yln-,. ih« wormi (ffnerate.l in Che huiuail aynletii. .Scarcclv inv lonu- >f mt-.llcal science h»s ellecte.1 mtir-. «cut- obaervaticin ^n.i .IMileil Inoi.lnloo on the mhject It mual Ke iilrnill<»l, (I0ir»»<!r, lh;lt, »fler til, :i M0 .le of a.xpulllQf; inese worms, -in.l purlfyl:.^ ihe bo-ly )r n iheir preaeiic,-, .-. of uinro vilue than Ihe wisest H>.|uisUi..n9 M to the origin. The exuelltQg agent ha<» lit lengtl- Oeca loun.1— i>r. U'Uint't Virmlftiyc, pr«parcj by riernli-u Uro». la tlie much ioughl after aprolflc, an.1 has Already ^upe. seiled all olher wurm medlclnel, 1U elficacytielnK.ini .DowledKud by medical practitioners. Purchasers »lll be nan-nil to lak for DH. CELKUKATKD VEaMIPCOE, 7>»nufactur- edby.FLJCMlNO naOS. .,f Wttabui-Kh, Pa. All other Vefallfujtes In comparison aro wortbleas. Dr. U'Laiie'^ genuine Vermifuge, also his oel-ibrated Liver P,l!«, ,ian no» be hnJ at all respectable .Iruj stores. }fon» ytnuint iclttoiit tAatiynaturt of m m.^l-.i-^t-,™ 7LEMIN9 BROS. '*£^,~3* _.»'*•.£•»_..,«.

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