The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 6, 1966 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 6, 1966
Page 12
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12 Jjftg 9*stiam Sunday, March 6, 1966 Quick Results On Farm Equipment-Use Sun Want Ads i. Lodge Notices STATED MEETING •( Ced- Lost and Found 12. Male Help Wanted . 17. Houses For Rent j 28. Pets - Supplies Boyou Lodge No. 3Z1, ... .. A.F. and AJ.V. win &e heldjcatt. Sot-jnJoy. AVarcft S, LOST DOC — StaaU rwt male, vicinily AUTO MECHANIC — Must be expertex-! UKDAERG, 140* — UcftirnistHd airport. Children's pe». Pleose i ec. first ctois man. Good references, re- room house wim garage. S40. 39 I .!2C4e. Sctery or commission. Apply Tony j Pftooe 532-9623. „.. .._„. ._ ,- , l.'Aessick ot KeiT* and Tooy'i RomB^er. ^.^ W.aurni»«-S«th««!«5 S - 00« - S«* br^r, jnge..^ [ „» N . Avrin . ^^^ i^°*"i ^^ "bedrooms. iAKC BEAGLES — Fafgla. wormed, a we«ks ow. l Grown doss, sell or trode. JPnone 5*3-6539. B. P. Fowter. SJ«. O. A. Wilson. Secy- STATED MEETING ot Coos* cn«k Cooortr No. m. o. E. j S.. will be heid Monday. March 7. l»i*. 7:30 9JR. AU members one vis>tina Stars ere cortjici'v Invi!«fi to ct- Mrs. Bessie Locfcett. W.M. Mrs. Ofo React. Secy. LOST PARAKEET — «S W. HumMe 17-30 vicinity. Blue end sray color. Narrwc . ROUTE. — Pftone &S3-122S before ( AKC BEAGLES — 3 Mocttn old. Also, Slock, aoos- Col! 5S2-SS3. ^:» S-IZ Soturaays- Soy." Phone SSS-S4M. *J Instructions 1-A Special Notices U.S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! EXPERIENCED AUTO PAINTER — .wast be experienced, first cioss man. Good references reavired and retla&le. Salary or commission, App»'y Tony Messick ot ICe-no arid Torsy'i Rambler, 3300 N. Main. Boytown. j MAZRO. IIS W. — 2-bedraam uofurnisJiei ? .soartment, clcse-ln. Newly decorated. $55. BABY LAMBS. JJS each. S3?-663S. NEWCASTLE. 2»n — Vbedrooms. 2 bams. den, fen«a Dock yard. 1105 month. Ptx>™ 583-3443. jaroees, all colors. SI .98. 3R£6NWOOD'S PET SHOP. RENT OR SELL — 2*1 Cedar Bayou Rr. _ 1 -4-b«JroOfn, 1 froths, one laroe room on, Srt.aBle smell business. Phone me HeoaVoiter, S6&SSU. 10-2 HELP NEEDED — For Inucllatiaa IX cnoln l.tik ond wood fenciro. A-l FENCE ever. Secure jobs.! CO., Pnone 582-6453. SCHILLING, 408 — 1-bedrooms, untorn. , . tJO montn. Pnone 5S2-S353 Before 5:30 p.m. _ TWO BEDROOM — Furnished mobile »«.T« «""«••.."•!!•-il«S?' «S««t ?**><»*;*. <* £» Nice and clean. WANTED — Two new cor salesmen and i Co " 532-62S7. to talk to wu-s. Kerl w. Oprysftek. she;, ,, has a private telephone. 7ht number is-*-. 32-SM5. ' ... OpBV EX-j > unnecessary. FREE book- salaries, requirement*. Write SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING i Bavtowo Sun. SPECIALJSTS. Caterma service, mono-! crc^wrec? "cofcrns. weOG'ns invitattoos.' bride books. Caen 9 c.m. to 6 p-.-n,. 14! l i Rd.. Hionlorxis. 424-2519. [TODAY giving name, address and f Lincoln Service. Box 73-23, care of The i 8. Beauty Culture In Memoriam Pre-Easier Sale FELTON FORD. WANTED — Moo. 45 re 55. for stock J«O month, 564-SG3. maintenance In plumbing company. RICHARD CHUOKE PLUMBING i CO., Seoorook. HA 4,3533. WEAVER, 108 — Clean, J-room furnished For information. 18. Bedrooms - Board ! AT CREGER HOTEL and apartmenSS. you set oood beds, oas heat, tub or snow«• oaths; quiet, homelike. No drunks X3-23I6. The mreod in Goers loom is bottt dork j on<< briohr. to form a pattern of life. ; Tne years soent witB you ore like Okie j siwwing tftro*!Bh. i I biess tne years you called rne wife, j Lrrinciy. Edna I 9. Travel News NEED MEN sincerely want to become electri- FREE — i cut* pupoies. ^lurfy smail breed. 5S2-COO. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES — AKC rec;sfered. 7 weeks o«f; males 175, Je- <r>a!es S50. 537-6*37. ~ PAT'S TROPICAL FISH ~ YELLOW Tetros. Black Terras. Red Moons, All 2 for J.57. Most all fish on sale. Mrs. A. H. Parrisri, 45C* N. Main. POODLES — Two males, one femoie. 3-weeks o'd. AKC registered. Bargain, S3S each. 11703 Srailo Rd., Cres&y ofter 5. PET FLYING SQUIRREL—Hand raised, includes extra large cooe, SIO.OO. Prto^e 426-2362. Telephone Linemen FOR CONSTRUCTION CREWS APPLY 1» STIMSON TO MR. M. A, TAYLOR General Telephone Co. LOBIT 1100 W — Nicely furnished bed- f 533-33^* AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER roorr,, carpeted; central heat, air, kltcn-' " POODLE GROOMING — Spc'd-na, stud service. CLASH LAC KENNELS. 1300 Clear Lake. . 426-3355 evenlnas and weekends. 29. Livestock - Supplies IAPPALOOSA AT STUD — Guaranteed GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYLE! to color colt. "Have trailer, will Travel". ReosonaS-e Rates J5£>33J6. TVREE HOTEL 330! Minnesota CUB TRACTOR — International, with equipment end low boy 31. Articles For Sale SHOULD SELL OUR PRICE New Commode -.--J1 C -5Q New Bath Tub SJ9.95 New Lcvotory ........S 7.75 new Kitchen Sink S 5.95 JACK HEARD FURNITURE CO. 12 W. Defee, Baytown. 582-4962 TRAILER AND POLES — 2-wnetl horse trailer, clothes Bne poles. TYPEWRITER - TV — Underwood standard typewriter, stand, cover, sso. 21-ln. rv console. Y?5. Bom good condition. 5S2- 432. TELEVISION — IMn. Pftilca portable TV. 4 months old, S75. Still In warranty. 5S3-217S. USED LUMBER — 1X6 and 1X5. mostly 12' ana 14- lano. noils pulled, 124-2658. •V BELTS AND PULLEYS for refrigerators, air conditioners, pumps, co-Tipres- sors, washers, attic and window fans. 3.000 belts In stock. MASSEY ELECTRIC, S23 S. Proett. 533-7324. Up to SoCi OFF on MUFFLERS Up to 70% OFF on Shock absorbers Soln - on filters, ol! cars. S1.96 WATSON'S, 3207 Minnesota. 533-3S72 WANTED — Someone in Ms area wim good credit to ttjke over payments on !CTe model Singer. Does everytning, S1.25 week or S65.75 cosh. Free home trail. Houston UN 9-3376. en orivtieoes. Pr>one SS3-25S1. McPHAIL, 1J« — Lovely bedroom wim entrance and _ie entrance anu uu«i. engineers or plumb- end heat, carpeted. 582-5195. per hour while training. centre* air .i.RIDE WANTED OR JOIN CAR POOL — jcjans. inolntev ji'ng hours, S Jo 5. 582-5452, 3414 Garth Rd-ju^" to 0 *?* per^nour after Tcenie<l""cai! \ SOUTH, 302 — Nice furnished room with . , Mr. WillkEms. SS3-3124 or CA 7-33SA ofter ; private both ond TRI-CITY MONUMENT CO. —Granite. ! marble, brcriie mcnyments. crave merit- j ers. Cemetery work. Terrs, no carrying i Chooses- Market at W. V.a:n, next ic> Peocles State ScnK, 5S2-4702. : 10. Help Wanted *! 6 p.m. 15. Work Wanted 5. Personals FRY COOK AND COUNTER SALES i HELP WANTED — .Wale or femoie. Will ' consider couole. Apply In person at i DAIRY GUEEN, 401 S. Broadway. Lo ] c!e ^ n " ana paint outside units, call for «! Porte. GA 1-9004. l i.mates. S33-2SS3 after 4:30 p.m. leoes, phone 582-5807. kitchen plrvl- HORSE — 5-year-old Boy gelding, reason able. Anytime cfter 1 p.m. TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP Used Sofa S44.9S!" [Six Used Coffee Tables. \i Your Choice . . S 6.00 ' 32. Articles For Rent NEEC IT?? — RENT IT! I Chemical Sprayers UNITED RENT-ALLS Pruett and Pecrce, 552-SOJ7 FOR RENT Reducing Equipment Power Tools, Power Pest Hole Diggers Floor Solders and Polishers Sewer Cleaning Equipment Mowers. Tillers. Edgen. Hedge Trimmers Tow Bars ond Cor Tops Fans. Ladders. Chain saws Rug Shampoo Machines 40. Real Estate Wanted Acme Realty T. W. WILKS. REAl-TOR Pork 5TM1M Prospects Wotting To Buy Yeur Horn* W* N«d Your Listing 45. Lots For Sole HIGHLANDS — Prince od*J;tion, 2 residential tors. »h. 583-5375. IDEAL FOR MOBILE HOME — » X S» lot voppfox.). wooded- oil utiUlie*. see (weekends. Eosy terms. urr WITH STEWART REALTY 42. Acreage For Sale Travel TrefXr* Ccmp Trailer! Utility Trailers TrucJU We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to Kllgore Ready Mix 2191 Market — SX2-SI15 ARCHER RD. — Neor N- Mcin, edpe of Savtown. 2 or more acres. coved rood. !oam soil. Low taxes. X100 down, easy terms. 583-2027. 33. Sporting Goods LOTS FOR SALE — Dwinnel Street. Perfectly tocated homesite in the twort ot Baytown. Drive by and colt us today. RAYBORN JOHNSON, INC., 2207 Mor- MIR1AM AND YUPON — Two large corner tots. ror details ccU 533-2762, 5JOLANDER ROAD — Cedar B a y * 0 Pork. Oversized corner io!. 3y owner. 426-2744. APPROXIMAT6LY I ACRES — JSO ft. rood fron'OQe. No City taxes. Highlands. J 47. All utilities avolloole. SHORTY THARP. REALTOR. 564-7010. APPROXIMATELY 3 acres in city limits. Hclf mile off Hiwoy 1*5 on Mofiry St.. Iv.DOO- Coll SS3-3512. Jim Bailey. 583-3111 or FOR SALE — V> acre lot O-! East James [Street. Phone SKWS15 or SS3-513S ofter 15 p.m. BOAT — Kencron, 1« Ft. Fiberglass. S6S. See ot 111 N. Moin. CABIN CRUISER — 25 Ft. Gin-is Craft. See tit Stall No. 5. Cedar Bayou Yoctit Basin. Must Sell. SI .250. 426-2310, ofter 5. 436-2307. GUN REPAIRS Custom Barreled Actions. Douglas LIBERTY COUNTY — SO* Acres, rice allotment. Otner acreage and rice lone. BOB GREENE. Aoent. 420-3157. Ape Imperial Barrels, precision cham- SPARKY SEZ . . . "LAND HO" If its land yov're looking for here's 20 ACRES ON HATCH ERV1LLE RD , iSOO Per Acre or j it's aoout has way to Dayton and yours E. Jock HUNTER'S DEN Baytown, Texas HORSE — Gentle ?-year-o!d more. Call 424-2571, KiahlancS. HOR5E — 3-yiar old quarter horse Stallion. Plecse call after 5:30 D.nv SS3-5W4. 19. Business Rentals HORSE — 4-Year old gentle gelding, j Si 50. • (Call SS3-2B3S ofter 5 p.m. CLEANED — Witt ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Information on alcoholism. if you have c d.-inKinc problem. coll 553-9700 or 523-2723. 11. Female Help Wanted Lost and Found I CLERK-TYPIST — Some shorthani!. and j construction office experience helpful. For {interview appointment, call Brown and 1 Root. Inc.. 566-5538. LOST — MAN'S BILLFOLD — Vicinity Pitt Grill. SutiSay night. Keep money, re- tunn soaers and wallet. 583-5296. LOST GREY KITTEN — 6 months, fe- moie. White neck. paws. Children's pet. 1501 Strickland vicinity, 5B2-2J03. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Seated aids wi.'f be received of rhc office of The City Clertc of tne City of Say- town until 4 p.m.. Friday, March 11, 1566 for: One il> aaat which has been Impounded ty the City c*"-d not clciTied by owner. fx>r bidding procedure or To moke ar- ranoerr.enfs to see ttis animal, contact the office of Purchasing Agent, between the rtours o* 3 a.m. end 5 p.rr.., Monday throuoh Friday. Ec5no Oliver City ClerX Dry of Bcfytown Mere. 1 ; 5. 19« CLERK-TYPIST High School aroduate, ability to ryo« 30 to 50 words c minute- Experier>c* not essential. Good jolory and opportunities ol cdvancernent in loco! office of leading Nationwide Consumer Finance Orcori- iration Loan Co. Experierrce desliablft but not required. For personal Interview coll for on apDoimmenr, 583-7413. UNIVERSAL CIT CREDIT CO., 512 E. Texas. ALL KINDS — Carpentry, sheelrock, t ccbtnet work. No iob too smell. Cal! 523-l!M7. A-l PAINTING AND DECORATING. FREE ESTIMATES — Plenty References r. T. SHIRLEY, S82-5S45. SASY SITTING — 3y tne hour, day or week- Phone 533-2032. CABINET AND CARPENTRY WORK — Expertly done. Free estiTMtes, IColl 5B3-SSS. CHILD CARE — In my home, dsrys. one year of cae or above. ?hcne 552-6102. BEAUTICIAN WANTED MARY £LLEN HAIR DESIGNS, La Porte, GA 1-0634. LVN'S All 4040 CANDY CANE NURSERY Infants to 10 years. New Nursery. K'n"t. 'nteMigent loving care. Hot MeoB. Preschool instruction. 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. 583.521. • " ~ " , . , ._ ....... tn»4-f -™**K.C — ill lilj Ji**mc» ut shifts, good salary. Apply In person | ola 3oy!own areo . Rcosonoole Red Bluff Rd. : or hourly rales; references. Tr< CHILD CARE — In my home, ony hours. -• - - weekly REPORT TYPIST — MUST BE ACCUK- { ri°" furnished. 533-5396. ATE. Experience required. Write, cdvei.-,...- CARE ua* resume, etc. to Sox 21S2. in care of The j ^rences finished. Bcytown Sun. 5S2-4S62 after 5 P.m. |i>)( TOP COMMISSION 45 PER CENT 1 CHILD CARE — In my Lazier Cosmetics. Hours ct your conven-!:^_ ._„ n —/., . mallv , icnce. port or fall t.-ne. Collect CA -8-0733. j p |^ fT1wo , >d 5B2-63TI3. __. MEAT SOLD FOR FREEZER — Pick ... , tj . „ ., . , .^j -r*t n ' your com fed calf from our feed tot. Also mercial, «n«olly loccrted. 228 N ( 5 , auoBter , na ond cmiinc;. BROWN .VWJin. HiBhlands^ Phone business. 426-3521 , SAUSAGE CO., S18 E. Wallisvllle Rd.. or residence, 426-3949. ^^ J ^26-3315 OFFICE SPACE ON DEFE6 AVAILABLE FOR RENT Apply Abe Rasenrweio. 583-1703, after 7 p.m., 566-SS5B. NEW AND USED SADDLES — Take trodes, terms. ANDERSON SADDLERY. 12S44 Market St.. Greens Bayou. GL 3-30O3. OFFICE SPACE PRAIRIE HAY 3RAYSTONE BUILDING - HOP Decker Good block tend. 50 cents ot barn. Drive. Ultra - modern in convenience and ! ""^"""V/ 1 , VS ^"" service. Apply ROOTI 205: 5B2-5235. j ~° r - nf - oft i-J>JX WAREHOUSE FACILITIES AVAILABLE i — 6,000 sq. ft. at 213 E, Texas Ave. Keysone Realty Co.. 583-3111. 23. Services Offered ADDITIONS, FOUNDATIONS LEVELED. Remodeling.. Lifetime Tedlar siding. For estimates. 532-9252. J. R. BELL. CALL US NOW FOR YOUR HOME Mo- needs. No down payments. Easy -nonfhly terms. IDEAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO- !fw N. Alexander Dr.. 552-2127 CAN YOU STOP IN TIME? Big or small car, don't risk an accident. Consult a specialist in complete wheel and brake work. CLARK'S WHEEL S. BRAKE SERVICE. 2JOO Market, SB2-943. i GENERAL CARPENTRY - Sheetrock. j FAVORITE FURNITURE MADE LIKE nel to becoi perlence not -------- . , .... or YOUNGBLOOD'S RESTAURANT aft er 11 a.m.. 100 N. Alexander Drive. REPORT BY TEXAS NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF HOUSTON, TRUSTEE FOR SAM JACINTO MEMORIAL PARK PERPETUAL CARE TRUST December 31, 1965 San Memorial Park Perpetual Care Trust $ 95,171.07 Book Value of Investments carried in above Trust; U.S. Government Bonds State, County and Municipal Bonds Other Bonds. Notes or L>ebentures Common Stocks Preferred Stocks Notes Secured by Mortgages on ReaT Estate Other Investments TOTAL INVESTED FUNDS Cash On Hand: Income Principal TOTAL CASH TOTAL INCOME AND PRTNCTPAL. I HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY — Stole license, workinc mothers enroll your cniii, now in aay cere nursery- Cell 5B3-2S37 for apcintment. LAND LEVELING — Streets and rood Graded. Will lease equipment. Call Guy Coward. 495-3645. Mont Belvieu. Texas. MAINTAINED — For lecse. with opera lor. S9.OO per hour. 582-2434 days. 5S3-1229 nights. 16. Apartments For Rent 3ARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE «_ow Cost Luxury o^d Convenience Swimming pool; centra! air, patio, carport, dis'hwcs.ler, refrigerator, disposal, carpeting; furnished unfurnished; ufill- t ties pa:d. 582-7415. 1215 Pork at Decker Dr.. None None 17,393.09 . 56180.76; ! BLUEBONNET APARTMENTS { New l-bedroom furnished apartments, atr conditioned, utilities paid, weekly or y rale?. Hwy. 146. 552-6917. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 3500 Decker Driye, Section I FREE RENT SONUS IS, 975. OS i j arid 2-bedroom furnished and unfyrnish- acanmenls; electric kitcnens; air can. S 93^77^5 i ditioniig: draperies and swim-ning pool. I .->hone 546-S613 S 1 018 97 DENNY, W. B. — 1001 W. Murrill. Mr. ' 0 -," OB - j Denny be our suest lo attend the showing Bci.^O| Q : "Tf, e Heroes of Telemarv now show- ct the Brunsan Theatre. Present this cf ttte ticket office for your two .S 1^93-22 -S 95,171.07 The above funds are held in Trust by the Texas National Bank of Commerce of Houston, operating within the State of Texas. TEXAS NATIONAL. BANK OF COMMERCE. OF HOUSTON. TRUSTEE By Arthur Trum Senior Vice President and Trust Officer free admlsions. ROOFING SPECIALIST — Composition ond wood. References furnished. Phone 5S3-1047. 9N FORD TRACTOR In scad canditloa. Uses no oil. s-Ft. Brush hog. Whoe rig for $695 Dan Hutchins Motors (11 E- Texas 5&2-7153 30. Articles Wanted WANTED. IMPLEMENTS FOR FORD TRACTOR — With three point hitch. Call 583-2463 or =83-2943 after 5. WANT TO BUY — Cocker Spaniel Puppy. Phone Crosby, 428-27*. Used Hide-A-Bed ...I S41.95! MAGNUM, H i H — 300, with Weaver Used Mahogany Dinlnc TaSit i scope, Remlnaton 721. IS5, 583-1117 ae- And 6 Chairs S6?.9S>fween !0 a.m. and 2 p-m, ONLY. ' OUTBOARD MOTOR —II h.p. Bocea- 701 N. Highway 1« Formerly Honawcys Grocery S82-S2JS . j neer. Six - gallon cruise tank with gauge. | In perfect running condition, will trade . I for canoo canoe or sell for S95. Call 533- j OUTBOARD — 62 Mercury 700. like new on ecsy terms. SPARKY BOND. Realtor 907 S. Main 531-8243 5B3-4378 nights Ortd weekends 566-775! 4 BEAUTIFUL ACRES LAND — Rd. Price S7.800. Call Ecdie, EDDIE COX. Realtor. 566-722! or 566-5060. Houses For Sale A GOOD DEAL Two-story home with 2 o!3 upstairs. IMs oaths, tti laroe fot wim pecan and shade trees. Buiit to last KSO- yeors Owner hoi boucht o new home and axi't crford rwo. Se» S93O Bayway Or then call EDDIE S6i-722! or 566-5350- COX. Realtor. BEAUTIFUL CEDAR BAYOU — 30» Soutti ST Fine neighborhood for tt» younosters. Jus! like new Inside, oversized 2-bedroom home You will like It. Welkins distance to school. 100 x 16S ft. tot. Two beatlno pecon tre-s. Price S7.500 wim oood loan available. EDDIE COX. Realtor, 566-7121 or 566-5060. BEST BUY IN BAYTOWN — ISO* Mar- /ord. Clean as e wnistie! 2-bedroomi. ->lce den. Keeo yotT children protected In me nicely fenced ycrd. Oversized lot. lo-SOO with cood loan available. Col! EDDIE COX, Realtor, 566-722! or 566-5560. 15 ACRES — Long rood frontooe BRITTON CRAVENS — 1706 Atabcma. masonry built home, extra nice. Two DeS- '•ooms, screeRrt-in porch. Central heat .ond air. Close lo Catholic Church onfl i schools. A real bargain for Quictc sa!o. — . .orner Cedar Bayou Crosby RdTcndigPP'E COX. Rtottar. S66-73J3 or S66-5a>0. Archer Rd. new hich> school. — Near Herrrpsri " «»"* BOWlE ST., 1015 — 2-Bedroom house on iw long . v t^i ^-^ i i r- tft-rr- t —— -— —-,.»— - » ...^.».,, ..^. .. n ^.,.— j^ ALKC^ — Near MerrrpsTeoa. long i ANTIQUE KITS iar^ ra ^cr a vS n clL e ^^o ernaU L rood fronloae cnd f'«'. *:«•«««. <•*»• BARNES. 3» - Woo, ~_ c_J!... „,.„»«- ^,~ , °"'e«i &0 d°YS.S32. 583-^70. ^ "-"a_cr«l<: on ooposite trees. tlUc- ^e to misery serv., Martin Seraor's Provincial Kits Cover old finish, no varnish remover necessary. $4.95 Home Lumber Co. 800 E, Texas Avenue. 5S2-&241 RIFLE Remington model 700. 6 MM with scope. S?00. Remington 740, 30.04 rifle, $90. MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP, 6 N. Main. 583-4413. b!e soil. 7 ACRES — On Ferry Rd. overlooking Cedar Sayou. GRIFFITH REALTY. 582-2TK9 or 533-1733 Trucks For Rent Equipped with hydraulic lift gati We Seil Custom Hitches! BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, 533-5815 j (Next to Kilgore Ready-Mix) SAVE $$$$ SAVINGS UP TO SI 50 OR MOBILE SCOUT CAMPERS A BEFORE SEASON DISCOUNT ON CAMPSRS IN STOCK. Next few flays. Dan Hutchins Motors ACRES _ I i Hiwoy 1« at Texas IN I970-- Don't soy I coirid have mode a killing on tnis land! 32 Acres on N. Main Street. Just waiting for you. "Buy your castlo from o King" 566-5061 or 566-7394 sume payments of ester. Forced To iefl NO- Equnr, as- S6S monm, 3-B«3- • ACRES — ACRES Garth Rd., 22 acres, just minutes from 1 566-5972," Nigtlts Ba*ytown. j _ ^ - , roorns, bafh. living room, large kitchen, screened perch, ctTsched oarage. Taroe storage room. j32-?6e? a'ter 3:30 p.m. BEVERLY REALTY 9 S. ASHBHL HOLLOWAY ADDN. — City conveniences with the privocv of country living on over 3a acre. This large 3-becVoorn, 2 bath home is compEeteiy eauipoed for rr*ocern gracio-js living. SIX .V.ILES FROM BAYTOWN — 20 minutes fro-n Houston. Lovely Icroe home corpeled, draped, cenlraiiy hecTed ar>d otr concHTJon^d. Two laroe out-tuiidinns make this o perfect setup for o home arrd business. BEVERS..Y REALTY CO., 5S3-1751 SINGER WILL TUNE UP YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR ONLY S3.75 31. Articles For Sale ADDING MACHINES - CASH REGISTERS - TYPEWRITERS. Sales. Rentals. Service. All makes, electric and manual. _„. BLOOM SALES, 3305 Market. 533-2325. ROACHES? — i-Rooms ond garage, S1S.OO. Also. Commercial. Bonded and Licensed. | AIR CONDITIONER — 1943 Friedrich i All Types exferminalinQ, Guaranteed. window unit. 13.200 BTU, used 2 seasons* _ . „ current orira, S225. will seil for 1175.1 ANY MAKE OR MODEL WE DO NOT 5ELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 35. Good Eating DRESSED HOGS — as. LO. Phone 426-3724. Everybody Likes Chicken. Dcn't settle for "less than The best." Get your chicxen at ROBERTS BROASTED CHICKEN HOUSE Across From the Old Riverview Irvn . HIGHWAY 70 — ? acres with highway: frontoae at Cr«Dy. McDonald & Herbert Days 5S3-1704 Nights 42-4*1. Out of Town Prop. BEYOND YOUR DREAMS BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP S06 iWAPJ_EWQOD, in beautiful Grav- wood, tncoroorarsd Into these lovely , homes ere wonderful fearures found Highlands Phooe 426-4018 36. Insurance DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?? Call GLENN WHITE INS. AGENCY 5B2-44S2 39. Business Opportunity HARVEY'S PEST CONTROL, Ph. 5827886 Your Zenith 5S2-5S6 SHEPHERDS TV For Fast Expert Service Deoler - Car. Radio, TV 500 Park TYPEWRITERS — Office Machines, cash reoisters. Salesand Service. Factory trained mechanics. ANDY ANDERSON BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO., 314 E. Texas £33-2722. TRACTOR WORK Dirt - work. Post Holes, Mowing-Plowir.a- Dlscing - Free Estimates. Earl C. Weaver. Hiotilands, J26-28S3. VALENTINE SPECIAL! Clean, oil, adjust all makes and models iewino machines. S1.79. Phone 5e2-a935. Remodel or Build COMMERCIAL . . . RESIDENTIAL • DENS • CASiNETS • BATHS • FORMICA • ALUMINUM SIDING • DRIVEWAYS COMPLETE REMODELING SERVICE 5 YEARS TO PAY C, G. "Rocxy" Roquemore Good condition. 566-7639, 5001 Asfiwood. AS ALWAYS— Your Supplier of Needle Work end Crafts, i Me DONALD NEEDLE ARTS j Bot. Smith Rood. 583-I27Z iASHWORTH'S CORNER GROCERY — j Owner retirtna. Build'mc. land and fixtures. 814 W. Main. Price 56.950 . . . that is all ... hurry, it won't last Ipng. EDDIE COX. Realtor. 566-7221 or 566-506O. BIRD HOUSES — FCR SALE. SEE AT ;oo w. CLEVELAND. '65 Singer Zig Zag !B-drower desk. Must sacrifice. Would like i Tvy House" business. Tand!""DuNdins arid party to assume payments of si.10 month: fixtures for sale. W.ake a million dol- nwkes buttonholes, sews on buttons, does i | a rs in this fine business location Pric-d I or pay off oala-ice of S41.00. Machine o t «9.SOO for quick ale. Terms Cail ED- HE YOUR OWN BOSS — OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!! 160! Market St. The COMET RIDING LAWNMOW6RS — New Gad used. SMALL ENGINE SERVICE, Crosby-Huffman Road, Crosby. CUB CADET MOWER International . ! oil fancy designs. Call Mrs. Bell, 552-8735 i for mare i-ifo. motion. CULPEPPER'S DIE COX. Realtor, for ottler informaHon, 566-7221 or 566-5060. CROSBY — 110 Murta St., best buy in j na*e exclusive custom &uit: SaveM homes. Hvery modern device to make your life more enicysbte D>us trie spcciousness vou ere teo'Kincj for, L'tviftj room, separate dining room. 3 lovely twrd.-cofns. 2 bcttn, ana breakfast areas. Plus double caraoe on ic^qe Jots. YOU CAN BUY ONE 6? THESE HOWES TODAY. 6rick ' saod an offer. _ CROSBY — 210 Hurto St. two-bedroom ! CREEKWOOD — Home lust completed. ha.-ne ior auick sale. 57,500. rj oefl. ooms, 2 boths, Ouitt-l-is, detached EDDIE COX, Reciter, S4*-7231 or 564-5060 i jorage. S16,roc. v/oodeti home sites. : A'ALKES HOMES, INC., 583-3JSO. | . 1 CABINESS. 157 — Beautiful Brownwood. HIGHLANDS — HI North Seventh. Own-; Laroe 3-&edroom home. 2 fufl bcrtis, over- er scys sell quick! Clean as a whistle. : size kitchen, centre! heat, carpets with Drive &y and take a loc* ona make; air units, 2-ccr oarooe. This nice horrre Eaxjie an offer. ; Iccctcd en approximately '-^7 acre with ; lots cf trees. Drive by end call today. HIGHLANDS — 307 N. Sijcrh. Nice 2-fced- ; R*YBORN JOHMSON AGENCY, room home, A real home for gracious ; 220! Market. 533-1734. livno. Oversized lot ... room for t}> Children to plcy. Terms. CLEAN AS A WHISTLE. 805 £. Seventh Street. 3 bedrooms, fenced beck yore*. SDD16 COX. Realtor, 5S6-7221 or 566-SC60' Suv Df ° lif «'' rT1 e- i! w °n't last lotio. ——— —__ : S7.9SO. Gocd ioan available. Drive by and | take o loo* for yourself, then ca:l Eedie HOUSE ON DAT LAKE Coll Mrs. w. W. Oates in Dayton Ci_ 3-2318. LAND HO!! SAM AUGUSTINE. TEXAS. 190 Acres. Roto Hoe Eager; refrigerator; Norae uo- right freezer; trombone; 5B3-5375. | EAT A BITE CAFE — 311 Soutti Fourth. ] i Good goina business. Lcntf. buildina, fix-j j fures end an. S6.9SO ccsh for quick sale' Drive_J>y^ go ins_ide cr-d tcke a lock, tfien ! , . , . ft • Drive by. go inside o"d tcke a lock, then Warehouse bhowroom Icon EDDIE cox. Realtor, 566-7221 or in Ki^iQ and Son Realty 554-5061 or 56&-73&S iauick. EDDIE COX. Realtor, 566-7?21 or :Si<i-5060. "JDENT DRIVE, 107 —Just off N. Moin I necr the new hicjn school. Clean as a j whistle. 2-Dec=roorns. nice tomlly room. { Extra large lot. 103X135 ft. Nice '••eigh- ! Gorhood. Good locn avancble. sio^oo. j EDOiE COX, Realtor, 5f>6-722l or • Si6-S060. DRESSES, COATS — Size 7-10 Girls ore- 1 used Prigidaire Washer .......... S 79.95 teen sjim dresses, 2 coats, size S, 5£3- [ used Frigiaaire Washer. '65 Mode! Si-P'.^S 3874. _ used Sola Bed, New Upholster/ . S 4S.OO | DINING ROOM SUITE - 8-p.ece limed !« ' "' ' look. See Ofter 4:30 p.m.. ranch style home 1604 Wright Blvd. 532-91 n &UNN AiR CONDITIONING AND HEATING CO. "Your Comfort Is Our Business" -,. our omor s ur u m. Kitchen. Doth, , chrys!er Air ,emp dealer. Resiaentiat, com***• b '" s [>Q ' d - ! merooJ, engineering. Qullk ond efficient mm HULL PRRRTI What Is it that would separate us — from God and from each other — except the waiis built up in our own thinking. The power that unites is infinitely greater. Hear this public lecture, "Who Shall Separate Us?" by ELBERT R. SLAUGHTER, a member of the Board of Lectureship of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass. ipisliao Sci Lee Drive Care For Smail Children Will Be Provided Under the auspices of First Church of Christ, Scientist — Baytown, Texas LEE JUNIOR COLLEGE AUDITORIUM SUNDAY AFTERNOON MARCH 6 4:00 O'CLOCK CARE FOR SMALL CHILDREN WILL BE PROVIDED ADMISSION TFJEE • EVERYONE IS WELCOME e. — Garage SvinQ, becroon-., couple, _^ i service. EVERGREEN APARTMENTS — 3315 II-! FOR SALES OR SERVICE linois. 3-room furnished apartment, up- DrqJ.582-7J>1 stairs. All bills paid. S75.00 1607 Alexander Dr. tHwy. 1«) SPARKY BOND, Realtor 907 S. Moin Nignrs ong weekemfs 5S3-8757. 5^..^, , BOOKKEEPI?4G _ NO TARY SERVICE FURNISHED DUPLEX — Bills paid, no i Itemized: OS low as $10 pets, references, S65 month. Apply 216 i Noa itemized: as low as S4 Ncol 533-2395 ' JAMES DUVALL 1 14O3 OHve FURNISHED 1-Beoroom oportment, water! SOKJ «5 n-.o--:th BAYTOWN REALTY,! 582-rt39. ... , — .~ . ,r- -r A V r r n\/l/--r NCOME TAX SERVICE ^^ lower. 3 Piece . j Used Maple Corfee Table 44' o . ! wiro S S.9S DINING SUITS — Duncan Phyfe tanle, | Used Hide-A-Bed, New Upholstery S S9.95 j i chairs, mahoocny. 520. See 507 Stele. DRYER — Used Norge gos with 4 heat! selectors. Guaranteed, terms. 559.95. • WILKJE'S. .'en-Ten Decker Dr., 532-3447. 2410 Market NEW-USED FURNITURE fiLECTROLUX VACUUM Sales and Service. Floor polishers, rug 43. Business Property 3&6-7221 cr 566- XWJ. EDISON, 1410 — Near high school — large lor — oversized 3 bedroom norr**. rwo car ooraffe and ferced bock yorfl. RAYBORN JOHNSON, INC., 220! MorKet. 523-1754. . | trees, shrybs. Owner "•••• "• "•"— •""•"•"••«• JFLEETWOOD, ?O4 — In Beautiful wood, if hcs crurrm! Sricfc. oversized 3- EXCELLENT BUSINESS LOCATION —'bedrooms. ipacioi--s family room, all- 311 Bcrrrymore. BuiKJina and property | electric kitcrun, dishwasiter too Plenty with nice livsno quarters uostoirs. For- 1 curc<rt. 1 fall baths, onxjlr dosef soace, merly o fiower shop, Oniy sn,»SO wirh ; cftrol olr and heat. Yes. sli C-opcs so terms avcitabie. EODIE COX. Rec!?or, i Two-car corage. fenced bock ycrd, plenty transfer red Steal losl. EDO!E COX, D1SCOOMT . SOX1S h MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER CLEANERS, | JOHN R. MARTIN. 322 E. Jack, 532-5514 We Rent Televisions shampooer, free demonstrations. John ^etrosh. 517 Horvev. i _____ __ — j FISHING RIG — cheap, oiso i»ss PLY-! Sinqer Auto Ziq-Zaq MOUTH SATELLITE, loaded air.power, i Ussa on ,= 4 month5 . Makes buttanMles, ] " fon ' Ground Floor Opportunity living ouorters. good business tocotion or ' FRANCIS. 509 w. — Two-Sedrocm house, , most anyfhrna. Price reduced for quick : .cnced ycrd, oarage, SSJOO. i acfe. Bank financing available. i Phone SS3-2233. j MODERN PROFESSIONAL BUILDING— j GULF, 750 E. — 3-BeoVMm. den, Cfn- Por medical clinic or general office use. i Irat heat end air ?-ccr oarooe, fenced lAmcle private parkins area. 1329 Airhart occfc yard, corner lot. 532-9727. i Sale or lease. Contact owner. 533-432S I -- — — — -I -- - - — ; HIGHLANDS SPARKY S6Z . . . CT- \Tir\M T^T^ STATION, 1613 M —*.r~* —., hutti N -' without attocnments, SS7.00 iy foncy! 5 year guarantee. _IOUOR IS GOOD | if yo-J like it. This SO 1 I lot on /.%crVet St., FURNITURE Sell cheap. New room suite, other furniture. 532-1368. i FREEZER — Upright freezer in A-l con- j . jition. 545. ! 582-MMiCall 566-8571. _ . living ! 'rial. SS3-21S4. .. _ k.m..^., ^,. . ^. „ n .,«^ . , OR WOMEN . . . FULL OR PART „„, .,-,, s nex o o quor , . — , or ss.90 per month. Free home j T| ME • — To merchandise the world's most s tore and near the new civic cent**r Own- ^ with 2-b^rocrr.s, 2 barhs. and large den. * 107 Inwood. 3 bedrooms, S35C- ecyily, ST7 monthly. Cci! for apooint- -rirrt. 42i-2S17. 150 Ft. business next to a liquor i HUMBLE, 403 E. — Sound, older home 31-S Bunding Material dispensers. Wherever yo« s«a_cigorefte ! SPARKY BOND. Rwilt, I mocnme, tn mosf places ftwre should : on ? c von D ; ai SEP-S iZ',?,1 *? °?*? .™°??. m ^ t -™' i °™ 5fSi»iahts 'onfl 'Sundays '& GAiLLARD. 3S3 N. — Tws rooms Ond oath, furnished, l-.r: blocks north of post office- Appfy 303-A. GRAHAM. 34'a — Unfurnished, refinishe-1,! prices. Rooms — A ^ roo DON'T MOVE- IMPROVE Free planning ond decorating service, i . | Is? line molencls. Expert wane. Discount; 1 ~' : — Rooms, kitchens, ^ens, bains. FREEZER - ^ Ft. Coidscct. -jprigM.I ALL BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS folly established for you by our exnponv representotivev Our aeoters mrousftout the country have been finished with locations such as offices buildings, ocwl- inc cileys, cocktail lounges, restaurcnts. j^Tc^ con 2 ,:,on.-S125. 2^ 'cwna^; j S« ^i^vour^ and^»««- lecding-mo.Vls,. end Known i up lo 5 yeors to pcv. (FURNITURE - APPLIANCES WANTED! BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY MORTON BUILDERS GAil-LARD, N», 1C S. — S-roorrr fur- j 43A-3315 nish'vl corog** cc-crtmcn?. Dcwntcr.'-T. *o-1 cation. ncoqrow.^objHs.Kid. S43. JElectnC Motor Highlands 007 s. ,V.3ir! SPARKY BONO, Rsoltor Dial S37-S243' JEewinc^ng, any kind, size. Modern equii>- Siahts and Sundays, 533-4S7S or 566-775: i merit. Qualified mechanics. MASSEY — ELECTRIC, 8Z3 S. Pruett, SS2-7JS1. GRAYWOOD ARMS One anc" Two-t^c=room Apartments Furnished and Unfurnished From S90.50 Utilities Pcid FREE L'SE_OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT 532 (On My Way With Ca-Ji) GRAVES DISCOUNT FURNITURE 219 N. Mam 583-2321 New Location, 315 W. Nazro, Ola Grey Lbr. Co. Yard, 532-7628. manufacturing plants. er has reduced price. Look for 0,3 sion. j I" th e heart cf Bcylown within wc-lfcjno .—. _ _ .. distance of everything. SM-S243 i SEVERLY REALTY CO.. 533-1751, ignis and Sundays 533-4S7S or 566-7751 ! 566-5972 nights. ^^^ j HOLLY, 313 — Three Sedrown home In nice location. Plenty of trees. Buy equity oid assume notes of S73 montn ct 4 percent. Steal this home without going to iai!. It mjst Be so!d. CoK SDD.'e COX, Realtor, 566-7271 or 564-5060. 43-A. Waterfront Prop. BAY HOME — Waterfront property, 1SS; Bayshore Drive, overlooking the . _ ^ ) | HiNES, 308 — Two - Bedrooms. large e 307 Hafer.' .eat «s SSI Tzor ,. "eat, IS.9?5. 532-22iO or FURNITURE — Beige ctuiited vinyl sofa- bed and platform rocker, coffee table and two larr>D tables. S100. Beioe swivel plat-: DC seen at Tne Baytown Syn, 130; Memo- form rocker, S3O. Antique pump orocn and | rial Drlvs stoo!, S125. lamps S5, vacuum cleaner. S10. I „_.' „,-.._.._. ..,_ AH in very nood condition, S82-SS17 or ?°. ME[ -.?£ M °? eLING "You need o mimmunr investment oflmenr. aricic home. 5-&ec?rooms. T, 1 ? i . . j S2.495 fo Vt,990 in order to enter this j central a.r ond heat. 2-cor oarage, | ._ ALUMINUM SHEETS — a In. by 36-ln. business" —no previous experience is i house, workshop. Located on two full i | WANT YOUR HUSBAND TO SE6 101 n.oh orode, .009 In. tnicxness. lieal tor ! necessury as we will train you ' ' ' " "- —- -—— "- • insulation, rooting, sidinc, .25 eucii. Can j Business. see at 1806 contractors. GRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE JCURBY LUMBER. S82-82S1. Set B-jnk Beas ond Bunkies s iS.OO! _ Nice Storfcllne Baby Bed I.2S.OOI REMODELING? in me j acres. Beautiful trees ond shrubs. Oh. 1 1 Crestwoy in beautiful Lakcwooa Brond forgot! It has an oversized paneled den t new. 2,444 sq. ft under roof Bu:It ta lest with reo: fireplace! Drive by todcy and i loo-years. Three bedrooms (con be used take a look. Appointment only. EDDIE! as 4), 3 complete baths. Yes, it has every- [thing . . . you name it. Also a ^ acre ... i corner lot. Please coll for other informo- PPIE -• •--" — - ae a oo. ppontmen ony. If you are sincerely Interested in this type; COX, Realtor. 566-7221 or S66-5060. of business, a id feel that you would like I 24. Soil - Fertilizer . O'Keefe and Merritt Range ...... $100.03 Coi: Bed Sprinas ................ I 5.00 Lea Both Two ....... I 12.50 TV " „ . . .. Coll us for ••Turn-Key-Job" We ha idle our own ficancmg. BAYOU LUMBER Ri<*nond Richmond «-<tn,^i Missouri y,'s bams. Centrally heated one air can-; INVESTMENT PROPERTY — Sharpest ditioned. Electric kitchen. 2-car garage. • duplex in to-wn; living room, dining area, Built ro las! 10 ° V' Mrs! Plenty shade and one bedroom eocn sfde 2-Car gcs-oge. DKO " tre «- Ca " Eddie for omtr 'hforma- • Sccwrate utility meters. HUGHES REAL- jtion eODIE COX, Realtor, 566-7221 or ': TY. 583-2739 or 532-5250 |S56-S06u. INDI ANA. 3117 - Furnished duple*, ex-i Dump TfUck for Rent | 214 w. Main ' OLD PELLY' tro loroe ciecn. ample cioncts. coraoe.: 101 Avenue K 5J3-309S! HONDA SO, 1543 — Aduitr- or' single. 5g2-2S60. ___^ I si35.00. JLLINOIS. 3114 - Furnisnetf, lorse. elect, j c^J^ ! C °" 532 " JS77i 4-roem 3uolex. v*ater pa:<*, cppky Kentucky, phone 583-3509. "IMS! 26. Plants - Seeds N. — Nice large furnished «- jurxes, joe n. — r»ii_« >u> *fc IUI«I*M«CU -*- , ._». = » e _-Aui±t » .A* cuAne; TDCCC r«rr. aup.-x. utilities pol.d. larcoe, odults.I «ALEAS, CAMELLIAS SHADE TREES KEEP your carpet* tyeouTiful despite con-[ sTant footsteps o* a t>usy tcmily. Gel Blue i Lustre. Rcnl e^ec^•Ic sftwr>o<x>er SI Bcry- fown Hcrflware, 342S Markel St., $S3-*OS2. J no oets Aoplv 307 N. Jones. JACK, 11 03crt-r,ent, c&w SCT2-7693. !^ce L ^?,owfo^^bSS^ £r^ncl R £?'c,eo. e ^ riC FriSidi0r '-i r — Loroe clean furnishe<<! »s!imot;.-.c end Delivery. Phone 5E2-45B3. j „' nn^-a^am ^-' ,-ple. odu'lts, no pets. j Smith's Nursery, 713 Borrymore. . none xs~-ff/j o._ ! HYDRANGEA PLANTS for oir concifonea. central heat, i BARROW GARDENS, SSff2 LIKE NEW PORTABLE TVS — Going! S "||J, ROCK: PAINT Five Year Guarantee on outside white. Reg. SS.5S, now S5.7S. Inside wall paints &5.4Q now £3.?S. Lumber Co. 220? Market St. 553-1745 CURBY LUMBER •*\»r itP*n« firC": **»*«" SheetTOCiC ZU. iSS *f£-\ GU >- f AT COMMERCE AFFILATE MR. WORKING MAN mammoth living room, nice play room. | or S66-S060. three boths, all-electric kltcswn. Separate i ~ . :• bedroom furnished apartment. Phone SE3-423S. NAZRO. 711"i — Very nice, furnished 3-1 Pears. 6 tc rooms, i^a'y ctosets. air conditioned. 1 ' block off Lee Dr. SS5, water ond oas paid. 532-4622. OPPOSITE DECKER DRIVE IN THEATRE ! V.OTORSCOOTER — Custimon Also, RCA Whirlpool wa Sir>o-;. : on. Phone 582-6815. .Ice se'Vonl Quarters. Barn and nice sta-^ UST , MOVED INTO BAYTOWN. Look- b!e for your horse. Olympic sized swim- ' ' n B for n nice pretty 3-bedroom briclt mino pool. 32 paoershell pecan trees. 6r2; hor "5;. T 11 '* "» "°5 cen .;!?L hca t: ° ir «. s water ironlag. with nice Ooat 51 ip. j g£- i °2! 0a - f( ^ !ly ^ r ^, *$*£>• ^J™ tOC RIVERSIDE DRIVE, HIGHLANDS ' Ves - , al1 d ^S 1 ;* 00 - plmf V of shotie frees. Call Eddie for other infcrrration dcy or, '<»• r ^°' 117 -°°°- V"* rfdueco today to sssiao 60016 "^ """^ 5 * HB ^iS^Sv.ttofs iT'.^HE^Ni. % jjo-jm«.. I beautiful Brownwood. Don't miss this .SPARKY S6Z . . . oood buy. EDDIE COX, Realtor. 566-7221 Start port time, grow quickly into your i REMEMBER THE ALAMO ! or 566-5060. own full time business. S1.200 cosh invest-1 You'll remember Brown's Trailer Camo, i —— — ; — nient lodsy will earn real good n>oney.! t^x; ffs (or sale Located on j JAMKS, 604 w. — Wanting olstonce re 2 Hours per week porrtime suoervision! BAYWAY AT WOOSTER CURVE ; 'own, oil, priced S29^0O For other required. No experience necessary. Foc-Ucteol for marina site or other waterfront i information, coil Eddie. APPOINTMENT lory trains and sets you up. Write giving I Ousin ess. 2iO Ft. on Bayway, U7 Ft. on ; 9. N tX-- EDDIE <- ox - Reotlor, 566-7231 or | OtLR.tK -JKIVC IM II.CAIKC I MOTOR BIKE — '44 HOTley DOVIOSOn 74, i ALTO HORN — S5C . | Pears. 6 to 3 Ft. 14 Kiods) S 1,95 j purchased new in May, 1W5, better than ! Our loss your ooin •Plums, S to 6 Ft. . J 1^ averaoc. Pay off note of il,267.87. Deck-j 566-7311, oiler 6, S« 5 eS? 0 "-.* ??_« 1»- <°. t !ir^if"'.— JfS° <* Or "" Droller Park. — ^r; STrSver^com 131-C. MuSICal Instruments I'^ne^nurnSer 1 ""JeVV W ll, W B« S '^Ol'.! B ay;'375 FTonWl'y for'^eoi boat 'oasTn" i ^^. I mim^^f^^^^mtmmrmmm^mmm^^^^mmm i <}n " fersal City, Colif. °riced very low to settle estate. 1 __^^^^_^^_^_^__^^_^.^_^.^_ SPARKY BOND, Realtor S50. Sacrifice price. NEW JERSEY, 2380 — 3-rooms, fumisjl- ed. oarage. Adults No pets. Apply some. NEW cport 200 Climbino Roses (all Colon) . S 1.25 500 Bush Roses In Cans S.9S-S 1.25 Gal. Cans J.75-J " . 566-8471. Shrubs, 2-Gcl. Cans Il.SOjvolt, slip ring motor; o Shrubs, 5-Gal. Cans $iOO-$ 2^5o ^"20 volt induction motor. Mined Sod. Tub Full S JO non at S82-S302 or write - ( ACCORDIONS — New and Used As low MOTORS — One «o-tip, 3-pnase, 220-xolt, i as «S for used injtruments Guitars slip ring motor; one 5-hp, " ' —. i-- -- _- 40. Real Estate Wanted <p. 3-phose, 22a j SI6.95 uo. BAYTOWN ACCORDION CEN- j t !-hp, 3-pnase, , TER. 207 Alva, Phooe SS3-1117. SPARKY JERSEY, DOS'i — Furulsfted - «nt, cir conditioned, utilities op-|OAVlS NURSERY — 631! DECKER Dk. Couoie or str.gie. 582-3673. Ptione Bill Hart-, Box 9C, Baytown. ' DISCOUNT BUILDING MATERIALS . | J07 S. Mavi LIST WITH US GET SUPER SERVICE SPARKY BOND, Realtor NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor 51f> Williams SI. 1 ond J Bedrsom UnJU Furnished or Unfurnished Utilities Optional individual Alr/Heot Covered Paved Porking Kesr Churches, School, Shoopins 50-1127 W2-M82 17. Houses For Rent BAKER RD.. tM — J-bedrooml, 4fen, } baths, S100 monlh. JOHN SHEARER. 5B2-A517 CEDAR BAYOU KD., KIT — Furnished ond unfurnished 2-bedroom houses Jen, nlsche Addition. S83-S427. GRA.NTMAM, «8 —J-S«dr» m , 1',^ battlS, central heat, beautiful fence. Call SKI- KM. ofler 5 p.m. 544-7S7Z. INDIANA, 31 in — FurnHihed I-room apartment, bills paid. Apply ot tne otiove oO- dress. REO TOP PHOTSNIA (Fraser's), M cents to «; Suaor Flcs (Ceiestel, SO cent5 to S3; Orange, S2.50 to S4; Tree Wisteria, n to W; Holly Fern, Seiloum only. <>5 cents. DAVJS NURSERY, 4311 Decker. SHADE. FRUIT TREES — Thousand! In containers. F;ss, Gropes, J. Persimmons. Strawberry, Berry vines. Roses, Coctl, Hedoe, Bamboo, Loroe Citrus and Dwarfs. Pink Lo. Phlox. Camellias, Araleas. Vines, Evergreen and Fi. Shrubs, Thousands, Let us quote you by the Ool.. 25. 50 ond 10O tots. Largest selection In Texas. Lown Ornaments, Rare Plants, Troplcots. Orchids, Weepino Cherry ond Mulberry. Tree Wisterias. Ground covers. Yuccas, all kinds. Aloe Vera plants. Violets and pecan frees. Chcnneivlew Nurseries — Florist loSOl Market St. Rood, Chonnelvlew 27. Poultry Supplies BUY YOUR BABY CHICKS AND TUR. KEYS NOW FROM LYNCHBURG FEED AND HOW. 1949 Morket — 426-3119. FURNITURE FOR OLD n wnci oj Day's uphoistery |ob Gives you; fabric | „ plastic. Auto and boot upholsterino o' specialty. DAY'S UPHOLSTERY, 504 N. ,-.a:n. 533-3030. NELL'S FRAME SHOP CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY Pomtmns by Artists 12 909 N. Commerce 582-4053 "BEST PRICES IN TOWN" Try Us and See CHANNELVIEW LUMBER AND SPORTING GOODS 532-8243 j Nights and Sundays. 583-4878 or SfA-7751 16120 Market GL 2-7133 JUST S10 MONTH RENTAL — On a new Lowery Piano, rental applies fo purchase price. CHET'S PIANO CO.. 200 E. Texas, 583-7339. LATEX PAINT, «.« Gallon STARETT LUMBER CO. 3318 N. Main S&2-S618 PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE Duncan Phyfe Drop Leaf Mahoaany Table End Drawers I2S.OOi 3-Piece v-'alnut Bedroom Suite ... * 53.00! Unfinished Oiest or Dresser Base I 21 JO j ORGAN FOR SALE OR TRADE — Large wh t e end Go a Plastic Headboard For | Everett Orgatron Reed Electric organ Double Bed S 6.50Jond sound box. S100 as is, or will make Oak Boov Ptav Pen S S 00! trode for something, si equal value. 583- Oress^nq Table and Stool $ 7.50 2231 after S. Round Ptosflc Mom Toole J 4Sl> Sfurdv Corfee, End, Step Tablw Eocti J 3.« (2 Cu. Ft. Coldsoot Refriaerotor With Bottom Freezer J 89.*5 Clean Florence Apartment Range S 48.00 <24 W. Main OLD PELLY S82-5M9 PRINTING DONE QUICKLY, when promised, and aone rlont! Coll MA THERNE-S, 583-1718. oil your needs, large or i-noll, for quality work. TV SPECIALS, 77 In. RCA. S15; S25 up. Buy old sets: take trade Ins; shop repairs. WORLD TV, 604 N. Main, 533-143S. SCREEN DOOR — 2 f X »", «.W, Tor- bine Ventilators. 12-ln. wim roof (odes. $18.95. BRITTON CRAVENS LUMBER CO.. 2609 Morket, SBI-8265. 32. Articles For Rent TRUCKS FOR RENT Drive yeurself. Equipped with hydraulic lift gates (now trucks). Local ono one-way 2101 Market, Siff-SSM. BAYTOWN RENTALS (Nexl to ICI'oore's Ready-Mil?) LISTINGS WANTED! OTIS GRAHAM REALTY SUITE 103 — GRAYSTONE BUILDING PHONE S83-5048 WE WANT YOUR LISTING List with us. Prospects ore waiting. HUGHES REALTY, 583-2739 or 582-5250. WE WANT YOUR LISTING Call "Jake" Rutter Realty 6 N. Ashbel, Baytown, Texas 583-4062 or nights 582-5047. Carter H. Miller REAL ESTATE 20J Hwy. Blvd. 583-7343 JOHN M. SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES Real Estate, Soles, Rentals, Loons 1406 Market, Baytown, 5*2-4*17 We..Want..Your..Listing LJst wim us. Prospects ora waiting. HUGHES REALTY, 3*3-273? or SK-52M CHATEAU REALTY Mrs. Motcne, Reottar, 7*01 NorctlU 5Z3-X2S2 or S6A-S401 after 4 p.m. j "$=£ apes Mc. ! !ronsferrcd_or,<J must sell. For full de- TRINITY BAY AREA — 7""/i miles Bo" i . .. , ^^_- -• - •-•• — town. Chambers County, TrI - City Beach! !a ' ls ,. =°" nEDO1E cox - Recltor, 566-7221 Rd. 2-bedroom, all brlctt. central heal or S66-5060. unit air, carpets, ferrozo, drn with real] fireo'oce. Bcyfror*t lot. Shown by weekends 587-479S. WEEKEND RETREAT! One-half acre ot partially wooded, sandy loarn land. Near and with access IQ Lake Houston with . . . nice size (4 room) weekend cabin. Cabin ond land total price Sl,?!5. Terms. Call Mrs. McLean LOTTA BEAUTIFUL SHADE TREES £ ^signed for grecious living. 139 Siaoe- way beautiful Brownwood. Clear. « a whistle, lovely all - brick. Three-bedrooms, den; lots of easy-care terraio floors, ? baths. 2-car garage. Screen enclosed patio with barbecue Bit. You'll want it! Drive by and take a look. Owner says "Get on offer." Call EDDIE COX, Realtor, for oth- 45. Lots For Sale CEDAR BAYOU — Country living with oil city conveniences. Half-cere comer lot, Kllaore ond Ceoar Ave., $4,750. EDDIE COX. Realtor. $66-722] or 5W-S060 ESTATE SIZE HEAVILY WOODED HOMGSITES — Cedar Bayou Park on Siotander Road. Poved streets, utilities. Model homes. (Office at site). JEFF E. FLEMING, REALTOR, SS2-7222 and S83- 2323. HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. WATERFRONT — 7S X 165 n. wooded tract. •00 X 200 H. ho-neslfe*, near Junior Hloh, Reservoir and Little Leoyue Ball pane. *. W. HAMM, Realtor, 115 S. Main -t2'-2411 or 476-3464 , , er Information. 566-7221 or 5AJ-5060. LEISURE COTTAGE — 600 Ft. on Pile, 51. 995. 16108 Highway 73. Call GL 2-1072. NOTICE - NOTICE — As managing brolc- er for V A., we have several 3 bedroom homes for sole with little or no down payment and small monthly notes. Colt us today for further Information. Raybom Johnson Agency 2701 Market Sf 583-1784 or Si6-786> ntoftts. Glen Erwln. ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of privacy! Plenty of elbow room, 112 Oakland Ave.. on 2Y> acre wooded lot. Four years old, extro nice 3-bedroom horne Large den, new oil-gas built-in kltrhen, J baths Fenced back yard. Paved stree: No city taxes. Priced for guide sole ct $13 950 Good loon available. Call EDDIE COX" Realtor. S66-7221 or S66-S060. OAK, 514 W. — Highlands. Very nice J bedroom home, central heat ond olr conditioning. FHA approved. Call Jav Hendrlck, 4K-<010 or 4T6-234J. PON DEROSA SOLD OUT!! Watch ior new homes under construction. JOE AYLOR, Builder and Developer, 15*4-7714.

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