Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 11, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 3
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OECATUR M t K A L D SATURDAY EVENING, OCTOBER I I , 1930. DECATUR HERALD By B.Mo Duff .eft \Apartment tip ! Bnt then, the I nlHtiys coof. HP dectdeit C I S L u l hud a v«im ,,,,, [in t h e rmunted Ftun ty this tirnp t h f i , fthl hut Ihnl she h,K| she'd jtiiok 'i]| a fiown wlniei r)1)11 |nsn couldn't help bin done any hami f^jj the hiji btiuts witli PTI t'jylng, Crospse/ ptPlephone book. A(l- whal he wanted · 83203. I saia S02 nut jna:t*r with you? -tther aftected youi 'E youi pMrdon." e Al the other end L remarlccd somewhat JPUza 83203 And mv 111 light, thank you ' j l ^ u a ^ tiyins io get t!ic \ri* tartly, "ThlM What ' Ihe tat j u m p K ' ' to hunnelf. Aloutl Pk n l l h Mi. i) I." canif tho |Hr i«nt here" Then ·ninty lone, "And if Pn where hn In. I . tiocau^* Ihav*n'f him slnrp |il i moment hcfoic w (ID are ynti'* . If whirh sounil "I m |nii n friend, |ihunc fnt n tlnv or ll-'i I'titl irftlipi Rtlinlv th J *ilco t Inie nt ' tohintppied hli Inner "I'm huvin' n i bum hii» I p f i n|pk''l to Itiy in.v rumla v,lLh." Antl i'i(;hi of hei w i o n f - Fieiivy In he I m i n c "";« t mo to K ' n I left tho theiltit fhi without n o l i i c Ypih, I'm an nrlif.-. While I will the I »ft. a« they eomp p In tho tnst net htJi Kol ti line d litoj tlul Aotnti inp- I j flfjn't blnrnfl you. HOIP ai Tpihurie ·i;'i( tn Irutkp n ivfrm- inhfi ltd [tnlfl (he pd |t when ti lit I IP while nx« h k f tinat ^oodhyp; |wi lit vi'nrrh lo show it or not, T bnctn'l I n r n l v minuter fone rlncx «tiit nflei tiMveied It, ouf he m inrnpi" Into hln nnil bpntn It Wllh- Ime H(n 1 lli«r r'm *U|I)] hp i ome* hsek or u A l l t t l n a f t e r j l e r to nne W* pie ?Jitr the show" I Snlm'tnv nlt'hf, voil In ^Ktutilny nlgllt, n" Arid thlii l» Mon- two whole dnyi, and to do but i!«v Mnh rhln't who i!r.e* (h* nioi P thlnUiiiif. 14 hp vi Id not tin- !Dt1e I t h i n k von rnlfiltt lo Mr Whit* IIP tfi have your Job r'U take yon on, all l nih'lrf was H rtn mpl or not he nf! rallp^l flw av nlftht* Hf **d rtearanre of AftltA- f n o t b,.pn hnrk *lnr* rwhnt dir("rent fnre [ p n i p m i of t h n l tm* hnd heen ttt to Imnglne But "it com*" Tlie ·»m' s rsllert up the Ffpp |/\h. thnt wn« ft n k r Hint led tf t e i P t f i 1 fcturp htirlliiE to Canada alt niperfriini« are In ronnret and board for two it nntl sleep to N llt- bout » bit Only 01 «o from Tlnle« h"'c) tmdoratrtoil Ml" 1 Whlrh would h" IIP rhlpf shoiil'l f" by this time had be i neatly as ttiev w e n being packed, htii *lte for \ two wpcks* N"«w England town. Continued, t III. By Brll 1 Ine.) fEWSPAPERl WWERAN EDUCATION BOARD ELECTED SATURDAY MORNING Convention Takes Brief Recess Saturday 'Afternoon VISITORS ARE NAMED of comnilttee tnembero th« major portion of the dm* In Saturday morning'" session ot Hit Centra) llllnals dt»trlet of th* JtlMeuri Lutheran Synod. There W*M no M»*lons Saturday afternoon. The eonferem-e will cloae Tueittlay. Aim featured on Saturday morn- inj"! projcrani was a continuation ot Btv F. Wagner'* essay fr\ thn 18th trtlcle of the AUKubur^ con(i'»lon. Board Mentbm Nnmeri The election fommltteo of tho Inogrd o( Christian Education reiort id IM following men were R«v "E. Sommer, Beardstown R»V K H Iteln, N*w Betlln Bit- T I/iap. (Juliwy. pariah in Cen Car Goes Over Curb in Crash; Woman Injured Minn Delta Fitzpatvlck, Decntut school teacher, received jKs;ilble broken fibs and severe cuts and bruise » Ft Iday evening when aho was sltucK by a cur driven by Earl Heck. BccVt's ear, rented fiom the Saundors U-brlve-it agency, had collided n moment hufoie with unotb- ·(· driven by T, S, Maddox. Tlie col- ll«lon occurred In the Intersection of Went EUloindn and North Ei\vard II. G, Schroedei. LMnvilh. ,r, Bodenburg, Sprlnftfluld H 0 Klein, Springfield. Thin board supervise* all id Sundny *tliool* Beck's car wus tliro^Ti by the Ini- ]iucl on a Hkldwatk when 1 Miss Fttz- jiatrlck WRH walking. The woman Wiis stiuck and It tn believed that one of Ihe wheels o( the Eecit car passed over her She ivaa taken to til, Mary's hospttn! tn Monson's ambulance. Miss I'Hlxpatrick's home Is In 16! West North otroet ' CITYHASN'fHADA FIRE IN SIX DAYS MM -Ie«t in Sprlngkld cetniflltta* uppoloied bv the .,,Jtnt Rev, Paul ftchut^, rcport- Hd'Vn the lime and place of future r . . . p , »)nodie»i convflntiom. it wai^us-[riremeti Awail expectantly For "Big One" Follow- Lul! (hot the convention of Ihc rtlilrlet be held nnnuntly at foneor- di»Simlnary, aprln^flrld. dining the l«t*r wrl of Jun«, Further dlfcus- ulns «f thin mftlH-r wft» poutponpd imtll ng imsllor nu* Hjulur lnt«rvnl« «( dtictflM tind The ChiMien fodowInK mtin the In their vlcliilly at in IM« way unify ti pr**frv- Hot t«rl Saturday t*lx duyt, without a (he ulaim In Th* l.uthe'ran churrb ha 1 * m iwiit Ihe cntko elly, not a now record for it* organisation 'he institution ofiftpfntur, while firemen fearing that whe supervise the woik of the record wnn too good lo last, waited apprehensively fot n "big one" Friday. That lulls geneially piecedu )lg fii'es la u gnncrallv conceded (net nmontt the flrmni T^ey ran recall lulls before almoil nil of the several major firs disasters In Deen- ttir. Whether It Is Just tho woik- Ings of fate, (.tint people pel careless after having enjoyed a petlod without fires, or whether tt Is Just the SpilnRH*]*) Cli- eommlutf of mernlnjt tltv. C A Wilw»--QuiW!y ( I t c u l t R»\ F,, r Toniv-Tlllnol!! Valley ClKUlt Rtv K Wirtiwk M|U Roc J fi Kftlaer--ChumpilKn' Snavllle Hr ult flei' JT Rlditer eult Tho rpprl of th. ulilph Trof K, dt« S^mlnnrv vms ohaltnian Inrtlcivt- ·il tlmt (imrch attdmUince In th* district h.vl Hecn Incrfased during the »Mt fdw vears by th^ work of pus- tow nnrt teaeH-Mn In getHnfr clilHlrcn tn nttend lh* Sunday wtrvlren Di'tlnw Sundny tehool IVurk TIIP work on the flunriav whool tworldtlon wtii dHcuMOil by the fon- wntlon. This ansoclntldn. »f which ft(v Jehn ftphuetke of Penrlft Is chnlriiiJir, conduct* regular old fire- law of averages at work cannot say, " Muy 8*t Heconl 1 (f th* present htll eudurei nn I tit Sattirdnv at mldnlfihl Doeatur l«*itt have passed iin entlic week ,iwithout a fire ftUno for any ftrn of whatevei consequcnep Thl^ Is a th nchool teachew within the to supplement (he \vorh of i1 m'titutfls V Wotentiftuer dlncmwfl t h r j union of vnrlous I.tifhsrun bMles In ,\m«Htn during thh pB"l ywxi 1 Ho Vfllntwt out that thero are now tnioe Knint orwnlMitlon* In the Amodoan Uitlurnn chuicli. »«ch with R mem- liMdhlp ef more tlmn « million t«1*- tbcd mrmher^ Thnv arti Hie Amer of In a city of nearly flOOW STALEY EMPLOYE NAMED CHEMISTS CLUB PRESIDENT IV R Bishop, of Stnley's chomts- try department, vm» elected presl- Jflpnt of HIP Decatur Chemlittt cluh 'in the first fall meetinp of the club STOLEN DECATUR CAR LINKED WITH ROBBERY OF BANK Tno Who Took $6,000 From Allerton Bank Elude Police METHODS SIMILAR Sam oh was conllnnofi Saturday (or thiue in on who hold up the Al- teilon state bank and wcapod Friday with between JG.Opo, and *7,W The bandits, 11 [a believed, used u car which was stolen emly Thursday morning In Decatur, after an attendant of the lUltan Tito and Battery utatton wan Itkinafieit, | Tho bandit* appealed Jri Lhc Allei-, ion hank near closing time FtUloy.' They locked Maiy Hanson, iiighU»t ca-shler, in the vmilt and kldn«ied Oia Hay-», cafhlei, Uter rekwlnff him ft slioit ilhUncn out of Allerton, unhfumed. Mwy WK tH'Ctttur (Mr The Chevrolet rottpn used by tlif 1 hnndilH a the tlesci i]Uon o( the one owned by Mr.i V- J Hulson of Decatur, which wus stolen trom the Jtuttnn B nr«s», E " Wills, Decatur polite chlcl stilil. Locked In Lhe vault of tb« Allerton bank, Mlsn Harden succeeded in relea!jii£ the burglar alnnn, and a posse was oiRanlxed to pursue the bnndllH The andilt were traced In route 4W to u point three miles out of Homer, ivhcro they titincd east In a sock mart Tho posne In pur- KUit sighted the hiincllts c-or and fired shots tn an pl'foit to jmnctuic the tiros. Near Fair-mount, 11 Is believed, the bandit* turned Into the ·dde roHd. , Kidnaping Robber* Methods iisod In ilv bank robbery fittrnBthcn the belief that the robbers are the same who stole the cm In "Decalur, In . each instance thorn wns n kidnaping o( a victim of tho robbeiy Mr Fowlei, who was kidnaped In Dfcatur wa» oom- polled to di'iiw his r»]i down over his eyes us n blindfold. Mr Hayes, (lie bank cn«rtiler who wtv; ktannped, reported that his even were covered with a hand nf one of the bandits RJI they diove out o( AHerton, In eooti CMC the bandit') did little talli- lujr, other (him tn wwue their cai^ five tint he would ho unharmed Leading Junior Contenders JERRY PRES1IAW Jerry PresJyaw, U yearn old Hcbvolboy, promiaea to be one ol the outstanding playsrs In r J'he Herald's miniature golf tournament which comes (o a clone today. Young Prcshaw la tho only player In the city who has bcnn able to shoot par on the Orch- BOB TAPSCD1T rcU course Preshaiv Is In the flnulD aa champion3 of Elfland rouiue His closest dval la Bob Tapicott, who won th« junior title at the Baby Grand eowsc, Both youngsters have ,NcoreB worthy of entries In the men's division. SOY BEAN CROP HARVEST YIELDS UNUSUAL RETURN Buyer* Expect Average To Be More Than 20 Buih- eb Ai Acre PRICE HOLDS STEADY Soy beans are proving the money crop of Central Illinois this year, according to reports ot yield. Decatur grain men feel confident that uic general average Is going to be above 20 bushels In thin part of the state, I where farmers are accustomed to growing beans. There has been i heavy rim of beans to mavkcl, so heavy tn fact, that elevaloii In the counlry and In trie terminal mailteU have been pushed to find storage space. Requests have come out Into the coun- tiy from some ot the big concerns lo hold the crop hack. l*rice tloldtt St*»d The price has held around a dollar a bushe), which makes the faim Income on the ctup teller than fct wheat, considerably bellei tlfan tot oats and perhaps for corn. First IS Suits Filed for Payment of Masonic Pledges WABASH LIKELY TO DISCONTINUE ST, LOUIS TRAIN Fifteen mort law suli* tq (orct payment of Mamnlc temple bulldliuj """·-- th* Natloiwl AdjunnMnt agency. The nUIROr UHBCltei PtlMRfCT Smice to CWufo WU BeCmiuted ·gtney hu tweo flvfn th« job of ; coll«ctlnf thennwfndcr of plcdg* money due, Every 10 day* additional suit* are to ftled until all the overdue pledge ·ccounii havt bc*n MLllifled. According to official* of the agency, oignem of pl*dfei fiend their on* month and n*gleci them U)r other. Consistent pnym«nt« MISSIONARY'SPEAKS IN U. B L MEETING MX) Attend Sessions ot Illinois Branch of Women's. Societies Man Stays On Job Until He Drops; Friends, Employer Make Up a Fund In Or u I dor's cafeteria Fliday evening. Mt. Bishop Btioreods n W Kftnscn, Other new officers elected were Vlee-fresldent -- Fian^ Rftlhmann of Mllllkln. succeeding Mlws Margaret Marco It flocretrtiy-trPAsurei . T o h n A I.olghty of Milllltln. sutruPeillntt H A. l,iith*rtitt cliunh. and tin- Hynodleul (·onfortnr* of which Hie dlwlrkt h n i u li a mamher He pointed out that the union* whtfh tmvfl IWMI «ff»dM dui- 1ti( lh« pMt VPtir nre not truly doctrinal In character, but nri- orpanl- [M lentil nnh* Brcoft) rJnnillnwnt It *fti siio repotted nt the lur-rti int wnitlon flatmdny Mini the tin- telUuent nf js»lorti nnd Uachetit at lh» vjtrioiwi I nut It ut loos supported by ih* tvntiA \» lur^er thun ever before, f'onconll* ittmlnnrv at St Lotils. with MS omlUliilw (or the ministry *nroll*d hn*i hecohu' the JarjfflSt Pro- tritnttt 4*Mliuii v In thp 3Utc« Tti* Ift (iropaialoiy nil 0\fr Um country wtili'll I fur the M-ntlnaiy n1 ' rspott ennillmeut R(v. K ' WegBhiiupl of t.f th* tho Ratlminnn was the pilncipal the. meftllitK Friday eve- ItaeusHed tbe i elation of water or water vn.]or to chemical reactions, showing that molstuip essential to moht rcnctionn of n chemical nature. EXPLOSION'VICTIM GREATLY IMPROVED Bean, ftalcy dust explosion IEI Improving tapldly In St. *, hoHpltnt Attendants said h* bus tihown surprising Im- In the Iftst two dnys At- belUr, lie Is not yet allowed T. W WllftoH, another victim of the Ststey explosion also Is recovering In 9t Mary'H. His condition is ifirncwhftt complicated I)}' nyirerae that _ Mittikin Homecoming ' Committetias Meeting In n piavlotit session, U*v **«ul Wiulr or S|ji lnsfI"IJ was elected ptMhlent; RPV, r. Wllheltu of Rock lilMd. (tut \ loe-iiri'Sldint, and Kov, Win Hone ust i) In of nioomlngton, Olhti Mnttut f'tliiu\ aft- Trcn«urpr A A Krohr town VnrlH t Innni'r Coiitmlttc* Mtmbci* (if tin' riiuiiKt cum mil UP -fl C' U r p t m h u . K «_' Bei'k nnd ~n-, M. Wlttruck · nf Uu \\urn* mlmi'in v II t-roy. Kn\, J V U I.', Ppmlgphl, ft, I lack- ftnd C Kollhoi'Nt Mtintitr* o( the b»rd o( suppoit TM,,Charles Mohnhn. W H f'.IU- mnnn »nj Churl PS Ott Mtmbtr* of ilip board (or lndig«nt JWidfnK-FUv, n v. Neuendorf, M. "·tafteh and Aii^ttsi Rorehslt, ^ Aiidltlnp vflmmltteo -Itev E. F, i*. R, C feriieehl niut _ , for the _,,,,,,_. honiecomlrtu are linlns considered by a comtnUlie conulstlnjt of nhimnl members and lieftds of vmlous Mllll- kln oi((ftnlsi«tioni, Ths committee had n meHinfi Friday eventnff. Members of the committee have iunder consldeiatlon , proTM«nlK to 'eliminate the parade nom the houxe- irnmlntr events, and alio to cancel the ·sophomore (iRbt ·Commhtet nf eon^rogBtlonal ton. . M. Mftoniuifiol. Bsv and J H. Fltsehen committee - Rav John Fisher a n cl f,. rjletrlct Luthoran- und Rev P. Wll- 1 H Brn. ? church by Hev. 1. with puttln' up beer an' puttln' up I 'lch Bt!v. dr * wln « te *fle erowdjl edtsup these are busy days fer th' Hun 3 , h " *vangell»t will housewife "\Vhat biistlness there Is hti «Tk I* 1 ' nl * )l " 1n l | f "« the siih-'u nil shot." eald Tell Bllnktey, this I ^iMJ Cn * ll( "»3* of the Trinity "I mornln' when bandits rlddleil Poke 3 «£:' l l *w«to(r hii subject will be. B*as1«y flllin 1 station attendant .' "wWrtwm stur" an' escaped with nine doll«»». "'1m. - - - -- . ..,*,. WVIYA1, nHAWINo"cBDW1)8 FAMOUS PAINTING PLACED ON DISPLAY AT ART^INSTITUTE The Ions tooked-for ICnfll^h Pe- lure "Weie you there when tlioy cnrclflcd tin- Lnid" iirrived Friday In the Art Intltlute and will be exhibited on SuneJny ThioUBh the courtesy of Otto KpM-Ui ot St tuutB the owner, Deoatui IH to Imvc the flint view ot the plchur in this] countn'. It will jpinnln for one week, throuRh two SundnyH Ott. 1219 The picture wfti iminled by Murk Svatant whose mlnintui o-llke fnn- lailot of clitldron Imve !OOK been Jttiowo In EnKlanil Ti wai }\WK tor lhp Ilrftt time in Ihc noytil Acadeniv In I^iulon In Mjy and nt once cieat- ed conliovernv II ils * pletuie of Colvaiy In mmlrrii dioss A hundred or more ]jprson*t tiif plcluied with vliot^rrnttlilc olJirfly, witnessing the cruplflxlon of Christ If It were to occur today. Sliwt corner Idlen, men and women In rld.inp dretn, \vtitncn tn tnntlei 11 hats uud hull' outn, bniunfl» men and ldl«irers (ihlldreii frtd mm'. sultHwj fiml po- llcomcn, (ill are pouted nmong the watchers, Symnni hus been acoiited of actuollv portraying certain Eng- H«h rhuincli'is, but hntt denied thtit nny portraits !»re thfie except hl^ oivri find lil'i wMr'i YOUTHS HELD FOR ROBBERIES MAY BE PAROLE VIOLATORS In\estiftntlon of lhi pwt leeoids of five youthful pav telephone thlet'us locked In the city tall wa* begun by the police Frklav The police think that three of the boys tmi parole violators from the St Charlen jeformatoiy Inquliles have been nmo to clo- ternilne which ol the rive bovs sre the three vlolatore All hnvo confessed to u -fcilei of IheflH In Dec»lur, principally of pay telephones V. F. W. AUXILIARY ELECTS OFFICERS Mrs, Itoae Kuethloi uni elected president of tlieVolcrans of Foreign; Wars nuxlllftiy In « meeting Filday ovortlnft I n t h o G A R . hall. Other, officers elected were: Senior vice-corn m under--Mi ·· MH- ile Kussey Jutilot vli'* - 'otiiniHnJpt--Mre, Mury Mtirit«tt, C'tlJiplain- Mil h'lHIiucs McKll- trlck, Treasurfti--'Mi*. Olndye Bridges Apiwlntlvo otftcerfl will be. nomed In tho next meeting of the auxiliary Fiidny even ing, Oct. 24 Railway Group Gives Dance Friday Night Members of the Railway Benefit association attended a dance Friday evening In the Vic and FilU hall, East Eldorado and North Jasper streets. A large crowd was present, The affair was the regular weekly social \cvent of the association, -*-. Savings exhausted with the birth of hla daughter foui weeks ' ago, wife, not yet fully rccoveied, and child to feed, and work for which he had sought all summer at last at hand, a woikman on a Dccatur con- ylinction job literally stayed at his post until he dropped Friday, For mote than a wccfc lie had suffered winching patna in the right side of hts abdomen. At his job ho had managed to woih otoatlily, doggedly But after rest periods he found tt hard to ilse. And after working for h time, he found It hard to rest because of the thiob- blng pnln. Yet UP pUyed ftt his plnce and worked so well and so haid that Fi Iday mornliiff hb "gang boss" told the contractor thai "he lisd been a hard woiker nml n good oje. None of us kni*w haw aa sick." ' ' But the tltno came when tlio appendix ruptured Tho man foil, unconscious He was riMhed to a hospital vrliure a physician operated Im- mediately, to save 1114 Friday afternoon the physician satd the man would live Workmen slopped work when their com pun Ion fell. They gathered In a little knot over In one cornel of the "job", They talked In low tones and there wan a clink ol pockeU that money. henrd the story silver drnwn Ironi knew no feel ot Tho conlrnolor and matched the sum that the work men hnd rained, and then save a little more Wrldny morning he np peared In Visiting Nurses nssocla- tlon headquaileis ' We don't want to be known In this," ho satd. "But the man Is be- *ng taken care of in the hospital He'll get well, all Hull I. tho doctor says. But we thought, and tho men thought, that something ounht lo be (tone for the wlfo n id baby, you Itnoiv-- well, we wondeved If you'd drop by and Invatttsat* See what we can do to rnnlt* theni comfortable, " I M1 ** M*ul* Hoylt, nduritciJ ml* sionary from Africa, gave ihree ad- , lvon , c , t ,,,,,, , n lnt! train* wen- dwww Friday In th« institute of tb* ^continued, Nothing cam* of the " BUSINESS SLUMPS Again there ui'« inmorw thM We between Chicago and Bt. Lout* li to be euruilec A'|»rt of Ute rumorx wll* th*t both lltlnoli Ccnlwl nnd CnlCtfo * Baft- ·rn tlllhol* conipttny tt the twni 1 time will curtail their MwMAfti- «ervlet betwreo Uto«« terminal*. U is known ih«t when the Chi c*4to A Alton ifcently added »n «thc;r nrti.Wo|i train lw the Chlcagn- St. Lou(« service of that line, thtr* WUM an effort of ihe muiiferi of tbe four ChkdjfoSt, rxul« Unei to lessen ibe rompvilllon for »*v6tuin* tit buKihciM wlHt.l) would not N pio- ritnbie If half t ibc train* were brunch of United Brelhirni church Women'* Mfsnionary socl»- ties. One hundred women attended the ilny sessions in the Third United Brethi en church, and more »t- that tha «· DECATUrf MAN FOUND GUILTY OF DISPOSING OF MORTGAGED GOODS William Shupe. his add) CHS CAB TAKEN FROM HOME C L. Galllgar, IMS North Calhoun street, reported to Ihr police Friday night that three men stole h|n automobile from In front of his home. The cttr in n 1925 EMCX sedan, painted black at! Decatur, was found guilty In a Mattoon eourt. Fridn f of disposing ot mortEaRcrt 'property Shupe wa^ fined $1 and cents and given 30,dayi In jnll. The Juty that heard the case ivcn mm ended ctetnency In Its verdict Jutlge Douglas took Into account the recommendation In pss»- t the compainllvely light sentence, The maximum utidot the charge la a $2,005 fine or a yeai in Jull. or, both. Tcittmtinv given )n the trial showed that Shupo borrowed money from a Mattoon Loan company and bouRht furniture with the money. He placed a mortgaze upon the furniture, Before this obligation, had been satisfied, Shupe placed another mortgage upon tho furniture. The two mortgage concerns compared notes with the result that Shupc was arrested. East Park Reception Honors New Jlflembers One hundred "new mcmbori attended the reception Friday night In tho Eant Park Baptist church More thun SOO old mcmticrn al«o attended to greet the fjuetUi. Rev. fi. w. Stodtlard oponart tho ipcoptlon with a abort talk, followed by tho Senior B Y P IT, quartet nnd thcOvctHtakcalsioi*! Atox Miller and Mr. Flckell gave a cornet uuet, and W, A. Hayes gave two readings Following prayer by J. A. Cozad, Rev. Verne Oglesby pledged the new members to the churofi convenant. Following the program refreshments ot pie and coffee were aerved and iv social hour passed SIX ARRESTED ON DISORDERLY CHARGE Three women and three men were fin 01 ted Friday afternoon In a raid on a disorderly house In 028J North Water street. Sally pleaded guilty an keep. until ihey hnvc been able to clear Ihelc clnvalors of the bonns And they are not anxious to pile tho com Into their elevator cribs and bin* yet awhile. The grain seems dry, but It hoM not had a good hart) frost on It lo settle It, Mttle New Corn One eai of new corn h«» been ra nclved In the lust few days by the Stolcy company. This win 00 day corn, containing 18 per eeni, tnols- on "The World's Income per acre on thai, Otlcrbeln guild, crop is likely to be below the bean B.VCI age. Rainy weather during the last week held up the bean harvest, but machined began work aRaln Friday nnd If the weather remains fair and drying, threshing will be general Monday. Oood weather the next few days will allow Ihe bulk of the crop to b« harvested, though scattered jobs will be threshed In the following weeV Good Average Ykld Yields on beans run from five bushels an acre, where farmers planted them for the first lime this year, and on poor soil, to 37 bushcR This high yield I* as rare as the extremely low yield of flv« bushels, But there are reports of a good many yioldfi between SO and 34 bushels an acre^ through Central Illinois. Corn shucking Is beginning In a. MR!)I way. II Is not expected to h« general until the. beans are all out of th« way, which will be the middle of the month Grain men are anxious that ahiiclrlng should Ix held up the afternoon on "A Trip to Sierra Lion*, West Africa," and In the evening on I "Christ the Conqueror," Mrs, F. N, Munch presided during the day. Mi*» Susan J. Balnbi.ui[h of Cleona, Pu,, bianch treasurer of EMlern Pennsylvania, conducted the noontide prayer, and In the evening WM tn charge ot the worship. Mrs. Elrflft Heinle of Shtloh played for the nfternoon song sprvJce. f ALHAMBRA INDOOR GOLF COURSE OPENS FOR PLAY SATURDAY ic HKtne Centra) «nd the tlinois line*. The Chicago A Alton had * big bUKliiefts between ChlcM" and St, 1-ouli* before nny one of trt* three had a nftlc*. of th« preeent d«y ihtough line between thoee 1'he combined effortu of th* three Ute cotnero hivo not been iue- cnsiful In jatrlng fi'Orn ihe Alton, which h»t mor* Walls fade into mountain hetxhts ond spisshlng stream* or *ea «K* pansei plaster forsakt It* substance to becomn old slonc entrance. Iron rtrnttng and colored glMi; rubber )ccomes springy turf; and teore* of other deceptive work* have been accomplished to make the Alhatnbr* Jndoor Coif course htva (he tw\ of nie outof-doors Sam Wcstwood of Amor*, ojmned tho Alhambra retort At 1 o'clock, Saturday afternoon In the building formerly occupied by the Alhambra dance hall. Two ))oles are located In ihe entrance hall. Tiie remainder of the IS bole course wind* kboul In the main room. The hardwood floor has b«cn Bul the corn ur and was fined 153,15 hv Juitlcc) for Immediate delivery, considering It Charles W, DvArmnn The following pleaded guilty 0.1 inmate.-; and were Tlned $33,15 each Lola Carutli, North Moigan stieet. Li)a Lane. 028 J North Water 'iltoel. EMwmd Evans, 5Mi North Wntcr street. George Blown, Pans. James Walker, 5281 Notth Water strout. ture and ot good quality, company In not bidding for tinflt tar storage nt the praflent 1lm " A ftoQ 1 ' front on tt is denlred. Predictions are for wme snappy cold w wither In the laul hnlf of October, beginning around the nine- ered with opeelnl com poult Ion to pro* quarrel with the rut** which i«ct It and deaden xound. Green flakes to Imitate grans have spread over the entire floor. been Real ireen and nhruberry with Dowering roscbunhea and other planU, occupy decorative petition* on the coiirf#, Novolly lisxards havi been ui«d to beet advantogt, Including windmill nhot, where wide mil* fun the AO per cent, of »U that buiinew, In connection with th» rumoM In illation to (h« Chleafo-31. Loul* buslneRK there »r« rumir* of ft general r«-«rrBng«ment nt the Wtbaih iraln schedules. There I* even *umre*llve of offkle) thet (h« rumors h»v* a fraJn of truth. J, B. 3Uw*rt, Illinois Centra) J*«f- ;ng«r conductof between Clinton tnd Central, will rellr* under th* «f» limit rule, Nov, ], Before that itat* he will hav« atuined the ftf* AT Three score y«nr* and ten. He he« been tn Tlllnol* Central eervte* ttnc* 1S8A. When hs went Sou*J» on hts ocnlgned run FrWiy afternoon ' h* declared, th»t o /«r a* hi* nblllty to do the work involved, ther* WM no more reauon now thfti *hou5d be nttreO Ihnn thtf* ha» been any day during the ta*t 10 yoam. But hi tayii ttiit It I* th* rule and h« ha* no l» oil nation to ADKINS DEFENDS TARIFF MEASURE ING.O.P.RALLY A defense of the tariff enacted by Congress during the Hoover administration was given Friday evening by Congressman Charles i Ad- klns in addressing an audience In 1 the Tarr school. Tho atldrcSH was, part of a Republican rally arranged by Dewey Gi'ccn, The United States, in lmgosing tbe tariff, Is doing no more than other countries which* have ercctbd larltf walls to piotect home trade and keep down unemployment, Mr. Adkins said Various Republican pandldateu for office in the Nov. 1 elucllon attended the tally and spoke. The candidates were E. C. Mnnle Wllwon, candidate for fihcriW; Mts, E. A Patterson, en nil h! ate for county clerk; W. C. Chynoweth, candidate for re-election an re present alive, nnd John Clark, also running (or re-election as representstlvp. tecnth The wmm weather has dried! » lr - ttn ^ wo*)"" Pmp where th« ihe.rrop and lh» quality of the gruln penalty for a miss Is lo pump Ihe · ' - ^ -- - -- ball cut of the "well," A email rectangle for dancing to radio music has b«en left In tho center of the course for convenience of parlies About (7,000 has been spent In preparing the eoursi, Mr. Westwood has moved his family here from Aurora, and will ro§k* his home In Decalur. Adolph Mueller, Back From East Finds Business Greatly Improved Business la better And will steadily many businean men nnid too much uhow greater Improvement, Adolph Mueller, president Co., said ot the Mueller upon his return from New York and In Now York ho attended the annual meeting of tho National Manu- tactuioifi' association, and tn Chicago, the 12th annual convention of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturers with w h o m he talked in the meeting In New York, he said, all said that their business wu.4 Improving and expected still gioator Improvement this fall Drcntur Business Ilolb* Tn his own business, Mr. Mueller says, there U ilcady Improvement The New York office reported Increasing sales and anticipate a gradual advance. Reports from the other branches of the company are the same A gradual closing of the spread between business done this year and that of last year is talking place, Mr. Mueller says, and has benn In progress all summer. This Is true of other business whose representatives he met while away. Those concerns that tended strict ly to business, watching production and maintaining efficient operation and distribution, are coming through the depression in good shape. Mueller I* "' +h* nnlnlon that ·Mr. too attention to tha slock market not enough lo their own business The situation hue resulted in many buglneas men giving some attention to how they aru operating, checking on useless expense nnd car doss management that developed under the conditions of easy buslneiU of the last few years Too Much "Calamity Howling" There is too much "calamity howl- Ing" by newspapers und public speaker?, business forecasters and "so- called" statisticians, Mr. Mueller thinks it has developed a pessimistic f rn me of mind in the general public, lie thinks icaultinfr In a curtailment of huying, A -wealthy banker In Chicago tokl Mr. Mueller that fee had done without a new summer suit this year because of tho general situation. "What would the purchase of a new suit mean to him or men of hi* income? Such curtailment In buying should not be practiced, but the money should be spent for goods that will keep production up. The time to save money 1* when timfs are good " \ more cheerful view of. the situation and a loosening of the purse strings will mean better business, Mr. Mueller holl.v*. Is expected lo be this year, (hough Ihc yield Is sm*l). A car of new com in Chicago, Saturday, gradedl^No. 6, tested S pounds lo the bushel and contained 33 per cent moisture, Later In Ihe month It Is expected thnt the grain nil) aver- nge No S MAN READING PAPER SUFFERS STROKE; DIES IMMEDIATELY Charles H. Walters, 75, died In St, Mary's hospital about 9;10 o'clock. Homhiim of the four credit union* FOUR CREDIT UNIONS TO PRESENT PLAY IN HIGH SCHOOL OCT. 30 nil »lfki), Bacepi for ocetvlonal pleasure trltM whnr* his fancy *ua gp«ts he )BI» not plan* for his time nfler retirement, VAN NKS8 RCINM-ATEI) Engineer J, A. VanNoM of the A Alton after being out «t ·ervlce the last threo yrart, hM fc**n rt-lnDtstsit and finds that It !· nee- rsnary for him to make. »orn* *tudtnl trlpt over the tetrltoiy with which he wo* for many year* Wholly f«- mlllur, Ills absence from *ervlce w»» because of an CHAIBMAcOMING W, n, William*, chairmen oT tb* WabBth board ot dtrector* In hi* office car attached to No, I will go to St. Lonlt this evening. There U no Miatentent to that effect, but them is a. jUPi« that Chairman WIHItms will fttcnd th* Wabiffh ftmlly teMlon In At. Louis nexk week. Saturday morning, after he had fallen unconscious while reading a IMI- per In the Starr KerTtley pool room on Lincoln Square. Hh death followed within a few minutes and Is believed to have been caused by upoplpxv, of DocMur have made preparation* for the piny they are lo tclve Oct. 30 nnd 31 in the High school av«JI- torlum to raliit funds lo contribute- to the expenses of tho Illinois Cr«dll LTnlon league, recently formed. tfctiry Dwumnn of the Wttath Cr*Mi Walters hud read his ]uper In dlt union to In charge of the enter- tlie Sfiirr Keckley eslabllshmenl lalnment program. The cut I* for Years, appearing about 9 o'clock each mmnlng and seating himself In one of the easy chairs there. He was stricken shortly utter entering Starr Kecklcy's, Saturday morning. lie , laken lo St. Mary's hoit- pltal In the J. J Moral) A Sons ambulance Physlciann pionounce*! mm dead In St. Mary's hospital. Ha was born near Oreana on Oct 1, JSCS. He celebrated hts seventy- fifth birthday last week. He vras married to Kalborlnc Buloe, Jan. T, liSH. He was 'employed for yeurn as a traveling eateajnitn and had lived in Decatur nonrly all of hli life. He leaves his wife, and two d«LUgh tore, Kaihcrlne and Florence, lie had one sister, MM Robert Green, Chicago; and the following brothers; Robeit N Walters, D*catut". Roy C. WaKero, Madison; and I!. Lynn Wai- tern Chicago, The body was taken tu the Dawson Wfhoff chapel where funeral services will be conducted, Monday, Servle^s will be private, Tho family requests that no flowers be sent i "FUNERALS ! YOUNG. Mrs. Esther A., 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon lit Dawson ft Wl- koff chapel. Burial In Riverside cemetery In Illlopolta. Body will remain In Dawson A Wikotfs until after the services, - «. -- -_ urch of Christ Revival to Continue Two Weeks "The Poverty of Chrlat" WM th* subject of Evangelist E M, Zcrr In revival services of the Church of Christ, 0S1 West King *tr*et, Friday night. The services will continue for two weeks. Evangelist Zerr will speak at T:30 o'clock Saturday night A large frowd has been attending the meeting*, Til* Delaware A Hudson railratd cumpony haa mude up or mcmheii of the Credit union, State}' l£mploy»' Credit union, the Iostofffce Credit union and St James PrlKh Credit union Western Union Brand) In L C, Closed Friday The Wevtern Union brunch office , In the Illinois Central waiting room won closed Fridny. There WM no formal stalemeni to thai effect, bul it Is puny to bnllcvo ihnl lite volume of busings was not sufficient lo Jtictlfy the continuance of (he ^ranch whlclt was Installed lait December, M!KH Otge. Sander* who was tn charge of the branch office, Friday went to GeneMO tn tnhe charge of nn office thete. tit* InurlUt* commltttton for «uth«hty to abandon what Is said to b* th* oldest line ot railroad In the eountry --antedating l|)« coming of th* steam «ngln. That i* 3* mile* of lli)« hetwee)) Racket Brook and Ho»c«d»lc, Pa, Thai Htreich ot Un* was conitructed during the yean 1S28-1 to carry anthracltrs cokl front Curbondaln mines tn the Del*.ww« ft Hudton canal, H llten wat · gravity lino, ttis loaded tint almpl/ running down ojadfl to ihelr dctttlnattm, Th» pctltton declnr«|i thitt the velunvt or traffic gmduaily ha* declined until it is a n«jtilgfb!) quantltyj that long «lnre the operation ot th* )lni ce«Hd to IX) profitable. THE HOARD Twcntyonn thivuith (iol(bl *·· fine crew* were *ent out front D*- ctktur Krlduy; There were t*v«i tut. Including «n Attica turn; thert wtrt three Mfctlon* of 00, lite bt*t In weeks; iltero wir» flv« north, flv» south and fotft west. *S holnf bk h*ad«t LOCAL NOTICES Weaver Tlr* Co, TlrMtane Tire*. Dance. Twin Lakes Sat. Mrs, 3. T. Stetamerat, IS« R, 1 Contrail atreet, lout her dof, bul lie. didn't stay long, beotute Hn, flteln- m«yer advertised her )o»i In The. Herald'* "Lort uid Found" Column and by 8:30 o'clock of tbe roornlnf the ad appeared th« dog WM recovered by Its owner. 'PUBLIC MIDNIGHT DANCE Tonight, Blue Lfrht, LJctnMd dance ball. 12 to 8:». 3k, TOc, DANCB TONIGHT VORSVfH Half and half, Oood order, Dance tonight, Armory ball ra«m COc and IBc. Dance, Green Lantern every Sal- urdty night, NlanUc. Ill, flVK The atatenicni wait mad* IK De fM\tr Kilttay that flv« «( Ui« 91 Ctlt- cago terminal clcrka mi«p«nd*d HV- era) month* ago were r*«t|t«d for service on* Ony ihl* week Ett£in«cr Cuwhmin of the *prtn»y field division of th* Ipatawk b*» returned to nervfce ifter » wteVi leave, The Lftchfleld tay ov«r «f tb* 'D*. catur-UtchfleM lock! migU MTV lot will b* rwtored TJluwUy, Oct. Ut. Bulletin* to that affect wart ' ported Thurwlay. ' EnriMir John NewMU ot the Wt b«4b ymrd ferae IUM rttvraa* M ·ervtee KtUf ten ·?· IB hwplMI under trwtmtnt f*r m*tlim, KIND OAOOUMB Tom Abnmit^tttU deputy fir*' marshal!, reported finding t nid Wve- KAllon geMllne *«n In th* 100 Mwk EaMt North atnet FrWty, T*» *wner may h»v« (ht «M by «tWnr tn H4 We*t Center »trwt

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