The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. JtHt KUTCHINSON jNEWS. WEDNESDAY, JULY 4, 1923 Mens' High-Grade Dress Oxfords Cool, Comfortable, Plain Toe Oxfords Brown Calf Oxfords, \»hiu toe, rubber hod $7.50 Ulack Calf Oxfords $8.50 I'.rown Calf Oxfords, crepe sole . .$7.50 Others from $5.00 up. Teare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 North Main • B a H • a a CB n • • H • P • H II • Every Drop of water that comes from a shower is fresh, clean water. It passes over the body, cleansing and invigorating it as it goes. IT IS THE ONLY WAY of bathing in constantly clean water. The shower is the necessary completing touch of modern bathing. TAKE A TIP FROM "TORCHY"—Let us fit your Bath Room with a Shower. Kitzmiller Plumbing Co. a m • a a B • B O 8 H Phono 281 a _ IBKaSHKHBarHEISIBBlBBIHHnBIBBGKCSBaBBPJiBBBBBB* 417 No. Main. * Phone59[ ^cxT*d fPhone59 PARTS AND SERVICE {S|"L /E1 _eTp"Y - TIME MORE T R.sliX.-n 1 > L E S TALES OF i CUFFY BEAR BYiARTHUR SCOTT BAILEY , CHAPTER XV. Mr. Bcir is Followed. \V1u.-nev«T (-uffy I? ear's, Inth or left his family ni ficiiic* ami not forlll altiii'. 1 iiitu tlic fiiM i ;.L, liu Hiiid— -almost unvavri— -that ho hud business Lu ut* lend lu. M rx IJ-'fir suMom linked 'him any ttU*'H\ ifMlif, ill blli'll t!llU !S, uniosii iUm h:L)»[ici:(-d Lu su^].<?ct tliaL h-'s nu'anl In visit i.lie laiiii build'iiKii In tin: amnt of 1 nig u idi;. Ot!n'i'«i.sti uliy lot bkn hi« way. Thuiuih, lu bo auru, ei rain! Mniio Mf>nH'iiiin*s ilUicd ucrosn h<:\- l 'acM w lien Mr. Hour iiu>ni.K>ni'd i)!isUi'.-:-.:i. .SiH' lill'-W Well tMlolliUl I'lUit llCl" llUrftKUUl's bllsllK'HH W .1H UL-liliUK IJHJ - ic^n ihuu having a £00 & lim« vvitli Ci -rtaiii fru.-iiifs -of kix. Ah (,'u'i'y Huar i^vuw older lie began at lust to wmiuor what tliis myntor- iouH IjiuSiiL-iJH was that, took his fatlu;r HO tifUm -away i'r <.i :u hmin^ Huun.;tuii(is louMOii Jifs Caii'Ku" to 1ft Iitm c'linu too .Hut Mr. \h'nv always found an i»xi'F*;';eut fXiaihO fur not ink LHK his aoti with hUu. Kith or it hxtk^d liko a storm, tin.' day wa.s 1'.IO hot or too cold. Or jjorhaps Jt ivaa just ti/no fur ('uffy to iako a ijiip. Hiwi-viT, i'niiy fiOJ into 1,1]n habit of uniting lo bi !aK--n HIOIJU - almost every tiino Lhat bib father h'U homo. So after R .vliiJo Mr. IVar UH >-\ u;> :<,,] thi> usvn:v-s mmWl think of. And UUM'O <;a.rru: a day when ho answi.-rwi ditty ilatly. "Vou i-Jiu'L runin iMi- you •r-an't, 1 3iav» im>>!i.i,nl bualitisaa awaitliitf ^ua" And oJ'f ho Cui'fy Hrif/HriMl n, fi}w mom nils just ouiiodin tho door of the dun, until his futhor v~"dv out of Hl^rht. Thi*n hu stolo away, i'uiU»>vlu>f hiu fafl ^M -'a tr«Jl, Vmt'laUtn^ ravt* nut to travH too faet, IrOcsiusH lu* didn't WitiiI to ;tmn- n iv->r* Mr. Hear. For Cully know tin 1 Jiin fuUior ieavued -what HO woa dull.,-; tlsi'To -\voiild bo trouWo. laickily (horo 'ft-.tE uoxt lo no v.-lad. Othorwlao, had a l^roezo blown at 1 f-uffy'ri bQtk, it would Hiirely have | brouK^lt to Mr. B *»ar 's keeu IIOHO u toIl-iah> rc^nt. And ho "would have wh' filmuL aud gouo daaUiue back to ca-tdh Cliffy, and punish him, and send him homo whimpering. Ou and 011 wont Mr. Hoar. On and on (..'iit'fy fallowed behind him. What- t-vcr tho burdnea.s nvl^ht ho on which In i i'cf inoir'.tnt* MT \ Be a* toppled tr&ao *• j u.iu\ iill with ^duIl tliud ui-^u thaUofa canH* I .Mr. JJottr waa hent. Cullfy tiiouglit It ! imiht. iiuk -i -ii bo vwry ImporUml. For j MT . lioar traveluhl fast and fur, -until j at 'hud ho <umuj to a halt 'way around i on fhf» i':uHU n c ohlts <tt lilua Mountain. i -Turfy UnnW tihai -his father 'ttaxi > s;oi'ptid, lieOfUi&a' ho »_w>n)d hear Mr. ii-ar wiying woof! \vt>of! just boyoud a tiil'ki. t uf you UK Hpruco iroos. Tii.-M •i.Nii'fy 1't^an to ri.-<?i) forward wiUiout making tho Hll;;hteat .sound. l>•>•>> i-i^-ht, MotvopuUtim No\vtt- paiH «r Servlro, Xow York. (Tomorrow; Tufty Boar aefla lUs failior joins' through soiu« atraagc antics.) JULY CLEARANCE SALE Starting Tomorrow! Men^s Three-Piece Suits $30 and $35 Suits NOW , $40 and $45 Suits • NOW $50 and $55 Suits NOW $ 23 Fine Merchandise—Low Prices—Definite Savings! There is a plain, sensible reason for this sale. It is a part of our service to offer this community each season the broadest possible selections in this complete stock of HART SCHAFFNER & MARX and other fine makes. Individual preference varies from season to season. Result—the end of the season finds us with some wonderful merchandise—just what you want —that our business policy demands we dispose of. We profit by clearing our stocks to receive the coming season's merchandise. You profit by the price inducement—the definite savings—only possible on these season-end conditions. We know that your Judgment will approve of this quality merchandise at such special prices the moment you see it. Note—The best suits in the store always sell first. NUSSBAUM'S ^^"ai Stat KFB1 REPORTS SHOW CITY 1 NURSES ARE ACTIVE n .'ii.' Ho! Crops rliip.irttiuMit In giving iv t.'i-.' ^nrk oi' tli. 1 numoH for the jHf.iitli J inn' lilunvi 'il that 490 our* iiw-. ah v.i'i'i" m;u!o !;y Miss Or'.i»ua iiJil.u ..uJ Jiisu Iiia M.iy 3iuuta, liiB vlultlng nuniiw (unl BS tiMrtructivo visHii, a tottil o£ 582 In all. lwving t'nw moiitlj 38 old cnaos wore nr ' •'• a«Xl W now cawM wore 1'iiti.1. |)oth um-soa IIRVB been ex- i -option -illy b;ifly Oiln uumuiw. Miss Herlin in takiui; a moutU's vuoation at preocat. Tho most utilfW.m* man ts Vho th«- urlBt -who won 't Muctioe.— Atchiaon GJobe. G. A. R. RANKS THIN RAPIDLY Only Half ft» Many on Raster in SUte M Eisrht Years Ago, Records Show. Membership In tho Grand Army ot the Republic in Kansao hag Ijuon cut in half in tho i»st elelit, nccord- lag to Col. W. H. Mitchell of (hla^lty, tlupartment oommunilfr. Tho 3tato rostor carried S .002 uamos In tho foro liart of ll*l <i and now there ITO only 1 ,1)00. Tho luorlulity mto among tho Kiiiina:! veterans U »a boon averat-Ing about ono n day. A tlelogatlon i>f sovoral l\uiviirodi3 ot tho Q. A- R. v»ta will %n to MUwaukoo Soptem^er 37, for tho national encampment. According to plana now lining -worked' out the Kunsana will tiivel on c, niKH-liil train. It will pick up other delegations en route. Col. Mitchell to Go. Ool. Mltoholl among -tho other department or/leers will KO . Dihur officers arc, A Oi-aff, Willi .sion, senior vlcu < -urin ;!;tnat -r; Gco!;^.- J;.. Illack- wood, Fi-t^.i'.jiiia, Junior vico i -oinmuu- der, and J. P. FVauds, Mlckurnoo, adjutant goaorftl. The official rtologa-tos to th»''ooo- vontlon, riijn-caouting Uio Kansas do- liurUnent arm B. H. MllelBon, Parsonm Yf. J. Staag, Topska; Ciroar Naslo, Wichita; O, H. King, Vtilloy JTnlla; Gcorga W Thatcher, Oreat Bend; J. O. Bylng- ton, L.eoven*worth; Scott Kolnem, To- •paka; M. 11. HarriB, Otte-wa; 8. T. ,Crlsa, Lawienca; !W. A; Ouminlng*, PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28} N. Main Phone 2659 Cu for Extraction Hutchinson Liberal PARTS AND BEKVIGB HQS nu«aEU.'"H, MILLKR. Mar. Phon* WIS I N. •!• MttlLJ. Hl-.!l.J-iL-i- L-IS ..1 .I'll Cherry vale; n. II. McWhartor, Coffoy- vllle; Dennis Coeknon, Vates Contorl J.*-H. Han-oy, Umporia; J. M. Harrl- oon, Concordia; F. V. Olose, Abilene; B. J. Oouliloroinn, Wichita; H. Keller, Wilson; W. W, Bavago, Great Bend; Charles IVoff, Jotmorei William Brunor, WoUington, and J, O. Henne, EH Dorado. Past Department Commander*. Past deportment commanders "Who plan to make the trip and. the year In which 'they served arei Ira Collins, 1«W>, Sabethaj JL H. Oroene, 1892, Hood «iver, Ore.) Bernard Kelley, 1*93, Topekal W. P. Campbell, 1894, Wichita; W. W, Martin, 1900, National Military Home, VU .Leavon -worth; P. H. Coney, lMS-W. Tonalfla; Jo .1 H. ItJckii, 1»0», Cb»- IntTO'lucea and read Jurm 22nd, 1923. First VJubllahfcil June 2Stb, 1923. Resolutroii. i AVhereaji, a pelltlon slgnea by realilont ' owriora Ot mora timn one-lialf o{ the I feet fronting or abutthur upon Fifth I Strfcet Wuat In Uio Utty ot Hutchinson. I Kungas, from the VViit*t line of Main ! Stfeet to tho Ka-it ^Uio of MonrucvStraet, : asklns that aula .ntreut for Bald ™bltancfl ! bo brought to b'vad«, re-curbed and re- ! ffuttcrpd with utamlurtl curb and. with i three foot concrete gutter and pavei six • feet wide on the Nortli and South sides • of the present paving lo auttora with three inch vertical fiber brick aaplialt filled on four Inch concrete buse, baa been ordered apread upon Ute Journal nt the City of Hutchinson, Kunaaa, which . ealil petition iiaj beeji attested by the . Coniinlsslnner of Streets of tho Ulty of 7tnt<-htn*oii,' Kai^atf, to be sufficient In \ form and In the signatures of re.ifdent owners on eald above described street; now, therefore. Be It Resolved by the Board o( Com- mlsffloncrs of the City of Hutchinson, Kansas, that wo deem the following Improvements necessary, to-wlt: That Fifth Street from Main Street to Monro* Street be broutfht to grade, re-uurbed and re- guttered -with standard. curb and with three foot concrete gutter and pavod six feet wide on tho North and South sides of tho pivsent puvlnj/ to Butters With three Inch vertical fiber brick, asphalt flllod on four Inch concrete baas. Approved Juno 26lh, 1933. WAI.TKR F. JONISS. . Mayor. C. !J. hXMAN. W. X. BKOWJi, IL J. HA8KAHD. LOKEN X). PBRdUBON, Commissioners. Attest: 1DD METZ, City Clark. (SEAL) ss-et nute; J. N. Harrison, 1912-'l!, Topeka; C. A. Meet 1MB, Wichita; K. M. Painter, 1916, Moado; A. C. Pleroo, 191T, J-uactlon City; Tlieo. Gai-dner, 1916, Lmtyreace; Joseph. A. Walter, 1920, Great Ben<lj B. W. Bowman, mi, Wdchlta, and (W. Vf. Dennlson, im, Topeka. Head Cain St Cauvp-belVs »d. It will pay you. Smolrsxl pears tar* rellshod by ISu Germans. . •4. TEETH The Roofless Plate Restores the original contour and expression of the face— Gives your food its Natural Taste Eat corn off the cob on a Twenty Year Guarantee B. W. Crabb, D. D. S. UNION DENTISTS HUTCHINSON, KANSAS W/z N. Main Op*n Evening* by .Appointment Phono 1069 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS J DeUvcwrod )v Carrier, ji»o WNIV I

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