Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 30, 2000 · Page 28
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 28

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 2000
Page 28
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NewsOViews The USA List Top pizza toppings Besides beer, football fans watching Super Bowl XXXIV this Sunday crave pizza — making Super Bowl Sunday one of the most popular days for ordering pizza. But hold the pineapple. I.Pepperoni 2. Sausage 3. Fresh mushrooms 4. Extra cheese 5. Onion 6. Canned mushrooms 7. Green peppers 8. Ham 9. Canadian bacon 10. Beef SOURCES.- Plaa Today magazine, National Association of Pizza Operators What, you worry? Not as much as you used to. A recent Harris Poll found Americans worry less today than they did in 1995. Details: > Today, only 30% of people polled say they worry "a lofabout not having enough money to live comfortably; in 1995,38% found that cause for concern. t» Now, only 29% say they strongly fear they will not have enough health insurance to pay large medical bills. Then, 38% polled had similar fears. k> Concern about being a crime victim declined from 24% to 13%; about job loss, from 28% to 17%. Stomp out love handles Stomp, a new exercise workout done on stair-stepping machines, hopes to do for Stairmaster lovers what Spinning did for stationary bikers. Sweat-Inducing and energy-packed, Stomp, a20-to30-minute workout to music, takes you on a virtual journey where you walk up steps, sprint up bleachers, hop and, of course, stomp. The instructor-led workout class, like most fitness fads, began In California and is now in 50 cities nationwide. Plans are in the works to have it in 200 by the end of this year. Or, if you have a home stair climber, you can buy the 20 minute video ($49.95). For more Information, visit or call 1-800-635-2936. Interview Freddie Prinze Jr. on his dad, Mel Gibson and violent video games F REDDIE PRINZE JR. has the same handsome looks as the famous father he lost to suicide when Freddie was an infant. Prinze, 23, who stars in the new big-screen comedy Down to You, also has something his dad (of TVs Chico and the Man) seemed destined for: a successful movie career. Your Down to You character struggles to find meaning in life. Can you relate? "It's kind of close to the last few years of my life. He's always messing up with his girlfriend. Every time he thinks he's got it made, something happens that just wrecks him." So your life isn't perfect? "No. My girlfriend and I split up a few months ago. I haven't been on a date since." Haven't we had enough movies about introspective 20-somethings? "No. My generation kind of got hosed as far as films we could relate to. We got Lethal Weapon. I want to be Mel Gibson, because he kicks butt, but he's not going through problems I went through. I mean, people were shooting at him." Best screen kiss so far? "Jennifer Love Hewitt in / Still Know What You Did Last Summer. We had to do a lot of takes. We kept cracking up and ruining it." Are you into the Hollywood scene? "I'm a simple guy. I don't go to parties. I play paintball on weekends. I go bowling. I play basketball. I read comic books every day and I play video games at Jerry's Deli at 12 o'clock at night" Do violent video games affect children? "I grew up playing them, and IVe never hurt anyone. It's in the way parents say, 'This is real and this isn't, On dating once and if you try you're famous: to do this in real "Its hard. Especially life, you could when someone hurt somebody, canrentyouat So don't dolit/ B|ochbu$ ; er/ , My mom told me. But maybe some other kid's mom didn't tell him." What's one thing you wish you could share with your dad? "My father's dream was to make movies, and he never got the chance. I feel that he's watching me and that he helped put me on this path." So, you wanna be a superhero? Now you can. You can be sure the comic-book creators of superman, ^man and Captain Marvel (who turns 60 next month) didn't realize how soon their superheroes/powers would be available to non^psrherats In the. iej| world, SUPERMAN X-ray v(s)on The Ekaway *. a handheld fluoroscoplc X^ray system originally developed for NASA—Is now used in everyday medical and security applications. WONDER WOMAN Uses steel bracelets to deflect bullets Kevlar.a synthetic fiber used in helmets, boots and vests, can stop .357 and .44 Magnum bullets and alsoisflame-retardant. SPIWR-MAN Climbs any surface AQUAMAN Breathes underwater; communicates with fish grlppersTfor hand* and feet that let climbers scale metal structure (wch a$ the Eiffel Towir) without ladders or other cllmblna devices. Using "rebreather" systems, divers can stay underwater up to 24 hours; University of Hawaii scientists communicate with dolphins using a gesture-based artificial language. TeleportattQn POPEYE Eats spinach for strength Editor: H«Ky. ComribuWr j: Jim Mtmi, Jennifer Mcndtliohn, Amy fttiwr, Cowtn«y Rubin. Baseball's Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs in a season after using the super-strength dietary supplement androstenedione. eg 10 USA WEEKEND • Jan. 28-30,2000

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