The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 31, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1859
Page 4
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BY . A, May 80. The speoio in {the PJiiladelphia banks has decreased $400,888 during the past week. KntoraiUon of Santa Anna. 2t Santa Anna's titles have been restored, and Mlramon invitosihim to return via L Port-lOutcr. ; 'X PHILADELPHIA, Hay SO. A private despatch says iVat* N. B. Brown has been appoin^d Post-Master of this city.;; '»'- : - - ' - ' "Virginia Election. .-,. ;• .,, '•_;"";• jMaySO. The Eiohmond Whig says that In 112 counties Letoher hadi^^OOvjnRjority ; 86ici3tintieB g»ve Wise 1,200 toajority,._'.. -;. H&1>eaa Corpua Case. -•.•". - •. COLCVBUS 0., May SO. In the habeas corpus case this afternoon the prisoners <»e»'|r«mana<>a to thfl oustodj of the U. 8. Marshall byUadgtaSwan, Scottand Peck—Judges Brinkerhoff .ind Suttiff dissent- .The official vow of .the ,7th Congiessioiial District gives Smtth, democrat, 3 5 majority. j £KQTJIBKB OmoKj Kichmond, May 28 —It ^JtniiqsWbleasjettogfTe/tvn acoarate state ment aato the result fonmembers of Coneres or Legisiature, y - ,, - 1 tetcher will be elected Governor by 6,00 to 8,000 majority. BALTIMORE, May 30 LATER—Lewis County, Lotcber 890 major! Bwixton County, Qog^a60 majority. Upshnr County, Letcher-lSS majority. Eaudolph County, Letoher 100 maj. : Barbonr County, Letoher, 400 maj fc Wt«t County, Letch<jr:280 inaj ,^ 1 '• Jackson County, Letolier SO maj. Gilmore and Calhonn Counties reported 60 majority for Letcher. _ I*ter From Europe. t- : : New Jork, May 29. ' Thie steamer Nfw York arrived to-day bringing London dates of the 17th. Tbe steamers Jura/ and Baxonia had arrived ont. News not Teryimpoitant. No battle had been fought te Italy up to the 16th. Tbe Emperor Napoleon and tbe King o Sardinia had fixed their head-quarters at AI essandria, and already artived there. All th (Sardinian vessels in Austrian ports are to be seized. The Anstrians have withdrawn from Rob ' Heavy Fo^ Bt Cape Race, ? ^ ST. JOHSS, N. F , May 20. A thick fog still envelopes the vicinity of Cape Race, and it has been impossible to see two hundred yards from Innd for ten days. — Of course no steamers hare been intercepted or can be until .it blears np. .'•:. ' '- Demoe:rattc fljeetlnga. May 80. A meeting of National Democrats was held some days since at the Astor House* Another meeting, called by the son-in-law of the Hon. D. 0. Dickinson, by letter, privately circulated amongst the National Democrats, is to be held at the Astor House at 2 o'clock to-morrow. Presbyterian Indianapolis, May 36. The Presbyterian Assembly this morning. had under consideration the reports of various committees. In tUe afternoon the theological seminary and its connection with slavery, was discussed. Dr. MoHaster made a speech, nearly three hours in length. Dr. Rice commenced a reply. The Professors for the seminary at Chicago, will probaby bt elected tomorrow. Franco said England. NEW TOBE, May 80. Tbe London Morning Advertiser of the has tbe following : We are enabled to Btate that a very angry oorrenpondenw is just now going on between the French and English Governments,relating to the permission .granted' by our government to the Austrian vessels to take shelter under our gnns at Malta. The Fret.cb Government energetically complain of this as showing an undue friendship for Austria, inasmuch as French vessels hav ing no fear of Austrian ships, do not seek or require tbe same protection. Arrival of the Minnesota. BOSTON, May 29. Tbe steam frigate Minnttsot*, Capt. Dupont, arrived below Ibis forenoon, and anchored in President Roads. She has touched, since leaving China, at several of the principal ports of tbe East Indies—at Muscat, and last at Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope. She has on board the crew of the Bark Claremont, oLarged with mutiny, and sent home by tbe U. S. Consul at Cape Town. Lieut. Wakley, ol the P. S. Frigate Mississippi, and Hr Biddle, Late D.. S. Consul at Singapore, are passengers She will come up lo the Navy Taad to-morrow. Washington Matter*. WASAINOTOK, May 30. The war Department has been informed by Brigadier General Clark, in a letter dated Los Angelo? 2d May. of the complete success of Lieut. Col. Hoffman's expedition against the Mohave Indians. The President and Serry Thompson left this morning for Korth Carolina. They were accompanied from the Presi^ent'e house to th<? Railroad station by the other members of the Cabinet. Mr. Appleton has resumed his duties ag Assistant Secretary of State. Seo'y Floyd, who two weeks ago went to Virginia to recruit his strength, which bad been wasted by sickness, writes that his health is considerably improved. Arrival of the Hungarian. QUEBEC, May SO. The steamship Hungarian, from Liverpool, on Wednesday, the I8th, arrived this forenoon Her advices are anticipated by the arrival of the New Fork and Hammond at N. * . Liverpool market — breadstuffa, aU descriptions, slightly higher. R. S. & Co. quote-flour quiet, but firm, at an advance of 2aSd, Wheat firm at an advance of 2a3d — qno^- tions not given. Com firmer, 3d higher for mixed and yel- mixed 6salOdu6salld; white 8a4da8s9d. low; . Provisions, beef quiet, pork quiet, bacon steady, but quiet, lard steady, tallow slow of sale, but prices unchanged. i from Sontli America. \ JIKW JOBK, May 30. Intelligence from Maricabo to May 8th, represents all quiet. The Castle of San Carlos pronounced April 23d, and was in possession of the insurgents four days when they surrendered. Some fifty revolutionists were arrested. Barcellor Carracas dates are to May 12. Affairs in Venznela were very unsettled. The government troops had met with a defeat by the insurgents at --, and the latter were holding the Province of Caro. The bark Clintonia Wright brings Monte- vedio dates to the 17th April. The U. S. store ship Release would sail for Sew York in a few days. There was a rumor that Gen. Drauizza was about to attack Buenos Ayres. We have dates from Buenos Ayres. The American ship Austin, with a cargo of wool had been burned. Th« crew had been arrested on suspicion. Tbe news from the Argentine confederation is very warlike, and nothUj^ but the expected Invasion by Urquizza was talked of at Buenos Ayres. Tbe sons of foreigners had been pressed into the service. Virginia Election. Richmond, Va., May 28. Passengers by the. Bay steamers report Ao- oomae county to have given 75, and Richmond and Westmoreland counties each 70 majority for Goggin. The following are Letoher majorities: Bar- hour Co.»40p; - Lewis Co. 475; Dpshire Coi Si)Dodridge Co. 300; Harrison Co. 118; RitchCo" 250. ...... . . . . Letohar'ii ^majority to the Isle of Wright Co. ag far as heard from is 392. Southampton Co gives tt small majority for Letoher. A small democratic loss is reported in Northampton, and Democratic gains in Accomao an, Nausemond counties.] i! e <,.""^f i^'r Brooks Co., Letcher about 120, majority, Hancock :C#, Jieicher/150 majority. • ' ^ Ohio Co., Goggin 28|8 majority,, two opposition and one. 4emooratlo member-of Ltgislsv tare »re elected. - KT •* - : '' " : ' "'"' ' •"" MarshsvUs Co.; Ooggin 200 majority; «pposK tion Representative* elected to the Legislature. bio. The inhabitants of Ennabia bad resolutely refused to supply the Austrian frigate Radet Sky with provisions, and she was obliged to sail without them. Many failures are repartee on the Continent. Croswell & Co., of Birmingham have failed. , LIVEBPOOL, 16.—Breadstnns firm. Wheat advancing, principally on French red. Provisions firm and steady. Other articles unaltered. LONDON, 16.—French red wheat has ad- vrnced 3a4s; consols 81 l-2a91 3 4. ~ The ship Thames from Savonah, was partially burnt in Liverpool dock, on the 15th — She had a cargo of cotton and timber. ENGLAND.—The Queen received Jthe troops at Oldershot on the 16ih Count Persigny, tbe new French minister, arrived at London on the Hth. Prince Gort pchekoffalso arrived. FRANCE.—The correspondent of the London Tim«s says, the confidence ol thu success of the army in Italy is so great, that preparations will soon be made at Notre Dame for a te denm, or thanksgiving for the great victory expected to be announced next week. AH officers of the regiment of sappers to be commanded by Prince Napoleon, wuo left Paris on the 14th for Toulon. A train of siege ar tillery had also left for Italy. U was rumored that armies had been sent to Hungary, and that the Hungarians are effectuafliy employed in fomenting insurrection in their country. It was reported that the Emperor Napoleon, before leaving Paris, addressed a letter to Qneeu Victoria, repeating his promise to take no step during the vnt to compromise the interests of England. AUSTRIA.—The government loan of 75,000, OOOf, is to be at 5 per cent., and will be issued at 70. Nothing further from the seat of war. PIEDMONT.—The official bulletin of the Utu says the Anstrians withdrew to-day from Nobbio, but a second and still stronger reconnoitering party bad been pushed forward to tbe walls of Veroelli. Tbe Emperor Napoleon, with Marshal Canrobert rode through the streets of Alexandra on horseback, and were everywhere received with great demonstrations of joy. GEEMASY.—A despatch from Berlin says the Diet was closed on the 14th by the Prince. Regent in person, who, in a speech, said that Prussia was determined to maintain the bal- lance of power in Europe, and stand up for the security and protection of the national interests of Germany, and expected all the German Confederation Powers to stand l,y her side, in fulfillment of that mission. Ipdia and China mails arrived at London with dates from Calcutta to April 8, and Hamburg April 29th. News unimportant. French troops bad captured Saigon, s place of considerable strength in Cochin China. The American brig Germaotown and steamer Mississippi were at Japan Trade at Canton wag snfiering runch fronTexactness of tbe Mandarins. LATEST—London, 17. — Despatches from Rome say tbe Duke de Gnaruiount had left thai city on the 15th, in consequence of a telegram order from the Emperor. A despatch from Vienna savs an English steamer, with the Indian mails, was overhauled off Passana. by boats fnyn a French Bur ship. An official bulletin at Turin announces the movements of tbe Anstrians from Slieadalla to Dagkora. Charles Dillatti & Co.,of Birmingham,failed to-day. There has been a further recovery in Illinois Central shares ; but Erie's declined Arrival of the SteanuUp Hammonln. NEW roEK, May 30. The steamship Hammonia arrived from Southampton the 18th inst, and brings London papers of that day. Napoleon remained at Allessandria, busy with his Generals io laying strategical plans. The Piedmontese cavalry had fallen'in with a detachment of Austrian hussars, and made some prisoners. The Austrians had withdrawn from Daghra to Casteggio. Austria had recogniied the neutrality of the States of tbe Church. The bridge of Stella had been threatened by the Austrians, who have workmen assembled there and at other points on tue Po The waters of the Po have risen. The women and children of tbe country were compelled by the Anstrians to labor at the works. Several Sardinian Mayors who had refused to comply with the Austrian demands for contributions had been arrested. Four Austrian merchant vessels had been captured by the French squadron in tbe Adriatic Rains were falling incessantly, which accounts for the inactivity of the troops. Some of the Austrian works were damaged. The French squadron was before Venice on the 18th. DFflOt 0! TI7B BAttT N Mlhr»nkee,M»7l»,li MO»T MiiTcu.—Comncjr iaA Exchanr« ire §om what easier The demand during the put Iweek not having been to heavy, both currency and tich»nge have iiccomulit d, bntitlll they are n-1 so plenty as to enable bsaks to supply eve-y call. Thestxamers news give »slight stimulus to tie wheat m rket this morning, bat trannctlons werejfew, and deilerf perfect y cool »nd cautious. The uleijof v best reported on change 'amount to 41,700 bus al rrice) much the »me u on Baturdty. Millers oakelno higher bids aod the market closed time. Corn and Oils dul'j the former So lower. Ho ides of flour. 1 he salts sod prices Were as.follows: .lltlwaukec VVbolcaale lUavkei. R best—unchanged. galeilBOfbu extra No. 1,1,80; 800 do extra do 1,25; 1,000 do No. 1 In store 1,16; 8,000 do do 1,16; 18,000 do do f..o. b. 1,50; «SO do nqlrupect ed I.12X. - ! ' ' Oait—steady and dull. f°aleal&0 bjs at £0. Ooro—lower. Bales 200 bni at 17; 110 < o at V; 150 do at 76. Quotations were as follow! : Wheat—No. 2 Spring Wheat 1,00 dull; No. 1 Fprlng Wheat 1,15(81,17; No. 1 Ettra Spring Wheat J,«0® 1,80; O!DD Milling Whsat 1,8Q®1,85, extra; Winter Milling Bed l,TOiai,«; Winter Milling White Wheat 1,31)^1,60, extrn. Bye-1,00, qaiit. Btrley—50@60, dull. Oata-48, dull. Corn—7B@27. Kggs—7c. Bnt er—10(^14. Potatoes- 45©60, dull and plent . Hides—green fl; silted 7X; Jry 12Q.U; 'ull trimmed 5 It all road Itecctpt*. Rionrra «r MILWADEIS d Miasiasirn RAILKOO — 'rom neon SSth to noon 80th —65 bbls floor; 8 060 bos rheat; 4,900 Ibi sundries { RECEIPTS «r Cnioioo i MaviDiK RIIHOAD — 28 has corn. KicEirrs «t MIL. 4 BA» B w Vicicr BAIUO^C.— 480 bbls flour; 66 bus corn; /lii do oat«; 100 IDS hide-; OS do kundries BECKTPTS BV LiCm>S3K 4 '.IB.WAITKBI BAILBOAP.— By P ¥. train, Saturday 2SO —10J bus »hesl; 218 do ats; 24 do c-irn; 80 bbls floi i \t> bus benns; 1,80-^ Ibs Lies, li,«57 do sundries ^lilpntenls I y 1 ake. Litt In route DDEiNaiDif r iWBSTT-rooa Bonus,— J61.46S n iambyr; 80 M l»'l , -5 U shingle.; 118 tunt ; lu,9M I eidin;; I'D CO • wood; 401 fist Bun rieB, SI bbls dc; V01 tuns n> z, 437 pkgs do; 33 sacks ; 24 rollB leather; 2,CU b.; i salt; C risks liquor; 44 x'co; 51 hipliwlnts; 1 do ]•- n g'Ms. LCS ElPOfiVS DURlBil VBS f A r VWKKTV-rOOB HODPft.— 1 tuns mot; 94 pltpB sundrle . 'J bblj do, C do efgt; t> o litr'lnp«; S do whiikey; S.M hide!. (By Telegi ., n. j '< i w Vork litrkri. - -I Foil EufJOXB u rai OrtiS.—Beito'n Broi * Co, II J NazroU Co, W 8 Lrown^J!.Terry 4 C», W Flnllsr, M Brooke, 3 M l)nrmna~*^CoJ8 0 ffnt, fsV B Breed, 1 Q Drcmar \t Oo, A RBUnchar,*, W 4U Q Fllit P: J Q Goodrtcb, Lerevre A Or ej,;M U Cook I Oo, Stroin & Keltliiutdu 8 O West, ~W iA U, Juhn 1 tlci, H Cpmnj AnthnhKOreei, KImore llros 1 , Dnekct * U,| KnffUnd,' J Delanoy, \VJ E mire. O 0 Wc*t. O POiief, S ATleld, (^ D Ndrrls,'. H-« Ooi - J M inr»n?, *r4dfonl;Br i, i n.'hW,tSe»ton" *'Co, i.lltie: A liikisr, Slioodrlth *( TerryJUHssklo, i-trickU d * Co, Car.d* t, 1? bble * - o, Wanein fc'Hewltr, Dojrntba;* imllh, B Mmeub»c»i«V Oo, HinCy A Uei'ow, < V, Hanoi trosbjf, J!K, No JT-EO A McNao, 11 J Nesro * Co, Brtdfoijil Bm, Kmplro htore.^-8 Drown, Ilanftrd Bros * Co, 8 B.:nh»to, Bliir A Parsons, E flaskln', Co. N ! 1^, ff, T H A, N, K 'Terry AC Uewey, Alex Campbell, G, Curl ton. if Ntw You, Ma; 88 e at 15a25 better; f »lt-» .erflne state ; 6,»oa7,ffl ^rflue western, 6,£i>4$ rn vntern; 7@7,40 lor iig qu:et and firm eitr». Flour—Market Tor Soar erti ^,000 bbls at &,MKg£6^>0 for su or extra do, fi,7i'^6^0 for e ,80 f. r common to good ex onnd lioop Ohio. Market clu- Corn— Nominal at 70®Su l» Kye fluar—4,25{^o,50. «he»t— Shade nrmer »nd qme ; sales 5,000 busfa n. hit* Kentucky, and southern at 1,8** lor choice whlic lichlgMii and 1 9u r.d southrrt.. Birle>—Qal*t and nominal. Corn—Quiet ana unchanged, sales 14,000 bosh at ST t8» for uosoiini southern; 92 i*t prime ye-lo». Oats—du I al 43ia,&l for BIB e, o6a^S lor .estem .nd Gaoadian Stocks—Ziid board ba-uly nc.dy U85'< '74 103%; Mo O'B SSit; O si 0 2a mort -' » ; D t H 94*j; O .' C 4; 1C »&, ^ iu; N V 0 73J,f; >l C 41; U 8 »»£; C * R I BCFFALO al A IlKKT. B:B!iuchsra, Jeirtl, Bleu A i,?TAC.-,00 18 A S ough- .:-_ i» TBI Cnmrray.—^Aairhi !A Daven- liort, Monroe; rfmncdy A VIsJI. Oshli'lh; lushing, SweeiHnfl A Stewart, Wh tewa- en Terrgl A Prat-, M Antbofiyl P 8 Cliam/ln, PonagefC'ty, L H Oanwell, JaneaVui^; Urammonr] A C3, Fom! da Lie; ;tilone, D A Co, East [Troy; M E Fuller, Madison, L HiLyban, Wan keshe;[D]T Park.', iioscobal; «T LJohhs.<n, Sparta; J K fico.tJACn, Emerald Qroife; 0 Unfit?* Bro, Justlee A Bofepsngh, 0 W Armslroig, 81 Haul; Hi wen A Uagmafa.ii L Hy, Klpon; J Sutherland, flcKtj t Bro, Janeavilli; g K Fslrchiid, Beaver Da<n;iJ : Ftanfp d, Kllbouhifcity; U a Psge, New London;. Jones i I'ea- body, (Cambria; N U Wood, -Pacific; fcutt A Bro, McQreirofc J Purroes, A 0 Suyden, U Q| Mansion; W O Frederick, J G Hatch u.hkoJii Ojto Troush, Wlnoni; ft T Binlth, Curwn t Kalk, Fox j, al;e; N Bur- roughs.A Co, Waokesha; J 1) Orosbj, BanM'llleJ W ColeACoj Whltrwaier; J J BUcIt, Minnck|«)lli. By Prpr\ Cuyahoga—reopfe's Line, HfiHttt, Start. weaAef <t ( o.. Agents, LaC. <f M- /?> K- DxK. Foa Pigsois ra in i Oitv.— ) W Hoop r, L (.'nambei" lain, Lo^entl aJ A Oo, E N ITurd, E llastln', J K'Ce, T B Shaw; tloonan A McNab, Oltn Bros, J .-II too i .t Co, Mann Brrfa, A J Nmro A Uo, Moppet! i pccjea. Foa Pikson! i> THE OOONTBT.—M K BurLcck, 0 W Nichols^ Klchols A Berk ey, ^t Paul; Bv^4ett!A Urnwr., DarabrO; J) P Blls h HI on; JW ParlilJfe,-Ourraii A Kail., FpaU du Lac; J K Cook, Rocliester.AliDD; A Bennett, «»akeaha; M H H-nnle s, St Ant o$y; J E A Co, Monroe; 3 LPillsbury, fit Anthony; N Nor n, Calumet; J Ljononj LaC, W L lliechcr, Uomon; llulTruan, B A Co, Mc(}r«Kor; Osborn A Burrow.-, Tallin; A M K)m- ball, PitelKlver; K Hjhuyler, N Sttmf i.,!J.nesvllI», M UeLeaq, Watenown; O U f her wood, BrarlJen. By PropiiMohawt —"IFMlrri* Tranfpvr&i ten i v>n'y. — Ourd, Agent, Jf. tt it. a. K; L>oct. Foa Pirsots IB vs« Cnr.—OS. nilllnssj W a Brown, W J tlmorr., Sirick and « Co, E M Burdlik, Noonan A McNab. Gpodrlch A Terry, MUei A Aim iir,. K L paon, B t 8, cjeiman A Wlog. Wm Bloclair, W A}k, J F blrch-> ard, Qood^ich A Johusoa, Leferre e Greeti, biiarpiteln A Lathrop, Oomstock & Darker, W IV &{ncUlr, Knnn lleyer, D fc M, K U Uurd, II J Nairo t > (i, J It « Oo, J M IrurandA Co, A B Vincott, Little A r aHer, J W Ledyard, Ai tiunnlson, W K Fish.- S K WortrilDftoo, M B Dodge Jottn Dahlman A Co, James Uoltori Foa Pctsoxa IB TB. Coosrrav.—A w $ir,' ard, Hr irri-gjr, Itwa; Olto, Wioona, Minnj J f Scott * 0 >, Kraerald Orove; 8 fk ly, Hast nps, Mljn; J H Srei.- c r, F ndiflo Lac; * lu J.clqoea, U lall^.u) Blgge 4 H II, O-hknsh; D AJ I'armar , r-anlevll^; li'll lOnUill-, Neenah; -:osele7 A Bro, Maduon; M, stlty t Uro. Jane,vlllef J 4* Krund, Diamond F, ft rarjl, J llem|ieil, Beilln; |L'P Caiswell, K J HleNmood, M C rl- Ith Vic K-y A Broi Janes., W O Piuntalu, Mins M| Ei:ha», Wt. t«;ilo»n; Ulackman t Uiy. e, S-oajhto:i; MtItilyre * Boyce, tWltrii.B; K K F,.r, l^ C Puo i-, Mudlvin; I'rjlt A bsSBrll, IChlnswatAvaa, C »V A C- , MBABV :lc., J 11 Morgan A ico, piantou, J N ^chret.,er, .•}: PJUI', II II Soi>er.| OuBkorh; _>.uor<? t r-iuitt. p.iu S.,c| KJIaiin ng. -AYER!S:[, . CHERRI PEGTORALj FOR TllJf I'APID CURB OX Colds, Coughs, and Hoarseness. -• -, »th D«4 1856, : . Da.J.aAlta: I do not hesitate to say th.bestrem«dy I have aver found tor S™**^ ^°* r ~ B ««> InflneiUM, and the con com] tant symptoms of a Cold, Is yonr Oan«T PIOTOIAL. Ito constant use In my practice and my tuaflj for the last ten yean has shown It to ponaM superior virtue* Ibr the treatment of thm complaintt. EBJSf KNIOHT, M. D ... Y-wrltei: "1 hav, yoTir AoVml mnolf and to my imllv ever slues yon Invented It, and Ui,,. | t ,„. bit^edlcln"(or IU PurpoM evsr pntbnt. With . bad cold I should sooner P»y twenty-flva oollars for * bottle than do without It, or take any other, remedy." Cronp, Whoopinc Conrh, Inflnenza. Snoiomu,, Mm. Feb. 7, _. _ . . , . . , . i. Sf^S? Al ^. : l "^ thMrtnl )l eertily yonr fectorat Urthe bert remedy we ponwss for tbe cure of whooping congb, croup, and the chest dl»am of chOdrsn- We of yonr fraJternlty In the Booth appreciate year skill, and •onmend your medicine to 'our poople HJBAH OONKUN, M. D. i , tedious Iflnuenia, which confined me hi doors •U week.; took many medicines without relief; finally ^j^**"!'* l P at »**-*»<*'>uidtrgjm»a. The ttrst dow relieved Ihe soreness In my throat and long* ; I-. than on. half the. bottl. nu»i. a. completely wril' Tour medldne. an Ihe cheapm u wml as the bert w. «tn buy, and we esteem yom. Doctor and your remedies M the poor man's IHend.* ' Ajthma or Phthisic, and Broochitie. Wtat tUifCHinzB, PA, ?.b. 4, 18M. I ^ Q*"* ft*™! U perlbnntag marvellous enre.lnUu.Mctfcn, It has rellned smnl from alarming svmploma of consumption, and la now caring a man who has labored under an affection of th. tann (or tbo tart torty years. HENRT L. PAHKa, Merchant. A. A BAHSIT, II. D M Aino», Monoi Co, low». PATENT MEDICINES. IH ( ) "V! S f ) v HI ' »• i-, M 11 ,-,,.M... ... tt 33 " irltet 3i|ii!ir", MI. > OneMa at., Mh <v ». !{..... itm^nt ni'l Mir*' ,( -v r- I n v:il- .- . >»..• * r F< Atk.rtsob; C J PetLbouj. '' U"y, Mct'u } tieon A .% e- ley, Wlooa>, Aleiander «Bro, B-rl n; J f Heoit it Co, ld Orort; V D A * (J . RJ Day, flro -teal. , MI.IOI., k hi-lluirr Or LEGAL ADVBRTISEiXIENTS aj 80 mark el firmer. H»l«« 7a7,S7X for Micb., Ind Hour— In lajr demand a 800 »i 6,00 for ordinary sl«tt nd Ohio: 7^0a8 for double e Oratn qu>et and nothing dfinR tu Th*-a.t. Corn— nrmer 8«Jei :uOO b .»h unsound at J5 18.000 uiliuod III at 80. O»t>— Hrltln« in retail oraj- >i 50 Whiskey— At 26. Canal trelghu oochanged. 03WEGO UAaKET. Oswtoo, Miy 30. Four and sraln msrtet VOTJ quiet; no «al« , r mo- ent harl .(( heen msde. Slnc^ the atcamers newi va« ubllc & firmei feeling amoug holdtn ti apnarvrjt Oai.a: frelgbt» — Nominal. Lake uuj>< n- ^nd c&nal exports unimportant. IHrlrorolofflcal. S» «—Wi£.d S. W, iky evenly tloudrd i n»r.,meter 29, 47 Thermometer 49 K K.—Wind E.; mlzillng ralo Barometer 29, 4T. Thermometer 6U 4 r. u —Wind N. K ; light ; sky cloudy Barometer 2S, 48. Thermometer M. 6 r. M.—V. ind N. N. E.; sky clearing r.ff Barometer 28, 42. Thermometer 45 3thh WISCONSIN, i ; Circuit Oi.Jrt, Milwaukee County. I H' el H Camp, \ aralri.t | Daniel U. h)ch»ril», I UarrH Vliet, f Jrsper Vli«t .oil I John B. hibltti. J B Y virtue of ao execution Issued from e%i,l Oonrl In the above entitled action, lo me directed and de llreretl a'galnst the personal and real property of the above naotd defcudanta, I hav* Belted adU lt-vir.1 ou Uie follolrldg reil eJtate, lo vrlt : Beginning at a point In the lme;betwtfen Bectiuu iy, and It", 1257 feet north of Ih4 quarter section/corner, running thence wrst ^9^V feet to the *?ast lUte of Fol^netnth Btreecj tnencf with sitd cast line of Fourteenth strrtt, north 764 fet^ to Heaubian street, or the cxirtislbu "T that street as represented In the plot ,,j Vllci's Addition to the city of; thence «uth the tottth tin*: uf na.d Btrert, tast 3i6 f<rt, LhenCe ' with trie Bouiherly line uf aaltl siiret northeaster.y about 21 u fret tu an angli in »»<J street; thence with the Buuth line of safji sired east about SO Feet to tile paint where t^e «.'>>lh westerly line of tbe land conrevrtl t,> Afrram Vhcl by deed n-ciTde-l in Slilwaukee;C«/unty in red al ol deedj at pajfe 810, crosses aald south line uf £a!d street; thencr w.tti ssld »outljwe*ler • ly Hue t>f Abram Vliet'i land souiri 4i ije^rtrs, east about G|i9 feet to i point .-n tjrvetith street, Srtiere eald lint- .3 iLU-necle.l L) JlieveJI llu« (Jf Xbrarn VueV'a and, ace.,mint; io »• »r>l recoftltfel tO % ol Cl, uf ilerua al pa^e'^4d{ tlience souttj BTJUi aai.l »rst line uf Aurani Vlari'* laud lijfci ctiaiua to a corner: thence w eat with bpun- ary af abld Auram Vljel t lanu 3 chains,' tritncr Bouth wltL tald boundary 615 .^ f*-rt uS n»rtri lint of ihertnan street, Uience wiih ;aiU iiurtlj line, west 6.M chains to «4rclioii Linr.i thfcncr with Bcdllin line uurin y.*y leel t.. ll.e dlaje >.I begmUiL K , ula.nii,,.- about &.< .'»* m-ri-s, an.l btlt.i; skuat, j m the east lull ,jf 11,.- iu>lth «-ast qus.ri»-r«,f B<-CIIOI, 19, ai.J in t- r wea t,ilr ,,f ijaart^r of srrtiuii ill, inttr. ,. have found nothing equal to yoen- Cftnry Pectoral fhr Cvlng ease and relief to consumptive natlenta. or mrlne such w an curable.* ^^ If. might add volumes of nM«n«s>, bat Ihe most am- vlnetng proof of the vlrtuMof this reuudy SB (bud IB It) •flrMts upon trial. Coniamptlon. ,, Probably ao on. remedy 1ia. «v«r ksm saowv wklek " crxred to many aud such danirflrona caes). aa thla. BCA. n* human aid can reach; but BTTO to tboe. Ihe CWr> netorat affords rrrfl.f and mmlbrl Asroa HoOTa, Nsw Toa« Crrv. starch », 1*64. DOCTO. Avia, Unmt: I ts.1 It a duty and a pleaeur. to tnSJTTn yon what yero- Cherry Ptetarti has done fcr my wife She bad bnn Bvo month. laboring under the dangerous symptom, of Consmnution. Irom which oo aid w. could procure nv. her much relief, ghe wa. steadily fail- Ing. mi til Dr. gtronc, of tld. dty, wh«n -n hav.<r>me tit advice, recomin«nded a trial of four nudldn.. W. blees his klndnesm, as we do yonr skill; for sh. has raeovend from that day. Bh. Is not yat s. strong u sha tumj to bs\ but Is tr*t> from her noogh, and calls karwlf well. Toun with gratlrnd. and rattan!, ORLANDO SHItLB?, or , 11, 12. l.i'.,-k 'i. .l . , Mock MARINE RECORD. 1859. I'orl of Klllwaakee,. 3O, The Austrian Lloyds had stopped running , It is estimated hew that H r. Letober fa elected Governor by about 300 mftjoritj-. ' Melwm Co. pves Goggin 851 majority "*°* r ' all tbeir steamers. Tbe Bank of Hamburg had lowered its rate of discount from 4a4 3-4, to 3a4 per cent. French rents closed on Tuesday at 61 for money, and 85 for account. In the London stock exchange consols closed at 91i»91f Demand for money was rather more active. LONDOK, Tuesday. Tea inactive. Coffee unchanged. Rice rather higher. ; Provisions inactive and drooping. Liverpool, Tuesday, corn—a good attendance ,at the market to-day, with moderate bnisness; 3d higher tor wheat, 4da6d advance in floor, 6da8d in corn. RUSSIA—TheNosde publishes the followine telegram: The Russian Government has given orders for the 1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th corps de army to be placed immediately on a war footing with all the artillery and cavalry belonging to each. The reserves are to be called to, and all sold- lew pu furlough are to joiniheir colors, lo be ready to march within three months. Rosa, May 16 —On the Hthefnst, the Ins•can consul at Ancona, hauled down his flag. On the 15th, the French and Sardinian Con. anils protested to the delegate against the con. ttnnation of fortifications, and threatened to demand their passports at midnight. On the 13th the Aostrians were at work leveling a casino, although tbe state of Beige had been raised. France had not recognized the neutrality of Naples. V Home is tranquil. C2a irith BVe preoinota to n 400 »»joritr. from, CJVITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE John A. Page, executor of) the liitwiU aafl testament of Hezeklih H. Eeed, deceased. '<• •• - •'' DiaTidP.Hnir,' -Martsn Alton Hull, > Kdwln Palmer, Truitee, Joihus, Hathaway, Byron W. Clark,, Charles B. Clark, ttobextB.BeU. , I«j Ohanciry. ARRIVED. MAT ?8TH. Stmr Traveler, Bw-en.y, Chicago; 296 pkgs sundries IS p»s. Fchr James Christie, Joyi. MAT 29TH. Stmr Cleveland. Dougal, Grand Haven; 12 tons mdz Btmr Gazelle, Butler, Two Riven; 88 sack* jlne. V4 rolls leather, 61 bbls sundries, IS pkgs goods Prop. Mohawk, rheatt, Buffalo, 1C8 tons mrtr Prop Evergreen City, Ohimberlaln, OollUlgwood 76 pkgB sundries. Stmr City of Cleveland, Squler Grand Havu U tons mdz, 6 cuk< llqnoi, 44 «bl« tobacco,24 packaees •nntirles. MAT 80TH. Schr Guldo, Thomas, Two Crtre.a.W cords bark « m lumber. ' 3chr Persia, Thomas, Oswego. Scbr Preble, Unckley, Oconto, 130 m lumber Schr Marti!. Sibley, Averill, Chlcaj.. Bark Fhanghr•: Oheyne, Manltowoc; 115 m lumber V6 m lath -i m shingles Schr Three B^ Is, Thoma. Buffalo: 115 tons c .al IU4S9 ft lumber. 10,944 ft siding. Prop Ontonagoi, Wllklnj, Cnlcago-, 81 bbls high win.s 1 pkg glars Prop Cnyahoga, i.'nrslen, Bnffalo, 43T pkgs mdi. CI,EAIIH>. MAT 23Tit. Btmr CJevela d, Dougsl, Grand Haven. Btmr Uliy of Cleveland, Squler, Urand'Haven 80 toa« mdi, 14 pkgs nandrles. MAT 29TH. Stmr Traveler, Sweeney, Chicago; 6 bbis eggs B do herring; 9 do tuod, 27 pkgi do. Prop Evergreen City, Chamberlain, Chicago. MAT BOTH. Stmr Gazelle, Bntlln, Two Rivers; 6 bbls whiskey 364 hides, 43 pkgs sundries. Prop Mohawk, f beatt, Chicago. Btmr Cleveland, Donga), Grand Haven, 1 ton mdz 10 pkgi sundries MARINE INTELLIGENCE. Koncx TO PBor«LLua AMD VESSELS ooi«o n im our or EBI> Basil.—There Is a trad scow sunk abont 100 feet from the North Pier, In range with the breakwater, with only Sfeet of water. There are .three buoys ihat can be seen in the day time, and * white light during tben'ght. The light and.bouys will remain there, by order of the Harbor Master, until the scow u removed. WM. OLKV^ES, Harbor Master. V3f~ The Propeller Onyahoga, whiah arrived here to-day from Buffalo, was considerable behind time.— She bl«w ont a coui le of the h,-jids of her copper flues 'n the vicinity of the Manitru Islands, and stopp»d here to repair. [By Telegraph.] BCF/.ILO, Kay 80. Vessels patsed through Port Colborne >oek from* o'clock r. *., on 88th, till 4 o'cloak r. u., on 80th • Bound West—, schrs. W. Irving, Lnmolef, G. tlir nortti wenL ran f , 24. Alu> if>U 9, Iti LoCa i, H, 4, A, Lot 6,- tilock 4 Los ft^ block 5. Lot &i block la. ; All in Vltel'j AdUition to the c:./ ,,! M,;- wankte^ being in ihe *L*I h&if of Uid 1*0nh eaat quarter of Rection 19 and the we»i |,a.lf of N \V if pf itcUon !2t>, to»n 7, r&oge 22 t^L Also itbi Co .lowing feral 1 estate ti&jftani4g fci • polni-tn| jection line between lecuons 19 fcn.i to at OofUu ildfl of fihermanr «trr«t md iia^ert Dorth o| the qaartcr Bpriioa rornrr, ihtjncr n'h leCtioo line north tfi>9 ftet, tht-D^r west b99\ tttfi to e»»t tide of JPburtcenth ktretrt, the net ^'th east ilde of »»id * strrc-L, Botith >sV feet lo [north ilde of ID allej, thrno with north »tde of ctxid fciley >oaUi eAstrrly 546 ftri to north-; Bide of ttherm&n •treet; the net *lth *&ld north line of Shermtui street 201 fert t* place of'beginning, cont*lntnif 11^ acrei njDrc or lesa, beinK .maated in the e&»t half bf thr north toait qoarter ot lection 19, tqwn T,[r»nKe SSeast. I Also \ : Lot A, block 89. Second \Vant. ' North $4 lot 6, block 8V, tttcood Ua^.i AUo the3ollo»mg real ra>atc b*-inj( in Uie^noriti east qtt&rter of iection l.,to»n ?, ran4e - :, beginning at ft point ID ihe vest tine tjil stml' qu trtor .(«ctiOD lU.utf rt.ami north of the ^otud vest corfier of laiti quarter section *t U.c b*>rtfi west cbcner of lauUi cDnveyed by l>nnici U. R.chif'dK to one John I*, hfiueinacher;'tti«rt>ce with taidlwest line of s&td q auric r sectiun ^<^ih u> A point &.1C chain* souUi ol ihe in.rDi *-i-^i corner Ctf *aid quarter sc-ctton, tbcncei cast 14,70 cihaini to mtiiti>« <>( Greco bay ^<RJ Chence nlbng middle of *aid roart »<mth (,oaM»im 11U'6 chtVinj north of ihr south line ufju..! qu&rter •ectton, thence «csl 14 tu* • u. place Of J>, containing about ifl fc'~fe» and btj u^ »n the weal lltle o( U.e Greet* H »y road. 5 1 Which said;propertj, aj a/ortaajd,l shall expose for aaJe aod Sell 4* Public Auction at the Court .Io4s« In the Oity ol MUwftukec, on ftaturtiit j , LUo H>il« I>a> M., of.'Diai 'l*> ittt ex belUesi o(, do not dwptlr tfll joia hare tried Aria's CHXU.T PtcroKAL. It Is mad« bf one of th* bast OMdJeaJ chemlsta ID the world, and Its cure* all aroand as bMp«ak th» high m«r1u of Its vtrtaM. — /^iZad^Au Ledger Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T UB sdence. of Chemlstrj and Usdlcln. hav. b«n taz«l atmosrt to prodoc. this b«t, most perftd pnriratlv. which Is known to man. Innmn«rab!« proofs ai. shown that then Pars hav. vtrtno which sarpas. In ucellniM th* ordinary modldnse, and that th«y win on pn«ed.nt«ll7 npon th. sstoem of all men. They «r»iaft and pleasant to take, bnt pow.rfnl to enr«. Their peuo- trating propsrtlM stlmnlate th. vlul actlvltiesof th. remov. th. obstructions of IU organs, portly th» Wool, and expel dlwtaM. Th«7parg«ont theftml hnmors which breed and grow dl«t»mp«r. stimnlate srogxtah or dtaor dend organs In to natural actl<m, and topan health j ton. with strength U th. whole system. Jlot only do they cnr. th. svery-day complaints erf tTsry body, bnt al»o brmldabl./ and dangerons rHinaaos that hav. baffled the W.t of hnman sHU. Whfle they ovodB,;, powerthl effecta, they an al the sam. tlmss In rfimlnljhad dons, Ui. and bMt physic that can be «mptoy«l tor children. iaK«j-c>«lod. they an plesusut to tak.; aid being vegMfable, ar* trm from any rtsk of harm. Cor., have been made which surpass bel!of wen they oat substantiated t>y men of inch .zalted portion and character •a lo torMd th. snsplcfna of nntrntV Many emtaenl clergymen and physlclani ha<e lent their name, to cnrttfy to the public th. reliability ef my ramedl«a, whll. othen bar. sent me the aafnrasw. of their eoartetloa that my Preparations oontrfbote ImmeDMly U> th. relief of my afflicted, snlfrrlng feOow-mea. #k Th. Agent below named If pleased to fnmdh gratis my American AlmanaA, oontalntng dinetjnns fbr as. aod MrtillcaU. of Ihelr mr»«. of the following complaints — OortiTenesH, Billons Complaints, Rheumatism, Dropsy, Heartburn, Beadacb. arising frOTn a fnn! stomach, Nan- sea, ln<1l«BStlnn, il.jrbl.i Inaction of the Bowels aod Palo arising thenfrom. Flatulency, lam <jt Appetlu. all Ulcer oni and Cotaneons Diaeasp. whlrb require an evacnaot medirio*. Sorofnla or Kind's BvIL They siso, by pnrtfy- iBg the hlood and stlmuladnf the system, cure many fumplaiDtj whlrh U vonld not b. snppos>ed they pould rpach. such as Dnafness. Partial BUndncm, Neuralgia and NerTous IrrlUWllt y. Derangement, of th* UVCT afld Kid- neya, Ooiit, and other ktndnd ocmplalnt. atlsing from a low state of th. body or obstruction of it. funetioris. Dn not b« pat off hy aoprlDHpled deal«rs with some oth-r pill th*»y maks mnre profit on. Ask for Arm's fan, and Uk. Dothlnj els. No other they can give rou mmparM vlth this In Its Intrinsic Tata, or cnrvtlTe power. Tbe sick want tb. bert aid there Is fbr them, aod they nhorild hav^ tl Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Hau. Paid as Ors. na Bot Trvi Bom roa » I. BOU> BT JOHN RICE, Milwaukee. J n. EKED t CO., Chlca« .. >nj Air-m. -, -» f rv •own in Ihe UoiU-d 8tat«« mMy^-«,l4» DR. M'LANE'S CF.LFBRATFD VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. DB. HOOFLADVS GERMAN BITTERS, ASD DR. QOOIXASD'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, The great standard medicines of the present age, hate acquired their great popularity only through yean of trial. Unboundttl talisfac- tion is rendered by them in all eases; and the people have pronounced them toorlAy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of tbe Nervous System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a disordered liver or weakness of tht ttomach and digestive organs, are speedily and permanently curtd 4t/ the GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial has acjvirtd t reputation surpassing Ihat of any nmilar preparation rxtanf. ft will cure, WITHOUT FAIL, the most a&ere and long-standmy Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and /I'M pfrf:>rmed the most ani'iinshimj rur-j rtrr known of Confirmed Consumption. A few doses will also at once check timi cure tht most snert Dlarrhcaa from COLD r\ THI BOWELS. These medicines are prepared btj Or C JACKJOS & Co., No. 418 Arrh Strttt. dftpkia, Prj. , iind art avid Hy druggist i dealers in medifines everywhere, at 7"> c*»w per hnltle. The iiynaturt o/l.'. M J«,m,,\ wiU ht on the outside irrapper of each ^itiLf ' In the Almanac pub/isAtd annually 'ty 'h- prnprtrfoTj, ?aU*d EVBHTBODT i ALMAVX, you \c\Ll jind tfstir.lmnj .mil :>immcililai<jr>j nntic fi fro*n all purrs <,f tl\t wnfy T'ten Almaniici jr* yu-tn aKtltj by jU our Jijrnl* H, BOSWOHT'I I .<UNJ. I \ -r I r pmcrnirny VI in. I DISCOVERY OF THE AGE IN VKiOK A TO K 1 I'fit.l'ARKD IIY UK rm.'ipoun ; Knlirt'l} 1 ^ ONK if l->r> t.rlt Pur^llJV- r.0» bi'furr * t'f puh''C - KM" t'n-m .Ni .... i.l lib o* f-ml mAttrr • sy*lr-m. iup(,l v their place i\ fl.i» of t>il^. In On l>nly n. -f U) lh' syitr-cn -h.ntry, •n • .,.-•!- ^ tek--n • III -ur- A '! 'i-lt 1 in it* •tmt A'J"> l^ury ' ( nu,"< i II I S II P41CS OBB D4JU.A s PSR Si*T NKDRIl. l*rtj|,rletor, N->. W5 ! Bjr sll r*m?(rl3ts. rto N K W T K J u U N Kit *, A T M t N J IMI. Kit. (oufidcntial AID lledical M F.DK \ 3. Adtice / '** «T-4. of .Tlarclit le£9, at the liour o lo satisfy .et\d execution, - ----------- ~ Henry IX Palmer. JiermannBohwartlng.ind AogoMai Qreulich,; As. of tie Pebple's . ****** -* Martin Is The democrats io»9 ,i»»0 onOorernor WiHft Marion ooonty gives Letober 7291 *^s£^3&^^*h* Sdsrard O.Tyler, - itlttta.foaxr, •HorftCft P» ff nffp ttsift ' Jaaper E. Ooodrtoh. Bmltli.Jaa. Co'eman, Andovc-r; on SOth, schrs W. B- Iflbbard, Belle, Sheridan, AJrUUc; propellin Bay State, Mlcklgan. Bonod Bait-SSth, Prop. ObUw»;«cbr. Fair Wind; on 80tlii»chr». While Cloud, Brlndeer.J 0. Biggs; prop. Amity. . •" . • ; •' ' AKilVKvMiT «7TB.-Ailit. W.H Ortis;, Bard, 16,100 buswheit. ' ? - 3f lilt of vessels paaiing through the Weiland Oa." !, furnished to the Board of Lake Pnderwritert— xoe ft> lowing Teiuli patted toe Port Oolborne Look from 4 o'clock P.M. on the 25th, till 4 o'clock*. ». on theStthMay. Bound Wert—May 94th, bark Allies; «ohr» Ralelib. Mary, (ItotrtzMt,) Minerva Onk; on the 2«h;*c£i Bmplra SUte, Comely. '_ Bound KsJt—Kay 85tlf, none; on the propeller Pral- r efliate; Kkn North ttar, W u ttcrrtil—Bvf. Com. A0*>. , ff Tbe fcr R Mahontn,-, lying la tbe South Branch, was strnck, by lightning on Thursday nl«ht, and some little damage done to her rigging.— CM. Tint*. Dated SlieriffB Office-, Milwaukee, Feb. 8, IS39., FlICHKa, Lf»l)E k Sliui^n, i A. J. LASbWurttllT PI'ffliAu'ys. ( fih'u. illl. Cot, W'ls. (Sf The above tale Is he eby 'postponed tfll r>«tur- day, the Mlhiday ot ilarch, Lb49, at the Host-OfSce, al tbe hour ol 2 ^. H. : Sheriff's Dice, Milwaukee, March 18, 1&9 : , t •*• J-LA-UWofttHr, marSO .! ^iherJT Milwaukee Co Bl7~ The aiorc sale Is further postponed t., rt'rd- nesday, tbe Jtb day of April, at ihe same p(ace and time of day,. ; Dated HheilfT's Office, Milwaukee, Man-h 26 J1S 9 i A. J. LiMJWOKTJBV, mar2» ; Hhcriu ML (Jo. s^tv™" Tbe: above sale IB further postponed tt> flatnr- day, the 21st Bay ol May, 1S59, at the Post-Olllre, al the hour of U t. H., of that day. \ Dated Sher|fl 's office, Milwaukee, April 6, IStS ! A. J. UANGWOR1J1K, aprT ! bhenff Mllwaui fce Do tSf Tbei above sale Is hcreb, further pos'rfonFd to Saturday, thei2eth aay of May, at the same pice and time of day. \ I llated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May 21, 1810. ;' A. J. LANOW(jRT|l •"•i 22 { Sheriff MIL Coj, \> is H^Th'ekbbvesale Is hereby further posipVintn to 8atnrd*9r, the llth slay of Jane, 1SS9, at tbo sain c place anddmeofdw. j Dated BEDriff't Office, Milwaukee, May 28, 1S&9 I A. J. L.AMOHOKTUY mayZJ Sheriff Mil. Co t Wu ; f Ttrtneof * decree madebythci Oonrt of tb» Gni cdStatM for the JUlftrkt of Wisconsin, OB tbe tirelfthdv of March, A. D , 1889, io tltt »bj*».enUUed cause, 1 anallieU atPubllc Anotlon. ' of °* mortgaged premises, jor -, . be ntcaiary ;to ral»a theaiooon tatereat and coslsj, together wijth Ar. -•if Ilng Juw Comity of lUwmnkee l—U the nboooer N. P. troodell was p:n^ gti>Bt.Cl»irrlTer«a h.-tbe Kboober John tbe Utter •*« cane to oomuon Orri», wftleh WM eotnl»f l Jud *erenteen of her ther frith her rail. Th* _ The following va»el» passed Detroit on BMnr- days I ' "• Boood Dp—Prop Iron Oily; schooners Midnight, iPredHIlL- - - ' Bound Down—Prop. Pittsburgh, Plymouth; tttrk fonora; Imngi Wm.Penn, tlverjooi; fo&6onen JT.O. Klgga, JC«hsige,ObaUei-ge.t-t. Andrews, H. 0. Mosiey, Inurprlf*, Oartliagau! Inge Star, Job* L. Gross! I ! CN1T£D STATES MARSHAL'* Oharles W. Wlllard, 1 ,rt. 2>avldP.BaU,'i Marian Alton ttall, Bdwln Palmtr r 'Tru utee, Joshua Hathastay, Byron W. Clark, Charlss 8. Clkrk, • KobertB. BeU,f ' The farmers'*MIUer'»B»ok I- In Equity. Benry L. Palmfcr, Herman Sihwattlng and August Qretllloh, - Assignees of tbe People'j Bank of Haertel, flreenleaf A Co- JSdirard O. Tyler, /abe**Ll*os ' Horace H. u)bn)> and Jasper E. I ff pnrsoanceitnd by virtue of a decree made by the i> Is trio t Opart of the Cnlted States for tbe District of Wisconsin; ob tbe eighth Say of April, A. n, jgift the above enUlled cause, I shall sell »t Public A ictl U the Unlteld iSUtef Marshal's Office, In tbe bit; o: MUw.nkee, on Ihnrsd.y. the Ust day of July, SiV; at 3o'clockS-.MJ, Ihe following descrlned propeityj to wit: Tk«ea«t T nehttndredi[100)r«etoflotsnu4u>i i«T«n IT) »nd!«l got (8) in Hoc* nmnbered twenty-BTe (SB), in Sheriun's AddlUoo, in the Sixth Wind; of theCity of Mllw lakee. Marshal's Offloe, Milwaukee, ApilMS, 1859. aprl»-Ung»ai ,M; J. THOMAS, 0.8. Bar h»L , , . , Qnlleto*, OoBitttlo, Hnbb* A—DetrvU frie fr,u, • f - JLBtMOi CoLUWn^ae(i;tmer Albion, litng at the dock, wM UlgbNj Injtrred yestenJIr by alow of Tee•el» ronbdlng to and coining In collliion with her. -Th. - ' Circuit Court,! Lewis BUke, Tntt^^$?S^*ff»*!*. r N rtrtoe ofjniprrrrosjit to' a jodgment rendered In «ald Oonrt r in the •bora •• entlUM action, dated JSKf? «»4«9. »«h«llexpoie fo^iale, ;»nd: i eUS at nolle Anetlop, at the Post-i»ffl«, In the C trfof ob]Satnraar v ;tbe 8tb din rpt Wj* the hoar:&/»* M.,»t .Oth^ d|y> beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Dr. Chas. JI'Lanc's Web-rated Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them as universal Cure-alls, but simply foi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also been administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animalj subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of Li v ER COM PLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &e. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled and never known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in which they have been successfully engaged fbr the last Twenty l^ears, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc Aeir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele,&rated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shall cpntinue to occupy the high ipbsitioii they now hold among the great remedies of the day, they trvul continuei to spare neither time ;ftor expense in procuring the Best ;ind Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough If^nner-. Address all orders to \ A T ih« Buffalo Pnv»t« Hoitpiial — «ti»fti cur* rtfSypfitlis Urmina! VV^akn^M tnd '- Intirmititfa •>? Yi-uifi and Maturity, by QT MJ.N, Hnifala, >. Y utlicc, .-.»n..r .if Ham * >tr-rf-3, top stairs.) A MOST SCIENTIFIC INVENTION An instTQtn»Qt fr-r tfi»f cure of G^mtil Deh N-K mrn.'iJ Kmiaslnna, m>>re pnperfy EI own «J * l -^k n*--,*, it- — c*n W (J*M ir: •tnt.'nti y ,-ur*'l f\< i n ilajB lo two [Dun: ha by it\n a.*,- i' his •«i« 1 Tnl'Nd SIRS TAKE P.IRT1UI L.lR N..Tli:t Ur ASIOd 4 SON 'a«e pleasure in *nnouni-:i ^ • ri ,l tf y ..»v? nvt-nt^'l- a must important instrument f. r lo « lest *>y me aioat ^muir-nl pfiyilci,ins if, LOU.I.J-., P*ri.i, I'hilfttlHphlA and New Yi>rlt . it tiaj been ilei'l«r-,l Llif oly userm ^U9trum.:nl #Ter lovei i--<l I'D r Hie Jiirt- >l -•'eroirial Weasness, or *ny Disease of Uie trentt-,1 ir- fans, caused hy Ihe secret habit o( jouu'i. Price ten \ CUliE V\ASJIANTKD. Dr. A^'Ofl A SON have devoted their attention et- clnsiTely to UIIB peculiar class oT malaiilrs, in.I ihe r. lief th-y have con cquently been enable,! to r^n'ler their lellow crefttures, is fully teetlueil and (rratefuJly »ckn,iw\e.lued by convalescent patients And ..tliers •lai'y Arriving in town frnm all parts of Uiu country lor ihe 11 press purpo-v only uf cornuitatlona, *hile their exertions hare !>een crovned with the most signal *.l yanlages; yet from what they have «per:ence,| .n m- HUlrlDK into the causes of those .ufectiouA c.iiiipu.nt ^nm their moHt simple con.lition i.i that >f .lie m.isi .lan((eroua »nd Inveterate,) they have always -i-ier- tamed tile posslblllly of their prevention aud .ei:.oual, ind likewise invariably found that the moat homblv in,l mailjrtiiint forms of disease could almost njvuiahiy be raced Ui or,e of the followini; causes tfnoranre, neplecl, or the ill vfTecta of tiobkillfm and improper treatQAwat, therefore, DR. AMoa A 80* hav? iucceedi-,! tn ,ii3covorln(f, tn the sel«ctlon o/ their remedies, a ^afe, effectual and cautious course; ornittn s A I combination or remedies which bear an equivocal ch.-tr.ic- ter, as veil as Ihoae whose premature or inju<lU-io(Is application might be productive -'f bad coiiaeq'jences m the hands of private Individuals. In ihort, rhe :Huda- ble end of their remedies Is the leasenlii|r ..f \ fre«t mass of human misery by ihe alleviation, reliel and relltty the secret foes of life, and wh ch, whue ihey <o extensively surround us, call al,'iid Nir iur sunj %:nl laterfereiu-e tn their extermination. UUUNTKT INVALIDS. Pi-rs-ns in any |.arl of the world may bo <ucc»*s'i||iy treated by forwardintf a correct detail of iheir case, with a remittance for Medicines, Ac. Address Dr. AJ1O3 * auN, corner >laln tn.l Qua stretmiufrnlc., N. V. iau7-d,t»lj 71 OKI, Jo Hi A 1> ' KK I1 hn r KIHH DlADi M by ' [(*..•«!•. K ^ K K^ b.' H \ nu V 11 !•. i it., r IK. l.oVM »• I II UIJTH CrRKATK.1l MV I SIN It HY O.INO H V I - 1 N i r li V I. .•* I N * r C»5] SILEUIFF^K SALE. (New STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Olrcnit Court, Milwaukee County. ) Sidney ghepard, against Christian Henry Meyer, and Margaret, his wife. Jam, 8. Brown, OavM 8. Power, Edward Hasse, Wniiam P. Merrill, Nelson Webster, Charles A. Koetll* Detmer rucftbac*, B. Koddis and A. W Qrinroi. Admlnlitrators of the estate of John 0. Lettoy, de ceased, Ormand T. Crane, Charles ». Bode, idmints trator of the tstate of Charles G. Schre^nsr, deceas ed, James W. Axnell and lie, man e. 0. Semper. £ M virtue of snd pariuant to a judpnent rendered In said; Court in the above entltledaction v 'dated February 8, ISO), I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office, In the City of Milwaukee on Saturday, the Olh day of Jnlr, 1SS9 at the hour of 9 P.M., of ihat da?, the lollowlng described mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may be neceraary io raise the amount of said judgment, interest and coils, together wuh th« «xpen«TSf sale, to _a"lot number ilxte'Q (16) and the east half of lot »rnberflneen(15),to block forty-five (43), In the-Second Ward ol th« O.ty of Milwaukee-, being- on Tamarack street, between Ilfih and Sixth street., all In Ihe County of Mllw-ukce and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff •» OBce Milwaukee, April 8,188?. apr8-8m*lln2w BherifT Milwaukee Co., w'ls. 008] SHE HUFF'S SALT FIBMSB BROS, nttaifffb. Pa. «ld«n» AD orders from Caaada mud cent* extra. STAT$ 0? WISCONSIN. I Circuit Caurt. Milwaukee County, f James 3. Brown, Joshua Hathaway and Thomas L. Ogden, against ; A. Fatterion Smith and Alfred Edwards.* Foreclosure. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgnunt rendered In •aid Oonrt, In the above entitled action, d-tod March IT, 1869,'I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, it the Post Office^ In the city or Hllwaukte, _K{! r ._.„..,.,. .- ,. L. Wteleule «t* letafl, rt«*{»;i;:w ? , ; f ! ; t ^ ;i : •- • -.•jpj^ijv^rfefit'-i:"- L-r*-,-^- a HABSINGTON, \'t-i* m«rU4Uhriw/ thehovnf 2r. K. of thai day, the following described morfgagrd premises, or t» much t'.«resf u may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, Interest and eoati, together whh tho expenses of sale, to wt» : oKoeX oanker tw«nty-el*hl (»), cf Clsrk's .: addition, la theXlgbth Ward, of tSe city «f Mll- wsukee and county of Hllwaukee, and otau of ' Wisconsin. . ^ Dated SberuTi Offlct, Milwaukee, Anvil 1st, 130>. Divm B. OQDBI, i A.J.LsjfQWOETHy, ' ?i^ g . A ft'r: f tttiWlOl Csv, Wta. PRKVENTS IT^ I*Hf\v!• N ry ITS i I* K s; V |i. .N t? 1 J-t i PRKVh.NT- | |- r\,r.Kf Tilt: .-»' A I.I' f-li M fUr to FlIK .tt'.jLI' Kit, \l fllKKA rilK .-I A Ll' Mtn II KKKKS TUK SCAl.l' HI. ill SOI.ll »V 1L . .-fU I. O IIY A i. L llOLI) IIV M.I. SOLD IIV t, L rim mi., M' K H.\ l. I IIP. It VI I I.L . IS,, • -L l>l.-K illtl < IU lit 114 MAftKllT ST., ,<r 114 .MARKET ST.. ST 114 MAKKHT ST . aT 114 MARKST SI' , ST A.NU A Nil \ ^ I > 11 V AM) IIY LULL-. 1.4)1.'1M. till. lf<. LOIHS. V.M1 i.-J WUO I) IIU O A O rt k V 1'ltOAbW.lY] The Restorative i, larfre, medium, and si: ,11.. -h.- -m.n. ret.1113 (or one dollar per n. u,.. , least twenty r.trr cent, n n ,nn,.. r reLtiis for two dolNn per I., u,'... h.e 4U per c»nt. mor-.- ,n prop,,ft,,,n, »„ bottle. O. J. WOOD * GO , I' Vork, (in the <n-»t ,\ and 114 Market «., ,-tt. I ..on, M., Suit! by 0. UAKjtlMJToN >nd and Fancy Goods Dealer* AND til! HHOAIMV.vy] N 11 : »r HI ni! »' SI OH T AND «^SS5fcr. f ,iHi KINO UK. nf Toronto, P. \V , now eminent ami j-itiJTul <-I\I$T & r.\r \\\> ^ At liu 9» Ranilol|,li, .-.,rner of mlVklejr miracles ID the «n LOST SIGHT AJfD rpwsrtls t.l l-ao HUNnitKI) h; Or C. w thin th.- I >-,! I..,,' w.jrki, , ii'tn blinil Tor Ri'inlb^ sml ymirs I: •IDWKLL, inir <tf l!hu- 11:0. III . t Ora. h,,,-., nr «. is y n( F^^I..-HI« HEASIXQ. av^ n-..» n reoeivml by in>»iiy of v*iom hava hid their riant d '/1/flctUtnpcfoiioiu, «uir CITS from disease. i\ n.n.i and gentle treat- es.'ored ioslanily by While other*, «Lo hav* b«.-fn i»ve ' een mlraauliuixly cureil mom. The but prour a- t.. liuw Or. u. , JLTVICM urs aonrx.. lated. la, th»t tie i-. .iailj rorelvtuK u ^^ j»ttenu from aflpartaof Uiacouniiy,« n .Ml«nii«iini;, ,, cured. W» e«riy received eases. » if* 9 *' re< l u ' rp ' 1 r ° r «n aaiuination or nnlnlon «0 Caiiog for services that ure nut *uf<;i..i/ut,st will stated when the patient Is reoelred. Dr. i.'fcdweU's '*>»•• o*» **« Xoranri %ut to bt>ha4irraM*on ap- J>fle»UonMsAoT«. ^ -._.-.-

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