The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 12, 1939 · Page 12
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 12

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 12, 1939
Page 12
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ttN THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD. ( SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1939. Today s Radio Programs NEW YORK, Au?r. 12.™Broadcast to the United States of Adolf Hitler's address announced for August 27 at a Nazi rally in celebration of the anniversary of .the Battle of Tennenberg, Germany, has been scheduled by N.B.C. Other networks also probably will carry the speech. Tests for televising a big league baseball game for the first time have been made at Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn by the NJ3.C. mobile unit, 'permission for the transmission has been obtained, and if further tests turn out as hoped, the telecast would be put on August 26. On the Saturday night list: WEAF-NBC—7 Hollywood Variety; 7^:30 Red Foley time; S Vox Pop; 8:30 Arch Oboler play, "History of a Mug;" 9 Benny Goodman Swing. WABC-CBS — 6 Americans at Work, Shoemaker; 7 Let's Join the Band; 7:30 Prof. Quiz; S Hit Parade; 9:15 Court of Reflections. WJZ-NBC—6 Message of Israel; 7:30 Brent House; S Barn Dance: 9 Barney Rapp's program; 1£:30 dance music. t MBC-Chain — S San Francisco Fair concert; 9:30 Music bv Moonlight. Sunday brings: WEAF-NBC — 1:30 p. m. Chicago Roundtable, "Consumer and His Nickel:" 2 Chautauqua symphony; 5:30 Grouch club; 6:30 Bandwagon; 7 Charlie McCarthy hour, Nelson Eddy Returns; 9 National symphony. WABS-CBS — 2 Barlow sym- phoy; 3 Music Quiz; Soap Box Derby (also WJZ-NBC); 6 People's Platform new time; "Housing; 7 Ellery Queen Adventures; 9 Alibi Club new time; 9:45 Army Maneu- rers preview. WJZ-NBC—1 .National H. S. Orchestra; 2 Eastern -Grass Courts tennis; 3 Lucerne music festival; 5:45 preview of U. S. Army Maneuvers,. Maj. Gen. Hugh A. Drum and Maj. Gen. James K. Parsons; 7 Summer symphony; s HollyAvood Playhouse;^ Grant Park concert. MBS-Chain—5 Summertime concert: 7:30 Goldman Band; 9 Goodwill hour. WALNUT POINT Walnut Point, Aug. 10. Mz\ and Mrs. John Krepps, Hagerstown, spent Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burgau. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mowen and granddaughter. Joann Mowery, of Maugansville. spent Sunday with Mrs. Wm. Howard and brother. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Repp are rejoicing over the arrival of a son, weighing 7% pounds, at their home on Sunday. Mrs. Repp was the former Miss Margaret Sprecher. Mr. and Mrs. John Reel and children, Catherine, Margaret and Nancy, and Win. Miller, of Baltimore; Mrs. Annie Reel and John Meligau, of Hagerstown, spent Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Roger Burgau and daughter. Mrs. D. J. Sauers, ^of Island Forge, Va., has returned home after spending a week with her son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Kendall. Mrs. Arthur Burgan and her house guest, Miss Nellie Marie Hawbaker, spent Monday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Farrow. St. Paul's. Mrs. Mary Smith. Hagerstown, is spending several days with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knight. Miss Ethel Burgan, Funkstown, was an overnight guest with her brother, Roger, and family. Mr. L. H. Phetteplace, Mrs. Naomi Parson, Miss Sue Parson, Steward Johnson, of Irwin, Tenn., and Mr. John Phetteplace and children, of Smithsburg were callers Saturday with Mrs. Edith Phetteplace. Mrs. Roy Kendall and daughter, near Williamsport, are visiting with relatives in the village. TODAY'S CROSS WORD PUZZLE ACROSS t. Flfca of a town Bit* I. PSn *. Heap .11. In tennis, no points scored IS. Cravat 14. Part of th« «y* 15. Employer 16. Norwegian territorial division 17. ffiro IS. Having m sawlike edg* 10. Nuisances 2L Playin* card 22. Melody 23. Writing material prepared from animal skins 17. Philippine na- tivt 10. Wild plum XL. First woman X2. Shakespeare's river 12. Gaelic form of John 14. Representation II. Wicker basket for catchinc fish 17. Hold back 15. NoTimetallio element Solution of Yesterday's Puzzle 41. Pertaining to a crown 45. Genus of the maple tree 46. L&rva of *he horsefly 47. Roman tyrant 48. Proof reader's direction 49. Copy £0. Passage in the brain 51. Bushy clumps 52. Roman bronse 53. South African fox DOWN 1. Sign of addition 2. Be defeated 3. Declare t 01 ' — — Knv.1' *. OiVJ^fllie;, <VA.uU of earth 5. Abstract of an account 6. Note the speed of 7. However S. Havins Jess adulteration 3. Patron saint of lawyers 10. Gave tem. porarily 11. Takes solid food 19. East Indian tree- 20. Fruit stone 22. Biographical fragments 23. Greek letter 24. Wing 25. King Arthur's Lanc# 26. Feminine name 27. Salutation 2S. Unit of weight 2D. Emmet 32. Compound of hydrogen and nitrogen 34. Eternity 33. Sailor "G. Harbors 33. Woody fiber used in making cordage 39. Eight: comb. form 40. Bamboolik* grass 41. Contend with successfully 42. Clears above expenses 43. God of war 41. Learning 4G. Bleat 15 23 3$ 24 21 3S 14 5o /o it 28 MODEST MAIDENS Tr»dem»rk Rerinttred U. S. Patent Office *Now, now, admiral ...Tve heard you sailors ere all alike." The Horoscope (Copyright, 193d, by tht McClure Newspaper Syndicate) Saturday, August 12, 1939 Strong adverse aspects are discerned in the horoscope for today, but astrologers find benefic influences also active. The morning is a time to avoid important business matters. Merchants should be cautious in making purchases for the fall trade which is to offer many opportunities for profit, though bad judgment may attend selections of stock. Women are fairly well guided by the stars, hut they should limit their activities to strictly feminine interests. Good luck attends weekend journeys. Love affairs flourish under this sign which speeds up courtships and hastens decisions to marry. Weddings will be numerous through coming months. The seers point out that 'many cheering indications of human well- being are offset l>y the fact that just before any crisis there is much effort to enjoy the good things of life. This evening is lucky for writers of letters or articles for the press. Power of expression is stimulated under this configuration. Love missives, however, are perilous. Evil portents relating to finance and economics are seen at this time. Japan and Italy will face serious problems. The United States will have need of wizards to handle government funds, for there will be extraordinary drains on the national treasury. Revolutionary activities are prognosticated for several countries. Brazil may suffer from uprisings. The United States will have to combat subversive organizations. Persons whose birthdate it is have the augury of a year of advancement that may meet with obstacles. Both men and • women should avoid nerve strain. Children born on this day probably will be artistic and refined. Many of these subjects of Leo are too fond of luxury and amusement. NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS By OSCAR HITT PETERS f PETERS! THERE'S SOMEONE: IN THE NEXT GIT up, gu/cxff - -OH - BZGK-- Off— QUIT PESTERIN' M£! PROBLY JEST ONE O'THE SERVANTS - BUT THERE WAS SOMEONE: MOVING AROUND IN THE NEXT ROOM AND IT PIDN'T TAKE MYKA VERY LONGTO CONVINCE PETERS MORE News I. Q. Answers 1. Free City of Danzig—as Poland'* chief outlet to Baltic Sea. 2. Senator Taft of Ohio. 3. False. He was'hunted a« tht "No. 1 industrial racketeer." 4. Drt. William J. and Charles H. Mayo of the Mayo clinic. 5. Whooping cough. He saved twins' lives with home-made oxygen apparatus-. THEY WERE M. M.'s: (MOMENTARILY DOCTORS) GRAND CANYON, Ariz. (#>).— When 57 persons were injured recently in the derailment of a Santa Fe special train, two national park rangers who will be senior medical students at the University of Kansas next fall discarded their ranger uniforms and donned the hospital white to help render first aid. LOCAL QUOTATIONS Furnished by Kline Brot., Benevol* Wheat (at mill) 6Sc Wheat (at barn) 67c Corn Toe Local Prices Paid Producer* Butter Ib. 20c to 2lc Country Bacon Ib I6c Eggs doz. 17c Onions per bo. 75e Country Ham Ib. 25c Chickens Ib. lie to 14c Springers Ib. 14c to 16c Shoulder Ib. 20c Lard Ib. 7c Potatoes No. 1, bu. 50« CRYSTAL CAVE GETS INDIRECT LIGHTING SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 12 (&).— Crystal cave, a giant cavern in Sequoia .National park, has been opened to the public through construction of foot rails to and through it. Indirect illumination also has been installed. LOflH OFFICC ! LlBCRflL LOflnS 5511 JonflTHfln$ T THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY WHAT I EXPECTED- WHEN MRS BOWELS LITTLE TMAT ACCOUNTS FOfcTME SIX **' LITTLE BOYS MAO BOYS BfcOU<SMT'AESECAKE=S IN - / NOT) CEO CHOCOLATE ALL OVEfc THEIR ICECREAM CAKES. JUST PLAIN BAKEP ©OOPS 7DAMSHT ^^^^f^!^^ LOST AN TRANSIT .'COPYRIGHT, 1939. KING FEATURES SYNDICATE i«. WORLD RIGHTS RESERVED POPEYE Christopher Columbus Was A Piker! IROU6HHOUSE!«) THE BOAT IS COMIKJG ALOMGS\DE AHO/.BOAT, WHAT LAMD ISTHIS? LAND HO! AM 1 VOMME-R. IS A BOAT WELCOME HOME C. TERRY By JOHN SCORCHY SMITH JJUDDENLY, AROUND A BEND ,THE MOUTH OF THE TUNNEL APPEARS — YEH/AND PROBABLY HEAVILY ARMED/ HEAD \f BUT—THE PILOT — AIRPORT—TRYTO J| HE'S GUARDING THE PLANE/ / NOVA/ y YOU MEAN TUNNEL, WE'RE OUT OF I SCOOP- WE'RE; NOT THIS MESS/ L OUT OF THIS MESS YET/ THERE ITIS.BOVS-- i KNEW WE WEREN'T FAR AWAY FROM IT/ BRICK BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Gray NOW DO YOU KNOW WHOM BRICK ? YOU fAUST fAEET UNCLE OF COURSE-YOU'RE CRYSTAL BLUE / HOWDY / BUT CRYSTAL — WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN BRICK JHfNKS UNCLE AVIL HAS A PLACE NEAR HERE -HE OWNS HAWK AND THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND, AVIL-AN ECCENTRIC SORT BUT YOU'LL LEARN TO OVERLOOK HIS GROUCHINESS/ H/W WONDER WHAT SHE'D SAY IF SHE KNEW 'UNCLE AVIL "TRIED TO KILL ME AND DARN n NEAR SUCCEEDED / / MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP 1T 7 S THEi MOMKEYl! ' YEAH 1 WHAT'S UP? j'VE BEEN SHOWIN'HIM DO VA WANT TO SEE 50AAETMIW' FUMMY? . GRANDMA'S STEREOSCOPE n "PICTURED !'• LOOK ^M AT THAT I 1 , '# AT HIM HANGING ON WITH HIS TAIL,..TO KEEP FROM GOIM'OVER NIAGARA FALLS!! / ,t

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