The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 4, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS\ " :x i^~, PAGE THIRTEEM. ADMTIIONA.L i FOR RENT—APAHTMENT8 (Cont'd - ) BEAUT1KUI,, now kitchenette apartment; l.u!K-ln features; Bi'ound fli»ur, prlviilu entmnce, 804 ISaat Bhcinmn. I'hono MIS. U FOtt BK.NT- Cluso-ln, downstairs al'al'tment: Him and BleoplriBf porches, 'pantry, bath, built-in bed and refrlisor- fctpr, laundry room''hot and cold water furalihud. Phone 2053 altar S p.m. 11 29-U l'OR IlENT—Four-room, furnished a;)art- mpnt, Hlopulntf porch end Ku-rago •waver, URhts and to* month, Phono 211411. lumlBhcd: VIE, ila-4i l'OR WONT—Vary dcslrnblo two rooms and MU')i<metlo apartment; prlvato bath and ontnUK'o; 71U East First. l'l\°n« KJ22J. ^ H FOK KENT—Strictly modorn, fm-nlahmt bunirnlow apartment In Bungalow Co\irL J15 Earn First. Phono 2S2VJ of G00W.' H 8 " 12t FOR ItfiN'l*—Two apartnients of five rooms each In Washington Torraco; Btrlclly jnodern. Chan, l'cteraon, phone 2660. 11 2'J-Wt KOR RUNT—Furnished hciuBtkenpliiB apartment for re.Htiectat'le pcoplo only. l!iy. Kiist First. I'hono 1876. 11 au -J&t "Foil ItKN'l'— Kti-lctly mortem downatalrn nnsu'timnt; also Mlceplnff roonra. 421 JOtist Shi'tmnn. 11 4-4t KOR R15NT—Strictly modorn, lumlahcd. three-room apartments, J35 and 14ft, rirone 3D110. 11 0-25t FOR RlvN'T— \paitniRnt; light, clean and cool. In niuilern homo, nicely tui'nirth'tl. I'hono 3S'Jl. tl 3-6t FOR ItttNT- -Threo-roorh, modern, unfurnished aparlment. McCUrdy Inmiranc* A|;cncy, 11 8-25t UNFURNISHED Call 217SH. throe-room apartment, 11 «-Mt FOR 8ALE— MISCELLANEOUS (Cont'd! FOR BA1,B— TOHNITUHlT" Ona eolld walnut bedroom suite: laiao vanity drei/ser, chlffonette, bow-en \l b"d and bench; one Ivory bedroom suite, Ramo pieces as walnut: two non-tufted Heaty mattrcBioB, bedroom rugs, large mirvova, bedroom rockers.- fom -]>Ieco llvlnjr room suite., two wicker rockera lapeatry upholstering, one oak library table. slK din- Inif chahfl, one -white and nlrltlo coal rantro. one kitchen cabinet, two eleetrlo lamps, ono Ice cream freezer, two electric fans, ono roll-top dealt, other articles, at a bargain. All used less than one year. Fartleu leaving city, 7211 Weat Fourteenth street. • 18 28-lllt Brick Utadbto, ©«akXoi ail© m 18 2li-lit EOOFHK <i Bird's Art-Craft rooflnff, apply over old wood shlng-les. made to Beautiful, durable and flrepro<d'. UUARANTeZClD Sold by 3L» J. WMte ILtniMiBsiBir C®. Phone 06. 101 West Sherman. IS 30-2IH FOR SAU5 — J5oda fountain; white marliln 18-foolf bar wllh murblo ends, 'lq u lif en 12 pumps, liquid ibonlc I'oerlea two years old, in Ai condition, new car bonntor, ehiwPr' tables bin" hai'^aln. Junction City, Kan. • Complete outfit Iliiv I,. Bumstead, 18 eod SU-4t Buick 0, Rulck 4. L'tKlve, Uort, Saxon, Chevrulot 4rf, Overland, Auburn, Oakland and Pullman cars. BARNES AUTO SUPPLY CO. 12-24 West Sherman Ht. Phono 1033. 18 7-26t POR SALE—MI6CBLLANEOU3 l 0 ^}^ PO^SAT T B—Deeta for canning. Falrvlew OardoiiB. Phono 3S09R. 18 21-lut SAU3--Lar(t» gray Phone 1486J. FOR buKiry FOR RENT—Klectno day. Phono JOM. reed baby 18 30-4t ciesnsrs, %l per ia t-m HAOAZINE «ub«crlptlon». Mrs. Ina Kiln, 817 East Fourth. » t-»t ph Hanen, 18 20-8t FOR BAIJE—BulldoKS. Burrton. Kan. FOR good home made pies "call 1011 J. Mrs. Salmon. 18i-26t FOR SATilB— Oiange Persian ltltton. 3211 West Sixth. Is '•*<• PKRSIAN cats and canary slnffers. Phone 1823W. ls EXPF.RT piano tuning. Company. Jenkins Uualc 18 2-2ot Studio — Photographs that 18 J-l«t HRHRIES'for sale at 40K3. NOI'ICE—MlSCE\.UANE.OU» 1* Vulcanizing. Retreading. Let us tnlto fare of your tire troubles. United ytates and Para Hell Tires. Phono aoi: 804 South Main. Hutchinson, Kan. l'j 2-25L NO. 3 Stewart ApartmontH Phone 2178R. for rent. 11 4-141 FOR RKNT- Two-room, modern, furnished apartment. 123 East A, 11 2(l-4t FOR RENT _'l\vr meat unfurnlshe or four-room apart- Phone 2470. 11 20-10t MOlJllRN, uiiftirnlshtd, five-room aiiart- nont. fall SliiSW or 1112. 11 l-26t FOR 111:;-.''!' - Furnished or unfurnished iipnrutu-iil. 1'bone 3I1V>8. 11 2'l-2fit FOR RENT- Modern, furnished apartment; aduUii. 212 Weat Seventh. 11 30-IBt FOR FtKNf— MISCELLANEOUS 321' lien H ten mil 13 VI lit KENT 321' Hllll'tliiiR-iO oi prov, d ; 1 l.e IHT! alfi.Kii, liil:,n.-« ! Niiitli I'isilit HEKI.M:S ( west of paved road, will Im- for wheat, 70 aerei, In .istLire and aiirlnff crops. 12 IK "I room fur rent. 110 WVst First. . for fiutontolMle business, the or biitteVv or any kind of retail S>Ufcln>-H*. liviuhe S"uper;or .Motors. 12 thfa 7-12t FOR RENT Office.' room at ?T~East Flrat, N"''!s..M building. M. Welch^ ^ For your col'fee. Beat • grades, fine flavor, fresh ground. Mixed tea for Ice tea from all high-grade teas, parties wishing up to call on them each week, call or phono 1SS, 302 North Main street. Kite delivery. 18 4-25t Mra. Ina Kllea, pile Fourth. r .728, 817 Kant 2-26t Egg'JPtaiiiift!! affidl IPtetppEirs Cirbttnge and Uirn.'ito pliw»tB. Hi.'*.; Traliue So^d i-louBe, South Uutchlna^n, phona 3StiV* Jt . IS 0-^5t lor cooV *tovc," h^iiViiig BVOVD, ami lurnace. Vaggy I'luntaVlon. liropiace 5 man wants modern c.'itlon. with conv-'nUnt AddrtBH It-OS, uarc rouin in pj\r«pu If iH'i-iisll News, Kverv 'lay you will fine! a bis clueairiwl want H'l Hat, nnd theae (tema aro of absorliiiiK inn-rt.'itt. fcpt. lii St-iiih Main. Inquiro Otto Wriw.H Vwd Sroir. 12 in X IB. grjiufliffly "wruiNu coNTUAi.:-rou AND UEL'AU: WORK.. &27 Eaut St-veiUh. l'honr IA 11-7:14 IMty fiiis hr .w I{ac!n«' tl-lCi ^ .• • t«. r, In i-uiifUntj uni*;ti. Ni<"ani.T, ] McfiUl, all in ;;.iuf[ runn'.uK "f'lyi". at^aiu suln'S. »S. A. CavsWly, I'uJ't- I'id;:'!', K-ili. 16 v, l m 4-14 FOR SALK-—Rofii:<tiTPil llalntelns Just /n-sh: Two-yciu -old hr-if^-r A.K.O. tliini; fgiir-year-L'Ut tow A.H.U. st:vtn-da.y rt'uord 15 pounds LutttA A/ M. L'iivis. 1» 4-H FOR SA.IJK—ChorrlfH fit Leimhach urcli- anl, one mile w1 on Fifth .i'.)'i-'t, inllo noi th. Hrlay li.tslM'ta. The si* ch«r- rk'H uro fine, lurg*': Mi>ntuior<>ucy. IS Z'J-ix. burnpra raised and adjusted, imve 60% on your »aa till. Now ls the time to get your furnaco repaired. All work, guaranteed. Phone 404W. Monia & Morgun, Btovo and furnaco exporta, IS 17"2St AUTOMOB1UE8 (Cont'd) SHoirsi ^iB Bailteiriies Ford, Rulek, olievroiet and other ll£lit nrs, |I2 inch. Slifer Motor E-tcliaiiK"•• •11 ::o-7 13-3 FIJRO roadster, self-starter, de­ mountable rim.", lock wheel. Ke-id rvio- bor; recently ovtrliaul-'d. condition. J165 cash. 8 -r.s, .News. 22 il-4 WANT To SRt.1. YOUR CAR7 Then Mat it with us. We sell tliem; no storage. Slifeis Motor Excbanije, opposite Convention Hall. \ 3^ 13-2fit FOlt SALE—Ford cushlon3 and good second-hand Ford lap. Hutchinson Auto Top Factory, phono 2433, 525 South Main. 23 30-4t PA FITS 1 tear tham up and sell tlio parts; al! makes. A. K, Johnson, 15 South "Washington. 22 18-2st FOR SALE or trade-One Nash truck w-itli stock and grain body; Rood mechanical condition. 1317 East Eighth. 22 27-10t FOR SAi.E—Ford touring car;-eood mechanical order, good rubber; JI00. Call 1576W or 201 East Seventeenth. 23 20-lt FOR HALE or trade—Ford truck. Second house of Christian church, South Hutchinson. ' 22 .'i -G SfcCONn-band Ford parts for sale. Phone 3445, 618 Suuih Main. U. C. Eehel- herger. 22 27-lit FOR bargains in used cars, go to Sllfeia Motor Exchange, opposite Convention Hall. 22 12-2it TO THAI IE -1918 I>odgo touring car [or Ford touring car. 17 South Main. WE FIT GLASSES TJfAT FIT L L. Stem®, Optonnaieftirosl latt East Sherman.; over Cates. U 2tf-25t (SCO. C. 1OTC1S Optometrist. * Ryes tcs.ed—Glasses fitted, lou North Main, over Jones Shoe Slora. 19 2-26t BARN DTHA SPEND1NO MOMET BY SEI/LINCI THE 'NEWS AFTER 4 P. M. EACH EVENING. 10c STARTS YOU. APPLY TO MR. GF.AGC1, NEWS OFFICE. 15 13-28t DR. HULL, a foot specialist la with Dr. Nichols at £23 East Second. Broken arches treated successfully. Phone 2013 for appointment. 10 4-iliit FOR SALE or trade—1S19 Studehaker special, good shape. 3112. 32 2T-1'H FOR SALE--A»to trailers. 116 South Walrut. J. 1 1. H'ar.I, 22 2-2H MUk fed, nicely dressed, yoixr ord«r, 18 Fiat Third, ihons 173. IS 27 HONOR RETIRING CLUB PRESIDENT George Gano Given Loving Cup By Country Club. NEW DIRECTORS CHOSEN FOR luinv.m, 'Irtvon wells, casing -wells and irrlg'^Lion outfits and yard uutf'ita, see D. M. AlHyora, 3,S Kust G, phono 3-11. 2i.-7:5 VKRY dc«li-aldo ulth'.f rooms. 'Curdy Insniance >ffbiicy. FOR RKNT hulldlitjf. S5ww Mo\l i -'i6t rooms In ^IcCuiw 12 2-aTt Ff iK SALE, ch 'jap — Extra frood Axmin- Ht<r rug 11x12, pnu-Ucally new. Would connuler buffet part payment. bii'd Korlh Mouron. U „ti-4t FOR Sv\Ll';--T\vo Hmall --outbulldingH, ust'-d flidiiiK diKir*;, wlndow.4, sumo bath flxturpa. United i'reabytei lati church, phono 321!r.J. IS 2-4t FPU KK.NT- U:iragc. 23 East I'-mth. 12 30-Ct ROOM ANu BOARD .res iMgnsne FOR HALF':—i»ne MlNNKAil'-'UlS 2^-11.1*. H T i-: A ^ i i-; N O I N L: , c i Tic AW I s i •: *s TI1< iMI'SON, iiOX 2^^, S'VA ]}"b'OHL\ KAN. ^ IS a -H ?IS I'KR \V( I>U uial Ju»\i>,«.hv .:d HlXW:'.-. or phuiie nuniber. ,'uraiiiUsion oti dan*I y with ;uldrvn.i Addreua i'-0i<, cart' A CAR for yjur summer trip at your own pritu:. A summer without an an to- mobile in nHnout iniTumpk'te. Many bar- ieahis hi Un» lino can be secured tnroujr!; * NL-WB want ada. ROOM ami ).< O. HOARD Rin •il. $5 per wtioli. 027 W •i:ond. 11 11- FOH SAUK OR TRADE FUR SAM:: or 1 from Hiiichin.'i- lou tif fruit, wii: trty i,nd giv>- 12;i North Town FOR t ; ALK *n l Major «.'• unity, liiHOit property o 200 Kuoi Thlid, • m up wo.' Ol 15 VCrll llllll'ii iih fai'in. .:(,• of oity prup- ii \>»\an<*.p. Call dvit'W.K. 2 -tii ijuarti'r of land in iomu. I're for liutch- smuli tract. Ud, Howe, 15 2-4t SAiiK My horno Jn Nlrkci Hf.n, -two iots, nix -ruom hmiri'j, water, lij;litri, KiiraKi.! for t wu. t-ura, la ran luls, fenced Uitoha, box 'tilt ior tM •:hU k',.n ti^'ht. -in kv Kai Fntnlt STOP'. TUlnkl Why throw away your oliS fuinituro when we can mako it nood aa now? Hc-pairlnff and upho'at«rlnK A npe- cialtv. Tuptptry ordered.• l J *> , nan Furniture* Co.. 608 North Slain »t:e«t, phone B79. 19 27-UOt REMINGTON Sales and Hervlce—Kern- tnffton Typewriter Co.. 24 West Mrs';, phony 402. 11. A. Klntzel, Baleamnn. NOTIOK -•LettfrhyftdB, envelopew,* wod-* dim; HiinouiKytnfnte. cards- Wells Printing i'o.. 'l\ West First. Jfl 3-4t KY^yiOUT; coiiBirve it. Qet the faota about VOUP eyes. Dr. Dwlund. 'Wt% North Main, 39 10-2t »t IJAVVN mowers sharpened;• called for and dollvtrod. 14 Weut A, phone Wit- 3. H. SHOWERS, chlwpodt»t, I-i A. Phone 2026. 1» 2-i !it WANTLlD--Furniture to repair, refinlah cr upholatcr. Call 1419. .lil lS-30t FOR real garnngu service, phone SanRary Oarhago Company, 3910. 19 SHOUT timt- h 33srt t-veniTies ana on vacant lola. Phono 13 mwf 2-:ii inOIIi :sT pricca paid lor men' Phone V7V. clothing. RIDS poultiy of lice like inaKlc. Pom's Ooldf;ii Wondor Riven In drinkliiK v. at'ir or food fc.w diiya dons it. Will not harm fowls, flesh ur cu>j*; helps favj baby chicks; 1.000 treated easily -is cue; 6'Jc and $1 bottles; guurunteed; at your dealer or by mail. 1. A. i'ointmer Co., Topeka, Kan. ad- RlNCrT.KT Han fd Koc1v.i. Cock. inK pens sir(-d by nnind eJtanipi'jn at Chicuso ColitnuitiD. Kgfia. 5. > t*n !:*>; fai jr. flock, per 100. Ai! Hotfati l^au-d. C. A. Itoylu, Burrton, Kan. 23 a ilS-lut FOR KAUIv-'-Seven hr-ns, ro.-.sU-:', ten chitki'iiB two months <,!.i, hen with eight chicks; ull for $U. I'hoiu; li2'.i,I. 2^ 30-u Big Turn-Out For Dinner Following Golf Tournament and Stockholders Meeting. Tlio largost crowd cvor out, at nn Rnnual clccthm of Iho Country tritih officers atondcil the dinner moetUiff last nlg'hfr at the club IIOUHO. - One hundred anQ thirteon sat Uio fino Dtit(* diner 'with tho playera on t-lio »Uin cj.ptiiiiKHl by }'. JI. Hatim as Iho hoyts. George 15. Gano pr^'uJoil over fho nifftling anil "wlnm the reiiorlH of the socrotary and the treasurer were read Bhowlntf »ucli a very satiMfa^U^ry oon- (Utlon- in the nnancoK and tho intor- eiit fay the members* renewed interest wan put. into tho oler.tion which followed and men who "will have the interest of the duo an prrent at heart next year wen 1 eh-etcd us din.-t'tora. New Directorc. Those elu>sen wore 'Ch.irlea Col la- day, K. W. Meyer, Fred HtiniH. P. H. IJanin, Jam OH I>avis. R. J. <Jrovii.*r and (icoryo 10, <Jano. , The budget of tlie r!uh v;an approved nm] the next, year's plann weie trilled over. Tli..- dirtie- torsi will meet soon and name the officers for tho coming year. The most interesting fi'alurn of the evening was tho presentation by 13. T. Foote of a handsome loving cup fr*,>m the club meuiben;hi;f to Mr. Gano, tho retiring president. Mr. (lano save not oniy hin lime, but also presented to the club a watering system for the ffrcuns, wliieh cost. $5 ,n6o and which ban been the biggest individual item of improvement en the club grounds this past year. The' captains of the AurniKt dinnor match -were chosen and vrill bo A. IS. Kirk and .lames Davin. DRINKS OWN MEDICINE AND DIES MARTYR TO SCIENCE OVER SOUTHWEST KANSAS CHRISTIAN CHURCHES OF RICE COUNTY ORGANIZE ,. T,yonn, July 4.- A county aj^oriation of Christian churches ha*i beeii'fermed with K IX T'aomnr-.on, of tattle Itiver. being elmsen prn^ldeut. The other officer;? ato \V. C. Workman, I^VOIIP. vtco president; and Mls» f.outse Keaton, Sterling, neerotary-uvamnvr. The -UBiuciatiou -was formed at an all day picnic, here and in the first strictly denominational association to bo formed In tho county. Tho conference attoruicd by Rev. and Mrs, A. Jliirdy. IU>v. Hardy m superintendent of tho North Central Kansas district and he outlined the trb- ject of county asfioriiHions HA designed to foster greater unity among church- of thp- Haino donomiuatiori, to promote greater Inter/sl In church work, to inrr' i ase church mem!>cvs3iip and to help congregatlona weak in numbers. BAT3Y chicks ready July 9th: Leghorns, 8c; Horia, 10c. Salt I'liv Jlali'hcry, South Hutchinson. Phone Kl7l.. 23 i.-H FOR SALtl—ThoroUKHbrea Bei-rcd K*"A «ftts. *1 Betting. Phono 30u9. 413 Kast A. ARE your chicka dyinK? i*eve "Diarho, 1 ' Weoalior's Drug. YOU NO them with i!3 7-2bt chlr-kens five weeks old, 25c. 30"> cond. Phone S34. FOH SA.LI>- 60c each. -7E li, O. pulleta April hatch, 72*J Kabt K. 2\\ 30-4t BARKED Rock fries, 30c pound. Eljfhth, phone 1144J. E>£li lOitHt FOR SALIl—nitby chick, each. Phone 2505. 15 cents E:ll-9Wt FOR SALU Sixth. FOR 3A1.E- 2805. chirks. 1000 -ESB* Tor hatching. Phone 23 2-nU; WANTED-MISttCLLANEOUi 20 is: IIuTKJ, in lluhter, Kan., for en.le. The only catiiitf placi; In town; good busi- »' i s* TPHPOU fur wlUnjf. Mrs. 1,. H, .Toiler. I'-UILIM-, Kan., imiutru 1011 B^uth Main, 1 Ivili-hinyotj^ ' 1 , lifc-HU FOH yAL10^-22 - Inch Jluher t with feeder, t'luwer anil clv\ runiilnt; order. A. F.--Bon tracer Kan. *parator al*>r, in Huvon, IS ^-i»t Uvl: ^.FOH .SAI-1-: or trade—Four rooma furniture. Will trade for Ford tourlnjj car. Call 3^.1. iti FOR f»A 1 iK or unto- Kqulty rhwic T;»nv. 'xrimngo for fj«iod. Inclosed In good rental pi upiM'ty. 15 a-at FOlt SAl.Vi or trade-'t3-vo(im, modern rh>ao in. Deal with owner, aoo Kast Third, 15 FOR SALE OR RENT FOH HALF tdnv.Mi-rooi riion.' .-;vncr- or rent, July 1— Flvo to i residences, north part. ' ""'TO TR'AOfe ^(TfdT iTkTiJ-^V'''^^i : ^laii Imsiii^sti rnotiiH ivKi-ifin or will tako BiH'. ."lock. fi:«liiTi-B uboot $2,000, l..'j mhorn, mdtur. building Hen V. 1? a -4t TI I A ! 1 H y on i- vifan t lo t or Fi >rd on a lUtiidy north side cottage. Hi-e at unci-, is-i*i V- Lumboiii, ceaiior, ph lihG. a N.jrtli .Main. K I RFNO c.*uniy Him proju.Mty and to trade (or IlutcJUn- 1'hono 3SS2. J7 31-251 FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS -AfflicftBtGiiEetir When you ai-'* seriously 111, whom do you itnplovV Whi-n yon need K'jjal pdv-'ee" you js..Lek the l > f When you wish to make a aalo of possibly all you have earned and ueenmulaKd of several years' hard work, wiiom will you ton ploy to eelt it? (A saleaman wh# knows value Rnd is in thfl business). l'hone 20S1 Hutchinson at Davy's oxpenae. 18 (1-25L AftPr-barveHt sab's are 1- now being (Sated, Farlk-st Bal«H arti best. 1 work •with any reputable auctioneer and am an cloae to'you a.i your phone where you can talk to me without cost. Reference, Any past customer. Office phone 65 Sterling my tipeiLae. JJ, Potter. ' 18 27-20't Jit HALIC hinder. Also down, l£lmd{* dtaiio Seven-foot McCoi inick KtiUB- plow. Fd Anna- phono 212 I'arlow. IS 27-i6 FOR BALK—Oood feed oat«. wheat fccvoeninBH for clilckena, black amber caln »^ed. M-ooie, Oialn Co., phutie 1111. 1S3-81 FOR SAL.K—Furnlturb, Ptovea and ruga sold on easy payments. Mitchell Furnl- turo Co.. 422 South Main street. 18 27-30t FOH SAIdJ—letterheads, cnvt-lop^«, wedding annouuceniuuts, cards, i'linlhiK Co,, 24 "West First: We 118 is a- it W13 sell Storm Kinu ftiinoua platitlc roof cement for leaky roofs, L. J. White Lumber Co., phono 05. IS S-25t BlilWlNtt machine repair work; iruar- MIIUM d; eountry or city; examination free; repair all makea. FamiTy manu- lacturirijj hematltchera a Hp^oialty. Phone a649. J. C. Lynch. 20 *-2M SKWING mac'ntno cleaning, overhauling; work jjuaranteeU. J. F. Bunruan, phone 1470. r0 2-2it ^JOR SALC—CITY PROPERTY 24 FOR HALF -Six-room, modrrn )inu:to i 22S I'.JI^I Tenth, ii'-r<>.> :'rum NocthiUf school; pii)f'icst« turmice, iaiilt-hi feature garagre, ciih:k.*n hous-, ^iu-den readv r« uso; i 'fi .Hi* hushes, shriiut-.-i-v, fruit trei- grapee, aiao CO-fuut iui \\\ connt*etiun With house. Aluo JL\r,4-[V : ,-,t Mt-rr luiijd- intr at 23 Tenth, lo^cd f«^- one vea : | at $20 muiiili. Hoth pioptTtb-.s or will sell each separately. Owicr h.avlnj,' town. CaJL at 228 Kast Tenth or phone 3i'2W. 24 y-4t NEIGHBORS JOIN TO * HELP INJURED FARMER of Mr*. .Tamr-5 Rankin oi" F'oland Kio- kln (if I'eliard which a surgeon had to Piice open for an<ititer two inch*-A Friday afternoon. Tho cut was received from a gtns* fruit Iand fevered two tendons on a fitip-M - on li* 1 :* left. hand. Both tendons drew back towards the wrist making it nwoanary for tho attending physician to tjpen tho palm of hor band for two inch"^ ami then pro)>o for an nd-iitional inch and a half to bring the severed einU together again. LANE COUNTY SHOWS REMARKABLE RECOVERY DtphhHi. July -i.~-L.ano tM ^tnty ha !% hud ;ii\-teen inches of rain during tho past ninety days. About fifteen thousand acroft of srxwi wlnv.t will l.e harve.ued, nn well as several thousand nfre'i of tmrtoy and (nits.. and theio in a lai'Rp cire-p of -'orn, c;im\ millet, kaflr corn, eto. planted, and it. l'» xrowim: fine. T^h'Te are a lo-t of wheal fleld.4 that will thrash out front ftfteen tn twenty-five bu.--.!it' , „s per acre rome of it ia what wa"-* fiiveii up about td.'tty <\;>.y$ n^o. \*o Krain man nor any i-rm elv" can tell before June 1. vvluit part of the wheat that was .^ow»'d any fall will bo to harvest, as wheat <?-au come n p In Western K annuo a.-i J at* n H May 10. and then maku f if icon bush el H per aero, / N r owton, July 4. —Sunday forenoon | ahout fifty of John HuvaKe'H ncUhl-^u'.-i ' and friends from town, Joined forces | to finish John's harvest, cutting thirty- j five acres of wheat, shocking forty- Civc aervs of .wheat and fifteen ncrcn ! of oat9, and a flntailing tho work in time for dinner which was KtrvMi in the basement of the Savage hetoe by Mrs. Havago and ROIUO neighbor Women. The work was planned a Hurpriao for Mr. and Mr:;. Savai:i' hy their nniKh- hor.-. the couple not kuuwlan of the .p- iKul tho ..11...../..'.. »i.™ titter (m )1 , 1Ilj , mls!f1(in Iim , IH , k , of wl.U'h 1»> ,1 -oK.- I Is l.-K, H.,,-1 iMt.-r MI - ,, AW ., F . ( , R , WAT „ R CL TLUY feroJ a rnliipsii'i>t tlm ]-.Mlui'!iy.ii, wlil-'U I . .' 1 has (-ont'in-jd him t.> his i":.! U>r :,L-V- BOY ELECTROCUTED BY TRANSMISSION WIRE I .nrniMl, Knn., July 4- WYslot- Mc- Coit.;..--, '-ii,-ht, "\Va -v ni,'f'tnK'ii!.-d at G oral lii.yH. Toklo.—Taking a dose of hlu r<-- Pontly iH«ct>verctl modicinnl proparu- tlot. which ho iNiljcvGtl to fie a euro for hookworm, Okt.u.uvu, 'At.- attached to tho e[Mdeinio laboratory, sacri^leed^t-lf tn sri'Mtre. Mr." Okutmtrh, with others, had been working lor wnac years in ai. (dk-rt to find a cure for the disease. It Is believed he was imikli.K a tr^t of himself whoa the fata! done wan taken. ~- "Blacks" for Fascist.'. Home- The, younger gen-Tutlon of "blacks" who held office in the Vatican pally until 187U then wtttKlnivjlui", from politics, have asked the Cathollea to support the Fascist!. Wo. are cele-hratinK today hy {riving the motorists tlie best service for Fords to he had anywhere. I'hono ?>0. KasIaniHUiiEaley Motor Co. ill. FOR BALE- pay 713 8oilth SUNFLOWEll PHOlHIOli Wo CB.11 for poultry ttnywhtuo market price, fhone 2622, Main. 20 2-2bt pigs; ten 20 2-7 WAN Tit: IV Thirty of forty lullk cowg. I'hono 860. WANTED TO BUY 21 WANTED—Old fatso teeth. We pay high $10 for full fletB. Doesn't niiittc-r If broken. Western Metirl Company, JJlooin- lngton, lit. 21 2-7 M@dliem*3S©ffi]a© Owner has btrlclly miHlwii, at\-ri) V tm cottnee, hardwood flrjoiw, l)uiit-in ffu- tures, sULiirjing oak in uv-ry rexnn, I>1I.M;-' ilcaa furnucc, has nlco shaile and frutt troce, HoHf* to school ana close* to -;T llno. t)wrii&r is leaving th>» elly. This ta nn ld«oi home or rental pruperty. Atldieus T-fiS, care Nowa for ruli purtlcular«. 24 4-10 WANTED to buy— H*»cond»bana mniiture and rug*; hinbe^t prlc*». Johnson PuroJturt. Co., 113 South Main. 31 2-26t WAX'VKO—A . «nd baler. S Kan. FOU SALE—On • t'hiiie Works Wt Apptl, Buahton, ' •* 1 4: ton Fisclior Mu- plum. Ltiqult'<3 ot A. A, Ka.n. IS 11-7:11 KOH SAl.K- foncc; 17 other fencti. U0 fiiet uf panels of poultry Harrt-d Hock chickcut), anU 1607 Fourth. IS 30-4t MILK fad wiiitQ Wy.'imloLtes; hroilcrs and frit's, ttllvo ' or Oi-fsHfcd. Phono lli53AV, KifU-Kiith and flum. ^ 18 3-6t HE(ilSTERKi) J«is«y cattle; entire herd lor (jala; U'.-st blood linea, Olen Krider, Niiwlon, Kan. 13 1OA7:16 FOlt SALE-—A few tiiutoa Wontniorcnty ehi;i'i'l «B left, '$8.50 pet erute. i'honc 37Vm. 18 4 KIN'K lurt'ts gladiolus. Mm. W. D. Stein- haiier, Fifteenth and Plum, phono 1SB3W. S IS 2-tH l<xU JtUO, floral pattern. Phono 1513J. , 18 30^4t :baln bvoom corn seeder . A. Threlkcld, XioK'irson, 21 8 3y-7:21 HiaiTi :ST M'.CUB pat^ for mon'a enm-off clothing and nhoea. Phona 11BSJ. 21 2-26t WANTK11~ Mulberries. 7i !0 \Cnat SLxth. It. Yf rkee, 21 2-8t WANTKD—Uood usfed household furniture, i'hono 1M9. 21 3-lit furnl- i as-«t WAN'J'M]>~Goofl uced household tur«. I'liouu' 1343. . 2 HIGHEST prlcfea paid foe men's clothing. Phone. 717. 21 l-26t ?100 DOWN to *ood party will make the first payment on a daMily four-room house, northeast part, balaiu t- easy monthly payments, pwifleasicm Aujjust 1. 13en V. I.umborn, realtor, phone 17E5, 3 North Main. 'H •'•-•it POK SALIC hy owucr—New auburbafi homo, eight roomi/ slceplnjf porch. Would consider city property or farm land. Terms can be Hrrangod. D. O. Mitchell, 120 Weat Fouri^enih. 24 M -lot I-(.HI HALK -ricn-ar fiu in in Ki-Wiird mlN.-s tc. town, prici Inforniatirm, v/rlif- < Tlilitun, I'laln;;, Ivan RHAU F-STATil (Cont'd) TWO quai-tiT county nt J railri'/ui. (',il L ; lysH( H, Kan: •'ctions iuxai land l:i <Jr; S p»r mire, «-t(jVit. mili'H lor wrile to J. H, Ir '.'i- 2G 4-tit MONEY to loan an McNashtou! real ijHtuu-; —ask 25 3- OBJECT TO RE-MARRYING A HUTCHINSON DIVORCEE Lyon s, J"u! y 4.— That J *y nn s Tijinlsters Jiavo Ktrlcf. w,ruplca a^ninnl ro-m;t.r:'iaK*.i oT divorcers waH evidenced Iha ]:iticr pitrf. of lo .it wwk wlK-'ii ft youny: Hutchinson oouoio vtHlLcfl Mirop local mininLera jn nuwf,"-vii>n without obtaining any ono u? tlicin to road t.ho nuini«i;(S ccn-:.Tn(»ny, Tho prosptX'tlv*.; l>ri(i»"-was lil! yr'nr.s old. nntl (Uvorvi->1. Nollhor the Christian, Moth<.'.list nor l'ro..Tl)y i t.eckin mhiistorH would <.xfficiatti at a sec- otnl i.oroniOji.v far hor. Fruit Jnr Cut Serious. T^yons, July A half inch cut from n jaggod hit nf ghuis tit llx 1 bust-' oX ona flngor, mado a wound in tlie hand Tim hoy who W,TH tlio .'-on of Mr. and Mi-<. (>.-<!ar Rh-Cohiast nf ef«hN«on mlh'H f-'iuthfuist or l.atiu'd and who w.'is vhdting in town hud wandrTfd avvny with olhor children toward ^ ('Irovt? park. Hi:! rornpaniou-s sav llio Imv cliintKil t.h- i-ol.» and Ml \U\ 'ovkhmMy •i:Miiih-><i to tho top of t.ho t^iii' 1 p.ntl touc.lii.-d Mio lii ^U voltn^'i ti:-'i tn-niis:doii llnu. BANDIT VICTIM BETTER. Oreoon Shot Through Lungs Shows Some Improvement Today. StorlitiK. July 4.- -•Tom Hani, tho Forest Orovo, Ore, man. who wan Hhot throiujli tin- lunK« hy stkdi-i;i> mou on a rn:ij<iit. train bolwoon luro anjl Ahlen Tuotiday morning, wan rop-irlod botlor tliiw jai^rnhii? by tho ho.Hpttal uttyndiintH. Hit r<;aU«l wtdl yi-iifrday (ittoriioon but had llttlo sit'Op durluff the niK'bf. * No traro oF thn men who did (ho shooting havo heou loun-d hy tho Hico county offk:erii. LETTERS FROM OUR READERS He Would Fix WALL PAPER, PAINTING. ETC. 2(1 ltJ^LX \TiT3T '~pu^ prico. Farming ton resld-.'-inM ph.ona 48I* , 5. At off ico Sat urdtty and .M«mdav. Phono 2617. Jaa. White, 21 ^ EfLtitNgfrt'r- cleaning wanttd. Call :'41W Pharmacy S4. Work suaruntoiMl. PAPlUt hajigintf. Cllne, phone 2(>2l)V painting:. >r Duvall 26 S-7:g larry F. M 21-2&; uto Thieves. I'Ji^bton, KUR. July 2, Editor Thr Nowa \ Hut-ciiSnHon, Ka.s. A Nash touring car, 1 f*20 modt'l, wa:: Hlolon front Harry S, Conner ki:>t Kriday ui^ltl. Mr, < 'onnt.r did mis:; th<> oar nntil Hnn-dav afternoon. Th-.? t.Tigiuo nu.inLit.T was 17r>"l.i4, mtnk-1 OS I. /. A cw thief Khotild ho lianficd or pv\t-in thn \n-n i\n- at, loio'-t lift.y yoarw with a provision tiiat tlwy can nfvi.'r bo parolVMI i.r j>anloio•(! 1H done now tht.-y t'-tcal a HtMiLoricn of a year or two, and thnn bo paroh.-d in a nioulh or tw<», and thi'V arc petti-d and I'l^wnr:; !;rt>!m"ht to tfioni whai tlmo (h--; do MOI-VO. The;, arc usually VOUI;K :uti| w*:ll- drt-;'^il which a.ocounlH tor it. \i a Kltabbv looking p«?r.-;oti ;-t<-oIs a fc.v.' dollar:; worth of food for their fctarv- in 1 -; t'.tmi'y, tl'cy ;u';> lUMially nt UP for front iivo to tt'i'i y.'an-} with no hoj.'- of j,-ai'ol v und no Howoi'.-; or oan-ly. caught which lesued a Protest, Hf-'rlin — The executives of tho Krui>p works nt Wt«Ki;n lsHiit*d a prou-Ht "in Uu> nun)': oi 54,000 worknion and ott\- tdaks w'.io:-o pxihtoiine in tlir*.sitouod by Tho way it' the Kronch Hol'/.uro of Htock;! of coal" i car, and if j which they bollove 1H hriu^iiif; a food v.-UUmt, Uicytnay ^t>tlainiiK* to the city. TWO strictly modern lows, well located and on priced right; for high-ida;; BQQ Ben V. Lambarn, rcaltu 3 North Main. Him bunua- V,'iod tcima; re.sidoncoe. photin 1785, 24 a -4t flCX-roorn fairly now lmm;nlinv ( nlo flntoh, three btdrooms, yaH. llKhu-i, city water, bathroom, nlc« tiani.mi-nt. sunnjo. Tlda is a bargain, $2,100": Itutcldnnvm Inv. Co. M r.'j -4t WANTfED- Pourlh. -Second-hand Ford. 716 Eaat 2i n-it I'OIl SAIJE—Tomato pin-Ma, rod and yellow plurrtB. Sin North Woodurd. 1« H-2St Foil SAIJK—Tiium of Japple KIT; five years /old, weight a .OUO. 41C3. li - mar eg Phone ttiid 3-7 USE ^©L©3EM WEST SWEET CKEAM Golden West Urwmery, H East Fourth. IS 20-2SI iron BAI.K -One H-80 Twin city traotor In goort condition. On« new Bethleh' truok: ono aewnd-haud Bothlaho; nottrly now. At bargain prion. ' SECOND-HAND •f nil kinds at birtalnn, JutcKUy. Hllv»rd FuruWii Ifortb &UMi,/Plt0M VOH SALE— Grain bod (or Ford truck, price »88. Phone M8U. S18 Wuut First. liM txili SALTS—Electric rttngo with broiler ovon mid timing device. Call l!-2*. IS 3-lt FOR SALU, cheap—One Minuto waahlnff nwclrllie, tfood condition. Cull B52W. 18 3-81 CALL U08W for all kinds of oaHoa, plonla lullchoa and refreshments orders. 18 18-7118 J"0tt prlco ii<>. QALE—Coleman Kaaollne stove, 684 Soutli Plum. 18 8-it FOll BALE—Jersey milk cow, price IIB; U mllo east reformatory barn. Ill 8-*t TEAM of ruares. for sale, wall trade for Fordson. t.ione £1 it 2,100; or H. IS 8-7 FO On 8ALO' siraoBt tie -F|ne ivoi^^ re^d bul/y. bmtgy Hew. Phone liiow. rrvB Bsklmo Bplts puppies for sale, |5 »aoh. EaJt Fovirth. 18 il-Jt 8AW0— Nearly ney,- ,"<isah ,; r ()glaui-. tyfer Motor ttxclunigs,. . , ^ . jpl AUTOMOBILES 13XT11A SPECIAL . Palutini; iiilccr, for Juno: \ Dodce tourlu^i ....^ lilO.OO Ford tourliiBS ..JI7.C0 All other car* In proportion. Best of workmat'jMp antl matwrlala. 829 South Muln Strcot. Phono 1181. 22 1-7:1 Panyard pistoii ^iiitfs are guarantee^ to •top oil pumping, hold compr«8slon, bettor i han regrliicling; itj»a than halt the co«t. jet us show you. Harry llafor Auto Service, lU F-aeL Second, phono 744. 22 lS-g&t AOKNCT Let mo order you «enulne Maxwell and Chalmers porlu. Call at 22 Kant A for demonstration. musr MOTOR co. Phone 26U$. 92 28-25t Real eettttr, rente is, loans, Insurance. Ovor CeiMral atat« l>ank, phone 3*S4. £i cod 4 :H-r,0f FOR 8ALT2 or trady -Ilutohln.-ion rr;ii- dence, el«jvnu rooms, on West. Twelfth, atrlctly-modern, up-to-daty, will trad« Cor •njaller reuldence, AddreA'i 1-'. J. IIOJB, 618 £a&t Eighth street, Lamed, Kan. - 'H U-:!at FOR flmt-CiaM paper hanijint and paper, r&aaonable prices, c<ill J. A, Lleter, phone 3232J, 1018 4Caat Eleventh. 3(1 2-25t V/AIJI. papor, &c pei; aoutuo roll cr bolt and up; 26c per bolt for hanging. Phona 12&3J. 20 7-261 WAMJ paper, Be pei «ounl« roll or tiolt and up, 25c per bolt lor hansiug. I'h^n-) 1253J. • n 7-*'6t PAPETR hanslns and painting. L«t us •how yuu now aampleo. Call iilD^W. U 10-CSt MESSENGER SERVICE £1 HASTY Me««eii K r-r, phont 533.""" Ideal MegHt-ngfT, photic ^is-^r-t VO YOU WISH TO SULOVr ' Lint your property With uu. CAREY REAL, ESTATE INV. CO. 413 N. Main, Phono &72. ZA 21-251 FOR SALE—Large five-room, strictly modern buntralotv alma-it new ,doubl« built, $4,000; wffl trado for small *juburb.iu property. Phone 1303. 2-i 30-4t FOR SALK—Modern alx-room Jtougo wltli garage and other Irrr>rovement». Inquire at OltJ Knat Blxih. 24 27-25t FOR BALIS, very cheap —pmildtng Bite on EJaat Thlncetilh; it real bargain. Bee rcinklo Agency, 'H 2-2t Wa©4 A Cm for your eummor vacation? Find Ju»t tho 0*r you are looklug tnr through the want ads in Tho >i*\vn. If you can't find It tharti, a Utile ad will find It for you. Call number 8, News classified department. 32 27-26t TWO-ton International truck for wulo or trade; good condition, good rubbur, lias 04b, windshield, hand hoist dump body, haul grain or anything, ready to go. Will mako good prioo for aukd* aale. 810 East Sixth, phono 3 5 SO J. 11 U0-7;ii FOR BALE—-Seven -paai3eng «r will taka Ford In on aunio. Fourth. - JlUdaon; FOR BAI/E—Garage, 1011 HouiliMain; al«o truck bed. L. 11. Jonca. 2^;2i-ltft SBLL your houa*. by phoning tilS noon. "Yoa win find buyer after 8;30 any foro- 24 11 -nt FOR 8ALIC—Thbrty lots for »J00 cash: good buy. Lincoln fi .Davis, 24 2- FOR 8 ALE—FlVo-room bungalow and vacant lot. Phone 24 ^S-26t FINANCIAL 29 on city bom-i^i ions terms on monthly payment plan. K&rm loans. THH KJNKBL AGLCNCY l'hone ^C^j. State fclxenuiirfu Bank Bld«. ^3 ?-25t FRISCO WIFE" FIGHTS TO SAVE HUSBAND r MONEY to lo;m; amall arnnurit;j. W*.'H:; Loan Co., lM,fe North Main. 29 FA KM loaita, 6% Interest, low coinmln- «'.on. Nt'wlln-Mttunlng Loah Co., 11M, Moth Main. 2S 2-25t FARM and city loans, lowest ratca and couiniUalon; write or call for tuil details. J. N. Bailey & Son. 2D 2-Mi MONEY to loan on farm and city property; —ask McNaghtenl 29 2-2it CITY loans. Newlln-Manning Ixion Co., 11% North .Malii. 19 2-2Bt LOST, 5TRAYED Oft 8TOLEP4 80 VAMJABLW posseaslomi easily ana quickly returned to loatrs. Lost and rouud column is moat efficient medium for return of loot property. Uii News lost and found column. FOR SALE—Ht£AU ESTATE 26 Well llEapir®^©^ Wtssteia Lanadl WE HAVE ANTTHISfl TO' OVFFUl VOW If! KiNSAS THAT YOU MAY BE I.OOKI.Ni'. KOK. AX\- TinxCl from 30 AC'KEH to 1,000 Al-'HKi. IF YO\s AU1-" ON TtVRl MARKET F<-»H WBSTKRN LAND, . AVUHt^K K-KS. CA1U-. HV.WH AH».L»X'JU8 XBU. Vul! WHAT WW =• » .': ' . ; '»•»•». BUSINESS PROPERTY 31 ffC'iTTIniToSr' lotu, couinitn iiff itml iong term leaaps; —ask McN'aghien; Fleet National building, 3j :;-35t Mr& Ilejfina Yo^ngman and hex daughtpr, Florence, IBM @ipp@Qnlaaii!inlly WouloTT 1 - 1 '-' Hka to hav.- ih« cpuortualty of «*tablfi'hin(f a MitjIncKa that ]>&y* you uV(.efjs profits? Wo h&\\; J.n opportunity for the rlyht party to Lti'aMIah v, K^ud, pa/In^ biittlness In a i,"rr. ofiert brtvo ma.n. ewe •ort'.iniiy . for fuil pur i.-.uiiii \t, addt San ^"SinriKro.— Fri,sct>'ri in<nk-m "Dr. J«kyl-Mr. Ky-tio" hi cm trial her** f.;hnrft<:d' vl!h muvdor. Ai:d Mn Ho^iba V'on.nKniati, "wife of tin: "l'n\ .lokjl'' part r>f tho (xsrrtbtn- atdon, ia tlu'hf.In^ <ui ui>hl>l liattdo i«o si\v*i him i'rarn tho COILStt(iueuc-OH <*l Uls "Mr. HyUo' poriio.'mnty. Bryant Yo'iufjmuh la tho acciuiod man'* name. Ho \a charged wllh tli« mwder o.f I thai ditrlnK a JtweVry Btorp clerk hero In tlifi j-wa.-i n luvltrr, '"Oiir>}*> of 1 iv ho'<!m> v-'hlle undor In- \ Hh'- i-. d. ti- tVu'ii'-'ti fj* .1 .:t- •",'".'* li vd •" iv-r.-or.-^u'; . ' ii nf t VounrfViKin :ii unn t' tu • • '.v.i.i ;i i-i'o.. ; u.-i.v rfuirn torf.d from froqnoiH Invf.f;* i aiui *lurim? tho duritiion n* i' ho IH ts;iid to h«'"n d-.» a Hini.iti;r i>*'T L :on.aUt;'. It ,*s:'.:tl that mi*- c V.YAXX\^'\ *'.:H>th'.'V \Vi >11 ;lv\> \\\ Vr'hllo h!d mind w-'.s •<• bl-.'i; Xri*. Ycuninn^ri d f -',ov- htih-hund duruu; hi.; -..f-Ih- • falluro wiii*. '.it- 1 v > rii - - • • :i his i,!. a: : ; . «p*>-iH liYiiitc.i by hft

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